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BTS REACT: To another idol confessing to you during an award show

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Hi! I’m not sure if you’re still accepting requests but… Could you do a BTS version of “an idol confessing to you during an award show.” Thanks! BTW I love your reactions it always brightens up my day!😊

This was so much fun to do! I sort of went wild with it, so if you (or anyone else) want a serious one then please let me know!

I’ll be starting a featuring video with posts as well. I started with DAY6 but it was with their own music. This time I want to switch it up so that people can know about more artists they might like. Requests for this are welcome too. :)

Rap Monster: Is trying to understand how someone could be so bold as to confess at an awards show. He’d let you handle the situation but look confused and slightly annoyed AF.

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Jin: He’d be laughing at the ridiculous situation. Of course you’d never take this other idol seriously. *GIF*

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Suga: “Look how cute. As if y/n would like you back. Keep dreaming.”

Savage Yoongi would take it all as a joke.

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J-Hope: He’d scoff at the audacity of someone else to make a public confession. He had enough faith in you to know that you wouldn’t let public pressure to stop you from putting the other idol down right away.

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Jimin: He’d be watching for your reaction. That’s all that mattered to him. He’d want to be reassured that you weren’t showing any interest.

Y/N has me. No need for anyone else right?

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V: He’s not too amused with the situation. He’d be pretty mad, and he’d be staring down the idol intensely. His gaze moving between you and them, waiting for you to respond.

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Jungkook: Death glares for milessssss. He wouldn’t try to hide how pissed off it made him.

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BTS Reactions~ Sleeping with JK for the first time:

Jungkook Oneshot | smut

Flopping yourself onto your bed, you sighed at the terrible weather outside. Rain, rain and more rain. Why, on this day of all days? Today was Saturday, Date day, or whatever it’s name really was. It was basically the day where you could drag Jungkook away from his console and get him to go and do whatever you wanted.

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Dangerous: Mitch Rapp One Shot (Request)

This is the fourth of five requests (I know its taking for ever!!!) Thank you @lovefilledtragedy for requesting. Hope you like it Audrey :)

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Description: Kinda Fluff, lots of sass. WARNING: BLOOD, MENTIONS OF BLOOD, SHOOTING, DEATH, MENTIONS OF DEAD BODIES (wow sounds a lot worse when you put it in writing). You and your partner Mitch get ready for mission. The mission goes south and you have to rescue Mitch.

Y/F/I: Your first initial

Word Count: 1450

Author’s Note: So basically I’ve had this idea for ages so I was super excited when Audrey requested these prompts because they fit so perfectly.

So you know my bby @redstringlovers has my back and reads all my stuff. Go give Sammie some love coz she is purely amazing!!!

Let me know what you think, please pretty please with a Dylan on top. Also let me know if you want to be added to my forever tag. Enjoy my darlings :)

Prompts: “You-you are-“ “Beautiful, a genius, immensely talented-“ “Dangerous.” AND “Oh look at all the pretties!” “Can you please stop talking about assault rifles the same way as you talk about shoes?”

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“Oh look at all the pretties!”

Mitch rolled his eyes and groaned. “Can you please stop talking about assault rifles the same way as you talk about shoes?” He shot you an exasperated look and you smiled winningly back at him, batting your eyes in an innocent expression.

“But look at all the beautiful new toys,” you squealed excitedly, running your hands over the deadly weapons, bouncing on your toes and looking exactly like a kid in a candy store. “Oh, a M4A1. Eek, a HK417. No way, a M16A3.” You petted each one as you called out their names, your eyes wide with adoration.

Mitch sighed. “Just choose one, Y/N!” He picked up his M27 IAR and gave it a once over, as you turned and stuck your tongue out at him.

You turn your attention back to the array of weapons and eventually settle on the M4A1. You pick it up lovingly and coo softly to the black metal, checking over all the parts, making sure that it was in perfect working condition.

Mitch rolled his eyes at you and continued arming up, grabbing his hand guns and knives, placing them in their various holders over his body. You mirror his actions, making sure every weapon was easily accessed but also hidden from view.

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Should’ve taken the A1

a ‘we’re both stuck in stand still traffic and i’m bored as all hell, please entertain me’ au 

for @letthepeoplesay-oh love ya, girl <3 
(follower milestone thingy, send me rebelcaptain + a trope/au!

She should have taken the bloody A1.

“There’s not much traffic this weekend, it’ll be fine if I just take the M6!” Jyn practically growled at the traffic around her. “When are you going to learn, Jyn, never trust the bloody M6!”

Of course, the M6 was currently failing her. Only a few miles out of Birmingham, the northbound traffic had naturally come to a complete and utter standstill. Unfortunately, there weren’t any of the slow stops and starts of usual traffic congestion, which meant it was probably an event that was causing this particular jam. Sure enough, a quick Google search was able to tell her that there had apparently been an accident and that traffic was currently backed up for miles. 


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anonymous asked:

Hiya :D this is kind of a self insert lol how would the suitors react to a MC who looks younger than how she is? Like she's 19 but looks 10 XD

I’m so sorry for taking so long with this, please forgive me… and don’t worry about it being self-insert, if it applies to you, I’m sure it applies to other people as well~ Enjoy <3


  • “Hello, young miss, may I help you?”
  • The first time he sees you walk into the palace he thinks you’re a lost child or something
  • Little did he know that he had just unleashed your anger
  • So you tell him, not-so-politely, that you were indeed an ADULT
  • Immediately he’s apologising to you, but he can’t help smiling fondly at your adorable-ness
  • Even after you’ve become princess, he can’t help but be sweet to you
  • It’s slightly patronising, but you know he means well



  • “What a cute princess we have.”
  • Honestly at first he’d just think that you were the cutest thing
  • When he started to tutor you he’d tease you a little bit here and there
  • But he’d always take it seriously if anyone, including the bureaucrats, gave you any trouble
  • But after getting to know you, he’d see you as very reliable and someone that he could trust
  • You didn’t let your looks get in the way of being a great princess, and he loved that about you



  • “This is our new princess…?”
  • He wouldn’t believe it at first, thinking that it’s some sort of joke because you looked so young
  • It didn’t take long to explain that you just looked very young for your age
  • He was still a bit suspicious but quickly warmed up to you when he saw what a good job you were doing
  • He felt very fiercely protective over you too, walking a little too close to you when you went out to ‘make sure you didn’t get lost.’
  • In reality he just wanted to be near you because he thought you were cute and he liked it



  • “Hey kiddo, how ya doin’?”
  • Obviously he’d know that you’re a full adult but he’d say things like that often to annoy you
  • He gets a kick out your Grumpy Face™
  • Giles would always tell him off for teasing you, and while it did aggravate you, you learned to laugh along with him
  • If he ever did feel like you actually got offended though, he’d stop immediately
  • Despite the fact that he’d make fun, he’d let you know every once in a while that he did indeed see you as a grown-up



  • “Aren’t you too young to be the princess?”
  • This man wouldn’t miss a beat in telling you you couldn’t do it, a commoner and too young
  • It would take a while to convince him that you were the WOMAN for the job
  • Eventually he’d have to acknowledge your skills in ruling the country and so he’d slowly warm up to you
  • Being such an amazing person, and looking so adorable, it was a win-win for him
  • I can see Louis poking a little bit of fun here and there during dance lesson too



  • “You’re such a sprightly princess.”
  • I can just imagine that gentle smile of his as he watched over you as you fight hard to win the approval of all those around you
  • Seeing you trying your best even as the princess warmed his chest
  • He want to support you no matter what, regardless of what you looked like
  • I think Robert would react the least to your youthful face
  • Partly because he was already familiar with it, but also because he just saw past all of that very easily and looked at you from the inside



  • At first he wouldn’t understand, “what is this?”
  • He wouldn’t say or do anything though, logically reaching the conclusion that you’re probably just young looking for your age
  • There’s no way that Wysteria would make the new princess a child… right?
  • In the end I feel like it would be something that goes unmentioned, because at first he does’t know you well enough to say anything
  • but then when he gets to know you better he figures it’s better just not saying anything at all
  • Along with Rayvis, he’s react the least, just not seeing any point in making a big deal out of it



  • “So you’re the princess elect of Wysteria…”
  • When he first laid eyes on you in the ball, he naturally ignored you, looking for the princess
  • It wasn’t until either Giles or Albert points you out to him that he actually focuses on you
  • He was surprised, to say the least, you looked very young - I feel like he’d say it too
  • You tried not to be too angry, he was the king of the powerful-country-next-door, after all
  • Although he couldn’t miss the fire in your eyes as you told him you were an adult woman
  • He’d secretly like that spark, it showed potential and made him want to get to know you better



  • “Are you really capable of ruling a country?”
  • Of course you had Albert’s support from the start .-.
  • He was doubtful enough of you and your country as it was
  • You weren’t about to let the fact that you looked younger than you were become another reason for him to doubt you
  • So you continued to work diligently not letting him get to you
  • He had to admit that you were a very capable princess, maybe he was slightly impressed…



  • “You’re so cute, princess, we almost match!”
  • He’s honestly love your young appearance, I feel like he would be the most supportive and the least likely to tease
  • In a way, he would understand not being taking seriously because you looked/acted/were too young - he faced the same treatment
  • He would be just as supportive as normal, although he might give you more milk than necessary from time to time
  • Once you got closer, he’d probably do things like pick you up when you wanted to get high things, instead of getting you a stool/getting it himself, just to have an excuse to hold you and make you both giggle

I hope this way okay, please let me know :D

Do not repost/re-upload, screenshot or edit but please do like, reblog and share :D And remember that my requests are open (*/^▽^*)/

- Widzz

Something Fishy This Way Comes - Khafushun - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Fíli/Kíli

Rating: Explicit (ish)

Summary: One day Fili fails to save a beached merman from almost certain death. Now, that merman is BACK, and he’s out for revenge… but it turns out there are a few things he doesn’t understand about Fili just yet.

**Originally started writing this for the “Cliche or Original” prompt during FiKi Week… back in October, haha. Thought I might get a chance to finish this up during Kink Bingo, but alas, that didn’t work out either. Oh well. Better late than never, I guess! Hope y’all enjoy it~

Someone Like Me

High School!AU One Shot Series

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,242

A/N: I’m using the American school system as reference. 

“Can you PLEASE raise my grade?” Seungcheol begged his teacher with earnest eyes. His teacher let out a long sigh.


“BUT I HAVE A 3.46,” Seungcheol clasped his hand together and pouted causing his teacher to let out an even longer sigh. Seungcheol stared at him with wide eyes. 

“Fine.” His teacher began, “But ONLY if you run for Senior class president, your leadership would be put in good use. It’ll also look good on college applications. Go to lunch.” Seungcheol began to testify, yet he knew it’d be best not to. He needed an A in chemistry by the end of the semester. For some reason, he just couldn’t get the formulas down. 

Seungcheol figured that if he could lead his basketball team, why not manage the entire student body as well? 

As he began to leave the classroom, his teacher piped up, “Good luck, Seungcheol. Jisoo is also running.”


An irritated and delirious Seungcheol walks towards your lunch table, the boys whisper around you as they wonder what in the world could be wrong now. 

“JISOO, I’M RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.” Seungcheol slammed his registration form on the table for all to see.

“We’re dead.” Seungkwan casually stated. He rolled his eyes as the other boys start to jokingly scream. Jisoo stared at Seungcheol with his head cocked to one side, eyes squinted, and an amused yet confused smile played on his lips. 

“Please, please, drop out.” Seungcheol bowed his head, “I’ll buy you food for a week. A WEEK. Whatever you want.” 

You chuckled at his dismay, “Seungcheol, Jisoo has been planning this for the past two months.” Seungcheol shook his head furiously, letting out a deranged laugh. 

Seungcheol grabbed Jisoo’s hand, “I’ll even call you hyung for a week. Please, I need this campaign to get an A in chemistry.” 

Jisoo nodded his head knowingly, “Ahh… So that’s what this is about.” 

You raised your hand, slightly afraid to speak and also slightly afraid of Seungcheol’s madness. Seungcheol nodded towards you with wide eyes, “What?”

“You know, I can just tutor you right? I’m passing all of our chemistry teacher’s exams, and I’m his favorite student. So if you get an A on the final, then you’ll get an A in the class?” You were slightly scared that Seungcheol might burst, he always gets this way when he’s irrationally excitable.

Seungcheol slowly let go of Jisoo’s hand, “I guess that works too.” He scratched the back of his head, an apologetic smile adorned his face. 

“That’s too bad, I was going to take up his offers.” Jisoo spoke out.

Seungcheol and you both peered at Jisoo, “Seriously?”. Jisoo adjusted his glasses and let out an airy laugh, “Nahhh.”

You stood up and clasped your hands together, “Okay, Seungcheol, starting today after school I’m going to be your chemistry tutor!”


“So… We’ll just have to study afterwards!” You happily countered earning cheers from the rest of the boys. 

“Someone please save me.” Seungcheol plopped down onto the cafeteria seat and buried his head in his hands.

After school, you made your way to the gym. Your nose crinkled as the smell of sweat and musk filled your nose. You hear the sound of sneakers squeaking against the gym floor, looking around you had realized that practice has already started.

You settled down on the bleachers, taking out the homework that was given to you for the day. You spot a sweaty Seungcheol running lines, and Mingyu trudging along close behind.

“Mingyu, come on!” Wonwoo shouted back. Mingyu hurried his pace to reach the others, he wasn’t out of shape. He was just lacking motivation which was evident that Wonwoo, his best friend, tried to provide. 

You waved back at Seungcheol who had noticed you on the bleachers. You looked at your watch, two more hours until practice is over. You took out a pencil and busied yourself. 

As the practice came to an end you put your things away, and waddled outside of the gym to wait for Seungcheol. A hand ruffled your hair, “Let’s go, dork.” 

You playfully kicked Seungcheol, “Be grateful that I’m tutoring you, you punk.” You continued to hit him with your bag while he mockingly ran away from you. 


The bus ride to the library was only 15 minutes long yet felt like an hour since all Seungcheol did was poke your cheeks, and tried to braid your hair. “How did you get a pencil stuck in the braid?” You sighed, trying to entangle the bird’s nest that is your hair.

“Oh Seungkwan,” Seungcheol waved to the boy who was sitting alone. Seungkwan greeted you both with a cheeky smile. 

“What are you doing here?” You sat down across from him while taking out your chemistry notes. 

“I’m studying English.” Seungkwan held up his textbook with a tired smile, “Good luck tutoring that one.” 

You let out a giggle.“Thanks, I’ll need it.” Seungcheol glared at the both of you while putting on his spectacles. You began to go over the basic formulas with Seungcheol, then proceeded on with certain models that’ll help him remember the material. You related the models and diagrams back to basketball formations so it’ll be easier for him to understand.

Seungcheol let out a deep sigh, “Woah, you’re actually really good at this.” You nodded, acknowledging the truth. 

“I’m going to get going n-,” Seungkwan stood up from the table, “Wait, are those FAKE?” Seungkwan snatched off Seungcheol’s spectacles to carefully examine them. Seungkwan scoffed in disbelief, giving Seungcheol an eye roll before tossing them back to him. You watched in amusement.

Seungcheol looked at him unsatisfactorily, “I’m older than you, watch your mouth.” Seungkwan mocked his senior causing Seungcheol to stand up abruptly. You’ve never seen Seungkwan run away so quickly before. 

“Okay, okay we should wrap this up also, it’s already 8.” You laughed and started to pack up your things. Seungcheol did the same and kindly offered to walk you home from the bus stop.

The bus ride was short and sweet, Seungcheol didn’t meticulously bother you like last time. Instead his voice filled the air with the chemistry material you guys had went over. It made you warm inside how seriously he took this.

“You know, a lot of the guys on the basketball team thought that you were cute,” Seungcheol said as you two began walking. 

“Really?” You raised an eyebrow at him, “Are any of them cute?”

Seungcheol ruffled your hair, “No. They’re all butt ugly. Plus, you wouldn’t want to be with them anyway.” 

“Aw, that’s too bad.” Your face scrunched up into a pout. You’ve always trusted Seungcheol’s judgement considering the fact that you guys have known each other for the past 5 years. He had always been a good buddy to you. 

You sighed. “Hmm.. If I wouldn’t want to be with them, then who would I want to be with then?”  Seungcheol suddenly grabbed your hand, stopping you from walking.

Without a word he swiftly took off his school blazer to wrap around your shoulders, “Y/N, why do you never wear a jacket? Your uniform is so thin.” Seungcheol shook his head in annoyance. You ignored the skip that your heart did. 

You smiled sheepishly at him, “Thanks.” You and him walked the rest of the way to your house without saying a word.

“Anyway, you should come to our next game. It’s next Friday.” Seungcheol said as you both reached your front door. You nodded, saying that you’ll be there. 

For the next few days, you and Seungcheol repeated the same routine. Asides from studying, he told you stories about how frustrated he was sometimes with the members. He also informed you that Mingyu decided to spend his time at Cooking Club instead of being on the team. 

In all honesty, you enjoyed how carefree and effortless the conversations you two shared were.

You can’t remember the last time where you and Seungcheol had spent this much time together. When high school came, other priorities had appeared. And your friendship with Seungcheol dimmed. 

It was another day at the library, and perhaps the last. “I feel really confident for the test tomorrow.” Seungcheol beamed. You smiled at him. 

“Is there something wrong?”

You shook your head, “Wha-? Oh no, I was just thinking.” Seungcheol stared at you, he clearly understood why his teammates had asked him to set them up on a date with you. You were just absolutely breathtaking. Maybe you were oblivious to this fact, but it couldn’t have been anymore obvious to him. 

“Cheol… Can we keep hanging out like this?” You fidgeted with your fingers. Of course, you felt awkward to ask such a thing. You felt utterly childish. 

Seungcheol chuckled deeply, he rested his chin on the palm of his hand while gazing at you. “Of course.” 


You were eating lunch with the rest of your friends when you felt something hit your head. You quickly turned around to see a bouncing basketball and a happy quickly approaching Seungcheol. “YAH! YOU JERK!” To your surprise, he embraced you into a tight hug.

“I have an A in chemistry now. I passed my test, Y/N. Thank you,” Seungcheol whispered into your hair. You slowly reciprocated his hug, your arms slowly found its’ way around his waist. The other boys made gagging sounds at the scene in front of them.

“I’m proud of you.” You hadn’t realized how hard you were blushing until Seungcheol released from the hug to pinch your cheeks. There was an awkward moment of silence, too awkward for you to stand. 

You stood up from the lunch table and gathered your things. “I guess I’ll see some of you guys tonight at the game?”  A chorus of boys agreed which you smiled at. Your eyes caught Seungcheol’s one last time before you walked off.

Stop it, stop it. Don’t fall too quickly. You thought to yourself over and over again.

But you already have.

When you stepped into the roaring gym that night, your eyes scanned the bleachers for a familiar face. A relieved smile unfolded on your lips as you spotted Mingyu waving at you. 

“Here to support the team?” You asked as you took the seat next to him. He nodded proudly, “Although, I sort of hated basketball I learned a lot about myself.”

“Like what?”

“Like how well I work in a team, and how Wonwoo is sort of like a brother to me.” You slung a lazy arm around his shoulder as you teased him for being sappy. When you spot Seungkwan, Soonyoung, and Seokmin from the floor you waved at them to join you and Mingyu. 

The three boys filed in the rest of the row. “Oh the game is starting!” Mingyu excitedly announced. 

Your eyes were locked on Seungcheol the entire night. You couldn’t help but stare at the way his hair clung to his forehead, how intensely focused he looked, and how every single time he moved it looked like he was effortlessly dancing a choreographed piece. 

Before you knew it, everyone on your side of the bleachers and you jumped up from your seats. The crowd broke out into a tremendous thundering of cheers and applause. Wonwoo, the bag of luck, had scored the last shot that determined the team’s fate. Seungcheol’s team had won. 

Seungkwan, Soonyoung, and Seokmin began to do an impromptu dance of sorts. Mingyu raised two thumbs up for Wonwoo who was now being carried by his teammates. And this whole time your eyes were still concentrated on the captain of the team. 

After the craziness and excitement subsided from the once crowded gym, your friends had bid you goodbye yet you remained. 

You continued to wait for Seungcheol on the bleachers like you had been for the past two weeks. 

His teammates walked out from the locker room. Some of them gave you glances, some of them even dared to wink at you. You cringed and tried to avoid eye contact. 

“Hey,” A familiar looking boy greeted you. He sat down uncomfortably close to you. “I always see you during practice, and I have to say that you’re a lot prettier than a lot of the cheerleaders around here.” You admit, he was slightly attractive. But no where near as attractive as Seungcheol. 

“Umm..Thanks?” You managed to say.

“And I’m hoping that you and captain aren’t together or anything,” The boy tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

A deep voice coughed. Your eyes darted to its’ source. 

“Well…You can’t say that we’re not dating,” Seungcheol gave the boy a fake smile causing him to rapidly bow and leave. 

Seungcheol deeply sighed as he sat down, “See. I told you that they weren’t guys you’d be interested in.”

You blushed and smiled, looking down, “Because they’re kind of… invasive?”

“No,” Seungcheol leaned back on his hands, “Because they’re not as handsome as me.” He looked over at you with a dorky smirk on his face. You both erupted out in laughter. 

You gently nudged him with your shoulder. “Wow, cocky till the end. But good job on winning tonight.” 

“Hey…Y/N. You know that since I said that thing about us dating it’s gonna spread around the school real quick.” 

You nodded, sympathetically smiling. “Sorry, you’re gonna be rumored to be dating someone like me.” You jokingly said. 

“Then let’s not make it a rumor.” 

Written by Admin V.K

Imagine having a threesome with Eric and Dylan

While Eric and Dylan were your best friends, if you were being honest with yourself, you found both to be very attractive. You knew they felt the same way about you, but you’d never pick one over the other. Tonight the three of you had snuck out and were causing mischief around Littleton. These little rebel missions were becoming an almost daily activity. Tonight you silly stringed Brooks Brown’s car. You were having a blast. Dylan decided he wanted to live up to his nickname and bring along a bottle of vodka. It was quickly gone between the three of you taking swigs of it. You stumbled into Eric’s house, careful not to wake his parents. You tried to stifle your giggles as Eric tripped while taking his boots off. Dylan was most put together out of your little band of misfits, he threw off his jacket and kicked off his shoes while Eric still fought with his laces. You leaped on top of Dylan, causing him to grunt out into the dark room. “Jesus y/n what was that for?” He groaned while wrapping his arms around you. “You looked really comfy.” You stated while bopping his nose. Eric finally joined the both of you on his bed. You felt a lot of skin touching you so you raised your head from Dylan’s chest to look at your other friend. Eric was as naked as he day he was born. “Oh my god Eric what the hell?” You exclaim, trying to keep your voice down. “What? It’s my room and I’ll sleep naked if I want. It’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before, either of you.” He replied nonchalantly. “Yeah but that was before your dick was touching my thigh.” You stated, still freaked out. Dylan couldn’t help himself and began to chuckle deeply, he covered his mouth with his hand to try to silence the noise. “You know you like it y/n stop complaining.” Eric muttered at he ground his hips against you jokingly. It backfired though, because he begun to get hard at the feeling. “Well I guess if we’re not going to be wearing any clothes, I might as well take mine off.” Dylan stated slyly as he disrobed. “What the fuck guys, seriously when did you both turn into nudists?” You question, voice raising in pitch slightly. “Since we both want you y/n. We know you want us too, you don’t have to choose we can both have you.” Dylan murmured as he ran his large hand over your arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. Eric began to leave kisses along the side of your neck. You couldn’t help but moan out at the treatment you were receiving. “Oh fuck, yeah.” You whispered. Both boys worked in tandem to take off your clothes. Once you were naked, Eric kiss you on the lips. Dylan’s hand found itself between your legs, sliding up your thighs. While Dylan began circled around your entrance, Eric moved his face down and lavished your breasts. You gasped as one of Dylan’s long fingers entered inside of you. At the same time Eric gently bit your nipple, playing with it against his teeth. You thought this is what heaven must feel like, trapped between these two boys. Eric couldn’t handle the throbbing of his cock any longer and withdrew back from you. “Y/n, babe will you please suck me, I can’t take this any more.” He stated honestly. You grasped his shaft and pumped it before placing it in your mouth. All the while Dylan was adding more fingers inside you, preparing you for his length. Eric placed his hand on the back of your head, the feeling of your lips around his mesmerizing. You felt Dylan place himself at your core, and pulled back from Eric to give him the okay. “ I’m good Dylan, go for it.” You say, voice husky. Dylan pushes inside, the feeling of him stretching your walls almost too much. You place Eric back into your mouth to stop the noises you were making. The noises Dylan was making you create felt amazing against Eric’s cock, the vibrations of it making him cum in your mouth. Dylan knew he wasn’t far behind, the alcohol affecting his stamina. He pounded you relentless was teasing you with his hand to hurry thing up. Your orgasm washed over you like a tidal wave, Dylan’s happening right after due to the clenching it created. Dylan withdrew from you and you all laid against Eric’s bed, breathing heavily. “Man we need to do this again, this was awesome.” You state roughly. “Hell yeah we do!” Eric agreed reaching his hand over you to high five Dylan, which he returned earnestly. You knew this would be a common occurrence from now on. Now that you’ve had a taste of the boys, there was no going back.

Makeup - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: “Well hey gorgeous, what are you doing on this mighty fine day?” +  “Babe, Babe. Put makeup on me.” Jason Todd x reader  (requested by anon)

“Well hey gorgeous, what are you doing on this mighty fine day?” Jason’s strained voice greeted behind you. You turned around to greet him but became paralyzed in shock at the state he was in. He was beaten, bloodied, and cradling his ribs in pain. He looked like he had just dragged himself out of the depths of hell.

“Jay! You’re hurt!” You cried. You rushed over to his side and supported him as you guided him to sit on the couch.

“I’m fine [Y/N], really. Just a bit of bruising, couple of cuts, no big deal. Nothing a couple of bandages and cover up won’t cure.” He shrugged.

“Coverup? Jason, you’re hurt. You need medical attention.” You insisted.

“I swear I don’t. I’ve done this a million times before, babe. I’m fine.” He insisted with a calm smile.

“I don’t know, Jay. You look really rough.” You said hesitantly looking over all the small wounds and bruises littering his body.

“Babe, I’m fine. It looks worse than it is, I swear.” He promised getting up from the couch and getting his “after patrol” supplies which was filled to the brim with various medical supplies as well as some makeup to cover up some of the more visible bruising. You sighed and joined him to help clean and bandage his cuts. When he was all patched up he handed you a container of concealer.

Babe, put makeup on me.” He instructed handing you the container. You dutifully started working on covering up the bruising, paying particular attention to the ones on his face.

“You know, I’m not a miracle worker Jay.” You said. “Maybe you should learn to take fewer punches.” You taunted with a small smirk.

“Wow, harsh [Y/N].” He winced mockingly.

“I only call ‘em like I see ‘em.” You shrugged putting the final touches on him. You could still see the worst of the bruising if you were really looking but otherwise he could go out in public without frightening anybody more than usual. “There. It’s like it almost never happened.”

“Thank you, [Y/N]. Really.” He thanked gratefully. “I know it isn’t easy for you to see me like this. Thank you for always being here despite how much shit I get myself into. I’ll try not to get too roughed up next time.” He swore taking a firm hold of your hand.

“Jason Todd, you are a magnet for trouble. What would you ever do without me?” You said shaking your head slightly in wonder.

“Well first I would have to learn how to do the miracles you do with make up. Seriously babe, you’re fantastic.” He complimented.

“Stick around, young padawan and you just might learn a few tricks yourself.” You smiled squeezing his hand.

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Hiya :) can I plz get an imagine where I'm dating George and its valentines day, he gives me chocolate but he accidentally gives me the puking pastilles (lol) and I get mad at him, we have a huge argument and I end up breaking up with him , but we get back together and its super fluffy pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

Here it is, hope it’s not too cliché, but yesh that’s what Valentine’s day seems to be all about in the end.. and even if you’re not too fond of relationships and this day in general, have fun reading, really hope you like it x 

George made his way down the staircase to the common room still looking rather sleepy, but as he spotted you with a cup of tea in front of you, a bright smile traced his lips before he put his hands behind his back. “Morning, (Y/N)” he said and took a seat on the couch you had made yourself comfortable on, “So, have a date for Valentine’s Day yet?” – You rolled your eyes in return, but he just raised his eyebrows, giving you a playfully arrogant look. “Well, George… Your way of approaching is very nice, but I’m afraid I do have a date already” – “And who is that date? Must be one hell of a human, then-“ – “He likes to think that he’s a really cool bloke but in fact-“ – You teasingly smoothened his sweater – “He’s a bit of a jerk” George smirked lightly, but before he could answer you had already pressed your lips onto his, smiling when his tongue slid over your lower lip in return. “Happy Valentine’s Day” he mumbled as he let go of you, seeming quite excited. Although him and Fred did like to pull jokes about the entire event and how ridiculous some couples were, you were quite sure that he found a certain liking in Valentine’s Day, and so did you. You smiled against his lips while your hands ran over his chest, and a moment later, he parted from you to look into your eyes. “I actually got you something…” he suddenly said quite teasingly; now you knew why he was still hiding his hands behind his back. “You did? Blimey, that’s sweet of you. I’m afraid I didn’t really get you… anything… I thought we were just-“ – “I know, (Y/N), don’t worry. It was a rather spontaneous decision of mine. Besides, it’s not a lot. I mean, I do wanted to get you a pony, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out” he smirked, now finally revealing what he had hidden for so long, “But maybe you’ll like this as well” You chuckled as he handed you a beautiful box; it was wooden, with a smooth, light brown surface and your name engraved on it. “From your Georgie-boy” you read out before giving him a glimpse. “I had to to jazz it up a little” George explained, seeming quite nervous as he supported his arm on the rest of the couch, but he smiled when you chuckled at his present. “This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much, George” You smiled at him once again before having a look at your beautiful box, whereupon he asked you to open it. When you did, a flowery smell was surrounding you immediately and little reddish sparks appeared; you watched them in utter amazement before they vanished and revealed fine chocolate candy. With a smile, you leaned forward and pressed your lips against George’s so fiercely he slightly gasped. “Thank you, George. It’s lovely, really” – “Better than a pony?” – “Better” you mumbled before putting a soft kiss on his cheek. “I suggest you try this one first. I’ve been told it’s quite good; I haven’t tasted any of them, though, so let’s hope it’s true” You smiled and took one piece of chocolate he had pointed at, and somehow, you knew the texture of it, but you put it in your mouth nevertheless. 

The first bite was quite delicious, but as you kept chewing, you suddenly started to feel sick. Something about its taste made you go rather pale; you put your hand in front of your mouth, completely perplex, but a few seconds later, you could not cope with your loathing anymore and turned your head before throwing up on the carpet. “(Y/N)? Bloody hell-“ George said with wide eyes, immediately taking the box and checking the chocolate. He then put his hand on your back, sounding more worried than ever, and muttered something about getting pills while you were still vomiting. People were starting to notice how you were making a mess; as much as you wished for it to stop, every time your stomach had calmed down for a moment, another load was coming. “(Y/N), take this, take this” – George seemed to be back, now holding up your head and pretty much forcing you to swallow a pill, and when you did, you could feel yourself calming down immediately. You looked at him in utter outrage, though, while your head was taking up a bright shade of red. “W-What on earth was that supposed to be?” you said, breathing heavily while your eyes watered when you heard some student giggling. “It was an accident, I swear! Y-You must’ve gotten the Puking Pastilles instead of the chocolate, and I cannot explain how this happened, really… I reckon I mixed them up, I’m so sorry, (Y/N)” George looked quite pale as he spoke; you had never seen him that irritated before, but your shame made you feel so angry you did not have any understanding for his apparent mistake. He didn’t know what to do, as it seemed; instead, he just waited for you to react, whereas you were speechless for a moment. “An accident? Well, very funny, George. I think you could expect the inventor to be able to tell the bloody difference between chocolate and some stupid pastilles? You couldn’t have checked twice!?” You could not stay calm anymore, which caused your cheeks to redden once again. “Are you seriously assuming that I intentionally gave you Puking Pastilles?” he looked deeply offended and crossed his arms as he spoke, “I’d do that to Crabbe or Goyle. Malfoy, maybe, but never to you! What kind of dimwitted boyfriend would do that anyway? I can’t believe it, (Y/N), it was a bloody accident, and I’m sorry it went this way, really-“ – “I don’t know, but you do like pulling pranks. So if it was supposed to be one: Not very funny, George. And even if it was an accident, you could’ve prevented it, I’m sure about that. Maybe just pay a little bit more attention next time” George’s cheeks took up a reddish shade as well; he frowned and glared at you. “I can’t believe you’re honestly not believing me; what you’re saying is nothing but utter rubbish. I wanted to give you a nice present and it turned out to be a terrible accident that I maybe could’ve prevented, but I don’t even know why it happened in the first place- ugh, forget it” – “I think you’d have your doubts as well, George!” you said angrily, “It was terrible, absolutely terrible sitting here throwing up all over the place-“ – “I’ll have you know that I’ve tested these bloody pastilles throughout the entire year, so I’m pretty sure I know how it feels” – “That’s it, George. What about we just leave each other alone for a while? I can’t discuss with someone so… inconsiderate. Very happy Valentine’s Day to you” you said, your eyes watering once again before you got up and headed to your dorm.

You felt more than miserable when you sometimes looked out of the window and saw people enjoying themselves in the courtyard, and even though it was quite chilly outside, the sun threw bright rays on them, making the whole scene seem even more peaceful. And yet, you remained in your dorm. All you could do was to stare at the walls and think about what had happened; how you had thrown up and how you and George had fought afterwards. It left you feeling rather upset – after all, it was Valentine’s Day; but on the other hand, you were still angry at him. Rays of sunshine had reached your window by now, and when they shone upon your face, you decided it was time to go somewhere else. Movement and fresh air seemed to calm you down slightly, and thus you took quite a long walk around the campus until you came back for lunch. Hungry as ever, you sat down in the Great Hall and chatted to some friends of yours, but after you had taken a few bites of your meal, you looked straight into someone’s eyes a few tables away from you. “Just go ahead already, George” you heard someone whispering; and when you looked into the same direction once again for a quick moment, you saw Ginny sitting next to George, looking very eager about something whereas he seemed rather uncertain. Nevertheless, you focused on your food once again and planned not to look anywhere near him anymore, but suddenly, you felt something hitting your arm: It was a tiny letter floating around. You looked at it carefully, wondering what it was, but as it bumped your arm again, you took it and put it under your table. “Meet me after lunch in front of the Great Hall. George” it read when you opened it up, but you immediately shook your head and pretended to focus on your food again. George was, no doubt, watching you, and thus you felt the strong need to seem ignorant towards his plea. You could feel that his eyes were fixed on you, and sighing out loud, you took out a pen and answered “No, thank you.” before charming the piece of paper to float back to his table. Unlike him, you avoided watching his reaction, mainly because you thought things were cleared up now, but you had been wrong – a moment later, another letter had reached you. “Fine. I thought you didn’t like it when people are being stubborn and inconsiderate, but as you wish. Maybe I did get a pony, who knows…” You smiled slightly at the last sentence and responded immediately. “Well, thanks for being a manipulative git, but you do have a point. Perhaps that’s an offer I wouldn’t like to miss. I’ll finish my meal and then we’ll see.” As you looked at George for a quick moment, you could see him smirking slightly at his success – maybe it wasn’t that bad of an idea to meet him after lunch.

You were the first one to get up and made your way to the gates of the Great Hall, crossing your arms already. George was quick to follow and greeted you with a rather competitive smirk before looking into your eyes. “So where’s the pony?” – “Oh, shut it, (Y/N).” Both of you chuckled out loud, but then George got rather serious again; he seemed to fear you would be leaving quite quickly. “Would you mind going somewhere else with me? Maybe the Great Hall isn’t exactly the best meeting point. Lots of nosy people here” You nodded and started walking down the hallway next to him, your arms still crossed. “What is it that you want to talk about?” you then asked. George smiled again in return before taking a deep breath. “Well, I can explain everything, basically. How it happened. Technically, there’s not a lot to explain… I must admit I made a huge mistake there, (Y/N). Although I would like to blame Fred as well since he never puts away our products and you get confused so easily. I bought your candy chocolate separately and wanted to put it into the box later, but it looks like I’ve taken some fresh Puking Pastilles instead. Like I told you, it was an accident, but I just think you should know how it happened. I’m very sorry, though. That’s really not what I planned”  - “I know, Georgie” you smiled, “I do think you wouldn’t do that on purpose. I was just so angry before; it felt quite terrible and I was outraged. I know I should’ve believed you, but in that moment-“ – “I know, (Y/N), I would have been just as outraged. I mean, you do have to be quite a dimwit to mess up Valentine’s Day so badly” Both of you chuckled as you walked down a quiet corridor; once again, the sun was shining upon your face. “I do have something with me, though” he mumbled before taking out a little box from his pocket. “These are the real ones. 100% sure, I’ve checked at least three times. So if you still want them, here they are” You smiled when he gave you the little box, and after you had opened it, you examined the small chocolates for a moment before – to his surprise – putting one in your mouth. For a moment, you pretended to throw up again, but it was in fact real chocolate, and it was very delicious. “They’re lovely. Thank you, George.” you mumbled before stopping to put a soft kiss on his cheek. After all, you did trust him, and he really seemed to be sorry about what had happened. “What was that for?” he asked. “For you being wise enough to try and make up to me. I think I can forgive you, Georgie” – “You think you can forgive me? What can I do to actually have you forgiving me, then?” He was now grabbing both of your hands and pushing you slightly towards the wall, his nose touching yours. “I don’t know, just convince me that my mercy’s worth it” George’s lips met yours a moment later, with his hands sliding down your waist. Both of you smiled against each other’s lips in return and when you parted, you looked directly into his eyes. “Well, that was quite good-“ – “Oh, I beg you, (Y/N), I have so much more in stock” George chuckled. He spent the day wandering around the castle with you, seeking quiet places for a kiss or two, and in the evening, he sneaked out with you once more, and it delighted you to see how your Valentine’s Day had turned out to be brilliant in the end.

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Collage AU; Lena and Maggie are best friends. Maggie has a huge crush on popular girl Alex Danvers. At a party, Lena swoops in like the best friend she is as the wingman. A year later, Kara Danvers, the little sister of Maggies now girlfriend starts collage and it's Maggies turn to play the role of wingman. If you like collage au's, and think lena and maggie could ever be friends, i'd love to see this happen? -hospital anon Happy news! I'm probably going home this week!

YES YES YES YES I’m so happy you’re hopefully going home this week!!! Wonderful news!!! Sending lots of hugs your way, darling!!! <3 <3 <3

“You might want to put your eyes back in your skull, Sawyer, or you’re going to spill your HCl all over my notes.”

Maggie hisses slightly and lifts her vial so she’s no longer putting Lena’s organic chem notes in the line of fire. Or, acid, to be more precise.

“Sorry, L, I just – “

“I know, hun. Everyone knows. And don’t panic, because by everyone, I just mean me. Oh, don’t give me that baffled look, you’d have an outwardly over-inflamed sense of self to compensate for scalding inner self-hatred if you grew up a Luthor, too.”

“You’re really taking our psych class seriously, huh?”

“And you’re really taking Alex Danvers’s ass seriously.”

The HCl does spill this time, and Lena yelps and smacks Maggie’s shoulder lightly as she salvages her papers. Alex turns around at the sound, and Maggie’s insides twist like she just swallowed the damn acid because she’s got goggles on over her glasses and she still manages to look every bit the prom queen, every bit the star surfer, every bit the smartest, most popular pre-med student in the whole damn college.

Alex’s eyes scan Lena and Maggie’s work bench even as she holds her own chemicals poised perfectly, measured perfectly, above her beaker. “You two alright there?” she asks, and Maggie’s throat closes up, so Lena flashes her warmest smile, and Lena decides to play wingman – well, wingwoman – because this crush has gone on long enough, as has Maggie’s insistence that she’d never wanna be with me anyway, I mean god, she’s perfect and I’m just… well… me.

“Yeah, yes, fine, my clumsy hands, you know,” Lena takes the blame, and wets her red lipstick with her tongue, and for a moment, Maggie wants to deliver a sound kick to her shins because oh come on seriously, don’t seduce her right in front of me. But Lena is more loyal than that, and Maggie knows it, and Alex isn’t her type, anyway.

Alex grins slightly and goes to turn her attention back to her own bench. “It’s Alexandra, isn’t it?” Lena asks, and Maggie nearly panics.

“What the hell are you doing?” she hisses.

“Getting you a girlfriend,” Lena mutters under her breath as she strides over to Alex’s bench.

“Alex. Yes.”

“Well, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Lena, and that beauty over there’s Maggie Sawyer. She’s the one who figured out that blood spatter problem that no one else could crack in forensics last week, you know.”

And suddenly Alex’s eyes are meeting Maggie’s, and she’s licking her lips, and she’s slipping off her goggles so she can look at Maggie straight through her glasses. “I know. I um… I’ve been meaning to talk to you. About that. Actually. I just, um… You two always seem like you’re together.”

“We’re not,” Maggie splutters as Lena smirks and slips into the background. “Together. But um. But I can… if you wanted, you know, I can take you out on my Triumph, this bar I know. Go over… labs, or… something. Together. You and me.”

Alex’s eyes slip up and down Maggie’s body and a small smile plays at her lips as a blush rises in her cheeks.

“I think I’d like that, Sawyer. I think I’d like that a lot.”

It doesn’t take long for them to become the most popular couple on campus. And it takes even less time for Lena to proudly claim credit for it at every opportunity, to bemoan her singledom and swear that Maggie will simply have to repay the favor of setting her up with her own soulmate one day.

That day comes about a year later, when Alex’s dorm is hosting a party for the new batch of freshmen, and Lena freezes when she sees the blonde with the green eyes, adorable cardigan, and beaming smile.

“Alright there, Luthor?” Maggie wants to know, but Lena just stares. Maggie follows her gaze and smirks and decides not to tell her who the girl is, because if she does Lena’s sure to come up with some excuse not to talk to her.

“Babe,” she whispers as Alex passes behind her, melting into her arms with a smile and a kiss. “Lena’s looking at Kara like she uh… wants to get to know her better. That okay with you?”

“Oh my god, please yes. If anyone can get Kara to come the hell out as bi already, it’s Lena.” Maggie grins and Alex steps back to watch, and Maggie takes Lena by the elbow and practically drags her across the room.

Maggie!” Kara shouts and launches herself into her arms. Lena’s eyes fly wide as they embrace, in awe of someone who’s so free with affection, who’s so open with love.

“Hey Little Danvers. Someone I want you to meet. Lena, this is Kara Danvers, Alex’s kid sister. Kara, this is my best friend Lena Luthor. She runs the whole businessy sciencey thing – ”

“The Entrepreneurial Society of Bioengineers.”

“Right. That fancy ass, super smart, super socially conscious, super you’ve gotta be a badass and a genius to be in this club let alone run it thing on campus. You two should – you know – talk.”

Kara takes one look at Lena, one look at Maggie’s none-too-subtle wink as she strolls away in search of her girlfriend, and furiously adjusts her glasses with a fire in her eyes and a shy smile pulling at her lips.

“Nice to meet you, Lena.”

“And you, Kara. Has your… sister, apparently… shown you around, or would you like me to give you a tour?”

Lena bites her lip and Kara forgets both English and Kryptonian.

Across the room, Maggie rests her head on Alex’s shoulder, reveling in Alex’s hand holding her close around her waist.

“I think I just got your kid sister laid.”

Alex groans and pulls away, and Maggie staggers, laughing. “Watch it, Sawyer, or she’ll be the only one.”

Maggie laughs into Alex’s teasing kiss as the party spills on around them.

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hello, friend! ive been having an awful year so far. i'm simply a teenager. i can barely lift 25 pounds by myself, i get winded walking up stairs, and even though i'm not overweight i have odd heart problems and incredibly low self esteem. i hope you could maybe type or art up something that could bring me through the days where i'm at my lowest. i don't care which choice you take, you're my art hero and i care what you do. i consider you a good friend, though we will never meet. much love, -Gav

You get art AND a message, you lucky devil, you.

Here’s a small fat dragon, because I like fat dragons, and now you do too.

Now to get a little more serious.

I didn’t take care of myself when I was in high school. I ate garbage, never exercised, was kinda overweight and outta shape.

My body wasn’t ready for when I got pericarditis at 19 years old.

Had I been in slightly better shape, things might not have gone a little better, but that wasn’t the case. It gave me a heart murmur, chronic tachycardia, and it damaged my pericardium. I have to live with the consequences of my choice to not take my health seriously, and I will until the day I die, which might be sooner than I thought. There’s a chance I might not live to 30.

Granted, at this point in time, I’m roughly 6'1" / 140 lbs and in the best shape of my life. But what I do now might not be able to make up for what’s already happened.

You’re still young, and while getting in shape seems daunting, it was literally the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was as simple as just choosing not to eat certain foods, cutting sugar out of my diet, installing a pull-up bar in my bedroom door frame, and running on an elliptical for half an hour a couple times a week. I even take hot yoga occasionally. You can do so many easy, intuitive choices to get in shape, and I know that you can do it without even having to put your mind to it. Once I got started, I didn’t even have to think, I just did it.

And as for the body image and self esteem? Don’t sweat it. Let me tell you that I still have shit self-esteem in regards to everything about my physical appearance and personality, and it’s fucking exhausting. Don’t do it to yourself, it isn’t worth it. Love yourself for who you are.

Stay happy, bruv