i might be taking this slightly too seriously

Just speculation

Although probably unfounded, I have this paranoia surrounding Min-Soo. 

The fact that Soo-Won sent him as his messenger knowing that he sympathized with Hak and Yona, that Min-Soo just happened to overhear their conversation regarding oddly specific invasion plans, and that Min-Soo appeared at such a convenient time to be the perfect ally…. It’s slightly suspicious.

It appears that Soo-Won is playing right into Yona’s plan for the time being, and that this might be the first time Soo-Won has been outsmarted (not majorly but still) since the start of the freaking series, but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s still pulling the strings… 

Please, god, I hope not, I’m dying to see his reaction when he realizes he’s been duped.