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Morning Rush.

Suffering that common problem where I have too many word documents on my computer and no inspiration except to write brief excerpts/one shots of AUs which exist only to serve the purpose of featuring snarky banter between my OTP. This one is inspired by the opening scenes of “The Proposal” and this post, which received 60+ notes. I will work on my WIPs, I promise. Promise, promise, promise.

Molly decided that she hated power cuts. Power cuts were the reason her alarm had decided to reset itself to default setting; power cuts were the reason she had slept in 45 minutes over her usual wake up time. Power cuts were the reason she was now careening into the nearest Starbucks, her forehead slick with sweat.

Heat waves. That was another thing she hated. Heat waves and power cuts. Just when did London get so warm? Perhaps it had always been this warm; but it didn’t matter. She still managed to careen into Starbucks, panting heavily, only to be greeted by the genial smile of the barista, Tom, who had two coffee cups already in hand.

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