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Desperate Housewives...and Husbands

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Pairing: boyfriend!Samxgirlfriend!reader, husband!Deanxsoulmate!wife!reader, Crowleyxdaughter!reader, Charliexbestfriend!reader, Katy, JohnxMary
Word count: 12,106
Warnings: Swearing, smut
She’s Leaving, Dean masterlist

The closer it got to Johnny’s birthday, the more excited Dean got. He went all out. The Diner agreed to do food, and was more then happy to hand out invites to families who frequented the place. And he found someone local who agreed to make a massive Impala cake.

He bought a bunch of new toys swearing they would be for the waiting room after the party. Toy engines, and a toy service car that kids could work on, and lots of tools.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you love Tamaki?

(starts breathing heavily)

Short version.

Tamaki started off as a sweet funny character that made me laugh. And then he handed Haruhi a sweatshirt to wear at the pool when she was wearing an already incredibly modest swimsuit. He knew she was uncomfortable and gave her something more to wear, while blushing like a maniac. I was absolutely in love. I’d been dreading the ‘beach episode’ full of stupid fan service for a while, yet when it came there was nothing like what I’d dreaded. Thanks to Tamaki Suoh everyone.
Tamaki makes it his life goal to help others. He might say ‘every girl’, but you know he means every one. Everyone he comes into contact with doesn’t leave until he tries to fix their problems, or influence them in a good way.

He does it with complete strangers and he does it for his closest friends.

That’s how he MADE friends. By pushing past their coldness, insecurities, or bullying, and he recognizes they needed help and he puts his comforts to the side (Like when the twins drop the secret of his birth and he just tenses his fist and then lets it go and goes right back to smiling and trying to befriend them) he puts himself out there just so he can help those around him.

And there’s one more reason why I love him, it’s from personal connection. He and I strangely shared an experience that I talk about underneath, that was very big in our lives. Our friends came to help us when for the longest time we’d just been helping them. And when I was watching that I suddenly connected to that parallel and he became akin to me and the first character I’ve related to so much. It meant a lot to me.



This took me 3 and a half hours to write. 
And I know that’s a little ridiculous, but after 3 years of thinking these words and trying to categorize them, it was kind of freeing to just write them all down for once. 
I think I needed to do it. XD

(I love discussing characters and story lines, I am THAT person in your english class who will answer all the discussion questions just because I love talking about stories so much)

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five-seconds-of-liam-payne  asked:

Can you do a blurb or one shot with any of the boys where they are on tour and you surpire them by showing up at a meet and greet and it get all cute and fluffy!! Thanks love x

a/n: this is honestly so cute thank you for requesting it i really don’t think i did it justice omg i’m sorry also any time y’all give me an option i will literally always choose luke lol :)

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It was Liz’s idea, really; you had popped in to say hi while Luke was away on tour — and, okay, maybe you wanted to stop by his old room and steal one of the hoodies he’d sent her to wash. Sitting on the couch next to her with a cup of tea, she smiled softly, “I don’t want to make you… sad, love,” she reached out and pet your hand affectionately. “But — our boy really misses you, you know?” You felt your cheeks blush crimson at her words; not only at the thought of Luke calling his mum to whine about missing you, but because she approved of you enough to happily share her youngest boy with you.

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