i might be dead right now tbh

sugdone  asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then ask this question to the last ten people in your notifications. Hope you have a great day filled with things that make you happy :)

Thank you Olivia <3

Okay I always struggle with these things but I’ll give it a bash…

1. ROBRON. The Robron wedding…..it’s giving me strength while slowing destroying me at the same time, it’s a really bizarre sensation! I am dead but also ALIVE, you feel me?!

2. Evenings at the cinema with my friends! Even if we see something crap, we still have fun. We all have Unlimited cards which means we pay monthly and can see as many films as we want. It’s probably my favourite thing tbh. We saw Trainspotting 2 last night and it was really good!

3. Right now I’m listening to the Beatles. You might’ve seen I made a post earlier saying I was struggling a bit today, and sometimes just listening to the Beatles somehow just sort of….helps. They’re not even my very favourite band but they just somehow make things seem a bit better.

4. Sunshine makes me happy. I can’t wait for the summer, and I hope we have some amazing hot days like we did last year because I just need to lay in the sun for ages because it makes me feel like a human being.

5. Erm…..it makes me happy to be included in stuff. Like in whatever capacity, for whatever reason, just being thought of makes my heart happy. I know this is a random thing but I don’t know what else to say!!!