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Episode 97, part 2: is anyone getting any sleep on this goddamn blimp??

(part 1 is here)

Short answer: no.

Not Anzu, who wakes up in Ryou’s empty room, and not Yugi, who is woken shortly thereafter by Anzu.

And must have been awake at least once since he went to sleep and talked to Yami in Yami’s Soul Room, because the Puzzle is on his bedside locker now:

headcanon: he rolled over in his sleep and hit his head on the Puzzle

Given that the puzzle seems to be about ~12 cm wide and not quite as tall, and the density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^3, the Puzzle, with an estimated volume approaching 500 cm^3 probably weighs around 9 kg (or around 20 lbs for those of you who still haven’t adopted the decimal system of revolutionary France). So (a) how is Yugi even carrying this around on his fucking neck the whole time and (b) I’m surprised he didn’t give himself a black eye trying to sleep with it in his bed in the first place.

(Also please note his hair spikes left spiky indents on his pillow!)

Anzu, to her credit, is genuinely worried about Bakura as a friend, like, he gets overlooked by the writers (and therefore the characters) but the Yugi-tachi really do care about him.

okay even though Yugi’s face here is low-key screaming “why should I care?” like he was really hoping if Anzu knocked on his door in the middle of the goddamn night it wouldn’t be for this shit again

But he gets dressed and OBVIOUSLY puts on his Duel Disk™ and they set off..

Meanwhile, in another room of people not getting enough sleep:

Look I know all eyes are on Mokuba here and how sweet it is that Mokuba would try to stay up with his brother and how even sweeter it is that he can’t but doesn’t leave and just falls asleep right there and how sweetest it is that Seto would pause what he was doing to take off his own coat to at least make him comfortable although it would be a lot sweeter if he just took him to fucking bed and went to fucking bed and you just know this happens like every four days jfc Seto sort your shit out but ANYWAY I just want you all to know that the blimp on-screen is 3-D and rotating and this suggests very strongly to me that Kaiba is monitoring the blimp actively while doing his Ra-research (Rasearch?) and honestly that means that the chances are really high that he knows Yamis Malik and Bakura are having a duel to the death on top of his airship and just doesn’t give one single shit about it

What does he give a shit about?


Not only is Kaiba’s Virus Combo unlikely to work, Kaiba finds out -somefuckinghow since there isn’t THAT much writing on the Ra card - that Ra has a second special ability, wherein

Which is a pretty fuckin good ability, tbh. 

and idk maybe it’s not fair because I’ve seen this show before but I really feel like Someone should have even for a moment considered that this huge-ass deity of almost-unknowable power might have a special ability or two that, even if Someone wasn’t able to use, Someone could have at least prevented his opponent from using for a turn or two since SOMEONE knew full well that his opponent has a Resurrection of the Dead card in his hand right now… *coughBakurahasadeathwishcough*

!!! It was you who stopped!!! Yami Malik has been TRYING to continue this already but you were too busy bitching at your ~partner~!!!

oh whatever

yes, let’s just continue this already!

Yami Malik, in a move that I’m Sure could not have been predicted by even the wisest of sages, says that yes, the ultrapowerful avatar of the gods themselves has more than one Special Ability and that he will now use one that even Original Flavour Malik will be surprised by…

and honestly wtf Malik, how does your mental illness know more about your deck and your keystone Monster than you do? 

Yami Malik admits that even if he uses Resurrection of the Dead on Ra, since Magic Cards only work on God Cards for a single turn before being, one presumes, immolated by the incandescent light and heat of the glory of the all-powerful, Ra will have a brief sojourn back in the world of the living

he says, looking into the camera like he’s on The Office


But never fear, 

he claims, cloakily.

Malik tries not to panic, pointing out that even if Ra does return for a turn, what can it do? It’ll be on the field, 

Bakura may or may not try not to panic, but if he’s trying not to panic, his face tells me he is succeeding about as well at that as he is at playing this card game.

Yami Malik’s face, meanwhile, tells me that the animators need to lay off the drugs

only you and some nerd downstairs with tiny belts on his arms

Yami Malik calms down enough to explain that using this ability, the player

as ATK to Ra. Usually this would be a meh to pretty great kind of deal, but thanks to how the duel has gone so far, with Yami Bakura losing most of his LP (mostly to himself), and Yami Malik not only losing none, but actively gaining more than the same amount again, it’s currently a FUCKING AMAZING deal.

Knowing what kind of absolute and utter geeks even the serial killers on the blimp are, Yugi and Anzu find the Yamis M and B in the very first place they look, the CARD GAME BLIMP DECK PUN INTENDED™ 

or rather, they find an ominous purple cloud, which Yami, quickly taking over from Yugi, points out is one of the key giveaways of a Dark Game, and suggests to Anzu,

“um bitch I don’t even HAVE a room your #duelistprivilege is showing” 

Actually what she says is,

“That’s not fair! … I exclude everyone when there’s an emergency!”

This is an interesting line and I’m trying to think of places where Yami or Yugi would have specifically tried to keep Anzu back. I think Yami does try to put himself between danger and everyone/anyone else, and I think there’s a couple of occasions where the boys generally try to protect Anzu specifically, like in the souls-in-cards game against Yami Bakura. As a non-duelist (generally) and often the only girl, I bet Anzu does get frustrated!

Yami goes on to say that he now knows he’s supposed to obtain his lost memory and says,


… wait does that mean that up until this point you were cool with it??

anonymous asked:

So now naki is dead or just fall asleep I’m not sure that the way I think is right

Hello! Apparently unpopular opinion, but…

I’m not so sure he’s dead. 

First of all, this already happened during the Rushima arc

and Miza was more unsettled than she currently is, so for now I’m taking what she said literally: Naki fought “until the end", which is to say until there was no more Oggai (’cause no enemy in sight where they are and Miza is still alive, meaning they must have won their side of the fighting), which is why he’s just completely exhausted and needs to get some sleep. 

Of course, I might be wrong and we will know for sure later, but for now I’m holding onto the idea that he’s not dead because of what I said above and because…

He has not yet been confronted to zombies!Gagi & Guge.

So it’s impossible to say for sure for now, but seeing as I’m an optimistic TG fan, I’m vouching for him to be alive (tbh I’m mostly worried about Yomo right now). Have a nice day Anon!


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okay yeah, so remember the code WE had to crack in order to get the trailer? remember all those passwords? they’re all tiny little clues about important things of this season. let’s see:

  • 117 (million dolars)
  • 2436 (Meredith’s number)
  • Demarco (the beer deliver werewolf guy)
  • Brett (yet another of the werewolves)
  • Jordan (Parrish’s first name)
  • Hexagon (the shape that the lacrosse stick left in the wereshewolf’s corpse)
  • Tomahawk (the weapon used by the Mute)
  • Truth (alongside with the moon and the sun; the only things that can’t be hidden - I’m putting this one in italics because I believe there’s much more about it)
  • Thermowire (the weapon used by Violet)
  • Decade (I think this one is yet to be solved?? can’t remember)
  • Yellow (reference to Derek’s eyes, I believe)
  • Violet (our fav assassin cutie)
  • Control (maybe a reference to Liam? to Stiles’ speech? to Malia? idk there are too many possibilities)
  • Mute (the assassin with no mouth, clearly voldy’s bro)
  • Iglesia ( means ‘church’ - Derek was buried and de-aged underneath it)
  • Satomi (the werewolf woman that was in oak creek with Noshiko)

Okay, here’s the thing: I believe some of these words will be more important than they may seem. I still haven’t figured much out about these, but I do have a theory:

Some of them might be interrelated. Right now I’d say there are AT LEAST two: Demarco and Truth. So, we heard Demarco saying that sentence to calm himself down (to CONTROL himself), and I’ve done some of my research (not all of it; I’m a natural born procrastinator). Turns out that sentence is a quote from Buddha (thought simplified from it’s original form): “Three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth”. We also saw the cute wereshewolf saying it as well. So we can deduce that this might be a pack thing, like, something that has been instructed to the members of a pack. Now, I want to believe the teen wolf team did their research with some purpose other than this connection, and we know it’s a quote from Buddha, and we also know that buddhism is more common in Asia, so I think we can assume that this pack might have something to do with Satomi and, on top of that, we know that she’s going to come back soon.

Now, this is were my theory gets blurry and maybe not so logical, but more intuitive. I believe all this means that a part of Satomi’s pack is still alive and werewolfing around, and that Demarco and the cute wereshewolf (can’t remember her name) were part of it. Now we also know that Parrish is a supernatural being, and he’s worth quite a lot of money (/shrieks/ 5 MILLION! yet not as much as lydia and scott (I’ll talk about this later)). Maybe he is a werewolf, but if he was a normal werewolf just like Demarco, he would be worth much less money. Therefore, either he isn’t a werewolf and he’s some kind of strange weresomething, or he’s the alpha of some pack; possibly the one with Satomi, Demarco and the wereshewolf. Obviously, I can’t assure you anything; I’m just putting the possibilities over the table.

Now, as in The Benefactor: I don’t think he’s Parrish. If he were to be The Benefactor, would he include himself on the list? Yes, maybe it’s a distraction but, if he did it just as a cover, why would he make himself worth so much? (sorry, I can’t explain myself very well 'cause I’m not a native english speaker, I’m doing my best) What I’m trying to say is I think that if Parrish was The Benefactor, he wouldn’t make himself worth 5 million. 

Another reason why I don’t think he is The Benefactor is because Scott’s pack members seem to be the ones who are most worthy (Scott’s on top of the list, being worth 25 million). The conclusions I’m taking from this fact are:

  1. The Benefactor knows how dangerous or powerful (we still don’t know why he/she’s taking supernatural beings down, it may be for revenge, or it may be to be the only one in town, or so no one will be strong enough to stop him from doing something probably bad) they are.
  2. The Benefactor knows them personally and probably holds some kind of grudge against them.

In case that the first conclusion was the actual one, there are plenty of possibilities as to his or her identity. The second one would reduce the probabilities a lot. I think the fandom’s main suspects right now are Chris, Parrish, Gerard, the Calaveras and Peter. Imo, as I said before, I don’t think it’s Parrish. I don’t think it’s Chris either (or at least I HOPE SO). Right now I think the most probable ones might be Gerard and maybe even *gasps* Deucalion, since we know he isn’t dead. I don’t really know about Peter tbh, we can never trust him that’s true, and we know he would do ANYTHING to get his alpha status back, so he might be. I just don’t know. I think we’ll have to wait a few more episodes to be able to make an actual suspect list.
Oh, and these are the ones I think will be in the third part of the deadpool: Peter, Malia, Liam (if he isn’t, then we should consider his stepfather a suspect, since he was introduced very quickly and without apparent nor meaningful reason) and Satomi. Tho I’m probably missing someone totally unexpected and important, because the odds are practically never in my favor.

To everyone who has read this: feel free to send me messages with theories so we can discuss about it!