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Omg I just love your character Tyco. He and Angel are so cute together. I want to do some fanart with him. Hand I just realize he's so tall! Is there a bio about him?

Heyyy!! First off, thank you for loving that super old character of mine~ <33

Second, I don’t have a bio/ref for him at the current moment 8c 

He’s in dire need of one, however; I plan on making an official updated character reference sheet for him once school is over and I get my obligations intact. I can’t really afford to do many super nice pieces, as they inhibit time I could spend on commissions, BUT-

He’ll get one, very very soon c:

“I don’t go snapping off my horns to make these charms often, Lady Lake, and borrowed magic doesn’t come cheap.  But if you’re that determined to go play Changeling and go traipsing about down there like you own the place - who am I to say no?”

“You live long enough to find what you’re looking for - and you’ve got that look in your eye that you just might - you tell him we’re even.” 


Had this bit of dialogue floating around in my head, so decided to draw something to it for the sake of ‘why the hell not’ - Mainly, Kubeck decides to ‘help’ and Barbara Lake gets to take a long walk in another’s shoes to find something lost. 

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Hey Rosy, you know how Bellamy's jacket is kinda a sign of how open/closed he is? I was looking at gifsets and noticed that Octavia might be the same way with her hair, symbolically. When her hair is down and free (like s1), she is fairly open and carefree. But as the seasons progressed her hair gradually was tucked up and away in various stages of braids--and now it's completely up and back. Thoughts? Might I be right?

Yeah, something like that. She puts on a persona with her hair. She’s becoming something. The loose hair when she was first on earth. The braids when she was with Lincoln, more when she was a warrior. The death twists when he died. I mean her hair was down, but it was twisted into ropes, like wearing ashes in the hair, I think. And then as the assassin, with it up in that constrained pony. 

Yeah. I think Octavia’s hair helps us understand her story and character. 

Coming out of that water, her hair was back loose again. A mess, but loose. I wonder if it’s a metaphor for Octavia coming full circle, going back to herself a bit, no longer hiding?

Hey, they did the same thing with Clarke. I mean her hair was red, but when Roan dunked her, she came back to Clarke, being blonde. Still a mess and a bit different of a journey… and then she got stuck in Polis where they tortured her hair into various death hairstyles everyday to fit her Wanheda role. And her hair also slowly returned to her normal hair as she spent time with her people.

Clarke and Octavia are the only two who really have dramatic changes in their hair. 

*Expect the Unexpected*
Work Summary: The only person to suspect that Theo was a bad guy was Stiles, so it’s pretty ironic when Scott finally realizes what he’s up to. However, Theo has a tie to Scott that might just put him in the clear.
Warning: violence, plot twist, breakup?, honestly nothing else to add
Pairing: Scott/Reader , Theo/Reader (platonic)
Word Count:1328


“Hey y/n! Can you come here?” Theo yells down the hall in your general direction. You run to the living room and see Theo pulling his shoes onto his feet.
“Did you need something this moment or can this wait until lunch? I’m running super late Theo.” You make a sharp turn in the direction of the front door. He grabs your wrist quickly and spins you towards his face.
“Wait, just hold on! I need to tell you this.” You sigh exasperatedly but turn around.
“I know you’re trying to be independent and make your own decisions but be careful who you hang out with, alright? I get that you’ve finally been included in Scott’s group but seriously watch your back. Okay?” His tone goes serious and you look at him strangely.
“Uh…sure Theo. No problem.” You head towards the door again and hear him shout towards you,
“I’m serious sis! I care about you and I don’t want you getting hurt.” That’s the last thing you hear before the door shuts behind you.


Your locker slams shut and you jump back, startled by the noise. You look to your right and see that Scott is standing there; trying and failing to look inauspicious.
“Jerk! What if you broke my hand or something?” You say, obviously joking around with him.
“Hey babe. Did you have a good weekend? Sorry again for not being able to hang out, werewolf emergency.” He says as his arm goes around your shoulders. You snuggle into his side.
“It’s no problem, I just hung out with my family all weekend. Nothing too exciting.” The bell rings and you begin walking to your shared class with Scott. Your brother walks by and it sounds as though Scott growled. Wow, what’s wrong with him? You think to yourself.

You walk away from Theo as the lunch bell rings, heading over to where your group usually eats. Scott meets you halfway and gives you a weird look.
“Why were you talking to Theo?” Now you’re giving him a weird look. You brush it off as you answer.
“I was just asking him to do a favor for me later tonight. Nothing too wild. Calm down wolfie.”

The two of you sit at a lunch table and wait for the others to show up. The rest of the pack show up and you all begin discussing the problem at hand, aka the Dread Doctors. We’re constantly going back and forth on what to do, then suddenly you hear Stiles say something.
“Well what about Theo? Doesn’t he seem at least the tiniest bit suspicious? He shows up and all of a sudden we have this stress to deal with.” You’re intrigued by the statement, considering the fact that this is the first time you’ve heard of any suspects and it just happens to be your brother. You keep your mouth shut and continue to listen, seeing where this is going to go.
“Stiles move on, he’s done nothing to make us suspect him of any wrong doing. He’s exactly like the Theo we knew in elementary school.” Scott shuts that accusation down quickly, obviously serious about not thinking he’s the mastermind behind it all, but still eery of him.

Lunch goes by too fast, and you say your goodbyes as you head to your next class. It’s pretty uneventful from here. School is school, and you don’t have any members from the group in the rest of your classes for the day. It seems as though time is dragging on, all you can do is keep looking at the clock, waiting for the day to end.

Scott gives you a ride home after school since you don’t have a car yet. You give him a quick peck and wave him off. Walking into the house you see Theo watching TV on the couch.
“Hey, did you do that favor I asked you to do?” He looks up, surprised to see me. Then that look of nervousness sets in.
“Well you see, I 100% meant to do it but when I got home the couch looked so nice and I just couldn’t resist…sorry?” He actually looks a bit scared, so as you take a set forward he darts out of the room. You chase him around the house a bit, but after a few minutes you’re already tired so you call a truce.
“It’s no big deal Theo, but next time could you at least try to do something for me when I ask?” He nods his head and then continues to watch whatever show teenage boys are into.

Head to bed pretty early, you haven’t really been sleeping much. But later in the night you get a phone call. The loud ring tone goes off what seems like a million times. You remind yourself to turn you phone on to vibrate after this. When you answer you hear Stiles’s voice.
“Y/N, hurry up and be ready to leave in 5 minutes. I’m on my way and there’s trouble at the school.” He hangs up and you jump out of bed, pulling on any clothes you can get your hands on. You climb out of you window, that being the only same way to sneak out without being caught. Stiles is there by the time you make it to the ground (sometimes a second story bedroom isn’t so great.

The school looks empty but you see Scott’s bike and a few other cars in the lot. You rush inside and Stiles leads you to the cafeteria, where you begin to here the sound of tables crashing against walls. You throw the doors open and see Scott on top of a figure. You can’t recognize who it is yet, Scott’s entire body covering the other figure. You run closer and finally see what’s happening. Scott raises his arm, ready to claw somebody’s face off.
“Scott! Stop!” You scream at him and his head turns so quick.
“What?! Are you serious?” He’s still holding the person down, his arm still ready to go.
“Scott get off of him! That’s my brother!” The room literally goes silent. There is no sound. How did they not know he was my brother?
“What?” Scott is still in shock as he steps away from Theo, who is pressed against a table that was thrown at a wall.
“Are you insane? Why are you trying to kill him?” You’re a little mad now that the shock of the situation has passed.
“He’s the one behind the Dread Doctors y/n! I was trying to fix the problem! Why didn’t ever tell me you were related? Why have you been here the whole time and he just now showed up?!” He’s mad, you can easily tell.
“I just figured you knew! You always see us talking so how could you not have known? Our parents split up and he moved away with our dad! And you’re crazy to think that he’s the one behind the Doctors. All he ever does is stay home! I think I’d know if my own brother was a bad guy!” You storm over to Theo and grab him by the ear. He may be older and stronger, but when you mean business he’s the most afraid out of everyone.

“You know what Scott? Maybe we should take a break, it’ll give you some time to figure out what else you don’t know about me.” His face suddenly contorts to heartbroken rather than angry. You and Theo leave the school and start walking home.
“I told you to be careful with who your friends are.” He says.
“Oh you shut up. And why the hell were you at school anyway?” He doesn’t answer, but you’re too exhausted to care right now. When you get home, you fall onto you bed and pass out. A good night’s rest will be needed to deal with the problems of tomorrow.


Alright Guys so you see this? This is the lightning that came from the Colossal Titan right before he appeared. I think this might have something to do with the paths that was made in Chapter 88, that the lightning is a literal titan path that comes directly from the ‘Devil of the Earth’ creature we saw in Chapter 86. 

Notice how the trees in the background bend in weird directions and encircle both Ymir and the Devil. Now the one thing I’m not so sure of is that this creature is described as the ‘Devil of the Earth’ and we can clearly see that the lightning strikes down from the sky like normal lightning does. I’m not sure if that breaks this theory or not but moving on. We also see that Eren calls upon his Titan power the same way.

He bites his hand and greenish-orange lightning emerges before his Titan form physically appears. Now what’s interesting is that we’ve seen this type of lightning before. When Mikasa had her awakening. 

It encircles her and then gives her immense strength, way more than a nine year old child should be able to posses. 

In the above panels we see a spark next to her brain. Then a shot of the paths making up the inside of her brain and then strength flowing to her hand. Isayama doesn’t put in unnecessary manga panels. This panel of her brains path I think relates to the ‘path of titans’ and the fact that in the anime they use the same colored lightning for both Mikasa’s awakening and titan transformations. One small caveat as that the manga doesn’t show her surrounded by lighting like the anime does but it’s been stated on record that Isayama asked the anime team to add things to certain scenes that he wished he added in the manga. I think its entirely possible that this was one of those requested features. Why? Mikasa has titan blood in her body.  

Look at this lingering shot of the floorboard after the whole ordeal. The thing is wrecked. I think Isayama is trying to emphasize how unnatural the events that just occurred are. They are supernatural.

So at least 1 of the 9 founding titans is unaccounted for and there’s this theory going around that the Ackerman bloodline is a the last titan. That that titan split itself amongst the Ackermans, much in the same way Ymir split herself into the 9 founding titans and that the Ackermans have a more concentrated titan blood giving them immense strength without the need to transform. But this doesn’t happen at birth. Much like how Eren had his Titan powers for 5 year but awakened at the battle of Trost (which indicates to me that he has 13 not 8 years to live as he wasn’t using his regenerative abilities yet so they weren’t doing damage to his body but I digress). I also think this idea is supported by the fact that the if a titan dies it’s power will go to a random baby. So that baby dies when it’s 13? Nah son that just not viable. It’s 13 years after the first transformation


Mikasa awakened her titan like strength at the age of 9. Kenny and Levi both confirm they had similar awakening experiences. 

Each titan has a special ability. And as we established in chapter 88 they all have specific names. ‘Armored Titan’ ‘Colossal Titan’ ‘Attack (on) Titan’ (i still don’t think ‘Female Titan’ would be an official name seeing as Titans can go to babies at random which to me also indicates random sex, I think Annie’s titan might be named ‘Screaming Titan’ or “Crystal Titan or something like that). What if the ability of the (for lack of a better word) ‘Ackerman Titan’ was somehow being able to block its path from the other titans? Aka to be the real ‘Rouge Titan’ and could ignore the orders of the coordinate? If the Ackermans were meant to be the king’s sword and shield then to me that indicates that Ackerman Titan split itself into the clan before the walls fell. But still fought by the side of the king against the Marley until the forming of the walls were their free will than became a liability and they were persecuted. Or maybe the Ackerman Titan and the king had tension during the war and it could sense that the king might turn on it so it split itself into its people so that king couldn’t kill it and have it be eaten by a more loyal subject. 

I’ll admit this is the part where we get into some wilder speculation.

BUT ANYWAY. The point of this whole thing is that there is more to Mikasa than meets the eye. She has just heard some terrible news that her two closest friends, her family practically will leave her soon. She’ll be alone again so I think she’s going to do something about it.  

There’s this interesting hand gesture Mikasa keeps doing whenever she loses family. 

She has just lost Carla and touches her head in pain. She says ‘That again’ like its familiar. She is most likely referring to a similar pain she felt when her parents died. 

And again here she has just lost Eren. She says ‘this again’. Also narrative writing 101 tells me that whenever a character says ‘No it’s nothing’ means it’s ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING. 

And then finally she is seen here holding her head looking at Armin’s dying body. 

So here’s what I think. I think Mikasa has the ability to physically feel the paths that connect all of Ymir’s people. Again that panel of the inside of her brain during her awakening feels pretty significant to me. When someone she is close with leaves her she can feel their path being ripped away and it causes her to have a headache. But I think this is just the passive part of her ability I think she can do more with that and here is where we go REALLY OFF THE RAILS.

So latest manga chapter Mikasa hears that her two closest family are on borrowed time and will die in 13 years. So do you think Mikasa is going to take that lying down?


Full credit to falcon94ssy’s post ‘SNK 88 thoughts Eldian Tree’ and it’s commentary about Mikasa in the 5 stages of grief. This is blatant copying and expanding that theory. 

Right now she is in denail. But something is going to happen soon where Mikasa will fully understand the extent of her powers and use it to call back the Devil of the Earth and demand to take back the titan powers. The coordinate might be able to send messages through the paths but what if Ackertitans are the only ones who can talk back to the original titan? 

Like I’m totally picturing Mikasa  shooting her arm in the air, summoning the Titan lightning having it shoot into the ground in front of her and then having the Devil of the Earth emerge from that spot and starring her down. Then having Mikasa give some epic speech essentially boiling down to ‘take it back we don’t need it it doesn’t make us human’. And then I have no idea after that nor how that would tie into this. 

Ugh that page keeps me up at night I swear to god. But anyway this is my crackpot theory. I just basically want Mikasa to end up being the most relevant character in the manga. 

Full credit to http://falcon94ssy.tumblr.com/post/154488206864/possible-ending-mystery-solved for that theory. You should check them out they’re pretty bomb at snk meta.

AU where Andrew is an assassin sent to kill Neil and Neil keeps avoiding his attempts because of really stupid shit (he leans down to tie his shoelace when Andrew shoots at him, spills someone else’s coffee so he gives them his poisoned one as an apology, etc.) so finally Andrew decides he’s going to have to get close to him in order to kill him and ends up falling in love with him.

And when the inevitable, “I was sent to kill you” speech comes Neil’s just like… “Yeah, do you wanna go get something to eat?” and Andrew’s like… “I’ve been trying to kill you. Do you understand that? My god, I might kill you right now for being so fucking stupid.” And Neil just shrugs and says, “Everyone’s trying to kill me. It’s no big deal.”

  • <p> <b>me:</b> I'm not bipolar, I just need to eat more and exercise and actually interact with people. I feel great when I do that! I mean, yeah I can't always do it because my ability to conceptualize and perform all that comes and goes in waves, almost like there's something affecting my mood and executive functioning, almost like I cycle between depressed and not depressed,<p/><b>me:</b> <p/><b>me:</b> wait<p/></p>

”I started thinking that main characters are not only in dramas or movies. In reality, there are people who live like main characters, and some who live as supporting characters. Those kinds of thoughts….but now I have this thought. Maybe it was me who decided I was a supporting character. Giving up so easily by letting life dictate your path, wasn’t it me who turned off the spotlight shining down on me? If you don’t turn off the spotlight, and don’t give up on your dream, then maybe, something that’s even more fairy tale-like than a fairy tale might happen. The first love that was thought to never come true, comes true. Or a childhood dream which had been pushed aside in your distant memory comes true. Miracle-like things can really happen.”

Something I wish neurotypicals could understand:

If something unexpected comes up that changes my routine or what I should expect to happen, don’t be surprised if I ask you about X routine over and over without hardly acknowledging Y situation at first. I might say the appropriate “Wow that sucks!” or “I’m sorry” about Y, then immediately ask about X.

It’s not that I don’t care about Y. I care a lot. But my brain gets stuck on X and calming me down about X changing or staying the same will let me mentally let go of it and focus on Y.

I am autistic. This is how my brain works. This is how my brain has worked for 36 years.

Yet people (sister, dad) constantly interpret my asking about X as me having zero priorities and caring more about unimportant X when hella-important Y is going on. I will even say “I care a lot about Y, but I need to know about X so my brain will let it go and let me focus properly on Y” and it makes no difference. 

I still get told I should be able to magically shift my thinking, that my priorities are screwed up and that I’m selfish. 

(Sarcasm) I’m selfish for knowing how my own brain works and trying to take care of myself so I can take care of a situation? Oooooookay. I guess I’m selfish. (/Sarcasm)

Yuri on Ice fic recs

Since I’m constantly refreshing the Ao3 feed, I thought it might be time to post some fic recommendations!  There are no WIPs on this list, but I’ve been following some and will add them to this list once they are finished.  If there’s something great you think I’m missing, let me know!

Baby, Come Light Me Up by astroturfwars- “‘Let’s go,’ Yuuri tells him, and leans down to press his lips to the corner of Victor’s mouth. He lingers there for a moment, deliberate, before he straightens up again. ‘I think it’ll be fun.’

He traces the line of Victor’s jaw. Victor tips his head back easily, obligingly, and gives Yuuri a pout that should not be nearly as endearing as it is. ‘Your idea of fun does not seem fun,’ he says. ‘I think I’d rather stay in. Wouldn’t you?’ E

The Banquet by Nomanono- Interactive fic with ten different endings!  E

By a String by IWroteAFic- “Katsuki looks like he might break at any moment, so Yuri keeps his mouth shut.

(Yuri Plisetsky gets a taste of Yuuri Katsuki’s anxiety and he’s not sure how to handle it.)” G

Come Close and Hold Me Tight by dinosar- “yuuri and viktor talk about what happened after yuuri’s free skate in china, and things progress from there” E

Fall by Clockwork_Mockingbird- “A skater always knows how to fall on the ice. Falling for a person, now that’s a totally different story.” T

Fascination by smudgesofink- “Victor didn’t understand it at first but Yuuri has such a deep fascination with every part of his body.” T

Fresh off the Presses by fan_nerd- “Based on his book selections, Yuuri’s not sure if this regular is a horny pervert, a cop, or a nerd. Victor is weird and eccentric, and the bookkeeper is pretty sure that the man has never come in with his hair combed.” T

The History Books are Made for Us by d10smessi- “Victor thinks, I’ll never love someone this way again.” NR

I Have My Body (And You Have Yours) by astoryaboutwar- “Yuuri overflows with the weight of things that have been said, trembles with what remains. Their shared zeroes flicker in time, the early morning light muting the red glow to faint numbers. In the amber dawn, an idol is only just a man.” M

Kibitzing by euphemisms- “Some people think that Viktor Nikiforov could have done a lot better than Yuuri Katsuki. Some people should learn to keep their opinions to themselves.” T

Koi by Ash_Lumos- “Viktor is always curious to know more about Yuuri’s culture, so the boy takes his coach to a traditional Japanese Summer Festival. Their special night together turns out to be even more magical than they had predicted.” E

Light-Bringer by kevystel- “‘I can do it,’ Viktor says. He’s seventeen. ‘I’ll choreograph it myself.’

It doesn’t all go smoothly. He messes up a triple toe loop and is so angry at himself that he changes his next two jumps to a quadruple salchow and a quadruple flip, to the roars of the crowd.” Series is G-M

Like Your French Girls by ebenroot- “in which Victor is an artist, Yuuri is his figure skating muse, and Yuri is so done hearing about their stupid love story through Instagram” T

A Match Worth Waiting For by fan_nerd- “a collection of fics centered around a/b/o dynamics. victor is an omega; yuuri is an alpha.” E

Morning Breaks in Saint Petersburg by neomeruru- “Yuuri moves in with Victor in Russia and makes himself at home, with some help.” E

Nights So Slow by jibrailis- “‘Well,’ Viktor says helplessly, because it’s all ruined now, ‘I was going to try and seduce you.’” E

On Our Love by LiaoftheDawn- “Everything was so easy and real with Yuuri. Even with the lingering tension and the unspoken inevitability of separation, they somehow managed to fall back into something close to a routine, effortless conversation, easy jabs and quiet smiles and something he wanted to hold on to for the rest of his life. Home.” M

Question and Answer by chellthewriter- “Viktor is growing old, and his competitors seem to be growing younger and younger. Thus, with every passing year, Viktor finds fewer familiar faces at his Grand Prix banquets, and he wonders whether his attendance has become pointless. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that one unfamiliar, alcohol-reddened face can make the whole night more than worthwhile.” T

Some Things Require Leaving by idrilka- “It still amazes Victor, how much one person can feel like home.

(Or: On leaving and returning.)” T

Stay Awake with Me Awhile by kevystel- “The problem, should Viktor care to take the time to think about it, is that he’s no longer competing to win. He’s defending his title. It is a very different experience. It burns a hole in his palm, sometimes, on the mornings he lets himself sleep in.” T

True by animehead- “Viktor is spoiled, and Yuuri is his enabler.” E

Unimaginable by emilyenrose- “Sixteen year old Victor spontaneously travels to the future, where he’s… retired? And married?” T

Unwritten by kaizuka- “Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.” T

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing- “AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.” E

Mess with Them

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 801

Warnings: Language, Mild Sex

A/N: Based on Friends aka the best fucking show ever. Some dialogues will be taken from the show, I obviously don’t own that. I really hope you’ll like it, I’m super excited about it. :D

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

“Shh,” Steve leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on your cheek. “They’re going to hear us.”

Your mouth was hanging open, your heavy breathing made your throat dry. You licked your lips to reply something when he swiveled his hips and hit your g-spot.

Your eyes crossed in pleasure, a high pitched moan tore from your throat. Immediately, Steve stopped moving and you put your hands over your mouth. He strained his ear to pick up any sound that might come in your direction. When he didn’t hear anything, he resumed his thrusts.

“Y-Your f-fault.” You breathed out, desperately trying to hold on. “God, you’re so good at this.”

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Summer wind blows in again
Sometimes we wonder where we lost it
My good intentions were your fateful weapons
Still I’ve yet to learn my lesson
Oh oh oh
Though i don’t need much for anything
But a shady tree and a couple pours of whisky
To write my songs of love and life and loss
And just a few about you
So if you’ll hear me out

Stay with me we might never have to leave
You’re my southern king
We’re living for the day dreams
So don’t you laugh
He’s a good good man there’s something’s
he just wont understand

You know my old man is out of town for a couple days
I think that you should
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

So come on down i will show you how
Us mid-west boys like to party
So grab a beer and get over here
Summer straw and air don’t wait another year

Stay with me we might never have to leave
You’re my southern king
We’re living for the day dreams
So don’t get mad
Whats past is in the past
We can make this last if you just give me that chance

So when my old man is out of town for a couple days
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Whatever the Hell it is

Thomas x Reader

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“My dear Y/N, can I speak with you for a moment?” Your courter Thomas asked.

“Of course Thomas, is there something wrong?”

“My dear, I’m afraid that I have to go back to America. I cannot stay in France any longer,” he admits to you, taking your hand.

You froze.

“You’re leaving?” you asked him sadly.

“Yes,” he starts. “But I want you to come with me.”

He gets down on his knee, holding your hands in his.

“Please Y/N, come back to America with me. We can marry as soon as we arrive, I promise that I will take care of you.”

A few tears started to fall from your eyes.

“Of course Thomas. Nothing would make me happier.”


It was definitely a time for change. You were only in Thomas’ home Monticello for a few weeks before he was called to New York for work.

He worked hard while you got used to America.

But eventually you were bored of just sitting at home.

“Thomas can I please come visit your work with you sometime? It’s so boring sitting around here all day,” you complained to him.

He gave a small chuckle and kissed you on the head.

“If you really want to, you can come with me tomorrow to the next cabinet meeting,” he suggested.

You shot up and nodded eagerly.


He laughed again.

“Alright, I’ll take you with me.”


The two of you were now on your way to the meeting, and you were bouncing in your seat, Thomas staring at you with amusement.

“My dear I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so excited to go to a meeting!”

“It’s just so great to be able to see the rest of the city!”

He laughed again, then pulled you in for a deep kiss.

“Well let’s go,” he said.

You both walked hand in hand into the meeting hall, and you took a seat in the crowd. You were ready to watch Thomas kick some butt.

He was going up against someone named Alexander Hamilton, someone who Thomas seemed to despise.

Oh well.

But if you were to be honest, you didn’t pay attention to what they were saying at all, you were more focused on the people in the room. You wanted to immerse all that you could into your brain.

All of the sudden you turned back to the argument just in time to hear Hamilton say,

“Would you like to join us or stay mellow, doin’ whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello.”

You started to laugh, quietly at first, trying to hide it, then in big sounds.

Hamilton stopped and stared at you, Thomas standing behind him with a smirk on his face.

“Is something funny miss?” He asked annoyed.

You stood up and smirked, making your way to stand over by Thomas. You took his arm and gave him a quick kiss before turning back to Hamilton.

“I’m whatever the hell it is.”

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Prompt idea: get this... jake amy in highschool .. prom is coming up.. amy cant go something comes up.. jake is super excited but .. instead stays with amy at her house playing board games in pjs



There’s probably a lot to be said about the fact that, on the night of Senior Prom, Jake Peralta finds himself standing on his date’s front porch in what might possibly be the rattiest Spiderman pajama pants in existence. He swallows down a wave of self-consciousness that rises in response to the muffled voices on the other side of the door upon which he’s just knocked, focusing more on standing as straight as he can and clutching the little plastic bag from the supermarket by his mom’s house where he’d stopped before heading over here.

The lock clicks, and then the door opens, and then Jake finds himself face-to-face with one of Amy’s understandably confused-looking older brothers. Luis, he thinks, but he can’t be sure - he’s suddenly forgotten how to speak at all.

“Jake,” Luis says, gaze drifting down over Jake’s entire body before flicking back up, amused. “What, uh - what’re you doing here? Amy’s sick -”

“I know,” Jake says, wincing a little at belatedly realizing he’d cut Luis off. “She texted me yesterday. Flu, right?” Luis nods, looking faintly grim. “Well, I…I, um…I didn’t think she should be alone tonight.”

Luis’ chin lifts a few degrees, eyeing the bag in Jake’s hand. “Isn’t prom tonight?”

“Yeah. And I know she’s bummed that she can’t go, so…” he trails off, hoping that half-phrase is enough of an explanation to buy him a ticket inside.

Luis smirks. “So you came to hang out with her,” he says, nodding slowly, and Jake’s whole face is about to burst into flames. “Well that’s…that’s pretty awesome, dude, not gonna lie. Wanna come inside?”

“Please. Your neighbors laughed at my pants.”

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Queen Bee from the Miraculous Ladybug’s cartoon ! Or at least what her Kwami and her might look like in season 2 according to the latest concept arts revealed by Jeremy Zag.

So, what do you think of her ? Many people believe her to be Chloé Bourgeois since the very beginning but a twin sister theory recently popped out in the name of Amber Bourgeois. I have to admit I’m down with both ideas ! Either we get a GREAT potential character development for Chloé OR we get a reverse evil-twin and the chance to learn more about the Bourgeois family. But then again, something else might come up, who knows ?

Anyway, was happy to be able to draw her even though, once again, this is not my best creation. Done using watercolor pencils, as usual !


When I go to the games I always see people wearing Arsenal shirts and I try to imagine what the story is behind them and what links them to the club. I see the red and white shirts and I wonder what the emotional connection is [of the fans with the club].

Did they go to the first game via their father or grandfather? Then the fear comes in, that I might let these people down. They are my family. The longer I stay the greater the fear of disappointing people becomes.

There’s something magical about the club. People come together and support the team, basically for the purpose of being happy and my job is to make them so. I believe the human being today is still at the centre of the values of Arsenal football club. I have tried very hard to maintain that. -AW

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Headcannons on how would kakashi tell his s/o that he loves them please!

Ooooo ok

Kakashi Hatake

•It takes a lonnnnng time. Even if Kakashi knows he loves them, even if he’s sure of it and there’s no doubt in his mind, it still takes a while. He knows saying it too early on can be a little unsettling, so he just waits for the right time

•It has to be after something. Like, something needs to prompt him to do it. Maybe they had a fight, and while he’s making it up to his s/o, he says it. Or after he’s been on a mission for a long time, he comes home, settles down with them in bed and relaxes, and it just slips out

•If it’s going to be a casual affair, it might as well be while they’re lounging around together on the couch or something. Just after a long day, after he’s feeling particularly happy, he just says it “I love you”

•He only worries about how they’ll respond after he says it, and there’s a fleeting moment where his heart skips a beat because shit, did I really just say that?

•It all depends on their reaction, and the delay of their reaction, actually. If they’re silent for a while, Kakashi quickly mediates the confession with a, “What? Was that too fast?” It sounds very much as it was intended to be: like a joke. But on the inside he’s like damn it… it probably was too fast, wasn’t it?

•Hopefully they’ll chuckle, look at him with a genuine smile on their face, and reciprocate the confession. He doesn’t even mind if they tease him a little, something like “Is that true? You love me, Kakashi Hatake?”

•As long as he doesn’t make a fool of himself, and they say it back and don’t leave him hanging, then it’s fine. He calms down. Mission accomplished

Actually, he won’t mind if they don’t say it back. He knows they might not be ready and doesn’t want to push them. He can wait if he needs to

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Hello i hope this particular question has not been ask before. But how does one go about in making a character reveal a dark secret to a close friend and their reactions? For example say chara A wants to reveal to chara B thay they are a demon?

Revealing a Big Secret Between Characters

How your character reacts to this news will depend on the character, since different people respond to things in different ways. However, we’ll talk in general terms and hopefully that’ll get you going.

Usually when we hear something we weren’t expecting to hear, we first respond with surprise. And that surprise could manifest in a couple different ways. The character might be speechless, unable to say anything at first, except maybe a declaration of “I gotta sit down” accompanied by wide eyes or head shaking. Or they might laugh, thinking it’s a joke. And then when character A doesn’t come clean to the joke or deny the secret, character B starts to realize that the person isn’t kidding, and they move on to a different emotion - confusion.

Confusion might manifest in stammering (“I don’t…what are you…how?”), or a rush of disbelieving questions/statements (“I don’t believe this. How is that possible? How long have you known about this? What does that even mean?”). Confusion usually results in character A attempting to explain more, though perhaps each detail they explain only prompts more questions/exclamations. Perhaps as your demon character begins to explain a special ability they have, character B might interrupt, only capable of repeating the shocking revelation.

For example:

“I can levitate, and sometimes I can read minds.”

“Levitate?” Character B repeats incredulously. “Read minds?

After confusion, we might go into foolishness. Character B feels foolish that they didn’t see it before, and they feel foolish that their friend lied to them, and they feel betrayed that they weren’t considered worthy enough to learn the secret earlier. Character B might express that anger right now, demanding, “Why didn’t you tell me?” and the discussion then turns from the backstory of the secret to why your character kept it a secret, which is more important. It doesn’t seem important at the time, but exploring this part of it helps develop the relationship between the characters further, and it’s normal for someone to be unable to have a serious discussion concerning the secret when they’re still in shock that the secret even exists.

Foolishness/betrayal may also manifest by character B escaping the conversation all together. “I can’t deal with this right now” or “I can’t even look at you,” or “I need to process this” followed by character B leaving, postponing the real discussion of the secret for another time, once they’ve had ample time to think about it and get used to it, and really think about what questions they might have.

But either way, once that feeling of foolishness/betrayal has passed, and character B has forgiven character A, you get to do your backstory. Character B forms sincere questions about the secret, and character A offers their explanations.

This entire thing could happen in one scene, or it might happen over two or three or four scenes. Depends on the hugeness of the secret and how your characters respond to each other’s reactions.

Here’s some last considerations to make:

How shocking is the secret?

If revealing something supernatural, such as being a demon, does character B know that the supernatural exists already? Does character B know that demons exist and is simply finding out their friend is one? Or is this a completely new concept? How new the information is will affect how much confusion and shock character B expresses.

Anger is usually a secondary emotion.

I kind of mentioned this earlier, but I want to reiterate. Try to avoid going straight to anger. When a character responds immediately with anger, skipping shock and confusion, it seems too scripted. It seems like character B was preparing their outrage for the moment when character A confirmed the secret (which is a possibility if character B learns the secret some other way before character A tells them). Instant anger is what takes away the scene’s authenticity.

How will this ultimately affect their friendship?

Decide beforehand if the secret will destroy the friendship, or if it will ultimately strengthen it, because it deepens their knowledge of each other and puts them through a challenge that they overcome. Knowing this ahead of time will help you guide their reactions, your ultimate end goal constantly in mind.