i might be alone forever

I know for a fact that I am nothing close to perfect, but you still try every morning and every night. You still try to make sure. You still try to reassure. You still smile to breathe into my sadness. You still try to let me know that there is a slight chance that I might be.

And even if being broken meant I might be alone forever, it’s nice to have you by my side.

I want to get lost in the mountains with you. I want to stay up all night talking to you about our passions and why they’re our passions and how we go about chasing our passions. I want to read your favorite book while you read mine. I want to spend Sunday mornings tangled up in our bedsheets while we drink too much coffee and eat pancakes until we’re so full we end up laying in bed all day. I want to start off every Monday by asking you how you’re going to achieve your dream this week and you’ll ask me the same. I want our apartment to be full of plants, crystals, antiques, and love. I want our arguments to end in kisses and promises to never go to bed angry. I want you to hold me tighter on December 11th while I’ll hold you tighter on your toughest day of the year.