i might be alone forever

yeah this totally isn’t cheesy at all my babies are rockin’ the shit out of those couple sweatshirts 

and valentine’s day is long gone now whoops

maybe one day i’ll find someone who’s presence feels like being alone. No more tension no more quickly drained energy no more awkward conversation. Someone who can exist with me while we cook and listen to a podcast or go to a cafe and study in silence. Someone that doesn’t make me feel like I have to fill every second with anxious babbling. 

멍하니 있어 (just chill) ♡ jonghyun
english title: staring into space
lyrics by: kim jonghyun
translation by: thatcoolcatmeow

i’m just staying absentmindedly.

sometimes i want to be alone in my empty room.
i want to lie in bed and not think about anything, eh.
sometimes i want to put off everything
that’s suffocating me and stay quiet.

oh, the sound of rain that came to me;
even when it taps my window i won’t open it.
i’m going to stay alone,
i’m going to stay still just for today.
i’m going to put the ac on and put on a blanket too,
i’m going to indulge in luxury.

what do you do when you’re free?
i just stay absentmindedly; oh, oh.
what do you do when your heart is tired?
i just stay absentmindedly, oh baby, yeah.

i’m just going to lie still and lay around;
watch outdated tv dramas, movies
or read cartoons that i read back in school.
turn your phone off.
please: can my sns, friends and ex stay quiet?

oh, the sound of rain that came to me;
even when it taps my window i won’t open it.
i’m going to stay alone,
i’m going to stay still just for today.
i’m going to put the ac on and put on a blanket too,
i’m going to indulge in luxury.

what do you do when you’re free?
i just stay absentmindedly; oh, oh.
what do you do when your heart is tired?
i just stay absentmindedly, oh baby, yeah.

sometimes i’m afraid that i
might live alone forever like this.
what can i do even though
everyone thinks it’s a waste,
i don’t think it’s so bad.
i’m going to stay in my quiet room;
oh, only sleep all day lazily.

what do you do when you’re free?
i just stay absentmindedly; oh, oh.
what do you do when your heart is tired?
i just stay absentmindedly, oh baby, yeah.

anonymous asked:

Guy whats ur sexuality

I’m as straight as the path to hell my memes are taking me

unless u Kit Harington 

the one with too many pacts [bellamy/clarke, monty/miller, the 100]

Over the years, Clarke has accumulated a few pacts with friends she’s agreed to marry if they’re both still single by a certain point. Miller’s weirdly insistent that you can only have one backup, and Clarke would really prefer not to have this conversation with Bellamy in the room.

“I’m going to be date-less at Jasper’s wedding,” Clarke tells Miller, flopping down onto the couch beside him so animatedly, she almost spills her coffee.

Miller lowers his book, looking like it physically pains him to do it. “Yeah,” he says. “What else is new?”

Clarke kicks him.

“What? You broke up with Niylah months ago, and the wedding’s next Saturday. I’m just stating basic facts. Is that a latte? Can I have some?”

“Get your own.”

“I can’t,” says Miller, grouchy. “I started ordering black coffee here, and by this point Harper just gives it to me before I even make it to the counter.”

“And you don’t want to tell her you actually like things sweet and sugary?”

“You’re the worst,” says Miller, turning back to his book. “Enjoy being alone forever.”

“That’s the thing, though!” Clarke says. “At this point, I might actually be alone forever. I’m losing my backups left and right.”

Crap. Maybe there’s a chance Miller missed that.

But Miller’s already closing his book, shifting on the couch to face her. “Your what?”

[More on AO3]

this is for the anon who submitted a request for a bellarke/minty version of “the scene in friends where they choose their backups in case they’re not married by 40″ to @madgesundersee​, and for jenn who kindly passed along the prompt to me :)

sammihassi  asked:

do you have any tips on getting over that feeling that I might be alone forever and that I won't find a partner? I broke up with my bf this year and and recently I've felt that my weight makes me unattractive and that's been making me feel that I won't find someone to love me. I've been jealous of friends and their love lives and I'm ashamed bc I have tons of hobbies and good friendships to fulfil me. But even though I'm interesting I feel like my weight stops people from being attracted to me.

Honestly, worrying that you’ll be alone forever is silly because A. Even if you never ever meet another partner in your life, there’s legitimately absolutely nothing you can do to change that. No amount of worrying is gonna keep that outcome from happening. So why dwell on it? If you’re gonna be alone forever, find joy in other things. And B. Why are we all still pretending that being fat prevents you from finding love? Like. Every fat person I know is in a long term relationship. I’ve been hit on by 8 different guys today, not including my husband. You’re fat, you’re cute, and you’re gonna find a man but even if you don’t, you’re gonna be okay.

So here’s my thing. Whenever I watch a romantic story line, I’m like this is it, this is something I want. To be loved and to love? How cute is that. But in the story, it’s always when the lead says something about fairy tales not existing that they realize they’re in love and live happily ever after. If I believe fairy tales still exist, am I going to be alone forever?Might not be a bad thing because I gotta find someone who my dog loves too. My name is Emily and I watch too much make believe stories.

Survey 167

Reblog | Bold what applies; 

I AM: outgoing, a sister, overwhelmed, helpful, kind, overweight, tall, caring, a shopaholic, energetic, hopeful, smart, over 18, religious, sexually active, a mother, a good singer, ugly, insecure, a natural blonde, a leader, shy, inquisitive, determined, thirsty, frustrated, registered to vote, independent, hungry, self-conscious, a hard worker, skinny, paranoid, in love, a college/uni student, a dreamer, a movie buff, usually happy, easily entertained, quiet, a daddy’s girl, a smoker, employed, happy with my life, anxious, a pothead, healthy, on a desktop.

I HAVE: an iphone, a laptop, anxiety, drugs, a tumblr, an addiction, a dog, my own car, a degree, a job, trust issues, a temper, a brother, a big house, blue eyes, a lot of clothes, a twin bed, a big family, netflix, to pee, odd taste in music, a large book collection, fast internet, a big imagination, my license, curly hair, a small butt, short hair, a messy room, acne, a phobia, big boobs, a medical condition, an awkward smile, some kind of collection, taken over 1,000 surveys, a personal blog that nobody sees but me, gotten lost while driving, been to warped tour, big feet, bills to pay, a lot of strong opinions, a pool, an xbox, a cold, a lot of music, more than two piercings.

I WANT: a boyfriend, more money, a better body, to adopt, to move out, a new computer, to lose weight, something I cannot have, food, a baby, my hair to grow out, a new life, to be more confident, a tattoo, fast food, alcohol, more friends, to go on vacation, to see a new movie coming out, to go shopping, a new phone, a piercing, concert tickets, someone to hang out with, to start working out, to be famous, to see a certain someone, more clothes, to donate blood, bigger boobs, someone to cuddle with, a job, smaller thighs, to learn how to play an instrument, my favorite band to release a new album, someone to love, a new pet, to go to sleep, to grow up, to change something about my personality, breakfast food, them to make a new pokemon game, a new ipod, a popsicle, to learn a new skill, to be more organized, to go to college, someone to bring me breakfast in bed.

I THINK: abortion is wrong, xanga is dying(it’s dead), I’ll die young, I’m a good person, too often, I’m going to hell, pickles are gross, a lot of popular things are overrated, God is real, people underestimate me, my taste in music is perfect, I need a new layout, I’m pretty responsible, gay marriage should be legal, I’m going to dye my hair soon, I’m funny, I’m going to make a huge decision soon, my parents hate me, I’m pretty, I have a mental disorder, I annoy people, something is seriously wrong with me, of better days, a lot of Disney Channel stars grow up to be trash, The Hunger Games is overrated, the best things in life are free, popular music is pretty awful, I could be a vegan, I’ll make a good mother, I spend too much money on clothes, I’m too good for guys my age, I worry too much, goths are scary, the survey community is dying, politics are stupid, foreign languages are interesting, hipsters are annoying, bolding surveys are the best, everything is better with cheese, Twilight is overrated, I will be alone forever, I might go to bed soon, I may try something new soon, I’m pretty boring, I may never stop taking surveys, McDonald’s is gross, celebrities are overpaid, people use me a lot, Valentine’s Day is a joke, nobody is truly original.

I LOVE: animals, shopping, cooking, going to concerts, jewelry, glitter, reading, bright colors, make up, taking pictures, hot showers, texting, going to the theater, children, anime, being girly, working out, my life, where I live, summer, fruit, candles, photography, eating, learning, rainy days, walking, painting my nails, doing my hair, music, xanga, facebook, feeling needed, getting comments, tumblr, helping others, volunteering, cuddling, chewing gum, youtube, dresses, touch screens, decorating, writing, finding money in my pockets, Comedy Central.

I HATE: cleaning, driving, big crowds, politics, religion, my period, musicals, talking on the phone, crying, fast food, going to the doctor, meat, vegetables, sitcoms, my body, my life, my parents, long fingernails, bad grammar, cocky people, being single, facial hair, having no signal, losing, working, doing the dishes, bugs, children, straight edge kids, racists, going to the dentist, going to school, arguing, hospitals, being pale, having scars, hot weather, wearing socks, listening to the radio, animal cruelty, having stubbly legs, stretched ears, wearing glasses, when nobody texts me back, anime, having nothing to do, when I have stray hairs stuck to my shirt, waiting, bad hair days.

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There are SO many parts of Japan where there aren't lesbian bars or even gay bars. Japanese lesbians don't seem to be willing to post their pictures even on dating websites that I've tried. As a foreign lesbian who wants to live in Japan for many years, it is exceedingly frustrating and I worry about how I might be alone forever. I can't even find a way to date. So, I never feel unsafe because I'm a lesbian. I might feel unsafe somewhere just because of being a foreigner.

I hope you can find a way to connect soon. More, I hope that society becomes more supportive and open, meaning that people don’t fear being open about their sexuality.

BLG's anti pick-up lines...in practice

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, I wrote some anti pick-up lines for myself - you know, what I might say to make flirtatious Bleach characters take a hike. Now it’s time to consider what would happen if I used those lines on the following, totally random Bleach characters! …who seem to have come up as all dudes. Well okay then!

1. To Urahara: “I have a long list of reasons why I won’t go out with you.”

Urahara: Oh, of course! A mere simple shopkeeper like me couldn’t hope to snag a blogger!

BLG: …I just added another reason.

2. To Abirama: “It’s nice of you to ask to buy me a drink. You should know, though, that there’s a nine month wait for requests.”


3. To Renji: “Sorry, I’m over my flirting quota for today.”

Renji: If you let quotas stop you, you’ll never get anywhere!


Renji: Still no? Well okay then.

4. To Kurotsuchi: “You and me? That sounds nice, but I don’t take single ship requests anymore.”

Kurotsuchi: What is a ‘single ship request’?

Kurotsuchi: Wait I just realized I don’t care.

5. To Kenpachi: “I-I would never break up my own OTP!”

Kenpachi: It’s me and Unohana, isn’t it?

6. To Komamura: “I ship you with somebody else, actually.”

Komamura: R-really?! That’s so exciting! Please tell me who!

7. To Dondochakka: “But I don’t want to be hollow bait!”

Dondochakka: That’s terribly racist!

8. To Sasakibe: “I don’t date the dead.”

Sasakibe: That’s awfully restrictive of you.

9. To Love: [Can’t see soul reapers. Doesn’t realize anyone’s there.]

Love: Hello? Helloooooo?


10. To Bazz-B: “Dude, you’d better leave me alone. Or I might decide to mock you relentlessly forever! …More than I do already, I mean.”

Bazz-B: Oh yeah? You think making fun of my finger is funny, do you?

Bazz-B: Well, here’s a single finger for ya!

BLG: Now that’s just rude.

I want to get lost in the mountains with you. I want to stay up all night talking to you about our passions and why they’re our passions and how we go about chasing our passions. I want to read your favorite book while you read mine. I want to spend Sunday mornings tangled up in our bedsheets while we drink too much coffee and eat pancakes until we’re so full we end up laying in bed all day. I want to start off every Monday by asking you how you’re going to achieve your dream this week and you’ll ask me the same. I want our apartment to be full of plants, crystals, antiques, and love. I want our arguments to end in kisses and promises to never go to bed angry. I want you to hold me tighter on December 11th while I’ll hold you tighter on your toughest day of the year. 

i’m so fucking scared. i’m scared of my future. i’m scared of what i might do to myself. i’m scared of being alone forever. i’m scared i’ll never get better. i’m scared the people i’m attached to will leave. this world is fucking terrifying, and i am so scared of it all.