i might be a weeaboo

Through the Ages

#MLWeek Day 4: Ladybug and Chat Noir through the ages.

Samurai or Ancient Japan timeline…because I am a friggin Weeaboo, might not be that good, as I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, but I hope you guys like it.

Once upon a time there lived a young couple. The man was a woodcutter and the woman was a housewife, the two longed for a child, but could never have one. One day the man went to the forest to get firewood, however, it became dark very quickly and he became lost. He looked for shelter to spend the night and found a cave. As he entered the cave he heard a voice coming from deep inside.

He wandered deeper into the cave, holding his axe up to defend himself. He discovered where the voice was coming from, a shrine carved into a wall, deep inside of a cave. In front of the shrine was a stone bowl, and inside was a baby wrapped in a cloth of red and black. Hovering over the baby was a woman dressed in red and black clothing. The woman glanced at the man and smiled.

“Take care of her…our hero, Ladybug”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I saw your post about yellowface and looked into it some myself, I didn't know much about it before. Although I do have a question, and I hope I'm not being rude or bothersome in asking. Would lolita fashion be considered yellowface? I can't find any info on it but I can see how it could be? Or the make up could be? But I mean the clothing and dresses in general. Thank you for your help, Anju!

Lolita kind of falls under the same category as the gyaru and ulzzang makeup. It’s fine in and of itself and I see plenty of non-Asians wearing the fashion with no issues. But I’m always a bit suspicious at first of non-Asians who wear it because it’s very often a sign that they might be a weeaboo. But other than that I myself have no issues with people dressing in lolita or any other Japanese street fashions. Hope this helps!

Okay so I heard this noise in my room, and I realized it was coming from my closet, so I crept across the room, and opened the door, and then I was roughly pulled inside and pushed up against the wall, and then there was this weird metal tongue sliding across my cheek and it felt strangely erotic and I might have moaned like a wanton weeaboo looking for a senpai, and then I opened my eyes and saw this beautiful figure all red and majestic and he opened his mighty jaws and let out a rough heaving breath as he said “CAN’T A NIGHTMARE MASTURBATE IN THIS FUCKHOUSE IN PEACE"