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Explosion at Overwatch HQ

“Blackwatch was suspended for a reason!” The desk between them seemed a flimsy barrier. This was an old argument and their voices rang throughout the halls. Just the Strike Commander and the Blackwatch Commander having yet another disagreement. “You can’t invade a country’s boarders on a whim!”

“I was doing what Overwatch is supposed to do! Saving lives, preventing humanitarian crises. I’m being proactive. We can’t keep reacting to events after hundreds get killed!” It hadn’t always been like this. Reyes and Morrison used to fully understand and support each other. Regulation and forced inactivity pushed Reyes to the breaking point.

“Well thanks to you and your criminals Overwatch is about to be disbanded! You caused an international incident.”

“Criminals? They are the best damn agents you got! They stopped genocide!” Reyes defended his team to the last.

“They murdered government officials! They should go to prison. They should have gone to prison in the first place and not joined Overwatch.” Morrison had made this point many times in the past few months.

“Those men and women are good people with exceptional skill that did not have the luck to have the wholesome Boy Scout upbringing you did. You even approved of them.”

“At the time I thought you could keep them under control. Apparently my faith in your decisions was wrong. And how many Blackwatch agents have gone AWOL now?” Jack frowned as he thought about the missing. “ McCree has not been heard from in weeks. Genji vanished months ago. And I hear at least five more have returned to the criminal organizations you were supposed to shut down.”

“If you stop calling them criminals, they might have a reason to stick around. Genji has a family vendetta to settle-”

“That is exactly the problem!” Jack interrupted. “He is a highly weaponized, highly classified cyborg ninja and you let him go back to that yakuza family of his.”

“He is a person, Jack! I’m not going to stop him from settling old scores. And if you did your job then those organizations I shut down would not have rebuilt.” Gabriel was leaning over the desk, invading the strike commander’s space in an effort to make a point.

“My Job is to follow the rules. Something you clearly do not care about. This isn’t war, Gabe. Doing anything and everything to get the job done doesn’t cut it anymore. There are stable governments now. Laws that must be followed. The world is at peace.”

Reyes snorted in dark amusement. “Peace? You call countless terrorists attacks peace? You call governments allowing the deaths of hundreds to thousands peace? We are not at peace, Jack. Not with weapons, human and omnic trafficking.”

“But we are not an organization that can interfere without expressed permission of the nation involved. We can present the evidence but we can’t simply impose what we think is right.”

“You know, Jack, the bureaucracy really did a number on your head.”

“No, Gabe. I accepted that the war we fought is over. This is a different world.”

“You know as well as I that the war is never over. It just takes a new name.” Gabriel turned wearily away from the desk, clearly intending to end the argument.

Jack was about to continue when he noticed that in the stillness Reyes had cocked his head as if listening for some faint sound just beyond range. The Strike Commander tensed. He had seen this posture on the battlefield all those years ago.

“Gabe?” The Blackwatch Commander held up his hand sharply to silence the other soldier. Then in a flurry of movement Reyes leapt onto the desk and shoved aside the ceiling tiles. “What is it?” Jack demanded.

“A device. Dammit. I can’t reach it.” Gabriel’s voice came down muffled before he emerged to grab the office chair. Swiftly he dropped it onto the touchscreen desk, heedless of the expensive equipment. “Hold that,” he ordered as he climbed up to start fiddling with the unknown device.

“Gabe?” No answer. Jack needed to know what was going on so he could get a plan in motion. “Gabe!” He tried again. Nothing but clanging metal and plastic. “Gabriel!”

“I’m working… shit…” the muffled cursed sent more alarm bells off in Jack’s senses than the next words. “Order a base wide evacuation. Now, Morrison!”

And they were suddenly back on the front lines of the Omnic Crisis. Jack pulled up Athena and the sirens blared. “This is Strike Commander Morrison. This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill. Evacuate the premises immediately.” Athena captured the line and set it on repeat even as she announced the evacuation. “Now, what is going on up there.”

“Multiple bombs. Likely in more than one area on base.” Gabriel continued to try and diffuse the current bomb. After a few moments he jumped off the chair. Landing beside the Strike Commander, Gabriel had a pensive look that Jack did not like.

“Well?” Jack prompted.

“I’m sorry, Jack.” Gabriel said softly before suddenly grabbing Jack by the seams of his shirt and hurled him headlong through the window.

Shards of glass ripped through skin and clothing with little resistance. Jack caught a painful glance of Gabriel running to leap out of the window just as the first explosion destroyed everything in its path. Flames and debris engulfed the Blackwatch Commander, removing Reyes from sight. The blast launched Jack further into the courtyard as more explosions demolished the white walls of the Overwatch Headquarters.

Princess - Chapter 1

2: https://taesbabu.tumblr.com/post/159563855120/princess-chapter-2

Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

Genre: ? vampire!au

Word count: 1150

Summary: You are in the royal family, one night you walk around the big castle looking for your book. That’s when you meet him. Yoongi.

Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic

You were the princess, living the perfect life with your oh so perfect family. It made you laugh every time you heard people outside of the castle talk about how perfect the royal family was, because you knew that your family was far from perfect. Your parents never liked you, they said you were too much of a rebel, that you weren’t ladylike and too childish. Your brother was a nice man, but the moment he turned 26 he totally changed. He became more like dad and he would tell you to grow up too, and that if you didn’t you would never get married. But you never cared about that, because you knew you wouldn’t get a word in who you were going to marry anyways.

 You sat around the dinner table as your mother was talking about some of your cousins getting married, while your father was telling your brother about the deal he had made with the vampires. Yeah you heard right, vampires. It’s official now, they’re real.

 You walked down the hall looking for your favorite book, which usually was hidden under your pillow, as you knew your mother hated that book. For some reason she didn’t like anything about you. You walked up one of the towers, thinking that she might have hidden it in one of the guest rooms at the top of the castle. You ran up all the stairs, trying desperately to catch your breath when you reached the top. You looked at the wooden door in front of you and pushed it open. The room was dark, only the moon lightning up the big room. There was a king sized bed under the window, a big bookshelf and a wooden piano. You looked around and walked over to the bookshelf when you heard someone clear their throat behind you. “Excuse me”, you heard a soft voice behind you. You slowly turned around looking at the porcelain pale man with dark hair in front of you. “W-who are you?” You asked grabbing a book nearby, just in case. “Yoongi”, he answered shortly sitting down on the bed. “May I ask what you’re doing up here at midnight?” He waited for an answer, his dark eyes looking you up and down. Your hands tightened around the book you were holding. “I’m looking for my book, now why are you here… Yoongi?” You asked him. He smirked. “Oh, I thought you knew? Guess you will have to find that out yourself, beautiful” He stood up walking over to you slowly. You held your breath. What is he doing? When he was only a few inches away from you he grabbed the book you were holding replacing it with another one.  “I believe this is the one you’re looking for” he smiled down at you. His white teeth shining in the dark as he looked at door, you could only for a millisecond see some fangs as his smiled disappeared. “That’s an unusual book for a princess to read”, he said, looking at your flustered face again. He turned around grabbing a book himself and laid down on the bed. You still shocked of what just happened, just stood there at the exact same place just staring at the handsome man. “You better go to bed, princess. You’re quite the rebel I’ve heard, don’t want someone to find out you’re up here”, He told you his eyes focused on the book he started reading. You looked at him one last time and ran downstairs and into your bedroom. You jumped into your bed staring at the ceiling. “What just happened?” You asked yourself, taking a big breath out.

 You woke up the next morning still in the same clothes as yesterday, you must’ve fallen asleep as soon as you laid down. You sat up looking to your side, picking up the book beside you. You looked at the cover thinking about what happened last night. After some minutes of being lost in your own thoughts you went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. The breakfast table was quiet as always, your dad leaving first for a meeting, your brother leaving second to meet his future wife and your mother leaving after that to do some talking with the new maids in the house. You sat alone at the big table, realizing how alone you actually were. You’ve never had a friend, well you had the maids, but you couldn’t exactly say you were friends. Some of them were just nicer than others, you liked to think that was because they liked you too, but most of the time it was only in hopes of getting some more money. You let your thoughts drift as they landed on the man from yesterday… Yoongi, a vampire, a handsome vampire you thought as you felt your cheeks burn. Ok, no stop it, you told yourself as you got up to leave.

 It was starting to darken outside and you decided to go for a walk around the castle. You threw on a big black coat as you ran out the door. The garden at the back of the castle was huge, so you decided to walk there for a bit. It was chilly outside as the stars were now shining beside the full moon. The sky was dark blue and you sat down on the white bench under the old tree. You took out your little journal that was hidden in your pocket and started writing. “So I guess I’m the handsome man, huh?” You heard a familiar voice behind you. You jumped closing the journal as fast as you could. “You scared me!” You shouted holding the journal to your chest. “I’m sorry, princess”, the man chuckled and sat down beside you. “What do you want? Yoongi?” You said rolling your eyes. Your heart was beating fast by the fact that he was sitting so close, but you took your eyes away from him trying to calm yourself. “Wow, I’m impressed” He smirked down at you. “Usually people are scared of a vampire being so close”, He turned around looking out at the beautiful garden. “I’m not scared of anything”, you simply answered with a huff. “I like you princess, you’re interesting. I don’t usually like people” Yoongi told you, as he stood up. “Why am I so interesting?” You asked, looking at his face again. He looked at moon before he said, “You’re different”, and then he walked away. You looked at his figure becoming smaller and smaller as he walked towards the castle. Your eyes fell on your lap as you opened your journal finding a piece of paper on the side you were just writing on. When did that come there? You asked yourself. You opened the piece of paper and started reading “Looking forward to see you more often, princess” What?

Note: I’m sorry for being inactive with the fanfics, but more will be coming this week. Also sorry that not much happened in this chapter, but more will happen later on, I hope you liked it and sorry if my writing/english isn’t that good, I’m trying :)

Internship | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader


“Welcome to Stark towers. This is where you’ll be staying whenever I need an extra set of hands,” Tony Stark said as he brought Peter into his massive abode. “W-whoa,” Peter was awestruck. How had he managed to get this lucky?

Peter followed behind his idol with big eyes as they toured around the vicinity. By the time they made it back to the lounge, Peter was sure it was a dream. “You’ll get used to the size. It’s pretty simple to remember really. FRIDAY helps a lot too.“ Peter nodded and took a seat, trying to calm his excited heart.

“Who’s the new kid?” Your voice made Peter jump as he turned to face you. Where had you come from? He was sure the room was empty a few seconds ago. “Don’t worry, he’s not your replacement. She will be coming next week I presume,” Tony quipped as you held back a comment.

“Spiderling, meet Y/N, Y/N, Spiderling. Mingle a bit while I check on Scott. Don’t do anything I would do.” He gave you a sharp look before turning to Peter, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do either. Find the grey spot.” Peter nodded at the familiar comment as you rolled your eyes.

“So, spiderling, got a real name?” You asked while taking a seat next to him, causing an apparent blush to reside on his face. “P-Parker, Peter Parker.” He reached his hand out to you and you gladly took it. “Y/N. So what brings you here? Is Tony running a daycare now?” “Why does everyone treat me like such a kid?”

“News flash buddy, you are one,” you ran a hand through his hair and he pulled away to fix it. “You sound just like Ned,” he mumbled but your ears caught it. “Well, Peter, Ned is right. Plus what’s wrong with being a kid? I’m one too. We have fun, make bad decisions, make up for them, it’s great.”

Slowly, Peter warmed up to you. He still blushed every so often but it was darker now and you did not seem to mind. “So, I’ve never seen you around before. Where are you from?” He asked, he was sure he would have seen you if you were from Queens. How could he forget a face like yours?

“Born in Queens, moved to Manhattan. Guess Queens is too small for two heroes running about,” you shrugged as you shoved some popcorn in your mouth. “Why are you here? In Stark towers I mean,” he mimicked your actions, neither of you were paying attention to the screen where some film was playing.

“A girl’s gotta use her powers somewhere right? Might as well use it for good. I figured the Avengers would be a fine place to do that. Plus Steve is hilarious.” Your easy attitude was so refreshing to Peter. Back at Midtown, he would have gotten shoved or teased way past the point of it being playful and would have probably gone home by now, but here with you, he felt comfortable.

“Speaking of powers, what are yours?” He was curious, it should have been his first question but better late than never. You smirked and slowly chewed on your popcorn. “Well, underoos, I’m what they call the shadow. I basically manipulate light, or rather, the absence of it and use it to do good. Nothing too cool,” you shrugged. You loved your powers but sometimes they felt so mundane compared to people like Thor and Hulk.

“Wait, you’re her? Really!?” His eyes widened as you nodded your head and said your favorite catchphrase. “No way! That’s so cool! You’ve always been my superhero crush-” his words stopped as he realized what he said. He groaned and dropped his head on his hands. “I’m sorry. I should-um-forget it-I-I um,” you cut him off with a laugh. He looked up to see your sweet eyes.

“It’s alright Peter. I can’t deny the little spark of admiration for that spider-guy,” you winked. Before Peter could respond, Tony reappeared with a phone to his ear. He was mumbling about some type of meatloaf before ending the call and turning his attention to you two.

“Alright kids show’s over. Spider-boy needs his bedtime and you, young lady, have some homework I believe.” “It’s spider-man,” both you and Peter said at the same time. Tony rolled his eyes as you chuckled. “Alright Spider-man. Better be a man and get home before Aunt May starts worrying.”

Peter promptly stood up and gathered his things as you talked with Tony. “Bye Mr. Stark! Bye Y/N! It was nice to meet you,” he waved. “Bye Parker!” He walked out of there with a huge smile on his face. This internship could be the death of him, literally.


A/N: hey! sorry i’ve been so inactive :( I have loads of course work to go through so here’s a short drabble I wrote (more imagines coming really soon!)

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 16

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.2k


Part 15 <<< >>> Part 17

They thought the radio silence was bad, but neither of them expected the sudden wave of texts that blew up their phones to be even worse. It started around noon and the flow of messages and missed calls from William stayed steady until the unexpected happened and Mara snapped. Bottling up feelings is not good for you they say. Everything will come out all at once they say. Well they are right, and Mara has bottled up so much rage and exhaustion.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. First things first: they woke up, stayed in bed for a while, and had slow, lazy morning sex to seal their reconciliation.

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Take A Break - Young!Remus Lupin x Reader


Hi! I saw that request were open and I was wondering if you could do a Remus x reader, where the reader is super stressed because she has 3 tests on the same week and hasn’t stopped studying for even a second. If you can’t I completely understand ❤️❤️

Thanks for the request! Enjoy!

| Y/N = Your name |

Originally posted by emotionallyhighmaintainance

The music blared into her ears as she scribbled messy notes into her notebook. Her foot tapped against the floor in sync to the beat of the pounding drum.

Every day, Y/N had been studying into the late hours of the night. She would study until 10:30 in the library until she was kicked out by Madame Pince. Then, she would move onto reading her notes in her room until midnight. Today was no exception - it was now 10 o’clock, and the library was completely empty.

As the guitar solo took over the song, Y/N’s hands flew across the page. She could imagine the guitarist’s calloused fingers sliding against the frets, their eyebrows furrowed in focus. The notes grew closer and closer together, the drums slowly creeping back into the song until -


Y/N jumped in her seat as a pair of hands dropped onto her shoulders. She scrambled to take off her earphones and placed her quill down onto the desk. She turned around to see a tall figure standing before her, frowning as he studied her notes.

“Bloody hell, Remus. What do you want?” Y/N grunted.

He gave her an apologetic smile, squeezing her shoulders. “Don’t you think you should take a break? From studying?”

Y/N raised her eyebrows in disbelief. “Take a break?! I don’t have time for that! I still have to take notes on Muggle Studies, Herbology, Charms…”

Her boyfriend gave her a quizzical look. “Didn’t you already take notes on Charms?”

“Extra notes.” She quipped.

“Of course.”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “This isn’t funny, Remus! I can’t fail my O.W.L.s!”

He sighed, tapping his fingers against her shoulders. “You’re not going to fail, Y/N. And believe me, I’m not just saying that.”

She frowned, opening her mouth to respond when a sharp pain hit her neck. She swatted Remus’ hand away, wrapping her fingers around it as if to ease the pain. The brown-haired boy pursed his lips, his emerald green eyes narrowed in worry.

“Look, I’m fine. I still have 15 more minutes until Madam Pince kicks me out, so I need to make the most of it. I’ll see you later, okay?”

Y/N turned towards the desk only to find it sparkling clean as if nothing was ever there. Her boyfriend smirked in the corner of her eye.

“Give. It. Back.”

He laughed, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Catch me if you can!”

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A/N - Hey, here’s the deal. I’ve been more focused on Fallout writing for awhile, but I’ll definitely stop doing that and work on AC stuff. Meanwhile, these are preferences from my Quotev account (so, older than most of my stuff) I don’t think they’re too bad, but I haven’t read them for awhile so… sorry if they are. I love you all and thank you for following this blog despite my inactivity and laziness.

Altair Ibn La'Ahad (Assassin’s Creed)

You ran down the dusty path, clouds of dust rising up from wherever your feet landed. You cried for help as a man clad in white robes pursued you from the rooftops. To everyone you passed, you appeared to be a crazy woman, as such, they paid you no mind, offering only a glance before returning to their work. You were simply trying to survive another day, but they couldn’t see the threat-literally-looming over you.

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Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 1842

Characters: Jace x reader, Alec

Warnings: kidnapping, violence, Jace being overprotective

Summary: Requested by @jiiiiiill. Jace has a problem controlling his temper when you’re kidnapped.

You ached, again. You’d just managed to beat Alec in a sparring session, but it was nowhere near easy. It had cost you what felt like a few bruised ribs and, you realised as you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, a split lip.

“Damn,” you groaned to yourself, getting closer to the mirror in your room so that you could see it properly. When you brushed your fingers over it, the sudden sting made you flinch. There was no way you could hide this. Jace was going to hit the roof.

Your boyfriend was ridiculously overprotective of you.

Honestly, it had become so silly since you started dating him that it wasn’t even funny anymore. Shadowhunters got injured, both in training and on actual jobs. It was unavoidable. You were used to it. Jace, however, seemed to want you to fight demons whilst wrapped in bubblewrap.

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Lion Heart

Originally posted by bellamyblakebby

Pairing: Bellamy X Reader

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Someone pay Bob Morley to hug me every time I feel anxious. The man looks like he gives amazing hugs.

Anon request:

You and Bellamy have been neighbors and consequently friends since you were children. There is only so long Bellamy can go on knowing your parents have been abusing you and do nothing. Using his resources on the Ark, he finds a way to release you from them, even if you didn’t ask.

The washing machine jolted and shook while it spun you and your parents clothes. You knew there was some magic system in place for clothes but today you didn’t care. Instead of sitting back and staring at the tv’s like everyone else, you sat staring at the grey dot that sometimes formed a line and sometimes formed a circle, just standing, just staring, because you wanted this next hour to last an eternity.

Your cheek and eye still burned from the night before, a proper right hook for improperly speaking. This week had been especially exhausting, and at the end of the day, being scolded for working late, being accused of hanging with friends, giving ‘attitude’ when all you wanted to do was go to bed to start another exhausting long day, you snapped. You screamed. It was only a few words, and in the moment when they ripped through your throat it was the most relief you’d felt in your life. But while that had been the most relieving, the dead silence that followed was the most horrifying. And now you were right back to being as tired as the dead.

A warm hand rested on your shoulder, feeling it so familiar, knowing who it was relaxed every tight muscle suffocating your heart. A life long neighbor and a man with his own secrets, yet Bellamy bothered himself with worrying about yours. Quickly you tried to turn away to hide the black eye once you saw his eyes jump to it, but with a gentle pull of your chin he was quick to turn you back.

He sighed hard as his hand slipped away. “You need to report them.”

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Mingyu - (Mornings with SVT Series)

Pairing: Mingyu x Reader

Rating: G

Genre: FLUFF

Words: 831

You sigh heavily and shift for the hundredth time in your boyfriend’s comforting, all-encompassing arms. His presence always put you at ease, especially when he cuddled you like this, once again demonstrating your size difference and enveloping you in his familiar, relaxing warmth – but this time, with the sheer strength of the caffeine you’d consumed too close to bedtime still lingering in your system, your body resisted the usual sleepiness it’d bring.

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RFA: Never Requited

Here’s the angst ending of the Fake Dating one. The happier ending will be written later c: 

Edit: Realized the Fake Dating thing was a hc and this is in fanfic form lmao too late now


“We should stop this fake relationship. We both know this is going nowhere,” he/she said coldly. You nodded, and gave a smile. 

“I agree. No hard feelings,” you look into his/her eyes, and turn away. When the relationship started, you awaited this moment eagerly. But now, there was an unsettling weight in your heart… 


After the breakup, you began getting interested in what Yoosung was doing. It’s not love. You would tell yourself as you checked his social media. It’s not. You would say as you waited for him on the messenger. But he never came. 

The others caught on to his inactivity, and sent you to talk to him, believing the two of you were still in the “relationship”. With a deep sigh and pounding heart, you  rang the doorbell. I don’t love him. You thought and opened the door. 

“What do you want?” Yoosung’s voice was unnaturally cold as he came out into the hallway. His hair was a mess, his dark circles prominently stood out, and his voice sounded hoarse. 

“A-Are you okay?” you weren’t one to stutter, but the sudden change in the previously sunny boy was certainly frightening. 

“Why do you care?” he snapped at you before going back into his room. You cautiously followed him through the dark hallway. 

“Yoosung, everyone’s worried about you,” trying to ease the tension, you turned the conversation to the RFA. 

“Go away, I can deal with it. I’m not a little kid,” with a dismissing gesture of the hand, Yoosung turned to the computer.

“We all care about you, please, start taking care of yourself,” with a questionable pain in your heart, you left his house. 

For the next few days, you lurked on the group chat, trying to catch Yoosung when he went online. But he never came, assumably gaming. Another week passed, and just when Zen was about to head to Yoosung’s apartment, he came online. 

He seemed to be back to his cheery self. So with a huge smile, you thought, maybe I have a chance with him now. But just as you were about to subtly flirt, he sent a photo. And it made your pounding heart immediately still. 

He was with a girl. A strange girl. You could barely see the screen now, but you could make out a few words. Girlfriend. Your mind blurred, only one word clear in your thoughts. Why? Yoosung was explaining that the relationship he had with you was not real. But your mind was too cluttered to comprehend that. 

Every day, you would see Yoosung’s profile picture. Him hugging her, kissing her, doing everything you once did with him. But this time, it was genuine. 

[A/N] Omg why did I write so much? The rest of the characters are under the cut! 

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I’ll Be Good - Part 13

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 12  -  Part 14

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You finally let yourself connect with Bucky and Steve tries to make amends.

Warnings: mild swearing

Word Count: 2109

Author’s Note: Wow thank you for being patient for this one! Shit I don’t know what happened but I got real stuck. Hopefully I am unstuck now and I can get back into the usual posting time-frame. This one is mostly floof. So as usual, I’m not sure about it, which is probably why it took me so long… le sigh. Anyway… enjoy? I don’t know…

Originally posted by circusgifs

“Another failure?! That’s the third payload we’ve lost this month!” the tall slender man sneered from behind the sleek glass desk. “Bring. Her. In.” He seethed, enunciating each word virulently.

“We’re trying, Commander.” The voice on the other end of the speakerphone replied. “My undercover says…”

“Your undercover is worthless.” He cut in sharply, slamming an open hand down on the table. “I’m done waiting. We can’t afford another loss.”

“The undercover insists Y/N’s a willing informant now, and has given them her own network. It seems most beneficial for them all that she doesn’t leave the grounds.” The man on the phone defended. “If you insist on rushing things, how do you suggest we draw her out?”

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chochang  asked:

top 5 marauder era headcanons (if you want :p)


1. james made the other marauders come to EVERY single quidditch game he played in; sirius was commentator til fifth year, when he made the team as beater. until then, sirius was commentator (a poor decision on minnie’s part), and it went a little something like this:

“and potter scores again, the prat. and you heard it here first, this gryffindor chaser is single and ready to mingle!” (james: “go fuck yourself, padfoot”)

“slytherin scored. fuck you slytherin.”

“and it’s yaxley with the ball, which is a very large quaffle, i might add. is he trying to compensate for something?”

“aLRIGHT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MULCIBER YOU CHEATING SON OF A-” (minerva: “you’re supposed to be unbiased, black.”

after he made the team, remus and peter would hold up signs saying stuff like “move your arse potter, lily’s watching” or “mckinnon is better than potter”

2. one year, they didn’t pull a single prank on april 1st. in years past, the day had been regarded as the “day of doom”, so their inactivity left everyone on edge. dinner was a hilarious affair; everyone just stared at them shiftily, and the marauders had the time of their lives.

and on april 2nd, all hell broke loose.

3. once, james got frosting and cake in sirius’s hair. sirius didn’t talk to him for a week.

4.  in their seventh year, they started freaking out about “oh god what about our legacy who’ll pull mischief once we’re gone” so they literally held auditions for “next-gen marauders” for kids in their fourth year or under. no one made the cut

5. sometimes they shared a bed. because why not. 


anonymous asked:

How would the Gasters react if they thought their S/O was cheating, when it turns out they were just being secretive to get them a present?


- He’s concerned
- Which is putting it lightly
- You’ve been staying out late, hiding your phone screen while you text, avoiding conversation
- His first thought isn’t that you’re cheating, but that something’s wrong
- Are you stressed from work? Depressed? Did someone upset you?
- He keeps dropping hints that he knows something’s up, that you can come to him with any problem and he’ll gladly help
- The more that you say you’re fine, the more he worries
- It’s Sans who plants the idea in his head
- ‘maybe they’re gettin’ bonely and started seein’ someone on the side.’
- He literally only said it for the pun, but Gaster’s way too insecure to not take it seriously
- He can’t stop thinking about it
- On the one hand, he has total faith in your loyalty
- But on the other, he’s shocked you ever wanted to date him in the first place
‘I’d leave me, too.’
- Soon he can’t take it any more and timidly begs asks to know what you’ve been up to
- He admits that it’s been driving him crazy
- You didn’t want to ruin the surprise so early, but it’s not worth making him anxious
- So you tell him to pack a travel bag and take the next week off work
- You’ve been planning a trip to Disney World
- Gast’s all like

- This 36 year old man is gonna have the time of his heckin life wearing one of those mickey ear hats and eating overpriced churros and you’d better kiss him while the fireworks are going off because it’s so romantic-


- If you’re being disloyal, he’s going to kill you
- …except he won’t
- He might kill someone else, though
- And be really, really sad angry
- When you start acting strange, the idea doesn’t even occur to him
- He’s prideful enough to believe that you’re perfectly happy with the relationship
- But part of him is fully aware of his flaws
- i.e. his temper
- Sometimes it scares you, or his stubbornness makes you upset
- Has he pushed you too far? Is that why you’ve stopped talking to him?
- Expecting the worst, he closes himself off
- He’s back to his old, snide self
- Cold, distant, cruel, angry
- It’s really just a defense mechanism, since he’s sure you’re going to drop the truth at any moment
- And break his heart
- You notice, obviously
- And ask him why’s he’s being such a dick
- He childishly argues that he’ll stop being this way once you tell him what you’ve been up to
- So you walk to the closet, pull out a hidden box, and shove the immaculately wrapped present at him
- Gaster almost immediately realizes his mistake
- He feels incredibly stupid
- So he opens the gift and sees it’s that expensive book set he‘s been wanting
- He quietly thanks you
- There’s no spoken apology, but he does take you out to a nice restaurant the next night


- I’d like to think he’s mature and experienced enough not to jump to conclusions
- But like
- He’s a Gaster
- It could go one of two ways
- 1) He is a mature adult and brings up that you’ve been acting differently, and if something is wrong you should talk to him about it
- 2) He goes full Phantom of the Opera and gets extra clingy, even more obsessive
- Like making excuses for you to stay longer when you visit
- ‘You can’t leave yet, I need help with…moving a couch.’
- ‘Please disregard the fact that I don’t own a couch.’
- He’d never force you to stay but he’s nearly desperate when asking
- Plus he does all these super unnecessary things to prove his affection and ‘win’ you back
- Someone plz let him know it is not the 1400s and you don’t get a spouse by throwing gifts at them
- He’s just so upset and he could easily discuss it but he’s too busy being an operatic drama queen
- I bet he writes sad poetry about it in his diary, fuckin dork
- Either you’ll have to intervene or he’ll pull himself together and be a goddamn adult about it
- Option 3 that I hadn’t considered until now) he makes use of his sneaky skills and straight up follows you
- Hopefully it occurs to him that that is a huge violation of trust but like I said, he’s a Gaster
- They tend to not have the best judgment


- It’s not until he sees strange receipts on the table that he starts to get ideas
- Why were you shopping at these high end stores…?
- Rather than coming to the blindingly obvious conclusion that you’re getting him something special, he’s heartbroken
- It’s finally happened, hasn’t it? You’ve found someone better, and you’re wooing them with fancy gifts
- He goes to soap opera levels of drama and imagines how you’ll break the news
- Each scenario is even worse than the last
- He mopes around his massive mansion, anxiously waiting for you to come home
- You return with a bunch of shopping bags, which only reaffirm his suspicions
- He outright asks who you’ve been seeing
- Your confusion seems genuine
- But he pushes on anyway
- He shoves the receipts in your face
- You must be getting gifts for your secret lover! Why else would you be buying a…
- …a telescope…and a book on astronomy…a star map…
- Come to think of it, he hadn’t actually looked at the items listed
- He’s so ashamed for accusing you
- In his defense he’s been cheated on way too many times, it’s left him a little paranoid


- He doesn’t really understand the concept of cheating on a partner, since his species is pretty much entirely asexual and often polyamorous
- But he does understand jealousy, and it seems like you’ve been spending more time with someone else than with him
- And that is wholly unacceptable
- How dare you not spend every possible moment you can in his company
- He’ll be super passive aggressive and bitchy about it
- I mean he’s usually a grump but this is a new level
- Turning his back on you, refusing to surface, splashing you with saltwater, the silent treatment
- Basically just a giant baby about the whole thing
- I don’t know what you could even get for him, it’d have to be waterproof and tailored to his very specific interests
- Which are pretty much just food and anything to keep him from getting bored while you’re away
- Maybe pool toys or something
- Whatever it is, he will grouchily accept it
- And gradually forget why he was angry because hey, this gift is really nice!
- Also his short term memory is really shitty so

Hi everyone,

The next two weeks I’m going to be really busy with work because I’m trying to work as much as possible before my trip to see my partner. My queue is empty and I’m struggling to fill it with anything worthwhile so I might blog be a little inactive and the activity the I’ll be posting will be personal posts. I’ll also post a lot during my trip to D.C. but it’ll probably be a lot of things about my life and the things I’ve done! In short there will be more personal posts and less video game posts for the next month or so. You can keep up with more stuff in Snapchat (mara.sov) if you want to ☺️

anonymous asked:

Amon might have stolen Ukina book, and maybe as you said pissed her off in the wrong way, but what I think is interesting at the moment is not Amon himself, but the body he carries. The abnormal rc cells, and his Kakuhou. I feel something is unique in him that even V talked about him (the parting gift of Kuzen). What do you think about that ?

I highly doubt he did anything like in that first part because that requires him like doing things. 

The second part might be plausible of Amon’s character though. Of the conversation we overhear with V, they predict he had towards the lab but debate for a moment what Kaneki could be targeting. First they think it’s RIze, but then believe that information didn’t leak. 

It’s possible them saying “that bloody parting gift of Kuzen’s” could be in reference that they thought his next most likely target was Amon in order to try and recruit him, especially since Amon was erased physically by V and his connection to the eyepatch case after Kaneki was taken into the CCG. 

I think Amon’s connection to Kuzen (especially with Eto’s unknown aminosity towards him) and the several parallels the two share are interesting. 

Consider also, Kuzen was somebody with a great amount of promise and power that he could have used to fight the world with but chose to stay inactive in most circumstances except when it benefitted himself and his own little sheltered world he created at Anteiku. Who continued that attitude until the very end, and only turned around and sacrificed himself when it was far too late to do so. 

We see Amon with an intense amount of promise that he’s naturally born with. He’s of .1% of humanity with strength matching a ghoul, he has the admiration of all of his peers. When he becomes a ghoul, not only does he suddenly have the highest RC cell count in the series after a week he is able to develop a kakuja in three years that probably took Eto a lifetime in order to cultivate. 

He’s also spared most of the torture that Takizawa endured, so on top of that gets to keep his stability, and sanity for the most part. Yet, when it comes to his abilities as a ghoul Amon is far less in control than Takizawa. He has every natural advantage, but has lost to Takizawa in a fight twice. 

Amon is naturally a gifted individual with an interesting body that provokes the attention of others, but he fails to make use of that promise. So Amon having a super special awesome body and kagune control to the point where he can recreate his broken Quinques is interesting to me on that level. One where he can’t properly make use of it because he has yet to confront his inner demons and still continues to be regarded as an object the same way V treated him when he was harvested by them as an experiment. 

As long as Amon refuses to be a person with agency, the plot will continue to treat him that way. It’s an interesting consequence and similiar to the one Kuzen faced. Compare him also to Bujin right now, who has the same amount of natural promise that Amon does, but not only manages to rise through the ranks easily enough without experiencing the same amount of loss, but also is currently getting married. 

The main difference between the two of them rather than attitude is their backstories, Bujin grew up with a stable homelife and Amon did not. Bujin at least in that case has that to guide him, where Amon falters. You could take that as a good example of how much Amon’s childhood trauma still profoundly affects him and sabotages his actions. 

When he wakes up as a ghoul, the first thing he thinks of after all after smelling human meat is Donato’s orphanage and his role in the events there. 

Aaaaa sorry for being inactive guys, my art class just got our themes for our GCSE’s and EVERYTHING. IS. STRESSY. Anything we produce from now on will go into our ‘portfolio’ and contribute towards our final GCSE grade (for non English people, GCSE’s are basically horrible tests at the end of high school that can potentially make/break your future career (or at least that’s what my teachers say)).

So yup, it’s a little hectic at the moment and I haven’t been able to get as much digital work done outside of school as I’d like - I would post some of the school work, but apparently there might be some legal issues with that due to it being assessed and stuff, so unless I manage to sneak some pictures I can’t post that either. I’ve done a few doodles when relaxing, but I’m probably not going to post them as (believe it or not) I’m also attempting to keep up a high standard of content on here. Needless to say I’m a little low on post fuel at the moment, and it’ll probably get worse over the period of one year from now. (AND THIS AIN’T EVEN INCLUDING MY OTHER SUBJECTS INTO THE MATTER!)

However, I’m not giving up and this blog is definitely not going to die, so don’t worry!!! Just please bear with this bathtub when there’s a few days silence, and I’ll do my best to stay determined for you guys; you’re all amazing people, and I don’t know what I’d be doing without all the support and motivation you give me! I’ll post what I HAVE managed to get done on a certain picture in a moment.
Bathtub out!

Fic: Thieves’ Tools [Vex, Vax | 7700 words]

(no spoilers; set pre-series)

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

Two weeks after they found the ruins of their hometown, when the mire of misery had finally been pushed back by all the practical concerns that came with no reliable source of income, Vex sat down across from her brother, slammed a flawless turquoise gemstone onto the table, and said, “I’d like to hire us for a bit of thievery.”

Thieves’ Tools

Vax stared at her; the artful hollows of his cheeks and bruised darkness beneath his eyes did little to mask his baffled expression. “You’d like to what?”

Vex tapped one quick-bitten nail against the top of the gem, then thought better of it when someone from the next table glanced over. Perfect prop though it was, she let the hunk of turquoise disappear into its usual home in the pouch at her side. “I’d like to hire us to steal something. Wake up, brother. I’ve got us a job.”

In response, Vax made a sound somewhere along the lines of a constipated night-owl and took a long swig of ale from his mug. Vex watched him, waiting patiently, then kicked him under the table when he took a bit too long. He sputtered, swiping at his face with one threadbare sleeve. “Ow. Don’t make me spill, it’s not like we can afford another.”

Unless she was very much mistaken, that was a glint of real annoyance in his voice. Good. “A job, Vax.”

“I heard you the first time. But you giving yourself money isn’t generally how this works.”

“The gem, Vax. I’ll sell the gem.”

It took him a moment. She watched his mind’s clockwork, rusted from a fortnight of inactivity, slowly grind back into motion. His brow furrowed, and she knew she’d finally got his attention when his fingers started tapping nervously against the table’s edge. “You’ve had that gem for ages. You wouldn’t even sell it when Trinket started eating us out of house and home, before he learned to forage for himself.”

Vex was positively itching to pull the turquoise back out of her pouch, but there was no sense drawing unwanted attention. “I said I was saving it up for something important. This is it. I’d like to hire us.”

Scratching at his shoulder, Vax stared up at the ceiling for a moment before looking back to her. His fingers took up their tapping again. “To do what, exactly?”

“To steal.”

He sighed. “To steal what, exactly?”

“Well, that’s part of it.” She leaned across the table, lowered her voice theatrically; in spite of himself, he leaned closer to hear. “I’m paying for secrecy. I can tell you where, and I can tell you when, and I think I can even tell you what to expect in terms of security, though of course I bow to your expertise when it comes to drawing secrets from the seedy underbelly of society.”

His lips twitched. “The seedy underbelly of society?”

“Why not? You’re certainly looking seedy, anyway. When’s the last time you bathed?”

“I’m not the one who spends all her time living with a bear in the woods.” He shifted back in his seat, somehow dodging her next under-table kick. “Listen, Vex'ahlia, I appreciate the thought, but you don’t have to invent an adventure to get me out of wallowing.”

“Ooh. Look who thinks so highly of himself. Believe it or not, brother, this has nothing to do with you. If you won’t take the job, I’ll find someone who will.” And damn it, how much longer would her voice take on that telltale quaver every time she raised it?

Vax curled back a little, rubbing his brow. “You’re serious. Is it dangerous?”

She jutted out her chin, waited until he was looking her in the eyes. “Probably.”

“And you’re going to do it with or without me?”


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Some updates and such.

Hey guys!

Sorry about us being a bit inactive lately; stuff has happened to some of the BMC artists, both good and bad. With that all said and done, let’s cut right to the chase: 

1. Page 12 is already finished, and Page 11 has been inked!

In fact, 12 has been finished for at least over a week now, and I’m simply waiting for 11 to be finished. The reason why that page taking so long? Star, the person sketching and inking the page, has been busy moving back home, and not long afterwards, her internet went kaput since yesterday. However, she is going to be heading to a local library and email me the page for @jess-the-vampire to finish!

2. @jammedina17’s still working on the 1K drawing!

I recieved word that she’s pretty much done with the characters and all she needs to do is work on the background stuff. She recently went to Disney’s California Adventure yesterday, and I was told she may have been rubbing shoulders with people who work for Disney. In case those people have stumbled upon this page and are reading this post, let me say on behalf of the BMC, how’s it going? We hope we can chat (and do business) sometime in the future!

And last but not least, I recently finished writing the script for Chapter 5!

I know, I might be writing a little too far ahead, but I haven’t had this much of a passion to write for a comic in ages, and we’re not even halfway done with what we have planned further down the line! As I’ve said time and time again, we want to make sure that this comic is the best SVTFOE fancomic you will ever read in the fandom, and we’re all working very diligently to deliver on that promise. Truth be told, I’m thinking I want the comic to be around 20 chapters long, which should give us plenty of time to flesh out the plot. Some of you may have an idea of where we want to go, but it’s not even the half of it. ;) Oh, and before I forget, I will only give you folks one hint on what Chapter 5 will be: 

Originally posted by mrgeekonthiswebsite

We’re sorry this coming update has been taking so long, but as you’ve seen, we’ve had an unexpected series of events (though not nearly as bad as it was two months ago, thankfully) plague the release of the next two pages. It hopefully won’t be too long before we can finally drop all this content onto everyone!

- @midnightclubx  

Dex deals with it, in increments.

He didn’t stop himself falling because he hadn’t noticed it had happened until it was too late, but he’s picked himself up off the ground of loving Nursey and managed to make his way across the vast expanse. He can’t shoot back up into obliviousness again, thinks he might come across a canyon and fall even further.  It’s maybe inevitable, being bound by this love for the rest of his life. At first he’d let himself believe in quiet moments that he might be free one day, might move on to someone else’s land and love them as much; but then Nursey would smile, or laugh, or breathe, and Dex would know. He’s gone, he’s fallen hard and fast and fully, plummeted to the earth that is Derek Nurse, the gravity of love tying him indefinitely to this man.

So he deals with it. It’s the best he can do.

He remembers that they’re not friends. This confuses Nursey at first because they’d pretty much reached a mutual accord at the end of the last semester, but a few sharp words from Dex and they go back to being grudging acquaintances. Dex tries not to notice that he’s always the one on the attack in their petty arguments, that Nursey – who’s so kind, so good – never does more than gently chirp or defend himself with the deft deflection of a poet. He gets used to the frowns from Bitty when he spits acid, vile and corrosive, at Nursey across the kitchen. Rans and Holtz try talking to him about it once, but he spits at them too, his words as toxic as chemicals in a lab explosion, and they learn to leave him be. They want to help, they care so much, but ultimately as long as they play well together they can’t do much more as captains. It’s not only not their job, but not their place either.

(In the dark of his room, Dex sometimes wishes that they’d push him. Lock him and Nursey in a room together so they’re forced to talk, so Dex has no choice but to let the torrent of feeling that he’s hidden inside him escape his carefully constructed dam and wash through the room. Let him face the scorn, or the sympathy, or the awkward acceptance that would inevitably follow the reveal. But they won’t force him, and he’s not brave enough to do it alone.)

It gets harder as they grow more distant, because when Nursey isn’t talking to Dex he’s talking to everyone else, spilling his sunlight all over them so they smile and laugh and relax in the warmth of his presence. Dex watches this from the shadows, sees the rays just across the room and wishes he could step into them, give Nursey a smile, slip back into the friendship they’d so briefly had. But then Nursey will glance his way, catch Dex watching him, and Dex has to scowl and turn away, curl up in the cool shade he’s damned himself to, curse away the tears that want to run with the absence of light.

It comes to a head when Dex requests he be moved lines. He can’t play with Nursey, he tells Coach Hall. Can’t skate with him. Can’t breathe the same air.

Coach Hall refuses, but he does tell Ransom and Holster. They tell Nursey, and finally, he snaps.

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