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A Holiday Story

So this is a Chistmas story my mom told me while I was home recently and i thought y’all might enjoy.

So, one Christmas back in the 60′s, my great-grandmother was reminiscing about Christmas in England, and how they used to have pheasant for Christmas, but Ohio sucks and they’d never get to do something like that.

Well Shit!  goes my grandfather,  them woods are full of pheasants, I’ll get you one.  So grandpa and a dubiously related man named “uncle popeye” went out with shotguns to get great-grandma a pheasant for Christmas dinner.

They’re gone for a LONG time.  according to mom, they were basically expecting grandpa and Popeye to be gone for a few hours and come back with a store-bought chicken and apologies.

Instead, they come back eight hours later, covered in mud and freezing cold from the Cleveland winter, but Surprise!  they have a Pheasant.  Great-grandma gives them a lecture about staying out so long and worrying her, but agrees to dress the bird so they can all have a traditional English Roast Pheasant.   Grandpa and Popeye retire to the living room to drink beer and talk about what great woodsmen they are when Great-grandma screams from the kitchen.

“TOM!!”  She bellows and literally every male in the house jumps because literally every man has been named “Tom” for three generations at that point. 

They both look massively sheepish and eventually admit that they hadn’t had much luck finding pheasants in the woods and were about to go to the store to get her a chicken when they… backed over the pheasant.

“Then what were you idiots doing in the woods for eight hours?”

“We weren’t out there for THAT long-” Popeye starts before grandpa decks him.   
Grandma and Great-grandma have to menace them with wooden spoons to get the truth out, but eventually they take thier oversize hiking boots off to reveal bandages.

Turns out they had only been in the woods for Two hours looking for pheasants before LITERALLY tripping over one, and they both reflexively aim at the ground and… Shoot each other in the foot.  They hadn’t backed over the Pheasant in the woods.  They’d backed over it in the Hospital parking lot.

And that’s the story of how my great-grandmother made a Roast Pheasant and the ladies of the house got to eat the whole thing while Grandpa and Popey had to watch.

I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, or even breathe right now.
It’s gotten even harder since you’ve decided to stop calling and I can’t remember the sound of your voice or how you said my name but you called me beautiful and I want to feel beautiful again
And you made me fall in love with everything and now everything hurts.
And trust me when I say, you were the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I cant help but shake when I sleep in your torn apart T-shirt because it reminds of me how you smelt. I’m so sorry you couldn’t love me more than yourself. I’m so sorry the vanilla in her hair is more romantic than the blood stained floor.
—  I’m sorry I got blood on your favorite shirt.

I niffled. 

Every time I get really stressed out, I have a little nervous breakdown and sew/leatherwork a whole thing. I figure I might as well make a tradition of posting my projects when they’re done, as they are the direct result of having too many math feels. Last semester it was this satchel thing, this time it’s a niffler. 

I used leather, fake fur, 12 gauge art wire and cotton padding for the armature. His belly is squishy bladder of tiny glass vase-filler beads for weight. His name is Tater Tot. 

My other fantastic beast approves.

I got some metallic paint recently, and all those gold and copper tones seemed perfect for this lady. I’m thinking I might use a warm grey copic for her skin though. Because I’m concerned that leaving it is white washing her.

Rena Rouge is the name I made up for my interpretation of Fox!Alya. 

Comic here: https://portentous-offerings.tumblr.com/post/142016775448/

Her design has changed a little since I did this comic, since they reveals the design of the fox Kwami. It gave me a good stylistic cue to cover her mole in a way that felt appropriate.

On a personal note, sorry for the silence. Been super worn out by my day job, (and politics as well - though that can also be considered a personal problem)

I missed my stream the other day, so I’ll try to make up for it next Sunday.




Heya guys..! Remember when I said I currently working on a little comic based on this post? well it’s this onee! ;;w;;I haven’t acctually name this comic- but I’m starting calling this ‘DEAD END’ because honestly my mind was reaching the state ‘dead end’ of creativity and suddenly the name stuck- thus It does related to the story soo…

Anyway it will be a small one shot comic- not one with hundreds of pages cuz i learned my leasson.. This is the story of what happened IF Papyrus got determination… There’ll be pretty much drama & hurt/comfort.. ;;w;;

I’m thinking to update this once a week.. so I hope u enjoy!

All Dead End Comic

no, but Johnny getting emotional over debuting made me emotional too. He has waited almost 10? years for this and now its happening, with fans already behind him, you can see and feel how much this means to him. You can hear his excitement too, which usfjksjfsfj. I dont know about you, but when Johnny debuts, he might not be my bias, but i will cheer his name, I will let him know how much he, and his debut means to us (or me) as well, that we are just as excited as him, that we have waited for his debut as well. That we love him, we have and always will. He hasnt even debuted and im already emo, what is this witchcraft?

My main point is that i love Johnny Seo, Seo, Seo much. (geddit)  and i always will. Congratulations, you deserve this. Remember that.

Imagine meeting Ivar at a river. You would be wandering the paths of nature on a cold afternoon, when you heard a silky voice behind you.
“I used to think I was the only one to come here”
He would send you a confident grin, expecting you to be astonished by his presence. Which you actually were, but why give him the satisfaction of letting him know this?
“Well, this (thinking) might not be your gratest talent then”.
He looked at you as if he was considering whether you were suicidal or rather witty.
“What is your name?”
“Well then, Y/N. Why don’t you come here and let me tell you about my variety of talents”.
There was this grin again, though it was somehow a lot warmer this time. His blue eyes were gleaming as he nodded his head, again, silently telling you to sit down. Who were you to disobey?

Weebs Go to Japan

Ok so this is a story that has haunted me for quite a while now and that I need to get off my chest. I guess I can put a trigger warning for bullying? I also won’t be using real names since this takes place in college. Also this might be a bit lengthy, apologies in advance!

Me - D

Weeb 1 - Digi

Weeb 2 - Pika

Weeb 3 - Chu

Weeb 4 - Mei

Ok so for my first year at college I got the opportunity to go to Japan for a couple weeks and study Japanese culture as well as learn about my major (won’t give it away for reasons). There were a lot of going and I was one of the few who was a 1st year student while the rest were pretty much in their 3rd or 4th year.

At this time I didn’t really make any friends at college who were going and so I was kind of on my own (which is fine, I’m a very independent person). 

So to fast forward a bit after a 14 hour flight and a ton of jet lag, the first couple of days were ok. Did some sight seeing and got to experience a lot of my heritage (yes I am part Japanese which made this all the more insulting later on). After a while I came to realize that some of the other students only seemed to have come to Japan just for anime. When on the bus, there were 3 girls (all dressed in anime) who were shouting about being Otakus. I kindly told them not to say that out loud as in Japan that does mean something entirely different (and definitely nothing positive either). One of the girls, Digi, told me that I was lying and it just means she is a die hard fan of anime. It came down to the point where Pika and Mei jumped in and made the subject about weaboos and how weebs are good people who just like anime a lot. I made the snarky remark on the kind of weebs that harass people and take it too far at cons… and what came out of their mouths shocked me.

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“You really shouldn’t come out at your new school, you might get bullied!”

[she doesn’t ever use my correct name or pronouns, I have several passing trans friends at this school, it would be perfect because, again, it’s a NEW SCHOOL, and we live in washington, which is probably one of the most liberal states in America.]

Cislated: I know full well that discouraging you from coming out is transphobic, so I’m going to disguise it as trying to protect you instead.

Also, I think all this transphobic bullying that goes on in schools can be stopped if all those trans people just got back into the closet. Clearly, it’s just their own fault for not spending their whole lives hiding who they really are!

But, Honestly

My father lives across the hall from a woman named Annette. She is well under five feet tall and uses a walker with tennis balls on the end of each leg. Her glasses are thick. She smells like flowery perfume and disinfectant. Her refrigerator might be filled with prune juice and Moxie, and I bet she eats Ritz crackers and cheese with a couple of orange slices for lunch everyday.

She is 102 years old and has no filter whatsoever. Her accumulated wisdom is comprised of sharp opinions, her honesty is pure if not innocent. She is a mirror in this regard. She gives back to you exactly what you’re reflecting into her and it is not always flattering.

She told me I was tall, but that I should take that with a grain of salt because she isn’t. “You’re not very handsome, you know. You have a big nose. Some people like that. I don’t. It’ll probably get bigger when you get older and then you’ll be in trouble.”

She was having an issue with the sink in her apartment and the maintenance guy was “a klutz who couldn’t fix a goddamn thing.” “But,” she added, “He has nice hands. So I let him come over. But, dear Lord. What a waste.”

“Does your sink have a leak?” I asked.

“A leak? It’s like a cow pissing on a flat rock.”

Honesty. Unfiltered. Pure. Annette is the kind of person I aspire to be. Maybe when I turn 102…

Well, since I keep misconveying my opinions on copyright, to the point where I keep coming off as sounding like I don’t want copyright at all (Which is not actually my opinion), I might as well make a post detailing my opinions on what changes I’d want to copyright in plain and simple form.


  • Copyright duration in the US should go back to its pre-1976 duration of 56 years.
    • For clarification’s sake, that would mean that everything up to 1959 as of now would be Public Domain, which I think is pretty fair.
    • An exemption would be made for characters who are major “Mascots” and “Logos” of their companies, to throw a bone corporate entities to keep them from whining, but it would need to be super carefully designed without allowing for loopholes for corporate abuse to take huge swaths of characters out of the public domain because “They’re logos now!” with a key target of we-do-not-want-to-let this-happen being the hoarders of Conan’s trademark despite all the original Howard stories being Public Domain
  • Our orphan works laws should be changed, but mainly against large corporate entities who either hoard works without re-releasing them or cannot use them due to rights tanglery, not via forcing smaller creators to have to register everything like some bad proposals have said.
    • My idea for a nonprofit to buy up such works & cult classics would be a stopgap in the meantime, but I would stress that it would be from corporate rightsholders, not vulture-ing off smaller creators
    • Also, more protection for authors who archive and circulate works that are under copyright but would almost certainly disappear if not for that such archival, such as wildly out of print books or ROMs of games left to rot (Like, as Superbunnyhop mentioned as an example; old Pong roms), or even fan translations of works never brought over to a certain country, though there needs to be a “transition process” when that work gets re-distributed by their rightsholders, or (again) a way for it to go into the Public Domain if that redistribution will never come.
  • More protections for non-profit fanworks, or even money-making works like Let’s Plays that don’t do much in effect to harm the actual licensing of the original work, to avoid stuff like NIntendo’s persecution of all those fangames.
  • Less “law” and more ‘ideology,” but I do wish creators felt freer to release certain elements of their work into the Public Domain. and by elements I mean more akin to beasts or materials or artifacts or multiversal entities or versatile characters rather than works as a whole
    • Not under obligation to mind you, lord knows a lot of creators have very good reasons for the keeping of their stuff closed (The cases of Candle Cover, Slender Man, and Pepe the Frog being key examples), I just wish more would consider that as a viable way to let people play in their sandbox.
  • My examples for this going well would be the way nerd culture has inadvertently done this with Frank Herber’ts Sandworms and Spice or everything in the Cthulhu Mythos.

So yea, not so much “Down with copyright entirely” as “An expansion of the creative and archival commons, keeping copyright more to protect small creators rather than huge corporate behemoths”

Just clarifying, and god do I hope I didn’t say anything stupid…


pairing: yoonseok
length: one shot, 6.3K words
genre: angst, non au
rating: 16+
warnings: LOTS of strong swearing (multiple uses of f word), very mild smut, a bit of cheesy fluff as well so that’s good!

summary: if there’s one thing yoongi needs, it’s coffee. oh, and jung hoseok. 

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  • what he says: laurens, I like you a lot
  • what he means: I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you. I shall only tell you that ’till you bade us Adieu, I hardly knew the value you had taught my heart to set upon you. Indeed, my friend, it was not well done. You know the opinion I entertain of mankind, and how much it is my desire to preserve myself free from particular attachments, and to keep my happiness independent on the caprice of others. You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent.
PSA: Mental Illness and Magic

Friendly reminder that mental illness is not magical. I’ve had words with many people about this before, most of them folks who either a) have no experience with mental illness, or b) are mentally ill and refuse to get treatment, and use this premise as an excuse. Mostly the former, actually. I know about this. As my URL might indicate, I myself am mentally ill. What’s more, I have “the big one.” I won’t name the actual disorder, but it’s not easily treated and has probably more negative stereotypes surrounding it than any other (it’s not a contest, though, and all mentally ill people face unique challenges).

My erstwhile superior, who I wrote about in my recent posts, did not react well to my telling him that I have a mental illness. He immediately encouraged me to stop taking my medication, and gave various reasons for why this was a good idea, including the cost factor (this was when I had different insurance and had difficulty affording the stuff). He also implied (well, outright stated) that my illness might be a sign of intense creativity/intelligence/whatever. This is interesting in light of what he said yesterday, but that’s beside the point.

This is a common viewpoint in the metaphysical community, and to a lesser extent, the world at large. I’ve encountered it almost every time some practitioner finds out I’m diagnosed. They begin by saying something like, “Well, probably it’s just that you see through the veils to true reality.” or “You must be an indigo and don’t realize it yet!” They then move forward to imply that I should go off my medication, saying things like, “The Man has you hooked on pills to control you - break free!” or mumbling that it’s calcifying my pineal gland or whatever. 

What might be even more annoying is those folks who are willing to admit that, well, mental illness isn’t a good, mystical thing, but who don’t understand the need for proper treatment that works. “Have you tried meditation?” or “Maybe do a banishing ritual?” This is kind of thing is harmful, though the advice is often good (meditation does help me), because the insinuation is that I should drop actual medical treatment. These people are not doctors, not even therapists, and usually only have second-hand knowledge of things.

There’s also the fact that, while it isn’t the case for me (my teenage years cured me of this), telling someone to go off their medication can instigate them doing just that, often without the guidance of a doctor, which can be dangerous, even deadly. I’m not saying medication is the be-all end-all of psychiatric treatment, only that it works for me, and it’s a Bad Idea to try to get someone to go off their meds solely because you don’t understand how such things work. 

So, yes, this attitude is harmful and needs to stop. Thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know of any useful apps for witches?

Hey there! I think they are a few spellbook apps, tarot apps (Golden Threat Tarot is my favorite one so far) and I know there is an app to help you identify plants and flowers as well, although the name escapes me now. Others might know more, my phone is old and has memory issues so I can only really keep essential things on there at the moment until it dies and I get a new one.

hurtful words and broken plates

a/n: I had two nate requests, so I just kinda mashed them together. Hopefully you guys like it. 


Being with Nate definitely wasn’t easy. Yeah, we had plenty of good times together. And 8 months together in Hollywood, the two of us might as well have been married. It was so rare, and we were well out of the infamous ‘honeymoon’ phase.

Like every couple, we definitely had your share of fights. Lately, they had been about Nate going out, getting drunk and high at the club and photos being released the next day of him with some girl at the club, rumors of them fucking spreading like wildfire.

Now I know he’d never cheat on me. Nate was a lot of things, but flat out dumb wasn’t one of them. I were the biggest name model in the country, my fame helping him boost his career. And damn right we loved each other.

It’s just lately, our schedules being so different, we didn’t spend as much time together. Not that we needed too. Thus why he would be going out to the club with the boys late at night while I was at home in bed for my shoot early in the morning. But regardless our hectic schedules, we always woke up every morning next to each other in the same bed.

But here I was, standing in the kitchen with a glass of vodka and whatever you could find to mix it with. Orange juice, pink lemonade, anything. A few drinks in, I was so pissed. I didn’t have to work tomorrow, finally a day off, and Nate wasn’t even home to spend time with me.

Granted, had you been 100% sober, I wouldn’t have been this mad. But, 4 drinks in, I was getting angrier with each passing second he wasn’t home. I mean, for fucks sake it was 2 in the morning. I mean, all I wanted was for him to be here, us to have some rough sex, pass out, and then wake up in the morning and have some lazy Sunday morning sex. But that wasn’t the case. Hell the last time we had sex was like, 3 days ago. This is the longest either of us has went, and I was going insane. I wanted him, hell I needed him.

I stayed up, pacing, and just getting angrier and angrier every minute he wasn’t home. Until he finally waltzed in at 3:38 in the morning. Being much more intoxicated now, I finally had the courage to speak my mind. And boy, did I have a few words for my oh so lovely boyfriend.

“ma, what are you still doing up?” Nate laughed, clearly alcohol still running in his system.

“what am I still doing up? Waiting for my boyfriend to get home.” I huffed.

“you didn’t have to.”

“I wanted too Nate. Maybe you didn’t realize that, while you were out with your boys, I was sitting at home, waiting for you to fucking show up so maybe we could actually spend some time together.” I said with such an attitude.

“chill out ma, you’re overreacting.” Nate chuckled, walking over to you, trying to wrap you up in his arms.

“no Nate, fuck you. I finally have a day off and you can’t even sacrifice one night out to spend it with me.” I rolled my eyes, getting out of his grasp.

Yes, he was right, I was overreacting, but the alcohol in my veins made me a very stubborn, irrational person.

“seriously (y/n), chill. We got all day tomorrow to do whatever you want” he smirked, staring at my body hungrily.

“Are you seriously suggesting that we’re having sex tomorrow? After I stay awake all night waiting for you. I’ve been so damn horny all day and wanted nothing more for you to come home and let me fucking ride you and have you fill me entirely and have me screaming your name in seconds, but you were out with the boys at the fucking club with all those skanks, which you seemed to really enjoy.”

Yes, he was out with the guys, and whenever he was out with them, girls threw themselves at him always. Yet, despite being with you, he never seemed to make any move to push them away, yet he never made a move on them, not that you had ever seen or heard about. But then again, alcohol made you say all kinds of shit.

“(y/n) chill. You know there’s nothing with those girls.”

“no, I don’t actually. You say there’s nothing, but how can I be so sure? They’re always all over you and you like it.”

“(y/n) babe, come on, you’re being ridiculous.” Nate sighed, rolling his eyes at your childlike behavior.

“no, fuck you Nate. If I’m being so ridiculous, why don’t you just leave and go fuck one of your skanks. I mean you might as well, you’ve been out with them all night.” I huffed. I was so angry. Like really, all I wanted was a night in with Nate, with some wine, some sex in the tub, in bed, the hallway, the stairs, the kitchen, the living room, out back by the pool, literally I was craving him, and I’ve never needed anything more than I needed him, yet he had to be out with all those, Crayola faced, plastic chest skanks.

“seriously (y/n)? you’re being so fucking childish. Clearly I don’t want them. If I did, I could have them easily, trust me. But I haven’t. Instead I come home to your psychotic ass every night.” Nate raised his voice. “fuck this. I’m going to bed.” He continued, turning to go up to bed.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the fact that Nate just really pissed me off saying that. Or the fact that he raised his voice at me. Maybe it was even the way he didn’t really deny the skanks, but rather kinda took their side, defending them, but you were pissed. So pissed, you grabbed the nearest thing to you, which happened to be that empty vodka bottle and you threw it.

Crashing against the wall right next to Nates head and shattering, causing him to cover his head. Clearly this was not what he expected, and I even was surprised myself. Yeah, it wasn’t my brightest idea, but I was just so angry. How could he just be so relaxed about this? As if I was totally wrong.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” Nate yelled turning back around. Rage was written all over his face.

Nate was pissed. So pissed, I saw him do what he’s never done before, completely throwing me off.

He started throwing plates at the wall. Cups. Anything he could find, against the wall as he yelled. He was screaming, not at me particularly. Just out loud, but kinda sorta because of me.

“I WORK SO FUCKING HARD.” Plate against the wall.

“FUCK THIS.” A cup.

“SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS” he seethed, taking a bowl this time, throwing it, causing it to ultimately shatter.

“ALL THIS FUCKING SHIT.” He yelled, ripping cabinet doors right off.

“Nate.” My voice weak. He was getting closer, and he was still rampaging. I’d never seen him like this. Yeah, we’ve screamed at each other plenty of times, but never has he been like this.

“FUCKING HELL” he screamed, throwing a plate. In your direction, but not directly at you. He didn’t want to hit you, he was just so mad. He hated the accusations. He’s never loved anyone more than he’s loved you. Always the love em, leave em type, but the second you walked in his life you changed it all.

But nevertheless, despite our undeniable love for each other, knowing we’d never do anything to hurt one another, I screamed. I was terrified he was going to hurt me, and the plate only fueled that thought. I closed my eyes, tears falling from them as I shook uncontrollably as I fell to the floor, trying to protect myself.

“Nate.” I sobbed. “please, stop, you’re scaring me.” I said, just hoping he would hear me.

I peeked up at Nate, still unsure of how he would react. But he looked at me with eyes full of pain. I’d never seen him like this.

“babygirl.” He whispered, kneeling down to my level, wrapping me up in his arms.

“babygirl, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you like that. You know I love you. And I’m not making excuses for my behavior, but I’ve been stressed lately with the studio and stuff, and all the shit in the news and stuff.” He said, hugging me tightly, placing a light kiss on my forehead.

“I’m so sorry (y/n) I didn’t mean any of it. You know you’re the only girl for me. All those girls are just that, just random girls. I don’t want them ma, I want you.”

“No, Nate, don’t be sorry, it was my fault.”

“don’t blame this on you. I shouldn’t have got so angry. I shouldn’t have scared you like that.”

“No, I shouldn’t have overreacted. I mean, just cause I wanted to have sex and shit.” I sighed.

“I shouldn’t neglect you to go out with the guys though.”

“I guess we both have our faults in this situation. I’m sorry I started it though.” I sighed, looking up at him.

“don’t be ma. We wouldn’t be ‘us’ if we didn’t fight.” He laughed.

“True.” I laughed.

“so we good now?” he asked, looking at me hopeful, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“yeah. We’re good.” I smiled.

Nate smiled at me, and then brought his lips to mine. I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. I loved him so much. Despite all the shit we go through, all that matters is that we get through it. Together. And we don’t give up.

“I love you ma.” He breathed out, resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you too Nate.” I smiled, meeting his lips again, happy as can be.


Now that I’ve yelled my title.. BRANDING! Shit I’ve done it again.

So lately, I’ve really wanted to get back to my YouTube channel and creating content again. I’ve been on the fence for a bit, but decided that if I’m going to do it, I’d like to start over and rebuild the look of the channel from the ground up. That also means ditching “Zed Direction” in place of my actual name.

I’ve been brain storming modern and simplistic design styles; what a logo might looks like, what colors to use, etc. Basically creating a brand identity.

So why am I posting this here? Well I’ve seen so many talented artists on here I thought this community would be a good place to start asking you guys, the community, my peeps. If you’re an artist and you have any thoughts on the matter I’d love to hear ‘em! If you know motion graphics, and you’re feeling extra ambitious then I’d love to see what you can create as well! Any rough drafts and mock ups would be incredible, but I won’t ask anything more of you than you’re willing to give.

I guess this is mostly an open discussion. I like the idea of collaborating with fans and the community who enjoy content so I’m open to ideas! Let’s start small, the quick and dirty, and we can go from there.

Stay awesome!



These are all free to use, with the condition of reblogging the post, or crediting me when using them. ^w^ <3 <3 <3

Les Miserables Act 2 Starters

Act 1 here

  • “I will need a report on the strength of the foe.”
  • “I can find out the truth.”
  • “I know their ways.”
  • “I know this is no place for me.”
  • “I would rather be with you.”
  • “Get out before the trouble starts.”
  • “Get out [name], you might get shot.”
  • “Go careful now, stay out of sight.”
  • “There’s danger in the streets tonight.”
  • “Can it be only a day since we met?”
  • “Now that I know you love me as well, it is harder to die.”
  • “All I see is him and me. Forever, and forever.”
  • “I know it’s only in my mind.”
  • “There’s a way for us.”
  • “All my life, I’ve only been pretending.”
  • “His world will go on turning.”
  • “A world that’s full of happiness, that I have never known.”
  • “Let them come in their legions.”
  • “Do not be afraid.”
  • “Our danger is real.”
  • “We shall overcome their power.”
  • “I have overheard their plans.”
  • “There will be no attack tonight.”
  • “Don’t believe a word he says.”
  • “What are you doing [name]? Have you no fear?”
  • “Why have you come back here?”
  • “I don’t think I can stand any more.”
  • “I don’t feel any pain.”
  • “A little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now.”
  • “You’re here. That’s all I need to know.”
  • “You will keep me safe.”
  • “You will keep me close.”
  • “You will live [name]!”
  • “If I could heal your wounds with words of love…”
  • “Just hold me now, and let it be.”
  • “I won’t desert you now.”
  • “I’m here.”
  • “I will stay with you.”
  • “What brings you to this place?”
  • “Approach, and show your face.”
  • “There’s much that I can do.”
  • “They’re getting ready to attack.”
  • “If you shoot us in the back, you’ll never live to tell.”
  • “Take your revenge.”
  • “You talk too much.”
  • “I’m warning you.”
  • “Clear out of here.”
  • “You would trade your life for mine!”
  • “Shoot me now for all I care.”
  • “You are wrong, and always have been wrong.”
  • “I’m a man, no worse than any man.”
  • “There’s nothing that I blame you for.”
  • “They won’t attack until it’s light.”
  • “We must be ready for the fight.”
  • “Let no one sleep tonight.”
  • “Drink with me to days gone by.”
  • “Here’s to pretty girls who went to our heads.”
  • “Is your life just one more lie?”
  • “You have always been there.”
  • “He is young.”
  • “He’s afraid.”
  • “Let him rest.”
  • “Bring him home.”
  • “We are abandoned by those who still live in fear.”
  • “We won’t give up.”
  • “There are bodies all around.”
  • “I won’t let you go.”
  • “It’s too much of a chance.”
  • “I have nothing to fear.”
  • “I’m almost there!”
  • “We may look easy pickings, but we’ve got some bite!”
  • “You have no chance.”
  • “Let us die facing our foes. Make them bleed while we can.”
  • “Shouldn’t be too hard to sell.”
  • “It’s a world where the dog eats the dog.”
  • “I knew you wouldn’t wait too long.”
  • “I warned you I would not give in.”
  • “I won’t be swayed.”
  • “Time is running short.”
  • “Wipe out the past.”
  • “Damned if I’ll live in the debt of a thief!”
  • “I am the law.”
  • “There is nothing on Earth that we share.”
  • “The world I have known is lost in shadow.”
  • “There is no where I can turn.”
  • “There is no way to go on.”
  • “Did you see them going off to fight?”
  • “Did you see them lying side by side?”
  • “Who will wake them?”
  • “Nothing changes. Nothing ever will.”
  • “What’s the use of tears?”
  • “There’s a grief that can’t be spoken.”
  • “My friends are dead and gone.”
  • “Every day you walk with stronger step.”
  • “The worst is over.”
  • “I will never go away.”
  • “We will be together.”
  • “We’ll remember that night, and the vow that we made.”
  • “I was lost in your spell.”
  • “This is a day I can never forget.”