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I’ll just start this off by axing off a HUGE group of characters right off the bat: the traitor is not a teacher, has to be from class A and cannot be from any other class, and is not a “minor” member of class A, such as Mineta or Sero. I am assuming that those characters who have been somewhat involved in the main plotline of the story are those that have the potential to be the traitor. After cutting it down from that, I’ll just run through specific instances.

Of course it’s not Midoriya, or the story would make no sense; same with Bakugou due to having been kidnapped. I’m cutting out Iida, Todoroki, and Momo for their involvement in helping to rescue Bakugou in the AfO arc, and also because they all have a family history in heroics.  Froppy I’m cutting out more because of the way the story is written makes her a really awkward fit as traitor. Denki is one of the theories I’ve seen floating around, but I think that from the most recent arc, there’s a little too much leaning away from Denki having the capacity for being a traitor.

Kirishima, although I definitely wouldn’t be too surprised if it did turn out to be him, still doesn’t fit the bill for me. My initial reason was that Kirishima obviously wants to save Bakugou from the villains during that particular arc - he initiates the entire thing. While even despite on that, I was open to the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, but thinking on it there are two other reasons I can’t sink my teeth in. The first is that Kirishima is just… so honest?? and also Bakugou’s kinda-probably best friend? If the villains really wanted Bakugou to join the villain side, Kirishima probably would have known, and also he could have easily spoken to Bakugou about STUFF and weeded out whether or not Bakugou was really villain material. He also strikes me as honest enough to bide his time with Bakugou and then when the time came, literally just saying ‘hey, Bakugou join me on the villains’ side.’

My second reason is crucial: Kirishima is just not AS close to Midoriya as pretty much every other main character. While I’m sure Midoriya would be upset if Kirishima was the traitor, it wouldn’t have the same effect as a lot of the other main characters in the series. The shock factor for Midoriya, appropriately, would be more like “oh no, how could you?”  and I don’t think that’s what Horikoshi wants. Good traitor reveals are big, painful, and close to the heart. They’re someone who the main character trusts, and a lot of the time, a character who’s been there from the start.

So who is left?

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I decided to draw a scene from the first chapter of my fic even though I should be writing the new chapter instead.

I was tagged on insta by @stephaniepriscillart so here is my timeskip meme. I drew myself in school uniforms and P.E uniform cos that’s the only outfit i feel comfortable with at that time, i was forced to wear girl clothes which i hate the most *instant flashback*. oh and this included my previous mascots as well haha

Was never a good and cheerful kid you might say U.U Always fear of people and being a disappointment (but ended up being one anw haha)

So a little bit ago I drew this as a little gift for @fishingclocks, my FMA Big Bang partner, and since I’ve finally got an actual OTP tag for this I figured I might as well post it?

I drew this on (Sunday?? I think???) one of the nights back in August when I went to Saikoucon. Had a lot of fun! Met a lot of really cool people that I hope to definitely see next year. This was definitely one of the highlights. ^^

(I know, it’s not a yn month submission, but this was in my drafts, so I figured I might as well post it lmao uwu;;)


A bit late, but here are some of the uniforms I liked during the Rio 2016 opening ceremony! Seeing New Zealand’s is like a dream come true! I felt like I’ve drawn so many similar variations of the design so actually seeing it in real life is awesome! 

Since I drew NZ already might as well throw in Australia and Tonga to get the Pacific out of my system. (The only info from canon Tonga is short dark hair…so obviously I extrapolated…)

((I originally drew this before I saw Weirdmageddon part 1 too!))



I was tagged by @frozennkid to do the 6 selfie challenge of 2016.

Well I don’t know who to tag to be honest cause I don’t know who’s done it already. @jasontoddsballs, @shodaw , @nomadicforever, @aplaceofhisown, @true-with-drew, @everyone-wants-to-be-us, @tiger-feather, @alrexnader, @fuck-eater, @wingmyweibeifong …that’s all I can think of off the top of my head who might not be tagged yet. If you have been, please disregard. :)

lieutenantastria27-deactivated2  asked:

I ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS. GOD DANG IT- ok, how did Dan and Alias meet? Is there some sort of comic or was it some sort of unexpected hilarious meeting in which Dan was supposed to kill Alias and Alias just drank coffee looking at him saying "Sup Bro"

There is no real answer to this question besides ‘they just are’. Back in 2012 @thezombiedogz suggested that Dan and Alias might get along, and in response I drew this:

…and well, four years later, here we are! They’re still good buddies and nobody really knows how it happened. We don’t like thinking about it too hard. Just go with it.

AAAND a redraw, for funsies~ :>


I designed temple rooms for my gemsonas if they actually had one!!
in order; its Amazonites, Kunzites, and Zircons (im using their old refs btw )
-Amazonite’s temple room has its own ecosystem and she loves taking care of her plants ;-0 also she likes relaxing on her hammock
-Kunzites is a dome shape with an opening in the center top also she has like tho bed canopies hanging around everywhere and one in the center when she chills out a lot as well
-Zircons is kinda lame but that’s literally how I imagined it he let few months lmao it’s just a rly dark room with huge pillars and glowing walk ways with lights in the distance that look like stars. I drew a tiny zircon So u can see he actual size of everything :0 they’re a rly ominous and mysterious character so might as well make her room like that too

You messed up gurl.

Heyyy. posted this a while back  like a year ago goshhh but i might as well use it for the ML fandom week Day 3: Love square/ Powers

this is really bad art. im sorry


hey you guys just a quick update on why I haven’t been super active lately (it’s totally okay if you didn’t notice lol) but turns out I’m Depressed. Like I just thought I was sad and angsty but nope apparently I’ve got to deal with this fun new thing now. So don’t mind me if I don’t post as much or not at all 💛💛💛

to kind of keep active I’m gonna post some fanart I drew like every few days or so 🤷‍♂️ idk I’m kind of nervous about that bc I don’t have a whole lot on my art tag but like 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ might as well.

Thank you for all of the love and kind messages y'all have sent me I really appreciate it 💛 I’m gonna go curl up in my depression cave and try to do some soul searching or whatever. Hope you guys have a lovely day!!!