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I was tagged by @frozennkid to do the 6 selfie challenge of 2016.

Well I don’t know who to tag to be honest cause I don’t know who’s done it already. @jasontoddsballs, @shodaw , @nomadicforever, @aplaceofhisown, @true-with-drew, @everyone-wants-to-be-us, @tiger-feather, @alrexnader, @fuck-eater, @wingmyweibeifong …that’s all I can think of off the top of my head who might not be tagged yet. If you have been, please disregard. :)

There are two types of dog people

“Good boy, Fenrir. … Well done” :dignified pat on the head:

“Fenni Benni buddy boy! Who’s a good boy?! You are!! Yes you are, my Fenni Funny Face! Momma loves you SO  M U C H. So much! Yes! You want a cookie?!” 

based on this post in which Kristoff might have a doggo


Might as well post this page of my sketchbook that I dedicated to Eddsworld.
The count rn for how many times I’ve drawn them is at:
Tom: 17(11 of which is on this page alone)
Edd: 3
Matt: 5(4 on this page)
Tord: 4
Eduardo: 1
Tamara: 1
Ringo: 2

Guess who my favorite is.

(also, there’s captions)

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I drew this on (Sunday?? I think???) one of the nights back in August when I went to Saikoucon. Had a lot of fun! Met a lot of really cool people that I hope to definitely see next year. This was definitely one of the highlights. ^^

(I know, it’s not a yn month submission, but this was in my drafts, so I figured I might as well post it lmao uwu;;)


A bit late, but here are some of the uniforms I liked during the Rio 2016 opening ceremony! Seeing New Zealand’s is like a dream come true! I felt like I’ve drawn so many similar variations of the design so actually seeing it in real life is awesome! 

Since I drew NZ already might as well throw in Australia and Tonga to get the Pacific out of my system. (The only info from canon Tonga is short dark hair…so obviously I extrapolated…)

((I originally drew this before I saw Weirdmageddon part 1 too!))


Funny story about this one; I was staring at it a good 20 minutes since something looked off, then it dawned on me that I NEVER GAVE HER EYEBROWS.

Anywho, since I drew my own self-insert into HunieCam and wanted to practice more with it, I was like “I might as well insert someone else. Who do I know who literally self-inserts into EVERYTHING?” And then I remembered @kyleehenke is the self-insert meme queen.

So here she is in the HunieCam style! Or at least my emulation of it since I’m not the one who made the style.

Oh yeah and it’s an Undertale shirt since I’m p sure we’re both still trash. Besides it’s rly cute.

I drew this little bbs heights as best I could,
all still shorter then Soul hha it’s cute
Soul!sans belongs to @amber-acrylic
Smoothie is @ravenpember-dtd s darling,
Star Fruit is @crowfry s little cutieee,
And Wild Berry is my short lil weirdo
Tagging @ask-blueberry-sans because you participated in having these cuties being created

tgstuck: the crossover in which i place tragedy children into another tragedy universe

nah but i HAVE been itching to do a tokyo ghoul/homestuck crossover for a while now… i actually have a page of notes for it + half of the first chapter of a fic haha… i might post those based on the response this gets…

(want more tgstuck art? check out hare’s tag! + she basically drew jade in this page bc MAN i cannot draw that mask)


We have a tradition in the computer animation and game art majors to put up a christmas tree in the lobby and decorate it with characters from our current projects (and whatever memes are hot at the moment), so this was my contribution! I just drew the characters from the thesis film @boomalee and I are working on in, but christmas outfits! <8)

HEEEEEYYY Cute thing i thought of :D

I know it’s been foreeeeeeeveeeeeer but finally have something to give to the tadelsa fandom again :’) So yeah it’s kind of a harry potter AU, (tbh i don’t even know if they have pockets, i just drew them hehe) Hope you like it :)

@makingtodayaperfectday @blunaowl @drybananahippyhat @obsessedwithfrozen42 @kalikoke @prfxn @archibaldart @cassiopeium aaand well i can’t remember more blogs (if you don’t want to miss tadelsa fanart and be tagged then let me know)

ALSO, for anyone who doesn’t like or want tadelsa in their dash, feel free to block the tag as “tadelsa” :)

I’ve gotten like 6 asks about this issue so I might explain what I have seen and heard, and what sources I have for them.

So there is this tumblr user named Shuploc, who is very famous in the Markiplier community for their art. But recently, they decided to “accidentally” tag porn of Markiplier that they drew themselves.

Us, in the community have told this user many times that Mark asked us to keep fanart and things PG-13 and this artist is just pushing it over like his silence means his consent. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Not to mention as well the artist is underaged.

As well, just recently, there has been proof that this user has been tracing art. Not referencing, tracing and as well selling traced art. You can see all the sources on thekimmeh ‘s blog. (they are fabulous btw, you all should follow them)

But all and all, basically the Markiplier fandom is treating Mark like some sex toy they can use whenever they get heated. To be honest, I think people like that only care for Mark’s looks. I love him for being outgoing, funny, and down to earth personality.

To be honest, I haven’t been on my Markiplier blog in 2 days because of this. I literally got the guts about a week ago, to finally make a separate blog for just about Mark and other gamers, and now whenever I log on it’s just…drama or Markiplier’s butt everywhere.

I have to remind you guys that I am 14 YEARS OLD. I do my best to dodge nsfw things (i’ve blacklisted the word). But sometimes people don’t tag their things correctly and I end up seeing something that makes me feel uncomfortable in a large and what seemed sweet community, the Markiplites. Butts and shirtless things ect. don’t bother me, but porn of my inspiration…that bother’s me to the actual bone.

All and all, basically the last 2 paragraphs I’m saying is: I came to have a good time and honestly, I am feeling vERY UNCOMFORTABLE RIGHT NOW.

But does this mean you send hate to this artist…NO

Does this mean you be rude to this artist…NO

Does this mean you threaten this artist…NO

So anyways…that’s what I know and honestly…I just wanted to make friends in the Markiplier fandom and now I’m not so sure.