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Hello there :3 in the spirit of your Space Pirate recap... so, tell me more about this 'Anakin in a kimono' thing 😬

Hahaha! Oh boy. Well, it’s stupid, I’ll tell you that much. ;) 

OK, it came up when @ialreadyreadthatfanfic and I were joking about Anakin being like a sitcom-stereotypical needy girlfriend, whining and making Obi-Wan kill bugs for him and pretending to be terribly frail to get attention or convince Obi-Wan to leave work and take care of him. 

As you might expect, eventually this story just kept building on itself and getting more ridiculous until we got to this post, which came after I’d put the following tags on a post: 

#anakin skywalker: needy boyfriend#anakin is seriously going to get obi-wan FIRED at this point#and I love that Obi-Wan is ALWAYS AT WORK#but anakin NEVER IS#he’s just laying around in a kimono trying to lure Obi-wan back#FFS ANAKIN#this started as#Insect Related Discourse#but now it’s just about Anakin being the worst boyfriend ever again#and the worst jedi#just the worst in general#obikin#this AU controls me now#sorry#texts from anakin

All of this resulted in a metric ton of stories of Anakin texting Obi-Wan every 15 minutes, including Anakin writing his own dramatic eulogy, Anakin swearing that Obi-Wan is dying when he has a head cold, etc. You know. Totally normal content. I blame @darthluminescent for encouraging me too much. 


I can’t believe I haven’t drawn Marinette yet!!

I couldn’t decide which one was best, so have all of them!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

First Lines

Rules: List the first lines of your last 15 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

I was tagged by shepherdsoreydidnothing wrong (it won’t let me tag her for some reason so I just put her username). Gah I’m so excited for this you have NO idea!

(1=most recent)

1. Say That You Need Me 

“They both came from very different households.

 Mikaela Shindou was raised in royalty. His entire family was extremely old-fashioned, and though one might assume he was well off, he couldn’t consider his parents to be proper parents. They rarely paid attention to him or his older brother, brushing them off as though they were hindrances.”

2. Warrior’s Heart

““Stupid idiot,” Dick grunted, half dragging Jason away from the enemy and behind a large boulder. He knew it wouldn’t keep them out of sight for long, but Jason was injured and he had to make sure the man was okay. “Next time at least make sure you’re wearing armor!””

3. YuuMika Holidays

“Before almost everyone arrived at the orphanage, holidays had never been fun. They never received any presents on Christmas, Kodomo no Hi was practically non-existent since their parents didn’t care enough to encourage their child or decorate in their honor, Kinrō Kanasha no Hi was spent at their homes with their parents refusing to celebrate anything. Anyone in the orphanage that was lucky enough to celebrate these holidays and the numerous others that Japan offered had been ripped away when their parents died.”

4. Dear Journal 

“Dear Journal,

I can’t believe I actually found one of these things. Journals haven’t been around for hundreds of years, but I found one when I was transported to an ancient area which used to be called South America for a class trip. It wasn’t like this journal was on display or anything, and nobody wrote in it. So what’s the problem if I take it? There wasn’t anyone using it anyway.”

5. Amethyst 

“Raising two babies was a lot harder than the seraphim thought it would be. Mikleo couldn’t see any of them at first, and often became very upset because he missed his mother and being around so many humans. Now he had nobody around (that he could see) and his small mind could only comprehend that he wanted his mommy to comfort him.”

6. RP Generator One-Shots

“Dick Grayson had been working for the BCPD for over five years now, and while he wasn’t the rookie anymore, he was usually in charge of training them. It’d been years since anyone had joined the BCPD, around three to be exact. So that’s why he was so surprised when he was called into the Captain, Amy Rohrbach’s, office to be told that a new recruit was going to be joining them and he was to look after them.”

7. I’ll Wait For You

“One would think the first day of Sorey’s rest would be the hardest for Mikleo, but it seemed to the seraph that every day just got worse and worse. He had no real need to sleep but he slept anyway, thinking maybe he could dream with Sorey. He hoped Sorey was having good dreams… or no dreams. He wondered if Sorey would feel the passing of time. Or would he just wake up like he’d taken a nap? He honestly just didn’t want Sorey to have to suffer nightmares like Mikleo would sometimes get.”

8. SorMik Week: Day 2 ~ Earth

“When they were kids, time didn’t matter. They both aged the same after all, and the terms ‘human’ and ‘seraphim’ didn’t really seem to apply to Sorey and Mikleo. A lot of the time, everyone in Elysia seemed to forget that Sorey wasn’t a seraph. He fit in so well, it was impossible to think that he would one day wither away. He brought so much happiness and light to everyone there, but especially to Mikleo.”

9. SorMik Day 1: Water

“I expect you to be back here by nightfall!”

Pale, vivid green eyes stared up at the dark blue sky. Sorey figured he probably had about two hours before he’d have to be home to appease his mother. Honestly, he was lucky that she even allowed him to go off exploring the ruins on his own, especially after his dad died.

Then again, that might have been the whole reason she let him go exploring himself anyway.”

10. Secrets of the Sea 

“A loud screeching noise is what woke Dick and Tim up.

Two sets of glowing blue eyes with narrowed pupils snapped open, and observed their surroundings cautiously. The two mermen were curled up tightly against each other, their tails entwined for warmth, but they both remained tense as they waited.

Their surroundings were hard to see, even for a merperson.”

drew this for rp stuff but i might as well put it in the tag too

i like the idea of them going on stupid hiking trips together and eridan always pakcs way too much junk and nepeta is like haha youre so slow! and eridans jsut like shut it or im making you carry your own slepeing bag then nepeta sprints off ahead like h33h33

To expand on that last post…

Usually those kind of retellings/unofficial sequels (ones where the hero is ACTUALLY THE VILLAIN and the villain is ACTUALLY MISUNDERSTOOD AND THE TRUE HERO) come about for two reasons:

1) The author wants to be SHOCKING and ORIGINAL by switching the hero and the villain, except this is neither shocking nor original and usually winds up seriously warping the personalities of both characters

2) The author, for one reason or another, sympathizes with the villain and wants to retell the story from their perspective (or something similar), and to paint them in a better light, either downplays their flaws or, worse, excuses them (usually in a “SHE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO BE EVIL” way or “IT WAS THE HERO’S FAULT HE BECAME LIKE THIS” way), and then vilifies the hero to make the villain seem better. And this, again, warps the personality of both characters.

Both of these are cheap storytelling.

It’s totally fine to write the story from the villain’s perspective, or to cast a more sympathetic light on the villain, but… write both the hero and the villain fairly. Show the villain being villainous. Don’t excuse or downplay their faults. Don’t show the hero in a bad light just to make the villain look better.

You want to make the villain sympathetic? Don’t excuse their flaws, and give them depth.

GLaDOS and Wheatley are both excellent examples of sympathetic villains. Neither of their flaws are excused–they’re both shown in all their hideously flawed glory, even with the backstories showing how they got that way. They both had bad things happen to them, but nothing excused their terrible behavior. They’re both awful people, but look at how much the fans love them–in spite of, and even because of, their flaws! The writers of Portal and Portal 2 didn’t need to put Chell in a bad light to make GLaDOS and Wheatley be sympathetic–they simply made sure both villains had a lot of depth to them. That’s all.

There’s a ton of other examples out there of villains that are sympathetic–those were just the first that came to my mind.

Just… please stop relying on really cheap storytelling techniques to make readers sympathize with villains.

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hi, I hope I'm not coming off as rude or ignorant, but how come westallen fans can ask us why we ship snowbarry but it's racist if we ask why you ship westallen?

I’m going to preface this with an apology to Sn*wb*rry shippers. The anon used the actual term instead of a replacement, so I am sorry if this ends up in your tag if you are on mobile.

That being said, here is the thing: comparing people asking why you ship Sn*wb*rry to people asking why we ship WestAllen is a false equivalence. Sn*wb*rry versus WestAllen isn’t a Twilight-esque love triangle. There is no Caitlin/Barry/Iris love triangle.

I mean this with no disrespect whatsoever and Lord knows I have my fair share of fanon ships, but Sn*wb*rry has no basis in canon. It’s all fanon interpretation. Maybe they will later, maybe they won’t but currently Caitlin and Barry only have platonic feelings for each other and nothing more in canon. Those are just the facts. It doesn’t mean I’m telling you that you shouldn’t ship Sn*wb*rry. Keep shipping, but please don’t erase or demonize Iris when you do ship. And I’m not saying you do, I just want to lay this all out there because it’s important for Sn*wb*rry shippers to understand.

Anyway, on the flip side, WestAllen is currently not together in CW (or comic book) canon, but the names Iris West and Barry Allen are linked in such a way that you know they are a couple or will be a couple – it’s like Lois Lane and Superman or Mary Jane and Peter Parker. They might not currently be together or they might not be together at the start of an adaptation, but you know that they are canon love interests.

Not to mention every episode of the show has been pretty blatant about Barry’s feelings for Iris (and Caitlin’s feelings about Ronnie). Even if you disregard the hints that Iris has feelings for Barry as well – I have an English degree and I took many film classes in college, so I’m pretty adept at story analysis and I’m prepared to fight anyone on this – you still cannot deny Barry’s feelings for Iris. There is a solid basis in the show to root for and ship WestAllen based on Barry’s feelings, the way other characters like Felicity and Joe and Henry Allen discuss Barry’s feelings and encourage him to be honest about it, and the framing of many of Barry’s voiceovers in regards to Iris. Not to mention the cast and crew (the writers and EPs) have been very supportive of WestAllen from the get-go, while only Danielle will really tease at Sn*wb*rry (and I’m like 99% sure that she only does so because shipping is unfortunately the best way for an actress to gain publicity because she teases Sn*wSt*rm a lot as well).

So when you guys ask us in our tag - and not an individual shipper who you are friendly with - why we ship WestAllen and you preface it with “I don’t like WestAllen”, it seems like you are, at best, being obtuse about the direction that the show has set up. It could even seem like you are purposely ignoring all four characters’ narrative arcs. At worst, it seems like you are trying to cause conflict and stir up shipping wars. Whereas when people ask why you ship Sn*wb*rry, people are legitimately confused because nothing in current canon indicates that the show will be heading there.

And keep in mind that people all over Facebook and Twitter and even here on Tumblr are not afraid to hide their Iris hate. They post pictures of Felicity and Caitlin saying that these girls are more beautiful than Iris on official Iris West posts by the CW (and how terrible and transparently racist is it that the two white girls are proclaimed as more beautiful than the sole black woman). They post things about how Iris is stupid and ugly and useless and wish that she would just be killed off.

I frequent Caitlin’s tag and her official CW posts because I love her a lot, too, and I’ve never seen this kind of treatment against her. No one questions her place in the show. Some WestAllen fans might criticize the plot holes in her writing - how she apparently is a doctor with multiple science degrees in her early twenties but cannot tell that Harrison Wells’ leg muscles have not atrophied when they really should have – but none of us have put her role and importance to the show under debate. I have yet to see a post proclaiming she should be written off or killed and I’ve looked because I always see Sn*wb*rry fans saying Caitlin receives as much hate as Iris. Maybe there is “hate” but none of it is rooted in racism and it’s obviously very infrequent and rare if I can’t find it even when I look. Meanwhile I don’t have to look for Iris hate – it’s just there.

Many of us WestAllen fans defend and protect Iris from this hatred based in misogynoir all the time. Many of us are in school or have jobs and we really do not have time for all this, but we make time because seeing a black woman in Iris’ role is a huge thing for us. It’s representation WOC are almost never afforded, so it’s important to us that we defend and protect Iris and WestAllen from racist fans, lest she becomes one of the many black women erased and marginalized because fandom is uncomfortable with the idea of a black female love interest.

The Iris West and WestAllen tags are our safe haven. It’s our space for us not to have to deal with racists or to defend Iris from misogynoir. When we see posts telling us to get along with Sn*wb*rry fans or see posts asking us to explain our ship, we are reasonably riled up about it, especially since many of us are WOC who not only deal with racism in the fandom but with racism in real life too.

It might seem unfair to you that some of us respond rudely or angrily when you maybe don’t intend for your posts to come across as rude to us, but how more unfair is it that we have to deal with racism and we have to protect Iris from racism?

I’ve said this many a time, but we shouldn’t have to pretend like it’s a polite debate when it really isn’t. Not to mention respectability politics only get you so far and people will still be racist and won’t understand where we’re coming from when we are polite. So why should we pretend we’re not angry if being nice still gets us nowhere? Anger and rudeness doesn’t invalidate our grievances, nor does it mean you should ignore our complaints to victimize yourself as I’ve seen so many Sn*wb*rry fans do.

Keep shipping what you want to ship, but also keep this in mind when you try to enter the WestAllen tag. Don’t be surprised or feel victimized when WestAllen shippers respond.