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Valentine's Day Preference 1- Twins


(A/N: it’s a first story bedroom, in case you were confused as to whether you had a really long neck or something.)

You were just running your fingers through your hair, about to get into bed when you heard three loud taps on your window. You whirled around, relieved to see it was your boyfriend, Fred. You rushed over and slid open the window.
“Merlin, Fred!” you leaned out to give him a quick kiss. “You scared the hell out of me. What are you doing here anyway? It’s almost midnight.”
“Then it’s almost Valentine’s Day.” He said, shining his illuminated wand up at you.
“D'you think it could wait until the sun comes up?” You said gently “My dad will kill you if he knows you’re here.”
“He won’t know, because we’re not staying here.”

You eyed him suspiciously. He smiled back innocently.
Eventually, you got bored of waiting for an explanation and gave in.
“Alright,” you sighed. “Just let me get a jacket.”
You padded over to your desk, took a hoodie off the back of a chair, and put it on before climbing out the window. You landed heavily on your feet. Fred gave you a proper kiss, and took your hand. He tugged you along, holding his wand out in front of him.

“Will you tell me where we’re going now?” You asked once you couldn’t see your house anymore.
“I’m not sure.” He laughed. “I didn’t think I’d get this far.”
You smiled and rolled your eyes.
“We’ll find somewhere. But you, Fred Weasley, are a bad influence.”
“That I am.”


WARNING: smut. specifically, eating out.

George had finally gotten a day off work. He’d been in the shop everyday, 7am to 5pm, and bringing back paperwork to the apartment. He’s sworn that today would be exclusively lazy, and so you kicked off your Valentine’s Day with a sleep in. In fact, you would’ve slept all day if George hadn’t woken you by kissing a line down your body, starting from your forehead and finishing under your breasts. He sat over you with a leg in either side. You ghosted your fingertips over his bare back, making him smile softly.

“Morning, handsome.” You murmured.
“Afternoon, love.” He corrected.
You looked around the room for an indicator of the time. The wall across from you was covered in squares of light, streaming in from the window opposite, so you assumed it must be at least 1 o'clock.

However, your attention was brought back to George when he continued trailing kisses down your body. He reached your hips, placing a kiss on each hipbone, and moving back up to your lips. He hovered above you for a moment, so you threaded your fingers through his hair and pulled him into a kiss. It was shorter than you had hoped for, as George pulled away and smirked at your quiet but indignant “Hey!”

He ducked his head down and kissed you again for slightly longer, this time tracing your bottom lip with his tongue before he pulled away.
“I haven’t been giving you nearly enough attention, have I?” He said thoughtfully.
“It’s okay, I know-” Your breath hitched when he nipped at your neck “I know you’re busy with the shop.”
He was nipping and pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses on your collarbones now.
“Still, that’s not very fair on you.” He said between kisses, slowly working his way down the valley of your breasts. Your breath hitched again when he traced his tongue over a nipple, then making his way down your stomach, keeping up the slow pace.
“Let me make it up to you, Y/N.”
You were going to protest, but he slid his hands between your thighs and pushed them open. George pressed an open-mouthed kiss to your inner thigh, and you whispered a breathy ‘okay’.

He settled between your legs, leaving kisses closer and closer to where you wanted him most. Warmth radiated around your body.
“George” You hummed.
He hooked his hands under your knees and placed them over his shoulders. He worked his way closer to your core, pressing kisses on both thighs again.
“George,” you muttered “stop teasing.”
You could practically feel his grin against your thigh. George placed a single kiss against your core.

He licked a stripe from your entrance to your clit, making you arch your back and reach down to pull his head closer to you. Your mouth made an 'o’ as his tongue lapped against you and his lips curved around your clit. He looked up at you through his eyelashes, you were breathing heavily and moaning his name now. It had been too long since you last felt like this. Bursts of pleasure shivered through your body as his tongue flicked over your clit. He kissed your core passionately and your head fell back against the pillow, lightly grinding against his face as he applied more pressure. The swirling in your stomach grew more and more intense, and you moaned his name again.

He held you tighter, spurred on by your moans and sighs. You got closer and closer to your orgasm with every roll of your hips against him. Your thighs tightened around him, only bringing him closer to you, and making him go harder against you.
“Come on, babe.” He murmured. The vibrations sent you into overload, and you came moaning his name.