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(bachelor au) i have a feeling yuuri has this knack for making people shed their masks?? like he makes people be more genuine and less like they're playing a role to woe him. (victor is the biggest culprit of this, despite not being in the show) yuuri ain't havin any of that tv personality. he wants real romance with a real person. and part of why everyone has their hearts broken is because they developed real feelings for him because yuuri katsuki couldn't let them be fake

this is incredible and all completely accurate and i want to hold onto this forever, a+++++ identification of yuuri katsuki who doesn’t want to be on this show, but as long as he signed the contract, he might as fucking well pursue everyone earnestly, even if it is emotionally exhausting and he would rather hide in executive producer victor nikiforov’s bugatti and melt into the custom red leather interior and listen to victor’s shitty eastern european music and embarrassing stories about being drunk and rich and aimlessly wandering through a series of discotheques for the first half of victor’s twenties (”yeah, but did you do that on camera in front of 20 million people?” “honestly, yuuri, it is completely possible”).  

also i’m writing official fic now because haha kill me!!! 


Aiden: Oh Eliana, such a romantic. I’ll keep an open mind, but I might have an easier time with this if I could get to know him. Our first encounter was not ideal.
Eliana: What happened?
Aiden: Uh… well for one he was drunk and it’s a miracle you guys found your way home. And he was not too happy with me when I took you. I might of closed the door on him too…
Eliana: Aiden… 
Aiden: Haha don’t worry, I got him a cab ride home. Hopefully he doesn’t remember that.
Eliana: He probably will Aiden. Jeez.

We arrive at Lucky Shack! Gunther is once again killing it at karaoke..

……….’it’ referring to Lucky Shack’s business. 

-And now for my next song, Nickelback’s How You Remind Me!

OMG IT’S MEADOW THAYER. The default replacements may have ruined her iconic look but I firmly believe she and Gunther are a slutty pair made in heaven. Always the tease, she leaves as soon as she enters and I have Gunther run after her but we couldn’t catch her </3 ONE DAY MEADOW

Victoria is unsurprisingly slaying at poker..

-Don’t fuck with me, fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.

..while Komei continues his life’s work of bankrupting us. Seriously, whatever amount Vic won, Komei managed to lose in the next 10 seconds.

-Man, ok.. So if I match 4 of the same color I get a power up?

…..the sound of divorce bells getting louder and louder.

After bimbo Cinderella Meadow ran off, Gunther quickly bounces back by getting drunk with local milf Ivy Copur.

-Ha, I like you kid. Let me come a little closer, I have something for you..


Oh. Well that’s fine then!

-HAHA. Thought you were gonna get lucky in Lucky Shack, did you, brat? 

Ivy who knew you were such an asshole?? Your face template is only rivaled by the Kaylynn Langerak one in how annoying I find it but with that shitty personality it looks like you might be Union material after all!

LMAO oh we got you now, Ivy, this is the Union area of expertise. Land this flatulent plane Gunther!

-You were raised by cats? Well that’s pretty cool.

-Not only that, I also used to sleep in the litterboxes when I was little! But unfortunately I can’t fit now </3

Wow I can’t believe she left after that sexy convo about cat excrement. Sorry Guns. But not that sorry, way too old for you.

-This night blows :(

Fucking tell me about it. I don’t even want to look inside, Komei has probably lost us the house by now..


-There’s really something.. deeply comforting about your facial features.. 

Yea could it be the fact that you share a good 70% of them??? TIME TO LEAVE

The obvious choice to drive us home: our drunk 15 year old. Jesus take the fucking wheel. 

At the exact moment that Komei is disgustingly dreaming of Marisa’s sweet embrace..

..she’s out in our yard stealing our newspaper! Talk about a ~love connection. I’m so emotional about Marisa’s furious thought bubble showing Jojo instead of Victoria tho. The little ones are all grown up ❤

Alright, well… me and @estalfaed might have gotten a little carried away with our drunk posting last night… *ahem* Okay, so maybe it was mostly me. Anyhow… people responded, so…

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Y'all crack me up, lol

This is what happens. Come for the mshenko, stay for the drunk posting! ;) 

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Right back at’cha! <3

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Wait, @ellebeedarling … did you… did you just tag out to go bang the mister? I’m taking notes. Let me go get my pen.

I sho nuff did! And I ain’t even ashamed! ;) 

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( ♚ ALRIGHT ); now that i’m slightly less drunk (haha) lets have an ACTUAL ad open. feel free to like this if you want a small mini from the emperor of roses herself! no cap, they may or may not be based on the flower festival going on. i might also toss out a mini as well in regards!

well hey boys, aren’t you doing just a bang-up job out there, c'mere you

did i ever tell you how I totally found the vault and killed the giant monster?

haha who needs to, you’re me, right!!

Funny story collection of Heechul & Donghae ㅋㅋ

50th first love of Heechul 

Heechul: Every time when I had feelings for someone like my first love, Donghae would say to me:

“Hyung, this is your 50th time first love.”

Heechul funny way to turn the lights off 

Heechul: I don’t like to sleep with lights off. When I was sharing a room with Donghae, we put a lot of dools next to our beds. I said to Donghae “Turn off the light”, Donghae said “It’s your turn tonight!” So I asked him to pass me the dolls, I would then throw the dools to try to hit the switch until the lights got turned off!” 

Donghae’s regret after eating 

Heechul: “When we were at the dorm, Donghae just finished his exercise and came back, I asked him to eat something, he would say no and said he had to build muscles, then I softly told him just eat a little would be fine, he would give in and ate, and then regretted it, and then blamed me!!”

Donghae’s weird habit of photo taking 

Heechul: “Donghae loved to take photos, and every time when we had gatherings, he would ask us to do all kinds of weird posts to take photos, and said that he would use those to blackmail us if SJ ever had to disband! But I would delete all my weird posted photos while Donghae had gone to sleep, haha haha!” 

Reason by Donghae why Heechul shouldn’t get married 

Heechul: I wouldn’t know if I would be able to get married, and I often told Donghae that I wanted to get married, Donghae would say to me: 

“Hyung you will then have to get divorced everyday, so might as well don’t…” 

Donghae is a sleeping baby 

Heechul: “I used to love drinking when I was younger. When I got drunk with J and went back to the dorm, we kept ringing the doorbell. Donghae’s room was just next to the door, but he never heard it, we screamed hard, he didn’t hear, we even climbed and opened the window to shout at him to open, even throw out the phones, our pens whatever we had to wake him up, he just still wouldn’t awake, so J and I would just lay outside by the door and slept there!!”

cr: trulyhae

Dear Kent,

I’m being forced to write this by my therapist. She thinks it’s a good idea. A healthy way to process my feelings. I don’t know. I feel like this is kind of stupid, actually? But I guess it’s important. So. She told me I should write ten things I appreciate about you. I’m essentially writing a love letter…oh well. Here goes nothing.
1. You’re the fucking captain of the aces!! How dope is that!!!
2. Your

I’m kind of having trouble thinking of things.

Update: I had another session with Mary and we worked on ideas together for what to write.

2. You take care of your family first and foremost. You love them so much. I really love that.
3. Dat booty tho
4. You might not know how to take care of yourself very well but you fiercely defend and advocate for your friends.
5. You never drive drunk (haha loser you don’t even have a license) Update: Mary said I shouldn’t call you a loser even if it’s meant lovingly.
6. Your toes are like little breakfast sausages and that’s cute.
7. You don’t get into fights on the ice unless someone is being homophobic, how cool is that?
8. You can juggle!
9. Great taste in music, honestly.
10. You always try to do your best and not care about what other people think about you. Fuck them. You’re amazing no matter what.

Ok. I mean. I feel like I have a better understanding of what Mary was talking about. I do feel better. Self love is no joke…


remember when i talked about yuri on ice intentionally having over the top fanservice like the touching yuri’s lips thing and the caressing of his jaw as being a fuck you to queerbaiting after the Very Real Kiss that happened, not played off as a joke or an accident, and would otherwise never ever happen in a typical fanservice show that doesn’t actually lead to anything? 

with the recent revealing of piss drunk yuri, the entire banquet scene now implies there was meaning to victor’s fanservicey looking actions from the first few eps. he has a reason now for acting like that, bc, well, they did a lot less tame things during the banquet. but his actions don’t just come out of no where like typical fanservice actions would, contrary to (at least my, i can admit) prior beliefs

and whether this is victor’s way of wooing yuri or bc he thinks yuri won’t mind or even bc he thinks it might be a nice nod or inside joke like “haha, right, remember when we did this at the banquet yuri? no?”, using whatever reason u would like, u now have a million equally plausible explanations supported by canon for victor touching yuri just a little more than necessary. and it’s not just bc you, the audience, likes it

i said the original fanservice was a fuck you to queerbaiting before, but now i’m going to say it’s an entire Fuck You to fanservice in general. without the context and yuri’s unreliable narrating/shitty memory, victor’s actions look like meaningless playboy charm whose sole purpose is to draw in more viewers for the anime. it’s out of place and isn’t commented on within the show so why the fuck he doing it. well, it’s bc of all those reasons i mentioned above.

the Ep 7 Kiss said “that gay fanservice in the beginning actually led to something concretely gay and real” and to all the further doubters and those who still want to shit on yoi for ‘conning’ people with meaningless fanservice, Ep 10 Drunk Banqueting said “no that gay fanservice was victor being Gay bc he and yuri have already done this shit before and if you came into this thinking it would be all show and no substance then good bc you my mainstream-anime-industry friend need to start putting actual work into your shows and your same-sex relationships and not just leech off the success that pointless fanservice gives you”

The Red Bullet Concert Experience with Kaye Allen (#BTSinManila)

Fan Account 120714

7:00 P.M. MOA Arena Manila Philippines

Hello everybody! I’m back and as promised… here to tell you about what happened last night~ :>

I’m sure you guys have seen the photos from the fan sites and can you tell how fun and fantastic the concert was?! They weren’t kidding when they said that when Bangtan throws a concert—they throw a big party and this was definitely a concert which I believe to be as “money well spent”. It was more than I expected, to be honest. They gave more feels than I expected, haha.

Okay before I start, let me just tell you guys that I’m writing this at 7 AM and I just woke up. I only had more or less 4 hours of sleep because I’m still on a hangover—from the concert. Yup, I’m drunk on Bangtan so please bear with me as this account might contain a fairly good amount of spazzing. :P

Are you guys ready?


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