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2X05 of Frontier was great but 2X06 could to be FORMIDABLE. but answer to this. I´ve seen so many post about it, that what I thought was bizarre is now number one on my list of curiosities. Declan Harp is really in love with Grace Emberly?

Ooh, I don’t know if I am the authority on this. I could be completely wrong, but I have a pretty decided opinion regarding this. If this is a day late, just know I put a lot of thought into this because I never want to give anyone a half-assed answer if they take the courage to ask my opinion. This might be long but I answered your question to the best of my ability and I hope it is to your satisfaction. Much love.

Grace Emberly is in love with Declan. This is obvious, this we all know. It shows through her devotion, loyalty and the lengths she is willing to go through to defend, protect and aid him. She would do anything for him. From the earliest episodes, her attachment to him is clear. He has an affect on her that softens her despite her attempts to hide it.

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“I respect a man whose actions are decisive.” (01x02, Little Brother War)
This she once said to Chesterfield. We can all agree that this is a trait that Declan has in spades.

Declan, on the other hand, is not in love with her. Not quite. Not yet.

However, I think it’s very complex. His relationship with Grace stands out from his relationship with everyone else. It is not the kindred spirit he finds in Michael nor the familial, brother-like love he feels for Sokanon.

He places his trust in her like no one else. He entrusts matters of business and vengeance to Sokanon or Michael. In matters of the heart, he turns to her. When he’s weak, he can lean on her. He is completely himself with no fronts, no brave faces. He is who he is and feels what he feels because Grace is not his family or his subordinate.

She is his friend.

Where everyone else views him as either family, compatriot, leader, rogue or savage, Grace looks at him as a man; a man who is strong and brilliant and broken.

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I would not dare say that Declan is unaware of this. He is an intelligent man. His survival living as a fugitive on the edge of the law depends on his wits and vigilance. Harp is also extraordinarily good at reading people.

For example: When Michael Smyth comes face to face with Declan Harp, he immediately knows he is lying (despite Michael’s believable fibs).

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It is my opinion that he is very aware of Grace’s feelings towards him but he can’t return them. Not while he is still obsessed with vengeance for the murder of his wife and children. It is clear that he loved his wife with all his heart. Although, he has accepted that she is gone and never coming back, his heart is still gripped by rage and anguish. To him, vengeance is all that has kept him alive, his sole purpose of existing without his family. A man blinded by vengeance sees little else but retribution.

The wound is still too fresh for him.

That being said, Declan changes when he’s with Grace. His voice softens, he is quiet and thoughtful. He watches her closely, gauging her reactions. In a way, he knows Grace’s feelings for him offer an advantage. She will never refuse his help, never betray him. He can rely on her to help him reach his goals. She is useful to him. Where we see Grace’s selflessness and sacrifice again and again, Declan rather blindly trudges this way and that, unaware of the pain he might inflict.

That isn’t to say that I think he completely disregards her feelings with a cold indifference but he does carefully avoid them.

So, he speaks softly to her, careful not to cause her any pain. Similar to the whole “friend-zone” spiel where one wishes to keep the friendship in tact despite a rejection. Although here, it is on a much greater scale and it is never spoken aloud.

He places his trust in her, cares for her and loves her to a degree of carefully monitored platonic relations. I feel like he wants to say he loves her like a sister, the same way he loves Sokanon, but I think even he would feel that was oversimplifying.

He knows he cannot return her affections although, I think a part of him really wants to.

From the first season up and until now, despite having limited screen time together, there has been a shift. I would argue that recent events have gotten the ball rolling and there could be a future where their relationship becomes a greater and ever-changing focus in the show.

It should be obvious, but I would say that the moment to really look out for the first step in this aforementioned change is in 01x06 (The Gallows) where Declan, after having been rescued from Benton by Micael and Sokanon, finds his way back to Grace.

This alone is probably the most important point I could make in this argument.

Declan finds his way back to the Ale, back to Grace. Despite all the danger, despite the trauma, despite being half dead, he needs to talk to Grace. Needs to see her. Needs her help, needs to pour out all the heartache in his tortured soul because he knows that Grace with accept it. There is no obligation to be strong, no need to put on a tough front. She sees through him and all his gruffness (because God knows, she is just the same).

It’s a cry for help, he goes to her because he needs comfort. He needs to feel comfort and warmth and a type of unconditional love waiting for him in her arms. He needs her love and tenderness. He wants it.

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I think the people that we turn to first in our greatest time of need is telling. Of anyone he could have talked to, he risked his life to go see Grace because he chose her.

And as she tends to his wounds and he is overcome with emotion for all that he has lost, there is a moment while he holds him and comforts him, a certain look passes in his life. As I interpret it, it’s the moment he realizes “Yes, I could love her”.

In a moment where we as an audience are closest to seeing what lies in Grace Emberly’s heart, is the moment she begs Declan to stay. Grace knows that if he leaves, it is almost certain that he will die. She can’t bare to lose him.

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“You promised me you’d change your plan. I’ve waited so long for you. You cannot leave me now. Not like this.”

He looks at her calmly, resolutely but his eyes apologize for so much more than his actions and all he is about to do.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs sadly, “I have to do this.” With that, he leaves. His heart is steadied and his focus on retribution is restored. Crestfallen, Grace watches him go. Looking after the man she loves while purposefully strides towards what seems to be his impending doom.

“In another life, I could love her”–it is my firmest belief that this is the unspoken truth that lies Declan Harp’s heart and mind.

I think that Harp has accepted that one way or another, he will die on his quest for vengeance. Whether he is victorious, whether he fails or dies trying, he doesn’t believe that there is anything more for him in this life. With his family gone and purpose fulfilled, he might be content to die.

Like most men, Declan can be a stubborn fool.

However, I don’t think hope is completely lost. He clearly cares for Grace, loves Grace in a tragic and faltering sort of way. Much like Edmond Dantes in the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, he is too blinded by vengeance to see that there is hope for a new life with the woman who loves him dearly. He doesn’t always realize that he is acting selfishly, doesn’t always care.

However, when Declan learns that Grace married Chesterfield for him, he kind of loses his shit just a little bit.

His reaction is immediate. He is angry–at her or himself, is the real question. He knows Grace. He knows that there is nothing more that she values more than her independence. That is, except for him. If her love for him wasn’t apparent enough before, it is now.

He can’t truly ask her why she did it. He knows the reason. And what can he do? He knows he can’t return her affections and he knows she is suffering for it. The knowledge alone, gnaws at him.

In summary, I believe that Jason Momoa said it best: “He’s basically a deadman–he doesn’t care about himself at all.”

Although he is still very much consumed by vengeance, his character is evolving episode by episode. With only 11 (soon to be 12) episodes so far, we have learned a lot about Declan. At the very beginning of season 2, when Declan is saved by an Inuit man and his child, we see a change however small.

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A longing for peace that is unspoken. A reprieve from bloodshed and anger. The man also tells his young daughter a cautionary tale of vengeance and it’s destruction. The only way to free one’s self from the death grip of grudges and vendettas is to let go and forgive. If left burning, like a wildfire, it will consume all in its path and leave nothing but destruction in its wake.

If he ever manages to let go, I think he will very easily find that Grace can offer him the peace his tortured soul desires.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up to high just yet. 

Although I have a feeling we’ll see something groundbreaking in regards to Declan and Grace next week in the season finale so fingers crossed! 

After all, if he gave up so quick, where would the fun in that be? Let’s just pray that he can somehow manage to achieve retribution through vengeance without completely destroying himself or paying the ultimate price.

So, is Declan Harp in love with Grace Emberly?

Presently, Declan is still too consumed by bloodlust and rage to ever fully commit to loving Grace, let alone to ever find peace. If he ever managed to let the past go, there might be a chance for him. It’s a tragic story, but not one without hope.

Thank you for the ask, anon.

You are in a café with me, what tea do you order?

1. Rosehip tea: Which book did you love when you were younger?
2. Oolong tea: Which book series could you read again?
3. Rooibos: What is one of you favourite books?
4. Strawberry tea: Tell me about your first kiss, if you had one.
5. Apple tea: Tell me about your first break up, if you had one.
6. Earl Grey: Which countries have you visited?
7. Chai: Where do you want to travel next?
8. Darjeeling: What languages do you speak?
9. Hop tea: Do you have a favourite tea? Which one?
10. Herbal tea: Which person would you chose to travel the world with?
11. Nettle tea: Are you jealous on a person? Why?
12. Ice tea: Do you miss somebody? Why?
13. Yellow tea: What shampoo do you use?
14. Peppermint tea: What is your favourite gif at the moment?
15. Ceylon tea: Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with?
16. Hibiscus tea: What is a song you can always hear?
17. Flowering tea: What is a movie you can always watch?
18. Pu-erh tea: What is a book you can recommend to others?
19. Turkish tea: What is your favourite cake?
20. Green tea: What was the first movie you saw in a cinema?
21. Blueberry-Muffin tea: Tell me a memory, which makes you smile.
22. Panda tea: Do you have pets? Which one?
23. Butter tea: Show / Tell me about one thing i your room you find awesome.
24. Hot chocolate: Do you have (a) stuffed animal(s) sitting in your room? Which one(s)?
25. 24 flavors: What is your favourite word?
26. Jasmin tea: Can you draw / paint? Wanna show me something?
27. Kombucha: What do you order on a pizza?
28. Cloud tea: Which movie do you want to watch next?
29. Gunpowder tea: If you had the chance: would you go to space?
30. Matcha: Bonus question of you choice! I might answer…

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@skeletorific thanks for a message that absolutely made me laugh - and woops, you may need to work on that poker face ;D


Everyone continued to be disappointed in Joseph, but somehow he managed to cut through the initial tension (possibly without knowing it). 

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What do you think attracted Hillary to Bill? They seem like polar opposites to me

Well  I’m going to divide this into two parts, the physical and then the personality. Hillary herself has answered this question so I will be citing and using her quotes from Living History to derive meaning from.

First the physical. As we know from Hillary in her own words, she was very intrigued by his hands, besotted even. In Living History she says, “one of the first things I noticed about Bill was the shape of his hands. His wrists are narrow and deft, like those of a pianist or a surgeon.” This is simple enough, he had nice hands and she liked them. I find this romantic because one doesn’t usually think of hands as something to find attractive but she noticed them and wrote “I loved watching him turn the pages of a book.”
Another description of the physical can be seen by this quote: “He was tall and handsome beneath that reddish brown beard and curly mane of hair.. He also had a vitally that seemed to shoot out of his pores.”
Long story short, she found him to be very handsome and I think the vitality part was what probably attracted her to him the most because it showed that he was energetic and full of life.
Now for the personality part. I think the fact that he was very caring towards her since the beginning also contributed to her attraction. Again I will be using examples all from Living History.
“He complimented my long flower-patterned skirt. When I told him my mother had made it, he asked about my family and where I had grown up.”
From this we can see that Bill was not only kind by complimenting Hillary, but that he also showed that he was interested in knowing more about her as a person. The fact that he gave Hillary a chance to speak about her family and childhood shows that he wanted to hear more from her and was genuinely intrigued about who she was. This most likely meant a lot to Hillary because as she has also said, “he was the first man I’d met who wasn’t scared of me.”
Another example of how Bill’s personality and character attracted Hillary can be seen through the chicken soup and orange juice anecdote.
“When I came back to Yale late Sunday, Bill called and heard me coughing and hacking from the bad cold I had picked up…about thirty minutes later he knocked on my door bearing chicken soup and orange juice.
Okay this once again shows how kind Bill was to Hillary and more importantly in a way how attentive. I don’t know how many men would go the extra mile of doing such a nice gesture as Bill did, but the fact that he noticed she was sick and brought her the chicken soup and orange juice to help her feel better showed that he cared and was listening, therefore attentive. There’s another example of Bill being attentive and Hillary once again wrote about it.
“I asked him why he had been so quiet at my party.”
“Because I was interested in learning more about you and your friends,” he replied.

This one is so sweet and just speaks for itself. Due to how Bill was once again showing that he was genuinely interested in not only Hillary but in those close to her shows that he was mature and obviously very caring of who she was as a person. This attentiveness most likely endeared Bill to Hillary because as we know Hillary herself is a very attentive person who cares about others and seeing him reflect that, shows that he is the same way.
Now for my personal favorite: the intellect. The two of them have always been quite the intellectuals with a passion for knowledge. Hillary wrote:
“He could converse about anything-from African politics to country and western music.
This is another factor that attracted the two to each other because it showed that he had a vast knowledge of the world and many things such as herself. Also being as he discussed all these things with her, I think it shows how much he respected her intellect. This was likely of great importance to Hillary since back during that time women were expected to yield their intelligence to suit a man’s ego. Hillary also addresses this: “In high school, one of my smartest girlfriends dropped out of the accelerated courses because her boyfriend wasn’t in them. Another didn’t want to have her grades posted because she knew she would get higher marks than the boy she was dating.” Bill contrasted greatly to this and treated Hillary as an equal when it came to intellect so I think she very much enjoyed that he didn’t try to prevent her from being who she was.
Lastly, I don’t think the two are polar opposites at all. Sure they came from different places with him being more of a southern guy and she from Illinois, but I think those differences are superficial. I think when it comes down to it, they are very much alike in their love for public service. It has been said that “they see themselves in almost Messianic terms, as great leaders who have a mission to fulfill.” I think this no doubt is what bonds them together, a shared purpose of life.
I’ll end with one final quote of Hillary’s: “To this day, he can astonish me with the connections he weaves between ideas and words and how he makes it all sound like music. I still love the way he thinks and the way he looks.”

Some tips that have helped me throughout university thus far
  • Salt and cold water is a great stain remover for blood
  • On your first day in your accommodation, bring cake. Whether its store bought or home made, it doesn’t matter. Even if people don’t like what you’ve brought they’ll sure appreciate the thought
  • Bring food from your own culture, even if your staying in the same country. Odds are you could be living with someone, or get to know someone from a different country and for many things university might be their only opportunity to try them.
  • Make the effort to learn how to cook basic meals before you go.
  • Ask people if they want to watch your favourite shows and films with you. It’s a good way to make friends with your flatmates, they might already like them or you might introduce them to their new favourite series. 
  • Always carry some water and some snacks on you, you might stay longer in the library than expected.
  • If you only drink tea make sure to have a little jar of coffee and vice versa. It’s always handy to have around especially if you make friends who like them. 
  • Keep your room door open for the first few weeks or so, try and talk when people pass by. 
  • Sit in the communal area when you have the time with a book until someone else comes in. Try and make conversation even if your an awkward introvert like me.
  • Try and start your essays early no matter how much you don’t want to, you’ll be thanking yourself for doing that when your classmate says they pulled three allnighters in order to finish it
  • Find some healthy things that help you when your stressed. For instance I like to go for a long walk, or go for a swim, or watch a light, fluffy movie, or cook etc. Give yourself some time in the middle of a tough essay to do something that destresses you.
  • Make big pots of pasta sauces, curries, etc first you can always offer some to a flatmate who has had a bad day, second you can keep some in the fridge or freezer for when you have a day jam packed with lectures are work and don’t have time to cook

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  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos

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Jason and Stephanie Brown headcanons?

  • Jason isn’t totally comfortable with the uniform memorial thing. Let’s be honest– it’s weird, especially now that he’s alive. And even though Stephanie agrees, and she doesn’t exactly want one, she’s a lil pissed that Bruce didn’t put one up for her. To tone down their mutual discomfort, they’ve agreed on joint custody of the Robin memorial. Neither one of them is particularly reverent about it. They keep a pencil bag full of dry erase markers in the base (for downtime between missions!), and both of them have autographed the glass in sharpie.
  • Being the resident “I didn’t grow up rich” kids, there’s a lot they got in common… like a very low tolerance for the Wayne clan’s expensive tastes (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DRINK THE TAP WATER). They also share a bit of the Gotham accent– when the two of them are alone together for more than a couple of hours, they reflect off each other, and the accent magnifies. 
  • Steph cuts Jason’s hair. It’s one of those things he doesn’t feel right spending money on. He could do it himself, sure, but it always looks better if Stephanie helps out.
  • Founding members of the Annoy Tim Drake Club (junior partner: Damian Wayne). Club activities include stealing Tim’s phone and [1] setting alarms at odd hours of the morning [2] using their names as keyboard shortcuts for phrases like “my undead twin” or “my ex-girlfriend. Wow, she was so out of my league. I can’t believe she stooped to my level.” Tim types really fast. He doesn’t usually catch the switch before he hits send.
  • One year they got him a tshirt for his birthday. Then they bought the same shirt in every size above Tim’s medium– over the next three weeks,  they slowly switched out the tshirt with increasing sizes, until Tim was wearing an XXL around the house. He was very confused. 

more headcanons

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Do you have any headcanon as to why Edward doesn't like ciel to be lizzy's future husband? Do you think by any chance he thought about preferring ociel before?

Hello! Actually, I have an explanation that I’m hoping isn’t too far from the truth, so hopefully it will be what you’re looking for?

Anyway, in my opinion, there are two main reasons Ed can’t openly pretend to like Lizzie’s fiancé. The first one is almost comical and is Ed being a siscon:

He can’t help it, because it’s a part of his characterization, which means that he’ll always feel obliged to dislike any man who’d get too close to her heart or who might hurt her. 

It’s part of his role as her overprotective big brother, however, this part of him is not only directed at Ciel, but at literally any man…

…who gets too close to Lizzie.

The second reason he can’t pretend to openly validate the choice of Ciel as Lizzie’s future husband is, this time, only because of Ciel himself and is linked to…

…what real!Ciel told Lizzie years ago, as I explained here. Because Lizzie hated her strength for years and because they are close siblings, Ed knew that she was afraid of being rejected by Ciel if he were to find out that she completely took after their “frightening” mother:

So Ed knew that she used to hate the strongest part of herself because of a silly and misguided discussion between children and, as a siscon and as Frances’ son, there is no way he would have ever understood real!Ciel’s immature issue with strong women.
That’s why I believe a part of him held a little of resentment towards Lizzie’s fiancé until the Campania arc, because real!Ciel’s words unknowingly did a lot of damage to Lizzie’s self confidence.

However, it’s all gone and past them ever since the Campania arc and anyway, even though he used to chide Ciel every now and then for not deserving Lizzie…

He still cares for him, as a member of his family. 

Finally, I think that Lizzie’s positive development in the campania arc and love for our!Ciel in general are something Edward clearly noticed and that’s why he knew he could definitely trust Ciel with getting Lizzie back in the current arc. 

TL;DR because he is a siscon, Ed will probably never admit out loud that Ciel deserves Lizzie, but that doesn’t mean that deep inside he thinks like that.
In fact, I doubt that Ed would leave Lizzie to anyone else but our!Ciel, however it’s just his role, as her overprotective big brother, to be threatening towards anyone who might hurt or belittle her.

Does it answer your question? I hope so! Have a nice wekeend :)

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what are your favourites of dae's outfits? i personally really like his styling during last year's fanmeets and tour

Yes I agree with you!!!! Those were good times ah~ Okay here are a few of my favourites~

My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE is when he wears super ripped jeans and a tank top or a tshirt… so D’slove was kadsfjlghfkdgjsl everything because I mean…

Speaking of tshirts and ripped jeans hIS LOOK ON RADIO STAR

Akslafgjhdklsffdjgf before I kill anyone here is The Really Cute Light Blue Sweater from Extraordinary 20s

And lets’ not forget the sweater from I Love You:


AND EEEPPPP HIS SWEATER FROM WE LIKE 2 PARTY IS ANOTHER I LOVE that colour of green is my favourite okay aklsfskdfj



And ahhh this blue oversized shirt ; ; there was also a black version but ahh i am too lazy to finddd

His all blue outfit for We Like to Party was also greaaaatttt

Also the blue-grey hoodie he wore in Let’s Not Fall in Love ; ;

Annnddd enough of the sweaters !! Let’s not forget probably almost every concert outfit he had during Alive era b/c woooooooooooow. I’ll just leave you with this one~


And this similarly daengerous outfit grrr (cr. to dae-gelina for the gif kaldgfajdfs)

ANd silmilarly how he looked during that nongfu promotion ajsdghfdklfad


Originally posted by sofiatherese92


And during that one vlive for BIGBANGAtoZ aklgjfdhlksff especially b/c gd filmed this masterpiece

Originally posted by dae-gelina

And the outfit he wore in the vlive before the Actual Full MADE Album was released eeeeee

And that outfit from Last Dance akdsjfgdhklfs idk why but I love it okay

And idc what ya’ll say, I liked that floral shirt he was wearing at the D-day Release Event okay !!!

Same with that purple shirt/jacket/thing he wore for Frau Magazine !!

His 2016 Gayo Daejun outfit also needs to be mentioned because I lurrrvveeddd itt no this was not an excuse to add seungri shhhh okay yes it was alksjhgfskldf

And I’ll end with this outfit because i cannnnn

Originally posted by kimseongkyu

Hopefully that answered your question lmao. There might be more outfits, but ahhh I figured this was enough kalghkdjsf

how you get the boy - epilogue

She squinted her eyes at me whilst she opened her mouth and closed it and opened it again. “Are you pregnant?”

“What?” I’d expected her to say a lot of things – do you really love my brother? are you serious with him? are you going to break his heart? you’re not welcomed in this house anymore if you hurt my little brother – but her asking me if I was pregnant was not in the list. “Why-Why’d you ask that?”

read below // story page

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has it ever been fully stated anywhere that toshi looked like AM 24/7 until he got his injury turned into skeledad?? because i really was under the impression that he had always had two different forms at least to some degree, and i really don't remember anyone in BNHA ever saying anything that would contradict either theory?? (i'm not trying to argue which is true, i'm just confused and don't know if i missed a panel or something where this was cleared up)

Okay so, i’ll admit that most of that was me making inferences based on the information we have so far. it hasn’t been outright confirmed that All Might looked like his muscle form 24/7 prior to his injury, but based on the info we have, i think he did, at least, look very, very similar

based on their build, i can only assume that Toshi was very similar to Izuku before he got One for All. Maybe he was slightly more muscular, but not by much. which means, his body wasn’t an ideal host and had to train and build up the muscles he needed to properly use OFA.

we know for sure that an unprepared body can’t handle OFA. their limbs would ripped from their bodies. which means, Toshi had to train his body up and up and up until he could truly control OFA without ever hurting himself in the process. and we do see a bit of this in Gran Torino’s flashback.

Look at Toshi’s body. his muscles are already much bigger than they were before. They’re not quite at All Might’s size, but leads me to believe that Toshi’s true form prior to his injury must’ve been just as buff as All Might.

(and, considering the outfit, this was during his time at UA, which must’ve been at least 15-20 years ago, given 4-5 year old Izuku calls All Might’s debut footage ‘old’)

Look at Izuku’s body. his muscles don’t buff up when he uses OFA. he just gains the strength, not the endurance. All Might has both strength AND endurance. OFA isn’t the ability to buff up your muscles, it’s the simple strength. which, again, leads me to believe that Toshi’s natural body looked just like All Might’s.

he continued to train and train and train until he had the endurance to match his insane strength.

Here, Toshi says he’s wasted away due to the surgeries that he’s gone through. This tells me that he used to look completely different prior to receiving the wound that  AFO gave him 5 years ago. nothing at all like his skeledad form. which implies that he used to look much more fit, or at least, closer to his All Might form.

all together, this leads me to believe that All Might’s true form was just as muscular as his muscle form. This is why i think he’s still able to change into his muscle form, even tho he can’t use OFA anymore. his body did, at one point, look like that naturally. but he needs the strength of OFA to access that form for longer periods of time. since he no longer has the strength to access that form, he can’t hold it for longer than a few seconds. to put it simply, it’s muscle memory on a really weird scale.

however, the one thing that does seem to truly change from All Might’s true form and his hero form (at least, ignoring his emaciation due to his injury) is his hair. his natural hair is the scruffy, long hair he has in his skeledad form. He’s had that hair style since he was a kid, as shown in the first image. but when he puts on his All Might persona, however, his hair does seem to physically change (and… who knows how he even does that idk)

it gives a visual cue to show us when he’s being Toshinori and when he’s being All Might. which is why i can pretty confidently say that Toshinori looked very similar to All Might prior to his injury, because in that flashback we see with him and Gran Torino, his hair isn’t pointed up or pushed back, it’s just regular old Toshi training up his body (and getting the crud kicked outta him)

ska;ga; okay so this was an overly long response to your ask but. y eah. that’s why i think All Might’s true form used to look like his muscle form (excluding the hair, at least)

i hope that answered your question!!

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Hey I checked on the LoSC YT site to see if Lindsay's videos have been removed (yes) and I discovered that you have some videos there (and Rantasmo). Do you still have a contract with Maker? Asking because I want to understand more about the whole Maker-thingy.

I do NOT have contact with Maker. I actually have been trying to get someone with them to answer a question for me since September with no reply. I do not recommend working with Maker. Also, I used to make about $2/month off those few videos on their LoSC channel, but they stopped sending me the payments at all about a year ago. I’m sure they’re still getting paid, though. As minuscule as the amount is, it still bugs me, you know? That they would just cease communication entirely but keep my videos on their channel. Though if you think I might be able to answer your questions, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best! 

Important Update

Hello everyone! It’s me, Admin Krümmel.

The reason I’m writing this is a rather sad one, but some things have happened and I’ve decided to be honest with all of you.

The reason I’m writing this is because I will officially stop writing for this blog as for the time being, meaning we are on a full on hiatus.

This has many reasons. Like Moon, I am currently studying at University, which takes up a lot of my time. I also work and have other responsibilities.

But the most important reason is, that I need distance from the fandom. 

This whole issue has been building up for a long time. I never said anything because I felt it was wrong, but my issues with the fandom started with some of the requests we were getting. Now, of course I am immensely grateful for all the awesome people who supported us and gave us awesome requests. But for every good request there were 7 requests that made me question why I’m still doing this. I put a lot of effort into this blog, even when it got hard, but now it’s time to put myself first.

I wanted to continue to write for you all at first, so I endured it, but at this point I really don’t want to take any more of this.

This is not the only reason I’m leaving. So much has happened in the fandom and on tumblr in general, that made me question the people part of this community. I just feel like this website isn’t good for me at all at this point in time.

It’s just time for me to leave this site and this blog and focus on my life outside the internet. I made new friends and we have a lot of plans and I’m really excited about studying and I don’t want this blog to be just an afterthought, which is why I think the best thing to do is to go on a hiatus.

All of you deserve to know what’s up, so you don’t wait for our content in vain.

So, in conclusion, this means:

-We won’t take any more requests until we decide to reopen the blog.

-We won’t post any more content until further notice (we won’t delete the requests we have though. So we might still do them when we decide to reopen the blog)

-The blog will stay open so you can still read our reactions if you want to. (That doesn’t mean you can upload our stuff anywhere else though, just fyi)

-I will answer some of your questions you might have right now. But after that the blog will be on hiatus.

Again, I want to say thank you to everyone who supported us all this time and we hope that all of you will continue to have a good time without us.

Until we see each other again,

Admin Krümmel

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Hi! I just saw your recent edit for BTS festa and it's amazing! Do you mind telling me which editing app you used? And how you made the background? Thanks and have a good day❤️

anonie said: Hi~ firstly I LOVE YOUR EDITS SO MUCH THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL AND ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC IM- THANK YOU FOR THISSSS I was wondering if you could give me the name of the app or programme that you use to make these edits! I’m a beginner, and I would love to learn to make edits as nice as yours! Thank you in advance and I hope you have a good day❤️❤️

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Number #10 with all might please!

Writing prompt #10: “I might have had a few shots.”


  Two things shocked you as you laid on your couch, patiently awaiting the return of All Might.

  The first thing that shocked you was him bursting through the front door, his muscular build pushing against the hinges. And the second thing, well, it was the faint hint of red splashed across his cheeks, the usual brilliant smile of the hero still hanging proudly on his lips.

  “Have no fear! It’s fine now. Why?” Hiccup. “Because I’m h-here!” he finished with another hiccup, stumbling into the house. Rushing over to support him, your nose was attacked with the stench of alcohol. Is he drunk? You think, intending on leaving him on the couch. But All Might had other plans. Pushing you away, he twirls a little, before stopping abruptly, inhaling a huge breath.

  “All Might is here!” He yells, swinging his arms wildly in the air, before settling them into a position of flexing his biceps. He then proceeds to tumble onto the couch haphazardly. Placing a thumb beneath your chin, you tried to figure out what to do with him. In this form, there was simply no way for you to carrying him into the bedroom. But you can’t leave him out here alone.

  Deciding on getting a blanket to cover him up, you shift, only to have All Might tug you onto his lap, a firm grasp on your waist. Raising a brow, you questioned.

 “What on earth did you drink?” Your eyebrows knitted. It was only up close, that you were able to examine just how drunk All Might was. Needless to say, he was pretty damn drunk at this point.

   A sheepish smile stretches across his face, and he leans his head against your chest, all while mumbling, “I might have had a few shots.” Yeah, that had totally answered your question. Noticing the frown on your face, he presses a finger against the creases, in hopes of getting rid them. “Y/N,” he whines, “I’m sorrrry.”

 Slurring, he shifts his fingers from your forehead to your cheek, and plants a wet kiss on your forehead. “A little kiss will make it all better,” he smiles, flashing two thumbs up at you, proud of his handiwork.

Heaving a sigh, you got off his lap, resulting in him making a noise of disapproval. “Wai-” But before he could say anything else, you tugged his arm gently, pointing in the general direction of the bedroom.

“Come on, let’s get you changed,” you say, slapping a hand over your cheeks. God damn it, that was so cute. It wasn’t everyday you saw a drunk All Might, but it was certainly refreshing to see one.