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Sabrina’s Icon Tutorial

So you wanna learn how to make simple icons, and make them fast? This is the post FOR YOU. I constantly brag about my 1,500 icons for each of my muses, all simply edited and edited fast with minimal effort on my end.
(Note, this tutorial ISN’T how I edit my icons, but how I make editing them easier on myself.)

For this tutorial, you will need:
Photoshop! I use CS6 and while these features might be in earlier versions, I suggest getting CS6 to make things easier on yourself!
Icons to edit! Make sure you’re allowed to edit your icons if you download them from someone else’s icon set. 

If you are cropping your icons yourself, try to save the image with the artist’s URL- that way, you can credit the artist if someone asks for it, and you can delete the icon if the artist comes and asks you not to use their art.
If you didn’t crop your icons yourself, don’t worry about it, but please remember to be respectful if an artist approaches you and asks you to stop using a certain icon that uses their art! If they say to stop, stop using the icon and delete it like they asked you to.

That said, let’s get right into this! If a part has confused you, please don’t be afraid to head to my inbox and ask me for clarification!
Also note that this is MY METHOD of making icons- there is no Right or Wrong way to make icons. This is simply how I do them, and how I edit 1,500+ icons in a matter of 10 minutes.

Image-Heavy tutorial below the cut!

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Matching icons for you and the bae, mainly because I wanted to filter Henry James in a rainbow.

But also because I know nothing pisses off people more than 1. saying historical figures weren’t straight on one side of the spectrum and 2. using modern terms and conceptions to identify them on the complete opposite side of that spectrum.

Honestly, though? Charles Sumner was made to rock the ace aesthetic, and Sam just looks really cute in pastels.


@toudaimoto-kun from {x}

  Masaomi wasn’t sure what had happened to the universe, and why strange things kept happening to him. First he was turned into a cat, and now he was a child. He looked into the mirror to see that he looked exactly like he did when he was five—including his brunette hair. Hopefully Kurashi would recognize him. Immediately, he rushed out of the bedroom and into the living room, nearly tripping over his clothes a few times.

     “Kurashi, there’s something wrong…”

  To his surprise, Kurashi didn’t seem shocked, or even very confused. He just seemed to be exasperated. Masaomi played with his fingers, feeling self-conscious. 

     “I’m sorry, I don’t really know what happened. When I woke up from my nap, I had returned to being a child. I think I’m five or six. My voice sounds so strange…”

  Masaomi grabbed two of Kurashi’s fingers, because his hand was so tiny now, and squeezed them tightly. He looked up at Kurashi with a somewhat scared expression. “I don’t want to stay like this forever, or grow up again somehow. What if this isn’t like the cat thing? We have to find a way to change me back.”