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The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
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Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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Is she actually a teen in that pic?

omg nuu.. in the tags i wrote it’s her YA version. by 17-18 i’d want her to be a normal aged sim because by then she’d already have hit puberty. as an actual ts3 teen her lips, nose and face shape aren’t as defined but it still looks very much like her because of her skin and things.

Hey here’s a thought. Tell me why you started following me. Was it because of my shitposts? RPs in the past (I would know this one lol)? Dragons Pokeymanz? My plants? The amount of gay I am? Shitposts?

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day


They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–

My friend asked for some close ups of my art! ^^ I thought I’d post them here too if you’d like to see my stuff at pretty high res. It’s pretty messy up close haha~ X,3; 


In which Bakugou is me


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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*catapults my canoe into the midst of the navy fleet of Sheith war ships* 

Is this like… not a thing or… 


skam meme:

[4/4] scenes ➢ it’s your girl


Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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I can’t even begin to explain how shitty this is????????????????

Also I just can’t see this show going forward from here…michael was such an intrinsic part of the show.

Like…They’re actually going to put Jane and Raf back together, it’s CLEAR that that’s happening. Which is just? So incredibly frustrating

Why save him at all? It’s not like he’s had a huge storyline this season (most of it has been recovery centered which is now. Well.) It feels like they brought him back solely for Jane to lose her virginity to him, as if that would “throw a bone” to this side of the fandom so they could then get on with Raf and Jane. I’m.

They skipped three years so they don’t even have to address the grief. Like. If you’re going to kill a character you should at least properly deal with the ramifications of that I’m sorry.

Bringing back the abusive af rose and Luisa relationship? I’m so tired. I mean I saw it coming but. Honestly what made this show good was the balance between the jane plot and the drug ring plot, and a large part of that had to do with Michael. Both in being with Jane and spearheading the detective aspect. Sin rostro was michaels case. He sacrificed so much for it. He was supposed to be the one to solve it. He was supposed to be the one to finish it. Are we just done completely with the police stuff now? I loved that part of the show and have missed it this season, even with Michael still there.

They didn’t even giving him a good death scene. I get that that’s how life works but really? A throwaway scene in the last minutes of the episode? After everything?

No more Rogelio and Michael

No more Mateo and Michael (or baby Mateo in general which is :( )

No more jane and Michael

And most significantly…Just no more michael.

I’m angry and upset and I realize a lot of that has to do with yes, half of my otp and one of my favorite characters dying. But also the more I process the more I become aware of how sloppy this was written and planned and that’s equally upsetting to me.

reblog if you think these quotes are romantic. like if you think they are platonic. i’m doing a social experiment.
  • “I love her, I always have. And she loves me,”
  • “How can you still have hope for me?” “I have hope for something 2.66 billion miles away… you have always been right here.”
  • “Your safe place is me,” “And I’m yours.” “From the day we met.”
  • “You know what happens at 5:30? You turn gold.”
  • “I was thinking about you… because I love you.”
  • “If there’s one thing I know in this life… it’s that you are my extraordinary relationship.”
  • “You’re the only person who is good enough for me,” “This we’ve always known.”
  • “Before I knew you-” “You always knew me,”
  • “If this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you.”
  • “You’re gonna save me, aren’t you?” “Yes,”
  • “The world I know wants you to be yourself, and my world, it needs you in it.”
  • “Do you still want to know me?” “Always.”
  • “I’d rather be a fool with you then to be anything without you,”
  • “I’m strong because there’s something inside me that stops me now. It knows how important you’ve been in my life and it’ll never let me do any real damage as long as I live.”
  • “That’s how important this is to me, because it’s important to her.”
  • “When I sit here, with you, I’m safe.”
  • “You’re my favourite person in the world, I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”
  • “I miss her. I love her.”
  • “Because somebody went after you.”
  • “You will always be my favourite, no matter what you are.”

Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and draw the ot3. You just gotta.