i might actually delete it ;0

[today is my friend’s bday!! (@ask-the-usa | @catty-kitkat)

go send ‘em love bc kit is rlly precious and deserves the absolute best!!]


Voltage Selfie Day 2.0 / Meme-Tag crap Whoa. Tumblr deleted my actual post so here again: Since I’m lazy I wanted to post the VSD selfies along the meme tag. These are one-month old selfies but again, I’m lazy. Might take non-cosplay selfies after dyeing my hair tho. Now onto the meme crap: 20 beautiful people blahhh…tagged by o-taku-tome, my-sweet-bodyguard-rp, meng-mei-qi, sakuyaaa ~ thanks for tagging me and enjoy the Voltage Selfie Day! (*‘∀'人)♥*+