i might actually cry it's been a while since i had bias feels

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor!Hwiyoung

i feel very proud of the outcome of this scenario! I wrote this for my friend who will remain anonymous but you know who you are :))) i love writing in this style it’s my personal writing style that I am very proud of and I like how it distinguishes me from other writers. please take the time to read this and pretend it’s your bias if you have another preference other than hwiyoung. please please reblog and get your friends to read this i hold this scenario close to me even though hwi is not my bias it’s that special!!! remember that requests are open but read faq & rules first!!! happy reading from your favorite mom!! ITS GONNA BE A WILD RIDE!!! i would greatly appreciate any feedback!!!

warnings: includes a lot of fluff + angst incorporated together, angst part will rip out your heart and stomp on it to pieces, fluff will try to mend those pieces together, you might cry – i certainly felt emotional while writing that part :’))

  • The whole country has been affected by zombies
  • It only started with one or two in a couple of states
  • Hours later it spread to the coast
  • Next thing you know it has reached your town
  • Almost everyone has been infected and you’re one of the lucky few who still have your humanity
  • And sanity
  • You and the other survivors have been in a hideout for weeks and you’re not sure how long it’s gonna last
  • Your crew went from 50 people to 20 people in a matter of 2 days
  • Now it’s down to 10

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Analysis: Sakaki Yuya (Episode 1 - Episode 68)

Yuya might have the protagonist powers, but it’s Yuzu who carries the shounen spirit.

Note: This didn’t turn out as organized as I wanted, but I wanted to post it before Episode 69 in Japan so I don’t cover extra material. I will be making an appendix in a follow-up post, however.

PS. If you wish to respond/discuss this, just tag me. It would be horrendous to reblog the entire thing and add more wall of text to it.


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