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So I’m thinking about if hatefuck Harry was having a really really bad day and he doesn’t know why but for some reason he wants to be with yn and he finds her but she is being rude to him like they normally do just the normal hatefucking discourse and Harry like ,,, doesn’t have the energy to be mean right now bc he’s sad and just wants her so he stops her and he’s like “Can I just... have you? Can we skip the ‘I hate you’ part for today?”


@permanentcross…..the saga continues….

Today has been…bad.

That’s the only word Harry can use to describe it. 

He’s just about ready to give up on songwriting altogether, his brain having betrayed him in the most treacherous of ways. Harry likes to think that he can string lyrics along, put two and two together to make them fit with his tune and to wrench the hearts of any listeners. But today…his abilities have yet to reveal themselves.

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Some of my favourite moments from Call Me by Your Name (the novel) Part 2

1. Flirting over Bach. While Elio plays Bach on the guitar, Oliver has a “cutting” and “cruel” look on his face. Wounded, Elio stops playing. Oliver begs him to continue, but Elio teases him by switching to piano and changing the piece, refusing to play it as he played it before until he finally acquiesces:

“I knew exactly what phrase in the piece must have stirred him the first time, and each time I played it, I was sending it to him as a little gift, because it was really dedicated to him, as a token of something very beautiful in me that would take no genius to figure out and that urged me to throw in an extended cadenza. Just for him.”

We talk a lot about Elio’s thirst but he is a true romantic!

2. While Oliver was dating Chiara he and group of friends decide to go for a bike ride. They are one bike short so Oliver asks Elio if Mario can borrow his:

“I shrugged my shoulders, meaning, Go ahead, I couldn’t care less. But no sooner had they left than I scrambled upstairs and began sobbing into my pillow.”


3. Basically all of Monet’s Berm, but especially when Elio puts his hand on Oliver’s crotch and Oliver removes it in a gesture that’s described as “quite glacial”.

I see you Oliver ;)

4. Vimini:

“He likes you too—more than you do, I think.”

Captain of our ship!

5. When Elio takes Oliver to the bookshop and thinks:

“This is where I dreamed of you before you came into my life.”

My romantic son.

6. Vulnerable Oliver. As much as I love Elio’s teen angst, Oliver’s longing has a quiet pain that is very moving. The first night they sleep together he is “fussing awkwardly”:

“ ‘I’m so glad you came,’ he said. ‘I could hear you moving in your room and for a while I thought you were getting ready to go to bed and had changed your mind.’ ”

And later when he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

7. Oliver taking off Elio’s clothes:

“He was whispering, ‘Off, and off, and off, and off,’ which made me laugh…”

Cute, and cute, and cute, and cute.

8. Elio seeing Oliver wearing his bathing suit and calling it an “unbearable turn-on” which somehow leads him to the memory of Oliver coming on his chest… Have I mentioned that I love this book?

9. The entire peach scene might be the most human thing I have ever read, but especially Elio’s reaction while Oliver is actually eating the peach: 

“I was crying because no stranger has ever been so kind or gone so far for me…”

10. In Rome when Elio begins to contemplate life without Oliver:

“Would I be able to live without his hand on my tummy or around my hips? Without kissing and licking a wound on his hip that would take weeks to heal, but away from me now? Whom else would I ever be able to call by my name?”

I’m in agony.

11. Elio’s dad ripping out what’s left of my heart and handing it back to me:

“I never had what you had. Something always held me back or stood in the way. How you live your life is your business. But remember our hearts and bodies are given to us only once… I don’t envy the pain. But I envy you the pain.”

12. Oliver’s Christmas visit:

“I’d love nothing better than to take your clothes off and at the very least hold you. But I can’t.”

*flips table*

13. And when they meet again years later:

“…he was more me than I had ever been myself, because when he became me and I became him in bed so many years ago, he was and would forever remain, long after every forked road in life had done its work, my brother, my friend, my father, my son, my husband, my lover, myself.”

Congratulations, you broke me.

Boyfriend Jooheon

A/N: thought i would carry on with the monsta x boyfriend!au thing

  • rip me tbh bc jooheonie is my bias wrecker its those dimples man
    oh my god probably the worst honestly but in the best way if that makes sense
  • The worst bc just try and guess what hes gonna do next
  • Aegyo? Scream? Rap? Laugh?
  • Jooheonie feels everything at extreme levels you know he wears his heart on his forehead lmao
  • When hes scared he’ll try and pretend he isnt but you know jooheon he may as well be carrying a fucking neon sign that says i am terrified
  • When hes happy he shines, he smiles with his whole face and he starts radiating positivity and gets loud with excitement, jumping around everywhere, not able to keep his hands off you so you’ll be stuck in his arms always
  • He does chill tho hes not always like that
  • Its just hes a very extroverted person who is full of energy so being loud and hyper is his thing
  • Its always nice when hes calm tho
  • Opens up to u that way telling u his deepest thoughts and secrets
  • Tells u everything bc thats just who he is doesnt want to keep any secrets from u
  • Is a really trusting and loving boyfriend
  • I dont think he would get all that jealous but if he did not the type to get angry
  • Will more than likely casually approach u and whomever is causing him to be jealous and then lowkey drape an arm over u givin u lil kiss
  • And then turning to whoever and introducing himself as ur bf
  • Does it really sly that it doesnt even seem like possesive type behaviour
  • Loves it when u go visit him at the studio bc when he likes to show u what hes working on and will rap lyrics that hes writing to u
  • Hes always inspired by u too which is why he likes to have u there bc he looks at ur face and boom hes written a whole new song
  • Writes about pretty much every aspect of ur relationship that sometimes starship is like,,,,, dude,,,, chill out a lil bit
  • Does not care in the slightest tho lmao continues to write songs about u
  • And if they dont make the album for whatever reason will just give them to u anyway
  • Like happy anniversary baby heres a mini album of songs i made for u they didnt make the monsta x album but u can have them anyway
  • U cried listening to them
  • At some point ur gonna have to fight minhyuk bc hes gonna get all up in ur shit about dating jooheon and proclaim himself king of jooheons affections
  • So just beat his ass bc he probably deserves it tbh but once hes cool with u the two of u become the jooheon protection squad
  • Grouping together to shower jooheon with love and affection bc he deserves it all
  • Although u may have to tell minhyuk to step off sometimes bc thats ur man
  • That makes jooheon laugh and hes standing there like im ur man soz not soz minhyuk
  • Serenades u all the time crying emoji
  • Like the two of u will be cooking dinner at ur place with music playing in the bg and he’ll just start singing to u while ur trying to chop carrots or smthn
  • Is always helpful
  • Helps with cooking, cleaning, laundry, literally anything he just wants to help out
  • Sometimes ur like calm down i got it i know ur tired from 15 hours of dance practice pls rest
  • Really appreciates when u take care of him like that bc sometimes his life is rly overwhelming and its nice when he doesnt have to worry about anything
  • Thats the general theme of monsta x as ur bf tbh
  • Do everyone a favor and poke his dimples
  • Especially when hes got that soft smile on his face when hes kinda tired
  • Poke them it will make him happy
  • Sends u hella selfies while hes away
  • Tells u its so u dont forget what he looks like lmao
  • Im crying im looking at gifs of jooheon for inspiration and its making all soft inside
  • On the the fun stuff smirk emoji
  • Honestly? Probably a sub if ur into that kinda stuff
  • Like yeah he does have his moments when hes being all strict and domineering and stuff but i dont think he will get it if u tell him to be ur dom
  • Will probably tell u to do his laundry bc he just doesnt get it
  • Not all that kinky either i imagine if u try and blindfold him hes just gonna get scared so dont do that its gonna ruin the mood
  • Is a hella giver tho u best bet
  • Always down to eat u out its one of his fave activities
  • Man can rap hella fast so u can bet hes good with his mouth
  • Believes in equality tho so u gotta suck him off too but isnt pushy about it
  • Whines about his boner until u get the message then kinda just lies back and lets u go to town
  • Holds ur hair back so he can see his cock disappear into ur mouth but wont push u to do anything
  • Very vocal about everything
  • Tells u whatever is coming into his head in that moment and makes pretty noises
  • Solid missionary man bc hes soft and likes to be face to face with u when hes fucking u so that he can kiss u whenever he wants
  • Although hes down to let u ride him especially when hes tired
  • The type to put his hands behind his head and just let u fuck urself with his dick
  • Might lend a hand to play with ur clit to help u get off faster if u asked
  • Cuddles afterwards
  • Will gather u up in his arms and just lie there until u both have caught ur breath
  • Hes likes to be a little spoon too okay so let him be a little spoon
  • And run ur fingers through his hair while cuddling him he will love it bc it makes him all sleepy and cute
  • I gotta stop now imma start crying soon i love jooheonie

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I hc Otabek as very awkward when he meets new people (like.. when he actually talks to them, even if he seems cool) and that’s just so cute to me I can’t stop thinking about his first awkward convos with Yuri where he tries too hard I’m d ead

I’m joining the rest of tumblr to cry because of Mike and Will’s relationship, this was so cute and I swear it was what we all needed to see - them being best friends or whatever you want!

Now I’m wondering about a few things, I suppose Will might get powers too or maybe he’ll just keep being the link between the two dimensions… Anyway this just means Mike’s two favourite people in the world both are connected to supernatural stuff lol I seriously need to see Will and Eleven BONDING. I liked that she asked to see him but they actually never talked AGAIN and I want to see how the dynamics with her and Will are going to be.

I like both mileven and byeler but I really wonder how Will and Eleven will bond, and also how Mike fits in everything orz

Wanna One Reaction to You Crying After a Fight

Author’s Note: This is my time writing a reaction so i hope it’s good^^ Also it won’t let me add more than 10 gifs so sorry that there isn’t one for Guanlin):

Jisung: Once Jisung sees you crying whatever argument you guys were having would stop. He would pull you close and apologize “I’m sorry (Y/N), why don’t we just drop this for both of our sakes”

Originally posted by daewi

Sungwoon: After making you cry he would probably leave the room so he can think. He would leave then return to you with flowers or just a little gift to say sorry “I hope you accept my apology and I promise to never let a disagreement get this bad”

Originally posted by daeswhis

Minhyun: Okay so Minhyun is very mature so I would assume he would want a s/o who is also mature so if it got to a point where there was a lot of yelling yet alone you started crying he would feel guilty. “We could’ve handled this better, I’m really sorry for raising my voice”

Originally posted by hasungswoon

Seongwoo: At first Ong would probably think you’re joking around and would laugh thinking the argument you guys were having was over but when he sees that you’re actually upset he wouldn’t know what to do. “Are you really crying? I’m sorry I made you upset” He would probably do something weird to make you laugh

Originally posted by nielongs

Jaehwan: I feel like Jaehwan would think that you’re crying just so you could “win” the argument so he might seemed annoyed at you “Why are you crying? If you’re so right then prove to me why"

Originally posted by ongwu

Daniel: Daniel is like a cute bunny so if there was an argument than either you or him must’ve messed up bad but when he sees you crying he might think it’s because you’re frustrated so he would freeze and wrap his arms around you “Let’s drop this and if it still bothers, we can talk about later when we’re both calmed down”

Originally posted by danik-chu

Jihoon: Jihoon is such a cutie so when he sees that he made you cry he would most likely start crying along with you feeling really bad for what he did “I am so so so sorry (Y/N), please don’t leave me. I can make it up to you”

Originally posted by jwihoon

Woojin: Woojin strikes me as someone who can’t really put his emotions into right words so he might say something he doesn’t mean at all because of the way it came out of his mouth “(Y/N) I really didn’t mean to say that to you. I’m very sorry please know I love you a lot”

Originally posted by woojinnies

Jinyoung: Would immediately feel bad for making you cry. He wouldn’t know what to say other than sorry. “I’m so sorry. How can I make it up to you?” (He would probably call one of the members for advice)

Originally posted by alpacadong

Daehwi: Okay this boy is such a sweetheart but he is young so maybe a little disagreement would turn into you two yelling at each other. By the time the yelling was over he would be crying with you so not much words would be shared

Originally posted by woldiye

Guanlin: Just like Daehwi, he is young also so he might say something mean but would immediately regret it as the words left his mouth, however I don’t think he would apologize right away he might leave and go to the dorms but late at night he would go back to your home and then apologize after calming down “I’m so sorry for saying those things can we just forget this happened”

SDR2 Boys Reacting to their S/O Saying “I Love You” For the First Time Headcanons

This is so cute, anon!!

–Mod Gundham


Hajime Hinata

-He’s Shook™

-He’s blushing and smiling right away

-He stutters back an “I- I love you too!”

-And then grabs you in a hug

-Might cry to himself later that night

-Because he’s so honored that you love him

-Like having you admit it so formally 

-Damn, man

Nagito Komaeda

-Will actually cry once you say it

-They’re happy tears, of course!!

-Before he can ask you why you love filth like him he finds himself saying it right back to you

-Which just makes him cry harder

-He grabs onto you and pulls you close to him

-And then he looks at you, smiling

-And he just keeps repeating that he loves you until you pull him back into your chest

Teruteru Hanamura

-As soon as the words leave your mouth you think you messed up

-His eyes are opened

-And he’s staring at you like you’re a beast

-But he slowly starts to smile

-And breaks out into an actual grin

-His accent is in full swing as he declares his love for you too

-He makes it extremely clear that he doesn’t just like you for your body like he fears you might suspect 

-He won’t leave your side for days after

-He’s never had someone love and trust him like you do!

-So he’s not going to just leave you alone, are you kidding?

Gundham Tanaka

-His face is aflame the instant he understands what you said

-He’s flabbergasted

-He tries to lead into a whole speech about how of course you love him, he’s a demonic god with the fate of the world in his hands!

-But you cut him off by grabbing his wildly-motioning hands

-And you repeat yourself, trying to prompt him into saying it back

-He just stares at you with his mouth wide open

-And then mutters he loves you too

-…then repeats himself, louder this time

-And then again

-Now he’s cackling goddammit tanaka

-He’s just trying to cover up his mistakes with bravado again okay 

Nekomaru Nidai

-He picks you up

-No hesitation or thought

-He just scoops you into his arms and holds you up like a child

-Grinning at you with closed eyes

-Which leads into him laughing loudly with joy

-He’ll thank you for saying it first

-And the he’ll yell it back to you 

-And prompt you to say it again, but LOUDER THIS TIME!!!

-He turns it into a little exercise that has the both of you crying laughing in a few minutes

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

-He starts to blush more

-He looks away for a minute, silet

-And while you worry that you fucked up, he starts to smile

-When he looks back at you, he’s got that cute little grin on his face

-”Well no shit you love me, dumbass!”

-He grabs you in a hug and claps you on the back as he says it back to you

-He’s so proud 

-Has to hide his blushing for a while

-But he grabs your hand after the hug and doesn’t let you go all day

-Peko is mildly confused but is happy for the two of you for…whatever happened

Kazuichi Soda

-His eyes sparkle once the words are out

-Not just with their normal glitter, though

-…he’s tearing up

-He grabs your shoulders and says it back after a moment

-He gives you a toothy grin 

-He won’t leave your side too 

-But he also teases you for this

-Even though he’s the one that cried??

-This boy…

Byakuya Twogami

-They’re so stunned

-Asks you to clarify 

-..Do you love them or one of their personas..?

-You smile and tell them that it’s them you love

-Not the people they act as

-They nod and swallow

-Thank you profusely 

-And then formally say it back to you

-They say it calls for a date out, no matter what time this happens

-So they’re going to drag you to get food

-And nonstop tell you they love you too 

-They never stop smiling

-Because someone finally loves them for them

Get Ready for some more Winteriron Feels

Because I took a break from IronHawk to write a few Winteriron scenes and oh my god you guys these two are the fucking cutest.
I’m not even sorry for this ridiculous little scene. Can’t wait to share this story with you guys

Tony picked up his phone and called down to the gym where he knew Bucky and Steve were working out.

“Hello?” Bucky’s voice was hoarse, tired from working out, and the sound sent heat curling through Tony’s spine because it was almost what the soldier sounded like when he finished and that was just… gorgeous.

“Hello?” Bucky asked again, a little impatiently and Tony shook himself back to the moment.

“Maybe we skip the hotel and you spend the night in my room tonight.” Was all he said before hanging up.

As he was climbing into bed at nearly midnight that night, Bucky came swinging in through the open window, dropping silently to the floor and pulling a frightened half to death Tony into his arms for a mind blanking, body drugging kiss.

“Maybe next time you don’t drop in on me like a sneaky super villain.” Tony managed when Bucky pulled away just long enough to let him breathe.

“Maybe next time you don’t call me while I’m working out and tell me that we can stay in your room tonight for the first time. Do you know hard it was not to drag this butt of yours upstairs and lock you in here with me right then?”

“Um, this hard?” Tony squeezed him for emphasis, stroking up and down the bulge in Bucky’s jeans, then ran his fingers up the left arm. “Or this hard?”

“Both, Tony.” Bucky tossed him onto the bed and started ripping his clothes off. “It was exactly as hard as both of those.”

Tony had to hide his laughter in a pillow so no one else would hear, and after they were done, after Bucky had come back to bed, Tony was still giggling a little bit and brushed their noses together and Bucky thought he might actually cry because Tony laughing was the best thing he’d ever heard.
Not even sorry about the fluff
Been writing angsty IronHawk all day and just needed Tony laughing because writing him sad makes me sad.
I hope that little excerpt makes everybody smile

Noragami Chapter 74

Ok this chapter fucked me up. I read it in the morning and it made me mad the whole day. I will try to write in a calm manner but I was so mad earlier I was writing in full caps. I should have known by now that whenever there is a really cute moment it always gets ruined, like what the fuck Noragami can’t you just let us have a cute moment!?!

It starts with Hiyori thinking about their one year anniversary and how she forgot everything once so she writes everything down in a diary. Her memories are important to her and so are Yato and Yukine. She even has little annotations on the photos like the cute Yato crowns!!Aww!

Look at this cinnamon roll! Yato is so adorable and look at her happy tail wags. So cute! He wants to throw a surprise party!

WTF Yato I thought you were going to do a regular party. You and your crazy ideas! She doesn’t look too mad though.

Ha lol dry personality, yeah he would do that! OMG Yato is too cute begging and he’s going to get everyone to join in. Not Bishamon, she is hurt still.

Wow this is actually happening, ok lol and Yukine taking a bath not noticing anything.

WOW imagine they all suck at dancing.

Yeah it started off being cute with Ebisu but Kunimi messes it up, like you don’t do a flip when you fall.

To Quote Yato “well done you handsome gorilla, you” Hiyori ”That looked completely unnatural!”

Are they all doing the dances that they know or what they like, I can’t tell. When did they change clothes!?!

Poor Hiyori she’s so done with this shit.

I know that this would happen because when Yato was proven to be innocent, heaven would be wronged with the time they punished Ebisu. Since they are heaven and the absolute law which represents goodness, for them to be wrong hurts their pride and image. (Anyone else notice Ebisu’s shoelaces still untied?)

Man I do not want Yato’s dad to show up at all, but with that foreshadowing he’s gonna show up soon. Poor Yukine waiting for everyone to return.

Aww they’re all so happy and they worked so hard for him!

I totally forgot that he was Yato’s lifeline but I think since Hiyori still remembers Yato then even if his dad died, Yato would live since gods only die when people stop believing in them. (It’s complicated for Yato though since his dad made him)

Lol anyone else forgot about pigeon delivery! Yukine’s so suspicious!

NO BITCH!! Can you not, get your fucking ass out of there, you have no place being there! Bye! Ok that was weird so Hiyori showed up just in time.

Look at Yukine’s face, he absolutely hates her, which makes sense because of all that she did to him.

Hiyori’s right, Yukine is too pure for this world, nothing like Nora. She just likes to kill other people, Yukine is the best he’s only trying to protect Yato.

Aww! Nostalgia, the place where they first met!

He’s so confused like what the fuck, Kunimi be more natural.

Same Yukine, we’re all confused. Ebisu just went flying like Superman lol.

The arrival of those two really drove him over the edge. Look Hiyori is wearing her old uniform and striking a pose with Yato.(Look at her tail wrapped around him!)

This is it. The best scene in this chapter. This makes everything ok. You could feel how much Yukine means to them.

Lol the author drew in Bishamon and Kazuma. Man I wish they were actually there) it’s too cute.

She realizes now that Yukine might hate this. (nah but he wont, maybe he’ll be really embarrassed though.)

The flowers were a really nice touch.

AWWW!!! Look at little Yukine’s spirit!

Hiyori’s embarrassed but I wonder what gift she got him? Just need to point out Yato thirsty for Hiyori in that bottom panel. (you can see her panties)

Aww he wrote a message and it’s a charm. Yato looks so happy.

AHHH! Yukine’s crying .(i’m tearing up) This is so cute!

Hiyori made that hat didn’t she(it has Yato’s crown on it, so cute!) BITCH NO CAN YOU NOT RUIN THIS MOMENT! You’re nothing alike! GO AWAY!

FUCKKK!!!!!NOOOJEIGIHSHJDVHJ! OH MY GOD NO how are you going to end it like that!

This chapter was just fucking crazy! I thought it was going to be cutebut nooooo it just had to kill my hopes. What is up with Noragami giving unwanted kisses everywhere. I wanted a Yatori kiss to this bitch! I didn’t even know it was possible to hate her even more but it’s official I now hate Nora even more then Yato’s dad. The next chapter better redeem this shit right here because I can’t deal with this.

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Hello! I would like to request iKON reactions to their s/o bringing home a puppy/kitten without letting them know about it. Thank youuu~ 😊

I want my s/o to bring me home a puppy.

Too bad I’m single af /wheezes/

No, but seriously, I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

Jinhwan: He’ll love it, let’s be honest. I mean, who wouldn’t absolutely love to have a tiny little pup-pup or kitty? I’d love it. Anyway, he would probably watch you walk in with the little cutie in your arms with wide eyes, already up on his feet, making his way towards you slowly, careful not to frighten the animal.

“Is he/she yours?” He’d ask. “They’re so cute…can I hold them?” You would immediately say yes, handing the little animal to him, smiling fondly as he pressed a sweet kiss to the top of their tiny head.

Originally posted by lk0n

Yunhyeong: OH BOY. This sweetie would be so PUMPED for this. Like, yes, bring him home a kitten or puppy. He would be thrilled if you brought home a little pet that he could spoil and take care of.

“Ahh- did you bring this little guy home for me? Ohhh, he is so cute.”

Originally posted by fckingikon

Bobby: My boy Booby will actually lose his shit, oh my god. He’ll honestly flip out because he’s so excited. Expect him to yell, jump around, and possibly cry. I just feel like he’d get a little emotional from this type of surprise.

“She’s mine? She’s for me? Babe…you are the BEST! Ahhh, put her on the floor, I want to play with her.”

(Here is how I imagined Bobby’s little “Ahhh”. It’s from One Punch Man and it’s really funny, I promise. Link.)

Originally posted by darlinglion

B.I: He’ll be happy about it. He might scold you in a playful way that the little animal might chew through his phone/laptop charger since he didn’t have time to prepare for it. But he will definitely cuddle the little cutie at night.

“Wow..I think she might be cuter than you, babe.” He joked.

Originally posted by crying-in-korean

Donghyuk: He’ll love the little cutie as soon as his eyes meet the puppy/kittens eyes. He’ll honestly fall in love and you might just have some major competition.

“Oh my, look at the angel! She is so cute! She;s my little baby. I love her already, oh my god.”

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Junhoe: He’d be like, “What the hell are you actually doing?”. It’s not that he wouldn’t love whatever you brought home- but I don’t see Junhoe loving these types of surprises because, well, he like knowing what the hell is going on lmao.

“Um. Excuse me? Who is this and what do you think you’re doing?” He asked you with raised brows.

“Oh, do you want me to take him back?” 

“What? No, I already looked at him which makes him mine, but please tell me why you didn’t warn me.”

Originally posted by incomplete-life

Chanwoo: He’d be a mixture of Junhoe and B.I. He’d be happy, of course, but he’d be a bit confused about why you didn’t just tell him about the animal or why you didn’t just warn him so he could get ready for it. 

“Oh. Huh, that is a really cute puppy though.”

Originally posted by forkjh

Thank you so much for requesting! Feel free to send in more, cuties!

Astro Reaction To You Crying Over Your Favorite Character’s Death

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said: 

astro reaction to you crying over your favorite character’s death in a series/book

MJ: *I feel like his reaction whenever you are crying is to try and make you laugh so he’d be silly just so you’d smile. He’s not trying to diminish your feelings, just help her to feel happier ones*

Originally posted by asterocky

JinJin: *I kind of picture jinjin with a fan girl so he’d be used to the routine of this. alright crying, and holding a book, time to get the sundae started and put on some good music*

Originally posted by asterocky

Eunwoo: *I feel he would actually think it was cute that you got so into movies and books that you’d cry so he’d be giggling to himself while he dabbed at your tears*

Originally posted by starnightingle

Moonbin: *might actually use it to tease you for the rest of your life. what do you mean you need me to take you seriously? You still cry when you think about Fred’s death ten years after the book came out*

Originally posted by binwooed

Rocky: *I feel like Rocky is the type to never cry at sad movies or books so he just wouldn’t get it. It’d be fascinating to him*

Originally posted by m00nb1n

Sanha: *probably right there sobbing next to you.* *sorry this was the closest gif to him sobbing*

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I’ll Always Be There For You.

Summary: Reader has anxiety, And has been hiding it from Peter for years.

A/n: I changed the request up a bit, Since this is extremely close to another fic i’m working on. Also, I just wanted to say you’re not alone. I among many others have anxiety, And i just wanted to say i’m here for you. :) 

And also, I just noticed how off i was on this request. I’m sorry!!!  

TW: Anxiety, Crying, Cussing, Talks of panic attacks. II Words: 784

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“Y/n? Is that you?” Peter looks in the small room, the last place he had checked in the whole mansion to find you. It was hidden, a place you and Peter discovered when you first because friends. You both had covered it in posters, added a boom box, and filled it with stuff from thrift shops. You wouldn’t be lying if you said it was a mess, But it was your mess. 

“Not now.” You whispered. Your voice shaky and ruff from crying. You didn’t want him to see you like this. With bloodshot eyes, Body huddled in a small chair. You probably looked awful. Not to mention, You would give yourself hell if you let him see the imperfect side of you. That suffered from anxiety and other things. Too many things to list. You wanted to appear as best as you could in front of him. Because, Well.. You’re friends. You wished you were more, But it wasn’t going to happen. Especially if he knew you deep enough. No one could really like you with all that, Right?

“Where have you been all day? I’ve been worried fucking sick about you. You’ve missed all your classes, And meals, And training sessions. Somethings wrong. I’m not stupid.” 

“Why would you worry about me? I’m not worth the pain,” You huffed, Curling up and hiding yourself from his gaze, “And i never said you were stupid, Peter.”

“Then why do you think i wouldn’t notice? You leaving in the middle of schools hours, Tear stains on your cheeks. I’m your friend. I can tell when you’re upset.” It stung a bit. You didn’t think he’d actually pay that much attention. He Was so laid back, You never passed him as a guy who would see through you. You looked at him, Seeing that he looked like he might start to cry. It saddened you. You didn’t want it to come to this point. But you’d just have to let it out. It would be for the better.

“I have anxiety.” You swallowed. It was hard to admit. It was nice to say, But it only lasted a few seconds. Confusion was plastered on his face. It was a little cute, But you really didn’t want to explain it all. It was too much to take. All of this happening so suddenly. When you thought it might never happen.

“What?” Peter asked, His voice was soft. And very quiet. Almost soothing. 

“I get panic attacks, I get overwhelmed, I could go on forever. I’m not perfect. Fuck i’m far from that. I tried so damn hard to keep this from you. I never wanted you to see this. I hate myself when i breakdown, How could someone else?”

“No ones perfect, Y/n.” He simply said. “You are.” You muttered. Eyes planted on the floor. He didn’t say anything, Just went over and sat with you. Wrapping an arm around your waist, Bringing you as close to him as possible.  It was as close to cuddling as you’d probably ever get. 

He must’ve not heard you, Thank god. 

“People are flawed. You just have to accept that. I did a long time ago.” Peter ran his spare hand through his hair, Letting out a sigh. His eyes scanned the whole room. Like he was debating to say something. 

“Out of all the people i know, You’re the least flawed. Do you really think your anxiety would keep me from you? Never. Nothing could ever take me away from you.” You were going to reply, But he kept going. You could tell he was extremely passionate about you. Knowing he cared, Felt like magic. Even in a hard time like this. After a fucking breakdown, After admitting something you had hid for years. It felt silly to be thinking more about how close you two were, And his maybe feelings for you. 

“You’re normal and beautiful and smart. I’ll always be there for you. Now, Next time you feel bad, Can you at least call me? I want to help. As much as i can. I hate to see you hurting. It’s the most painful thing to see. I love you too much to stand by and watch.” He nuzzled his head in your neck, Planting on kiss on your neck, That you were sure you’d feel forever. It made your breath stop, And your body freeze. And it wasn’t even what he was focused on. His words felt even better. 

So many emotions were running through your body. Sorry, Flustered, Comforted, You were sure that this was way too many than a normal person should feel. “I’m sorry. God. I really fucked up..” 

“You could never ‘fuck up’.” Peter laughed, Which lightened up the mood by far. You loved his laugh. It was warming to the soul. One of those laughs that could make anyone laugh. You might’ve been falling for this boy. Which scared the fuck out of you. But if it had to be anyone to fall for, You’d choose him. 

You  leaned your head into his chest, Getting as comfortable as you could, As he started to talk about the weird stuff he saw while trying to find you. You smiled to yourself, Listening to every single word he said like it might be the last words he would ever say. Basking in the joy. The thing you needed the most after everything.

Yep, You were in love.

And so was he.

BTS reaction to accidentally scaring a kid with their Halloween costume

Jin: His dark black contacts made his warlock costume really believable. You two were walking to a party however jin being so caught up in plans forgot to consider children trick or treating and the fact that he could scare them. So when he made a tiny Frankenstein cry he felt unbearably guilty; apologising no less than a hundred times. Once he calmed the kid down, and made them comfortable with his lil’ smile he would be quick to bombard them with puns- making them forget that he ever scared them in the first place.

In fact afterwards the child would be reluctant to leave, loving Jins puns so much, making their parent now have to apologise for keeping you guys so long.

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Yoongi: Despite not usually being into Halloween all that much, yoongi went all out on costumes this year. He even managed to scare you a couple of times with his realistic Chucky attire. But this time when he tried sneaking up on you he didn’t see that you were talking to your niece. So when he yelled “boo!” and saw a little kid break into tears he couldn’t help but feel responsible.

“I didn’t mean to- I mean i don’t look that scary right?” He pleaded. While you tried to calm your niece down, you thought that yoongi had left you to sort out his mess alone- but when he came back later with his face makeup washed off and a giant slice of chocolate cake, you realised he wanted to make it up to them. When they both came to you ten minutes later with your grinning nieces smile covered in chocolate, you figured they worked it out.

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Hoseok: Hearing a kid scream scared jhope so much that he screamed back. You just kind of stood there for a moment watching a six year old and a vampire hoseok scream at each other before decided how to react.

“Don’t be scared of him- if anything I think you just gave him a heart attack” you said to a little princess belle, who was now looking up at jhope with a smug look of scaring a fully grown man.

“Yah, I think she deserves some candy for being braver than me” he awkwardly laughed handing her some chocolate bars you bought earlier.

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Namjoon: The two of you wearing matching zombie costumes was a sight to behold. You two began watching the walking dead after you claimed that it would help namjoon with his English (either way it was now your go-to series).

After winning the best costumes of the night you began to head home, and peacefully walking it scared rap monster to hear a kid screaming at him. The child kept pointing up at you two and hiding his face into his sisters arms.

“Uh- Oh no Y/nnnnnn helllllp” namjoon said turning to you with puppy eyes and embarrassment. You approached the sister and apologised, then gestured for namjoon to get party sweets from your bag. You gave them some as a way to make up for scaring them. The kid left, still upset but with a lollipop in his mouth, so hopefully no hard feelings.

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Jimin: While jimins costume wasn’t necessarily scary- being a pink bunny. He somehow still managed to scare a child. Probably them just not expecting a human size pastel rodent to emerge from the building. He went bright pink matching the costume ironically, and hid his face in his paws after realising he scared a child.

You tried to approach the little girl to apologise but soon realised that she wasn’t actually crying, only just got jump scared that’s all. She was the one to go to jimin and apologise hugging him “sorry mr bunny I just didn’t mean to jump”. Ah she was so cute that you two couldn’t stop talking about her on your way back to the dorms. It made him think how cute your kids might be someday.

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Taehyung: Walking through the late night streets of Seoul you both realised that him wearing skeleton makeup was not a good idea. You left the party knowing that, yet happened to forget it temporarily when browsing some Halloween candy at the store- something to snack on when you two got back home.

It was only when you two were paying and saw a kid begin to hide behind his mum, looking at you with tears in his eyes that you remembered. Lucky for you taehyung was brilliant with kids and put on an funny accent and making a jokes to cheer him up- saying that he was a skeleton with an obsession with candy. Was it believable? No, but that didn’t matter as long as the kid found it funny, laughing and drying his tears. Just in case however, you also bought some make up wipes to prevent any more surprise run-ins.

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Jungkook: Obsessed with video games it was no surprise that kookie went as an overwatch reaper. Upon waiting for a bus to take you two to the Halloween get together the boys set up, you passed a group of school kids. A sudden shriek cause both of you to turn around and see a school boy getting the living daylights scared out of him. Jungkooks cheeks went bright pink and he began to stutter saying how this was only a costume from a game. “No no no it’s okay- look I swear- look I’m not a real reaper” he’d say, pulling off his cloak for the child to see his adorable bunny smile.

After calming them down he’d give them a hug and apologise for scaring them, they’d also probably geek out over some video games they play, before your bus finally arrived.

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How would they hint that they like their crush - BTOB

~Requested scenario~

I ‘m not sure when this will be uploaded but msybe soon lmao but im writing this after the shinee scenario but i also have homework i don’t want to do so who knows lmao. Anyways imma try and be more orginised so i can do homework AND post efficiantly instead of laeving homework last minute but i also have a burst of productivity and acc feel inspired to write for once since school has started so yh there’s that. Thank you guys again for being patient with us xx

Love you all and stay safe <3


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Seo Eunkwang

I think he would be very like caring of you especially if you were younger than him. So he would like tke care of you a lot and try and make you laugh a lot and laughing with you but this is only if like you’ve been friends for a while and he realised he likes you. If you were a girl he just bcame friends with he would be quite shy and flustered and say some stupid stuff around you and probably laughs a lot like , you good fam? The boys would probably try to get him to stop acting like a fool and get his shit together but even you know he likes you cuz it’ just that obvious lamo poor guy someone help him out. Would probably just make himself look like more of a fool than he already does just to make you laugh lmao. Begs the guys to help him out instead of making him look worse but like.. we can all imagine how well that went…

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‘did she laugh? did she find that funny cuz if she didn’t i’ll be v v upset that i did that for nothing’

Lee Minhyuk

Would show off his macho and manliness to you in hopes that it gets you to fall for him lmao. Just becomes all manly and stuff and does many things to show off his strength and how athletic he is. Would proabably ask you if you wanted to feel his biceps or see his absbut at some points he literally acts like such a doof and makes a fool out of himself and he’s like ….ffs. But you laughed so he thought of that as 1 point to him eyy. Really sweet as well and always checks up on you. Shows some subtle skinship like an arm around your shoulder for a few seconds too long or he offers his arm for you to hold when you walk together. Just tries to impress you as much as possible.

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Lee Changsub

Oh jeez where do i start with this one. Kinda shy but also kinda bold. Like he would make a bold flirty comment towards but then like straight after he would be like oml why did i even say that and just blush and walk away from you. But he’s still super sweet and shy but sometimes hella greasy. He also would give you shy compliments and would be a gentleman like pulling out his chair for you or holiding the door for you. Such a sweet talker and he would make you blush all the time but you would make him blush all the time as well. He’s also a massive goof and would act clueless and slow around you just so you give him extra attention and help like what a sneaky dude. Otherwise quite subtle but not subtle enough of his crush on you since the members tease him constantly.

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‘why do you keep staring at me? Don’t tell me you’re getting lost in my eyes again

Im Hyunsik

Wow this sweetheart. He would give you compliments galore and just be the sweetest most helpful guy ever. If you were interested in music he would teach you how to play the guitar and he always made sure to tell you how available he was to help you whenever you needed it. Smiled at you all of the time and whenever you walked into the room he was very welcoming towards you. So nice and such a gentleman and would give you subtle amounts of skinship but not enough to make you sus of him . I feel like after a week or two he would get impatient and just confess to you right away because this secret is eatig him up inside a lot lmao but he would be more of a gentleman towards his crush than he is to other people and we all know how sweet he is to everyone.

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‘Hey Y/N have you eaten?’

Peniel Shin

Would try and become your bestfriend above anything. He would try and amke you as comfortable as possible and just eb there for you in every way possibe. Asks you to hang out with him a lot and texts you a lot and does a decent amount os skinship just to show how comfortable he is around you but don’t be fooled because on the inside this kid is a blushing warm fluffy mess. Always asks you how you’re doing and makes sure to remember facts about you so he can wow you unexpectedly when he comes to surprise you. Ends up getting one of the members to confess for him to make sure you like him back before acc going to ask you out but it’s okay because he’ssuper cute lmao.

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*sending you a snapchat*

‘hey loser come hang out with me i’m bbboooorrreeeddd’

Jung Ilhoon

Oh lord this kid. The ultimate greasy flirtatious fluff ball like he’s so confusing. Skinship whenever he can even tho he claims he doesn’t like skinship but for someone who doesn’t like skinship he touches you a lot. If yall connect eyes from across the room he’ll wink at you. But it’s all harmless teasing appart from the fact that he has a massive crush on you i mean what. You guys annoy the members together and they have grown to love and hate yall together like ou guys are so cute but also the devil reencarnated. Also a sweetehart like if you’re cold he would hand you his jacket but deny he did it for you. Claims he was annoyed by your teeth chattering so he did it for his sake. Sure jan. But he means well so plz date him cuz he might cry.

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‘You comfy? i mean sure you are my broad chest provides the perfect pillow’

*You’re minhyuk*

Yook Sungjae

A literal prince. But also an actual meme. Makes you laugh more than anyone else but also makes you blush until you feel like your cheeks are about to explode. Actually gets some kind of pleasure out of seeing you so flustered around you like the kid loves it. Hve you seen him on we got married with joy? he’s a flirty shit after some tim. Your little heart can’t handle it. If yall are alone and just talking to eachother he would lean in super super close hoping that it would drive you crazy, which it does. Just loves having an effect on you but still won’t confess until he 110% knows that you like him back.

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‘What’s wroong Y/N, am i making you flustered?’

*You’re joy*

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The more recent BSD wan chapter has Chuuya throwing a temper tantrum because he lost his hat. They get him new hats to try like a chef hat and Mickey mouse ears. He looks super cute in them.


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so im super stressed ab my psych exam tomorrow and if could expand on this/write hc's that'd rly help: Ryan being, for all intents and purposes, a huge manslut, he sleeps around a lot but never really gets emotionally involved. then he meets brendon and like SHIT he has feelings and when he realizes that they're mutual and that brendon is head over heals for him, he wants to take things RLY slow and even waits a while before their first kiss cuz he doesnt wanna ruin things

I bet you’ll do great on your exam!!!!! I don’t if this was sent last night or today but I’m still sure you’ll do wonderful!!!!

  • Ryan “No Feelings” Ross who sleeps with anything that moves and leaves before the Sun rises bc he’s not about to deal with ‘accidental’ cuddling during the night or awkward small talk or the possibility of breakfast
  • Brendon “I Date To Marry” Urie, who’s only ever slept with a handful of people across his entire life and that was only when they’d been dating for a very long time and he saw himself spending the rest of his life with them, and the idea of hook up culture just makes him feel sick at the idea of it, not that he judges people for it, but it’s just really not his thing. He can’t imagine giving himself to someone like that only to never see them again
  • The two meet at a coffee shop bc I’m a slut for that sort of thing, and it’s like Brendon walks in while Ryan’s in a rush to get out bc Ryan realized that one of his exes is here and he’d rather lose his dick than have to go through a “what happened to us?” talk. Ryan ofc runs into Brendon, literally, and spills his hot coffee all over the latter, who like, just spills all across the ground and Ryan’s like “fucking shit” which means “my coffee!” but Brendon takes it for “I’m so sorry!”
  • Ryan helps Brendon up and is like “yeah sorry or whatever” and Brendon looks sort of pathetic with coffee all over him and big eyes that look sort of like they might cry, and Ryan actually feels bad because it is his fault so he’s like “uh, can I buy your coffee for you then?” and Brendon agrees but he’s like “Only if you’ll sit with me while I have it” and how is Ryan supposed to say no when he basically tackled this kid to the ground and poured hot coffee on him?
  • So they sit and talk and Brendon thinks Ryan’s pretty cute and nice despite their first interaction being sort of violent and Ryan’s surprised to find that he thinks Brendon is really sweet and he turns on the charm bc the kid has a mouth that looks like heaven and an ass for days
  • Brendon is very charmed, but doesn’t pick up on that Ryan’s trying to get him into bed, not into a relationship, so he’s like “Can I see you again?” and Ryan’s sort of surprised cuz he was about to pull the “Wanna get out of here?” but he’s so taken aback he’s just like “yeah okay” and Brendon scribbles his number on Ryan’s hand and disappears before Ryan can even consider the fact that he’s been bamboozled
  • So they meet up again and Ryan’s like ‘this time I’ll get him’ bc he’s Ryan fucking Ross who has never lost a conquest, but he finds himself just getting lost in Brendon and the things he says and how he laughs and suddenly it’s late and Brendon’s saying how he has to meet some friends for dinner and he’s gone again with a promise from Ryan that they can see each other next week
  • And it happens like that for fucking months where Ryan is sure that this time will be the time he gets into Brendon’s pants and it never is for some reason or another and Brendon just up and drops the boyfriend word and Ryan doesn’t even freak out he’s just like “oh okay, yeah, boyfriends” which, uh, no???? Ryan Ross doesn’t do boyfriends?????????? 
  • It’s six months into their ‘relationship’ (Ryan refuses to not put air quotes around the word bc this can’t be fuckin’ real) that Ryan gets to kiss Brendon for the first time and it’s like he’s a drowning man suddenly being given all the air he could ever want and oh yeah, okay, they’re boyfriends, whatever as long as he can do this again
  • It’s the day after kissing Brendon that Ryan realizes he actually has real, legitimate feelings for him and that’s enough to make him panic, but before he can call Brendon and be like “I don’t want to do this anymore” Brendon’s at his house kissing him so sweet and soft and whispering “I love you” and someone whispers it back from Ryan’s mouth but it sure as hell isn’t him, no sir, Ryan Ross hasn’t said “I love you” to anyone but his fucking cat in years
  • But he does love Brendon and eventually after much angst and confusion and long talks with Spencer that amount to “stop being a little bitch and get in touch with your feelings” he comes to terms with it and just lets himself be happy
  • And when it finally does happen, the sex is fucking bomb

Sorry this is so fucking long I just got real carried away omg

Aomine wearing Halloween costume

Aomine: dude, wanna see my halloween costume?



Kuroko: please don’t put that costume on, aomine-kun, you might scare akashi-kun and made murasakibara-kun crying with that.

Kise: geez, aominecchi! can you warn us beforehand? i was really shocked.

Aomine: i haven’t even put the make up on yet you assholes. i hate all of you.