i might actually cry he's so cute

I hc Otabek as very awkward when he meets new people (like.. when he actually talks to them, even if he seems cool) and that’s just so cute to me I can’t stop thinking about his first awkward convos with Yuri where he tries too hard I’m d ead

Get Ready for some more Winteriron Feels

Because I took a break from IronHawk to write a few Winteriron scenes and oh my god you guys these two are the fucking cutest.
I’m not even sorry for this ridiculous little scene. Can’t wait to share this story with you guys

Tony picked up his phone and called down to the gym where he knew Bucky and Steve were working out.

“Hello?” Bucky’s voice was hoarse, tired from working out, and the sound sent heat curling through Tony’s spine because it was almost what the soldier sounded like when he finished and that was just… gorgeous.

“Hello?” Bucky asked again, a little impatiently and Tony shook himself back to the moment.

“Maybe we skip the hotel and you spend the night in my room tonight.” Was all he said before hanging up.

As he was climbing into bed at nearly midnight that night, Bucky came swinging in through the open window, dropping silently to the floor and pulling a frightened half to death Tony into his arms for a mind blanking, body drugging kiss.

“Maybe next time you don’t drop in on me like a sneaky super villain.” Tony managed when Bucky pulled away just long enough to let him breathe.

“Maybe next time you don’t call me while I’m working out and tell me that we can stay in your room tonight for the first time. Do you know hard it was not to drag this butt of yours upstairs and lock you in here with me right then?”

“Um, this hard?” Tony squeezed him for emphasis, stroking up and down the bulge in Bucky’s jeans, then ran his fingers up the left arm. “Or this hard?”

“Both, Tony.” Bucky tossed him onto the bed and started ripping his clothes off. “It was exactly as hard as both of those.”

Tony had to hide his laughter in a pillow so no one else would hear, and after they were done, after Bucky had come back to bed, Tony was still giggling a little bit and brushed their noses together and Bucky thought he might actually cry because Tony laughing was the best thing he’d ever heard.
Not even sorry about the fluff
Been writing angsty IronHawk all day and just needed Tony laughing because writing him sad makes me sad.
I hope that little excerpt makes everybody smile

Noragami Chapter 74

Ok this chapter fucked me up. I read it in the morning and it made me mad the whole day. I will try to write in a calm manner but I was so mad earlier I was writing in full caps. I should have known by now that whenever there is a really cute moment it always gets ruined, like what the fuck Noragami can’t you just let us have a cute moment!?!

It starts with Hiyori thinking about their one year anniversary and how she forgot everything once so she writes everything down in a diary. Her memories are important to her and so are Yato and Yukine. She even has little annotations on the photos like the cute Yato crowns!!Aww!

Look at this cinnamon roll! Yato is so adorable and look at her happy tail wags. So cute! He wants to throw a surprise party!

WTF Yato I thought you were going to do a regular party. You and your crazy ideas! She doesn’t look too mad though.

Ha lol dry personality, yeah he would do that! OMG Yato is too cute begging and he’s going to get everyone to join in. Not Bishamon, she is hurt still.

Wow this is actually happening, ok lol and Yukine taking a bath not noticing anything.

WOW imagine they all suck at dancing.

Yeah it started off being cute with Ebisu but Kunimi messes it up, like you don’t do a flip when you fall.

To Quote Yato “well done you handsome gorilla, you” Hiyori ”That looked completely unnatural!”

Are they all doing the dances that they know or what they like, I can’t tell. When did they change clothes!?!

Poor Hiyori she’s so done with this shit.

I know that this would happen because when Yato was proven to be innocent, heaven would be wronged with the time they punished Ebisu. Since they are heaven and the absolute law which represents goodness, for them to be wrong hurts their pride and image. (Anyone else notice Ebisu’s shoelaces still untied?)

Man I do not want Yato’s dad to show up at all, but with that foreshadowing he’s gonna show up soon. Poor Yukine waiting for everyone to return.

Aww they’re all so happy and they worked so hard for him!

I totally forgot that he was Yato’s lifeline but I think since Hiyori still remembers Yato then even if his dad died, Yato would live since gods only die when people stop believing in them. (It’s complicated for Yato though since his dad made him)

Lol anyone else forgot about pigeon delivery! Yukine’s so suspicious!

NO BITCH!! Can you not, get your fucking ass out of there, you have no place being there! Bye! Ok that was weird so Hiyori showed up just in time.

Look at Yukine’s face, he absolutely hates her, which makes sense because of all that she did to him.

Hiyori’s right, Yukine is too pure for this world, nothing like Nora. She just likes to kill other people, Yukine is the best he’s only trying to protect Yato.

Aww! Nostalgia, the place where they first met!

He’s so confused like what the fuck, Kunimi be more natural.

Same Yukine, we’re all confused. Ebisu just went flying like Superman lol.

The arrival of those two really drove him over the edge. Look Hiyori is wearing her old uniform and striking a pose with Yato.(Look at her tail wrapped around him!)

This is it. The best scene in this chapter. This makes everything ok. You could feel how much Yukine means to them.

Lol the author drew in Bishamon and Kazuma. Man I wish they were actually there) it’s too cute.

She realizes now that Yukine might hate this. (nah but he wont, maybe he’ll be really embarrassed though.)

The flowers were a really nice touch.

AWWW!!! Look at little Yukine’s spirit!

Hiyori’s embarrassed but I wonder what gift she got him? Just need to point out Yato thirsty for Hiyori in that bottom panel. (you can see her panties)

Aww he wrote a message and it’s a charm. Yato looks so happy.

AHHH! Yukine’s crying .(i’m tearing up) This is so cute!

Hiyori made that hat didn’t she(it has Yato’s crown on it, so cute!) BITCH NO CAN YOU NOT RUIN THIS MOMENT! You’re nothing alike! GO AWAY!

FUCKKK!!!!!NOOOJEIGIHSHJDVHJ! OH MY GOD NO how are you going to end it like that!

This chapter was just fucking crazy! I thought it was going to be cutebut nooooo it just had to kill my hopes. What is up with Noragami giving unwanted kisses everywhere. I wanted a Yatori kiss to this bitch! I didn’t even know it was possible to hate her even more but it’s official I now hate Nora even more then Yato’s dad. The next chapter better redeem this shit right here because I can’t deal with this.

Astro Reaction To Their GF Crying Over Their Favorite Character’s Death

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said: 

astro reaction to you crying over your favorite character’s death in a series/book

MJ: *I feel like his reaction whenever his gf is crying is to try and make her laugh so he’d be silly just so she’d smile. He’s not trying to diminish her feelings, just help her to feel happier ones*

Originally posted by asterocky

JinJin: *I kind of picture jinjin with a fan girl so he’d be used to the routine of this. alright crying, and holding a book, time to get the sundae started and put on some good music*

Originally posted by asterocky

Eunwoo: *I feel he would actually think it was cute that you got so into movies and books that you’d cry so he’d be giggling to himself while he dabbed at your tears*

Originally posted by starnightingle

Moonbin: *might actually use it to tease you for the rest of your life. what do you mean you need me to take you seriously? You still cry when you think about Fred’s death ten years after the book came out*

Originally posted by binwooed

Rocky: *I feel like Rocky is the type to never cry at sad movies or books so he just wouldn’t get it. It’d be fascinating to him*

Originally posted by m00nb1n

Sanha: *probably right there sobbing next to you.* *sorry this was the closest gif to him sobbing*

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I’ll Always Be There For You.

Summary: Reader has anxiety, And has been hiding it from Peter for years.

A/n: I changed the request up a bit, Since this is extremely close to another fic i’m working on. Also, I just wanted to say you’re not alone. I among many others have anxiety, And i just wanted to say i’m here for you. :) 

And also, I just noticed how off i was on this request. I’m sorry!!!  

TW: Anxiety, Crying, Cussing, Talks of panic attacks. II Words: 784

Originally posted by fandomediiits

“Y/n? Is that you?” Peter looks in the small room, the last place he had checked in the whole mansion to find you. It was hidden, a place you and Peter discovered when you first because friends. You both had covered it in posters, added a boom box, and filled it with stuff from thrift shops. You wouldn’t be lying if you said it was a mess, But it was your mess. 

“Not now.” You whispered. Your voice shaky and ruff from crying. You didn’t want him to see you like this. With bloodshot eyes, Body huddled in a small chair. You probably looked awful. Not to mention, You would give yourself hell if you let him see the imperfect side of you. That suffered from anxiety and other things. Too many things to list. You wanted to appear as best as you could in front of him. Because, Well.. You’re friends. You wished you were more, But it wasn’t going to happen. Especially if he knew you deep enough. No one could really like you with all that, Right?

“Where have you been all day? I’ve been worried fucking sick about you. You’ve missed all your classes, And meals, And training sessions. Somethings wrong. I’m not stupid.” 

“Why would you worry about me? I’m not worth the pain,” You huffed, Curling up and hiding yourself from his gaze, “And i never said you were stupid, Peter.”

“Then why do you think i wouldn’t notice? You leaving in the middle of schools hours, Tear stains on your cheeks. I’m your friend. I can tell when you’re upset.” It stung a bit. You didn’t think he’d actually pay that much attention. He Was so laid back, You never passed him as a guy who would see through you. You looked at him, Seeing that he looked like he might start to cry. It saddened you. You didn’t want it to come to this point. But you’d just have to let it out. It would be for the better.

“I have anxiety.” You swallowed. It was hard to admit. It was nice to say, But it only lasted a few seconds. Confusion was plastered on his face. It was a little cute, But you really didn’t want to explain it all. It was too much to take. All of this happening so suddenly. When you thought it might never happen.

“What?” Peter asked, His voice was soft. And very quiet. Almost soothing. 

“I get panic attacks, I get overwhelmed, I could go on forever. I’m not perfect. Fuck i’m far from that. I tried so damn hard to keep this from you. I never wanted you to see this. I hate myself when i breakdown, How could someone else?”

“No ones perfect, Y/n.” He simply said. “You are.” You muttered. Eyes planted on the floor. He didn’t say anything, Just went over and sat with you. Wrapping an arm around your waist, Bringing you as close to him as possible.  It was as close to cuddling as you’d probably ever get. 

He must’ve not heard you, Thank god. 

“People are flawed. You just have to accept that. I did a long time ago.” Peter ran his spare hand through his hair, Letting out a sigh. His eyes scanned the whole room. Like he was debating to say something. 

“Out of all the people i know, You’re the least flawed. Do you really think your anxiety would keep me from you? Never. Nothing could ever take me away from you.” You were going to reply, But he kept going. You could tell he was extremely passionate about you. Knowing he cared, Felt like magic. Even in a hard time like this. After a fucking breakdown, After admitting something you had hid for years. It felt silly to be thinking more about how close you two were, And his maybe feelings for you. 

“You’re normal and beautiful and smart. I’ll always be there for you. Now, Next time you feel bad, Can you at least call me? I want to help. As much as i can. I hate to see you hurting. It’s the most painful thing to see. I love you too much to stand by and watch.” He nuzzled his head in your neck, Planting on kiss on your neck, That you were sure you’d feel forever. It made your breath stop, And your body freeze. And it wasn’t even what he was focused on. His words felt even better. 

So many emotions were running through your body. Sorry, Flustered, Comforted, You were sure that this was way too many than a normal person should feel. “I’m sorry. God. I really fucked up..” 

“You could never ‘fuck up’.” Peter laughed, Which lightened up the mood by far. You loved his laugh. It was warming to the soul. One of those laughs that could make anyone laugh. You might’ve been falling for this boy. Which scared the fuck out of you. But if it had to be anyone to fall for, You’d choose him. 

You  leaned your head into his chest, Getting as comfortable as you could, As he started to talk about the weird stuff he saw while trying to find you. You smiled to yourself, Listening to every single word he said like it might be the last words he would ever say. Basking in the joy. The thing you needed the most after everything.

Yep, You were in love.

And so was he.

Aomine wearing Halloween costume

Aomine: dude, wanna see my halloween costume?



Kuroko: please don’t put that costume on, aomine-kun, you might scare akashi-kun and made murasakibara-kun crying with that.

Kise: geez, aominecchi! can you warn us beforehand? i was really shocked.

Aomine: i haven’t even put the make up on yet you assholes. i hate all of you.


I was watching Modern Family and Hayley was saying goodbye to Alex and Luke because she was leaving for college, and Luke put a cyborg mask on so she couldn’t see him cry. What if Peter was going to college and he had a younger sibling and they put on a toy Iron Man mask to cover their face?! 

Some first impressions on Echoes:

- “God–!
This game is gonna make me cry, isn’t it?!”
- “I don’t have a type.”
Tobin: *exists*
“What the actual fuck.”
- “I want to see my sleepy boy.”
Kliff: *obliterates somebody with fire magic*
“Here he comes.”
- Also Kliff looks like he could be Chiaki Nanami’s brother.
…Just me?
- I love Silque and her little butt flap.
- Gray is a good boy. A strong boy!
- Faye is there. She’s alright I guess. Making her a Pegasus Knight might have been a mistake, but eh.
- The voice acting in this game is super great!
- So is the music!
- And the art! You da man, Hidari!
- The gameplay is taking some time to get used to, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem for long.

And that about sums it up! I’m not very far at all, so no spoilers please!!

noonedeservestodisappear  asked:

Headcanon: Cosette loves dogs (cats too, but especially dogs) she'll always ask to pet any dog she sees. She really likes old dogs too because they're so gentle. If you take her into a pet shelter she might cry ??

It is universally agreed that 99% of Cosette’s love for Marius stems from the fact that he is so puppy-like

She gets personally offended when people hate on pugs or bulldogs because they’re so precious? And sweet? How can you say they’re not cute they’re like old person-baby hybreds how d a r e you

The only problem with her obsession is how she physically cannot say no to a puppy’s face (she gave away over half her dinner this is a problem girl)

Animate Cafe - Boku no Hero Academia theme for November!!

Looking at this poster I just wanted to point out that:

  • While most of the students are wearing the butler/maid oufits, Bakugou and Kirishima are wearing Chef outfits……
  • Toshinori is wearing a Chef outfit too!! But All Might is wearing a butler outfit
  • Momo is the hostess it seems
  • Todoroki keeping the juice cold and coffee hot!! (thanks @cinnamoncreation)
  • Aizawa is the head waiter?
  • Shigaraki is a customer  😂

I conclude Bakugou is the head chef because he has the hat. I’m crying I headcanon him as great with cooking so now I believe this is actual canon 😂

Favourite things about Despair!Teru:
  • His hat is actually big
  • His smile is bigger than ever
  • His sleeves are so long and big it’s absolutely adorable
  • His collar is popped like he’s fucking dracula I love it
  • Chunsoft has hinted several times that his family might be “in the rations they eat in future arc”, and that his mum “baked herself into a pie when the tragedy came around”
Toasty Ghosty

Ken stared down at the bubbling drink on the bar before him. He couldn’t help but feel nervous, especially considering the wisp of purple smoke emanating from it resembled a ghost. Cry had promised that this drink was nothing but a new recipe he wanted to try out, and it didn’t have any weird magic in it, but still. From the mischievous and kind of adorable smile on Cry’s mask, Ken wasn’t so sure. He was trying to think of a way out of this situation, but it was pretty difficult to lie to Cry. Somehow, he always knew what he was thinking.  

“You sure about this Cry? I’m not going to start breathing fire of turn into a duck or something, right?” Ken asked. He could feel small beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

Cry laughed, “Don’t worry, Ken! Nothing of that manner will happen, if the magic works as intended. Trust me!” Ken sighed. It would be so much easier to see if Cry was lying or not if he wasn’t wearing that damn mask.

“Fine. I’ll drink it. But if something crazy happens, you owe me one, got it?” Cry nodded, eagerly awaiting Ken’s first sip of the bright and glowing multi-colored concoction. Ken swallowed hard, and lifted the glass up until the light brown straw touched his lips. He looked up at Cry one last time, silently begging him to tell him to stop. Cry simply nodded eagerly.

Ken took a sip, the warm liquid running down his throat. It had a sweet taste, and it was kind of fruity. It tasted like something Lady Marzia might drink. There was a slight aftertaste, but it wasn’t that bad. He looked up at Cry, and he suddenly felt butterflies in his stomach. His heart soared, and he felt the strange urge to say something sweet to him.

“Well, what do you think Ken?” Cry’s voice was hopeful and energetic. It was pretty cute, actually. Wait, what?

“I-It tasted pretty good Cry. Sweet, and kind of fruity. It’s not something I’d normally drink, but it was still good.” Ken smiled, and he felt his face heat up. He felt so weird. It was just all of a sudden really difficult to talk to Cry like he normally did. He’d never felt so nervous before. “What is going on? Was it that God damn drink? Did Cry do something to it? The little bastard!” Ken thought. He was about to yell at Cry, but the moment his eyes rested on his mask, Ken instantly blushed and looked away.

“Everything okay, friend?” Cry asked. He rested his hand lightly on Ken’s hand, making Ken blush even more.

“W-What did you do t-to my drink, Cry?” Ken stammered. He was trying to be angry, but he couldn’t imagine ever being angry at Cry. He was just so kind and caring. Cry was such a great guy. These thoughts made Ken blush even more, and he kept his eyes focused intently on the floor.

“What ever do you mean by that Ken? I did nothing to it,” Cry replied. Ken could hear the smile on Cry’s face. He was lying. He did something to the drink. Something that made him feel so nervous and shy. Ken’s eyes widened as he felt Cry’s fingers intertwine with his. His heart raced at a million miles an hour. That’s when it hit him.

“Did you m-make me drink a l-love potion?” Ken murmured. He had meant to sound angry and threatening, but he simply couldn’t. He looked up at Cry, who said nothing. It was Cry who seemed nervous now, and he looked at their hands. “You did, didn’t you? Why?”

Cry let go of Ken’s hand and looked away. “Yeah. I did.” His voice was so small and quiet. “I named it for you too. I call it a Toasty Ghosty, after you and your column in Toasty News.”

“R-Really? Wow, that’s uh, that’s very sweet of you Cry. But why a love potion? And why me?” Ken’s deep brown eyes were soft and caring as he looked at his friend.  

“Because, Ken,” Cry’s voice was slightly bitter and he never looked back at Ken, “Because I love you Ken.”

Ken’s eyes widened, “You.. You love me?” His heart soared at the thought, and he blushed.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Cry snapped, “I gave you a love potion after all. You know, I thought I was being too obvious about the whole thing, but I guess I’m wrong. Or maybe you’re just so fucking oblivious that you never noticed that your ‘good friend’ Cry had feelings for you. You may be a reporter, but you’re obviously not good at picking out all the facts.” Cry’s voice had gone from quiet and bitter to loud and angry. He still refused to look at Ken.

“Cry, I-”

“Shut up, Ken. Just leave.” Ken looked at Cry with wide eyes. He reached out to touch Cry’s shoulder, but Cry slapped his hand.

“Cry, please, I-”

“Did you fucking hear me, Ken? GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR!” Cry had finally turned around, and his mask bore an angry expression. He had slammed his fists into the counter and his knuckles were white, showing just how angry he was. Ken had gotten off the stool to leave when Snake and Russ walked over to the bar.

“Cry, calm down man. No need to make a scene,” Russ hissed. Everyone in the bar was staring at them, and any side conversations had died down. Snake stood silently with his arms crossed. He had a stoic expression, but if you looked directly into his eyes, you could see he wanted everyone to calm down.

“No Russ. No. I want him out of here. Get out Ken, and don’t come back. I don’t want to see your face anymore.” Cry turned and stormed out from behind the bar and through a door into what seemed to be a back room or back entrance. Russ put a sympathetic hand on Ken’s shoulder, and gave him a weak smile.

“He should calm down in a bit. He’ll forgive you, I know he will.” Ken flashed a small smile at Russ, appreciating the comforting words.

“You should leave for now, though.” Snake’s deep voice rang out from behind them, and Ken sighed and nodded.

“Alright. I need to clear my head anyhow. I’ll see you soon.” Ken stood up and made his way out of the bar. He ran a hand through his hair and walked down the streets through the city. He watched my feet as he walked, passing under the faint glow of candlelight streetlamps. He felt terrible about what had happened, and he felt the strange need to go and hug Cry as tight as he could. It could be the love potion talking, but he had been feeling things for quite a while, strange things he felt he shouldn’t be feeling. None of it made sense, but he realized it now. All that time the two of them had spent together, all the laughs they had shared, the happy memories they shared had all led up to one thing.

Ken was in love with Cry, and now, he may have just ruined his chances of being with him. The thought made tears come to his eyes, and he quickly wiped them away. He wanted to go back to the Late Night, but he knew Cry needed time to cool down. “Maybe I should just go home and talk to Cry tomorrow,” he thought. Instead, almost unconsciously, he began to walk back to the bar. He had to see Cry, or at least have someone reverse the love potion.

Ken ran through the streets at top speed, pure adrenaline coursing through his veins. He had to find Cry and he had to talk to him. It was the only way. He had to do this. It didn’t matter if Cry never wanted to see his face again, he had to tell him how he felt. The collar of his vest pressed against his neck and his hair whipped around wildly.

He burst through the door of the Late Night, breathing heavily. He sat down at the bar, where Red, Scott, and Snake were making a few drinks for the remaining patrons of the bar. Scott jumped slightly at his sudden appearance, Red raised her eyebrows, and Snake, like always, remained stoic.

“You’re back,” Snake said, walking so he was in front of Ken. Ken nodded, still catching his breath.

“Hey, what exactly happened before? Cry is super pissed at you. He won’t leave the back room!” Scott exclaimed, finishing up making the drink, and giving it to a guy he didn’t recognize.

“It’s… It’s a long story. But I need to talk to Cry. I have to apologize,” Ken said, determination in his voice. Snake shook his head, taking the drink Red had been making and taking it to another location behind the bar. Red nodded gratefully, and turned to Ken.

“That’s not a good idea Ken. Cry would probably punch you or something.” Red stood with her arms crossed, glancing at the door Cry had gone through earlier every now and again.

“Can you at least tell us what happened?” Scott insisted. Ken sighed, and told them the whole story. They both seemed shocked, but at least now the understood the situation. “Huh,” Scott said, “I thought I saw him looking at you, and I thought it was strange to create and name a drink specifically for you, but I guess it makes sense now.”

“Now do you understand why I need to talk to him?” Ken sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Yeah. But that doesn’t mean the Cry isn’t going to punch you in the face,” Red remarked, a small smirk on her face. Ken smiled lightly, a small laugh escaping his lips.

“You’re absolutely right. But that’s not going to stop me,” Ken huffed, standing up, “That door ain’t locked, right?” He walked over to the door, his hand hovering above the knob.

Red and Scott both nodded their heads, and gave him encouraging smiles. Ken took a deep breath before opening the door.

He saw Cry with his mask lifted up so that his face was uncovered, but his face was covered by his hands. It looked like he had been crying, and small sniffles could be heard now and again.

“Go away you guys! I told you, I’m not going back out there! I’m done for today!” Cry growled. Ken moved a little closer, placing a soft hand on Cry’s shoulder. Cry looked up, his face in full view, directly at Ken. Ken turned away, shielding his eyes to make sure he didn’t see Cry’s face. The way he just did that must mean that the Late Night Crew knows what he looks like.

“What the hell are you doing here? I told you. I don’t want you in my bar anymore.” Cry rasped, attempting to sound threatening, but his throat was raw from crying and from not talking for so long.

“I came to apologize Cry. Well, that, and I’d like the love potion out of my system. That way, the words I want to say to you can be how I truly feel, and completely uninfluenced by magic alcohol,” Ken replied. He heard Cry stifle a laugh, and Ken smiled.

“Fine,” Cry sighed, “I’ll fix you. But that doesn’t make my heart any less broken.” Cry stood up, and brushed past Ken. Ken wanted to break down and cry from that one comment, but that wouldn’t really help the situation. So, he manned up, and followed Cry out of the back room, blinking back his tears all the way.

Cry slid behind the bar, shocking Red, Scott, and Snake as he began to mix different alcohols and magic spells. Ken watched him do his thing, and it was almost hypnotic. He seemed lost in his own world filled with magic and booze, and it was strange to see him so completely focused on something. It was magic in itself, if that makes any sense. He finished making the drink, which was a deep red color with streaks of bright yellow. It was in a small glass, which was good, because who knows what this might taste like.

Ken grabbed it, looked up at Cry, and downed the entire thing. He put the glass down on the counter, and he seemed to be okay for a moment before his face contorted into an expression  of disgust.

“Holy crap, what was in that?” Ken sputtered. He coughed a couple times and shook his head, staring at Cry with a very unamused expression.

“You don’t want to know. You need to keep the reversal potion in your system for at least an hour to be sure the effects are completely reversed. It’s best if I don’t tell you until then, or even just not at all.” Cry was trying not to laugh, and Ken gave him a dirty look, which caused Cry to burst into laughter. Ken smiled, and laughed too. Soon, everyone was laughing, well, except for Snake, but he was smiling, so it was close enough.

When the laughter eventually died down, Ken was looking up a Cry with wide eyes. Cry noticed this, and he suddenly grew serious. He leaned on the counter in order to have a more private conversation. Ken looked down at the countertop, unable to find a way to possible meet Cry’s gaze, despite him having his mask on.

“Cry, I need to tell you something. It’s really, really important, so I need you to be quiet and listen.” Ken’s voice was unnaturally soft and gentle. Cry nodded hesitantly.

“Cry, you mean a lot to me. You always have. Despite what feuds we may have had in the past, we have been and are great friends. I really care about you. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I care for you more than usual. I look back on the times we’ve shared and I can’t help but feel like there really was a spark of some kind, and what we have may be something more. That was when I began to secretly hope that something more would happen. I wanted it to happen, but I didn’t want to drive you away. Losing you, Cry, that would hurt more than any cut or bruise I’ve gotten on the job, and trust me, some of them were pretty painful.”

Ken smirked, reflecting back on times when he not only dealt with difficult spirits, but difficult people as well.

“You mean the world to me Cry. I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to realize it. You were right before. I’m not good at reading into emotions like this. I can read body language, and I can tell if someone is lying, but I can’t read emotions. I’m sorry for being so oblivious. I should have realized. I love you Cry. Is there a way you can ever forgive me?” Ken looked up at Cry, his brown eyes filled with hope. Cry said nothing for a moment. Everyone was on the edge of their seat as they awaited Cry’s answer.

Cry lifted up his mask slightly to reveal his mouth. He was smile. He leaned a little closer to Ken, and opened his mouth as if to speak. Instead, he pressed his lips against Ken’s, surprising the other man. But, Ken kissed back, and cheers from all around could be heard.

When they finally both pulled away, they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Ken had been right. What they had will grow into something more. That kiss, their very first kiss with one another, was merely the first step on a long road that they would travel on together, until the end of their days. They both realized how much the other meant to them that day, and even though it was painful at first, it was for the better. They have their whole lives ahead of them to do whatever they please, and they can do it together. They were simply meant to be.

And to think, this all happened because of one little beverage.



seokjin the teaching assistant who keeps finding chocolate hearts on his desk and hoseok the grad student who keeps sneaking into his TA’s office to leave chocolates on his desk and one day when he sneaks in he finds a cute little thank you note from seokjin, and hoseok keeps bringing chocolates and seokjin keeps leaving thank you notes, until one day seokjin goes in to his office and finds hoseok standing there with a grin stretching across his face and a bouquet of pink roses in his hands and seokjin thinks he might actually swoon

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hakone's + makishima's & kinjou's reactions on their partner confessing to them for the first time, but the partner is so awkward they can't find the right words and they stutter and are a bit hopeless, with face completely red and stuff?? hhh i'm sorry if it's silly or if anybody already asked that! I love your blog, stay awesome ;w;

Hm, well I did already do a confession reaction post for Hakone here, but it wasn’t focused on this, so I don’t mind answering again! And thank you!

Arakita: Arakita was going to snap at them just to spit out what they meant to say already, but their face was so red and it looked like they might cry, and it was making him nervous. He would end up stopping them by saying he got it already, they didn’t have to keep going on.

Fukutomi: Fukutomi would wait patiently for them to figure out their words, actually finding their awkwardness and perseverance despite their stuttering embarrassment to be cute. He would keep staring at them, not knowing that it was making it harder for them to speak.

Izumida: Seeing them get embarrassed over not knowing how to state their feelings would make him feel flustered. For him, it was already a momentous occasion to be confessed to, so Izumida wouldn’t know what to do at all since they were both red-faced and didn’t know what to say to each other.

Manami: He would be impatient—not with them, but to hear everything they ahd to say. Manami would laugh and encourage them to relax, that he could wait until they gathered their thoughts to hear them out. 

Shinkai: Seeing them struggle with their words and turn read really touched his heart, because that meant their feelings for him were true and strong. Shinkai would smile and gently thank them for their words.

Toudou: Toudou would think it was adorable that they were stumbling over their words, and would rescue them from having to struggle by asking if they were confessing their feelings. When they nodded, he smiled and reached for their hands, thanking them and graciously accepting their confession.

Kinjou: He would be surprised to receive such a clearly heartfelt confession, and find their awkwardness endearing. He would place a hand on their shoulder and tell them to relax, and that however long it took for them to find the right words, he would hear them out.

Makishima: The fact that they were being awkward about it made him feel awkward—like it was his fault they couldn’t find the right words. Makishima would laugh nervously, his face red, saying that he got the general idea of what they were saying and that he’d like to get to know them better before anything else.

4/4 what he's like as a boyfriend

requested by anon! (i assume this is what you meant by “what type of boyfriend he is; please tell me if you meant something else!!)

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I am actually crying 😂 about this idol x idol madtown stream.
we got to 1M hearts… and the boys got so excited because H.O promised he would take off his pants if they got a million.
but when he did… he was literally wearing tights underneath because he had a feeling this might happen.
and then Jota was laughing so hard about it that he fell on the ground.


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Do ya do the hcs? If so can u do of the tweet that dan made today about the guys and Dan confessing that he just wants to be used by them and by Phil. And phil telling him off but still giving him what he wants.

ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY MY FRIEND BECAUSE IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THESE BUT NEVER GOT REQUESTS THANK YOU SO MUCH IM ACTUALLY CRYING HERE YA GO (also I’m sorry if this is actually disgustingly horrible oh my gosh) (this is also probably gonna be too long for anyone to even read it Jesus Christ) also my hand fell asleep while writing this and I know it sucks I’m sorry


-Dan had tweeted about there being models at the pool when he wanted to eat pizza, and might have accidentally let it slip that they were extremely cute. He didn’t mean to, it just happened. He was frustrated by how fucking attractive they were.

-It was later in the day and Dan had forgotten about the tweet, but Phil didn’t. He didn’t want to bring it up, but it was kind of bothering him. He felt like he wasn’t good enough.

-Dan saw Phil acting weird and was worried. Why did he look so sad? Dan then remembered that he had tweeted about those models being extremely attractive, and felt so guilty. Phil probably felt like he wasn’t good enough.

-“Hey Phil? Can we talk?” Dan was shy and felt like Phil was going to yell at him. “Yes Dan?”

-As soon as Dan heard Phils voice, he cowered away. Phil sounded angry, and it was rare for Phil to get so mad you could hear it in his voice.

-“I wanted to tell you I’m sorry about what I tweeted, but I have a, um, a, fantasyaboutit?” Dan finished his sentence quickly, and it came out more like a question than a real sentence. “What Dan? Please, I know you only want them.”

-“No Phil! I want to be used by all of you.”

-As soon as Phil heard that, his cock twitched in his jeans and his ears flushed. He knew what to do.

-“I’ll be back. be stretched and ready on the bed.”
-As soon as Phil got the men up to the room, he explained what Was happening, what Dan wanted, what Dan was into, etc.

-The door opened and as soon as Dan saw the men he gasped. his cock was twitching and precum was leaking from the tip.

-“Fuck, Phil, thank you, God need a cock so bad, please” Dan whined. He was bucking up into the air and whimpering, clawing at the sheets because of the lack of friction his cock was receiving.

-One of the men walked over, grabbing Dans jaw with his hand and yanking his head so he could kiss him. The man was slow and gentle with the kiss, and Dan didn’t even realize that Phil and the other two had been walking over. Phil knew Dan wanted two cocks shoved inside of him, and that’s what he got.

-Phil thrust in first, as Dan whined Phil repeatedly at each thrust. Phil soon started working his fingers in along with his cock, stretching his baby boy so that he could have two cocks. While the first man was still missing Dan and giving him hickeys, the last one was playing with Dans nipples, flicking them and sucking on them. The pleasure Dan was receiving was running through his veins and up his spine, he couldn’t form coherent words, all he could do was whine and moan and scream, making the men work harder at their jobs.

-Phil soon had three fingers in Dan along with his cock, and knew Dan was ready. The other man quickly bottomed out, staying for a second as Dan screamed and moaned at the painful pleasure. Soon Dan had adjusted and was rocking back onto the cocks, trying to feel them further inside of him. soon the men were thrusting into Dan at the same time, and Dan knew he wouldn’t last long.

-“Dan, baby, I want you to come untouched. I want to see you when you cum baby boy. ” Phil was moaning out the words, trying not to come before his baby.

-Dan was moaning and writhing around, grabbing the sheets until finally he started jerking the other two off, moaning as he felt their cocks twitch at his warm and rough touch. He had so much pleasure coursing through him and he couldn’t even think straight. Phil and one man were ramming into his prostate repeatedly, while he got hickeys from one other man and his nipples were being sucked on by another.

-Dan looked down and saw everything and his body went rigid. He came hard with a loud moan and a high pitched whine, while Phil and the one man came as well. Dan finished jerking the others off, and when they finished he sighed and laid on the bed. he looked down at his chest and saw all the cum on it and grimaced, he needed to shower.

-When the men were gone, Phil came in and was kissing Dan lovingly while holding his hands and smiling. “Babe, you need to get cleaned up, your covered in cum. Come on, let’s get you in a nice bath.” Phil was ghosting his hands over his lovers arms, making him shiver. “Okay. Thank you by the way. I love you so much Phil.” Dan said quietly, kissing Phils fingers. “I love you too baby boy, now let’s get you cleaned up. ”