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similar to your analysis of the pug crisis: is there anything that can be done to more ethically breed english bulldogs? obviously crossbreeding is the best option, but is there a risk for those puppies to have some of the same major health issues as well?

There has been quite a lot of different attempts to make a healthier version of English Bulldogs, aka British bulldogs. They vary in how successful they have been, and are likely to be in the future, at eliminating the major concerns in this breed. Bulldogs have had more external pressure applied to the breed than pugs have, at least since Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

The white British Bulldog above is a fairly typical example, not the most extreme. A few things to take note of:

  • Stenotic nares visible from outside. Most likely has other components of brachycephalic airway syndrome
  • Broad front and broad base stance
  • Skin folds on face of this individual are not too extreme as far as the breed goes
  • You can’t see what condition its skin is in
  • You can’t assess it’s gait, heart or metabolism from a picture.
  • This example is a fairly moderate one. Compare to the dog of the same breed below.

Please, please don’t think the structure of this brown and white dog is desirable in any way.

Now, multiple groups have made an attempt to ‘fix’ the breed or make a new, healthier version, with varying degrees of success.

Aussie Bulldogs are in my view the least successful. I have quite a lot of experience with this breed, and know about some of the dodgy practices that went into breeding them, like claiming the hip scores of the female don’t matter so long as the male has good hips, for example. The breed club also wants vets to fill out a certificate saying the dog is in good health at the time of breeding, but the certificate is so wishy washy and non-standardised that it stands for nothing. It asks for a subjective opinion and so far I haven’t met one that I would have considered ‘healthy’ for breeding. Not to mention the certificate gives dogs a pass for major issues that should be addressed, like stenotic nares and allergies. They are often nice dogs, but I couldn’t call them a significant improvement.

American Bulldogs are an old breed that trace their heritage back to bulldog types. It is larger and generally fitter, but not completely free of the problems of the British Bulldog. They are generally speaking more functional and athletic, and are often mistaken for a pit bull rather than a bulldog.

The Olde English Bulldogge is a promising breed, but still has a long way to go. They are more in line with historical bulldog types, and generally have a less extreme body. They still visibly suffer from stenotic nares, but their form is generally less extreme. This will be an interesting breed to watch in the future, and as far as I can tell breed clubs seem pro-active and pro-science when it comes to the health of the dogs. They’re not very common down here though.

We don’t see British Bulldog crosses very often, because this breed typically needs to procreate via artificial insemination and caesarian section. Crossbred puppies are absolutely at risk of the same conditions as the parent breeds, but because many of the bulldog’s concerns are directly linked to the extremeness of anatomy, if pups are more moderate in form the severity of those conditions would be expected, on average, to be less.


endless list of otps → eirika and l’arachel (fire emblem)

↳ “to be honest, i believe i had figured out your ruse from the very moment we met. i said to myself, “this lovely woman could only be of my own superior breeding.” // “yes, why…the very first time i met you, i could see that you…you were very far from common.”

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BORDER COLLIES! Because I love them but recognize they got them problems (also they everywhere). Came for the tonnes of vet stuff, stayed for the tonnes of vet stuff... and the sassyness ;)

Ah, the Border Collie. Shot to fame by certain celebrity vets and movies like Babe. They are certainly very common pets, but very uncommon working dogs around here (Australia).

Please note the disclaimer that these posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

There are a number of likely inherited problems present in this breed, as well as a few concerns which are likely more to do with environment than anything else.

They are collies, so it;s not entirely unexpected that they can get Collie Eye Abnormality (CEA) and several other eye conditions. Overall they don’t seem to be too severe, but it’s not uncommon for these dogs to go blind in their later life. Blindness is not necessarily the end of the road for a dog in a stable environment though.

Some of these dogs will also have a mutation in the MDR1 gene, which is best known for producing a sensitivity to ivermectin. This is the reason some border collie people say not to use certain parasite products on border collies. This risk is probably overblown because the mutation is not all that common, and not every active ingredient in parasite products is going to be an issue for affected dogs anyway. There are genetic tests available these days, and I think they often are worth doing because there are other drugs, not just ivermectin, that dogs with this mutation are extra sensitive to.

And while you’re getting that genetic screen done, you’ll find out whether the dog has or carries cerebellar abiotrophy, a rapidly degenerative brain disorder. It’s rare, and should be being bred against, but still exists.

Epilepsy might, possibly, be inherited in this breed. It’s hard to pin this down though because there are multiple different types and patterns of epilepsy which are not as well understood in dogs as they can be in humans, because I can’t ask a dog what’s going on in their head before or after, I can only observe.

In terms of the environment, I’ve spent several Summers pulling grass seeds out of these dogs. They especially hate them in their feet, and they don’t forget what’s done without sedation.

Cruciate ligament tears are the most common orthopedic injury I see. Active dogs, running and twisting, jumping off things is a common way to teat them. Another common presentation is older dogs who used to be active, but are now much heavier than they should be, and the extra strain on the ligaments can cause them to tear with relatively little effort.

Adult Onset Demodex Mange is an odd condition that for some reason I have encountered most in border collies. It’s not all that common overall, but I seem to see it in this breed in particular. While juvenile demodex is relatively common, adult onset demodex is rate because it occurs when a dog previously had a healthy immune system, but now does not. The classic reasons being extended high doses of cortisone or lymphoma. In short if a dog develops demodex mange as an adult, something is probably very bad.

This breed benefits from lots of exercise and mental stimulation. They are still a working breed, even if they are popular pets.

The Mental health aspect of this breed shouldn’t be ignored either. While they’re characterized and popularized as intelligent, willing dogs they can also become neurotic and fearful. This can happen even with ideal upbringing situations and I haven’t met many border collies that seem to completely relax like other breeds can. My worst anxiety patient is a border collie, you can’t even stand in a closed room with him without freaking out and we’ve had to reschedule many appointments due to the dog’s sheer panic. He’s lucky to have willing owners that are prepared to work around his problems, otherwise I suspect he would have either been put to sleep long ago or had a substandard quality of life.

I think the possible unstable temperament is a result of the breed having a surge in popularity and a period of being indiscriminately bred to meet demand, as I think has also happened with German Shepherds, Dalmatians and Cocker Spaniels, for example.

It was the worst day, it was the best day

Paring: OFC x Tom Hiddleston
Words count: 1 888

Rating: Teen 

Summury: Amy lost her dog and a prince in jogging shorts comes for rescue.

Notes/Warnings: I’m happy ending girl but still it might upset you. Pets being lost is not a joke. Told from first person view. Language. Feedback is very welcomed. 

Just tagging here some people I think might like it: 

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I don’t post a lot but if you want to be on or off these spontaneous tags just let me know ;)

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Rainy Days & Convenience Stores (or Stranded Cats & Split Tongues)

For Klance Positivity Month! @klancepositivity
Prompt: Firsts
Word count: 1978
Mainly in Keith’s point of view but it switches at the end oooh what a twist

This ended up being kind of angsty on accident. I don’t even know what happened but I tried making it not angsty. Also, this is my first time participating in an event like this and I haven’t written in a while so I’m kind of rusty.

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!!! Dogs

Send my muse “!!!” + a random topic and they will rant about it at (possibly excessive) length.

     “I like dogs. I really like dogs. Like, I like all animals, but I especially like dogs. They’re sweet babies. All puppies are good. I don’t get people who say they like dogs, but then make specific preferences fer certain breeds. All dogs’re dogs. Like, I met someone who liked dogs but hated pitbulls. How can ya hate pitbulls? Look at their faces. Look at them.
     “They’re all so good. Doggies. I wish I could own a shitload of dogs. One day, I’m gonna have a huge farm with my significant other an’ we’ll have, like, six or seven dogs.”

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What don't you like about aussies?

This is why I hate answering “least favorite breeds” questions. :p I’ve never met an Aussie that I meshed well with, I cannot handle dogs who are soft in temperament nor dogs that have a hard time containing their energy/excitement. I also can’t do velcro/neediness.

I knew I shouldn’t have met him at the bar. I knew it was a terrible idea to have a drink. I knew it was a terrible, terrible, terrible idea to follow him back to the car for the promise of a quick makeout session.

He had convinced me to come home with him. I was stupid with desire, my head swimming, as his hands raked roughly over me. His cock was pressing through his pants, through the cotton of my underwear, rubbing against my clit. He squeezed my tits and bit my neck and growled out how badly he wanted to fuck me. There wasn’t enough room to fuck in his car, not comfortably at least. Breathless, I agreed to go to his house.

It went against everything I believed. I was smart, a feminist. I only went out with guys who shared my values, of consent and sexual empowerment, and this guy fit the bill. He had contacted me on an online dating site and said all the right things, getting me to meet up with him that night. Now I was in his bed, my quick first date skirt and top on the floor. And his cock was in me, skin on skin.

He was stronger and faster than me and I barely had time to react. He peeled my clothes from my body, running his hands over my hips, licking his lips approvingly. “I’ve always loved chicks with a little cushion. More womanly.”

I smirked as he began to finger me, eliciting gasps and moans. His bites became rougher and harder, his fingers deeper. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. His cock was so hard against my legs, throbbing thick and full and I needed it inside of me. I grabbed him by the hair, positioning myself to climb on top of him and ride him like the woman I was. 

“Grab a condom,” My voice was quiet in his still bedroom, the fading evening light the only illumination. “I want to fuck you.”

It was then it all changed.

He grabbed me by the hair and flung me back on the bed. He kneed my legs open and clambered in between them, the look on his face one of a crazed animal. His cock was resting dormant between my wet folds, I could almost feel the veins as it knocked against me slowly.

“No condom. You’re taking all of me, bitch.”

His cock was large and he thrust into me so deep. I was so wet I couldn’t resist him, couldn’t do anything to push against him. His hand was over my mouth but I screamed anyways, trying to gasp air into my lungs.

His pace was slow and steady and methodical, as he explained to me his plan.

“I fucking hate you feminist bitches. I fucking look out for you, just looking to fuck you back into your places. I love the weak ones like you, the ones who haven’t gone full dyke on me.” His mouth was right next to my hear and the base of his cock kept connecting with my clit. I was so wet and sloppy, my cunt tight around him. I hadn’t had sex in months.

“You think you’re so empowered and gifted and better than me.” His pace was quickening, “You’re so tight and fuckable. Your stupid little pussy is just sucking me in. You hate men so you don’t fuck them, but you’re still obsessed with looking pretty and girly. Your body still wants you to be my slave.”

Tears were streaming down my face. He kept one hand on my mouth and moved his other down to my clit, playing with me as he stroked in and out of my body. He had bent me almost in half, my legs wide open around his shoulders. I felt so completely violated, full of this man whom I hated with every fiber of my being.

He started rubbing my clit, applying more pressure each time he pushed all the way into me. “You look so beautiful, open to me. Look in the mirror.”

He forced my head over, directing my eyes to a body mirror that he had obviously cleverly placed. I could make out our conjoined pelvises. My porcelain skin was radiant, flashing white. The flesh was taught and my legs were pointed straight up, like breach in a wall. He was hammering me so hard, making me witness my own rape.

His cock was swelling more and more and I tried my best to fight him. But I couldn’t. All I could do was lay prone and take it, fighting the urge to feel pleasure as he kept playing with my clit. He knew was he was doing.

“I can tell it’s the first time you’ve been fucked, the way a woman should be fucked. Feel me rip into you, so deep. You couldn’t stop me if you tried.” He re positioned himself, swinging us so our entire bodies were parallel to the mirror. He pulled my head back, palm still tight against my lips, so I could see myself in the mirror again. All I could see was my face, blue eyes and dark hair, skin flushed pink with excitement and…

“I can tell because of the look on your face. Your so wet and you look like you love this so much.” He said, voice heavy with pleasure. “You can’t hide it.”

He wasn’t wrong. I was horrified. I watch my tits bounce up and down with his rhythm, and tried my best to get the shell-shocked drunk look off my face. I had seen a lot of porn, and none of the women in it looked like I did. Hell, I didn’t look like what I usually looked like when I watched myself fucking. I looked complacent, greedy, I looked like I was enjoying myself.

He laughed and released my mouth, “I know it’s true. You’re not going to try and fight me anymore.”

His cock was so deep inside me and all I could think about was how he wasn’t wearing a condom. I stared into his eyes, wordless, trying to keep my moans down. He felt so… good. So right.

“Yeah, you fucking slut. You want this cock. You want me.” I shook my head but he slapped me hard. “Tell me how bad you want me inside you.”

I couldn’t make the words come out of my mouth. I felt him swell even more. He gripped my throat in one hand and brought himself in for a kiss. He bit my lip, hard, drawing blood.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to tell me now. I can wait. The night is young, tons of time before people start looking for you.” He whispered, “I’ve got you and your body for hours and you’re going to be begging me not leave before I’m done.”

I clenched tight around him. I had been so focused on the thought of him kidnapping me that my orgasm snuck up on me. I came, hard. It felt like lightning was shooting through my body, every muscle tensing as I cried out against his shoulder. He held me down as I bucked and contorted wildly, still thrusting deeper and deeper.

“I knew you would cum, you slut. And you know what happens after you cum? After all of your muscles relax and open even more to me?” He lowered his voice to a purr, nothing more than a sinister whisper. “Then I cum in you and knock you up. Fill you with me. I’ll be dripping down your thighs for days.”

His pace quickened and he kept talking, emphasis each word with a thrust, faster and faster. “I have always voted against health care and assistance for sluts like you. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. I rape a baby into you, you become mine.”

I couldn’t help it. I was overcome with sensation, his cock hitting me harder and harder. I had never felt so fucking good in my entire life.

“Here it comes. I’m going to knock you up and there’s nothing you can do about it. Get ready for my fucking kid, bitch.”

And he came. Hard. His eyes clenched shut and he thrust completely into me, almost pushing me off the bed. My cunt was so warm and wet and tight, I felt every pulse of his girth. I was pulling him in with my own orgasm, which I couldn’t fight no matter how hard I tried. Every neuron in my brain was glowing and shattering as I felt the last bit of energy leave my body.

He spurted hard several times, but eventually, tapered off. He still thrust lazily into my soaking cunt, emptying himself. He kissed my neck and laughed quietly in my ear, giving me a few final hard thrusts before pulling out.

I lay, completely still, on the bed. My chest was heaving and my eyes were wet with tears and sweat. He sat beside me and slapped my ass hard. “Always loved women with big hips. I can’t wait to see how they grow.”

I couldn’t do anything as he lay beside me, pulling me against him. My cunt was still hot with his seed, and I shuddered as I felt his cock between my thighs.

“Gonna take a nap, fuck you again, and repeat. Gonna make you dumb with my cock, gonna fuck you until you’re full of my cum and wanting more. You’re going to have all my kids, and love me for them. Your life is over, but if you still want to try and run… I do like a strong woman.”

I used to think a soulmate is someone you fell in love with, but that isn’t right.

A person who is there
even when you’re wrong,
they’ll tell you about
their pain and what
you could do or not
do to help with it.

A soulmate isn’t only limited
to humans, it can also be
an animal.

When I held my dog in my arms
as I felt her cracked ribs
and her jaw clenching
her soul down as
a means to stare
at me for a little longer,
when I held my dog in my arms
and felt her soul slip away;
when my neighbor hit her,
but claimed she didn’t.
When I held my dying dog
in my arms and felt her last breath;
I lost one of my soulmates.
If she could speak,
I’m certain she
would’ve said,

“See you in the next life, friend.”

You see. I had it all wrong.
Soulmates aren’t people.
They are souls of earthlings.

We are wired to believe
that only love can breed
these soulmates.

I’m sorry. I met my soulmate,
and let me tell you.

Some of them are still breathing
and have met me.

As a matter of fact,
aren’t you my soulmate too?

You who reads my poetry,
you have read my soul.

Maybe we humans are all
each other’s soulmates
as much as animals
are to us. There’s that bond.
That unbreakable connection.

I still remember the blood
dripping from her paws.

The haunting, the sad story–

Some soulmates aren’t human,
but isn’t that human of us
to believe in that?

Souls come in many forms.
Some can’t speak our tongue,
yet they live around us.

That fly you killed.
That flower you stepped on.
That tree you cut down.
That bee that died after
it stung you.
That girl who loved you.
That boy who loved you.
Your parents who raised you.
Your siblings who annoyed you.
The dog that played with you for years.
The people you used to know.
Your best friend.
Your current lover.

Maybe soulmates are things
you take with you once
we return to dust,
and not exclusively people.

—  Maybe soulmates are things
that have made our souls cry.

My top three favorite dogs are labeled “most vicious”
Y'know why I love them? Because they are fucking sweethearts!
I’m tired of people saying that these dogs kill, and all that shit. ANY DOG can be vicious, but it doesn’t mean that the whole breed is!

A dog is a reflection of their owner

You can’t go hating on these breeds when they are forced into fighting. I met a lot of sweet pitbulls, rottweilers, and dobermans!
People just can’t label the whole breed bad, when they only hear and see what the PEOPLE say and train these dogs.
Like come on people!

Sorry for ranting, I just had to say some stuff.

Unique Breed

I met a very unique-looking dog in Portland the other day. She was very petite, and lanky as a greyhound, but had a distinct black-and-gold coat with a pronounced V on her shoulders, blended black-and-tan facial markings, a very narrow muzzle, ears like Jude’s (large but more rounded at the tips), a fully-bottle brushed tail, and a duck-footed and cow-hocked stance. Her owner spotted Jude and the resemblance was difficult for him to miss. I actually walked Jude over to he and his lady-dog, and, not wanting to ask directly if his animal was a wolfdog, instead inquired about “what mix is she?” the guy said her father was a purebred GSD and that her mother was a sledding (working/Alaskan) husky, but I found that hard to believe. The coat was too distinct, the ears too high up on her head, and her face too pointed and narrow.

He had already changed the subject to Jude, though, so I told him Jude was a Blue Bay Shepherd, created from an upper-mid wolfdog mating with a German shepherd. 

We let our pups sniff, but as soon as Jude turned to face the little female head-on, she jumped on him, putting both paws around his neck and snarling at him aggressively, so we calmly separated our animals again. I wanted to ask if I could take a picture of his dog, but both of our beasts were pretty excited by the scuffle, so we went our separate ways. 

The lankly lady-dog had striking orange eyes that seemed slanted and close-together on her face, in a way which reminded me more of a Belgian Malinois than a GSD. Her structure was so fine and petite that I didn’t believe for a second that she had shepherd in her; and on the spot, I even considered that she may be a low-content wolfdog like Jude. 

Now that I have had some time to look up images of dog mixes online, I think I know what she was, and frankly, it’s the wolfy-est looking domestic mix I have seen in a long while. If she was not, in fact, a low-content woofer (which is still entirely possible), then I believe she was actually a Belgian Mal mixed with racing husky, and that the owner had mistaken the mal for a GSD, as occasionally happens. Here are some mals, racing husky, and mal/husky mixes with similar appearance. None are quite on par with what she was, which is why I won’t dismiss the very likely possibility that she had some wolf in her, too:  

Seeing an animal like that in Portland is rare. In the entire time I have lived here, I have seen only two legitimate wolfdogs in public amongst literally tens of thousands of dogs and hundreds of claimed “wolfdogs” that are actually husky/shepherd/malamute mixes. The pup in question stood out enough that I had to go and meet with her, which gives you an idea as to how rare legitimately wolfy-looking animals actually are. 

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Fic prompt: AU - Felicity is a virgin and somehow ends up in a hotel room with Oliver Queen, multi billionaire playboy. She's nervous but trying not to show it, and she expects him to go fast and not care about how she feels. She's surprised when he's very gentle and asks if she's okay all the way through. She's even more surprised when he stays in bed the next morning, and officially asks her out.


(AN: This one totally got away from me and ended up being 7K words of delicious smut. Oops! Oh, what am I saying? It’s SMUT! Of course y’all are gonna like it!)

Originally posted by smoakingsheo

It started out with her bumping into him in the lobby, then again in the hotel gym, and finally, in the hot tub and it just seemed to escalate from there because, holy shit! Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy, was actually interested, in her, little old Felicity Smoak, the mousey IT girl from the server room. But here she was, lounging in the hot tub, oblivious to anything aside from the warm water lapping around her body.

The peaceful solitude was interrupted by footsteps making her eyes pop open immediately to see who had walked in. Felicity’s jaw dropped. There was Oliver wearing a pair of baggy black track pants, a towel casually tossed over his shoulder. Beads of sweat dotted his bare chest glistening in the pale twilight that filtered through the large glass windows that surrounded the area. She watched him from the bubbling hot water as he made his way to a chair on the opposite side of the hot tub, his attention clearly elsewhere. He was humming along with whatever music was streaming into his headphones, but when he finally looked in her direction, he froze.

Felicity’s arms stretched out along the edges of the brick tub allowing her head to tilt back slightly and her breasts to bob with the swirling waters. She felt her breath catch as her stomach fluttered when his eyes settled upon her. His lips twitched up when his gaze fell lower and settled on her chest. She felt slightly self-conscious, dipping down into the water when his stare remained fixed on her. But she managed to stand her ground, staring back at him the way he had been staring at her, appreciating the fine lines of his chiseled chest and arms.

Something fluttered much lower in her body and for a moment, Felicity thought the heat was getting to her. She took a deep breath to clear her head and apparently so did he. As he walked towards the edge of the tub, she watched the muscles ripple beneath his skin with every step he took. Adonis, the god of beauty and desire, popped into her head. That he was. Felicity licked my lips.

As her own private Adonis reached the edge of the tub, she sat up, keen on watching him take off his pants to see what lay beneath. Her eyes dropped. She couldn’t believe where her mind had gone in those short minutes of first making eye contact. Chiding the part of her brain that wanted to indulge in fantasy, she coyly looked up to see he had on a pair of black swim trunks beneath his trainers. Although relieved, Felicity knew in a moment he’d be sitting opposite her in the small tub.

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i thought you might appreciate knowing that yesterday i had a full grown bernese mountain dog sit on my lap!!! such a big dog on my lap!!!

Yes! Berners are too pure for this world. I have had the privilege of working with 5 of them at once, and I can honestly say they are the friendliest breed I have ever met! I would get one in a heartbeat if they didn’t have so many genetic problems.

Originally posted by zodiacastrologysigns

I figured this picture would be JUST the thing to let your followers know what they are dealing with. As you can see, this is an A+ vicious pit bull, very scary, super terrifying, so mean.

This sweetheart is the kindest animal I have ever met, of any breed, of any SPECIES. She was severely abused and bred a horrific amount before the rescue from which I adopted her saved her. Somehow, she never developed any sort of animosity towards humans. She is an oversized lap dog, and all she wants is to be loved.


(If you ever run into us on a walk, feel free to say hello, she is the last dog to ever raise her hackles or get threatening with another human. This is the dog who would invite a robber in with a friendly kiss and a demand for ear scritchies. Because, you know, scary pit bulls/pit mixes are all so mean.)

Of my goodness! So much cuteness!