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There are some check please ships that are so ridiculous I honestly want to cry like the characters might 1) have never met 2) never actually have had any shown dialogue 3) Hate each other, or 3) have 0 chemistry. Like I love almost all of the ships but... you get some weird ones lbr

look tbh im all for ridiculous ships and rarepairs (as long as they arent shipping a gay/lesbian person with a woman/man) bc they are usually pretty cool character studies? and sometimes they are just fluff and angst

i am not fussy about shipping at all really and its great to see how creative ppl get with rarepairs

also like idk but everyone has different views on the comic? people that u might think has zero chemistry are compatible to someone else?

that point in my life when everythiing went downhill

[160508 HYYH on stage: Epilogue] RM's MENT

I think my luck is really good. I don’t fall sick often nor get injured often. And I’m also able to make music with so many cool people. To be honest, I’m quite lacking and I was lost for quite some time. But I met so many people that are able to help and have everyone by my side, I’m really lucky. In the future I’d show my sincerity and produce more and better music. Thank you everyone

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draco and harry continue to snark at each other even during gross PDA 

hi all it’s been exactly one year since i posted my first drarry fanart (lmao cringe) and i’ve met some really cool people and had a lot of fun!!! so i drew this to celebrate instead of doing the massive amount of homework i have because i no longer know the meaning of the world “prioritize”.

Happy One-Year Drarryversary to me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


happy holidays!! ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Life before God was cool. I lived a good life. Did nice things for people. Was happy TBH. I did not come to God with a desperate need to have my life changed. But that was the problem. I never knew I needed God until I met Him. I never knew that the deeds I called “good” didn’t really matter at the end of the day if I didn’t even know the One who created me with such purpose. My testimony may not seem all that exciting. Some people meet God while they’re stuck in an addiction, or near death. That didn’t happen to me. I met God, and honestly, truthfully, it changed everything for me in the best way possible. Now, I am able to recognize the joy He puts in my life, and instead of calling things “coincidence” I am truly able to see Him at work in everything. He is real, and He loves you. I pray that you too, would have a personal encounter with Jesus. You won’t know the joy that comes with knowing Him until you experience Him for yourself.

It’s really hard knowing that I will never be able to sit down with my favorite band and tell them how much I appreciate all that they’ve done, and that without them I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people and wouldn’t have been introduced to some really cool music. But it’s okay, I am honestly so proud.


Time flies away really fast and here I am again, making my second follow forever. Since everyone’s doing it and I’m gonna reach my second thousand soon, I wanted to do it too!

I’ve met such a wonderful and cool people in the last past months and made some amazing friends and I want to take the oportunity to tell you that I’ve been very lucky to have find you <3 Thank you for making my dashboard being the coolest dash, thank you for the good moments and thank you for stand this idiot. Love ya’ll, you’re best! (▰˘◡˘▰)

Also, if you’re not here, it isn’t because I don’t like you, I love everyone I follow okay? it’s just that we have less things in common, just that <3

PS: bold ones are friends and/or crushes.


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tbh i was outside for over four hours today. drove around to different areas and met some new friends and saw people i haven’t seen in years. everywhere i went were people playing pokemon and honestly it was such a magical experience seeing everyone gathered in one spot and talking about fictional monsters. 

i seriously just want to go outside everyday and go as far as i can to see what else i can find and what new friends i can make. pokemon go has actually made me want to be more active and social and i never thought i’d see the day. 

The Mangy/Adorable Cats of Marrakech Need Names 

The best thing about Marrakech, one of my favorite Moroccan cities, is its out-of-control cat population. I love cats and have a soft spot for deformed and mangy cats, so Marrakech is heaven for me—all of the city’s friendly people, delicious food, and beautiful rugs are cool too, but I’m really all about the cats. I like naming the cats and picking them up no matter how filthy they are. Here are some of the cats I’ve met in Marrakech.

External image

I named this cat Paris. He has a cute, wonky eye. I met him in the Ourika Valley while hunting for textiles on a rainy day. He has tiny paws.

External image

Here’s Moto. He was always lounging in the shade of this motorcycle.  

External image

This is Palace Cat. Every day she sat outside the palace guarding it. I never saw anyone sitting on this bench besides her.

External image

This is Meowy. He’s named Meowy because he meowed a lot when I took his picture. Afterwards, he walked over to me to receive a good pet. Marrakech’s cats are typically friendly.   

External image

It’s uncommon for people to have cats as pets in Morocco—at least not in the medinas—but some cats will hang out at shops and become shop cats. You can usually find this cat getting sun at this art shop. The owners don’t mind him because he eats mice and attracts tourists. 

External image

This kitten is puny, especially compared to that big stone lion. There’s a shop I go to to get textiles, and going there is such a treat because cats and kittens rule the place. It’s called Mustapha Blaoui. It is the premier destination for Moroccan cat tourism.  

External image

These cats are tired after a long day. It was around 100 degrees when this photo was taken. So sleepy!



Hi! This is Tori

You may know her from Shay Carl/Shaytards vlogs when she got engaged at Vidcon last year.

But she’s also a super small Youtuber and 100% one of the nicest I’ve ever met. She always replies no matter how busy she is and she genuinely enjoys talking to new people.

When youtubers get big they end up with hashtags #getYOUTUBERto1million etc. and they end up getting thousands in a day. Smaller youtubers don’t have such luck. 

There are also so many channels now #getmetoamillionwithnovideos which is so unfair when they’re not working for it.

I really want to see how great Tumblr can be and see if we can get Tori some more subscribers. She’s going to SITC in a few week so how cool would it be if we could get her to 4,000?
It’s not impossible. Larger youtubers prove this. 

If everyone could share this post or her channel with a friend or two it would be so easy. I have 5,000 followers so even if everyone had a look at her channel that would be amazing! 

I don’t want you to subscribe if you don’t like it but at 
least give it a chance! 

I’m going to add a few of my favourite videos for you to check out :)


I’ve submitted before and met some really cool people but I had to get off Tumblr for a short amount of time due to personal reasons. But now I’m back! (: and better than ever. Anyways I’m Kim and I’m really into corny jokes as well as long conversations about nothing in particular. I have a habit of using 😂 a lot and photography is also a thing I do. As well as staying home and binge watching awful movies all day. Let’s exchange some bad corny jokes and talk about why Lauren Jauregui is queen AF and how cool it would be if we can travel to Pluto.

Tumblr: insanityexpert
Instagram: kimmyyx_


The last 3 days with Jake have been pretty amazing to say the least. 

We went to London and saw Birdland which was bloody awesome. Andrew Scott has a nice butt and a nice body and a nice voice and a nice everything really. Oh- we got a picture with him after too no big deal…

We bumped into Ando and he was so lovely it made my heart ache. We were actually saying after how it felt like we’d known each other ages because he was so easy to get along with :’) 

Also met a couple of my people who were very sweet and lovely and aw never be afraid to say hi if you see me on one of the rare occasions I leave the house ok? Cool. 

Other things happened too…we went to some gallery that had massive ant looking thingies, Jake played some guitar, we went on omegle and met some of you guys, ate hula hoops at 3 in the morning, had a chat with Steff + Chloe, had a lazy day in watching things and playing video games, got a lil lost, I threw up, we laughed, cried and there was lots of face kissing. 

I’m probably forgetting something but all you need to know is that I am one exhausted, freakishly happy little lad and this guy can take all the credit for making life good again.


So I was going to make a follow forever a couple weeks ago when I hit 1k, but time (and life) got away from me and so I figured with me hitting 1.1k and it being the holidays/end of the year, this was as good of a time as any to make one.

I made this blog a couple months ago because I adore animation, and also because it’s part of my happy place and a way for me to escape and cope with certain things. I’m so grateful for the love, support, and encouragement I found here! I’ve met some really kind and cool people and people who I’d like to get to know more (I’m sorry I’m terrible at communicating, I’m very shy and I have anxiety and stuff.) 

Below are some of the people who make my dash a little brighter and who inspire me. I hope as time goes on, I can discover more awesome people!

ps: if you’re not on here, I promise I didn’t mean to leave you off intentionally or that it means I care about you any less…sometimes I can be forgetful *gives you hot cocoa* And if you’re a mutual of mine - whether from here or from my personal - I consider you a friend. :)

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Thank you all so much for following me! Happy holidays :)


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

So on October 5th, 2014 I met one of the bands who have helped me the most throughout high school, bring me the horizon. My friends and I waited in line for 2 hours to meet them. We got in line almost as soon as we got into Louder than Life and stood there. We made friends with people in line and met some cool people! Finally it got to noon and bmth showed up late. Oops. Anyways we were almost at the front and I almost died when I saw them! Ugh We first walked up and I went first of my friends. I met Lee first, as shown, and I was so ecstatic! I was smiling and it felt like heaven. Next was Jordan and let me tell you his eyes are REALLY blue. He was so sweet and I said hi and he smiled and said hey. He’s so nice! Then I met Matt Kean and he’s super nice, as well! He signed my poster and I moved on to Matt nicholls. He was super sweet as well and I was dying because I was so close to Oli. I almost starter crying right there. I walked over to Oli and he talked to me a bit and then signed my poster. I was shaking and so I asked for a hug. It simply came out of my mouth and I couldn’t believe it. I was afraid he’d say no, but nope. He said yeah sure with a smile and gave me a huge hug! I walked away and almost started crying and I could barely hold my poster. That day was a wonderful day and I also met Kevin skaff of ADTR, Neil Westfall of ADTR, Memphis May fire, Adam Elmakias, and Craig owens and the guitarist Jason Hook of 5 Finger Death Punch.

Hey guys, first of all, i thought it was time to make a follow  forever because I’ve been one year on tumblr, yes, its my anniversary and may is the month and thank you for 7.5k followers. Also this is a
special thanks to my mutuals (even though i’ve only been in a mutual with some of you for a short amount of time) for to make tumblr such an awesome experience for me, you literally always make my dash be a really cool and funny place!, i love you all.

And finally, thanks to the person who brought me to this place, because by that person, I have met very good people who perhaps would otherwise never could have known, thanks zayn for Being part of my life and our lives. i’m excited and waiting for solo zayn!


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