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Request 1: Smut and cute

Request 2: Can u pls do a imagine where yn and justin are having a Q&A onstage then someone asks a dirty question which justins answers then yn tries to deny it and gets embarrassed & jokingly mad at justin. Make it cute/funny thank youu!

Warnings: Smut at the end. And the length. It’s long….

I joined two requests for this one, just to kill two birds with one stone. hope It’s still enjoyable.

It was always so fun when interacting with the fans. The way they squealed in excitment but tried their hardest to hide the elation, just to make Justin feel comfortable. No matter what anyone says or does, the true beliebers will always care and respect Justin’s emotions and feelings. 

“Hi!” The girl exclaimed in over excitment. 

“Hi sweetheart, what’s your name?” Justin asked, repositioning my legs over his lap.

“C-Crystal.” She stutters, hands trembling. It wasn’t hard to spot the tears forming in the poor girls eyes and I wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly dropped the microphone from a sudden panic attack.

“Crsytal.” Justin repeats, as if testing the name on his tongue. “Such a beautiful name. Much cooler then Justin.” 

The crowd aw’s and giggles. “What’s your question for us beautiful?” 

The brunette whips her long beach wavy hair over her shoulder, taking a deep breath in then exhaling it with a small sigh. “Okay. This one’s for Y/N - If you hadn’t met Justin, where do you think you be right now?”

My eyes widen at the question, not expecting it to be something so deep and meaningful. “Like right now, as in right now? Or right now as in this period in my life?” I questioned through my gold encrusted microphone. It was made specifically for me after I won my first grammy, and was a gift from Justin. I’ve had it for a little over a year now but it is and will forever be my favourite microphone. Not just becuase it’s made specifically for me, but because it was given to me by someone I love with all my heart. 

“In this period of time.” Crystal answers.

“Well…” I trail off, looking towards Justin for a split second. “First of all, I don’t really know if I want to imagine life without Justin.” 

The crowd aw’s and cheers at this, and I chuckle. “But to answer your question. Honestly, I really don’t know. I met Justin during a really hard period in my life. I was suffering from a very severe case of depression and was taking very large doses of uppers. Without him, I would probably still be depressed somewhere, not making any music, or maybe even dead from the amount of medication I was taking.”

“Well thank god for Justin.” Crystal joked. The crowd cheers in agreement and I smile in response, wrapping the hand not gripping my microphone around Justin. “Agreed.”

Justin and I thank Crystal for the question and she cheerfully replies with some kind words of how much she loves us, before the man with the microphone begins moving towards another girl in spite to ask a question.“Oh my God, hello?!” 

This girl seemed to be of a darker race, with beautiful caramel skin - almost of a latin family, maybe mixed race? Young face looking no older then 14. Hair long and curly let loose in thick strands down her body. Bright blue eyes peering at the both of us in shock, but a mischievous smile planted on her face. 

“Hi.” Justin and I laugh at her almost confused greeting. “And what’s your name beautiful?” I question.

The girl smiles up at me in appreciation, responding with pride. I liked her confidence. “Asia.” 

“Asia.” I spoke in shock. “I love that name!” I exclaimed, but it sounded like a whine. “Can we name our daughter Asia?” I asked Justin. Justins face fell in shock and confusion as the crowd roared with the same emotions. 

“Daughter?! …..Are you pregnant?!”

“What? No!…But like - for future reference. Can we?”

As that was said, he untensed, a look of relief washing over. “Jesus you scared me.” He exclaimed with a hand over his heart. “Yeah - whatever - I don’t care right now. Just don’t do that again.”

I smiled and chuckled at his idioticness and shook my head while turning back over to the girl. “Alright Asia, what’s on your mind?”

“How healthy is your sex life? And do you have any kinks? Who’s whipped?” 

My mouth drops in shock, face pailing but also rising to a bright red at the question. This girl could not have been older then 13 - 14 at most! The crowd laughs and cheers at the girls question, but the only response I could muster, other then a nervous laugh was “Okay, I think we should head over to the next question.” 

Though Justin had other ideas.

With a smug smirk and raised face of what seemed to be pride, he replied solemnly with “We have a very healthy sex life. Theres action every night. Always trying something new.” 

My eyes whipped over to Justin in shock at the fact he had just announced our sex routine to not only 80,000 fans but undoubtedly the whole word. And with that much pride and ease?! He was in for it at the end of this.


“And I can definitely say Y/N’s got a few kinks.” He chuckles as if it was so obvious. 

“I do not!” I blush into the mic.

“Oh yeah? Well, I find it weird how I go from being your baby boy to your dad every time we get hot and flustered.” 

Oh my God.

“If you ask me, I don’t think being your dad and you son works. Does it?” He smirks.

“Boi, I swear to God-!” I exclaim but am soon interrupted. 

“And I’ve definently got Y/N whipped. Always.” 

“Okay, that’s enough I think. Next question please!” 

As the mic is passed down through a few more people, I can’t help but notice the smug and firm smirk on Justin’s face, as if he had just accomplished something he could brag about to all his friends, or in this case, to the entire world.

I just sigh and continue on with the Q’n’A.

“Thank you Australia!” Justin yells into the mic. “It’s Been a wonderful night.” 

After being accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, the final song finally coming to an end, Justin and the dancers ran off the stage and over to the wings, all wet with the rain from the last song and also a layer of sweat from the hard work they just put into the remainder of the show.

After handing Justin and a few other dancer’s - including Ely and Audrey - the three towels I was holding - Scooter a few other backstage crew member’s tending to the rest - I kissed Justin on the cheek, praising his hard work tonight before we both set off to his dressing room to change out of his wet clothes. 

“So…That Q’n’A during break was fun.” The smirk was so evident on his face, It was hurting having to hide the temptation of slapping it off clean.

“You know you - your very annoying.” I suddenly said, while trying hide the rising blush.

“Am I?” He smiled, only fueling my short temper further. 

“Don’t! Don’t do that Jay. This isn’t funny. Now the whole world knows about our sex life.” I pout.

Justin chuckles, looking over at me as if I was an adorable baby who had just dropped his cookie. “Aw! Does that bother you?” 

“Yes. actually, It does.” I answered smartly just as we approached the front of Justin’s dressing room. After pushing inside and locking the door firmly behind us, I handed Justin his spare clothes for the evening and placed myself aggressively on the couch, awaiting for his move to change. I was in no mood for chit-chat, just wanting to get out of here and back to the hotel.

But to no avail he did anything. Instead, he slowly crept towards me, placing himself on the seat beside me, running his right hand up and down my right thigh.

“C’mon baby girl. Don’t be like that.”

“Like what?” I spat aggressively, shoving his hand away.

But he only seemed amused by my actions. “Like that.” He chuckled, scooting closer. “I don’t like it when your mad.”

“Welp, you should of though of that before you went ahead and basically exposed our private life.” I said. But it sounded as if I was stating the most obvious thing to ever be said. 

“Babe, if you think about it, I was kind of complimenting you.” He says in attempt to lift up my mood. 

“Don’t bullshit me Justin.” I warn. He chuckles “Alright…Then at least let me make it up to you.”

As his hand begins to slide further up my thigh, quickly approaching my sensitive and slightly heated center, I couldn’t shake the sudden urge to pull back and kiss him with full force, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. 

His lips danced on mine in such rhythmical sync, that you would think they were professional dancers which had been practicing the same routine for years. learning and perfecting every step and move. 

But before things could get anywhere, a knock on the door had us groaning and hesitantly pulling apart, Scooters voice echoing through the barrier of thick wood.

“Speed it up Justin, we need to be out of here in 5!”

Scooter’s words had me feeling even more bothered, especially after not receiving the release of tension building between my legs. Justin peered up at me through dark,  lust filled eyes, so easy to spot that he was just as bothered as I was. “Quickie?”

“Don’t even think about it.” I muttered, stepping towards the door.

There was no way I was gonna grant myself a quickie. I needed something big and tiring to release all this tension. “Just hurry up.”

The car ride was as silent as a graveyard during a cold winter night. It also held the tension you received after stepping into one too. Justin and I had our mouths shut for one reason and one reason only - sexual tension. Scooter on the other hand was just too busy typing away on his phone to care, and the driver was only doing his job so what was there to talk about? Nothing really.

After tipping the driver and checking into the hotel room, Justin, Scooter and I finally parted ways once arriving to the floor we rented out for the crew. Exchanging a good night with the sweet man, he walked off towards room 248 without another peep. 

As for Justin and I, it was a very heavy hearted walk towards room 254. Full of lust and impatience. 

It took a second for Justin to quit fumbling with the key card and the key swipe to enter the room due to all the sexual frustration, but once the sound of a click was heard, indicating a success towards the transition, it was all hell breaking loose from there. 

The door was shoved open, then slammed back shut by the force of Justin pushing me against it once we had entered the room. Forceful and lust filled kisses trailed all over my body. But a large pause from me once feeling Justin’s attempt in removing my top. 

As much to Justin’s dismay, I pulled away from the kiss and slightly breached out of his grasp, causing his hand to drop down to his side and a frown to settle on his flawless face. “Y/N.” he whined. 

“Uh - uh.” I cooed. “All with patience baby.” 

I began staggering over towards the bathroom, dragging along my suitcase which had been delivered up here earlier. 

“What are you doing?” He questioned, eyed following and observing me every move.

You’ve got me whipped, huh? We’ll just see about that.”

And then I was off.


Startled? Confused? I couldn’t exactly pinpoint the exact emotion coursing through my body at this very moment, but after hearing her words echoing through my head once again, I felt as if I had a pretty good idea.

You’ve got me whipped, huh? We’ll just see about that.

It was excitment.

It had been a few seconds since Y/N had stalked into the bathroom ever so suddenly, but the shuffling noises echoing from inside told me that I was in for something a little more exciting then a small bathroom break.

And without hesitation I quickly began darting around the room, setting the scene of every romantic thing I could muster up in my sex clouded state of mind. After lighting a few small votive candles the hotel supplied, I made quick to grab and pour two cups of champagne and even went as far as taking out some of Y/N’s toys, for when I can’t be there to satisfy her.

The click of the bathroom door had my thoughts interrupted and my  body whirling around to catch sight of Y/N, standing by the door in a white strappy lingerie that hugged her curves in a way that was too good for her own good. 

And completing the outfit was a pair of fluffy white handcuffs, dangling from her fingers. “Damn Y/N. You look -”

“Shh.” She hushed, stalking towards me in a pair of bulky stiletto’s. “Shut up, you don’t get to say anything.” Once she was stood directly in front of me, I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander her glorious body, appreciating every dip and curve that made up my beautiful girl. Her hands roamed my torso, sliding in and out of my purpose shirt before settling at the hem of it, and quickly ripping  it over my head. 

Slowly stepping back as she continued to step forward, it wasn’t long before my legs hit the edge of the hotel bed, Y/N using her hand to push me down onto it before crawling ontop of me. 

Her glorious body hanging over mine, clit rubbing low on my body forcing an uncontrolled hard-on to appear. “Fuck baby girl, I-”

“Uh-uh!” she growled, eyes dancing with a putrid fire. “You really need to be put in your place. Taught the right way to respect a lady. Tell me baby boy, do you talk to your mother with that dirty, dirty mouth?” She whispered.

Her tone and choice of words had me whimpering under her. Where did she learn to do all this?

“Well,” She smirked. “It’s a good thing we have these, isn’t it?” She held up the cuffs, dangling them over my face before leaning forward and lifting both wrists high onto the bed frame. After threading the chain through the expensive bars of the headboard, she cuffed each hand tightly, making sure there was no escape for me.

She was in control, and she wanted me to know that. 

A trail of wet kisses down my neck had goosebumps chasing in its track, before she stopped, planting her lips on the spot between the crook of my neck, sucking tenderly on the skin. Her slender, manicured hand slid low down my body, sliding through the hem of my shorts before settling around my hard dick.

Rubbing and teasing the tip purposely. “Tell me baby boy, what do you want?”

“I want you.” I responded eagerly. 

“I need you to be more specific.” She smirked. “Beg for me.” She whispered.

“Put me in your mouth.” I whimpered to which she threw an innocent gaze my way. “What was that?” 

“Please put me in your mouth, baby girl.” She hummed in satisfaction before sliding down ever so slightly, until she was in line with my crotch. Her feminine hands yanking down the basketball shorts I sported without hesitation and wasting no time in licking at the swollen head of my raging dick. I looked down at the girl as she jerked my hardening cock off, only with her mouth.

She started slow but quickly sped to a pace that had me whimpering and grunting all in the fate of her mouth. “Baby-”

With a pop, my dick was released from her mouth. “What did I say?” 

“I know, but can you at least release one hand.” I begged. 

“Hmm…Only cause you’ve been a good boy. I’ll make an exception.”

After using the key the cuffs came with to unlock one cuff, she clipped it back onto the headboard, still restricting one hand. But none the less she went back to her previous actions, pleasuring me with her mouth.

Her beautiful mouth that was sending my mind into overdrive.

As she sucked and licked, nipped and bit at my dick, I ran my fingers through her hair, whimpering at every little thing she did. It wasn’t until I felt a slight gag course through her when my high really began approaching. And she must have noticed. 

“Cum, for me baby boy,” Y/N moaned against my dick as her thrusts became erratic. At the sharpness of Y/N biting into my flesh, I shuddered and twitched in her mouth as waves of pleasure upon pleasure drowned me. I shook euphorically as Y/N moaned, sending vibrations throughout my entire body and shot my warm cum inside her mouth.  I was held frozen through my orgasm before my body gave into exhaustion.

Satisfied with her work, Y/N wiped her mouth clean of any mess and swallowed my salty pleasure. running her hands over my body once more before smirking, “How was it?”

Amazing baby.” I said through heavy breaths “Where did you learn to do that?” 

“It’s a secret.” Was all she said before cuffing my wrists and placing the cuffs on my bedside table. After switching off the lamp, she cuddled into my side, holding me for dear life as we fell asleep in each others arms.


Y/N groaned, rolling through the tossel of sheets while clutching onto my body, obviously to tired and oblivious to catch onto our surroundings. But soon reality took over and we both shot up, glancing around the room.

Cuffs on the table beside me, burnt out candles still lingering in the air, discarded - but not freshly used sex toys scattered around the floor after being kicked off the bed, me sitting naked, covered by nothing but a sheet, and Y/N’s body dressed in nothing but a revealing strappy lingerie.

Then embarrassingly enough, Scooter, Za, Khalil and worst of all, my mother, all standing by the entrance of our room.

Horrified looks planted across our faces, everyone slowly and awkwardly began to leave the room, all too embarrassed to even speak. 

All but Scooter, who just sighed. “I don’t even want to know.”


You don’t ship people based on Gender, Sexuality, Nationality, Age Difference or Looks. You ship them because of Chemistry.

should’ve been us - Jack Gilinsky Imagine (part 1)

JG: really wish you were here (2.30 a.m.)

I was lying in my queen size bed all by myself reading Jack’s message over and over again. I couldn’t really sleep and it’s not just tonight, my insomnia has been going on and on for days. And as I read neither could he. 

Me: miss u too.. (2.34 a.m.)

Jack and I have been best friends for about a year and a half now. It all started when I met my best friend’s boyfriend. My best friend Leah started dating Jack J and one night she invited me to go to Justin Bieber’s concert wtih them. At first I wasn’t up for it since I didn’t want to be third wheeling through the night, but then she said he’d be taking his best friend with him so I wouldn’t be alone. I didn’t like that idea too much neither, but I was like ‘oh what the hell’ , I didn’t want to be all by myself in my apartment either. 

And that’s where Jack and I first met. At Justin Bieber’s concert. 

We pretty much clicked right away.

Through the night Leah and JJ got lost in the crowd somewhere leaving Jack and I alone. The show was about to end and then Jack asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with him since JJ and Leah were nowhere to be found. 

He wanted me to talk about myself cause he wanted to ‘get to know me better’ and I liked the idea of getting to know him a little bit better. He seemed like a very down to earth and cool guy, not to mention how good looking he was (and still is of course).

We waited JJ and Leah by Jack’s car and he stood in front of me making me step back a little so that my back was leaned against the car.

He was telling me how he was so glad to meet me and that he’s definitely wanted to see me again. 

His hands were in his pockets and he was looking down at me. His head was lowering to mine and just as our lips was about to meet, we heard JJ and Leah’s voices making Jack curse under his breath and I laughed blushing. 

Since that day Jack and I started hanging out and as the time was passing we became best friends. “Nothing more and nothing less than best friends”. 

There always has been something more between us. Everyone around us knew and could see that, even Jack and I even though we were ‘denying’ that. 

I never fully realized how much I loved him until he started dating his girlfriend, Madison. I found out about them when they were dating for about 2 months. He was hiding it from me ‘for some reason’. He didn’t want to tell me and then one night “Jack didn’t come back home last night” slipped out of Johnson’s mouth. My heart dropped as I looked at Jack trying to hide every emotion because let’s be honest, everyone knew what that meant. 

One night Jack went out and got drunk calling me in the middle of the night telling me how he will never be able to forget the look on my face that night I found out about him and Madison. 

JJ and Jack have been touring for about 2 months now. Guess who went with Jack. 

That’s right.. 

Just when I locked my phone and put it under my pillow it started ringing. I pulled it out from under the pillow and looked at the screen which was showing Jack’s name. 

‘hey Jack’ I said quietly answering the phone. 

‘hey’ he said, I could feel him smiling over the phone. 

‘what’s up?’ 

‘just calling to check on you.’ he said and that made me feel warm around my heart. ‘how you’ve been?’ 

‘umm, fine? I guess?’ I said. ‘and you?’ 

‘I don’t know, I thought I’d enjoy the tour much more than I actually do.’ he said. 

‘why? is something wrong? you seem kinda down’ 

‘yeah, I’ve been feeling down for a while now.’ he said. ‘I just don’t know I..’ he stopped as he was about to burst in tears and that got me worried. 

‘Jack, what’s wrong? are you okay?’ I asked sitting up in my bed. 

‘I just have been feeling so lonely, y/n’ he said now making it clear that he was crying. 

‘where are you now, Jack? where’s Madison?’ I asked. 

‘I’m sitting on some bench near the beach and she’s in the hotel room sleeping, I guess.’ he said. 

‘why aren’t you there as well?’ I asked. 

‘y/n..could you, could you please come tomorrow?’ he pleaded. 

‘come where Jack? to Portland?’ I asked. 

‘please, I need you so damn much, y/n’ 

‘Jack, I don’t think that’s going to happen..’ 



justin bieber


  1. jesus i have one question why you created justin bieber? only for make a mess in my life right? right.
  2. idk what i have to do cause sometimes i hate justin sometimes i love how someones can live like this?
  3. i’m so sorry mom but i love justin bieber
  4. don’t ask me if i love you bc you know that my one and first love is justin
  5. justin is better than pizza
  6. justin is the best then shut up
  7. justin makes me so happy at the same time makes me sad i’m confused
  8. justin makes me feel like I was in heaven i love this shit with all my heart
  9. when I look at the eyes of justin bieber I feel in paradise someone help me
  10. i was fine then i met justin bieber
  11. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be belieber
  12. roses are red, violets are blue, justin i cant live without you
  13. justin is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like justin
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  15. i’m belieber and… idk man, just give me a hug
  16. i try to stop listening to justin bieber, but i can’t, becAUSE JUSTIN IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  17. justin doesn’t know how much i love him and it breaks my heart
  18. all my life and all my story is about justin bieber
  19. you don’t like justin? you can hear my FFFFFFFUCK YOUUU??????
  20. the hell is waiting for me thx for that, justin, h8 u
  21. living for justin
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Smallville: 10x14 - Masquerade (02.18.2011)

Imagine Preview

The grass is cold underneath me, and I can only imagine how much worse its going to become. There’s birds up above, high in the trees and looking down on Justin and I as we lay in the garden.

“Okay,” he mutters. It’s the first time either of us has spoken in a while so it causes me to jump in surprise. “Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach, please,” he grins.

“How romantic,” I say as my T-shirt is travelling over my stomach, my chest, my neck and finally, is released from my body completely. The harsh wind breathes heavily onto my skin and I can already see the goosebumps forming; creating mountains all over my body.

Laying down on my stomach, the cold only worsens but I don’t complain. My nipples are being attacked by the grass which is almost wet due to how frosty the early January air is, I have to hold back a gasp when it feels knives against me.

“Thank you for doing this,” Justin says as he rummages through his bag. “I’ve dreamed of doing this ever since I met you.”


season two » You don’t feel like my sister. When you were talking about David maybe being your father, something - I don’t know what - happened where I was hoping that we weren't… that we’re not related. And I had this weird moment where I thought I had feelings for you, okay? And I know it’s sick and it’s wrong but it was just a moment. And I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again but it doesn’t help when you’re just around me all the time. Do you understand?


If only the world knew what was really happening to the their pop star behind the scenes. Why, I remember when I first met Justin in the beginning of this year. He was just a small boy with a big heart. Of course he was much smaller than. Probably about 15 years old. I told him if he wanted to make it big he had to become…“more appealing” to the public eye. I said that I could help him. Oh, he was so sweet. His boyish charm almost made me feel bad for what I was about to put him through. I injected him with my first formula, “G-25”. It had the same effects of the “G-29” formula I use today, except it worked much slower and had very different side effects on the subject. I could tell that once I injected him, he became more aggressive. As Justin grew, his boyish charm began to fad. Luckily his fame took off before the “G-25” caused any major changes. Now, I sit at home and watch as tabloids, news reports and magazines comment on the now rapidly aging pop star. The public couldn’t believe how quick Justin was growing. Only I know the true reason why he’s growing so rapidly. I just wish I could be with him when he has his growth spurt every 3 months. I can only imagine what his underwear, bed sheets and clothes must look like from all those hormones rapidly surging through his body at once. From the looks of it, I’d say “G-25” has been doing what I created to it to do. It’s been about 12 months now since I injected Justin, I’d say he’s definitely going to need to prepare for the future while he’s at the peak of his growth before his youth begins to fade too quickly.

Single Mother - jb imagine

A/N: I’m really sorry this took so long, and i’m also sorry if it sucks. I’ve been having writer’s block and it wasn’t the best thing :/ hope you enjoy though.. 

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Summary: You’re a single mother with a troubled teenage daughter. Justin comes over to visit which leads to your daughter sneaking out and getting herself into serious trouble. After everyone kisses and makes up, Justin and you drop a bombshell.

Requested: yes

Warnings: language maybe.. just about it I’d assume


Being a single mother was a living hell on earth but, it had it’s perks sometimes. I’ve been raising Y/D/N on my own since she was born. Where’s her father you may ask? God only knows the answer to that question.

You see, Justin’s around but, it’s only for when he sees fit. Sometimes, he randomly turns up out of the blue thinking it’s okay to do so when it is the complete opposite. Y/D/N didn’t know that Justin was her father.

She was a literal spitting image of him. But, she’s never around to see him. I always catch her sneaking out late at night or even early in the morning. Who knows who that girl is going to see but, I was going to put an end to it soon. I heard the doorbell rang and I heard y/d/n yell that she’ll get it.

I paid her no mind, continuing to write up the bills I had on the table.

“Hey Justin! How are ya?” I heard y/d/n question from around the corner.

“Uh, great!” He responded, “Where’s your mother at?”

“In the kitchen, where she always is.” She scoffed, “You’re probably here to see her, right?”

“Actually yeah. Sorry to get you down in the dumps but, I brought you a little something. It’s not much because I don’t know anything about what teenage girls want but, I hope it’ll do.” He said. What a load a crap he’s feeding to her. Talking about he doesn’t know about what teenage girls want. Teenage girls sure as hell don’t want to be pregnant and left raising the kid on their own! 

I huffed, putting the bills back in the plastic bag that I keep them in. I got up from my chair and headed to the front door, where I was met by Justin. 

“Oh, hey y/n.” He smiled at me. “May I come in?" 

"Do as you please.” I nonchalantly replied. I walked away from the front door going back to the kitchen. I heard Justin close the door and his footsteps walking closely behind me. I paused abruptly, turning around to face him. “What exactly are you doing here?" 

He looked around, scratching the back of his neck before replying, "I just came here to see my daughter. Is it wrong for me to do so?" 

"First off, it’s our daughter,” I corrected him. “And second, no, it’s not wrong to see her but, after all these years, you’re dying to see her now?" 

"Y/N, don’t turn this on me. I’m not a bad father to my—I mean, our daughter. I do everything I can for her.” Justin said. He stared at me, awaiting me to say something back. “Well, I’m going upstairs to talk to her since her mother won’t talk to me. Maybe she’ll appreciate more than you ever will." 

I bit my tongue, stopping myself from saying something nasty. I did appreciate Justin but, he shouldn’t have left me pregnant and alone. I rolled my eyes, going back into the kitchen. I guess Y/D/N and Justin could use some father-daughter binding. 

Justin Bieber POV 

Sometimes, Y/N could be a real pain in the ass. She always found a way to turn things on me and make me seem like a terrible person, when in reality, I wasn’t! I jogged up the stairs and began looking at the doors to see something that looked like a female’s door. Ah, bingo! 

I knocked on the door before entering. "Hey, Y/D/N. May I come in?" 

"You’re already half way inside so, might as well.” She shrugged her shoulders. She was over in the corner, doing her makeup. It looked as if she was getting ready to go out. I walked into the room, keeping my distance because it would look shady if Y/N were to walk in and see me so close. Y/N already hated me as is and I didn’t need to make this any more worse. 

I sat on the foot of her bed, observing her from afar. Wow, she really did look like me. I wondered if Y/N told her about me. “If you don’t mind me asking, where exactly are you going all dolled up like that?” I questioned, catching her off guard. 

“Out.” She spat, “It’s just a little party with a few friends. Please don’t tell my mom." 

"Wasn’t planning on it. You deserve to have fun.” I smiled. I guess Y/D/N wasn’t expecting me to say yes because her mother was such a tight ass. She got up from where she sat and ran over to hug me.

“Thank you.” she whispered to me. “I won’t get into any trouble, I promise.”


“Hey, Justin, it’s me, Y/D/N. Can you come pick me up please?”

“Yeah, sure. What happened?”

“I can’t say but, I did something really bad and I know it’ll make my mom so mad at me. She’ll never let me out the house again.”

“I haven’t told her you’re out but, I’m on my way. Stay where you are.”

“Thank you so much Justin. I owe you big time.”

I slipped out of the house with no questions asked by Y/N, thank goodness. I drove to the address Y/D/N sent me and saw her sitting on the sidewalk. Good grief, what happened to her? I put the car in park and got out walking over to her.

“Come on Y/D/N, let’s go home.” 


A/N: I’m making a part 2 to this so please bear with me. I’m a busy person :)