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simon imagine - friends?

REQUESTED:  Hi I’m super late , but I was wondering if you’d be able to write a full imaging based off of the being best friends with simon blurb/mini imagine you wrote ? xx

“Why do I have to do it?” I complained squeakily, sitting up on the leather sofa and looking over at Josh. “It’s my birthday. Why do I have to do the dirty work?”

“Exactly. He might not prank you back. If it was any of us, we’d have to sleep with one eye open for the next month, and I can’t be bothered for that.”

“Yeah, come on Y/n it has to be you.” Ethan piped up suddenly. “Us lot have to be careful at the moment. I feel like I can’t cough without risking someone dropping a disstrack on me.”

Laughter filled the room and I sighed, knowing I’d been defeated. I felt all eyes on me as I eventually stood up.

“Alright - pass me the cake then.”

A series of hushed cheers could be heard as Tobi passed me the remnants of my birthday cake, a rather large and very loaded triple sponge. I carried it cautiously out to the kitchen. Simon was stood by the sink, eyes down at potentially his phone as I sneaked up behind him. My heart was in my throat as I went to impossible lengths to make sure I wouldn’t be heard, occasionally turning to the boys who were waiting in the hallway for reassurance. As I approached the blonde haired boy’s back I took a deep breath - possibly too loud - causing him to turn around. As I squealed a quick ‘sorry’ I smashed the cake into his face, smearing it around his neck and hair a little before I made a run for the living room again. 

“Y/n you little fuck!”

I had just about entered the living room when a pair of arms grabbed me from behind. Simon lifted me, pinning me down to the floor and hovering above me. He looked up momentarily at the rest of the boys.

“Okay. Which one of you fucks put her up to this?”

All the boys shrugged and I glared at them from under Simon’s grip. Snakes. Simon turned back to face me.

“Lick it off.”

“What?” I half squealed half giggled, turning my head as he tried to wipe the cream into my hair. 

“You heard me, lick it off. Go on.”

I pushed at his chest, laughing uncontrollably alongside the other boys, but his strength was no match for mine and he only tightened his grip on my waist. He dipped his head into my neck and shook it, leaving me covered in the food too.

“Simon fuck off!”

By now not only was I being tickled, but I was also entirely covered in the cake, possibly more so than Simon, and I knew I had to get out from under his grip. There was no time to think tactics. I leaned up quickly, pressing a short kiss onto his lips. Instantly he lost his balance and I was able to stand up.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed, lying on his back on the floor. “Every time!”

I stuck my tongue out, taking refuge behind the sofa as Simon began to stand. Most of the boys were still laughing slightly, however Harry seemed to be baffled on something. 

“Hang on?” He piped up, silencing all the boys. “Did they just kiss? Why are none of you talking about the fact that they just kissed?”

The straight confusion on his face only made everyone laugh more. This was my first time meeting Harry. We had both known of eachother’s existence, but had never actually met, meaning that he had never seen Simon and I’s somewhat peculiar friendship in the flesh. Simon and I were close enough to have next to no boundaries. There was nothing I didn’t trust him with, and kissing really wasn’t all that weird for us. Admittedly I could see how it might be weird for people watching, but I hadn’t given it much thought. The other guys were used to it by now.

“Yeah, they kissed.” Josh explained, catching on to Harry’s unawareness. “They do it all the time. You get used to it.”

“What the fuck?” He murmured, but didn’t question any further.

“Well, now I need to shower, so. Yeah.” Simon alerted the group before turning to walk out, and I jumped on his back. 

“Fuck off Simon I was gonna have a bath!” 

“So have one,” he suggested with a smirk, knowing full well his bathroom was the only bath in the house I felt comfortable using.

“Simon!” I groaned, and he laughed.

“Well if you two are so bloody close why don’t you shower together?” Harry suggested.

“Nah I don’t like showers. Let’s have a bath?” I suggested, and Simon looked up at me as he tightened his grip around my legs, making sure I was holding onto him.

“Yeah, safe. Let’s go now.”

With a jaw open wide enough it could catch a nature resort, Harry looked at the rest of the boys. He was confronted with simple shrugs.

“No fucking way. You cannot be serious.”

“Yep. They’re serious.” Vik shrugged.

“They’re actually going to bath together? Like, naked?”

“Well you don’t bath with clothes on, Harry.”

He stuck a middle finger up at Simon, still looking just as shocked. As usual the rest of the boys were pretty unaffected. 

“It’s alright, I make him close his eyes. And there’s loads of bubbles!”

I didn’t need to even look at Simon to know he had shot someone in the room a wink, the laughter coming from Josh and Tobi only confirming my theory. I playfully raised a hand to his jaw. Harry still had not shut his. He didn’t seem to plan to. Finally Simon turned to exit and, with me still on his back, made his way up the stairs. Harry was still audible from the living room.

“They’re fucking, 100%. I’m telling you. There’s no way.”

Ethan burst into laughter. “Bro, you act like he didn’t act the exact same way with JJ!”

Wishful Thinking - Auston Matthews #14

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about/request: a heartbreaking auston matthews imagine about you find out that your crush (auston) knew you like him but he strung you along for his own entertainment

warnings: mentions of anxiety and depression

authors note: i feel like this got deeper than i meant it to but here it is, i hope you liked it. i’m going to try to get a few imagines out today while i have some time and inspiration

word count: 1364

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Brown- Eyes

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: nothin but fluff

Fandom: Marvel- Avengers

A/N: To all my lovely followers, and supporters, thank you so much for the love and patience you have given me thus far. Also, stay tuned cause I got some great fics in the making! Love You!! Always Keep Fighting!

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Living with the Avengers was everything you expected it to be and more. It was great to finally have a family of your own, a big, dysfunctional superhuman powered family. For far too long you were on your own, jumping from place to place, running from people who wanted to catch you and utilize your powers. When you had first arrived at the tower you were violent and scared. Tony was trying to make you feel better by showing you the Iron Man suit but thinking he was trying to knock you out you manipulated the air around you to throw him across the room. For the next two weeks, Tony was made fun of by the rest of the Avengers about how the ‘baby’ of the team knocked him out without breaking a sweat.

Steve turned into your mentor/father figure. He trained you at hand to hand combat, making sure you were always staying sharp. He was also the one that knew instantly if something was wrong with you, and wouldn’t leave you alone until he was sure you were better.

Bruce and Nat took turns being the big momma. All you had to do was sneeze once, and Bruce would force you into the lab, running every test, he could think of. He wouldn’t let you out until he was sure that you were okay. In his defense, because you could control the five elements of nature if you were to get sick you could lose control, causing minor or major natural disasters. Nat helped you perfect your interrogation and persuasion skills. She taught you how to read people, as well her own technique of hand to hand combat. She showed you the strong points that all woman had and how to use it to your advantage.

Tony, well Tony was Tony. He joked around with you, but in a way, that made Steve shake his head. Tony once threw a knife at you when you stumbled into the kitchen early morning, to ‘check how sharp’ you were. Thankfully Bucky caught the knife before it did any harm to you, and as payback, you didn’t speak to him for a week. At first, he brushed it off that he didn’t care, and that it gave him more time to talk. However, after two days of you not responding to him, he was on his knees begging for you to talk to him.

Bucky and Sam were the arguing older brothers of the family. You had to referee so many of their arguments and push them apart when things got heated. Deep down you knew the two idiots loved and cared for each other, but were too stubborn and manly to admit to it. Occasionally when you felt down about a mission or something from your past got dragged back up you would go to where the two of them were. Knowing no other way to cheer you up, they would start arguing about the most ridiculous of things, effectively getting a laugh out of you.  

Clint was the one to take you out to normal activities. He would take you to carnivals, movies, and even took you out shopping. Once you showed interest in his bow and arrow he trained you, pushed you to the best shot he could make you out to be.

Wanda and Vision were the ones who helped you control your power. Vision helped with the ‘technical’ bits of your power while Wanda helped you control your emotions.

Wanda and Nat also doubled as your girlfriends, gossiping, giggling and taking care of each other. Nat would talk for hours on end about how great Bruce was, and then proceed to deny that she was not in love with him. You knew that Wanda had an eye for Vision but kept it to herself because she didn’t want to ruin what they had. Both would berate you about who you had a crush on but see as how you saw everyone in the tower as family and you didn’t go out very often, coming across people of the opposite gender your age was difficult.

You had just come back from a week-long mission with Tony, and Steve. Everyone knew that that meant you spent a week being bossed around by Steve and as the bud of Tony’s jokes. Since the mission was in Khalistan your sleep schedule was completely out of whack, you tried to stay awake in the morning but failed miserably. Tony took it upon himself to help you out by squirting a water gun at you, pinch you or blow a horn at you when you would doze off during the day.

Today, Pepper who had been visiting took pity on your situation and forced Tony to go out with her.

Sighing a breath of relief at the peace and quiet that surrounded you, you stepped into the kitchen opting to bake a cake. Baking always soothed you, plus it was sure to keep you awake.

The wonderful scent of chocolate filled the entire kitchen as the cake was baking in the oven. Smiling and humming a silly tune, you pulled out the cake, and set out the ingredients for your favorite part decorating. You were looking around for the frosting (Steve hid it after finding you passed out on the couch with an empty can of frosting in your hand), when there was a loud crash followed by the voices of Bucky, Sam and a guy you couldn’t place. Suddenly the doors of the common room swung open with such force that you were surprised it didn’t fall off, Sam in his Falcon suit soared through the room, Bucky hot on his tail, both running away from something. You were a still panicked, thinking the worst, that someone had infiltrated the compound but the fire in your heart was doused as you see Sam and Bucky sporting a smile.

“You idiots want to take it outside?” you grunted, dismayed that the peace and quiet you were enjoying was disrupted.  

“No!” they both screamed at the same time. As you groaned and got ready to throw them out the side of the building with your powers, something sticky shot out, pulling Sam and wrapping him up on the ground.

“What th-,” before you had a chance to finish the question, the cake you had worked so hard on was shot and to your horror, it smashed on to Bucky’s face.

“Still think I’m a little kid?” the guy asked, he looked to be about your age with brown hair and matching chocolate brown eyes. Had you met him under other circumstances you would have found him attractive, but right now you were blinded by rage.  

“Yes, I do,” Bucky grumbled, wiping the cake off his face and swung at the kid with his flesh arm but brown- eyes was too fast and dodged the punch, grabbing the flour that was left from your baking, showering Bucky and Sam with it.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!” Tony yelled as his eyes took in the whole situation. You had to admit, the sight was hilarious, Bucky had cake slowly falling from his hair, while Sam was rolling on the floor to escape the sticky stuff, both doused in white flour, giving them a ghostly look. But your thoughts were immediately taken back to your beautiful cake, now smeared on the wall, and you didn’t even have the chance to decorate it yet. The frustration of not finishing the cake, added in the lack of sleep, made you lose all self-control. Manipulating the air around you to produce water, you showered brow-eyes, Bucky and Sam, but before anyone could react you grabbed the dirt from the plants around you, and sprayed it on all of them, including Tony.

The rest of the Avengers crew, who were out training, walked in on the scene stunned, their eyes moving from you to the boys. Nat was the first to burst out laughing soon to be followed by Wanda and Clint. “What happened in here?” Steve asked trying to keep a straight face but failing.

“What happened is that Bionic Arm, Bird- Brain, and Brown- Eyes decided to behave like little children, and ruin the cake I was working 2 hours to make. I didn’t even get to decorate it yet,” you say, sounding a lot more upset than you thought you were.

“And me?” Tony asked wiping the dirt off his face.

“Oh, that’s for ‘helping’ me by shooting me with water every time I tried to take a nap,”  you retort.

“I’m sorry,” Brown-eyes apologized, he looked genuinely sorry for his actions as well as a little terrified of what else you would do, making you feel a bit better.

“Well, I’m gonna take a nap,” you say as you start to walk towards the elevators. “Oh and brown-eyes,” turning to face the attractive boy, “I expect a cake when I wake up, or I’ll do a lot worse than this.”

No one had dared to wake you up from your sleep, and when you did wake you felt fresh, rejuvenated and extremely happy, that is until your stomach started grumbling. Walking to the kitchen for some reason your thoughts were on the cute chocolate brown eyes. It hadn’t taken you long to make the connection that he was probably the Spider-ling that the media had been raving about for a couple of weeks now. He single-handedly brought down the crime rates in all of New York but what caught you by surprise was how young he was, and how attractive, but you would keep that to yourself for now. With your thoughts firing a mile a minute you walked into the kitchen in no time at all, the sight that greeted you made you burst into laughter. It seems that brown- eyes really did feel bad for ruining your cake, because he was trying to make the cake that you had made, with Bucky and Sam ‘helping’ by sitting on the counter and yelling de-constructive criticism at him.

“Come on kid! You can’t even read a recipe correctly? How are you gonna be one of us?” Bucky grunted stealing a couple of chocolate chips from the ingredients Brown- eyes set out, Sam smirked at this.

“I don’t think Brown- eyes wants to be a moron you two,” you sass making your presence known. Brown- eyes looked at you wide- eyed, he almost dropped the bowls in his hands. “Get out of my kitchen,” you shooed Bucky and Sam out.

“Hey this is a communal kitchen, you can’t kick us out,” Sam protested.

“You’re right, I can’t but I can splash you with water and dirt again, and this time in front of that receptionist you’ve been flirting with,” you warned, Sam, scurried out as fast as humanly possible. “Now, you,” you turned to Brown- eyes, and he gulped. Laughing you take the bowls from his hands and set it on the counter, checking out how far along he was on baking the cake. “You can stop an armed robbery, but you can’t bake a simple cake,” he chuckled a little at that. “Come on, you know what they say four hands are better than two!” you exclaimed.

“Who says that?” he asked curiously.

“ME, to anyone who’ll listen, every time I have to clean,” you replied with a straight face, “It never seems to catch on though.” He laughs at that and looks more comfortable in your presence.

After about an hour or so of following the recipe, occasionally “accidentally” bumping into each other, and stealing chocolate chips off the bowl when Brown- eyes wasn’t looking, the cake was finally finished. In the middle of decorating you noticed that Brown- eyes had a bit of frosting on his cheek, “Hey Brown- eyes, you got a little something on your cheek,” you point out. He tried to get it off but just made it worse, “Here,” you reach over and wipe his cheek, only your hand had frosting on it, you smeared it all over his face.

“Did you just do what I think you just did?” he asks standing up straight ever so slowly.

“Um, it was an accident,” you giggled backing away from him who was advancing towards you. When he plunged his hand into the frosting on the counter you made a break for it. “Brown- eyes I swear it was an ACCIDENT!!!” you screamed repeatedly.

“COME HERE THEN! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF!” he screamed while running after you. He was considerably taller than you meaning he caught up to you pretty fast before you knew it, he grabbed you by the waist with one arm and twirled you around, smearing pink frosting all over your face. In the process of fighting his grip of you, he lost momentum which made you fall to the ground with Brown- eyes in tow. Once the laughing subsided you both noticed the compromising position you were in, without hesitation your lips met and shared a sweet kiss.

“It’s Peter Parker, by the way,” he said leaning his forehead to yours.

“Eh, I like Brown- eyes better,” you replied and pulled his lips down to yours, smiling into the kiss.

Extended Ending:

“You think they’ll mind if we take the cake?” Sam whispered to Bucky who was looking at the chocolate cake like predator to prey. Bucky focus went to Peter and you, who were in the middle of a heated make- out session.

“I think they’ve had enough sweets for one day, look at them they look like they’re eating each other’s faces,” Bucky replied in slight disgust and amusement. He swiftly grabbed the cake and snuck out of the kitchen, not before taking a picture of the scene before him to use as leverage for later.

Shape Of You

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky struggles to reconcile his new self with his old self, his left arm a stark reminder of just how ugly and twisted he truly is.  How can someone accept you when you don’t even accept yourself?  

Word Count:  2347 words

Prompt: Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

A/N: This is for my 800 followers celebration as requested by the delightful @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who knows how much I love a bit of Ed Sheeran.

Boys night had kinda turned into a monthly standing arrangement and as Buck sat crammed into a booth with Steve, Sam and Scott he was kinda glad they had opted for this bar rather than a club.  No matter how often they went out and how many different clubs Sam dragged them into he found them all far too loud, too dark, disorienting. That was okay if all you wanted was a one night stand, hell those places were practically a cattle market, but he wasn’t the confident guy he once was.  Clenching his metal fist he was reminded about just how much he had changed and although rippling muscles had a certain charm to some women he was also scarred and mechanical.  When he had considered taking that step with anyone the image of them screaming as soon as he took off his shirt was like a bucket of ice water and he quickly excused himself.  

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Faraday’s Girl

Pairing: Josh Faraday x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 3579

Author’s Note: I love this fic. Absolutely love it! So enjoy it! It’s got some sin in it so you’re welcome! Thank’s to the greatest @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!

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Smut where you go swimming with the boys and they've never really got to look at ur body because you normally cover up but they finally see you in the bathing suit and hOLY FUCK

As the heat shimmered off the concrete stairs of the west entrance of columbine high you wondered to yourself if this was how you died. To your left and hogging all of the shade Eric stretched out and also complained about the heat.

“Quit your bitching REB, you’ve got all the shade anyways!”
“Yea it’s like a whole 1 degree cooler over here y/n…”
“It still cooler!”

Eric lifted his aviators and grinned at you before settling back down. It was the middle of summer and the last place you wanted to be was cooking like a piece of bacon in the sunlight. You and Eric had decided to skip 3rd hour and were seriously regretting your choice. Who would of ever guess that you’d rather be in class right now. Not a fucking soul that’s who.

Reaching into your back pack you pulled out your drink bottle, cursing at the now Luke warm water. You grimaced as you gulped back a large mouthful. Eric’s arm shot up in your direction, his hand giving a grabbing motion.

“Give me a sip would you y/n”
“Pfffft as if!”
“Come one don’t be a bitch!”
“Stop being a pussy then REB”
“Fuck you then y/n!”
“Yea nah I’m good Eric”

Using your hand as a visor you scanned the entrance. A group of people were coming out, you quickly spotted Dylan’s lanky ass and called out to him to join you both. Waving he picked his way through the people, his black duster flapping behind him. When he reached you he muttered about it being hot as balls out here, he kicked Eric’s feet out the way then sat next to you.

“Why ain’t you in the shade y/n?”
“Yea Eric why ain’t I in the shade?”
“Hey you snoozed you lose y/n”
“What? It’s true V”

You rolled your eyes and kept at people watching. It was the usual jocks acting like animals in a zoo in a pathetic attempt to make the girls around them laugh. You vaguely heard Eric and Dylan talking to each other but weren’t really listening to them. You glanced down at you baggy pants and baby doll Rammstein t-shirt, Then back at the barely covered bodies of the jocks girls, wondering to yourself if they were feeling the heat as you were.

You were never one to show much skin. You thought If a guy was interested in you he should look at your face, not your tits. Though this mind set always bit you in the ass come summer time. Dylan nudged your shoulder to get your attention.

“Hhhmm what dyl?”
“Wana Ditch and hit my pool?”
“Does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck yea let’s go!”
“Cool you wana ride with me?”
“Na I gotta swing by my house and get my bathing suit so I’ll meet you at yours.”

Peeling out of the parking lot you quickly made it to your home, glad to see your mom or dad hadn’t come home early that day. They’d been riding your ass hard about hanging out with Eric and Dylan. They thought they were bad influences. And we’re trying to stop you being involved with them. You quickly rummaged around in your draws before pulling out your simple black two piece. You cringed a little as you realised just how much of your body you’d be showing. It wasn’t that you didn’t LIKE the way you looked it was just…well, nobody really saw your body. Like ever.

You shrugged. Meh, it was only Eric and Dylan, and you were pretty positive they just saw you as one of the guys so you had no reason to feel uncomfortable. That and they’d never shown any kind of interest in you in that way before.
You quickly put on your suit, and put your normal clothes on over they too before stuffing a towel and change of underwear into a bag then set off for Dylan’s.

You wound down all your cars windows and floored it, letting the air cool you down as it flowed in and out, blasting your eardrums. When you arrived you could already hear the splashing and shouts coming from the pool house. Slipping inside quickly you arrived just in time for Dylan to soak you with a cannon ball.

“Shut up Eric!”
“Shit sorry y/n!, look go lay your clothes out over there, they’ll be dry in no time in the sun.”
“Yea yea…”

You moved over to the area Dylan pointed to. Turning your back to the boys you stripped off your t-shirt and pants. As you arranged them in the sun, it was then you realised how quiet it had suddenly gotten. You half turned and saw both Eric and Dylan staring at you. Mouthed open.

“What? What are you looking at? Is something on my back?”

Both boys coughed, going red in the face. Dylan slipped under the water as Eric avoided your gaze.

“Ok what’s up! You two are freaking me out!”
“It’s um..its…”
“Spit it out Eric!”
“We’ve never seen you..um..seen you so um…clearly”
“What are you talking about?”

Eric tried to look anywhere but at you, and failed miserably. Dylan resurfaced and gave you the same problem, you turned to face them fully before walking g over to the edge of the pool and sitting down, dipping your legs into the cool water.

“Alright start fucking talking, what’s the matter dyl since Eric won’t give me a direct answer!”
“We’ve never seen you with like no clothes on!”

Dylan’s hands flew to his mouth as the words left it. Eric barked out a laugh before unsuccessfully trying to turn it into a cough. Dylan slipped back under the water and Eric swam towards to you.

“Look y/n, we’re guys, your wearing next to nothing. You look hot. Sorry but that’s the truth of it.”

Now it was your turn to be silent, your own face beginning to burn and not from the sun. You crossed your arms protectively over your chest unaware it just was giving you more cleavage. Dylan resurfaced with a interesting expression on his face. Something in between longing and fear. Eric now being much less subtle let his eyes roam all over you.

“Um…maybe I should go…”
“NO! I mean no you don’t have to y/n”
“Well I’m not liking that you guys are uncomfortable Dylan…”
“Were not! Your..your just beautiful ok?”

Eric had swum next to you by now, Dylan quickly joining him on the opposite side, they seemed to share some telepathic conversation because before you knew it they both pulled you into the pool. You broke the surface, taking a deep breath before cursing at them both. They came closer and closer to you, making you walk backwards, essentially pushing you against the edge of the pool. Hungry looks painted on their faces.

“What are you both doing?”
“What do you mean ‘nothing yet’ Eric?”
“You’ll see y/n.”

Dylan gently tucked a strand of your wet hair behind your ear, his eyes full of lust. You felt a hand gently grasp your waist as Eric turned you towards him more. His fingers digging gently into your flesh as Dylan came closer behind you, so close that you felt his warm breath on your neck and shoulder.

“Tell us to stop and we will y/n”
“….guys I…um…oh fuck!”

You gasped softly as Dylan’s lips met your neck, sending electric waves coursing through your skin, his own hands running down your shoulders before reaching your bikini straps. His long fingers quickly undoing the knots and peeling it from your skin.
Your hands automatically flew to cover your chest.
Eric gripped your hands and pushed them down, slowly trailing down to your ass and gripping it tightly. Dylan’s hands curled around your chest and cupped your breasts, kneading them and pinching at your nipples. Eric lent in and captured your lips with his own, his tongue melting with yours as Dylan continued to nip and kiss as your neck. They pushed harder against you, sandwiching you between them as you felt their erections press against you from both sides.

“Wish you were here.” (Part 1)

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Warning: Implied sexual content (the actual sexual content will come in part two)

Pairing: Yixing Zhang, Kim Junmyeon

Word Count:

It felt like it had been so long since Lay had been back in Korea, he wasn’t supposed to be coming back until tomorrow when his group would be leaving for Japan without him. He had talked his manager into letting him come back a day early to drop in for a surprise visit with the rest of the group. What his manager didn’t know was that the entire group already knew he was coming, his real goal was to surprise Suho who was the only one with no idea of what was going on. He had to be extremely discreet when he arrived back in Korea, dressing himself so that no one would recognize him at the airport. He didn’t want any pictures taken just in case word could get to Suho that he was back and ruin what he was planning. Junmyeon had been complaining to Yixing about how much he missed him lately, and of course he missed Junmyeon too. Xiumin had told Lay that recently, after finding out he was going to miss Yixing by just a day because they had to leave for Japan, Suho had been really upset and just not himself. When he found this out he had immediately started talking to his staff and managers, moving around anything he could so that he’d be able to “see his fellow group members” before they took off for Japan. Of course it had to be kept hushed that he was really coming back for Suho, because if it wasn’t people could start to speculate about the two. 

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So this weekend I got to go to Bristol Bad Film Club’s test screening of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau’s new film Best F®iends (which isn’t out until next year and hasn’t even been shown in the US yet), followed by The Room the next night (so many spoons) and got to see a live Q&A with the guys themselves and then met them after - I shook both their hands and I will never wash again. Despite now having actually met him in the flesh I am still not entirely convinced that Tommy Wiseau is 100% human, but the raw power emanating off that dude was truly something to behold 

Through Thick and Thin P3

Part One Here
Part Two Here 

Pairing: Sam x Reader 
Characters: Sam, the Reader, Dean 
Warnings: a little bit of angst, fluff, swearing, embarassed!reader, protective!sam 
Word count: 1966
Summary: Sam tries to explain his world to the reader. And, when she’s heard it all, the reader makes a shocking decision. 
Tag list: @amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137
A/N: This is set somewhere in season 5! And part three of a request by @behindfairies :) 

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Let’s Try It: Wet And Dirty

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Characters: Y/n, Michael

Pairing: Michael x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, blowjob, swallowing, umm that’s it for this part really, future parts will get a whole lot filthier…

Word count: 1545

Summary: Michael and Y/n have some fun in the shower.

A/N: So this is my first SPN series. It’s Michael x male reader smut series. Pure smut. Kinkiness is gonna be going on in basically all the parts. I might have a fluffy part here and there but it’s basically gonna be all smut. It’s gonna get quite filthy people, like you might be like WTF but um yea so, enjoy this new series. There’s no schedule for this series, its just gonna be posted randomly. Hope u like it!!

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Let’s Try It Masterlist

Y/n rubbed the shampoo into his hand. 

He was finally taking a nice relaxing shower after a vampire hunt with the brothers. 

Although he’d already showered in the motel, he needed one at home, just to make himself feel cleaner.

As he lathered the shampoo into his hair, he felt a hard chest press into his back, lips meeting neck. 

He closed his eyes, letting the feeling of the warm body, the coldness of the necklace Michael loved to wear, and the already hard cock touching his ass cheek, overtake him.

He’d missed Michael a lot since he left for the hunt. 

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anonymous asked:

Yeah I think there are websites where you can contact people to eat you. That's some fucked up shit right there.

That reminds me of that guy in Germany who was looking for a guy to willingly let him eat him for some sick pleasure or something. People have fucking issues, bro. Why would you want that anyway? That’s fucking gross!

I have to agree. Why would you willingly agree to be eaten? Whether it would be physically possible or not, it’s still not right. You shouldn’t want that for yourself. Even in cannibalistic ways, why would you sacrifice yourself for a person you met on the internet, just so they can cook your flesh and eat it? Humans are not meant to be cannibalized.

11/2/2016 - Bloodbath Radio mini!
  • Met: Heeey, hello!
  • Good morning, good afternoon, good night!
  • This is your ghastly host, DJ Met,
  • It's time for Pitch Station's Bloodbath Radio!
  • Met: Well!
  • This corner here is quite different from the usual Bloodbath Radio!
  • it's mini!, I say. mini!
  • Met: By the way, mini! is almost like "Man! Iwishicould Notgetmy Innardsdestroyed!"
  • With that said, welcome!
  • Mogeko: And I am the fluffy cuddly DJ Mogetan~
  • Met: Even though it's a horrible creature, I think it can also be a pretty decent punching bag! Ya~y!
  • Mogeko: Why are you so mean!?
  • Met: So, I've been receiving your messages in preparation for this program! Waaah~! (Clap clap clap)
  • Met: This is a listener called "yura"'s message!
  • "Good evening, Met-chan!
  • Lately, the fall season has been getting pretty rough.
  • Some people say that Fall is the --- season; what would be your idea of Fall?"
  • Met: Oh, that's easy!
  • Fall is beat-up season!
  • No beat-ups, no life!
  • Yeah!!!
  • Mogeko: I think that's what you say all year long...
  • Met: Shut up! I'll beat ya up too, ya bastard!
  • Met: ...A-hem! Next message!
  • This is a message from listener "Snail"!
  • "Please tell us which type of girl ya love the most!
  • Hmmm-mmm! That's a tough question alright...
  • Met: Wellll, I love all cute girls! <3
  • But hey, aren't ALL girls cuties? <3
  • Met: But also, girls with very strong temperaments are the ones I like even MORE!
  • Mogeko: What about Mogetan?
  • Met: To the next message~!
  • Mogeko: WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!?!?!?!
  • Met: This one's from listener "Guro-loving minor"!
  • "Do you always beat people up unarmed?"
  • Met: Nonono!
  • Even though I also really like doing it hands only~
  • But yeah, I do have a favorite weapon!
  • Met: Ta-da! My beloved weapon! Met-chan's steel pipe~~!
  • Mogeko: Uh... Why's there already blood on it?
  • Met: It's from the last Mogeko who showed up!
  • Met: O-kay, next! This one's from "mushi!"
  • "Why did you become a ghost, Met-chan?"
  • Met: Because I died! Of course!
  • Mogeko: Ulp... Mogetan's friends are all dead... Hic...
  • Met: Wanna do it too? Becoming a ghost!
  • We're accepting new members all year round! Yay! YaaaY!
  • Translator's note: ("iei" is also the word for those portraits of dead people the Japanese usually put beside their mourning shrines. Untranslatable puns ahoy!)
  • Met: ...Eh-hem!
  • From listener "SUSHI LOVE"!
  • "Do you have a person you really like, Met-chan? What kind of person are they?"
  • Met: ... The person I like?
  • Met: Thaaaa~t's obvious!
  • It's Big Sis Hanten!!!
  • Met: But of course, that'll go unrequited forever.
  • That gal...
  • Met: Oh, nevermind! If you tell anyone that, you'll die!
  • To the next one! NEXT!
  • Met: From "When will Roachykins melt his icy heart?!?!"!
  • Met: "DJ Met-chan, good evening!
  • I really love the Ivlis/Satanick/Licorice family but,
  • how should I go about taking care of them?
  • If there's a way to solve this mess, please tell me!
  • Thank you very much!"
  • Met: ...Hm.
  • Met: This is about the Devil!
  • Anyway, I dunno much about that, not being interested in guys and all...
  • Mogeko: Porn niches?
  • Met: Ah, I got it!
  • Met: So, next week, I'll call a guest over!
  • Who? Devil-chan in the flesh!
  • Mogeko: Eh? You'll call him over?! He'll come here!?
  • Met: If I called him, it's be one hundred percent chance of him coming over! So let's go!
  • I'll do it! I'll do it!
  • Mogeko: I get a real bad feeling about this...
  • Met: So! To the next one!
  • Met: From listener "HIMIKO"! "What are Kurotsuno-chan's three measurements?"
  • Met: ...
  • Met: Of course I know that! They areeeee~~.......
  • Mogeko: ......
  • Mogeko: ...Hm? Met-chan?
  • Mogeko: !?
  • Mogeko: Eh? Huh...? Ah...
  • Mogeko: (I see... There are a lot of things in this world that must be left untouched, moge...)
  • Mogeko: Mo... Mogehahahahaha! It turns out Met-chan is in no condition to continue! So, this is it for today!
  • Mogeko: T-this was Bloodbath Radio, with your host, DJ Met, and the fluffy cuddly Mogetan!
  • Mogeko: So, 'til next week!
  • Mogeko: Huh? Will there really be another program next week?
  • Mogeko: .......
  • Mogeko: B... Bye, bye!

So with meeting Dan Harmon:

*As Dan is trying to reach for the booze behind me*

Me: Hey Dan!

Friend: Hey, she’s a HUGE fan of your work

Me: Yeah I drew this little thing for you

Dan: Oh hey! It’s Rick in his old band days!

Me: *anxiously* Yeah!! It’s the Flesh Curtains!!!

Dan: Thank you! So you’re “Stephanie” ?

Me: Yes! Can I take a photo with you?

Dan: Sure!

Me: *violently shaking while he puts his arm on my shoulder AWERHIOAWERHOIAWER* 

Just to give y’all a taste, here’s the first 300ish words of Discards that I wrote tonight.

“How was work?”

Sirius Black folded his lanky body into the passenger seat of the red BMW and pulled the door shut behind him. “It was fine. Quiet for most of the day. Pretty boring.”

“Quiet at the library? Imagine that!” James Potter laughed, pulling away from the curb and into the flow of Seattle traffic.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “I meant quieter than usual. It’s September now. Everyone’s back at school. Speaking of which, how was your day? Did you get all the classes you wanted?”

“Almost,” said James. “I got the last of my core requirements taken care of last semester, but I still have a pretty heavy load. Probably not much time for fun this year.” He sighed regretfully.

“Then it’s probably a good thing you don’t have a girlfriend right now,” Sirius smirked. “You can barely hang onto one when you’re not spouting engineering jargon 24/7. But then again, if you’re not dating anyone, who’s going to remind you when it’s time to change your socks?”

“Hey!” cried James. “How about a little sympathy and support from my only brother? Anyway, I don’t see you dating anyone.”

Sirius shrugged. “I just haven’t met anyone interesting lately.”

James cast him a brief incredulous look as he turned the car onto Yesler Way. “You’re telling me that out of the hundreds of people who pass through the Seattle Central Library every week – smart people, who like to read for fun – there’s not a single one who seems interesting?”

“Even if there was someone, it’s not like I could hit on him while I’m at work. There’s probably a rule about that.”

“‘Him’?” James grinned. “Is this a theoretical 'him’, or an actual flesh-and-blood 'him’ that we’re talking about?”

Sirius scowled. “It’s no one. Just a guy I’ve seen a couple of times.”

Betrayal. Pietro Maximoff #17

Hello Guys!

Here is my longest story for you <3 And it’ll have a second part! :D

It’s not from request again, and I’m sorry, but I really wanted to write that.

Prompt: You’re Clint’s younger sister and you’re joining the Avengers. Both Pietro and Steve are interested in you, but Pietro is more direct. One day you copped him with Nat in your bed.

This one will have second part, but it’ll be more about Steve than Pietro, but Pietro’ll be present too. 

Hope you like it :*


Pietro’s POV

Pietro was sitting in his room  and starring at the wall. It was very boring day for him. Almost the whole team was in base, but everyone had something to do. Stark and Banner were in laboratory doing something what Pietro didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand. Romanoff and Rogers had training session, Thor and Barton were out and he couldn’t even talk with his sister, because she was spending time with Vision. He growled and hid face in pillow. After few minutes when he ran short of air he sat on the bed and saw that his cell’s screen was lighting.

“Come to TV room. Put on some nice clothes” he read text from his sister. He raised an eyebrow at the second sentence and left his room in old grey jogging sweater and ragged jeans. He headed to common room wondering what his sister want from him. He heard steps behind him but he didn’t stop. As he entered the common room he saw Barton standing next to young pretty girl. She looked in Pietro’s direction and grinned. She opened her arms and ran up to him. He was suprised with this girl’s behaviour, because he didn’t know her, but he opened his arms too. He smiled slightly and girl ran past him.

Pietro’s arms fell down and his smile disappeard. He looked back and saw that Tony is holding girl in his arms.

“Ohh, I missed you, Y/N!” he laughed. Pietro turned back and saw that his sister was laughing loud. Rest of the team looked amused too. Quicksilver rippled hair on the back of his head.

“Yes, that was awkward” he admitted and stood next to Wanda.

“I told you to wear someting nice, Pietro” she whispered.

“Ok, team. I want you to get to know my younger sister, Y/N” introduced Clint when Tony finally let Y/N.

“You’ ve never told me that you have a sister” nagged Pietro.

“Why should I do that?” asked him Clint and smiled.

“She’s beautiful” claimed Speedy looking at her long brown hair and slim body.

“Be careful, Maximoff. I’ll be watching you”

Your POV

When Clint introduced you, you looked around wondering who you should acknowledged with firstly.

You knew Tony, Nat and Bruce already, but rest of the team you only saw in TV. You quickly decided to come to the closest person.

“Hello, Thor. I’m Y/N. It’s really nice to meet you” you grinned.

“Hello lady Y/N! I’m glad I’ve finally met Clint’s sister!” boomed Thor and kissed the top of your palm. You giggled and turned to next person. You blushed when you saw Captain America in the flesh.

“Uhm… Hello, Captain. Uh… Nice to meet you” you hesitated looking at your shoes. You heard your brother’s laugh behind you.

“The pleasure is all mine” he answered and you looked at him with slight smile.“And my name is Steve”

“Ohh…Okey, Steve” he smiled gently and you blushed even harder.

“And I don’t know you” you turned to guy with bleach hair and brown-hair girl. “So you have to be Maximoff’s. But I don’t know your names”

“I’m Pietro, and this is my sister Wanda” quickly replied good-looking boy in baggy clothes.

“I’m Y/N. It’s pleasure to meet you Wanda, Pietro” you smiled and headed to your brother.

“Clint, I have my bags in car and there’s a lot of them and they’re heavy…” you made sweet eyes and Clint sighed.

“Okay, of course I’ll help you” he rolled his eyes.

“I can help too” Steve interposed.

“And me too” added Pietro and you frowned at him.“It’d be faster if I help you”

“Okey, so…come on” you shrugged and looked at Clint.

“Speedy is good guy” he whispered. “ But his sister is the only girl his age which he was talking to, so he can be a little… unsuitable. Be nice to him”

“Wait a minute. You said that some guy is good? Is everything alright with you, brother?” you pretended worried.“Should I call a doctor? Or maybe buy a wedding dress?”

“Very funny”

You came to your car and saw Steve and Pietro standing there. You opened car and Pietro took one of your suitcases and disappeared with a gush of wind.

“God…He’s really fast” you chuckled.

“He’s a looser” snorted Rogers and took three the biggest bags.

“And he’s strong” you claimed and your eyes widened as you saw Cap’s stringed muscles under tight shirt. He lifted cases easly and headed to base.

“They always act like that?” you asked Clint and followed Steve to your new room.

“I don’t know. They always had little fights but this one looks serious”

In few minutes you reached your new room. Steve was leaning against wall. Bags was next to him on the floor.

“Where’s Maximoff?” Clint asked and show you the code to your room.“You can change the code, this one is default”

“He go for the rest of bags” answered Steve and took bags inside your room as you opened it.

“But you took all of them” you noticed. Steve looked at you with slight smile on his mouth and arched eyebrow.

“You’re right”

“You are very funny, Rogers” you heard strong Sokovian accent.

“Ok, guys. Stop it. Y/N’s grateful that you helped her, but she has to unpack right now, so we should leave her” Clint interrupted, because Steve opened mouth to say something.

“Alright, Y/N if you’d need something, my room is opposite yours, so you can visit me any time you want” claimed Steve and left.

“My room is in the end of this corridor, but you can visit me if you won’t like to talk with this wet blanket” grinned Pietro gesturing at Cap’s room’s doors.

“Thanks” you smiled. When Clint and Pietro also left you started unpacking your stuff.

After few hours you felt hungry so you threw clothes on the bed and headed to kitchen.  It was late night, so base looked abandoned. You turned on light and opened fridge.

“Do you always sneak at night?” you heard accent voice next to your ear and you jumped.

“God, Pietro. I had a heart attack” you huffed.

“Sorry, it’s typical girl’s reaction at me. I get used to it” Pietro grinned and sat by the table.

“What are you doing here?” you asked and took vegetables from fridge.

“I got hungry so I thought that I’d be nice if someone would do me something to eat and then I came to kitchen and there you are!” you rolled your eyes but smiled to him.

“Sandwiches would be okay?” you asked and started looking for plates.

“Sure. Can I help you?”

“You can make a tea”

“Why you joined Avengres?” Pietro asked after few minutes you worked in silence. “I mean…I know you’re Barton’s sister, but are you assasing or something?”

“Do you know that I’m Barton too?” you chuckled.“I’m not assasin. Not really. I-I have some abilities. Clint called me Cat-Y/N when I was younger, because I’m cery agile and I have great hearing and I see well in darkness”

“So you are like a cat, but without tail and fur?” he asked playfully.

“God, I knew you’ll say something like that. I’m not a cat and don’t you dare call me like that, Pietro or I’ll kill you” you flapped with knife in front of his face.

“Ok, ok. Don’t worry” he grinned and put cups with tea on table. You finished your supper too, so you joined him and put plate on table and sat in front of him.

“Enjoy” you claimed and took one sandwich.

“Thanks, Y/N. Do you know that Clint and I are very good friends?” he asked with mouth full of bread and tomatoes.

“I know that you saved his life” you answered seriously and looked in his eyes.“And I’m grateful for that”

He swallowed loudly with awkward face.

“It’s nothing special. I owed him that. He trusted me and my sister”

“You don’t understand. You indirectly saved also my life. And it’s not that I’d die without him because I love my brother so much. I would die without him, because he saved my life taking me from our family home” you didn’t know why you were telling Pietro all truth about your family. You had never told it to anyone, even your friends. But you wanted him to know how his act impacted on your life.

“What happened in your family home, Y/N?” he asked quietly appearing on the table next to you in one second and took your hand.

“I probably shouln’t tell you that, but our parents weren’t the best parents in the world. They drunk a lot and they became..aggressive. When Clint met Laura and lived with her he couldn’t save me anymore. He wanted to adopt me, but parents didn’t agreed so I had to wait until I having reached maturity  to leave them. And in that day Clint took me there. And I don’t have to be afraid anymore. Thanks to him. And thanks to you.”

Pietro didn’t say anything. What could he say? He was just sitting with you holding your hand in his and stroking it gently.

“It means that it’s your birthday today?” he asked after few minutes of silence.

“Uh..Yes” you smiled. “Coming here is my best birthday gift in whole life”

“Happy birthday, Y/N” Pietro said with his thick accent. And maybe it was  triggered by your story or your tiredness or  maybe late hour caused that, but you leaned to him and you let him kiss you.

His lips were firm and warm and his arms were strong when he wrapped them around you and pulled closer to him. You knew that you knew this guy only few hours, but you felt so safe in his embrace and noone never kissed you like that before. And that was why you didn’t push him away, but wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him harder.

When you finally pulled away you didn’t know what to say. It was awkward silence between you and this handsome bleach-haired guy.

“I-I think I should go sleep” you hesitated finally with dark blushes on your cheeks.

“Oh, okay” he frowned and stood up. “I’ll accompany you”

“It isn’t necessary, Pietro” you whispered not looking in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, if I did something against your will. You are beautiful and you looked very sad and I thought… No I didn’t think. It was an impulse. I felt I have to kiss you so I did it. I’m sorry if I hurt you” he claimed dabbing you chin.

“It was nice” you confessed quietly looking in his honest blue eyes. “But I’ve met you today and it seems to be…inappropriate”

“Maybe it’s love at first sight” he smiled playfully.“Come on, you have to be tired”

Pietro took your hand gently and you headed to your room. You stopped next to doors and looked at him.

“Thanks for listening, but don’t tell anyone, please” you breathed.

“I won’t. I promise. Goodnight” Pietro smiled to you adorable and kissed your cheek.

“Night, Pietro” you smiled back and entered your room.

Next day you woke up with big grin on your face. You thought that it was riddiculous, because you were so happy thanks to boy you don’t even know very well. But you couldn’t remember when you smiled like that recently.

You took quick shower and put on some natural make up. You brushed your hair and approached wardrobe. You chose denim jeans and white baggy t-shirt. With big smile on face you left your room and headed to kitchen. Steve, Clint and Natasha were sitting by the table with coffe. Clint and Nat had dark bags unter their eyes and you were sure they had talked long in the night.

“Hello, everyone” you greeted them and sat on the counter with another cup of coffe. Clint looked at you with tired eyes and squitned them.

“Why are you so happy?” he asked suspiciously.

“We had a beautiful day, sun is shining, I have great brother and I can always count on him. Why should I be sad?” you grinned to him. Then, blue blur overshot kitchen doors and after few seconds it came back.

“Hi, Kitty-Cat and everyone” said Pietro kissing your cheek.

Your brother suddenly recovered.

“You told him?” he laughed. “If I knew you miss your nicknames, I wouldn’t stop calling you like that”

“Kitty-Cat?” Steve frowned at looked at you.

“Yeah, I gave her couple cat-nicknames as we were younger, but she always hated them” Clint couldn’t stop laughing. “So you two are dating?”

“Yes” answered Pietro before you could even open your mouth.

“Remember, Clint. You said that Pietro is great guy yesterday” you recalled.

“Yes, but he’s not the best! Steve is better!” he yelled but smiled.

“But you know each other since yesterday, am I right?” asked Steve looking at you strangely.

“You know, Cap. I’m always faster than you” smirked Pietro. He took you in his arms and zoomed out.

Whole relationship with Pietro was like that. Fast and intense. You could spent all time together. He showed you a lot of beautiful places in New York. One day you even visited ruins of Sokovia and you helped him went through this. You became best friends with Wanda and very good friend with Natasha, but you couldn’t tell Nat everything, because she was also Clint’s friend. You trained with Steve and Romanoff. He taught you how to hit and kick and she how to shoot. But you felt that Rogers didn’t like you. He didn’t want to spend time around you if it wasn’t necessary and sometimes you noticed that he was avoiding you. Your brother spent most of time in his house with Lauren and kids. Tony and Bruce acted like they were your parents.

But then came a day when Pietro didn’t have time for you. You were suprised, because always he wanted to spend all your free time together, but right now he avoided you. You were upset and you had to talk with someone. Wanda was on mission with Tony and Steve, so you headed to Nat’s room.

“I’m worry about Pietro” you said sitting on the bed.

“Uhm..Why? Did something happened?” she asked not looking in your eyes.

“I don’t know. He avoids me since yesterday and I don’t know why. He didn’t come to me to sleep as always yesterday” you sighed.

“It’s probably just worse day. Give him a little time and I’m sure everything will be alright”

You smiled to her. Nat was right. You came back to your room and you saw Pietro in grey elegant shirt with black tie and in black trousers. Light was off. The only light source were candles everywhere.

“Pietro?” you whispered as he came closer to you and took your hand.

“Y/N, you are the love of my life. I want to spend all time with you until I die. Since I saw you for the first time, I knew you’re the only one for me. Will you marry me?” he asked. He didn’t kneel and you were grateful. Your eyes welled up with tears and you lammed out into him.

“Pietro, of coure I will. I love you” you whispered and kissed him firmly. He smiled against your lips and set beautiful ring on your finger.

You pulled him closer to you and wrapped legs around him. He laid you on the bed and you spent this full of emotions night together.


The next day everybody congratulated you and Pietro. Clint hugged you and almost cried. Steve kissed top of you hand and smiled to you sadly. Thor as always made a chaos aroud himslef. Wanda had big grin on her face and Vision was calm as usual.

Next month was very busy for you. You had to train, spent time with your fiance and look for wedding dress. But you were happy.

“Pietro I’m going out with Wanda tonight” you said as he left your bathroom and laid on bed.

“Okey, Kitty. Have fun and be careful” he smiled and took a book from your bedside cabinet.

“As always”


You and Wanda spent only an hour together, because she promised Vision to help him with something, but you weren’t mad. That meant you’ll be home ealier and you’ll spend more time with Pietro. With smile on your face you headed to your room.You opened the doors and your heart stopped.

“Maximoff, don’t stop. You know what I like the most” you heard Nat’s voice. She was with Pietro on your bed. And you saw his face. Face of man you loved distorted with pleasure which gave him one of your best friends. He saw you and his eyes widened. Until he could stood up, you left the room with tears in your eyes and reached first opened doors. You fell into the room and closed doors behind you. You saw Steve standing nearby and looking at you suprised.

“Y/N? What happened?” he approached you and sat you on his bed.

“Pietro… He-He with N-Nat. They…Oh my God” you bursted out crying. “How could they?”

“Y/N! Are you here? Open, please!” you heard Pietro’s voice and beating on doors.

Captain stood up and opened doors. You hid your face in palms. You didn’t want to see him or her now or never.

“Leave her alone, you bastard” growled Steve, pushed Pietro away and closed doors. He sat next to you and armed you. Pietro was still beating and yelling.

“What are those noises? What’s going on?” asked Tony behind the wall. “Maximoff? What are you doing?”

“It’s not your buisness, Stark. Fuck off. Y/N, open, please!”

“Why she don’t want to let you in?” you heard your brother. You knew he’ll be angry.“And why she is in Steve’s room?”

“Tell them Steve. I don’t want to see them, but please tell my brother what happened” you breathed and sobbed. Steve kissed top of your head and left the room. You heard him explaining to your brother everything.

“He did what?!” yelled Clint and Tony simultaneously.

“I’ll kill you, Maximoff” it was only Steve. He probably chaught Pietro and threw him on the wall, because room collapsed. “How could you do it to her?! And you Natasha? I can’t believe!”

“Calm down, Clint. She needs you. Go to her” Clint opened doors and his fists clenched when he saw you.

“I was serious. I’ll kill him if you want. And I’ll kill Romanoff too” he whispered and hugged you.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Clint” you sobbed and snuggled in his chest.

“Of course” you were sitting in silence.

“I don’t wan to go to my room"you whined.

"You won’t. Steve told that you should stay here, in his room. He went to find Wanda, so she could take some clothes for you from your room”
After few minutes someone knocked on doors. Wanda entered room quietly with some clothes and cosmetics.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know he’s like that. I was sure he loves you. He’s such an asshole. I’m really sorry” she had tears in her eyes.

“It’s not your fault, Wanda. You’re my friend and I know I can trust you” you smiled to her poorly.“Can I stay alone? Please?”

When Clint and Wanda left you headed to Steve’s bathroom. You saw your face in mirror. It was all covered in blurry eyeliner and mascara. You took a shower and put on clean clothes. You laid on the couch in Steve’s room. You didn’t want to bother him, so you took one pillow an blanket and fell asleep.

Watch Your Step

John Winchester imagine requested by anon! I feel like this one’s shorter than usual, so sorry about that. This has been edited to add depth and prepare it to be reposted. Hope you like it, even if John Winchester’s an ass. To be fair, I wrote this before I knew he sucked.

The afternoon sun shone wearily through the boughs of the spindly branches of the forest, reflecting of of the polished wood of the Winchester’s gleaming rifles, their father John leading the pack. Sam and Dean followed like puppies, breaking branches before you passed, blazing the trail ahead. All four of you were tracking a wendigo through the labyrinth of the forest, the cooling Maine air growing ever colder the closer you drew to nighttime, the chill keeping you vigilant. The soft moss and rocky earth beneath your feet would have been comforting on any other occasion, a trip in the forest a soothing experience when in contrast with most of your urban layouts. Today, it could be the last thing you feel before you closed your eyes for a permanent dirt nap, claws wrenching your organs around, liquefying your core. John’s dark eyes flickered backwards, seeming to sense your mounting hysteria, slinging his rifle over his shoulder as he doubled back, letting the boys lead the way to the supposed den of the morphed cannibalistic killer. He matched his stride to yours, taking smaller steps to account for you, smiling down from his towering height at your stressed composure, your panick poking through like holes on a Light Brite board.

“How’re you holding up?” he asked under his breath, a shifting cloud accompanying his words, harvesting the rays of sunlight and leaving the wood grayer than before, the air nippier, your nerves tighter strung. You forced a grin onto your lips, nodding slowly, feeling yourself blush. suddenly thankful for the shadow. You had a monster crush on John, his determination and courage intoxicating you from the very first day. His brown eyes shone in the fading late-summer sunshine, his irises melting from chocolate to whiskey where the light struck them, shattering your heart that much more.

“I’m doing alright. It’s just… these wendigo guys put me on edge. I mean, I get it, it’s survival, but why would you keep eating human?” you wondered aloud. John chuckled, stepping over a timbered trunk, soggy from past rains and crawling with termites, grubs working their lazy way along the rotting flesh of the fallen tree. He held his hand out to you, his callouses warming your entire body, flames seeming to leap from where your skin met to wash over your limbs, his balance assisting you as you followed him over the insect feast. You felt like your face was a neon sign, advertising your emotions for all to see, blinking cerulean cursive across your forehead. John’s hand released yours, his warmth fleeting with the loss of contact, the fire stamped out. You fought to keep from sighing at the loss of comfort.

“They believed it gave them superpowers. Run faster, jump higher, live forever.” he explained, his eyes flickering to the treetops, systematically scanning the rustling leaves as he described the lore to you. Sam and Dean hollered something to you, but your focus was too much on John’s intelligent eyes to listen. John nodded, sweeping the ground, his brow furrowed. You walked on, a little skip in your step, jaunting ahead of John, behind Sam and Dean.

“Y/N, NO!” John screamed, his arm wrapping around your waist as his body slammed into yours, knocking you sideways into the ground. The weight of his body crushed the wind from your lungs, air escaping in a rush, his eyes furious above you, his breath hot in your face. You watched in wonder as his eyes softened, if only for a second, before hardening once more, locking his emotion away. Perhaps you had imagined it? He came to his senses, rolling off of you and sitting up, his hands tugging through his hair, fingers agitated as they tugged at the short strands, his teeth clenched in frustration. “What are you trying to accomplish, Y/n? Getting your leg snapped off?” he whispered, livid enough to scream but unwilling to draw attention to your location, voice stern and strained under the remembered struggle to stay quiet. He gestured at the pile of leaves ahead of you, a glint of rusted metal winking in the splotches of sun, jagged points revealing it’s identity; a bear trap. Your new-found breath gasped out in a shocked exhale. That must’ve been what Sam and Dean had warned about, and you, too giddy from talking to John, had nearly skipped into the iron jaws of the barbaric hunting utensil. John stood, reaching for your hand to pull you to your feet, his face inches from yours. “Never do that again.” he threatened, his eyes kind and nervous… were you to be frank, it was almost as if he was afraid of losing you. You managed to nod, woozy from his proximity, your hands clasped between your chests, fingers extending over the front of his jacket. He let you go, keeping eye contact before turning to join his sons, leaving you shaken-up and love-struck in his wake.


okay so. i can’t make a video, it won’t come out right and i have way too many things to say to remember it all. guys I MET DEAN AMBROSE. he is actually a literal human being with flesh and bones and mass. i never thought in a million years that i would meet dean. the reason that i watch wwe television, the reason that wrestling is fun and interesting to me again after so many years of not caring, or caring very little. vampbrose and i were in line for 3 hours soaking wet, just like you’ve heard from everyone else.  finally we get inside and i can’t see him but i see the bellas and they are absolutely gorgeous i couldn’t handle it. fast forward, i see his head poke out and i squeaked. now i’m getting nervous. i was the most nervous when i finally got up to him. and i was like.. idk what to do i’m just gonna pose for the picture because i can’t talk to him. he asks why i’m shaking and i told him “because you’re my favorite ever!” “well ya gotta stop shaking we need to take a picture” and i yelled “i know right?” and he’s like trying to help me calm down and he’s waving his hand infront of my face. i’m losing it at this point, so then i go to take a picture with him and i bend down and then I TURN MY HEAD AND THERE IS HIS FACE AND I GO “OH MY GOD" like i was taken aback by how flawless he actually is physically. i told him that i loved him and he said "oh you’ll get over that soon” listen. I WILL NOT GET OVER IT. i shook his hand because honestly i couldn’t handle a hug, i just couldn’t form sentences. i adore dean ambrose with all of my heart and he’s helped me through some tough shit, and hopefully next time i can talk to him more coherently about that shit. i got two pictures for some reason but i am so happy about it. i apologized to the workers for taking so long, i was hysterical. i don’t know how i was able to function after that, and i wasn’t functioning at full capacity. i may have missed stuff but candycorbin i’m sorry i couldn’t say hi for you, next time i promise. thashield he smells like nice cologne, kind of reminiscent of obsession by calvin klein but better.

i’m also going back to deanambroseofficial tonight because i will never move from that url again. my thirst is so bad, i’m deanhydrated.

Talk to Me, Chapter 7

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“I think I’m in love, Chat.”

The words twisted in his heart. He could feel the open wound burst from his chest, his life force pulsing from the serrated flesh. His chest felt tight, and he was short of breath. “O-Oh?” He wanted to slam his head into the wall for stuttering. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“I don’t even know!” Ladybug was giddy. “I only met him the other day and I didn’t even get his name but oh my god, Chat, he was so handsome and kind and…!” He could imagine her pacing in her room, maybe gesturing wildly at nothing as she relayed her innermost emotions.

And he was happy for her. Really, he was. Ladybug deserved a decent guy in her life. Adrien would never know the woes of a public school student, but she was a wonderful person who deserved a guy who would cherish her. A part of Adrien wished it was him that she was gushing over, but the probability was near impossible. Even though the girl he’d met for coffee had dark hair and blue eyes, her personality didn’t line up with the image of Ladybug in his head.

It didn’t make his heart ache any less.

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