i met her yesterday

@cis people: for the love of everything that is holy… don’t out your trans friend/s to your parents (or anyone, really)

yes, they may “figure it out” when they meet your trans friend - however, that doesn’t matter.

your trans friend deserves better than to be outted to people they might never meet and who might form judgments about them solely based on their trans status.

(cis ppl are encouraged to rb this)

Wildflower // Chapter One

Author’s Note: So, this is going to be a Jughead/OC story. I’ve ALWAYS loved Betty/Jughead from the time I was a kid when I read the comics but I couldn’t help but create an OC after watching Riverdae SOLELY for my own entertainment. Hope you guys like it!


A warm breeze blew through Marley Morrison’s long, blonde hair as she made her way down Heath Street towards Betty Cooper’s house. It was early, too early if she was honest but it was the first day of school – the official end of summer vacation – and though that thought was enough to make her cry, the thought of seeing Betty and the rest of the gang put an extra little pep in her step.

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A Big Brother Thing. // Zach Dempsey and Clay Jensen

This was requested by @nerdygirl1219 ! I hope you guys enjoy! Happy reading 💖

Zach x Reader

Warnings: Cursing and Death.


Your POV •

I stared into my locker decided on what binder I needed. I looked on my locker door and sighed. There it was. The polaroid picture of Hannah and I. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I met her at Kat’s going away party and ever since then we stuck like glue. I wish I could’ve been there to save her.

I was snapped away from my thoughts when a pair of familiar arms snaked around my waist.

“Hey Dempsey.” I smiled. He placed a small his on my neck.

“You alright babe?” He questioned. His question was soon answered when he looked at my locker door and sighed. “I miss her too…she’s in a better place now.” He sighed and I nodded.

“Yeah… yeah sure.” I said slamming my locker door shut.

“I gotta get to Spanish. But i’ll meet you up for lunch okay.” I said. He removed his arms from around my waist and kissed my forehead.

“You sure you’re okay?” He asked again. And I nodded walking to my Spanish class with Hannah on my mind.


It was now lunch time and Zach and I were sitting with the rest of his friends. My mood went up from earlier and I was pretty happy.

Clay slammed his tray on the table, resulting in all of us looking at him crazy. Everybody glared at him except for me.

“Hey Clay-doh” I smiled but he wasn’t smiling back.

“I was wondering if we could eat together today. I have some things to tell you.” He nodded, glaring over at Zach.

“Uh yeah sure Clay.” I said grabbing my bag. I turned to Zach to kiss him on the cheek and say good bye but Clay pulled me away before I could do so. We both looked at each other and frowned.

Normally, I would curse Clay out for pulling a dick move like that. But I knew that he needed me more than anybody else. The tapes were really taking a toll on his mind.

We sat a couple tables down from Zach and them. I glanced over at Zach and he nodded then got back to eating.

I sat across from Clay and nudged his shoulder softly. “So what’s up with you lately Clay?” I said taking a sip of my pink lemonade.

“Nothing, all of your friends hate me- you know what? Speaking of friends, how are you and Zach doing?” The way he said Zach’s name really bothered me. Something about the way it rolled off his tongue, so full of hate.

"We are actually doing really well. I care about him a lot. He’s really helping me cope with Hannah’s death.” I gulped, tapping on my bottle.

"How ironic.” He sighed, poking at his mashed potatoes.

"How is it iron-” I was interrupted by the bell.

“Well (Y/N), That’s my cue. See you later wouldn’t want to be late to class.” He chimed then left me sitting alone.


I met Zach at his car after school. “Hey babe, since we didn’t eat with each other today you wanna have a little date at Monet’s?” I smiled. He nodded then grinned.

“Hop in.”

We both got in the car and made our way to the cafe.

As I got out the car and walked to the entrance I saw a familiar bike leaned against the wall.

Zach and I walked in the cafe. “I’ll go order, how about you find us a seat?” Zach asked and I agreed.

I found us a cute little seat in the corner of the cafe and waited until he got back with our drinks.

Zach came back and we both started talking about how our days were as we held hands across the table.

“And then Justin laughed so hard that gatorade shot out of his fucking nose” Zach laughed and I joined along. “Seems like I missed a lot not sitting with you guys today.” I sighed. And he nodded.

“Well-” Zach was interrupted.

“Hey guys! Crazy seeing you here.” Clay exclaimed.

I shook my head. “How crazy could it be Clay? We come here at least three times a week.” I stated.

Clay pulled up a chair and joined our table made for two.

“So what’s up guys?” Clay said resting his hands on his face.

Zach and I looked at each other and shook our heads. “Nothing.” We both sighed. “Clay can I talk to you for a quick second?” I didn’t let him reply before I pulled him outside.

“Yes dearly beloved sister?” He smiled as if he was clueless.“

"Don’t ‘dearly beloved sister’ me. Are you trying to keep me away from Zach?” I questioned with my hands placed on my hips. “Not at all. Why would you think that?” He said innocently.

“You’ve been tagging along on all our dates for two weeks and pulling me away from him to ask me silly ass questions. Sometimes it feels like you only want to hang out with me to keep me away from him.” I said with a frown and he finally understood how disappointed I was.

Clay sighed. “I guess, I just don’t want him to hurt you so I tried to chase him away.” He said looking down.

I shook my head. “And you do realize that you would hurt me in the process right.” I scolded. “I didn’t realize that until now. I know what he’s capable of and I don’t want him to hurt you.” He admitted.

“I admit what he did to Hannah wasn’t nice at all, but he’s a teenager and he’s gonna make dumb decisions, we all do it. It even took me awhile to forgive what he did but he’s honestly such a sweet person. You just have to give him a chance Clay-doh. Sit in there with us and talk to him. You’ll see that he doesn’t mean any harm.”

“Thanks for the offer but I think you guys should spend some time alone after all i’ve done the last weeks. But i’ll definitely sit and talk with him one day if he’s as nice as you promote him to be.” He smiled then grabbed his bike.

I smiled back. “Thanks Clay. I love you.” I said as he rode off. I walked back into Monet’s and kissed Zach on the cheek then sat down.

“Is everything ok between you two?” He questioned and I nodded.

“It’s a big brother thing. I smiled.


I feel like I could’ve done way better on this but that how I feel about everything I write lmao. On the other hand I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It was supposed to be up yesterday but I had extreme writers block and I restarted the story about three times. Have a nice day 💖 Thanks for reading! Gif isn’t mine!

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Lmao. I know one of the girls who met Louis yesterday because she is a youtuber and I like her. She posted a pic with him and I tweeted her: "gorgeous, shame he was stunting tho" and she liked it. Everybody knows.


Casino night - Tyler Seguin (Part 3)

A/N: There have been a lot of request for a third part and I just want you to know that there will be many more parts of this story. This part is a little of a linking part, so it is kind of boring. I hope you like it still. 

Word Count: 820

Warnings: A little mild swearing, nothing too bad.

Part 1   Part 2

Master List

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I wake up on the couch, my head pounding. I don’t remember drinking that much last night, so I don’t understand why I feel like absolute shit. I get on my feet and walk to my bathroom, going straight to the medicine cabinet and taking a couple tablets of ibuprofen.

I’m thankful that today it’s Saturday and I don’t have anything to do, because that’s what I’m planning on doing today, nothing. I make myself a coffee and a bowl of fruit before going back to the couch and wrapping my furry blanket around my body and turning on my TV, going straight to Netflix and getting ready to binge watch a show for the rest of the day.

Ten episodes and a few stomach growls later I decide to order some Chinese take out because I can’t bring myself to make anything more elaborated than a bowl of cereal. I grab my laptop, I need to look up the phone number of my favorite restaurant but I’m surprised with the sight of the gossiping website I had been reading last night.

“Ugh girl, you are pathetic” I whisper to myself.

I actually feel kind of bad for judging Tyler so hard yesterday night. Who am I to judge him, anyways? He is a young guy enjoying the single life and he is doing absolutely nothing wrong. It was harmless flirting and nothing else. Either way, we wouldn’t work so there isn’t a reason to think about it any further.

I order some noodles and beef with mushrooms and get back to my TV show when my phone starts ringing like crazy. I look at the screen and see (y/f/n)’s name.

“Hello?” I answer the call, pausing the TV.

“Hey, (y/n)” she cheerily says from the other side of the line “how are you doing?”

“I’m hungover and I don’t remember drinking that much” I confess and she chuckles.

“Same, girl, same” she says and I feel slightly better “hey, I’m actually calling for a reason”

“Well, surprise me” and I swear I can see her smirking, sitting on her hot pink couch.

“Do you remember the envelope they gave us yesterday when we were leaving?” and I give her a little ‘aha’ so she can continue with her ranting, “well, I’ve looked at the tickets and they are for tomorrow’s game against the Boston Bruins”


“C’mon, (y/n)” she screams and I pull my phone away from my ear so I don’t lose some hearing ability “they are really good tickets and they were free and you hate the Bruins”

I think about it for a little while. I haven’t been to a game in a long time and (y/f/n) was right: I hate the Bruins.

“Alright… but if the Stars lose and I have to see the Bruins win on the flesh our friendship is over” I menace her and she laughs.

“Noted! I’ll call you tomorrow so we can go to dinner before the game”

“You are buying, I hope you know that”

“Absolutely, darling” and I roll my eyes, “goodbye!”

And she hangs up. I sigh, grabbing the remote and hitting play. I get to watch just a couple more minutes of my show before the door bell goes off and I get up running, ready for some Chinese food.

{Tyler POV}

“TYLER! MAN, WHAT THE HELL?” Jamie yells at me and I snap back to reality.

It is the third time that I have zoned out during practice and Jamie is starting to get mad at me for not shooting the puck or doing the drill correctly.

“Sorry, Jamie. Sorry, guys” I apologize, skating to the bench to have a sip of water.

“What is it, Segs?” Sharp asks, and I sigh.

“I don’t know, Patrick, I don’t know”

“This must be serious, you never call me Patrick” he laughs and I give him a small smile.

“It’s about this girl…”

“It is always about a girl” he states and I nod.

“Right… The thing is, I met her yesterday at the Casino and…”

“Wo wo wo, Tyler Seguin having trouble with a lady” Jamie teases me and I hit his helmet with my stick.

“I can’t have problems with a girl I don’t even know the name of” I say and they whistle.

“What’s the problem then?” Sharpy wonders.

“The problem is that I can’t stop thinking about her” I confess and Jamie bites his glove so he doesn’t burst into laughter, “you are a dick” and they break, laughing his asses off.

“You are Tyler Seguin” Patrick says and I look at him, “we know you are used to having every girl kissing the ground you step on. What’s just one girl?”

“Maybe you are right…” and I know that it’s going to take a little more than find another hook up to stop thinking about her.


I ran into someone in Club Tortimer that I met just yesterday! Her name was Makie from Canada and she was super sweet. and the island we landed on was really pretty too!! She said that earlier she’d ran into a perv in-game so I hoped our accidental meet-up helped cheer her up a little

She had to go after a little while but I was so happy to see her again, I hope maybe we can find each other again someday!

One Night In Seoul // Jackson Wang ft. BamBam

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader (featuring BamBam as readers friend)

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Bambam’s friend has a concert so Bambam decided to bring Jackson with him. Y/N and Jackson meet for the first time and go hook up in Y/n apartment. 

A/N: Just as a side note, if any of my readers ever decide to have a one night stand with anyone, please always try to remember to use a condom ^^ Safe sex with strangers is the best kind of sex!

“What kind of band did you say she was in again?” Jackson asked BamBam as he sat down at the table with him.

“It’s like, heavy pop-rock. But they’re really good live, and (Y/N) is an unbelievable singer. Like I said – I met up with her yesterday for a catch-up after not seeing her in years, and she gave me two free tickets to their show. Plus, we can hang out with her and her band afterwards.  So, obviously I’m gonna go…” BamBam, explained as he placed the two tickets on the table.

“So…do you wanna come with me?” BamBam asked Jackson, pouting cutely and batting his eyelashes at him. Jackson threw his head back, yawning and pretending to make a fuss out of being BamBam’s last hope, before he shot his head back upright and smiled.

“Sure, I’ll go with you. Does she know much about GOT7?” he asked, whipping out his phone to Google your band to find out more information.

“Yeah, she loves GOT7! She really wanted to meet all of us but because she’s only here for 2 nights in Seoul and pretty much everyone is busy, it was just bad timing” BamBam sighed. He had promised you that you would be able to meet his group when you came here on tour, but it turned out that it was physically impossible seeing as everyone had plans except for Jackson and himself. Jackson scrolled through the internet on his phone, looking at various pictures and videos taken from last nights show in Seoul. He widened his eyes at a close up shot of you, dressed in the tightest black leather pants he had ever seen, along with a ripped Nirvana t-shirt with your hair falling around your shoulders as you closed your eyes and sang into the mic. He couldn’t help but find you extremely attractive.

“She looks pretty cool, and their music is good too. When are we leaving?” Jackson asked suddenly, making BamBam’s eyes light up.

“So you’ll go with me?!” he practically jumped out of his chair and hugged him as Jackson began laughing and trying his best to push him off.

“Yes! I’ll go with you, but if this is some kind of rock gig, then you’re gonna need to help me pick out something to wear…” Jackson looked at his younger friend seriously.

“…Jackson…all of your clothes are black. You’ll fit right in” BamBam patted Jacksons shoulder, both of them laughing at BamBams backhanded diss before they began to get ready for the gig.

You and your band had been on your first world tour for the past 10 months. Korea was the last stop in the Asian leg of the tour before you all headed off to Europe , so you wanted to make the last night in Seoul go out with a bang. It had been a while since you last seen BamBam so when  you found out that your band would definitely be going to Seoul, you contacted him immediately to see if you could hang out with him – to which he said he would love to. But since both of your schedules were so hectic, it proved to be difficult to get to meet him and his group too – so you settled with being able to give him 2 free tickets to the show and catching up with him after words.

“I hope he was able to get to the VIP box without any trouble” you said to your guitarist as you all stood at the wings of the stage, looking out at a crowd of about 600 people who were ready to have a good time. Upon looking up at the VIP box, you smiled from ear to ear as you seen BamBam and another guy standing and resting their arms over the railings.

“Looks like they had no problems! Ready (Y/N)?” Peter said, before running out on to the stage and the crowd going absolutely crazy. Hearing them scream gave you a massive boost of energy, as you joined the rest of your band on stage.

You began the set with your opening track, all of you going hard and giving the best performances of your life as you could literally feel the crowds energy being fed into your body as if you were hooked up to an IV. You didn’t know much Korean, but you knew simple words and phrases to communicate with the audience to get you by. Song after song, you gave it your all; every so often looking up to the VIP box and waving at BamBam and who you presumed to be another member of GOT7, seeing them wave back at you as they had their own private party, dancing and jumping around to the music.

“Thank you so much Seoul! You guys were awesome! See you next year when we’re back alright?! Kamsahamnidaaaaa! Annyeonghi jumuseyoooo!” you shouted into the crowd as the gig ended. The roars of the crowd faded as you made your way backstage, sweaty and feeling slightly tired as you put your towel around your neck. You entered your dressing room to pull out your phone and text BamBam, letting him know where to go and who to show his passes to, before lightly touching up your makeup in your vanity mirror.

“So we’re going backstage now?” Jackson asked BamBam as they descended the flight of stairs from the VIP box towards the stage doors.

“Yeah, she said to knock these doors and wait for the bouncer to come so we can show him our passes” BamBam replied, before knocking the door and waiting patiently as they watched the hall beginning to empty of sweaty, tired fans.

“She’s so energetic right? This was the first time for me to see her live. She’s so cool~” BamBam openly began fan-boying, Jackson immediately joining in.

“I couldn’t believe it! And she’s sexy too – she could be an idol if she wanted to!” he said enthusiastically as BamBam playfully smacked him on his shoulder.

“Hey, no perving on my friend!” he shouted, before the doors opened to reveal not a bouncer, but you.

“Surprise!” you shouted, as BamBam and Jackson turned around to see you standing there with your arms wide open. BamBam screamed and threw himself around you before picking you up and spinning you around.

“You were so amazing (Y/N)! That was so fucking cool okay? Ahhhh I’m your biggest fan boy” BamBam giggled as he jumped up and down in jest, making your sides ache with laughter. It was then you remembered his friend who was standing next to him awkwardly, not sure what to do as you both accidently made him the third wheel of the conversation.

“Oi Bam! Don’t be so rude and leave your friend out. Who’s this?” you teased, looking up at his handsome friend and smiling at him. You couldn’t take your eyes off of his striking features, his well built arms which were on show and his deep, alluring brown eyes. Jackson was at a loss for words, taking in your presence, looking at how your tight pants hugged you in all the right places.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry! This is Jackson! He’s our rapper in GOT7 and he’s from Hong Kong but don’t worry he speaks English too” BamBam put his hand to the small of Jackson’s back, ushering him forward.

“And I already know who you are, your fanboy didn’t stop talking about you all night” Jackson smirked, holding out his hand to shake yours. You giggled at his remark, before pushing his hand aside and pulling him into a hug.

“I don’t do shaking hands, come here you” you said as you hugged him tightly, as if you were both long time friends. Jackson was taken aback slightly, before reminding himself that you were probably used to hugging your fans back in the west. He gladly returned your hug, feeling your breasts press against his firm chest as well as the heat radiating from your body from being on stage for the past 2 hours. You took in the scent of his expensive cologne, your face in the crook of his neck as your hands pressed on his shoulder blades for support, standing on your toes to reach up to him.

“I apologise if I’m all sweaty and gross” you moaned lightly as you broke the hug, however Jackson couldn’t care less as all he could think about was your body, the softness of your voice and how you smiled at him. You locked eyes with him, a little longer than just a passing glance as you could have sworn you saw something dark lingering in his intense stare. You giggled softly, before turning back to BamBam.

“Alright so – here’s the plan. Let’s go and meet the rest of my guys, and then if it’s okay with you both, I thought we could just chill out in my hotel room, order some drink and food and just talk about whatever? I’m kinda too tired to go out anywhere right now ahhh” you sighed, rubbing your neck and hoping they were down for a chill evening.

“Sure that sounds good to me” Jackson said without hesitation, BamBam nodding in agreement as you screamed joyfully on the inside.

“Awesome – shall we?” you said, opening the door and waiting for them to go through. BamBam walked ahead, before Jackson stood directly behind you, taking the door from you and holding it open, making you look back at how close his body was to yours.

“Ladies first” he winked, giving you a cheeky smile. You scoffed at his cheesiness, as you raised your eyebrows and walked ahead. Jacksons eyes fell to your very lovely derrière, examining the very clear outline of your thong as he watched you strut in front of him. He bit his lip, before following you and BamBam backstage.

BamBam and Jackson both met and talked with your band for a while, before you told your members that you were going to hang out with them for the night. Your band were going to some bar to drink and celebrate the successful gig, so you all went your separate ways before you, BamBam and Jackson made your way to your hotel in your managers car.

“We’re not famous enough yet to stay in The Hilton, so this will just have to do for now” you joked as all three of you walked into your hotel room. The hotel wasn’t as fancy as others, but your room was large nonetheless, with ivory walls and a plush red carpet. BamBam went straight for your king size bed, throwing himself on to it and groaning at how comfortable it was. You and Jackson both burst out laughing at him as you took your shoes off before plopping yourself on to the couch.

“Alright you two, go ahead and order a bunch of food and whatever alcohol you guys want – I’m gonna get a quick shower because I’m kinda a hot mess right now” you chuckled as you pulled your jacket off, leaving you in your Good Charlotte tank top.

“Good Charlotte…is that a western brand of clothing?” Jackson asked as he approached you. He found it impossible to look away from your breasts, seeing your black bra very clearly underneath the thin white shirt, so he made an excuse to look without looking like a complete creep. You began laughing again, before standing up right in front of Jackson, your bodies but a few inches away from each other.

“Good Charlotte is a rock band from the US dear~” you said softly to him, cocking your head and flashing him a teasing glace. Jackson felt his ears go red as he watched you pull out a pair of what he presumed to be black pyjama shorts, noticing that they were just that. Short.

“Okay, I’m off for my shower.” You called out as you went into the bathroom.

Jackson and BamBam ordered a tonne of food and drink from the room service menu as they waited for you to finish your shower. They both talked and recalled different parts of the gig, before BamBam lowered his voice and looked at Jackson seriously.

“Sooo…you and (Y/N)?” he said, raising his eyebrows up and down, giving Jackson a shit eating grin. Jackson scoffed, rolling his eyes in the process while shoving BamBam away.

“Me and (Y/N) what exactly?” Jackson said coyly, playing dumb on purpose. BamBam knew that you were exactly Jackson’s type and the sexual tension between you both was pretty intense.

“Oh, nothing.” BamBam said in a sing song voice, before they both heard knocking at the door. Jackson jumped up, before opening it and helping the room service guy wheel the huge tray of food and alcohol into the room, before thanking him and closing the door behind him.

You finished your shower, drying yourself off and slipping into a clean thong, your pyjama shorts and throwing on your bands own hoodie before returning to the boys to see the mountain of food sat in the living area of the room.

“Holy shit you guys…you better eat and drink all of this…” you widened your eyes at them as they laughed and began dishing out the food. You hooked up your iPod to your speakers, putting your music on shuffle as background noise before sitting down on the sofa beside Jackson, BamBam on the chair in front of you both as you all tucked into your food and alcohol, chatting and catching up.

The food proved to be too much for you, as you admitted defeat and just stuck to sipping on your soju as the two boys practically inhaled the rest of the food. You could feel yourself getting kind of tipsy, as you noticed BamBam was pretty much as drunk as he could possibly be – Jackson just happily buzzed from his beer as you all continued to talk and have a good time.

Before long, you both had to put BamBam to bed on the sofa as he had quite literally just fell asleep, making Jackson shake his head as you grabbed a pillow and the comforter from the bed to put around him.

“He always does this; I swear he can’t drink to save his life. You’re pretty good though” Jackson smiled as he watched you sloppily tuck BamBam in, making sure he was somewhat comfortable. Jackson watched you as you bent over, feasting his eyes on the bottom of your bum cheeks and the small space between your legs from behind. It was then he felt himself becoming semi-hard in his pants, his intoxicated high fuelling his arousal even more. Little did he know, that you had bent over in front of him on purpose, your mind filled with liquid courage as you stood up and turned around to Jackson, smiling sweetly at him and looking in towards the bedroom.

“Do you wanna go in there and talk so we don’t wake him?” you asked innocently, even though you both knew that a bomb could go off and it wouldn’t wake BamBam from his drunken slumber. Jackson smirked before nodding at you and lifting his beer as he walked over to the door, opening it and looking back at you.

“Ladies first~” he said for the second time that night as you sneered playfully at him, watching his drunken gaze following your every move. You meandered towards the bed with your bottle of soju before turning around and falling on to it, spreading your body out over the sheets as Jackson closed the door and leant against it. He looked at the way your body sank into the plush bedding, the soft tone of your voice as you giggled gently in your tipsy state. He licked his lips, suddenly feeling a bit nervous as you raised your head to look at him.

“Are you gonna stand there all night or are you going to come over here and join me?” you lightly slurred while looking up at Jackson, giving him the ultimate ‘come hither’ eyes as you felt the sexual tension in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife. Jackson gulped, smirking at you before trailing his eyes along the ground and falling down on the bed beside you. He was nervous on the inside, even with the alcohol – but his arousal was spurring him on even more so now that you had instigated him. You were a confident girl, and it had been too long on the road since you had been intimate with someone.

Jackson lay beside you, giggling and joking along with you, listening to your silly intoxicated words. He noticed how your eyes kept falling to his lips, watching them move as he spoke. He examined the way your womanly curves lined the bed sheets as you lay on your side facing him, the way the bottom of your hoodie rode up a bit to reveal your hip just above your shorts and your smooth legs brushing against his jeans.

“Tonight’s been so fun~ I miss having good conversation with strangers” you fluttered your eyelashes at him, brushing your hand against his chest. Jackson looked at you coyly, putting his hand on top of yours – his skin hot to the touch.

“Are you flirting with me (Y/N)?” he asked in jest, biting his lip and making you open your mouth in shock.

“Me?! Flirt? I would never~” you giggled, turning over and facing away from him.

“Fine! I’ll just go to sleep and stop flirting with you if you hate it that much. Goodnight Jackson~” you called out softy before dimming the light on the bedside table leaving the room in a soft hue.

It was then you felt Jackson move right up behind you, his hands immediately going for your hips and wandering over your stomach, pulling you closer and grinding his hips into your ass. You suddenly forgot how to breathe under his touch.

“I didn’t say I hated your flirting, I just hate that you’re not doing anything about it” he purred into your ear before leaving open mouthed, damp kisses along the sensitive skin on your neck. You turned around to face him, the smell of liquor on his breath as you placed your mouth on his, kissing him softly and feeling his hands travelling around your back and eventually cupping your ass as he squeezed it to the rhythm of your kiss. You reached for his shirt, feeling his hard abs underneath it and wanting more access to his stomach.

“Take this off” you murmured through the kiss, making Jackson smile at your orders, before he leaned back and slowly pulled his shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the floor before watching your eyes light up at his physique, feeding his ego in return. You pushed him down on to the bed before straddling him, this time giving him small kisses on his neck and along his collarbone.

“Your turn sweetheart” Jackson breathed as he hooked his fingers around the bottom of your hoodie, pulling it up and watching you as you let it fall to the floor, realising that you didn’t have a bra on as he felt himself getting insanely hard at your perky breasts while you teased him, rolling your hips into his and cupping your chest as you bit your lip and gave him your sultry bedroom eyes. He groaned at the friction you were creating, his hands primitively placing themselves on your hips as you moved. You shimmied down his thighs before leaning over his body, kissing down his chest and stopping at his left nipple, swirling your tongue around his small, hardened bud and looking at his face to see his reactions. He moaned quietly as you took it in your mouth, trapping it gently in between your teeth before placing gentle kisses around it. You continued south, coming to his jeans. As you kissed through the valley of his toned stomach and stopped at his hips, you began unbuttoning him, feeling his rock hard member pulsating through the thick fabric. It was like unwrapping a gift as you helped him pull his jeans and boxers down in one go. Jackson kicked them off as he watched your eyes linger over this impressive manhood, not wasting any time before you let your built up saliva pool around the tip, taking him in your hand and pumping him slowly from the base. Jackson threw his head back as he moved his hips to meet your hand in search of more pleasure.

“Feel good huh?” you cooed, watching his body tremble under your grip as he tugged at the covers around him in sheer pleasure. You slowed your movements before completely removing your hand. Jackson winced at the sudden loss of contact, but as soon as he seen you removing your shorts to leave you in nothing but a red thong, he shimmied himself up in the bed, resting his back against the pillows while pleasuring himself at the sight of you.

“Come here baby, fuck you’re so hot…” he moaned as he loosely pumped himself up and down. You giggled at his reaction, before getting on your hands and knees and crawling over to him, straddling him once more. Jackson put his hand between your bodies and pushed your thong to the side, running his fingers through your folds which were already soaking wet, making you moan as he fingered you relentlessly.

“I want you inside of me Jackson” you moaned, pinching your nipples and looking him straight in his eyes as he bit his lip hard in response to your words. You repositioned yourself over him, leaving his tip just brushing your entrance as Jackson flickered his eyes to you, looking for permission. Without any warning, you slid yourself down on him, your tight walls taking in his thickness inch by inch. Jackson held his breath as he looked down, watching himself disappear inside of you and feeling pure ecstasy as you began to bounce gently up and down on him. His hands gripped your hips tightly as he watched the beautiful movement of your breasts along with your body, your soft mewls leaving your lips as he grazed your bundle of nerves inside you over and over.He began pulling your hips forward, faster and faster; making you grind down on him harder as you felt the natural friction of his body on yours massage your throbbing clit. Streams of profanities left both of your mouths as you raced towards your highs, Jackson trying with all his might to not finish before you.

“I’m…I’m g-gonna cum” you moaned loudly, his name falling out of your mouth over and over like a mantra as your body tensed and you came hard around his cock, your sweet nectar dripping down both of you slowly as your muscles expanded and contracted. Jackson was nearly there, before you felt him squirm underneath you.

“Fuck I need to pull out, I’m gonna cum, fuck” he moaned loudly. You chuckled, placing your hands on his chest.

“Cum inside me, I’m on the pill don’t worry” you replied gently, as you picked up your pace and rode him hard, making him moan over and over. Jackson widened his eyes as his entire body shook in the wake of his orgasm, hitting him like a tsunami as it washed through him. You felt his member twitch inside of you as his warm seed mixed with your juices. You found out that Jackson was quite vocal during his high, as he moaned deeply, his voice getting a little higher on each drawn out breath. You slowed your movements, both of you looking each other in the eye, before you gently took him out of you and rolled beside him, still feeling the remains of him between your legs. You kissed him on the cheek, but that wasn’t enough for Jackson as he pulled you in closer to administer another passionate kiss to your lips. You knew this was dangerous; kissing you so lovingly when it was just a one night stand. You pulled back, smiling shyly at him – much to his disappointment. Jackson sensed your hesitancy, before cupping your cheek and moving his face closer to yours.

“Sorry…I just…it’s gonna sound stupid but I’ve…never came inside anyone before and that felt amazing” he chuckled, lowering his eyes as you giggled back at him. You pinched his cheek, admiring how beautiful he looked as he smiled, before you got up and wrapped your dressing gown around you.

“I’m gonna take a shower – i’ll be back soon” you said as you quietly stepped out of the room.

Jackson lay there, recounting what had just happened and silently cursing himself for developing some kind of feelings for you. He had only known you for the past 8 hours, making him feel even more crazy. You were leaving Seoul tomorrow, so surely this couldn’t work. He tossed and turned in your bed, pulling the covers up around him before eventually being able to fall asleep.

You returned to the bedroom, seeing Jackson completely passed out and soft snores falling from his mouth. You chuckled silently, before getting in beside him – making sure you didn’t wake him up, as you nuzzled in behind him. You knew this was a one night thing that you had done a few times before on the road, but why did it feel different with him? You scolded yourself for catching feelings so quickly. Why was he different? You breathed in his natural scent – finding it strangely calming as it lulled you into a deep sleep.

Your eyes fluttered open the next morning to see the soft sunlight coming through your windows. You felt the all too familiar ache in your head that you always got from drinking, as you stretched out your body, only to find that Jackson wasn’t there. You sat up suddenly, realising that he was gone.

“Wow.” You said to yourself. You couldn’t help but feel sad. You thought that he wouldn’t be the type to just get up and leave the next morning, especially after you had felt something completely different after sex. You reached to the floor, fumbling for your phone to see that BamBam had sent you a message early this morning.

From: Bam

(Y/N), we had to leave early because our groups leader had to be rushed to hospital with pains in his back. We didn’t wanna wake you because you seemed so tired. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to say goodbye properly, but don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be goodbye forever. Next time we’re all in the same place, let’s hang out again. Sorry for falling asleep >_< Can’t wait to see you again. B x

You furrowed your eyebrows. BamBam wouldn’t lie to you, and you knew that. But you couldn’t help feeling sorry for yourself.

“I didn’t even get his number” you chuckled, thinking that you had really lucked out with Jackson. You pulled yourself to the side of your bed, when you noticed a glass of water, two aspirin and a note sitting on the bedside locker. You cocked your head to the side, reaching over and picking up the paper, before you smiled so much you thought your cheeks would hurt.


I’m sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye. It really hurt me to do that and I hope you believe me. Last night was…one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time – for more than the reason you think. I know you’re probably the type of person to not catch feelings for someone so quickly, but sadly – I am not. I know it’s crazy, but I feel something for you. And I wish you didn’t have to leave today.

I’ve left some painkillers for you – you probably need them :P And I’ve also left my number on the other side of this letter. If you feel the same way that I’m feeling about you, then…please contact me and we will work something out. Don’t forget about me too quickly, alright?

Jackson x”

Story time

So I lost my phone on the train (I was browned out) and this ladies daughter picked it up so my friend called and got her number and I met up with her yesterday to pick it up and I was so grateful that I gave her 50 zollars so I get home plug it in and find out she replaced the sim LMFAOO so i call my carrier and theyre like..youve never had an account with us shfiwjsjwid and now I’m using my Obama phone until I can order a new sim this friday…..and I’m happy

A Fairytale Beginning (6/9)

OMG, you guys, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I took this long to get this chapter out.  This 8k monster gave me serious grief with the writing and re-writing and overthinking and gnashing of teeth it took to get it to this point.  Fair warning, I’m going on my 4th day of sleeping less than 5 hours a night, so there may be a little clean-up of typos and wording going on later.  A million thanks to @katie-dub for being my sounding board for the diner scene, to @i-know-how-you-kiss for letting me whine to her repeatedly about how badly this chapter was kicking my butt, and to the rest of you for waiting so very patiently with nothing but supportive words.  XOXO

Find it on AO3.  Missed a chapter?  Get caught up here.

Summary:  Killian Jones, the notorious Captain Hook, has been on a quest to kill the Dark One and avenge the death of his first love for over one hundred fifty years. But when he crosses the Evil Queen, he’s magically transported to New York City, a strange land full of fascinating wonders, the foremost of which is Emma Swan, a cynical single mother with no time for fairy tales, real or imagined. A Captain Swan Enchanted AU.   (Captain Swan modern AU, Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated G.)

Tags as requested: @timetravelingpotatoast, @piratesails, @storybrookeswans, @optomisticgirl

Emma waits until Granny returns with matching plates brimming with grilled cheese cut into triangles and piles of golden onion rings.  She flashes a muted smile of thanks at the older woman, and Granny gives them a subtle smirk as she sets a glass ketchup bottle directly between their plates and disappears.

Emma snatches the bottle up by the neck and twists off the cap while she gathers her thoughts, unsure how much she wants to reveal.  Killian watches her shake out a dollop onto her plate and then accepts the bottle when she hands it to him, studying it before proceeding to mimic her with an adorable amount of caution.

A tiny smile tugs at Emma’s mouth, but she briskly turns back to the matter at hand and clears her throat.  As always, the first onion ring she touches is just shy of too hot to touch and just greasy enough to be tempting, and she dips it with a little sigh.  “Walsh proposed,” she says quietly, taking a bite to give herself an excuse not to say anything else immediately.

The ketchup bottle pauses in midair, and she doesn’t need to see Killian’s face to know that he’s frowning when he sets it down with a soft thunk.  “I see,” he says, sounding politely interested.

Emma keeps her eyes fixed on her plate as she eats.  “Yesterday.  Just before I met you and Henry at the library.”

Killian hesitates, as though trying to read her.  “And you didn’t say yes?” he risks casually.

She glances up for a second at the tempting cakes and pies on display in a Plexiglas case sitting across from them before her gaze falls back to her food, her lashes brushing her cheeks.  “I didn’t say no.”

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Noo Camilas in Miami (: i met her at the airport yesterday

Nice!!! Did she smell like Heaven’s rain and angel tears and Lauren?

We Fell


Characters: Matthew X Reader

Plot: Reader has started acting on Criminal Minds as Spencer Reid’s love interest but didn’t know prior to her and Matthew’s meeting. How will Matthew react when he sees her again?

Rating: N

Dedication: To Beth, My amazing friend! I love you so much and I hope you love this <3

Part 1

Today was my first day of acting alongside Matthew. Matthew, the one I had spent all day with yesterday after bumping into him, Matthew. How would he react when he saw me again? It had only been what, a day? The palms of my hands were clammy and my knees trembled at the worry running through my head. I pulled up outside of the studios, just before the barrier that I had to drive in through. “Name?” The security guard asked, walking towards me with a clip board in his hand. “Beth, Beth Keys (Insert Y/N)” I replied and he skimmed the list of names. “Ah Yes! I hope you have a lovely day miss Keys” he replied and I smiled, “Thank you, and you!” 

I drove in and found a space right next to the entrance. The car park was pretty much empty, with another 3 or 4 cars parked elsewhere. I climbed out of my car and grabbed my bag, locking it behind me as I walked towards the door. The information I had received stated that I had to look for “Set 4: CM.” I walked along the corridor that seemed to last forever until I reached a door that read what I wanted. As I turned the door handle, it swung forward and someone walked into me. “Sorry baby girl, I should’ve been looking where I was going” I heard a voice say, and I instantly knew it was Shemar. “It’s fine Shemar! Hi, I’m Beth” I said, holding my hand out to shake his. “Hey love, are you one of the new actresses?” He asked and I nodded, “Well you best get going, we start filming in an hour and you need to get into your costume and have your makeup done!” I smiled and nodded, passing by him. 

The first person I needed to find was Virgil to confirm that I was here. I walked up to a man wearing a headset, “Hi, I’m looking for Mr Williams?” I said and he smiled, “I am him, you must be Beth!” He replied and I nodded, “Nice to meet you Beth. Please go to makeup and get ready” he said and I nodded again, walking to makeup. I sat for the makeup artist as she started applying the many layers of muck to my face. After 40 minutes, my makeup and hair was done and now I was ready to get dressed. I looked at my outfit. 

I felt confident. I looked good, and hopefully Matthew would think so. I turned around and saw Matthew walk past, all dressed in his Spencer Reid attire, making me shoot round and face the opposite direction. I could see in the mirror that he walked straight past and I let out a deep sigh. I had learned my scenes and I knew when I had to be on. “Scene 3, on!” I heard a man shout. This was it. I was faced with Matthew again. I wasn’t on until half way through. I stood behind the door watching Matthew, Shemar, Paget and AJ talking inside the Bullpen. “ACTION!” the man shouted again and everyone turned silent. I re-read my script and I was on just after Matthews line, discussing the UNSUB. 

I heard Matthew’s line draw to a halt and I walked in, holding the books I was given and with my head down playing the part. I pushed the door and walked to the group and gulped. AJ was now away from everyone and the first person I needed to talk to was Paget or in this case, Emily. “Ah Hello, you must be Charlotte. I’m Emily!” She said and held her hand out. I looked up and shook her hand. Matthew and Shemar were talking so he still didn’t know I was there, “I’ll take you to meet the rest of the team.” We walked to Matthew and Shemar and I gulped. My nerves were taking over again. “Spence, Derek, This is Charlotte. She is the newest member of the team” She said and Matthew looked at me, his face automatically dropping like he had seen a ghost. He went along with the script and lit up again, introducing himself. The scene seemed to go on forever, until the director shouted, “CUT!”

I ran. I didn’t know where to, but I ran. I ran away from Matthew. I ran from everyone. I knew he would be disappointed. I knew he wouldn’t want to see me. How could I be so stupid?


Beth was here. Why was she here? She must have been one of the new actresses, perhaps my love interest? After the director yelled to finish the scene, she ran. Why would she run? I wanted her to be here. I had truly missed her, even though we had only spent yesterday with each other. We had only met yesterday! Was I falling for her? But how? I needed to find her.


“Beth! Beth!” I could hear Matthew shouting and I turned around to be faced straight in front of him. I sighed, “Yes?” “Why did you run?” He asked and I put my head down, shrinking into my shoulders. “I was so excited when I got the call last night that I would be here. I would get to see you again. I thought you would’ve been happy to have seen me, but when you saw me I knew I was wrong” I said and shook my head, “How could I be so stupid? Why would you have wanted to have seen me? All I am is a fan! I’m a nobo-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before I was met with Matthew’s lips against mine. It felt right. His lips fit perfectly against mine, almost like a puzzle piece against its pair. His hands were placed on my hips, him pulling me closer. Our lips molded together, moving in time, until we pulled away for a breathe. “What was that for?” I asked, breathless. He looked at me and smiled, “You talk to much.”

“Of course I wanted to see you, I was just shocked that it was so soon. I like you, a lot. Go on a date with me, please?” He asked and I bit my lip, “Sure thing, Mr Gubler” I replied and he smiled, “I like it when you call me that but please, call me Matthew”

Was I falling for him? Was he falling for me? This was going to be a long ride…

Opposites Attract - Damian Wayne x Reader - Part Two

Part One

Requested by Anon -  a part 2 for opposites attract.

Damian wasn’t sure what this relationship with you was. After releasing the balloons, Damian had taken you out for coffee. He got a simple black coffee while you ordered a sugary, complicated drink that took the barista five minutes to make. Besides that, Damian had enjoyed the time with you. He walked you back to your home, finding it to be a complete and utter mess. After holding back the urge to clean, Damian left you to go back to the manor.

The truth was Damian wasn’t sure how to proceed. He liked you a lot, and his fingers were still twitching with need to draw you, but you both were so different. You seemed to be a bit disorganized, had a need for excessive amounts of sugar, and you lacked the gracefulness shared by most of Damian’s other love interests. However, you were beautiful, witty, and intelligent. You had a certain air that showed how much you cared about the people around you, something Damian was fascinated by.

Due to his indecisiveness, Damian decided to seek advice from someone he could trust. He took a long time to decide who he should go to, but eventually he chose to approach Dick with his problem. After all, Dick seemed to have the most successful relationships in the family.

“Grayson, I have to speak with you,” Damian demanded, marching into the gym at the manor. Dick was staying at the manor for the next week to use Batman’s resources to help with his own case. 

“I’ll all ears, Dami,” Dick answered as he flipped through the air to make another pass on the uneven bars.  Damian watched him from a few feet away with a small amount of envy in his eyes. He wished he could move as smoothly as Dick.

“I have a problem with…a person,” Damian began, shifting around uncomfortably. Dick seemed to sense Damian discomfort, choosing to swing off the bar to land perfectly on the mat below. He walked over to Damian to look him straight in the eye.

“Is this about Bruce? Because he really shouldn’t have kicked you out of the house yesterday,” Dick said. He gave Damian a small smile, trying to ease Damian’s discomfort.   

Damian just shook his head. “My problem is not with Father. It is with someone else,” Damian explained, hating the blush that burned his cheeks. A goofy grin grew on Dick’s face as an idea of what Damian’s problem was dawned on him.

“Is this a girl problem?” Dick asked.

TT,” Damian huffed before giving Dick a tiny nod.

“Oh Dami, I’m so proud of you. When did you meet this girl?” Dick cooed, giving Damian a hug. Damian tolerated it, fearing if he protested Dick wouldn’t answer his questions. 

“I met her yesterday,” Damian answered once Dick let him go. 

Dick gave him a playful shove. “You sly fox, and you had me thinking you were just wandering around the city doing nothing yesterday,” Dick teased while Damian glared at him.

“Are you going to help me, or just continue this aimless rambling?” Damian snapped. His face was completely red now. 

“Okay, okay, what is the problem?” Dick relented, knowing if he pushed Damian too far he may never get to learn more about this mystery girl. 

Damian kicked his foot into the ground before speaking. “I met (Y/N) at the docks, and I took her out for coffee, but I am unsure how to proceed.”

“Well, do you like this girl?” Dick asked gently. He smiled when Damian gave a reluctant nod. “Then you should call her and ask her out.”

“But Grayson,” Damian protested. “I fear (Y/N) is the opposite from me in almost every way. While I am attracted to her, I worry we will not get along.”

Dick placed his hand on Damian’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “You won’t know if you don’t try it, Damian. Besides, opposites attract.” Damian furrowed his brow in thought.

“Perhaps, I will follow your advice, Grayson, but how do I ‘ask her out’?” Damian questioned after he had gathered his thoughts. 

Dick just smiled, wrapping an arm around Damian’s shoulders, guiding him out of the room. “Don’t worry, Dami. I’ll teach you,” he reassured as both men left the room. 

“Wow,” you exclaimed from the passenger seat of Damian’s black Lamborghini. It was currently parked in front of one of the most fanciest restaurants you had ever seen. You were so distracted by the sight, you didn’t notice Damian opening your door. 

“You can get out now, (Y/N),” he said, holding his hand out to help you out of the car. Slowly you took it, gulping as you watched Damian hand the car keys to a valet.  You did your best to smooth out the wrinkles in your dress while you kept your hand in Damian’s. When Damian had invited you out to dinner, you didn’t know he was going to take you to the nicest restaurant in town.

As you walked into the restaurant, you kept a tight hold on Damian. You were terrified you would trip and fall, or break something. Everything was too fancy for your clumsiness. Damian gave you a tight smile, trying to calm you, but you sensed he was uncomfortable too, even if he wasn’t as scared as you were. 

“Do you eat at places like this all the time?” you whispered, trying not to stumble as the hostess guided the both of you towards a secluded table. 

“Once and a while,” Damian answered when you both reached your table. He pulled out your chair allowing you to trip into it. After making sure you were safely in your seat, Damian slid into the chair next to you. 

“I can tell,” you commented. A waitress appeared to pour water into the two wine glasses on the table. “The smaller fork is for the salad, right?”

“Yes, it is,” Damian confirmed as the waitress handed menus to both of you. You bit your lip nervously, fiddling with the menu. Everything was in a language you didn’t know. 

You opened your mouth to ask before closing it again, feeling like an idiot. A blush burned to your face as you gathered the courage to speak. “What would you recommend?” 

Damian looked at you knowingly. “I usually order the Légumes Printaniers Du Jardin, but if you are a meat-eater my father always orders the steak.” He spoke kindly, not wanting to hurt your feelings. 

“Oh, I’ll just have what you are having,” you replied, sharply closing your menu. You laid it on the table, and almost knocked over your water glass. Damian caught it just in time. “Sorry,” you whispered, ducking your head down. 

Damian studied you. “You are nervous.”

“Was it that obvious?” you laughed halfheartedly. You looked through the menu again, only to notice that the numbers below the menu items must be the prices. Biting your lip, you realized the dish Damian recommended was more than you could afford. 

“Why are you nervous?” Damian asked, carefully setting his own menu down. You decided to ignore this question.

“Is it possible for you to loan me the money for my meal?” you whispered shamefully. “I don’t have enough with me.” You reached for your water glass, and almost knocked it over once again. 

Damian raised an eyebrow. “I am paying, (Y/N). I never intended for you to pay for your own meal.”

“Oh,” you said, carefully picking up your water glass with two hands. You gulped most of it down. “Thank goodness,” you whispered into your glass as the prices on the menu seemed to jump out at you. 

“You didn’t answer my question,” Damian stated bluntly. He suspected what your problem was, but he wanted to be certain. 

“What was your question again?” you asked innocently while you took the utmost care setting your glass back down. You made sure it was secure before slowly putting your hands back in your lap. 

TT,” Damian huffed, annoyed, but slightly fascinated with your round-about way of speaking. If anyone else did this to him, he would have left already, but it just made you more interesting. “Why are you nervous?”

You paused for a moment, thinking of your next words. “I might have some first date jitters,” you admitted reluctantly. You weren’t going to say anymore, but a look from Damian made you continue. “Okay, honestly this place makes me nervous.” 

“How?” Damian asked quietly. He knew why, but he wanted to hear your reasons. Besides, it was a way to keep the conversation going. Dick had warned him about the dangers of letting the conversation die. 

“It’s so fancy,” you explained, holding up your hands. “Which isn’t bad, but I haven’t been to a place like this before. It’s all just a little overwhelming, and I’m afraid I’ll spill something, or break something…” You let your voice fade away, studying Damian to see if you insulted him. 

Damian stared at you with a blank expression, but you could detect the amusement in his steely eyes. A small smirk played upon his lips. “Since we are being honest,” he began, leaning towards you. “This place makes me nervous too.” 

“Then why are we here?” you laughed gently, smiling when he chuckled as well. 

“I was given advice as to how to take you out for a date, and this was where my father takes his dates, so I just assumed,” Damian admitted, taking your hand in his under the table. You blushed at his touch. “Do you wish to leave?”

Your eyes widened in surprise. “No, we can stay since we already have a table and everything. It would be a waste otherwise, because the waitress would have to reset the table even though we didn’t use anything.” Damian realized he had never thought about that. You leaned in closer to him. “Just promise me, you won’t let me make a fool out of myself.” 

“You have my word,” Damian promised, lifting your entwined hands out from under the table to press a kiss to the back of your hand. You both smiled at each other until the sound of someone clearing their throat jerked you apart. Damian and you blushed as you both met the waitress’ eye. You smiled at her while Damian quickly snapped into his normal stoic behavior. Sharing a glance with one another, you both readied yourself for the rest of the evening.

“You don’t have to walk me to my front door,” you protested as Damian once again opened your car door for you. He was being quite persist about it, going so far as to lock your door, so you couldn’t get out until he opened it. You took his offered hand to successfully exit the Lamborghini. 

TT,” Damian huffed, keeping a tight grip on your hand. You had tripped on the curb the last time you had stepped out of his vehicle. 

Dinner had gone well, except for you spilling your water glass two times. It got on your dress the second time, but it was dry by the time you left. The food was great, leaving you both happy and content.

After dinner, you chose where to go next, and you brought him to the bookstore. You both spent a good hour and a half wondering around the store together, talking and exploring different books together. Eventually, you both got so distracted that you realized you had almost missed your curfew. Damian drove like a mad man to get you back in time. 

“It looks like my parents haven’t call the police yet,” you teased, gesturing to the one of the lit windows in your house as Damian walked you towards your front door. His hand was still tightly entwined with yours.

“Why would they call the police?” Damian asked, raising an eyebrow at you. You laughed at his quizzical expression.

“It’s just a joke we have,” you explained. “Mostly because I don’t go out enough to be late for my curfew, so my parents joke that if I am late it’s probably because I got kidnapped.” The smile on your face fell when you saw the fear and horror on Damian’s face. 

“I would never let someone get you, (Y/N),” Damian stated seriously. “I promise you.” Your eyes went wide at his statement, but you were able to make a smile appear on your face.

“That’s nice to know. Thank you, Damian,” you said as you both reached your front door. “And thank you for tonight, it was lovely.” 

A smirk appeared on Damian’s face. “It was my pleasure,” he replied, raising your hand to kiss the back of it. You sent him a teasing smile.

“We’re going to have to do better than that,” you interjected. You took a step closer to Damian before pressing your lips against his. The shock was evident in Damian’s response, but he soon he kissed you back with a passion you never knew he had. 

You both jumped apart a moment later when the outside light of your house flicked on, startling you. A blush burned onto both your faces as you bumped into your front door to find the door knob. You ripped open the door, entering the house only to peek your head out a second later.

“Call me,” you whispered before shutting the door, and securing the lock. You leaned against the door, and dissolved into a fit of giggles. Your lips were still burning from the pressure of Damian’s kiss.

Meanwhile, Damian was frozen on your doorstep. His mind was running in circles, trying to understand what happened. A rare smile broke out on his face as he slowly turned to walk towards his waiting Lamborghini. Damian swore the first thing he was going to do tomorrow was call you.