i met god and shes black

And she’s everything you wouldn’t want in a girl. She’s smart, and she can barely finish a book because she’s already planned on what book she wants to read next so she starts to read that book and forgets to finish the other. She’s crazy passionate about the earth and the well being of animals. My god does she love animals. She talks to them as if they could talk back. She cares about people even if they turn her a cold shoulder. She is all for the people and thinks that women should be treated with the same respect as what a man gets. She loves to talk about anything and everything. She’ll tell you about the stars and everything you need to know about dogs and horses. She’s the kind of girl you wouldn’t want. Not because she’s ugly because my god she is beautiful. And not just her physical appearance but her soul. It’s the purest and most raw and magical thing you’ll ever see. She’s the kind of girl you don’t want to touch in a physical way or emotional way. Not because she can’t handle it, because she can. She’s the closest thing you ever get to magic, I mean if you believe in that kind of crap. I sure didn’t until I met her in the coffee shop on 11th street. She was wearing all black and she had the most beautiful brown hair that would fall perfectly in front of her face even when she did pull it behind her ear. Anyways I didn’t touch her in anyway. I just admired her from the other side of the coffee shop. I guess I was a little afraid because I could already feel her existence was something that shouldn’t be messed with and I didn’t wanna screw her up. But I did. Her brown doe eyes locked on with mine and it felt like magic. Again not that I believe in it in that moment. The point is she’s not the kind of girl you want because she’s everything you could ever want in a “perfect girl” if there’s such a thing. She’s not the kind of girl you want because when you touch her for the first time it feels like snow falling and everything in between love. She’s not the kind of girl you want because when you break her heart you’ll see she won’t be the same. She won’t sing in the shower and she won’t radiate warmth from her smile when she looks at you. Like I said she’s magic and everything in between love and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love her knowing I had all the power in the world to destroy her. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love her because she’s not the kind of girl who you just fall in love with. No, she’s the kind of girl who you fall in love with because she makes you see that everyone is equal and that animals do have feelings. She’s the kind of girl you fall in love with because you love the way she gets along with your mother and your father adores her. She’s the kind of girl who makes you believe in magic. She’s the kind of girl who makes you see that you have all the power in the world to do whatever you want if you believe and try hard enough. She’s the kind of girl who could be broken so easily if you hit the right spots and when you do.. when you do break her heart it leaves you feeling every bad word in the dictionary. It leaves you with a bitter taste every time you try and talk about her. It leaves you with nothing but a haunting memory of girl who cares more about everyone and everything because no one cared about her. She is not the kind of girl you wanna fall in love with because when you break her heart you’ll never be able to rid the taste of her strawberry lips from yours. You won’t be able to enjoy summer because it will remind you of the time you both sat under a big oak tree near a pond while she read books to you. Shes not the kind of girl you want because when you both part ways and head back home to the grey sheets of your bed it will flash you back to the time you first saw her naked and how you were so scared to touch something so raw and beautiful. She’s not the girl you want to fall in love with because you won’t be able to sleep at night when you part ways because you’re so busy wondering if she is loving someone else. So you see, she is not the kind of girl you want because she is just to damn magical to be real. Or maybe she is and you shouldn’t take my advice and tell me to go to hell but then again you’ll feel like hell when she cries for the first time because of you. So maybe she is the kind of girl you want but maybe she isn’t. Not because she doesn’t deserve love but because she deserves to be loved right, as if there’s a right way to love. My point is she’s herself and in this lifetime? That is something extraordinary and something that extraordinary deserves to be left wild.
—  Leave her wild// Deeply Feeling Series

Like an Arrow to the Chest

Summary: Rather than Chat Noir being struck by Dark Cupid’s arrow, what if it had been Ladybug?Or rather…Bridgette?

Note I: Obligated Valentine’s Day fic…but with the PV kids ;D Hope you enjoy!

Note II: I took a direct line from a post made by edorazzi, who I recommend you following for lots of nice art! 



It was Ladybug who paid attention to the akuma victims’ stories, not Felix. He usually liked focusing on winning the battle with minimum damage done, focusing on the victim’s general background.

For example, this victim had been heartbroken and now turned love to hate. Fairly easy to guess, and no need to elaborate.

It also should have been an easy battle; he was not afraid when the akuma appeared in front of him since there was hardly any love in him to turn to hate in the first place. He’d pretend to get struck, then run off, transform, and distract the akuma until Ladybug arrived so they could take down the villain together.

He did not count on Bridgette Cheng shoving him to the ground, the arrow lodging itself in her chest before dissolving in an array of red and black sparkles.

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Prompts 6, 27- Marauders Era: James

Request: 6 and 27 with james potter??

  • 6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”
  • 27. “I love you, you asshole.”

A/N: So, I know I’ve been pretty shit with posting my writing lately, I’ve just had so much to do! I have exams coming up so I’ve been revising like crazy and my vacation wasn’t even a vacation, it’s been awful. I’m hoping I’ll be able to upload more of the requests soon, along with Part 2 of Tripartite (which I’ve finished but am currently changing around a lil bit). Anyway, I’m sorry for taking so long and thank you all so much for bearing with me!

‘Drunk’ was the only word that accurately described James Potter on that Friday night. Stumbling, blabbering, mumbling incoherent words with the happiness of a toddler, oblivious to the troubles that surround him.

'Oblivious’ would also have been a good word to describe James Potter. But that one wasn’t specific to the laugh-filled night that left him unable to walk straight, no. That one was permanent.

Y/N stood by one of the walls, watching the crowded party scene slowly unravel into the few drunken Gryffindors stumbling around the common room and singing Quidditch chants at the top of their lungs. She took another sip of cold water from her goblet, when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

“Alright?” Sirius Black wondered at her, a look of genuine concern replacing the usual mischievous one.

“Fine,” she glances at him over the edge of her goblet, “Why do you ask?”

“You seem a bit off, Y/L/N. Just looking out for you,” he shrugs and she responds with nothing but a sigh, the sound followed by her glance lingering on James. It doesn’t take long for Sirius to notice.

“Oh my God! You’re in love with him!” he exclaims, his words met by Y/N’s widened eyes, “You’re in love with James!”

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fucshias  asked:

who do u love. tell me abt these people I want to know them

black hair. speaks both german and french. hates math. my mother. bad 80’s dancing. architect. my confidant. my best friend. loves home renovation shows. symmetry freak. took a 10 year break from her career to raise me. designs cupboards for a living. dyes her hair. goes to pilates. worries about ageing. will buy me anything i ask for. let me drop out of school. cats eyes. likes bradley cooper. perfectionist. listens to led zeppelin and acdc and u2. the only person in the world i truly trust.

short. athletic. crooked nose. loves math. my father. loves science. doesn’t understand me. hellishly stubborn. got in a biking accident that knocked both his front teeth out. i cried for a week. travels a lot. rational. sends me links to articles that i don’t read. listens to cat stevens and abba and norah jones. sensitive. loves his kids.

misogynistic. antagonising. my brother. the funniest person i know. tall. gorgeous. plays three sports. could pass all his exams with his eyes shut. can read people like a book but does not give two fucks about them. taught me how to skip. doesn’t eat his vegetables. i mistake him for my father sometimes and it scares me. good with kids. makes fun of me. comes into my bedroom at 3am to talk about his feelings. screamed when his pink debit card came in the mail. doesn’t read. stubborn. good hair. loves me.

annoyingly smart. hard worker. worries almost as much as i do. my brother. short, but getting taller every day. the baby of the family. prodigal son. doesn’t understand me. charming and kind. hates tall buildings. still has nightmares. could be anything he wanted to be when he grows up. great with kids. insensitive. hilarious. doesn’t know his own strength. i would do anything for him.

short. long blonde hair. cornflower blue eyes. freckles. my best friend. no-one ever gets her goddamn name right. loves her cat. funny. needs to trust herself. great sense of fashion. looks good in everything. looks like she just walked out of a german fairytale. once danced with me to classical music in a packed cinema before the lights went down. deserves so much. the most beautiful girl i will ever know. is moving away this month. i don’t know how i’ll live without her. i don’t think i can live without her.

tall. really tall. freckles. eyes that switch between green and blue. my best friend. booming, infectious laugh. smiles like a thousand-watt lightbulb. hates her name. photographer. artsy. innocent. the only regret i ever have is not being friends with her sooner. lovely. is so goddamn lovely i can’t stand it. trusts me. looks good in scarves. likes greek mythology. i have not been to her house in the six years i have known her. loves remus lupin. can quote the hunger games bad lip reading video back to front. so many inside jokes. beautiful.

short. freckles. bright blue eyes. dark brown hair. my best friend. english accent that doesn’t shake. beautiful. an oddity. loves her dog. has never had a proper birthday party. good at makeup. unfathomably polite. accommodating. loves raw chocolate. giggles a lot. gets into laughing fits. watches the walking dead. would die for karl grimes. listens to angry screamo music. i will never understand why.

short. loves henry cheng. bilingual. james potter hair. glasses. so smart. funny. thinks the best of people. dedicated. needs to get more than 5 hours sleep. loves her little sister. arty. doesn’t shut up about the foxhole court. understands me. loves remus lupin almost as much as i love sirius black. doesn’t cut her fingernails because she plays guitar. the biggest heart of anyone i know.

tanned. poised gait. long limbs. smile that lights up a room. cute laugh. so gorgeous it squeezes my heart. listens to me. knows that i am capable of hating people and loves me anyway. you would never guess that she is hurting. positive. smart. is loved so much it could fill a room. elegant hands. the most beautiful voice.

tall. so talented but she doesn’t know it. gorgeous. lively. makes me smile when no-one else can. my happy place. understands people implicitly and it annoys me. makes me feel so light and unburdened. cannot go more than a week without talking to her. lion hair. will not let the ham thing go. would die for donna tartt and jo march. watches a lot of period dramas. has made me 10 times happier since the day i met her. i will never deserve her. i will never stop trying to deserve her.

gorgeous. cheeky grin. beautiful lips. nice hair. would die for buffy summers. bi as fuck. funny. makes me feel so supported and understood. loves me. so much. is sick and i never want her to be sick again because god she does not deserve to be sick and if i could reach inside her heart and take away all the black stuff i could but i can’t and it hurts me every single day and i will never ask but i will never stop trying. giggly. idiosyncratic. i will love her every day for the rest of my life and it will still not be enough.

Sirius Black x Reader- Not Like Other Girls

Request: “ hi could you do a sirius x reader where shes the first girl he’s actually really liked and the marauders tease him cause he’s know to be a player ?? also your writing is really good !” - Anon

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1261

A/N: This is in Sirius’s POV. I just wanted to switch it up a bit, hope you don’t mind. Thank you again for the request babe! -Em (the other admin)

Originally posted by nellaey

  Sirius was confused. It was a baffling mystery that left him stumped. He didn’t understand why he started getting nervous when you entered the room. Maybe he found you intimidating… yeah, that had to be it. With your playful smile, stunning eyes, and your charm, he found it a bit overwhelming. But, he understood. He was very much like that. He decided to talk to you, one gorgeous person to another. He swaggered over to you.

  “Hey, Y/N” Sirius said, his nerves beginning to act up again. “Hi, Black” you smiled. Oh no, he was losing confidence. “U-um…What’s up?” he stuttered. He silently cursed himself, what was wrong with him? “What’s up?” More like, what’s up with you Sirius Black? This is what it feels like to be Peter then…

  “Oh, nothing really. I’m actually just waiting for a friend,” you answered “You?” This was the perfect opportunity to seduce win her over. Maybe an “I’m actually lost… lost in your eyes!” or how about a “Currently, I’m just falling for you.” It worked on a ton of other girls, except unlike other girls, you managed to “intimidate” him. 

  So before he could manage out any words, your friend appeared beside you. “Y/N, Let’s go,” she said. “Okay,” you replied, “See you later, Black.” You gave him a wink and departed. “…bye” he mumbled after you left. He gave a sigh and frowned. Why couldn’t he talk to you normally? He walked over to where the other Marauders were. 

  He was met with a laughing James, a smirking Remus, and a chuckling Peter. “I don’t get it!” Sirius cried. “Sirius, oh god mate… you looked so nervous!” James snickered. “Shut up,” Sirius muttered, “She’s just incredibly….“ “What? ” James teased “hot, sexy, pretty?” Sirius frowned. “I was going to say intimidating.”

  “Huh. Yeah sure” Remus scoffed. “What do you mean by ‘yeah sure’?” Sirius questioned. “He means that he thinks you… like her.” Peter said. “And what exactly is that supposed to mean?” Sirius, now getting worried. “Sirius, you have a crush,” Peter said, a smile creeping onto his face. 

  Sirius has been living with this information for two weeks. That meant two weeks of avoiding you, not flirting with other girls, and MERCILESS TEASING FROM THE MARAUDERS (thanks, James.) But he was okay with it. Is this what it feels like to be in love? This terrifying fuzzy feeling that made him crazy… he liked it.

  “Hey loverboyy…” James said, interrupting his thoughts. “Oh, shut up.”  Sirius retorted. “Sirius, stop staring at Y/N” Remus said appearing beside him. “Was I staring at her!?” Sirius asked, completely horrified. He really didn’t want to come off as creepy or desperate. He had to keep up his “heartbreaker” reputation which was falling apart ever since he laid his eyes on you.

  “Just ask her out.” groaned an exasperated Remus. “But… I can’t just do that!” sputtered a flustered Sirius. “Yes you can,” Peter said in a matter-of-factly “You’ve asked out a ton of girls. What makes her different?” “Oh god… ‘What makes her different?’ You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sirius cried in disbelief “Look at her. She’s amazing. She, she is unbelieva-” 

  “Ok, we get it, Pads,” James rolled his eyes “She’s a goddess.” Sirius pouted and glanced over at you. You were laughing. He took note of the way your eyes crinkle when you laughed, your smile making the room seem a bit brighter, and how cute your laugh was. Her friend must’ve told a funny joke. He looked over, expecting to see one of your closest friends.

  But, you were talking with a guy. A guy? Sirius had never seen you with another guy before. Was he your boyfriend?!? “Jaaammeeess,” Sirius elbowed him. “That hurt,” he said frowning “What do you want?” “Look at Y/N” he said urgently. James turned and looked at the two of you. “Who is he?” he muttered. “I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t like him” Sirius seethed.

  You said your farewell to the mystery boy. “Good,” Sirius grunted, his scowl not leaving his face. Then you hugged him. You HUGGED THAT BOY. That boy with the ugly face, stupid hair, disgusting slimy smile. He was absolutely despicable. No, he was-

  “Sirius, you need to calm down” Remus pointed out “You literally radiate anger” Sirius looked down, his jaws clenched. His fist was around his wand, ready to use at any moment. He took in a deep breath to calm himself. “I’m fine,” he lied. Jealousy. He never felt so jealous of someone in his whole life.

  Remus raised his eyebrows, then a devious smirk appeared on his face. “What are you doing? I don’t trust you with that evil smil-” Sirius started. Remus walked across the room over to you. He began to talk to you. You nodded and followed him back to where the rest of the Marauders were. As soon as they were approaching, James nodded “I guess that’s our cue to leave.” 

  The three of them left him alone… with you. “Hey Sirius, Remus said you wanted to talk to me?” You said. He wasn’t mentally prepared for this. “Um… yeah, sure of course.” he said awkwardly, “I was just wondering who was that guy you were talking to” You smiled “That was my older brother, Daniel. Why?” 

  She had a twinkle in her eye like she knew exactly what was going to happen next. This girl was going to be the end of him. “Oh, my,” Sirius paused “friend likes you” Why did he lie? It was such a bad lie…. She probably knows he’s lying.

 “Really?” You raised your eyebrows, obviously unconvinced “tell me about him.” “Well, he says you drive him crazy,” Sirius said, not paying attention to what he was saying. “But, he thinks you’ve got a great smile, you’re funny and just incredible. He feels that he… loves you ” That earned a smile from you but soon your smile turned into a smirk.

  “Hmmm… I’m glad you think I’m incredible” you said, unable to hold your grin back. “Wait, how did you know?!” he said shocked. “I didn’t but you just confirmed my suspicions. Thanks, Black.” you laughed. He stood there, completely taken aback, meaningless words spewing out of his mouth. “But… you… I …and” he muttered.

  You found this adorable but nevertheless expected something. This boy just confessed his love for you. After a few seconds of shell-shocked Sirius, you rolled your eyes and said: “Just shut up and kiss me.” Now, it was Sirius’s turn to smirk. He’s been waiting for two weeks to hear those words slip from your lips.

  He brought your lips quickly to his. You were a bit surprised but relaxed into the kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut. His lips were soft and tasted like honey. His hands ran up and down your body. Your hands were tangled in his hair. He smelled of mint, hair product, and the faint scent of cigarettes. The kiss was full of impatient waiting. The wants from both sides made the kiss fierce and passionate. 

  The two of you stopped and looked at each other breathlessly. “Sirius,” you began. “Yes?” “I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

for the amelian prompt- jules meeting amelia for the first time! can't wait to see how jules reacts to will being so smitten with someone else :)

I used a random number generator to pick a prompt and this is the one that won. Incidentally, it’s almost identical to another one I got! Obviously, nothing is proofread. This takes place immediately after an upcoming one-shot, so… exceedingly minor spoilers for that. Let’s do this thing! (Writing time was an hour and fifteen minutes) cc: @dust2dust34​ …

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I’m back with Adrinette Month Day 12: Childhood Friends! I’ve been working on this AU for a little while, and plan on turning it into a multi-chapter fic when I have time. 

Also on Ao3
Inspired by Matt Nathanson’s song Faster
You can’t tell me Marinette wouldn’t have a fashion/aesthetic blog.

Six years ago.
“Don’t cry, Marinette,” Adrien said, brushing back her bangs to see her wiping away her tears. “I’ll be gone for a long time, but I promise I’ll keep in touch.”

“I know I shouldn’t be crying. I mean, with everything you’re going through, I should be the one comforting you, but I’m going to miss you so much!" Marinette threw her arms around Adrien and cried into his shoulder. She couldn’t seem to stop.

"I’ll come back for you,” Adrien said, rubbing her back. “And when I do, we can be together forever. We’ll even get married." 

Marinette giggled through her tears. "You’ve been watching too many movies, Adrien.”

“Adrien,” M. Agreste’s assistant called from the car, “It’s time to leave now. Your father is waiting.”

Marinette reluctantly let go of her best friend. “Email me when you get there.”
Adrien, feeling bold at the prospect of missing her, kissed her on the cheek before turning away. He glanced back over his shoulder and gave her a sad smile. “I’m going to keep my promise.”

Marinette grinned. “Take care of yourself.”

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Cold and Kind Hearts

(A/N): Again, I’m sorry for my god-awful writing

Summary: Laying in a hammock, Natasha begins to think of how lucky she got to meet (Y/N).

Warnings: Nothing but pure fluff

Originally posted by teamamericass

Natasha, the famous Black Widow, was a highly-trained assassin, trained in the Red Room to show no mercy and to get the job done quickly. There was no time for people, no time for love but since then, she met Clint, joined the Avengers and it caused her to care immensely for her team but she always kept love at a distance. She didn’t have time for it and she knew falling in love would give her a weakness. That was, until she met (Y/N).

Her and (Y/N) had been dating for 2 years now and Nat couldn’t be happier. They currently were outside, curled up in a hammock, (Y/N) fast asleep on her chest. Nat gently runs her fingers through their hair while rocking it gently with her foot so that they would stay asleep. Listening to their evened breaths and soft snores, she smiled and thinks on how she got so lucky. It never occurred to her, she would ever be this in love with a person. She never saw herself, a cold-hearted killer, falling in love with a kind-hearted person who tore down her walls in record time.

Despite her acting cold and standoffish, (Y/N) always was nice to her. Sending smiles her way, attempting corny jokes to make her laugh, making her coffee in the morning or simply having her back on missions. She couldn’t help but like (Y/N) but what was a casual liking turned into a full-blown crush. She found herself doing small things for (Y/N) like they did for her and her cold exterior was beginning to dissolve around them. She couldn’t help falling in love with the way they laughed and smiled, the way they moved during missions, how their hair looked when they had just woken up, the shy smile and blush when she flirted with them, and how she couldn’t help but smile at their attempt of a joke to make her day. She loved everything.

It scared her and she tried hiding her feelings. She pushed them away by busying herself with work and tried to ignore sweet (Y/N) who kept trying. She knew it was hopeless when they came one day with her favorite flowers and a nervous smile, asking if she’d go out to coffee with them. She couldn’t say no not when her insides melted inside at the gesture and soon after a beautiful relationship blossomed.

There was so much more she could list off about what she loved about them but all that mattered was that she loved (Y/N). She loved everything about them and she knew they felt the same about her. Nothing in the universe could come between them.

Natasha smiled as she continued to rock the hammock with (Y/N) in her arms.

Versace - Tyler Posey

Originally posted by sterek-hale-obrosey

Requested: Hey! Could you please do an imagine with Tyler Posey where you’re shopping and he wants to treat you so he takes you into an expensive shop but the manager is really rude and when you try on a dress a bunch of fans come running up and then Tyler makes a snarky remark to the lady and you guys leave??? Thankssss xx

Summary: Tyler takes (Y/N) to Versace and one of the workers insults you and says how you can’t afford the dress. 

“Ta daa!” 

“Versace?! Tyler, I can’t afford this” I say as Tyler begins to drag me into the golden lit store. 

“I know, so I’m getting you something special.” 

“No, no, no, no. You can’t afford this either. Didn’t you just spend $400 on alcohol like two days ago?” Tyler lifts his eyebrows at me and I roll my eyes, knowing perfectly well he could probably buy the shop. 

“Come on, you keep buying me little presents like every day. I wanna get you something too!” 

“Yeah but I buy you like chocolate bars and Harvey’s not…” I pick up a dress and turn the tag, seeing it was $800 “a freaking 800 dollar dress!” I squeak. “This is like 3 months rent for me”

“Not that one, blues not your colour.” Tyler says nonchalantly before wondering off. I furrow my eyebrows and scoff playfully. “(Y/N)! This one!” I heard from the other side of the store. I quickly rush over seeing the glares from people wearing pearls probably more expensive than my yearly wage. 

“Tyler, shh. You ca- oh wow” I say breathless when I see the red dress. It was slightly see through at the top but there were gold sequins that littered the chest area and made it so everything private was covered. The sequins then began to slowly fade out as it reached the bottom of the dress. 

“Why don’t you go try it on?” I nod, not even really taking into account what he was saying. “Excuse me!” Tyler calls over a staff member. 

“Yes?” The old worker asked. 

“She’d like to try this one on.” 

“Are you sure?”

“What do you mean am I sure?”

“That dress is two thousand dollars. You can’t afford it” She sneered over her pointed witch nose as she looked Tyler and I up and down. I was wearing some blue skinny jeans and a baggy knit while he wore black jeans and a plaid unbuttoned over a black shirt. I looked up at Tyler knowing he wasn’t going to like this. 

“I said. She’d like to try this one on.” He said sternly.

“Of corse, sir” She spoke sarcastically. Tyler looked back at me and grabbed my hand as he lead me to the change rooms. 

“One sec, I’ll grab a necklace too.” He says as he rushes off. 

“OH MY GOD! THEY WEREN’T LYING! TYLER!!!” Tyler turned around shocked when he met the view of a bunch of girls and guys rushing towards him. “CAN YOU PLEASE SIGN THIS?” People were shoving things at him and taking photos as he smiled and greeted everyone with love. 

“What is going on here?!” The old retail worker lady comes out.


I come out of the change rooms dressed in the perfectly fitting gown. 

“Tyler yo-” I jumped back as I saw all the people crowding him.

“(Y/N)?!” People began crowding around me too and complimenting the dress. I thanked them all and politely made my way to Tyler. 

“How ya doin?” I smirked seeing how he was stressed out about signing everything and taking photos with everyone. 

“Go- Jesus you look good.” He smirks. 

“Yeah, I really like it too. But to be honest I don’t want to give the witch the satisfaction of getting your money.” 

“No, I agree. But I have a plan.”

“Sorry for all that.” 

“No worries, Sir!” The lady says a lot more nicely.

“But we won’t be getting the dress.” 


“Yeah, it’s nice but… a bit cheap.” He smirks before we walk out the shop laughing. “Want some ice cream?” 

“Uhhh ya!” I say as if it were obvious. Tyler then makes a quick stop on our way to the ice cream shop and leaves me in the car. When he comes back I laugh seeing him carrying a Versace bag with a red and gold dress. 

“Ok, ice cream time.” I smile at him and give him a quick but passionate kiss on his lips. 

“Shotgun rainbow.” I smile and giggle, excited for the rest of our day ahead.

Thanks again everyone for sending in requests! I love receiving them! 

Camp Qween (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic. It’s a teenager/camp AU with lots of queens, but is definitely about Trixya. Let me know if you like it! I’m excited to write more! I also have a drag queen blog goodnightcourtney Thanks!

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The Prettier Potter ||| Sirius Black

Request: Sirius black smut plz one where the reader is James Potters twin sister

Warning: smut;)

A/N: I tried a different writing style for this, let me know if you prefer this or the other one


“Princess, why don’t we stay in tonight while everyone else is in Hogsmeade,” Sirius whispered in her ear, his lips brushing against the side of her face lightly. She blushed, pushing him back and glancing around to make sure no one had noticed.

“What if James gets suspicious?” Y/N questioned, biting her lip.

“You’re staying back to study some more, I’m going to see that Ravenclaw that’s been flirting with me all week,” he shrugged, playing with the hem of her skirt under the table.

“Oh Godric, don’t remind me of her,” she huffed, rolling her (Y/C/E) eyes as she picked her quill back up.

“Are you jealous love?” Sirius cooed, giving her thigh a soft squeeze just above the top of her thigh high socks.

“What are you two whispering about?” James suddenly spoke from in front of them, snapping her attention up to him.

“Remember that Ravenclaw girl from Tuesday? Y/N here was giving me some tips on how to talk her up without looking like I’m trying to,” Sirius informed, a carefree smile on his face.

“Like you need any help there Pads,” James laughed, pulling out the empty chair. “You gonna stay back to try to- er we can talk about this later.”

“I’m the same bloody age as you James, you can talk about sex in front of me you know,” Y/N snorted, as her twin brother eyed her worriedly.

“It’s just weird okay? You’re my little sister,” he exclaimed, throwing his arms up.

“You’re two minutes older than me,” she reminded, throwing a piece of crumpled parchment at him. “Even though you act like you’re five years younger.”

“I take offense to that,” he stated, giving her an amused look.

“I think that was the point Prongs,” Sirius smirked, sliding his hand up her thigh as he spoke. “But yeah I’m planning on staying back.”

“What about you lil sis? Fancy a trip to Hogsmeade with your big bro?” James smiled, unaware of what was going on under the very table he sat at.

“And third wheel your date with Lily? No thanks, I’ll probably stay in and work on the potions homework or something,” she shrugged, knowing as soon as Lily was mentioned he would go on one of his love spills.
She were right.


“We have the dorm all to ourselves, whatever shall we do?” Sirius hummed, walking over to her.

She laid on his bed, a book in her hand. She pretended to not see the way his eyes were trailing up her body, lingering on the exposed skin where her thigh and skirt just barely met, traveling up and over her chest to lock eyes with her. She simply smirked, giving a small shrug and returning to her book.

“Oh really now, is that how we’re going to play it?” Sirius chuckled, crawling up the bed until his face was right above her waist.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she feigned innocent, shrieking with laughter as he attacked her sides with his fingers. “Si- sirius you arse stop!”

“What’s the magic words?” He teased, pressing his fingers deeper into her sides as she laughed loudly.

“Sirius Black is a sex god, the absolute best I’ve ever had!” She exclaimed through her laughs, shooting him a half hearted glare as he finally stopped tickling her.

“Damn right I am,” he smirked, pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

She leaned into the kiss, parting her lips slightly. Sirius’ left hand rested on the top of her thigh, the other cupping the side of her face as he kissed her passionately. She tangled her fingers in his hair, ignoring the sound of the book hitting the floor. She let out a small moan as his fingers brushed against her panties, pressing into his touch.

“Mm not yet love,” Sirius whispered against her lips, tugging her bottom lip into his mouth sucking slightly. His fingers rubbed against her softly through the thin material of her black panties, just enough for her to feel it.

“Bloody do something Sirius,” she growled into his mouth, tugging his hair to emphasize her point. Sirius moaned softly, pulling back slightly.

“Why don’t you take control this time baby girl?” Sirius suggested, staring up at her with lust filled eyes.

“Or do you think you can’t do it?” He challenged, a smirk playing on his lips as she scoffed.

“Oh please Black, we both know I’m the only one who can get both of us off,” she teased.

“Prove it.” Y/N pushed him back softly, straddling his lap quickly. She ground her hips down, smirking at the loud moan Sirius tried to conceal. She could feel his cock hardening under her as she rubbed against him through his clothes.

“You’re being a tease,” he moaned as she leaned down and began sucking on his sweet spot leaving a deep purple bruise.

“Is that so?” She breathed against his neck, grounding her hips against him one more. He let out a loud groan, his hands gripping her hips.

Y/N leaned back, pulling her blouse over her head quickly. Sirius’ eyes stared at her chest, his hands going up to remove her bra swiftly.
She undid the buttons of his shirt, running her hands down his chiseled abdomen before undoing the buttons on his muggle jeans.

“Take them off,” she demanded, standing to remove her now soaking panties. Sirius did as told, removing his pants and casting them to the side.

“Now you,” he whispered, licking his lips at the sight before him.

“I think I’m going to ride you just like this,” she whispered seductively, hovering over his hips and moaning at the feeling of his tip rubbing against her.

“Fuck, please do something,” Sirius moaned, gripping her hips tightly. She nodded, biting her lip as she sank down onto his length.

She sat for a minute, allowing herself to adjust to his size. She placed her hands on his chest to balance herself  as she started to roll her hips slowly.

“I could watch you ride me all day,” Sirius gasped, guiding her motions with his hands.

She raised up until the tip was just barely in, before rocking back onto him swiftly. She continued this pace, moaning loudly as he snapped his hips up to meet hers. One of his hands slid up to tease her nipple, her head dropping back in ecstasy.

“Sirius I’m gonna -” she whimpered, her movements slowing slightly. Sirius gripped her hips, flipping them over so he was on top.

He snapped his hips forward roughly, eliciting a loud moan from the girl beneath him. He dipped his hand in the space between them, rubbing her clit harshly as her legs tightened around him.

“Come for me princess, you’ve been such a good girl, doing so well for me,” Sirius praised, his thrusts becoming sloppy as he felt his high building up.

“Ah Sirius!” Y/N screamed as her walls clinched around his cock.

“Fuck Y/N,” Sirius groaned, biting the top of her shoulder harshly to muffle the sounds spilling out of his mouth as he rode out their highs. His movements slowed before he pulled out of her, pressing a gentle kiss to her temple.

“I love you Y/N Potter,” he whispered, casting a wandless cleaning spell on them both.

“I love you Sirius Black,” she replied, snuggling into her boyfriends side with a content smile.

more gallagher girls headcanons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

cammie morgan

  • eventually gets a pet cat named suzie
  • has seen parks and rec one too many times
  • probably really good at field hockey
  • learned all the constellations on her father’s lap in nebraska on summer nights
  • knows all the words to every popular NSYNC song

bex baxter

  • her english accent is not posh at all like have you heard someone from london speak lmao
  • punched a boy who tried to grind on her at a frat party
  • her favorite disney princess is mulan
  • really involved in the black lives matter movement, advocates for diversity in the intelligence world
  • thinks sean connery was the best james bond

liz sutton

  • makes the best goddamn grits you’ve ever tasted
  • is the dorkiest dancer that ever was
  • blushes beet red when bex compliments her what a dumb
  • cries watching children’s movies
  • fiercely, fiercely protective of her friends, probably the most out of the four

macey mchenry

  • went as batman for halloween when she was five
  • pursues the more overt side of the intelligence agency i.e., through politics, government relations
  • spent a summer working at the MAC counter in Macy’s without her parents knowledge
  • likes her parents’ house in DC the best (because it’s near preston whoops)
  • would have 90s romcom movie nights with cam when they lived together

zachary goode

  • played peter pan in the school musical when he was 10, and joe still has the incriminating pictures
  • wore a lot of skinny jeans when he was 14, which catherine 10/10 teased him about
  • he and cammie get married in nebraska i’m crying
  • loved the power rangers so much he wore the red ranger suit for a week straight
  • met grant and jonas because they were all in detention

rachel morgan

  • went to yale. i don’t know why i’m so passionate about this but i am
  • definitely has a green thumb - her beautiful flowers make up for her god awful cooking
  • she and joe have definitely worn matching flannel at some point
  • she’s always gonna love matthew, okay? but you can have more than one soulmate, and she and joe love each other and they love matthew and they’re so happy for once i’m dead
  • likes the spice girls. is that even a headcanon or fact at this point?

joe solomon

  • has drawings from when zach was little all over his cabin refrigerator
  • has a vinyl record player. he doesn’t understand how it’s hipster. he probably listens to hall and oates and bob dylan. 
  • this boy is so self-loathing and so full of guilt? i cry for him at night.
  • he met rachel first. he met rachel before he met matthew, actually. and he was never jealous he was their friend he would never be jealous ugh
  • joined the circle because he was an orphan and he just wanted to be somebody and do something important

abby cameron

  • is a huge runner. has probably ran the new york marathon. idk why i associate abby with jogging but i just do
  • definitely took a gap year before uni/cia shit and just travelled around the world and met so many people and was your average twenty something for once
  • because i think, most of all, of any of them, abby is the one who sometimes wishes she was normal
  • drove townsend crazy with her cravings while she was pregnant
  • owns over 30 pairs of shoes

edward townsend

  • was a scholarship kid. came from a broke af family with eight kids in east london and worked hard to get into eton and cambridge and for everything else in his life
  • loves a good cable knit sweater
  • talks to his siblings frequently, tries to keep up with his ever growing number of nieces and nephews
  • is super vigilant about his health but still got malaria in mozambique anyway
  • once met the queen but was too nervous to say anything what a nerd

catherine goode

  • such a fucking yoga hoe oh my god, always talking about her chi and shavasana and how good her practice was 
  • is a piano prodigy, is obsessed with debussy, practices constantly
  • would have studied astrophysics, like black holes and dark matter, if she wasn’t busy being a terrorist
  • really likes the ocean, probably from growing up on a goddamn island
  • lowkey loved eating zach’s leftover dinosaur chicken nuggets

I lied. When I got this request I said that I didn’t know the song but the minute I put it on and heard the guitar riff, I recognised it. So yeah, my bad. I’m horrible with song names; when it comes to my music knowledge I live under a proverbial rock. This was requested by @arabella-loves-coffee and I hope it turned out as you liked, a lot of it is out of my depth (aside from silently having crushes on people - that bit I’m very much practised in). Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: so the Reader is VERY shy and has a crush on Steve but she’s to scared to tell him and at a party she gets kinda drunk and after the party she keeps quoting Do I Wanna Know from Arctic Monkeys (I think it would fit very well) and Tony keeps asking for who is she suffering like that and she keeps glancing at Steve and he plays stupid but he knows what is this about and I don’t know a cute ending :D

“Do I Wanna Know?”

You could feel the bass and drum resounding through the elevator the minute you stepped inside. You clutched a bottle of champagne in your hands and felt it slipping between your fingers as a result of the condensation and the sweat on your hands. Parties were most definitely not your scene. You weren’t keen on people, your music taste was quieter than most of the charts, and you didn’t own an outfit that would be worthy of the atmosphere.

Yet here you were trying to fathom which of the multiple floor numbers held the crowd of gyrating people upon it. Before you could press any of them, however, an anxious voice caught your attention and you looked up. Hurrying for the elevator was Steve Rogers. He wasn’t dressed extravagantly (which you now felt yourself to be) but in a simple dress shirt and trousers. The blue of the former matched his eyes, but the minute you realised as much your cheeks began to scorch.
“Hold the elevator!” Steve’s voice burst through your hazy head and you placed a foot between the closing doors just in time. 

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happy misfortune

Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune

December 26th

Remus pulled slowly in front of his countryside home. It wasn’t as majestic looking as Sirius’ house but it was home, it was the place Remus grew up and he loved their old place no matter what. His father had spent months renovating the place, it was old but it was as good as new. As he was trying to get the keys out, the door flew open and Hope Lupin appeared at the door her hands on either side of her hips and a frowning smile on her face. Remus knew that smile too well, she made that face when she wanted to be angry with Remus but she couldn’t find it in herself. Behind her was standing Lyall, his father, with a grin on his face as he mouthed “Be careful” to his son.

It was obvious that Remus had his father’s physique and mother’s kind and beautiful face. He got out of the car and hastily walked to his mother, he hugged her and her feet left the ground for a little while. He had missed his mother the past few months he hadn’t seen him because he had so much to do. Hope had tried to make him come home every now and then but something had came up each time. The Christmas dinner he had missed was a huge family gathering unlike New Year’s Eve where they would invite Remus’ old school friends and their families. Remus had missed the rest of his family, too, but the snow storm had kept him from coming.

“Remus Lupin, put me down,” she said firmly as she tried to stifle her laugh. “If you think I will forgive you for missing Christmas dinner just for sweeping me off of my feet, you are wrong.”

She had already turned around and left before Remus could come up with a smart answer, so he launched himself on his dad. After a long hug with infinite number of pats on each others backs they separated.

“It’s good to have you back, son,” smiled Lyall as he made his way back in. “Your mum could use some help in the kitchen, you know how clumsy I am.”

“Remus!” yelled Hope from the kitchen. “I thought you had a guest.”

“Oh shit,” gasped Remus. In the excitement of seeing his parents after a long while, he had forgotten Sirius was in the car and as he turned around to go back to get him, he saw that he was already coming towards them with the luggages.

“I think that’s all,” he reassured with his perfect smile before he dropped the bags at the door and extended a hand for Remus’ father to shake. “I’m Sirius Black, sir, thank you for accepting me.”

“Lupins don’t let people spend holidays alone, Sirius,” he said as he shook Sirius’ hand. “Now get in, it’s cold outside.”

They both tried to take the bags at the same time and gave each other a small concussion but laughed it off like nothing was wrong. Remus’ head was still banging as he heard his mother shout from the kitchen yet again. 

“Remus! Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, cariad?”

Welsh?” mouthed Sirius before they entered the kitchen, he looked genuinely shocked.

“Oh,” said Hope, she probably was a little taken aback by Sirius’ beauty. “Well, hello Sirius, is it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Sirius politely. “Thank you for letting me come to your holiday dinner.”

“It’s our pleasure,” she smiled. Remus knew they shared that with each other, even the way their eyes squinted when they smiled was similar. “I hope you are familiar with cooking. Lyall just creates chaos in the kitchen, just like Remus, and Peter doesn’t arrive until 30th.”

“I’ll help the best I can Mrs. Lupin,” he assured and turned to Remus with his pale grey eyes. “Where should I put my bag?”

“In Remus’ room,” interrupted Hope before Remus could reply. 

My room?”

“Yes, your room. You forget there will be other people staying here,” scolded Hope as she washed a mug. “Now go and get cleaned up.”

They made their way upstairs to Remus’ old room. It was almost as big as Sirius’ guest room. It had a bed that would easily accommodate two children but only one adult, a gigantic book case in which there was numerous space related books that fed Remus’ curiosity when he was younger. There was a bed fashioned out of a pullout couch that their parents have bought back when James and Peter practically spent the summers with them.

“Sorry about this,” muttered Remus shyly as he put his own bag down. “This must seem like a death trap after your bed–”

“Why are you like this?” asked Sirius with his ridiculous eyebrow raised. “This is perfect, your parents are perfect, you are-”

Sirius suddenly seemed very interested in all the things he could see outside the window next to his bed. 

“We should go downstairs before mum comes here and drags us down from our ears,” pointed out Remus and they made a small stop at the bathroom to wash up before going downstairs for lunch. 

“I hope leftovers are alright,” said Hope in a apologetic tone.

“It sounds perfect, leftovers are better than the actual food anyways,” replied Sirius with his indescribable smile and a spark in his eyes, getting a warm smile from both Hope and Lyall in return. Remus didn’t know why but the fact that his parents seemed to like Sirius was making him really happy, but he still had the biggest test to ace. James Potter and his stupid standards but Remus wasn’t going to tell anything about this to Sirius of course, he was still very uncomfortable about coming to somewhere he was invited at the last minute.

As he ate the leftovers, Remus felt sad that he missed the actual dinner because each bite was more delicious than the other. When they were done, Lyall made them clean out the snow from the driveway.

“Bet this wasn’t what you were hoping for when you got in the car,” teased Remus as he shovelled a big lump of snow to the side. 

“It’s better actually,” grinned Sirius, his hair was in a bun but one stubborn lock was in hanging in front of his face. How was it possible that his bloody triceps were visible from all of the clothes he was wearing? Remus thought he should sign up to the same gym as him, he would probably faint the first time he saw Sirius sweat drenched but it would be worth it.

When the whole driveway was cleaned up, they made their way inside and they found two large cups of cocoa waiting for them on the kitchen counter.

“For your hard work,” explained Hope as he took their coats from them. Remus loved this cocoa ever since he was a small kid but Sirius was staring at the marshmallow filled cup with an utter disbelief on his face. “What’s wrong Sirius, dear?”

“Um, nothing, Mrs. Lupin. It’s just that I’m not used to drinking cocoa,” he replied as he freed his hair from the bun. “My mum was never the cocoa making type.”

He was smiling but even though knowing him for only two days, Remus knew that smile wasn’t genuine. He sat on the chair next to Sirius and watched him take his first sip, he was actually happy the first proper coca he ever had was Hope’s coco because it was magical and Remus could see that magic in Sirius’ expression after he swallowed that first sip.

“This is delicious!” he raved as he stared at Hope with a foam mustache.

“It’s family recipe maybe Remus will give it to you someday,” laughed Hope as she gave Sirius a napkin. “I will gladly make you loads of hot cocoa Sirius.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lupin,” said Sirius as he caught a marshmallow with his teeth. Just as they were finishing their cocoas Lyall came in with a huge smirk on his face meaning they were not done for the day.

“We need to cut some wood,” he gushed. “Have you ever cut firewood before, Sirius?”

“No, sir, I haven’t,” said Sirius as he licked the remaining foam from his upper lip. “I genuinely think I shouldn’t be trusted with an axe though.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks,” laughed Lyall before he handed them their coats. “Now, come on, that fire isn’t going to burn itself.” 

It was starting to get colder as evening came closer but wood cutting was a tiring business. Lyall was doing it like it was the easiest thing to do, but then again, he had been a carpenter his whole life. Remus was not bad at it but he wasn’t good at it either but Sirius was a complete mess. They had tried teaching him very patiently but at the end of almost two hours they had decided that he was a lost cause. 

“Let’s go inside before one of us gets pneumonia,” warned Lyall as he ushered Sirius and Remus inside. 

“Can I use the bathroom if it’s alright?” asked Sirius as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I could use a hot shower.”

“Remus’ bathroom is right across his room, dear,” explained Hope as he hang Lyall’s coat. “Take your time, dinner won’t be ready for another hour.”

“Thank you Mrs. Lupin.”

As soon as Sirius was out of site, Remus’ mother sat across him with a smirk on her pretty face.


“So what?”

“Do you like him?” she asked her brows raised with excitement.

“What are you talking about mum? I just met him,” he shot back trying to stop her from getting excited for nothing, how could she think that an ethereal creature like Sirius would even look at Remus that way. It was ridiculous.

“You can cut the tension between you two with a scissor, cariad,” she whispered so that Lyall wouldn’t hear. He had been very accepting of Remus’ sexuality but he still wasn’t comfortable with talking about his love life which was very understandable. “He is beautiful and kind. Don’t you dare miss him.”

“I can’t force him to like me, mum,” he complained. “Have you seen him? If God created the universe in six days, he created Sirius Black in seven.”

“Tell me,” she began, confident that whatever she will say next will almost certainly persuade Remus. “Who in the world would say yes to an invitation from a man they just met if they didn’t have hopes?”

“He’s an adventurous soul,” he countered.

“Listen to me just this once, cariad.”

“I always listen to you, mum,” grinned Remus.

“Oh please, don’t make me laugh.”

Sirius stood frozen at the top of the stairs, as he listened to the whole conversation. He intended to ask Hope where the towels were just when she asked his son about him and he had the happy misfortune of over hearing the whole conversation which made him weak in the knees.

Deep breaths.

Sirius almost ran into the bathroom door when he heard the mother and son get up. He went in and turned the water on, he would have to improvise the towel situation when he got out.

Time alone in shower wasn’t what he needed at all at the moment, he needed a good strong drink and not overthink what he had just heard. What did he mean by all that? Remus seems like a clever man, would he even like a man he just met a few days? But the thing he said about him being created in seven days, what was that about? Maybe Remus just finds him attractive and nothing more. 

After standing under the running hot water for what felt like days, Sirius finally stepped out of the shower and saw that there already was a clean towel for him. He wrapped the towel around his hips and walked out of the bathroom leaving a steam bath behind him.

He opened the door to Remus’ room and found himself right in front of him who was laying in his bed comfortably playing with his phone. Sirius could easily see that Remus was somewhat blushing but he just thought maybe he wasn’t very good with nudity. 

“I- I was just going to get my clothes,” he mumbled and took his clean clothes from his bag and went back to the bathroom. He got dressed quickly and cleaned the mirror so he can check himself out, if Remus was so impressed with his looks it wouldn’t hurt to look a tad bit better.

Sirius hadn’t stopped thinking about what he had heard a few hours ago. He hadn’t eaten his dinner properly because he was so consumed with the thought. He turned the conversation in his mind over and over again, wondering what Hope had told Remus when she was whispering.

After dinner, they had felt the heaviness of all the work they did that day weigh on them. Both Sirius and Remus excused themselves to go to sleep, both of them had a lot of thinking to do, neither of them knew the other was suffering, too. 

As he took his shirt off to get in his bed, Sirius took his sweet time to show himself off, he had sworn he would abuse the fact that Remus thought he was ethereal. His family might have been a nightmare compared to the Lupins but Sirius couldn’t help but feel thankful for the genetics sometimes.

“Goodnight,” murmured Remus his voice a little hoarse from fatigue and it was so beautiful Sirius almost choked on his own spit.

“Goodnight to you, too,” replied Sirius as he got in the bed and turned towards the wall to drown in his own thoughts.

“It wasn’t like anything happened.” Your voice muffled as you pulled the fridge door open. A sigh escaped you as you peered inside. There was a bottle of ketchup and three beers, how do people live like this? You shut the door and gave your older sister a meaningful look
“I think you need to chill out.” She did not chill out. If anything she seemed even more upset.

“You don’t even know his name, how can you love him?” Your heart froze for a moment. You had never told anyone that. The moment your eyes met his your heart stopped. You felt the most unusual calm spread over your body.
You remembered a distinct thought ringing out through the noise.

“This must be love at first sight.”

But you weren’t about to admit it. Perhaps not even to yourself. A brisk scoff escaped your lips.

“I thought he was cute,” He was a god, clad in a black robe. “I wouldn’t say I’m in love with him.” Not yet anyway.

Bella’s eyes narrowed, her attempt to extort the truth out of her little sister had not gone as easily as she had anticipated. She couldn’t exactly say she knew you were lying, and that her vampire boyfriend had read your mind.

This was a mess, you were supposed to have stayed in the house. But then you rushed out right before the Volturi arrived, babbling about something or the other.

She has never wanted you to be apart of the supernatural world. The frustration got to her, as the next words that flew out of her mouth, flew like daggers straight at her sister.

“You don’t know what those people are like! The things they’ve done, the things they-”

“And you do?“ The frustration and embarrassment reaching a threshold with you as well.

“You walk around town with your mysterious boyfriend, and you sneak him in every night thinking I can’t hear you guys talk. And for the week I’ve been here you haven’t even smiled once.” This seemed to pull her out of whatever emotion was controlling her.

"So maybe you should worry about yourself.” And with that you left the room.

Some ways away, a smile mad it’s way onto Alec’s face as he listened to your conversation. Followed by a grimace at the parting words. After a few moments of silence, a smile reappeared on his face.

"She thinks I’m cute too.”


We Shall Call Them: WinterWitch

Summary: After Bucky comes out of cryosleep, Steve sends him to Wanda for help with his nightmares, and both the Winter Soldier and Scarlet Witch get more than they bargained for.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Wanda (Winterwitch, my newest ship :D )

Word Count: 2322

Warnings: mentions of PTSD, nightmares, language, mind control, angst, fluffy, SMUT! (sorry, not sorry), SLIGHT metal arm kink (more Wanda encouraging him not to be afraid of his arm, but whatevs.), First time, unprotected sex. Yikes.

“Why do I have to, Steve?”

“Bucky…” Steve sighed. “After I got help I felt a lot better. Sam told me you have PTSD like me, just trust me-“

Bucky cut him off “Steve, it’s not the same.”

“You have nightmares and jump when you hear thunder. You get all antsy and don’t sleep. You can’t go on mission because you black out when there’s too much gunfire.”

“I’m fine Steve-“

“NO. You’re not.”

“Well!” Bucky threw his hands in the air. “I’m not going to some quack therapist.”

Steve thought for a minute. “What if you talked to Wanda?”

“Wanda? The girl from the airport? The witch?”

“Yeah. She can do mind control… maybe she can help-“

“Steve… I’m done with mind control.”

They walked into the compound and Steve led Bucky to his room.

“Just… talk to her and see what happens. She’s a good kid.” Steve smiled and opened the door, throwing Bucky’s bags down on his bed.

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Dan Avidan (aka Danny sexbang) [Game Grumps] Imagine

Anonymous asked: can you write an imagine where you’re friends with Suzy and she wants to set you up with Danny? 

A/N: okay I am super excited to write this because Dan’s the man and he is a cinnamon roll and yeah. But this is super long and I hope you enjoy! And I hope you request some more especially for him lol and I am ready to write more!

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