i met god and shes black

And she’s everything you wouldn’t want in a girl. She’s smart, and she can barely finish a book because she’s already planned on what book she wants to read next so she starts to read that book and forgets to finish the other. She’s crazy passionate about the earth and the well being of animals. My god does she love animals. She talks to them as if they could talk back. She cares about people even if they turn her a cold shoulder. She is all for the people and thinks that women should be treated with the same respect as what a man gets. She loves to talk about anything and everything. She’ll tell you about the stars and everything you need to know about dogs and horses. She’s the kind of girl you wouldn’t want. Not because she’s ugly because my god she is beautiful. And not just her physical appearance but her soul. It’s the purest and most raw and magical thing you’ll ever see. She’s the kind of girl you don’t want to touch in a physical way or emotional way. Not because she can’t handle it, because she can. She’s the closest thing you ever get to magic, I mean if you believe in that kind of crap. I sure didn’t until I met her in the coffee shop on 11th street. She was wearing all black and she had the most beautiful brown hair that would fall perfectly in front of her face even when she did pull it behind her ear. Anyways I didn’t touch her in anyway. I just admired her from the other side of the coffee shop. I guess I was a little afraid because I could already feel her existence was something that shouldn’t be messed with and I didn’t wanna screw her up. But I did. Her brown doe eyes locked on with mine and it felt like magic. Again not that I believe in it in that moment. The point is she’s not the kind of girl you want because she’s everything you could ever want in a “perfect girl” if there’s such a thing. She’s not the kind of girl you want because when you touch her for the first time it feels like snow falling and everything in between love. She’s not the kind of girl you want because when you break her heart you’ll see she won’t be the same. She won’t sing in the shower and she won’t radiate warmth from her smile when she looks at you. Like I said she’s magic and everything in between love and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love her knowing I had all the power in the world to destroy her. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love her because she’s not the kind of girl who you just fall in love with. No, she’s the kind of girl who you fall in love with because she makes you see that everyone is equal and that animals do have feelings. She’s the kind of girl you fall in love with because you love the way she gets along with your mother and your father adores her. She’s the kind of girl who makes you believe in magic. She’s the kind of girl who makes you see that you have all the power in the world to do whatever you want if you believe and try hard enough. She’s the kind of girl who could be broken so easily if you hit the right spots and when you do.. when you do break her heart it leaves you feeling every bad word in the dictionary. It leaves you with a bitter taste every time you try and talk about her. It leaves you with nothing but a haunting memory of girl who cares more about everyone and everything because no one cared about her. She is not the kind of girl you wanna fall in love with because when you break her heart you’ll never be able to rid the taste of her strawberry lips from yours. You won’t be able to enjoy summer because it will remind you of the time you both sat under a big oak tree near a pond while she read books to you. Shes not the kind of girl you want because when you both part ways and head back home to the grey sheets of your bed it will flash you back to the time you first saw her naked and how you were so scared to touch something so raw and beautiful. She’s not the girl you want to fall in love with because you won’t be able to sleep at night when you part ways because you’re so busy wondering if she is loving someone else. So you see, she is not the kind of girl you want because she is just to damn magical to be real. Or maybe she is and you shouldn’t take my advice and tell me to go to hell but then again you’ll feel like hell when she cries for the first time because of you. So maybe she is the kind of girl you want but maybe she isn’t. Not because she doesn’t deserve love but because she deserves to be loved right, as if there’s a right way to love. My point is she’s herself and in this lifetime? That is something extraordinary and something that extraordinary deserves to be left wild.
—  Leave her wild// Deeply Feeling Series

I was on Tumblr today and I came across this quote that said “I see you in colours that don’t even exist yet”; It reminded me of how passionately in love with her I am. How beautiful she is to me.
Something about it wasn’t right to me though, because before I met her I was color blind. I lived in a world that was only black and white, until the night I saw her came, and even though it was dark, my sensors were reprogrammed.

She painted my world with the colours of her soul.
She taught me the colour Red when I saw her lips, the colour Pink when I saw her cheeks, the colour Blue when I miss her at night, and how colourful the colour of her eyes is that God chose to make it the colour of honey too.

I still don’t know if the colours in the quote will ever be discovered, but I discovered the ones that already exist.

—  arcticmoe 
Some Things CAN Be Replaced.

Prompt by: @love-life-death-dd

When they got Matt back, everyone was joyous. Especially Pidge and Shiro.

A brother was returned to a smaller version of a family and everyone was happy as could be.

Pidge wasn’t as snappy, she got along better with everyone as she no longer had the burden of a missing brother.

Shiro wasn’t as stoic, and you heard his laugh more often. He’d even crack a joke or two, he was able to lighten up.

Keith of course was glad to have Shiro back, and even happier that Shiro returned in better shape than expected, all thanks to Matt.

Matt was a fantastic contributor to the team, and was a friend to all.

He tasted Hunks cooking, and loved to give him ideas on what the yellow paladin could whip up next.

Matt was always happy to listen to his little sister go on about her projects and modifications. He was proud of her intelligence.

He even became close with Coran and Allura, fascinated by their tech and stories of Altea and its past.

Shiro and the man were inseparable.

Then Matt was introduced to the Lions.

Lance hadn’t had a problem with Matt before, not a significant one at least. The guy was hilarious, and knew some of the best pick up lines.

But there were insignificant problems that the blue paladin had with the older Holt.

He was becoming Lances replacement.

In the past, Lance acted the way Matt did and was always brushed off, or received not as positive feedback.

Pidge was never interested in explaining her projects to Lance.

Keith and Shiro wouldn’t offer to train with him just for fun.

Hunk might ask for a taste tester here and there, but the Mice were requested more than he was.

Lance was fine.
It’s be fine.

It has only been a week and soon everything would be back to normal and Matt would just be another body in the castle.

Another person, just like everyone else.
But he only became more of a God as time went on.

When Matt met the lions, he had immediately been drawn to Blue.

Lance wasn’t sure why, the guy just was.
That made an uneasy feeling rise in his gut, and his blood slow in his veins.

“Yeah, this is my girl, Blue. Isn’t she a beauty?” Lance said proudly, putting a hand in the cool metal of her structure.

Matt adjusted his glasses with a sideways smile, “She sure is! Mind if I take a peek inside?”

Why couldn’t Matt have been interested in the Black lion? Or maybe even the Green lion?

Why did it have to be Blue?
LANCE’S lion?

“Uh, yeah sure, she might be a little protective though, ha ha.” Lance scratched the back of his neck and led Matt inside.

Why did Lance tell him yes?

After this entire week Lances dislike for Matt had only grown, and his dislike for himself only stronger.

Sure, Matt was better with his friends.
Sure, Matt trained better.

But Lance was one thing that Matt wasn’t, and that was the Blue Paladin of Voltron.

“Wow, the Blue lion looks different than the other lions.” Matt observed, making it to the cockpit and admiring her hardware.

Lance smiled a little, cautiously watching him. “Yeah, she’s meant for the water so I guess she does have a few quirks.”

Suddenly Matt sat down in the pilots seat, and Lance stiffened.

It was fine. It was fine.
Not like Matt could power her up anyway. Only the lions paladin could form that bond and—

“Woah!” Matt gasped.

Suddenly all of the lions screens turned on and lit up, the boys hands hovering over them.

Lances heart dropped.

“I think she likes me! Can you hear that Lance? It’s like it’s alive and purring, so weird!” Matt chuckled, and started testing buttons.

Lance didn’t like that.

Matt could take his friends.
Matt could take his friendships.

He could take his jokes and his lines and his personality and all of it.

But he wasn’t going to take his lion.
Lance couldn’t stand here and watch the boy iterate and touch his lions buttons and sit in that seat and—

“Woah, Lance, are you alright?”

The blue paladin shook his head, coming back to the present and looked down at Matt. He looked worried.

That disgusted the blue eyed boy.

“Wait, are you…crying?” Matt asked, face scrunching and he looked uncomfortable now.

Lance wiped his eyes, “Get out.”

Matt blinked, “What?”

“I said get out of my lion!!” He shouted, shoving Pidges brother. “Go train with Shiro! Cook with Hunk!”

Lance was suddenly crying harder and he just wanted Matt to go away. He was being rude and irrational and he’d be chewed out for it later but he didn’t care right now.

“I wish you were still stuck on that damned Galra ship!” The blue eyed boy shouted.

The cockpit fell silent.

Matt stood, bewildered for a moment, before his features softened. “Lance, I understand you’re upset. I’ll go, but I’m here for you if you need me.”

Lance remained stiff and quiet, minus sniffling, as Matt left the Blue lion.

The blue paladin gave it a few minutes, before shakily wiping his eyes and plopping down into Blues seat.


Matt was even calm in situations where Lance just flipped out and made a fool of himself.

He could t think about it any longer.
There would be a lecture later and Lance could wait until then to get these feelings out again.

For now, he slept.

“I’m Chelsea (in the black suit) and my wife’s name is Chay. About four years ago, I I met my future wife, Chay, at work. I was her trainer. I love that over the years my wife has been a tangible example of the love God has for me. She is nurturing, kind and understanding.

We recently cemented our union by getting married. We got married because we have children and we wanted to give them a solid foundation. We also want to be a true example of black lesbian women that pray together and stay together. We are strongly rooted in our spirituality and want to show that what we have is attainable. The best part of our wedding day for me was seeing my beautiful wife walk down the aisle with our son. We locked eyes and just knew we were in the right place at the right time.

By the way, the rope exemplifies our union and the knot at the bottom holds it all together.”~Chelsea & Chay are from Amityville, New York

Like an Arrow to the Chest

Summary: Rather than Chat Noir being struck by Dark Cupid’s arrow, what if it had been Ladybug?Or rather…Bridgette?

Note I: Obligated Valentine’s Day fic…but with the PV kids ;D Hope you enjoy!

Note II: I took a direct line from a post made by edorazzi, who I recommend you following for lots of nice art! 



It was Ladybug who paid attention to the akuma victims’ stories, not Felix. He usually liked focusing on winning the battle with minimum damage done, focusing on the victim’s general background.

For example, this victim had been heartbroken and now turned love to hate. Fairly easy to guess, and no need to elaborate.

It also should have been an easy battle; he was not afraid when the akuma appeared in front of him since there was hardly any love in him to turn to hate in the first place. He’d pretend to get struck, then run off, transform, and distract the akuma until Ladybug arrived so they could take down the villain together.

He did not count on Bridgette Cheng shoving him to the ground, the arrow lodging itself in her chest before dissolving in an array of red and black sparkles.

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Alibi (M)

Detective Jungkook keeps getting himself into trouble… But he can’t stop. Not until he’s caught.

Originally posted by sugutie

Member/Pairings: Jungkook x Reader, Jungkook x Jimin, Jungkook x Yoongi, Jungkook x @jeonjiah, Jungkook x OC
Genre: Detective!Jungkook, SerialKiller!Jungkook, drama, mystery, horror, smut. 
Word Count: 20.1k
Content/Warnings: Very graphic depictions of death/mutilation/gore, LOTS OF SMUT, necrophilia, strong language, BTS member deaths
A/N: This is my first time writing mxm smut so forgive me if it’s not… idk accurate? and I know all the medical stuff isnt 300% accurate please forgive me.

Also special thanks to jeonjiah for letting me use her as a character, @hipsterminseok and @pasteljeonggukk for helping me brainstorm ideas, @taendencies for encouraging me to keep going even when I really did not want to, and @4oclockvmin for being my beta 💕

Where the fuck am I?

Jungkook pried his eyelids open to find himself lying on a bed, the room completely silent aside from the soft whirring of the ceiling fan above him.

I don’t have a fan in my room.

It was dark, but the room was just faintly illuminated by the street lamp shining through the window.

He reached a hand out and swept it across the sheets next to him, only to be met by a warm, sedentary lump.

Jungkook sat up, a bit too abruptly, and was met with an intense pounding in his head. He pressed a palm to his forehead, trying to still the room that was spinning around him.

Oh god, how much did I drink?

He always drank too much. It was a habit he picked up during his college days and he could never seem to shake it. However recently, he’d been blacking out more than usual, and it was starting to affect his work.

Jungkook looked over at the naked woman passed out next to him.

Please be alive.

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motel ‘97 - 01

➵ pairing: jungkook x reader  
➵ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, smut.
➵ warning: violence, crude language, read at own risk.
➵ word count: 1.3K+

01, 02, 03, 04, 05,

I had come to terms with how shitty this job was, but hey, at least it paid the bills. Sure it’s not the best, but it sure as hell ain’t the worst. Working as a maid for a motel definitely has it cons. Huge messes and spills, only god knows what kind of stains in the sheets. People are quite messy. Not to mention this obnoxious outfit. Black collared shirt tucked into a mid thigh skirt. Doesn’t necessarily scream ‘professionalism’ but this motel is far in the outskirts of the city so it doesn’t really matter anyways. I sighed, brushing my hands off on a towel as I pushed the cart out and into the hallway. “Y/N!” A voice boomed from the end of the hallway. I turned and was met with my friend Minji who was also my roommate. She had long black hair, a few piercings and tattoos all along her arms. “I’m headed home now. I’m stopping at the convenience store on my way, do you need anything?” She asked, reaching for her keys. “Um, no I’m good thanks though! I should be home in…uh..” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time. “9:23 PM” “AI should be home no later than 10. I just need to finish this hallway.” I smiled. “Alright, see ya!” She waved as she pressed the elevator button.

I wheeled the cart over to the next room and pushed open the door. It wasn’t so bad. Just a few sheets here and there and some wrappers. Only one of the beds had been used, the other one untouched. Sheets still tucked in neatly and pillows rested against the headboard.  “Thank you god..” I mumbled. I began collecting the trash and stuffing it into a bag.

I ran my hands over my arms trying to warm them in the slightest. Why was it so damn freezing in this room? I glanced over to see if they had maybe left the window open and it sure was. “Who the hell has the window open and AC running at the same time..” I thought to myself as I pushed myself up off the floor and walked over to shut the window. I ran my hands along the edge of the rim and noticed many cigarettes jammed into it. I ignored it, not bothering to clean it because no one would check anyways. I tightened the lock on the window and resumed my spot on the floor.

I reached over for the last wrapper that had fallen between the bed and the nightstand when my hand brushed against a rough material from underneath the bed. I immediately retreated my hand, surprised by the sudden sensation. I peered my head down underneath the bed and found a black duffle bag. It was unzipped, but I couldn’t exactly tell what the bag contained. I picked up the last wrapper, tossing it into the trash bag before pulling out the duffle bag. My curiosity getting the better of me. I noticed it was quite heavy as I tugged it from out underneath. It really wouldn’t budge. It was probably caught on one of the springs in the bed frame. I kept tugging at it when I came flying back, smacking my head into the bed opposite of me. The contents of the bag spilled out among the carpet and I was shocked to say the least.

Bands of money, guns, IDs,  and passports came spilling out onto the carpet. I quickly snapped out of it and tried my best to shove them back in the bag as quickly as possible. In much of a panic, I didn’t hear the door to the room open and the footsteps approaching until it was right behind me. “Ahmm.” A voice startled me. I whipped my head around and was met with a man glaring at me. He wore all black and had doe-like eyes. Although his stare looks like it could kill someone right now and I was that someone. “I…Um..” I stuttered, unaware of what to say. He looked me up and down taking in my appearance. “Stand up.” He growled, gripping my upper arms and sitting me on the bed. “Don’t try anything. Stay here till I get back.” He said, fishing his phone out of his pocket and walking out into the hallway.

“This is it.. I’m totally fucked now. I’m going to be fired for sure.” I mentally slapped myself in the face for being so stupid. I glanced occasionally between the bag and the door, the materials in the bag suddenly dawning on me. Why does he have all of this? Why are there guns?? Where did he get all of this money? If he has all this money why is he in some shitty motel? A million questions ran across my head, being abruptly cut off by the sound of the door opening. “I don’t know Taehyung. Just tell Namjoon. I’ll be there shortly.” He said frustrated, jamming his phone back into his pocket. “Look.. I’m really sorry, please don’t tell the manager. I can give you money or anything, just please. I can’t get fired right now.” I pleaded. After all you lived in a decent sized apartment. It was quite nice for the price you bought it at, but rent was a pain in the ass. Minji was super sweet and offered to pay your half of the rent occasionally, but you couldn’t let her do such a thing. On top of working to become a freelance writer for magazines, that also had it’s own set of pays and money required.

“I won’t tell the manager.” He agreed. I let out a breath of relief that was cut short as well as words left his mouth again. “But, you’re not off the hook.” He informed, moving over to sit in the desk chair diagonal to me. “See.. ah…” He paused, pointing at me, indicating he wanted my name. “Y/N.” I gulped. “See now Y/N. I can’t just let you easily walk out of this room. Not after what you’ve seen with those pretty eyes of yours.” He smirked, leaning forward resting his lower arms on his knees. “I don’t.. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.” I fretted. “Promises don’t mean shit in my world honey. Actions do.” He smiled. He abruptly stood up and grabbed my arm again dragging me towards the door. “Now, we are going to walk out of this motel and you aren’t going to say shit. You try to run, scream, draw any attention to us…” He seethed lowering his face to mine. “You’re going to regret it. So so so soooo much.” He taunted.

He gripped the doorknob and ushered me out into the hallway. He intertwined his hands with mine and began walking towards the elevator. “I’m so fucked. What does he mean? What does he want? Where are we going?” My phone vibrated in my pocket and I took my free hand and pulled it out of my pocket. Shielding it from whoever this guy was. It was Minji.

From Minji: ~ Hey, everything alright? You said you would be home by 10. Just checkin up.

I glanced at the time and it was 10:20PM. I mentally cursed and slowed my pace. “What?” He said, stopping in his tracks. I tried to shield my phone from him but failed miserably. “Aish.. What do we have now?” He mocked me like a child. He snatched my phone and read over the text before typing a reply and pressing send. 

To Minji: ~ Yeah I’m fine! A friend invited me out and I think I’ll just crash at their place tonight :)

He shoved my phone in his pocket and grabbed my hand again, leaving me completely helpless.

(a/n: hi hello lol I just created this page because I’ve started to get back into writing and i’ve always wanted to create a bts fiction page and hopefully this doesn’t crash and burn lmao!! )


nutmeg-boii said:You should totally do 29 with Harrison osterfield just saying if not totally cool

29. “I’ll give you fifty bucks if I can take you to Christmas dinner and tell my family we’re together. They always ask if I’m dating and I can’t have that conversation again”

Prompt List

Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

You had lived in the same apartment complex as Harrison for nearly seven months now. The two of you had became friends the same day you moved in, when he offered to help you out with the boxes, he didn’t have anything else to do and seeing you struggle was, although hilarious, pathetic.

You lived in the apartment above his. That’s why Harrison had knocked on your apartment door when you were pacing back and forth. Your mother had called you almost an hour ago, discussing Christmas plans and one thing your family loved to do was nag you about not having a boyfriend. Which barely made sense, you were only twenty-one, you didn’t need to be in a life long relationship yet.

“Stop pacing,” Harrison said from the doorway. “You’re making a lot of noise and creating a draft.”

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Flirting (Shiro x Reader)

Originally posted by drisrt

Pairing: Shiro x Reader

Warning: Fluff, embarrassed Shiro, a bit of swearing, ass touching (and ass grab gif, very minimal), suggestive

Summary: Shiro really likes you but he doesn’t know how to flirt. So, he tries his hardest but he’s an awkward bean.

A/N: Credit goes to @takashishitogane for being a gem and letting me use their post as inspiration. I think it’s absolutely genius, thank you for letting me do this! Gifs and photo are not mine.

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Imagine Loki gets a chance to pay his debt to society sometime after Ragnarok is averted.

To his great amusement, he is put under your command. You have no interest in him (yet or at all, either is fine) other than to show him the ropes, get him.to repair some of the national treasures which otherwise are irreplaceable, and ensure that for once, he gives someone a full apology, namely Black Widow. You are a modern feminist, and “whinging female crotch” is simply not going to fly under your command!

Your first words to him are:
“I don’t care who you are, I don’t care where you’re from. I couldn’t care less if you make me suffer eternally in some horrible prison because you’re a GOD and I am NOT! But by the time I’m done with you, you will regret two things. Destroying Grand Central Station and reducing enemy combatants to their genitals. I will get a full heartful apology out of you for Widow or I will live and die causing trouble for you and yours. I will make you rue the day you thought telling a female combatant she was just the sum of her parts was a fair insult! Loki of Asgard, my name is Y/N, and today you’ve met your match.”

The Joker x Reader - “Gotham’s Villains Awards”

Once a year, all Gotham’s elite underworld gets together to recognize the best of the worst among them. After working so hard to create mayhem and chaos,it sure is nice to enjoy an event created just for that.

Harvey Dent is hosting tonight’s event. It is a chance for Gotham’s underworld elite to come together and celebrate the mayhem and chaos they create every year. You and The Joker are sitting at a table close to the stage, sharing the space with The Penguin and his girlfriend, Anita and Harvey’s wife, Sophia. Since he is on the stage, can’t really join you for the evening and that’s fine with J. He keeps on talking to Oswald and you chitchat with the girls.

“Are you going to try for another baby?” Anita asks because you hang out quite a bit so she knows the story.

“Yes, we are actually trying again, I really want a girl,” you sigh, thinking about all the pink, cute stuff you can buy for a little Princess and you can’t since you have 5 boys.

“And…how are things going?” Sophia elbows you, snickering.

“Great, can’t complain; J is such a stud, he could get a rock pregnant!” you praise your partner in crime.

Plop! An olive bounces off your cleavage and falls on your plate. The Joker was eavesdropping (like he always does) so he had to get your attention.

“Rrrrrrrrrrrrr,” he purrs from across the table, winking and goes back to his conversation.

You smile, blushing a bit and scratch your arm, flattered.

“I love my kids, don’t get me wrong,” you address the women, “but a girl in the ocean of testosterone would be nice.” They laugh, amused and you have to say it: “I think it might be something wrong with J’s genes - he can only make boys.”

Plop! Another olive bounces off you.

“There’s nothing wrong with my genes, Pumpkin,” he growls, annoyed. He wants to continue with a rant but the first award of the night is coming up. They never show the nominees, they just present the winner to avoid further confrontations between all the crazy people in there. If you don’t really know who you were up against, then things won’t get out of hand. Hopefully.

Harvey Dent clears up his throat and announces:

“The first award of the night is Best Car Chase of The Year. And the winner is… Mister J for the third year in a row!”

“Ha! I won again!” J gets up, leans over the table to kiss you and you are so excited for him. Pictures taken from the surveillance cameras all over Gotham show the Purple Lamborghini followed by the Bat mobile on June 15th, when you and J robbed 7 banks in one night. J goes on the stage and Harvey hands over his recognition.

“Thank you!” his deep voice resonates in the huge room and the speakers tremble from the husky tone that makes you shiver with adoration. You are about to lose your shit; he looks so dashing in that silver suit. ”All I wanted to say is: Batsy’s a jerk!!” The whole place goes insane! Everyone is clapping, whistling and get on their feet, chanting his name. He smirks, victorious, enjoying being the center of attention and points towards you: “My wife was with me that night so half of this is hers.” You almost faint with exhilaration and blow him a kiss while he feels the need to clear up something:

“And for the record, there’s nothing wrong with my genes!” Not a single soul was phased by the random sentence because they are all a bunch of mad weirdoes. Nothing fazes them since they are used to awkwardness; they actually clap more.

Your husband returns to his sit not before kissing you again, then bites your neck fast and really hard.

“Auch!! That hurts,” you complain, pouting, covering the red mark.

“Good,” he whispers in your ear. “That got you pregnant, Doll. Since I can get rocks pregnant, maybe this worked also,” he sniffles your hair, aroused, then fights with himself to get away and returns by Oswald’s side.

“Our next award recognizes the good work of our trusted sidekicks,” Two Face underlines. “The award for Henchman of The Year goes to… Jonny Frost! He couldn’t be here tonight due to his need to recovery from the 3 bullet wounds he sustained on a mission in…in…” Dent goes through his papers, not finding the information.

“New York!” J shouts, rolling his eyes.

“New York, man!” The Joker yells louder.

“Oh, New York,” Harvey finally understands. “Anyway, we wish him speedy recovery so he can go out there and create more trouble. It is fair to assume Mister and Misses J will take the award to him.”

“No, I don’t want to!” J sulks, irritated.

“Of course we will,” you wave at Harvey with a smile, nodding a yes.

Oswald distracts The Joker with some questions and Sophie inquires about a detail she always wanted to know.

“Say, Y/N, how did you and Mister J met?”

“Ahhh…” you take a deep breath, touching your burning cheeks from the precious memory, “…he stole my heart.”

“Oh my God, how romantic!” both women squeal with puppy eyes.

“No, he literally stole my heart. I was delivering one I found on the black market for a transplant a senator’s father needed, can’t remember the name but he had the money,” you quickly add, “ …and J stole it from me; he thought I had diamonds in there. Isn’t that sweet?” you giggle and they follow. “I have no idea how he got my number, but after an hour he called, pissed about what he found when he opened the box. I had to give him half the money promised to me in order for him to return that heart for delivery. J is a very good negotiator; the whole time he talked to me on the phone he made these sounds that got me all worked up. He’s such a flirt; I had to take a cold shower after the phone conversation.”

Plop! The olive bounces off your shoulder and you take it from the table and eat it, licking your lips in the process. The Joker flashes this huge silver smile and everything fades: you so want to jump over this table and rip his clothes off but can’t.

“The next award of the evening is Best Dressed Male Villain of The Year. And the winner is…The Riddler!”

“Booooo!” J protests, unhappy he didn’t win that one. But, come on, the Riddler looks cute because they let him wear his trademark outfit in prison. Nobody else was that lucky. “The Riddler can’t be here tonight, he’s still incarcerated at Arkham,” Harvey informs.

All the ladies in the room go awwwww.

“Ha!Ha!Ha!” your husband cracks up, thrilled about The Riddler’s misfortune.

“Wasn’t someone designated to get him out of there?” Dent asks the crowd and they look at each other, confused. The Joker coughs, sipping on his brandy. He was appointed for that task but didn’t give a shit. “Anyway, we’ll keep it for him until he’s back,” the ex-senator concludes, continuing with his task. “Next, one of the lovely ladies will be up here to join me. The award for Best Dressed Female Villain of The Year goes to…Poison Ivy!”

“Booooo!” you get upset because you didn’t win but your objection disappears under the ruckus her presence on stage creates among the attendance. “What the hell?! She just has a bunch of leaves hanging down her butt, what’s the big deal?!” J sees you are cranky so he gestures for you to go to him. You sit in his lap for a little bit; it always makes you feel better no matter what.

“You’re the best dressed for me, Kitten,” he winks, caressing your thigh. “Though I like you undressed mucchhhh better,” J corrects his sentence, breathing on your neck and you sure need another cold shower right now.

Harvey is announcing Best Explosion of The Year that goes to Mister Freeze for the simultaneous blasting of police headquarters in 6 precincts on May 14th but you don’t pay too much attention since J is the center of your universe for the moment. You seductively pull on his shirt’s collar, so attracted to him you would love to flee the event just to get it out of your system.

“Congratulations!”  The Penguin pats your back and you both get out of trance.


“You won Best Villain Couple of The Year, get up there!” everyone urges you and the deafening applauses echo in your ears. You hold hands with The Joker and go collect your award.

“You’re so sexy Mister J!” somebody has the nerve to scream from the crowd.

“Thank you honey, ” your husband scoffs, fixing his perfect green locks.
“Who said that?!” you snap, scanning the women and they don’t give out the guilty party.“I’m gonna  blow your brains out!” the threat follows and all the psychos are aware you mean it.

There are some roars and whistles coming from men as your possessiveness takes over, then:

“You look so hot when you’re angry, Y/N!”

Your face turns from frowny to ecstatic in just one second:

“Thank you, darling!”

“Who the fuck said that? “ J takes over the microphone, his blood boiling with jealousy. “This is my woman; I’m gonna stab you 50 times and enjoy it!!!” Nobody gives away the offender and Harvey manages to calm down the commotion to some people’s disappointment: they would like to see some shit going down tonight.

For the rest of the evening you fret, keeping a close eye on J and he does the same with you. Nobody takes away what’s yours! He believes the same but doesn’t share, of course.

You really started relaxing a bit after dying of laughter: when Bane was climbing the steps towards the platform to accept Best Heist of The Year award, he tripped on the red carpet and fell on his face. Jeez, did he have a tantrum or what?! Almost as good as The Joker, but nobody beats him. Pretty close and nice try.

Two more hours pass by and it’s finally time for the last award of the evening: Nemesis of The Year.

Dent flips his coin once, opens the envelope and puffs:

“And the award for the fourth year in a row goes to The Batman!”

“The asshole won!” J claps his hands, chuckling like a maniac. People are booing, discontent to hear the name but it’s the tradition to recognize the best from the opposite side, so… nothing that can be done about it.

“I’ll take it!” your husband offers without hesitation and he is handed the award: a gold statue of Gotham’s vigilante, about the size of an Oscar.


You creep inside the penthouse just to notice everyone passed out from exhaustion: your five sons are cuddled around the 3 henchmen appointed to babysit tonight, scattered on the couches all over the living room. It really looks like a battlefield: probably they played villains and cops again. Yep, there it is: your oldest son (he’s 12) is wearing a Batsy outfit. Your youngest (he’s 2 and a half) is wearing a policeman outfit. You can’t see the others because it’s too dark.

“Ssstttt,” the Joker covers your mouth when you attempt to go and wake them up, this way they can sleep in their beds. “Let them be, we gotta celebrate. I wanna have sex!” he drags you after him and you kind of regret not kissing your kids good night and kind of don’t. You sneak inside one of the bedrooms upstairs, the furthest on the hallway for more privacy, which a lot of times is hard to obtain  with 5 offsprings.

“Kittyyyy, “ J purrs, running his hands down your back, “Come to Daddy.”

“Mmmm…” you enjoy his touch, unbuttoning his shirt. “You teased me all night long, it’s outrageous!”

“Bad girl!” he slams you against the wall when your hand stops on his crotch.

“Dammit!” you mutter, exasperated.

“Wha’ ? What is it? I’m ready to go, what’s the problem?! Nobody is faster than me! Are you trying to say I’m not fast enough?!” his ego kicks in and you don’t even know where he gets all these ideas from.

“It’s not that and you know it, my blue eyed pretzel,” you pull him in your arms, disappointed you didn’t remember sooner.

“Then what is it?” he pushes himself into you so hard you can’t breathe.

“Ummm… we forgot to deliver the award…” you yawn, slowly blinking.

“Crap!”  J gasps, stomping his foot. “I was too horny on the way home to think straight!”

“Me too…” you are fast to whine. “But the sooner we go, the sooner we can come back and full around…”

“Uhhhhh, “ he groans, releasing you and walking funny towards the door. “Be quiet and let’s hurry up, Princess!”

Bruce Wayne is driving around Gotham’s streets in his Bat Mobile, making sure they are safe. Suddenly, a huge Batsy signal illuminates the night sky.

What does Gordon want now?! he sighs, tired and not in the mood.

Once he gets to the top of the building, there’s nobody there. The scanner discloses nothing either. But there is something under the reflector. He approaches and bends over to grab the gold statue representing him. A small handwritten note under it. He unfolds it and reads: “There’s nothing wrong with my genes!”

What the hell is this? he asks himself, puzzled. Bruce has an idea about who left that there.

The Batman looks closer to see the inscription on the award: Nemesis of the Year.

“Hm,” he huffs, “I won again.”



All the Cats Out of Bags

Also on AO3.
This is a direct sequel to Model Assistant, though it can stand on its own. It is also @miraculousfluffmonth‘s Aug 20 prompt, caught.

“Marinette?” her mother’s voice pushed through the fog of sleep.  "Did you sleep through your alarm again, sweetie?“

"Ngh, wha?”  She tried to roll toward her mother’s voice, but couldn’t move.  Adrien’s warm arms were holding her too snugly.  She snapped fully awake.  Adrien was cuddling her close to his chest, he was a very clingy sleeper.  And her mother was in her room .  Probably wondering why she hadn’t shown up for her shift.  "Forgot to set my alarm,“ she said quickly, trying to sit up, and failing to break out of Adrien’s iron grip.  "I’ll be right down in a…”

Adrien groaned, pulling her closer.  "Shhh, Princess.  It’s sleepy time,“ he mumbled.

Wide-eyed, Marinette craned her head to peek out of the covers at her mother standing in her room, smirking smugly.

"And a good morning to you, too, Adrien,” her mother said with a cheerful laugh.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Marinette said quickly as the boy next to her went completely still.  She knew this reaction from akuma battles.  He was terrified and blaming himself.

“Hmmm.  Is that so?” her mother asked.  "Get dressed.  We will be expecting both of you down in the bakery in twenty minutes.“  The door squeaked slightly as it closed, and Marinette could hear her mother’s footsteps down the stairs.

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A Night to Remember- Dylan O’Brien x reader

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Dylan O’Brien x reader

Prompt: “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

Warnings: Just a little bit of fluff but that’s about it

Word count: 3,163 words

A/N: Here’s the second one shot I wrote. As you can tell, I’ve never been to a baseball game before or New York so bare with me here lol. Special thank you to @susybird for being my beta reader on this & helping me edit this whole mess, I love you!! Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think :)

“Y/N come on, get up or we’re gonna be late.” My friend Angie yelled from downstairs, loud enough for me to hear her.

I groaned, flipping her off even though she couldn’t see me. I got up from bed and went straight into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Today, Angie and I were gonna go watch our favorite baseball teams play against each other in the Citi Field stadium in New York. It was the New York Mets against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The game started at 2:30 pm and it was now 11:55 am. We lived about 2 hours away from the stadium so if we wanted good seats, we’d have to leave soon.

When I was done showering, I brushed my teeth and washed my face, soon walking over to my mirror where I had my makeup. I settled with some mascara and a little bit of blush and highlighter, not doing much with my eyebrows since they were already shaped and dark enough. I didn’t want to wear too much makeup since it was gonna be in the high 90’s today.

I blow dried my hair and straightened it, then styling it half up and half down, I left some pieces of hair in the front to frame my face. I put my nose ring back in, sprayed my face with some rose water and let it dry.

I went over to my closet and taking out my dodgers jersey I paired it with my light blue high waisted jeans and some white converse. I put on my favorite hoop earrings, a simple necklace and a ring or two.

After looking at myself one last time in the mirror, I was happy with the way I looked and walked downstairs to meet Angie.

She was wearing her Mets jersey with some black jeans and her blue vans that happened to be the same color as her jersey.

“Oh my god, about time. Are you ready to go?”

I laughed sarcastically and nodded to her, signaling her to grab her keys, both of us leaving.

It was 2:00 pm when we got there (traffic was a pain in the ass) and the stadium was already packed. I was glad I didn’t wear anything too fancy because I don’t know how long I would have lasted in the heat here.

Walking in, we were trying to look for good seats when I saw some in the Mets section. I knew there was no other good seats so I just had to swallow my pride and take one for the team. Walking over to the seats, that’s when I saw him.

He was wearing a Mets jersey, some dark blue jeans, and a backwards hat sporting the Mets logo. He had a little bit of scruff which I found very attractive and made him look 10x more older. He was with some other guys which I’m assuming were his friends, eyes focused on the game and nothing else.

We walked toward the seats,watching mets guy (that’s his nickname for now) and his friends. I made eye contact with him, seeing him lick his lips as he looked me up and down, a blush soon creeping on my face. This was going to be an interesting game.

It was almost the seventh-inning stretch and the game was tied 20-20, the Mets were batting and bases were loaded. The crowd was silent, almost everyone on the edge of their seats, including me.

Come on, get an out, get an out. I said in my head, not really wanting to piss off any Mets fans since I was surrounded by them.

I heard the bat come in contact with the ball, hitting it right on and then saw the ball coming towards the section I was sitting at. I put my hand up, not wanting it to hit me directly in the face when I suddenly felt something hit the palm of my hand.

I lowered my arm from in front of my face and looked to see what had hit my hand; it was none other than the ball that had just been soaring through the sky towards me.

Me, I had caught the ball. Completely by accident. Suddenly, I hear Angie yelling in my face,


The people next to me were congratulating me and some even said I had very good reflexes.

Okay folks it’s time for the seventh-inning stretch. Feel free to go refresh yourselves and we’ll be back after these announcements.” The man over the intercom said.

I finally get up, giving the ball to Angie and asking if she wanted any food or drink.

“Uh yeah, I’ll take a pretzel and beer.” I nod and walk off, making my way to the food area.

As I’m standing in line, I hear someone clear their throat fairly loud behind me. It was mets guy, a smile on his face. Being this close to him, I can finally see him more clearly. Moles scattered across his face, his big brown eyes staring at me and I felt like I was gonna die right then and there. God he was so cute.

“You’re the one that caught that ball?”

“Yep, the one and only, haha.”

“How’d you do it?” He seemed very interested, as if I had some superpowers that could suddenly make time go slower so that I was able to catch the ball just in time.

“Quick reflexes, I guess.” I lightly chuckle while slightly rocking back and forth, my tick for when I’m nervous coming out.

“Well I thought it was really cool.” He smiled, taking his cap off to push his hair back and putting it back on. We stood there for an awkward 2 minutes until he finally speaks again.

“My buddies and I were gonna go out for drinks afterward, maybe you and your friend wanna come?”

I think about it for a second and turn back around, now facing him.

“I’ll make you deal. If the Mets win, then I’ll go out with you and I’ll buy the first round of drinks. But, if the Dodgers win, you have to run down to where the teams are and yell as loud as you can that the Dodgers are the best. And you have to buy the first round.” I smile, patting myself on the back for how flirty I’m being.

He tilts his head back, a laugh erupting from his mouth with his hand on his chest. He looks back at me with a smirk on his face.

“Okay, you got yourself a deal..uh?”


“Dylan.” He puts his hand out and we shake on it, the deal being sealed.

After 10 minutes of standing in line, I finally get back with 2 pretzels and 2 beers and give Angie her food and drink. As the game starts, I look back at Dylan, seeing him already staring at me and he winks at me. I turn back around, waiting for this game to end already.

“Okay and that is game. The mets win 32-26.”

Angie and I both get up at the same time, about to leave when I hear a familiar voice behind us.

“I believe you lost the deal. Time to pay up.” Dylan jokes, still having that stupid smirk on his face.

We walk over to them, seeing 2 guys with Dylan. One with black hair and a beard, and the other with short dark hair and tattoos scattered all over his arms and legs. I look at Angie, seeing she’s already eyeing him.

“Y/N, this is my friend Hoechlin.” The bearded man sending us a glowing smile and holding out his hand to us.

“Your name is..different?” Angie says, not realizing how rude she sounded. I look at her, slapping her arm. Hoechlin laughs and begins to speak.

“That’s my last name. My name is Tyler.”

“And my name is also Tyler but you can call me TPosey.” The handsome guy with tattoos says, putting out his hand for us to shake, Angie immediately taking it.

I roll my eyes and then look at Dylan who is already staring at me.

“Oh yeah, and this is Y/N and her friend..?”

“Angie,” she smiles, still not breaking eye contact with TPosey.

“Shall we leave then? I believe a certain someone owes us drinks.” I roll my eyes once again and we all begin walking to the closest bar.

When we walk in, it felt like the place had gotten smaller. People were practically on top of one another because of how packed it was.  

We looked around and Hoechlin had found us a booth in the corner, thank goodness. As we made our way over, I felt a hand intertwine with mine. I look up and see it’s Dylan’s. He gives my hand a squeeze and I begin to move closer to his back, not wanting to get lost in the sea full of people.

When we finally get there we all sit down, Dylan’s hand never leaving mine.

“Okay, so I’m gonna head over to the bar. Any requests?” I say loudly so they can hear me over the loud music.

“Lots and lots of tequila.”

“And fireball!” Both Angie and TPosey say in unison, looking at each other and then laughing.

“Alright tequila, beer, and fireball it is.” I get up, leaving to go to the bar.

“Yeah, I’ll go with you.” Dylan also puts his hand up to get my attention, soon running after me. I blush hardcore as we walk to the bar together.

After ordering the drinks, I turn around to scan the room. Most of the people are already drunk and I look over to our booth to see TPosey and Angie making out while Hoechlin is chatting with some ladies that had walked in a few minutes earlier. I laugh at Angie and TPosey and take the drinks back to them.

I admit it, I was a little bummed Dylan didn’t even bother to start a conversation with me but I quickly brushed it off. I picked up a shot of fireball, raising it and clinking my glass with the rest of the group.

I lost count after 7 shots of fireball but for some reason, I was still very much sober, same with Dylan. On the other hand, Angie and TPosey were just about ready to pass out on the dancefloor so Hoechlin offered to take them home, leaving just me and Dylan by ourselves.

It started to get a little awkward since neither of us were bothering to look at each other. My reason was, I was just really nervous. I mean, he is a really cute guy, how could I not get nervous whenever I’m around him?

All of a sudden, his voice knocked me out of my thoughts.

“You wanna get out of here?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. My mom said to never get in a car with a stranger.”

“We just drank together, I don’t think that counts as being a stranger anymore, don’t you think? Plus, it’s starting to die down and I wanna show you a place.”

Hesitant at first, I thought, How bad could this actually be? He held out his hand and I tentatively took it, both of us leaving the bar.

The car ride to the “secret but greatest place ever” (as Dylan said), wasn’t awkward. There was a small talk from time to time but I wanted something more. I wanted to get to know him but he seemed quiet and distant all of a sudden. I wanted the guy at the baseball game and his flirty talks and smirks.

When we arrived at the place, I realized we were in central park. He looks over at me and smiles before getting out and making his way over to my side and opening up my door.

“Wow. What a gentleman.”

“Yeah, I’m a real catch.” He chuckles and takes my hand.

“This is what you wanted to show me? I’ve been here plenty of times.”

“Yeah, but you’ve never been here when it’s dark and there’s nobody here have you?”

“No, because there’s people here who like to creep on women at night, so I think I’ll pass.”

“What if I’m one of those creeps?”

I stop and look at him.

“Well..are you?”

He laughs and continues to walk through the park.

I think about this in my head. Okay, he could potentially take me somewhere to kill me or he could actually be a decent guy. He would’ve done something to me by now, right? Oh geez, please don’t make me regret this. I sigh quietly and try to catch up with him.

Walking through the park, it was beautiful. Flowers were growing everywhere, you could hear the cars in the city and the lights were shining brighter than I have ever seen them.

“So, tell me about yourself.” His voice interrupts my thinking.

“Not much to know. I’ve lived here my whole life. Mom and dad got divorced when I was 7. Then, my dad ended up marrying a woman who he worked with and moved to Michigan, while my mom and I stayed here. After high school, I decided to move out but my mom and I are still really close. Uh, I work at a daycare because I absolutely adore kids. And that’s about as exciting as my life gets.” Dylan listened to me ramble and didn’t interrupt at all.

After I was done talking, we stopped at a bench and sat down.

“So what about you? What’s your life like?”

“Well, hahaha, I was born in New York City, mom is a former actress who ran an acting school, and dad was a camera operator. I grew up in a town in New Jersey, until I moved to Hermosa Beach, California when I was 12. After graduating, I considered going into sports broadcasting and maybe working for the Mets, which is why I’m such a huge fan of them. I had planned to attend Syracuse University as a sports broadcasting major, but decided to go into the acting gig instead which is why I’m back here.”

“Wow, you seem like you know what you want and that you have a bright future ahead of you. I like that.” I smile at him, a blush soon creeping on his face.

“Come on, there’s something else I want to show you.”

We continued walking and I decide to check my phone. I saw that it was 2:30 am and Angie had texted me a couple hours ago.  

“Got home safe. Ty’s sleeping over. I’ll give you the deets tomorrow. Be safe.” I roll my eyes, knowing exactly how the conversation is going to go in the morning.

Dylan and I suddenly stop and I see that there are rowboats that people can rent. He walks over and pays the man.

“We’re going on this thing?”

“Yep it’ll be fun just trust me. He then took my hand, helping me get into the boat and then quickly following me in.

The boat begins to move and I edge closer to Dylan, his hand now resting on my thigh. I smile and take it, intertwining it with mine.

“Thank you for this.” I say, still looking at our joined hands.

“For what?” He says, now looking at me.

“For tonight. I didn’t think it would go like this but I’m actually having a nice time with you. I don’t know but there’s something about you that has me smiling all the time and butterflies in my stomach.” He takes his other hand and uses it to lift my chin. I look into his beautiful brown eyes and I get lost in them. He inches forward and I do the same. The kiss was filled with nothing but sparks.

“I like you too if you haven’t noticed. I don’t want this to just be a one time thing. I’d like to see you again and take you on a proper date, if that’s okay with you?” He says, a true smile forming on my lips.

“That’s perfect.” I kiss him again and this time it was better than the one before. Being with him made me feel safe and I didn’t want the day to end.

We talked more about our lives and he told me Tyler had texted him, telling him how much he liked Angie, even though they barely knew each other. But that’s how Dylan and I were, and I couldn’t be happier with anyone else. Unfortunately, I spoke way too soon as the boat ride was coming to an end.

The sun was starting to appear when Dylan dropped me off at the apartment. We exchanged numbers and said our final goodbyes until the next time we would see each other again.

I unlocked the door to Angie and I’s apartment and saw that she and Tyler were still sleeping. I tiptoed to my room and changed out of the clothes I was wearing into more comfortable ones. I plopped down on my bed, exhausted from the crazy night/morning I’d just had, but it was definitely an unforgettable one and so worth it.

I hear a bing coming from my phone and I get back up to see who the text message was from. A big grin appeared on my face when I seen Dylan’s name pop up.

Did you enjoy yourself last night?

“I believe you mean night/morning. And yes. I did.”

“Me too. What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m actually a very popular and busy person if you haven’t noticed.”

“Oh I noticed. But I wanna take you out to dinner tomorrow, for the first part of our official first date.” I blush.

“Wow first part I see? And how many parts are there in this date?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see. So what do you say? Do you wanna go out with me?”

“Of course. Pick me up around 8ish?”

“Can’t wait cutie ;)”

With that, I locked my phone and set it back down, getting under the blankets and quickly drifting off into a deep sleep, the last thing on my mind being Dylan.

Oblivion, Chapter 1 –  Two Years Later

A/N: Special thanks for @loricwizardbluetoastedcake, who edited my writing and made an amazing job, and @siriusblackfoot, who inspired me to write about Remus again. 💕


Have you ever felt like no matter what you’ve done in your life, there was always going to be something missing?

This was how Elsie felt every time she was left alone for more than two seconds with her own thoughts. It was an inexplicable feeling, something that made her even feel guilty sometimes. Why does she let that sunken emptiness overwhelm her, when everything was so great around her?

It’s not like when she was at Hogwarts. Elsie was always weird, quiet, and shy, so she only has two friends – it wasn’t common amongst Gryffindors. She always watched the big groups of friends in the common room with jealousy, and listened to them gush on stories about the parties after the quidditch games, but she never was a part of them herself. Maybe she could’ve done something to change that – like be more outgoing – but she never did; she rather chose a good book in a quiet corner than cross her own boundaries.

Even though she loved magic, she still picked another path after she left the walls of the castle. She wasn’t alone in that: many witches and wizards also chose artistic careers, and some of them even went to muggle colleges. Elsie learnt writing in a place where there were no muggles, but where magic wasn’t essential for those who studied there either. Painters’, writers’, architects’, and a lot of other artists’ schools were like this – filled with rare people who sometimes even count as weird whether they’re among wizards or muggles.

But this place changed Elsie’s life completely. From the very first minute, she felt it will be something else, something good – because wow, he’s wearing my favourite band’s shirt. And oh, she hugged me, just as a greeting. Cool, they understand when I just don’t feel like talking, but they still try to keep in contact with me the next day; and so, she stepped out from her comfort zone every day. The many positive feedbacks from her teachers, the fact that people were interested in what she was doing, her friends – who were really her friends, not just fake ones – all gave her the self-confidence she had always craved. She finally had the courage to laugh loudly, speak up and talk in front of people, tell her own opinion, and even shout sometimes, if that was necessary. It was like waking up painless after a very long and painful headache.

So what was the missing part? Elsie couldn’t find out.

“Love” – This was Juliet’s eternal response. Elsie loved her dearly; she was American, and a huge fan of London. Even after a year living there, she still walks around the city like a little kid in the candy shop. She was lively, always cheerful, with a smile that could brighten up a room. A kind of girl whom every witch was jealous of, and every wizard liked. She was tall and slender, with short, blond hair and small, green eyes. Her face was average, nothing special – until she starts to smile. It changed her whole look.

Her smile was also the one Elsie loved most about herself, but she, on the other hand, was rather short, and not as slender as Juliet. She never had a problem with her shape, though. She also loved her long, brown hair and dark blue eyes, but her face wasn’t as naturally happy as Juliet’s. “You’re a romantic girl, Elsie, even if you try to deny it. A handsome guy – that’s what’s missing for you,” she winked and turned back to her sketchbook.

It was the first week of September. One warm but windy late afternoon, the two friends spent their time at Florean Fortescue’s terrace after their last class. Elsie took a sip from her coffee and sighed, “I don’t think that a guy would be the solution to my problems.”

“That’s a nice thought,” Juliet snapped her head up and pointed her pen at her friend. She was muggleborn, and still hated using quills, “But you’re nineteen, and still haven’t got a boyfriend yet! Or girlfriend. I don’t care. But believe me that is what you need,” after a proud smile, she brushed the loose strands of hair from her eyes, and then furrowed her brows, “Although, I don’t know what else to expect in clothes like that. Why do you wear that terrible sweater?”

Elsie put her cup down and looked down at herself: she wore black boots, dark grey skinny jeans, and an oversized, blue sweater, which was clearly too big for her, “It’s comfortable! Anyway, I can’t even remember where I got this…”

“Gross!” Juliet yelled and shivered, “Maybe you stole it from a homeless man when you were drunk and you don’t even remember.”

Elsie chuckled, but rolled her eyes as well, “I’m not you, Juliet. Probably my brother left it at home and somehow it ended up in my wardrobe.”

Juliet cleared her throat and slipped closer to her on her wooden chair, “So, your brother…”

“Is still engaged. Sorry.”

After a big, dramatic sigh, the blond girl cleared her throat and leaned back on the chair, “That guy is so handsome. Tell me if they divorce.”

Elsie laughed, “Would you look at that! He’s not even married yet and you’re already thinking about his divorce!”

Juliet’s eyes suddenly lit up, “You know what, we should go out! Pick up some guys…”

“Please no,” Elsie growled, but Juliet had already jumped up from her chair and half packed her things into her bag. With a sigh, Elsie finally stood up too. “Where do you even want to drag me to?”

“Leaky Cauldron, of course! There is always a lot of cute auror trainees at the start of the semester,” she said with a dreamy voice.

Elsie shrugged and followed her friend. She learnt that arguing with Juliet is useless, and she won’t stop whining until Elsie finally goes with her. “Fine, but I won’t stay long. I’ll visit my parents tomorrow, and I don’t want to see them again with a bad hangover because of you.”

Juliet threw Elsie a half-offended glance before she stopped after a few steps. “Take that disgusting thing off,” Juliet said pointing at Elsie’s sweater.

“No, I won’t! I only have a sleeveless shirt on under this, and it’s too cold for that,” Elsie whined, but Juliet crossed her arms across her chest.

“I will transfigure it into something slutty if you don’t take it off.”

“You’re the worst friend ever.” – She said after she pulled the comfy sweater off and stuffed it into her bag.”

Juliet was right. The pub was crowded with young witches and wizards; as it always was on the first weekend of September.

“Are you cold?” Juliet asked with a crooked grin, looking at her friend’s thin, sleeveless, white shirt.

“I am,” she answered with an offended voice as they sat on two empty barstools.

“Well, you really need to drink, then. Two firewhiskey, please,” she added, smiling at the bartender.

They had drunk firewhiskey after firewhiskey, but only Elsie tried to slow down with it. They talked about school and boys, and an hour later the place was completely full – a lot of people couldn’t even sit down.

“Look at that guy over there,” Juliet whispered into her friend’s ear, nodding at the direction of a group of guys near them, standing in a circle, “The one in leather jacket. He’s looked at me several times.”

Elsie sighed as she recognized him, “I know who he is. He was a year above me at Hogwarts.”

“Introduce me!” Juliet said immediately with a pleading voice, her tone already a bit unsteady from the alcohol.

“Not a good idea. I don’t even know him personally, and by the way, he’s a huge heartthrob… He loves playing with girls.”

“Sounds like my – oh my god, he’s coming here!”

Elsie rolled her eyes and stood up, leaving space for her friend’s newest prey, but at that moment her gaze met Sirius’s, and he halted two steps away from them, staring at her with frozen eyes for several seconds. “Erm… yes?” Elsie asked hesitantly.

Sirius slightly shook his head, his distant gaze finally found its way back, “Sorry. Elsie, yes?”

She could hardly hide her surprise as someone like Sirius Black knew her name and remembered her. “Yes. And this is my best friend, Juliet,” she stepped away, looking at the blonde, “She’s American, but she studies here.”

Sirius’ puzzlement vanished as quickly as it came when his gaze locked with Juliet’s. Elsie quietly walked away and disappeared in the crowd.

Half an hour passed as she tried to find familiar faces in the crowd, but she knew that people from her school usually picked another place to drink at. She didn’t want to interrupt her friend, so she had some more drinks alone, and tried to avoid drunk men until she got too bored and walked back to Juliet. Sirius just whispered something in her ear, resting his hand at the top of her thigh. “Elsie! You don’t want to go, do you?”

“I do, I was just about…”

“Just about to come with us? I just told your pretty friend here that there’s a party at my friend’s house – a housewarming – join us!”

Elsie smiled. “Who? And will they be really happy if we go to their party without an invitation? Surely there are just close friends…”

“James and Lily,” Sirius grinned, “and don’t worry about it, I invited you.”

Before she could protest again, Sirius embraced both of the girls’ shoulders and led them through the crowd, out of the bar and into the somewhat quieter street. Juliet’s steps were messy, so they rather chose a refreshing walk; apparating while someone was drunk was never a good idea.

“Just so you know, Sirius,” Elsie started quietly, while Juliet walked several steps ahead of them, loudly singing a song that neither Elsie nor Sirius knew “… if you hurt her, I’ll curse you.”

Sirius chuckled and looked mildly impressed. “Look at you, Elsie! You never were so savage… what happened to you?”

She rolled her eyes and laughed. “I’m not savage! And you don’t even know me – how do you know what was I like?”

Sirius quickly looked away, his grin disappeared. By the time he looked back, only a slight smile remained on his face. “It’s time to change that, then.”

They smiled kindly at each other – it was strange. Even though Elsie didn’t know Sirius closely, she never saw him smiling like this. Juliet’s sudden appearance broke them up as she stopped next to Sirius and grabbed his arm. “You aren’t flirting with her, are you?”

“Are you jealous, love?” Sirius asked with a cocked eyebrow.

Juliet laughed with her usual, loud voice. “I’m not. No matter how charming you are, she would never want anything from you. She prefers good guys. Or girls. I still don’t know.”

“I’m here too, by the way,” Elsie waved. Soon they reached the apartment where Sirius knocked on the door. They heard muffled music and laughs through the walls before James opened the door – and Elsie saw it again. The same look that Sirius had not so long ago.

“Elsie?” He asked, clutching on the doorknob and looking at her.

She raised her eyebrows. I was freaking invisible to everybody for seven years, and now the most popular boys remember me? “Yes. I uh… I hope it’s okay that we came? We don’t want to bother your party or anything.”

“No, it’s fine, come in,” James said, his face still serious. Juliet and Sirius were already inside the house, while Lily joined James and her.

“Elsie! What are you doing here?” Lily asked, the familiar shock slightly in her green eyes, but she smiled. At least it wasn’t so strange – Lily used to help her with her Potions studies sometimes during her sixth year.

“Well, Sirius started to flirt my best friend, so…” She shrugged and Lily rolled her eyes, leading her into the living room. There were around twelve people there; Elsie recognized most of them as former Hogwarts students.

“It’s a really nice house. Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” Lily smiled kindly. For a second, something more serious flashed on her face, but just as she opened her mouth, the noise of a breaking glass interrupted them. “I swear, if they broke another mirror…” She growled, “You can find foods and drinks in the kitchen too with less drunken people.”

“Thanks,” Elsie said, smiling. She felt grateful since it’s as if the redhead girl just read her thoughts of wanting to stay away from drunk people. She took a last look at Juliet and Sirius. They were sitting close next to each other on a small armchair definitely too small for two people, but still just talking. She entered into the tiny kitchen where she quickly started to eat a sandwich. She just remembered she hadn’t eaten anything since her breakfast. People dropped in and out of the kitchen every so often, every one of them trying to talk Elsie into drinking another shot with them. She felt like she did that one time at Hogwarts when she went to a party – that was even worse, though, because she just felt more nervous back then. Now she could say no without being anxious about it.

But soon it was boring; sitting alone by the table. She poured some firewishkey in a small glass and started to drink, thinking about whether she should go out of the kitchen and make some friends, or just stay there until Juliet decides to go home – which probably won’t be any time soon, knowing her. She just stood up from a chair when someone appeared at the doorstep, but the man stopped right after he stepped in and set his eyes on her. He had that familiar look on his face again that Elsie had seen too many times that night.

“Okay, could you tell me why you and your friends are all looking at me like I’m a vampire?” She asked loudly, a bit annoyed, but not angry.

Remus couldn’t move, or speak, or breathe – he couldn’t really believe he finally saw her after two, long years. Her appearance hadn’t changed much, but he could tell from that single sentence that left her lips how much she had actually changed. As they looked at each other in silence, thousands of memories flashed through Remus’ brain – from the moment they first talked to each other in the library, to the moment when he first kissed her, to the moment he decided he wipe off all of her memories of him.

He cleared his throat after a few seconds which seemed like an eternity, but still, when he spoke up, his voice was hoarse. “I’m just… you didn’t… I never really see you at parties before. And I didn’t know you were invited here.”

Elsie grabbed another glass and started to fill it with firewhiskey. “I wasn’t. My friend and I met Sirius at the Leaky Cauldron and he picked up my friend, so we ended up here,” she reached her out her arm with the glass, offering Remus the drink; and as their fingers lightly brushed against each other, a fast but unbelievably intense feeling rushed over her. It was so quick she couldn’t even feel it or recall two seconds later. “Are you okay?”

Remus still looked bothered, but it was nothing compared to what he felt inside. It wasn’t so long ago when he finally started to recover from what had happened. After nearly two years, he finally felt he could move on. But standing in front of her and talking with her brought everything back – every feeling and every nice memory – everything that she had no idea about. He was a stranger to her, while she was still his whole world, he thought. “I’m okay. I’m just tired.”

“You’re an even worse liar than I am,” she smiled, sitting back down. “But fine, you don’t have to tell me. Join me for a few drinks, then.”

Remus thought about it for a few seconds; maybe he should leave now, until it wasn’t too late. But he missed her so much, and what harm can a few drinks and some talk do?

“So, what was that example with the vampires?” He asked after a sip, sitting next to her.

Elsie frowned, trying to recall the memory. “Oh! Well, my friend, Juliet – you don’t know her, she’s my classmate – once hooked up with a vampire. The way you and your friends looked at me tonight was exactly how I looked at her when she told me.”

“That is extremely dangerous,” Remus laughed. “I mean, vampires…”

“Yeah, I know, I know. But she’s still alive, so…” Elsie shrugged and chuckled too. “She loves to say that to me, you know. Every time when she’s flirting with someone and I try to talk her out of it, she says, ‘I had sex with a vampire, do you really think I can’t take care of myself?’”

They laughed together again before both of them emptied their glasses; Elsie refilled them immediately. “Since when are you drinking?” Remus asked in surprise, a small smile on his lips.

“And again, you act like you know me,” she said, causing Remus to look down for a second. “Anyway, it was since I started going to this school, which is full of people who loves to drink.”

“What are you studying?” Remus asked, slightly afraid of the answer. He knew about Elsie’s dreams, and how much she loved to write, but she was always too insecure. He knew he helped her a lot, encouraged her and talked her into writing more, but he didn’t know yet how much harm he had done when he took away her memoires.

“Writing,” she said, and Remus sighed in relief. “What about you?”

“Auror training,” he answered shortly, taking another sip.

“There you are!” A loud, thin voice suddenly interrupted them. Juliet rushed into the kitchen and stopped next to Elsie, leaning on her shoulder with half of her weight. “Listen. Look. I wanna go home with Sirius.”

Elsie sighed and looked at Remus, who grinned. “Let me guess, you’re Juliet.”

She turned her head towards him. “I hope she didn’t say anything good about me,” she winked, and looked back at her friend. “Will you be alright?”

“Yeah, but are you sure you should go? You’re drunk.”

“Tipsy,” she corrected in a sulky voice. “And I’m sure. You, pretty boy – what’s your name?” Juliet added, now turning to Remus.

“Remus,” he smiled.

“Remus. Will you please escort my friend home later?” She asked, and without waiting for his answer, she continued, “Thank you.”

She pressed a kiss on Elsie’s cheek before she left them in the kitchen.

“She’s allowed to hook up with vampires but you can’t even go home alone?” Remus chuckled.

Elsie shook her head and sighed, slightly embarrassed, and she was sure she blushed. “I’m pretty sure she only said that because… because she really wants to find a boyfriend for me.”

Remus tried his best to keep himself together. “And does she think I’d be a good one for you?”

She shrugged. “She knows I’ve never had a boyfriend before. She’s just really desperate to find me someone.”

Remus’s nails were digging into his palms, but he kept smiling. “How’s that you’ve never had anyone? Even after Hogwarts? I mean, you seem an amazing girl to me.”

Elsie bit her lower lip and a light pink colour appeared on her cheeks again. “I don’t want to start dating someone just so I can tell that I have a boyfriend, you know. I want it to be… special. I couldn’t be with just anyone. And…” she stopped there and shook her head with a shy giggle, “Nevermind, it’s stupid.”

“No, tell me!” He chuckled, unable to hide his curiosity.

After a deep breath and a sigh, she took another sip from her glass. “I don’t even know how I should say it,” she started in a low voice. “I had some dates with different boys, but I always gave up after one date. Because I just think it should be something more, something… special from the first moments. That probably sounds stupid,” she laughed again, but Remus was silent. “Sometimes I just feel there’s an exact feeling that I’m looking for, I just couldn’t find it. Which is stupid, again, because I’ve definitely never been in love.”

Fear and sadness filled Remus’ heart. She remembered. Not everything, not even a single thing – but there are bits and pieces from her feelings.

“I’m pretty sure you think I’m an idiot,” she said after Remus didn’t reply, still in deep silence. She grabbed her glass and emptied it. “I blame the firewhiskey. Usually I’m not so weird, I promise.”

“Aren’t you?” Remus smiled kindly, his voice weak.

“Well, maybe I am. But let’s just blame the firewishkey.”

The next few hours passed with talking and drinking. Elsie couldn’t really tell why she was so open with this boy – usually, it took her months to open up to someone like this, but there was something in Remus that made her feel safe.

It was almost three in the morning when drowsiness started to overwhelm Elsie – her blinks were long and her eyelids heavy, and her head almost fell off a couple times. Remus chuckled, seeing her sleepy face. “Maybe you should go home and get some sleep.”

She nodded slowly. “But you have to walk me home, remember?”

“I wouldn’t let you to go alone,” he said, slipping off of his chair and helping the girl up too; she needed to wrap a hand around him to stay on her legs. Sitting in one place for hours, they didn’t realized how drunk they were.

“Okay, uh… I’ll just say goodbye to James…” Remus started, looking around in the living room, but it was already empty except for Peter, who was dozing off on a couch, and another boy Elsie couldn’t recognize sleeping on the floor.

“I think they are just warming up their new bedroom,” she giggled. “Please let’s pretend I haven’t said anything and just goooo home.”

They walked on the streets, talking in incoherent sentences mixed with a lot of giggles; their arms around each other as a support to keep themselves standing. They needed to stop several times to pee, to laugh, and once, when Elsie put on her sweater. Her flat was close to Lily’s, but it still took them half an hour to get there. “Do you live far away?”

“I’d answer that, but I have no idea where am I,” Remus said, his head on her shoulder, hands on her waist. She laughed and he pulled back, but suddenly he froze, his smile vanished. “Where did you get that sweater?”

Elsie growled and tried to remember back. “It’s uh, my brother’s. I guess. Why?”

Remus’ heart leapt again. The firewhiskey made him forget about everything bad for a few hours, but now, nearly out of and due to nothing, everything suddenly came back again. His hands fell off of her and he took a small step back.

“Are you alright?” She asked with a concerned face.

He could only nod. “I should go home.”

“You can stay here if you want. You aren’t in the state to be wandering around,” Elsie suggested with a giggle, not really realizing that something seriously bothered Remus.

“No. I really… need to go.”

A disappointed sigh left her mouth. “Okay, then. But be careful,” she murmured and tiptoed to press a kiss on his cheek. Remus closed his eyes and tried not melt too much in her touch, but feeling her soft lips against his skin made him weak.

“Good night, Elsie,” he said, turning around so quickly that by the time she realized it, he had already disappeared in the dark.

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