i met alex turner!

I cannot even begin to speak about how amazing it was to meet him. Just to say hello and I enjoyed the gig was enough to fulfil a fucking dream, he is LOVELY!!!!
Fuck everyone that says otherwise, he got a second picture with me because my first one was shit and he didn’t mind and was laughing and said “come on Alice!! Don’t blink!” And was just so chill, so relaxed and just so warm. He smelt beautiful.
I am so happy. Like he is my favourite musician on the planet and I met him.

I little late but I met Alex Turner a few weeks ago. I have been in love with the Arctic Monkeys since I was in middle school and through them started listening to the Last Shadow Puppets in high school. I love both bands but with AM on hiatus I have been more into TLSP over the past year. I still can’t believe I met this person that I have been fantasizing meeting for years. He always seemed like just a voice to me and it’s so cool to listen to his music and think hey, I met him. I really wish I had been able to have an actual conversation with him but I was too star struck. All I did was say hi and start giggling, And then he said hi back and started laughing at me and slung his arm around me and rest his head on mine. Though I’m glad he did laugh at me because he’s smiling and looks happy in the picture. It was magical ✨


I never posted these on here, but I, along with my brother and cousin, had met Alex Turner randomly at Amoeba Hollywood a few months ago or so. He was there just browsing with what appeared to be his girlfriend. No one noticed him lol. We were so nervous. I was extremely nervous because he’s such an inspiration and his music’s had such a big impact on me. The second picture was unintentional because I asked him something and he didn’t catch what I said! Haha (Also hilarious that I have a Strokes shirt on.) Side note: I was going to ask him when there’d be a new TLSP album, but I guess I didn’t have to hehe.

yudithlovesyou: I MET ALEX TURNER! WHAT A GREAT, CRAZY ASS I’M HAVING! #articmonkeys#thelastshadowpuppets #alexturner

This was the most insane night of my life I swear I still can’t believe it was real and they were actual real human beings right in front of my eyes!! They opened with eycte and it was amazing. Miles was on fire I mean he was so amazing I couldn’t believe he was real and Alex is even more beautiful than I would have ever imagined! Alex looked right at me while he sang baby we ought to fuck and I swear I died right there. I kept eye contact till he looked away and then he looked at me again during the dream synopsis while I was singing my heart out. Miles was all smiles and I think he looked at me at one point but I’m not sure. They both sang making a tiger sound during in my room and it was so funny. Also Miles shaved his beard and he was wearing my favourite kimono and looked amazing. It was really really incredible and I’m so grateful I got to see them. I hope they know how much they mean to so many people. I love them so much x