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You deserve so much better than her. I hope you realize that. You’re worth more than constant fighting and hating your relationship. I don’t care if you miss her when she’s not around. I miss the old you, the happy you. The one that laughed every time I messed up my words and stayed up late dreaming about his future. You may not be perfect, but you deserve someone who doesn’t only say they love you but acts like it too. I just hope you realize that before it’s too late.
let’s not talk about the popped sal, HOW ABOUT THAT 4T AND 3A

DAMN IT YUZU, WARN US EARLIER. ISTG I ALMOST DIED FROM A HEART ATTACK omg it surprised me so so much that I didn’t even think of the podium anymore, popped sal be damned, all that matters is that awesome inpromptu 4T and 3A!!!!

since i plan to be more active here again, i may as well make one of these–

hey there! please like/reblog if you wouldn’t mind interacting with a fandomless OC. his story is likely going to be revamped eventually, but otherwise he’s quite a developed character. super fun too, imo.
oh, and he also has a criminal empire, isn’t that neat.

“Sormik’s New Year”, or “Soreo’s New Year’s evening”, or “Fluff that changed into flu disaster” page 1

Well… I don’t have a good title for this one. Anyway since I saw Mikleo’s official art for his new year clothes I wanted to draw something nice with him and Sorey. I hold myself back, too much of Nezushi projects I had to finish, but this was no use.

Story going to have 10 pages, 5 of them are already scanned and ready to color. The other ones are still need to get proper sketch. I’m planning to upload one page weekly but life is life… Yet I will try to keep that schedule. 

Sormik fandom isn’t easy one… Or rather Zestiria ones… Anime messed up everything and I won’t lie, none fandom ever bring me so much stress and desire to cry from how much things turn bad. I know it would be just best to forget about Zestiria for a while, to not read reviews of anime and how some people try to destroy Sorey and Mikleo’s game canon. How all characters I loved, Edna, Lailah, Rose, Dezel are treated in anime… to just focus on Nezushi… but I can’t because game’s story, this wonderful heartwarming family and cute nerdy boyfriends stole my heart and it hurts on so many levels. I really liked game Alisha, but her shipers and Namco’s decisions started to make me dislike her… I don’t want to ever get closer look at Rose’s changes so she don’t lose place in my heart too…

Ehh…. I’m no longer salty about how things turned out, I’m just sad. I could write book about why anime is bad compare to game, but that won’t change anything. Just 5 more weeks and it will be over… I hope.

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How would the UT and UF bros react to their human SO coming back after their death as a ghost?

Because my poor heart can’t handle angst right now, I’m making this into an emotional mess with a happy ending. 

UT!Sans: B-babe?? He’s pretty sure that he’s hallucinating in his grief. But at the moment he doesn’t care. He sinks down at your feet and just cries. Loosing you broke him but now having you so tantalizingly close is just too much. When he finally realizes that it’s not a sick joke, and he’s not hallucinating, he cries out of relief. He doesn’t care wether or not you’re corporeal. You’re there with him and he is beyond himself. Eventually his sciency side can’t take it any more and he wants to know why and how you’re back. He can’t help but think that he’ll lose you again. He doesn’t think that he’ll be able to handle that.

UT!Papyrus: He just… stops whatever he was doing and stares at you. It’s too much for him and he doesn’t know how to react. He’s been standing there staring at you for more than five minutes. If you can talk, this is a good time to speak up. Or do something because he’s basically in shock. When he snaps out of it he starts crying silently and walks up to you. He wants to hug you but he’s not sure if he can. This is one of the moments where you’ll see the really mature and serious side of Papyrus. He’s still processing the whole loosing you ordeal. But when you’ve been around for a while he quickly bounces back to the hyper energetic Papyrus we all know and love. He’s so so happy to have you back. He suggests talking to Alphys about maybe getting a body like Mettaton’s, but he understands that even if you want to you might need some time to get used to being alive-ish again.

UF!Sans: Gets really f*cking mad because that’s his go-to emotion. He doesn’t even know why he’s mad. It’s just that he lost you. For a while he actually lost you and he thought he’d never see you again and sh*t he really needs you. Don’t you f*cking dare leave him again. He cries, a lot. He told himself he’d never cry like he did when you died but he’s already breaking that promise. He’s a sobbing mess and he’s too angry and full of relief to care. It takes him a while to recover. First the shock of loosing you and then the shock of you coming back. He’s emotionally exhausted. You’re never ever leaving his side again, that’s for damn sure.

UF!Papyrus: Quietly walks up to you and just stares at you. He does his best not to cry, he hates crying. But when he realizes that it’s actually you and you’re here he just looses it. He’s crying silently and he doesn’t know what to do. It’s silent and stoic but still very heartfelt. If he can touch you, actually physically touch you, he’s pulling you in for a hug. Even if it’s just for a moment. He apologizes a lot. It was his fault that you died, because he promised to protect you and obviously he failed. That wont ever happen again. 

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can you write more fanboy!tae and idol yoongi again? I love that au so much!!

Taehyung accidentally forgets that Yoongi follows him on twitter so when the Spring Day mv comes out and he post a bunch of screenshots of Yoongi followed by “KJSDHGKASJHGASDGLFAGD” he nearly screams when he sees “bts_twt has liked your tweet” 

 Yoongi texts him not too long after and it’s a simple “You’re cute.” but it’s enough to have Taehyung a blushing mess for the next week. 

They decide to spend their first anniversary together early due to the fact that the actual date will land on the first day of the Wings tour and obviously they won’t be able to spend it together.  It’s all very cute and adorable with lots of kisses and cuddles and flowers and when it’s time for gifts Taehyung is so fucking nervous. They sit side by side on the couch and hand each other their gift boxes/cards. 

Suddenly Yoongi breaks out laughing. 

“Oh my god baby please open your gift.” 

Taehyung does and even he can’t help laughing because they both got each other tickets to the Wings tour. Yoongi’s not really sure why Taehyung would get him tickets to his own concert but then of course Taehyung explains. 

“The ticket was for me, i wanted to surprise you. Your gift was going to be me surprising you at the show!”

Taehyung one time shows Yoongi his “FY Yoongi” tumblr page and Yoongi literally has the time of his life laughing at all the tags. 

“#WhyIsHeSoDaddy” “ #SwagSwagSuga” “#CanHeKnockMeOutPleae” 

Taehyung blushes everytime Yoongi wiggle his eyebrows at a new tag because yeah Taehyung definitely fanboyed hard on Tumblr. 

They don’t mean to come out to the public, at least not for a long while, but like most things in the celebrity life, nothing stays hidden.  The morning Yoongi wakes up to Jimin and Namjoon banging on his bedroom door looking panicked he knows he’s fucked. 

He’s brought to BigHit’s office where he’s shown multiple websites all showing pictures of him and Taehyung out on a date and kissing. He’s so fucking scared they are going to punish him or even worse punish Taehyung but that’s not the case at all. 

“You can either deny or confirm it.” 

Yoongi confirms his relationship with Taehyung that day over a very emotional Vapp broadcast. 

“I just love him so very much he makes my life so much better i hope you all understand that he has my heart and my everything and i love him” (Taehyung later hugs yoongi so tight as he cries because he  is soft and in love too wow) 

Of course they have anti’s but most fans support them and think they are so cute. The first fan meet Taehyung goes too after they confirm their relationship is so cute. Taehyung shows up and gets in line with his camera and is waiting for his turn to get in. All the other fans there giggle at him and wave and when the boys come out girls in the front quickly wave their hands to get Yoongi’s attention. 

“Oppa oppa! Taehyung is here!” 

Yoongi quickly gets excited and looks around and when he spots Taehyung he shoots him a heart while the fans scream and coos at them. 


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I'm quite bitter. It was just a 4-point difference. The PCS on the SP could have been the deciding factor...

Watch and rewatch Yuzu’s Free Program and you’ll just feel happy about it :D

The scoring in FP was a total mess, even more than in SP. Nathan’s PCS are not commentable. His GOE neither. And today is one of those case in which I don’t think who won is the one deserving the win, but it happens, and you can’t do anything to change it.

Looking at protocols and having watched all last group twice, I think Patrick and Yuzuru skating was too much complex, too much refined for the jury to get it (which is pretty awful since they should know what to look at, but I said once upon a time already. Nathan is just a Boyang with a much more stronger federation behind him).

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! ily!!!!!!

ily too!!

  • i like my eyebrows?? i have naturally dark, thick eyebrows so i don’t need to fill them in and it’s a BLESSING
  • i quite like my handwriting!! it’s an illegible mess but it’s my mess
  • i like that i can speak multiple languages!! it’s probably one of the things i’m most proud of even though it’s not a huge deal but?? languages are so cool imo
  • i think i tend to give fairly good advice?? like with my weekly sleepovers a lot of y’all trust me enough to message me and ask me for advice (which honestly blows my mind ily all too much) and it tends to work out so i’m quite pleased about that ✨
  • i like my sense of style + also my sense of humour lmao i think i crack some amazing puns tbh and they’re always so underrated y’all are sleeping on this…….. when i die………… then u will realise

it’s probably a little more efficient to tag my favourite followers instead of sending it to them directly, so here we go!! (u don’t have to do it if u don’t want to though 💖)

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Flirting Lessons [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by @memento-amare: “ How about #85 (“You have the most amazing eyes.”) with Shiro?”

A/N: My first Voltron story! Yay! I hope you like it!

Prompt 85: “You have the most amazing eyes.”


Shiro was not one much for flirting. He never felt the need, never was interested in anyone that way. But boy did you change things. Since the paladins saved you from a Galra ship Shiro was a blushing mess around you. Though you’re oblivious to it.

You’re the first human they’ve saved from a Galra prison. And Earth being to far to return too, the castle became your temporary home. Everyone was like a family that you just got adopted into.

You do what you can to help out. Often times you help train. Your old job on Earth was as a trainer. You know multiple fighting styles. Leading you to often show them some new moves in hand to hand. Especially Shiro because his arm is his weapon.

But whenever you just lightly touch him to help his form, he tenses and blood rushes to his cheeks.

The others know of his infatuation and have been trying to get him to talk to you since you got there.

“Seriously Shiro, what’s the worst that could happen?“ Lance shrugged. He would be the one to ask that.

“The worst? Rejection, embarrassment, immense awkwardness” he listed the many poor outcomes.

“Or she has the same feelings” Pidge chimed in.

“I don’t even know how I’d tell’ her” he sighed looking down at the floor.

“Flirting would help, show your interest” Lance said, standing from his place on the couch.

“Do you even know how to flirt?” Keith raised an eyebrow. Shiro only shook his head. Like said before, he never had this kind of interest in anyone.

“Well then welcome to Flirting 101 fearless leader” Lance welcomed Shiro. The other Paladins just stared at him. This can’t be good.

“Okay I’ve got to hear this” Keith chuckled. “Same here” Hunk looked over at Lance.

Lance went to begin but was cut off by Allure and Coran entering the room. “Why aren’t you all training?” She questioned, hands on her hips.

“We have more important matters Allura, we have to teach Shiro to flirt” Lance exclaimed throwing a fist into the air.

“Okay now I’m interested” She sat as well did Coran.

“Gather ‘round my teammates, learn from the master.” The others just groaned.

“Why am I worried all of a sudden?” Shiro pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Okay step one: catch their attention. Observe” he said before turning to Allura. “Sup, the name’s Lance” he smoothly said. Allura scoffed before shoving him away. 

“Yeah that’s going well Lance” Keith called out. Eliciting laughter from the toehrs. “Think you could do any better?” Lance questioned.

“I don’t know probably” Keith shrugged while Lance crossed his arms.

“This is ridiculous. Coming from a girl, just compliment her and be honest. Don’t try and be anything you’re not. Plus she already knows you so just carry it like a normal conversation.” Pidge slumped back in to the couch crossing her arms.

“I agree. Just being yourself should be enough” Allura agreed. Shiro was relieved to have gotten some actual advice. He could do this. What’s there to worry about?

His thoughts were cut off by your angelic voice entering the room, “Did I miss a call from a meeting or something?” You had just came from the training deck. In just work out clothes.

Shiro’s face was ablaze. The clothes hugged your figure perfectly, and their was a lot of skin shown. Damn, you’re so beautiful. Quickly diverting his eyes, he couldn’t do this!

“No, we were just talking about random things.” Pidge answered, the others nodded. Shiro didn’t dare look at you.

“Oh, okay. Well I’m going to go clean up, see you guys at dinner” You commented suspiciously before exiting the room. Thinking about how that was a bit odd.

“Dude now’s your chance! GO!” Lance yelled as the others shushed him.

“Let the woman shower damn” Keith huffed. “Talk to her before dinner” he suggested and the others agreed.

“Okay, yeah, I can do this” he said with confidence.

He stood outside your door, “I can’t do this” he muttered backing up. 

“Do what?” he jumped at the sound of your voice. You couldn’t help but giggle as you dried your hair. “Sorry I didn’t meant to startle you”

“O-Oh it’s okay, I was just. I had to talk to you about something” he sputtered, his cheeks red and hand rubbing the back of his neck nervously,

“Okay, come on in here” You motioned for him to follow you into your room. Setting the towel aside you both sat on your bed. “What’s up?”

“Oh, uh, well. I have to tell you something, and I just I uh.” His stuttering and sputtering was beginning to be hard to follow. He saw your confused expression, he mentally hit himself.

‘Just compliment her’ Pidge’s words rang in his mind. He examined your features, randomly picking one.

“You have the most amazing pies” wait what?

“Excuse me? Pies?” you giggled as his blush deepened.

“Eyes! You have the most amazing eyes!” correcting himself. He couldn’t be more embarrassed, “You know what, I um, this was a mistake” Standing up to leave.

You caught his hand before he could get far. “Hey wait, sorry I laughed it was just cute” smiling at him. He sat back down, “Really?” you nodded.

“Tell me what you wanted to say” You squeezed his hand. “Scouts honor I won’t giggle”

He chuckled, the smile gracing his face was stunning.

“I, well. I’ve just had these feelings for you. Feelings of wanting to be something more than just friends. And I’ve been so worried for rejection that I haven’t told you and I get all flustered around you. You’re just gorgeous and amazing.” he looked over at you. His cheeks still red as ever.

Your expression was a mixture of being stunned and happy. He likes you? He likes you! Finally a grin beamed on your features. “Well, I can ease your mind by saying I feel the same thing”

As soon as your words registered his nervousness evaporated as his smile matched yours. “Really?”

“Yes really! I have for a while and I guess I just didn’t want to get in the way of you being the Black Paladin and the leader. I didn’t want to be a burden” you confessed.

He took your other hand in his, “You’re never a burden. You’re a valued member of this team. And a valued person in my life”

Unable to hold yourself back anymore, you crashed your lips into his. Catching him off guard. Though he immediately responded. Releasing your hands to cup your face. It was passionate and needy, you both had been waiting for this since you first met.

It felt like it lasted hours but ended when your lungs needed their precious oxygen.

You both smiled at each other, foreheads resting together. He stared into your deep [e/c] eyes. “I meant what I said about your eyes” he stated out of breath.

“I know, but fyi I make a mean pie as well” you laughed. He laughed with you, a tinge of red on his cheeks still.

“I guess you’ll have to make me one sometime” he chuckled.

“I guess I will, but for now this will have to do” you muttered before meeting his lips again. Both of you finally were getting something to make up for that time in that ship. Each other.


“Alright Shiro!” Lance whispered ear pressed against the door.

“I can’t believe he said ‘pie” Pidge sighed.

“I  know right, but I wish there was pie” Hunk commented.

“Do you ever not think about food?” Keith asked, the only one not eavesdropping.

“Nope” Hunk said with a smile. “Fair enough” Keith shrugged.

“I’m happy for them though” he added before pushing off the wall. The other paladins followed, saying “Agreed” in unison.

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Omg Mari! Im so sorry about what happened! I really hope everything will work out for you! I wish you the best of luck. I love you! :(

Thank you so much! I love everyone too who understands and supports me through this technology mess~ lolol *HUGS* 💗

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Hendall is just the EXTRA of extraness not only do you get the larries + the harryw/girl haters, you also get the straight up Kendall/kardashian haters(seperate from Harry)+ then the straight up OTT Hendall shippers who are equally as annoying as the people who dislike them, and it just ends up a big swirling mess of ahdhdjdj yelling and pandamoneum. I'm just thanking the stars that currently it's an old photo, a little bit of dramas good but anything current and my dash/head would explode !

I laugh about it all and agree with you 100%, from the haters to the hardcore shippers, i just dont care that much. But the drama is funny. Not being invested in that in any particular way just lets me sit back and cackle a bit. Its nothing we can change that doesnt actually involve us so why get too worked up about it?

jfc i was so busy being Angsty about jenny’s death last time i watched s3 that i didn’t notice how emotionally messed up buffy is in early s3??? and how little support she’s getting?? while still trying to provide support for everyone else around her even as they ignore her needs???  

Ugh so I need to draw this at some point

But I have this fish mob and the mob boss is a big ol shark guy (some of you have seen Sergio, yes)

But basically him big

And he’s probably got grunts or lower ranked mob peeps that are generic fish guys or gals

I either want to do some that are willingly cramming themselves into his mouth for him to eat until he’s full and bloated– so much his shirt buttons pop off and he’s this groggy, fat, burpy mess.

Or he manages to pick up someone while he’s out at night, in a club or something.. brings them back to fuck them on those two giant dicks of his haha (if they can handle two??)–
But he gets a little too hungry and his brain goes shark mode and he
Fuckin eats them

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I've been ranting to my friend for months about CW Supergirl reusing almost all of Superman's plot lines I honestly thought I was the only one that noticed because no one ever said anything

That’s the thing I’m worried about…Supergirl has good reputation with its representations and all but…it seems to forget that there are comic book fans watching too. We want to see our fav from the comic on TV, you can’t just mess up the characters/plot because you excels at other area :/ 

And the fact that they’re ripping off Superman sounds pretty offensive to me as well, the Supergirl comic IS GOOD, you don’t need to take Superman’s stories and slaps it on her like that. Hmph, so much for empowering young girls.


Quick rough sketch. Hope I didn’t mess your characters up too much. (Sorry it’s smudged I used the wrong pencil.)

I drew them eating some moldy bread they stole (gotta take what you can get right?)

Both they as well as Hirere and Shiroro grew up on the streets fending for themselves.

Hirere was abandoned on the streets as a baby so someone had to have taken care o him and taught him how to fend for himself. At this point I have only alluded to “other street kids” that did so.

They most likely feel a kinship as Hirere is a mix blood half keronian half somethin else (something dragon related)

When Shiroro loses her parents she meets Hirere on the streets and she befriends him, in return he teaches her how to survive on the streets. She gives him his name. He protects her from others that wish them harm, and she tends his wounds. Thus becoming proficient at medicine.

But all in all I think the streets is a great place for our characters to have met. ^w^

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Do you think that, after one sincere loving moment, Mobtale Sans can still be really suave, but you can tell you've gotten to him. And, if you keep doing cute sincere loving stuff enough, he becomes a blushing mess of random Italian words and becomes all tongue-tied because it's just too much love? (If he had a tongue, at any rate?) XD

I accept this. 100℅. That suave mafioso will not be able to handel heavy amounts of sweetness and unadulterated genuine affection.

When i see people that are in their late 20′s/ early 30′s and are like ‘yeah i used to have really bad social anxiety in my early 20′s and couldn’t even talk over the phone’ but they’re these really self assured charming people now it gives me so much hope

Like I might be a social mess but maybe in a few years i’ll get better too lmao