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some cherokee piper fancasts for your consideration?

  • kelsey chow (multi racial- chinese, cherokee, white)
  • jamie loy
  • chantel jeffries (multi racial- black, cherokee, white) 
  • indya marie (multi racial- black, cuban, cherokee) 
  • jenny albright
  • angel haze (biracial- black and cherokee + blackfoot) (agender, probably avoid unless you’re doing agender!piper)

feel free to add more that you know of!

  • Akutagawa: How does one turn off their emotions?
  • Atsushi: Okay, first go to settings.
  • Atsushi: Wait! I’m an idiot! I thought you said emojis..
  • Akutagawa: No, I’m still willing to try this, go ahead, I’m at settings what do I do next?
  • Mavis: So let’s start by talking about the emotions you’re feeling right now.
  • Rahkeid: Stabbing.
  • Mavis: Stabbing… isn’t really an emotion, it’s more of an… activity. Which I hope you don’t do it to me… See, an emotion is more of a feeling.
  • Rahkeid: Well maybe I feel stabby.
FULL Dangerous Woman Tour Setlist (as of 2/3/17)

VICTORIA MONET (source: @monetupdates twitter)

  • New Music
  • More Of You
  • Better Days
  • Bad And Boujee
  • Made In China
  • Do You Like It

LITTLE MIX (source: @LMWorld_Updates twitter)

  • Salute
  • Hair/Whip My Hair
  • Move
  • Wings
  • Secret Love Song pt. II
  • Touch
  • Shout Out To My Ex
  • Black Magic

ARIANA GRANDE (source: @DWtour twitter)

  • Be Alright
  • Everyday
  • Bad Decisions
  • Let Me Love You
  • Knew Better pt 2
  • Forever Boy
  • One Last Time
  • Touch It
  • Leave Me Lonely
  • Side To Side
  • Bang Bang
  • Greedy
  • I Don’t Care
  • Moonlight
  • Love Me Harder
  • Break Free
  • Sometimes
  • Thinking Bout You
  • Problem
  • Into You
  • Dangerous Woman (encore)

Kaoru: Woah, what’s with the cast?
Kyoua: I sprained my wrist. …Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
Hikaru: Yes.
Kyouya: I was hula hooping.
Kyouya: My sister has me attend a class with her for fun.
Hitachiins: Oh my God.
Kyouya: I’ve mastered all the moves. *pulls out his phone and starts showing them pictures* The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.
Kaoru: *amazed and delighted* Why are you telling us this?
Kyouya: *deleting the pictures* Because no one will ever believe you.
Hikaru: You sick bastard.



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when did jensen develop this habit of scratching his inner thigh whenever misha is brought up