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Pink Guy’s Phone: A Guide

Searching For Frank vs After Frank’s Return 

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Sam Winchester & Rain

This was requested by Anon! I hope you all enjoy <3 <3

Word Count: 489

Warnings: angst & fluff

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You walked slowly down the street as it poured rain, soaking you completely.  You understood that the three of you had a job to do.  However, you thought Sam would take the time to consider your feelings, but apparently he was too caught up in ridding the world of monsters and demons alike.

A sigh left your lips as you continued down the street.  You thought about turning back, but then Sam would forget about the whole argument.  You wanted him to listen and to understand; maybe this was what it would take.

“[Y/N],” Sam shouted from several yards behind you.  “Would you just come back?”

You stopped in your tracks, turning around in a huff of frustration.  “Why so you can continue to ignore me?”  You folded your arms across your chest, shifting your weight to one foot.

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Rowlet noticed there were new messages on the bulletin board.

All About You. Dean Winchester One-Shot.

Title: All About You.

Pairing: Female Reader x Dean.

Prompt: Anon:  hey i’m new to your blog and i love your fics, especially your spn ones! could i request a dean oneshot where reader is his girlfriend but she’s terrified to be near him since he attacked her while possessed. dean feels horrible and tries hard to make it up to her and really fluffy, gentle smut takes place? thank you :D

Triggers: Smut, obvs. Bit of angst. Reader gets knocked out. Sweet, love-making.

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Because- it’s pretty weird how things work out, right? Keith’s still in disbelief, struggling to get a handle on what exactly is conspiring right now; while Lance can’t stop guffawing like an asshole, seal-clapping his hands.

Keith opens his mouth, but appears to lose his train of thought, not realising he’s left it open till Lance, half in tears, markedly points at his own chin.

Keith finally gets it, though. He cracks a smile, uncertain at first, but growing and growing till it covers his whole face, crinkling his lovely eyes. Lance loves it, he loves the way that looks. He loves that he’ll get to see it a hundred thousand times more now.

Fan art for the fic ‘you have received entirely, entirely’ by @berrycoups/loveghost! God the fic killed my soul ;3; I hope I did this moment justice!

Edit: You can now read the fic (maybe again) here!

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Jamilton 28 & 14

A/N: I have work today, but I’m gonna try to sneak in two Jamilton fics. For all of y’all who sent in suggestions: I am working on them! Slowly, but surely… It might take a while because finding inspiration is hard at the moment, but I know a flame’s gonna spark! By the way, this little fic was inspired by another fic @undiscoveredstory wrote. (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“That’s it. We’re cursed.” / “I love you, you asshole.”

“That’s it! We’re cursed!” Alex exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air. The students sitting behind the table cowered away, and others around were staring. Thomas tugged Alex’s shirt, wrapping an arm around him and slowly leading him away.

“Let’s not make a scene,” he mumbled, trying to get him out of the cafeteria before he started his tirade.

Alex was still glaring at the table. “How could you have run out? It’s the day before prom!” Thomas pulled him out the door, taking him away from the cafeteria so he couldn’t just run back inside. Alex huffed and collapsed on a bench, crossing his arms with a pout. “This is bullshit,” he grumbled.

Thomas sat beside him. “Well, it is kind of your fault for waiting last minute.”

“I didn’t have any money, Thomas!” He sighed, covering his face with his hands. “I don’t know if I’ll have enough money to buy it at the door.” He knew that they’d be selling tickets at the door, but that they’d cost ten dollars extra. He only had enough for the discounted couples’ ticket being sold at school. “Once again, your boyfriend has proven himself to be a complete and utter failure.”

Hey.” Thomas placed his hands on his shoulders. “When have you ever once failed at something? Alex, look at me.” He waited for Alex to part his fingers, revealing tears in his eyes. Thomas kissed his forehead. “I know you’re only trying to make this my best prom-”

“It’ll be your only prom. It has to be the best!”

“-but you don’t have to try, Alex. As long as you’re there, it’s going to be the best.” He smiled when his boyfriend looked up at him with wide eyes. “I don’t mind having to pay for the tickets if you can’t afford them.”


Thomas cut him off with a kiss. “Just save it for something else. Lord already knows you spoil me too much.”

Alex sighed, resting his head on his chest. “I just feel like I’ve messed up big time.”

Thomas tilted his chin up. “Alex, you could never do wrong in my eyes. Even if your debate arguments are weak.” He chuckled when Alex glared at him. “You know I’m joking. I love you.” He kissed him again.

“And I love you,” Alex sighed contently, cupping Thomas’ cheek gently. “You asshole.”