i messed up on the first time

“My memories coalesced as these. I’d never thought to give form to my memories, as I’m sure most people don’t. I’d just banish thoughts to the ‘back of my mind’ as everyone does, only to find this room one day when I was exploring idly.” Yami shrugged a shoulder. “My own little box of dirty secrets, I guess.’

Day 19 still wasn’t an idea up until tonight when I was reminded of the beautiful fic “Boxes and Clouds” by all time amazing @kudalyn . And I knew I had to do it. 

This fic I swear… It presents such an interesting concept with the help of amazing headcanons and poetic writing. The first time I read it, I ended up being such an emotional mess and didn’t know what to do with life anymore. So I read it again after I had finished it. Then I wrote a comment that felt waaaaaaaaay too unworthy for such beauty. And then I read it a third time and felt like a sick stalker and that I should probably get a life. 

In short, this is one hell of a beautiful fanfic that I recommend to EVERYONE that enjoys puzzleshipping. Thank you Kuda for blessing us with your writing ♥ My art can never make it justice but damn I tried. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, Imma go to bed and cry some more. I’m too soft for this. 

anonymous asked:

why do people say that neal was older than emma when they were first a couple???

The whole thing is a complicated mess. For one, Neal was in Neverland for a couple of centuries. But I don’t think that’s most people’s issue. In fact, that only ever comes up in arguments after this second one is debunked. Even then, while he may have been a couple of centuries years old, he was a teenager that entire time and therefore, had about the same maturity and understanding of the world as Emma.

When Neal finds the wanted poster with his name on it, there’s some information that states him to be in his 20s. However, all of that information, including birthday and HIS NAME were false. Why? Because Neal wasn’t born in this world. Neal isn’t even his real name. It is likely that he lied about his age, just as he did his name, to obtain jobs and be able to survive. We have no clue how long it was after Neal came to our world that he met Emma.

I honestly think this was a fuck-up on the director/writer’s part. I don’t think they meant for Swanfire to have this age issue. Look at how they portrayed Regina and Leopold, it was quite clear that it was supposed to be creepy. An older man going after a child (especially when his own daughter was just 8 years younger) is obviously wrong. (Though some people stick up for him which I don’t understand…but that’s another rant for another day.)

At the end of the day, they used both JMO and MRJ to play the roles of Baby!Swanfire because they needed us to recognize MRJ as Emma’s love interest when they showed him again. At the time, the actress that portrayed Teen!Emma wasn’t even cast yet (Abby didn’t appear until season 4 if memory serves correctly). They have an issue with using adults to play their teen versions. I hate those manips that show Abby Ross and MRJ because honestly, if they had used a teen actress to play Emma, then they would’ve used a teen actor to play Neal.

And if they hadn’t, then I don’t think anyone in the Swanfire fandom would still ship it. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that considering E/zria shippers exist, but either way.

I am drinking again.

I write it because sometimes the truth
is the ugliest thing to behold -
it is the first fissure in a breaking,
the first crumbling in a falling ruin,
the first hitch of the breath
before a drowning.

It hurts to own up to failure,
to take responsibility 
for the messes you’ve made.

What a bitter thing it is
to belong to yourself,

to not be able to remove
your heart or brain
and say “another, please,
one that works this time”

How sweet it would be
to start again,
to be a clean slate
and become something better
than you were before.

Perhaps that is what I receive 
from writing poetry.

Perhaps my fingers meet the keys
and I find the capacity
to write myself whole again.

My goodness, I just can’t stop thinking about what a mess Adrien would be if he found out Marinette is Ladybug first.



He’s watching her in school with sparkly eyes and she trips and falls and he whispers “so graceful” and Plagg says “lol shouldn’t you help her up?” and Adrien catapults across like five desks to reach her in time.

Adrien Agreste with the knowledge that Marinette is Ladybug = Certified Disaster™ and I’m 1000000% here for this.


Nobody understands Silvy :(

jk, he just likes to do that type of jokes kjsdglfd

Based in a real life conversation/activity I had in a art group. The AfterDeath family was just too perfect for this xD It was something like this:

Geno- A friend, Goth- Me (I drew Mint. My little nightmare), Shino/Sorell- Random people, Raven- Another friend and Silver- Another friend. He just loves Tumblr’s dark humour akjdnlks

I was supposed to finish this yesterday but… I had to study and then I got distracted watching Boku no Hero Academy x’D sorry!

Now credits!

Geno- @loverofpiggies 

Shino- @blue-kohina

Raven- @ask-the-gothfamily

Sorell- @ivywolf777 (This is my first time drawing him. I hope I didn’t messed it up x’d)

Goth/Stick Cat- @nekophy

Silver- Me