i messed up on his mouth

replaying BBS0.2 and I’m just now realizing that when it zooms in on Ven during the trio scene, his eyes. actually. move. a couple times. it’s super subtle and I probably only noticed this time because I was sitting right in front of my tv BUT???

I thought it was strange enough that his eyes were open in the first place if the illusion was just representing his physical self as Aqua remembered him last (like Terra) bECAUSE HIS EYES HAVE NOT OPENED SINCE HE WENT TO SLEEP




I like the idea of Ford being the one to have the most trouble censoring himself around the kids. Meanwhile Stan is just waiting for Ford to mess up again so he has to add another dollar to the new swear jar while Stanley looks smug about it.

And Ford doesn’t know how Stanley manages to never swear, since he remembers young Stan having a sailor’s mouth. So he’s still surprised every time Stanley stubs his toe and shouts “HOT BELGIAN WAFFLES!!”

reasons why Eskild and Noora are basically Isak's parents:

-calling him lazy and telling him his room is a mess

-discussing him as if he isn’t literally sitting in the same room as them

-always in the Know

-sizing up his boyfriend “can’t I come in and say hello?”

-looking delightedly at Isak after being charmed by Even

-“are you just gonna spend the whole day in your room?”

-playful teasing “cute little innocent godchild kitten”

-Isak going to them for serious advice

-forgiving Isak immediately when he puts his foot in his mouth

Derek Hale’s Mature Female Friend

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Summery: Peter tells Stiles about Derek’s old friend, the girl he stole from his nephew when they were younger.

Authors: @bonniebird and @daddyobrienx

Stiles almost crashed into Peter as the huge wolf stopped in the door way and chuckled, not even flinching when a gun was pointed at him.

“Oh hello (Y/N), what a surprise.” Peter sounded anything but surprised. “If you’re going to pretend to kill me again could we do it quickly, Derek’s got himself in a mess and I’m trying to be helpful.” Peter’s sighed had Stiles curiously peaking at the person holding the gun and his mouth dropped open at the sight.

“You’re still an ass.” You snapped and Peter chuckled.

“Hmm yes but you love my ass.” When he smirked, you clicked the gun and Peter quickly put a hand up and lowered your arm. “We both know you won’t shoot me so why don’t you run along and make nice with your hunter friends and see if you can’t find Derek for me.”

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  • Reigen, holding his head in his hands: I messed up guys. I messed up my chances with Serizawa. I opened my mouth for two seconds too long and now I'm going to be alone forever.
  • Shou: what'd you say?
  • Reigen: I said i liked his hair and asked where he got it cut
  • Shou: okay, not too bad. Kinda boring, but--
  • Reigen: I cut his hair last weekend, Suzuki. I was the one who gave him that haircut.
  • Ritsu: smooth
how we live now

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the party in red hook (literally just fluff and happiness and dancing and public kisses)

When they get to the party, Lukas parks his bike against the house, and grabs Philip by the shirt, pulling his helmet off. Philip wipes the hair out of his eyes, making a face.

“I could have done that.” Philip says, arching his brows. Lukas grins.

“But it’s so much fun to mess up your hair.”

“You love my hair.”

“When did I say that?”

“You don’t have to say it.”

“Then how do you know?” Lukas counters, setting his own helmet on the bike’s seat.

“Because you always run your fingers through it when we-“ Lukas places a hand over Philip’s mouth, nose crinkling.

“Fine. Whatever.” Lukas says. Philip tilts his head, giving him a wide grin.

“Embarrassed, Waldenbeck?”

Lukas narrows his eyes, grabs Philip by the shirt, and pulls him against him. He tilts Philip’s chin up with a finger, noses touching.

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The Morning After.

Marauders Era

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader || Sirius Black x Reader || Remus Lupin x Reader ||  Lily Evans x Reader || Severus Snape x Reader .

Warning: Somewhat sexually themed altho not explicitly described.

A/N: I knew that these are more than 3 characters (as stated in the rules) , but I wrote these on my own according so … Ima break my own rules. That doesn’t mean you should, but just a a note, because I probably will do this again in the future. 

Also I tried to keep the reader gender neutral, I hope I justified that idea. 

Please let me know what you all think!

Anyways Enjoy!


- Admin Blue

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Deep Dreaming

Word Count: 1,978
Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: SMUT, wet dream, penetrative sex, unprotected, cursing, licking, multiple orgasms, rough sex

Love Interest: Bucky
Note: I randomly thought of this today what has my life come to lmao

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He turned me over roughly, my stomach pressing against the soft mattress. He brought my hands near my head and pinned them there. I gasped as he thrusted roughly into me, repeating his actions. My hair covered my face, obstructing my view of him. I turned into a moaning mess, and he gently moved the hair away from my face. His pace slowed down, but each thrust was still as hard as before.

I whimpered, biting my lip as he continued to tease me. He did it just enough to keep me horny and keep me wanting so much more. His lips latched onto my neck gently, slowly trailing down to my shoulder. His mouth moved over to a portion of my spine and licked all the way up to the base of my neck. I bit my lip harder, softly whispering out his name. I felt him smirk against me, going faster and harder.

“Bu…Bucky.” I moaned out, gasping.

I heard him moan against the skin of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. His moans fueled my pleasure as much as mine did his. I felt the pleasure rising in me, slowly bubbling up to my brain. He pulled out last minute, earning a whimper from me. He quickly and roughly thrusted back in, only to pull right back out. He repeated his actions until my hands tightly closed around his, and he went faster and harder than before

“Oh, God.” I moaned out, tightly shutting my eyes.

My eyes snapped open as I moaned out his name again, sadly realizing that it was just a dream. A very sexy dream, but a dream nonetheless. I sat up in bed, looking around the empty room, a part of me hoping that he’d just burst through the door. He’s been gone out on a mission with Steve for 2 weeks now, and I’ve missed every inch of him. He’s usually not out for this long, and I’ve been worrying sick.

Worrying about whether he’ll come back.

Worrying if HYDRA captured him.

Worrying if he got hurt.

Worrying if he’s in bad shape.

Worrying if he’s dead.


I know better than to call him first, it could potentially blow his cover or give his position away. So, instead, I’m forced to wait for his call. He calls when he has the time, or he’ll text me if he’s okay but I’m not allowed to text back unless he says otherwise. I felt tears brim my eyes as I got out of the bed and put my slippers on. I lazily walked to the kitchen as I hugged myself, trying my best not to cry. I just want to know he’s okay.

I just want to feel him on me, his arms hugging my waist as he kissed my neck. His sleeping head adorably placed on my stomach when I wake up in the morning. I want to wake up to him kissing me again. I want to feel him inside of me, him biting my skin. I want to feel him pounding into my mercilessly. I want to hear his small little moans of pleasure. I want to feel him pin me to the wall and kiss me.

I picked up my cup of tea, quickly heading back into the safety and comfort of my room. Last night I put on one of his shirts, it made me feel a little better. The scent of his cologne helps me sleep at night and put my mind at ease. Apparently it worked a little too well, considering the dream I had. I smiled a little as I remembered it, wishing he’d just come through the door and take me right fucking now.

I sat back on the bed, setting my cup on the counter so it could cool down a bit. My eyes grazed over the picture of the two of us, and I picked it up. My thumb grazed over the frame as I took it in. I sighed as I set it back down, biting my lip as I looked at the nightstand. I kept all of my toys in the bottom drawer, but I rarely used the vibrators anymore. Usually Bucky and I were horny at the same time, so there was never really a use for it anymore.

Plus, when he’d be out on a mission with Steve he’d usually be back within a few days, sometimes a week on rare occasions. I looked at the drawer for another moment before opening it and taking out my favourite vibrator. I wiggled off my underwear before laying down. I usually just slept in a shirt and underwear, I wasn’t a fan of pj’s unless I was sick or cold. I turned it on and closed my eyes, slowly shoving it into me.

I moaned loudly, arching my back as I slowly went faster. I slid my free hand up to my breast, biting my lip. I turned up the speed on the vibrator, my hands having already memorized the locations of the switches. I gasped as the heat in the room grew, slowly reaching my climax. I moaned softly, picturing Bucky on top of me instead of the vibrator. I moaned out his name, and then suddenly the vibrator was taken away from me. My eyes snapped open, and Bucky exhaled loudly, whistling slightly.

“That,” His eyebrows raised, “Almost drove me nuts.”

“Bucky?” I asked, instantly hugging him.

“Hey, Doll.” He hugged me tightly, burying his neck into my hair.

“You don’t know how much I missed you.” I spoke into his shirt.

“I think I got a pretty good idea just now.” He said, and I could feel him smirk, “Any particular reason why you couldn’t wait for me?”

“I kind of had this wet dream about you just now and you’ve been gone for like two weeks and I-” He cut me off be kissing me.

“Well, I’m here now.” He spoke into my ear, his voice deep.

He kissed along my jawline and down to my neck, leaving love bites as he did so. I bit my lip, moaning softly as he slowly brought the both of us down onto the bed. He pulled away to take off his shirt, and I took that time to remove mine as well. He instantly went back to my collar bone, slowly biting down my torso. My hands tangled themselves in his hair as he stopped under my belly button.

I looked down at him and he smirked as he licked and kissed his way to my hip bone. Once he was there he bit down roughly, earning a squeal from me and a chuckle from him. He slowly went back up to my breasts, and I could tell he was teasing me at this point. His mouth latched onto my nipple, and I arched my back in pleasure. I could feel him smile lightly as my massaged the other one. 

“Fuck, Bucky.” I whispered out as he switched sides.

“What, Babydoll?” He asked as he bit down, “Want a little more?”

“Oh, God, yes. I want so much more.” I said desperately, begging for him to be inside me

“Tell me what you want, Babydoll.” He demanded, going back up to my neck.

“I want to feel your dick fill me up. I want you to fuck me mercilessly. I want you to pin me to the bed and use me. I want you to make me cum until I pass out. I want you to-FUCK!” I shouted as he roughly shoved himself inside of me.

My back arched as he pounded into me mercilessly, pulling my hair so my back was stuck in an arch. My breasts bounced violently, and he attacked my breasts. He bit down hard, earning a whimper from me. He moaned out deeply, and I felt myself get pushed farther over the edge. My moans came quick and whimpered as he let go of my hair and instead put his arms around my back and lifted me up slightly.

The feeling of me dangling there helplessly while he pounded into me sent me over the edge. I gripped his arms as my orgasm overrode my brain, my nails dinging into the skin of his flesh arm. He moaned out as my walls tightened against his dick. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and my back tensed. I moaned out loudly, gripping tighter onto his arms. Once I came back down to earth, I let go of his arms.

He lifted me up fully, and threw me back onto the bed. My stomach hit the soft mattress, and I bounced back up a bit. Bucky came right behind me and pinned my arms behind my back with his metal arm, and brought my ass up with his flesh one. He shoved himself into me without warning, and thrusted deep, hard, and fast. My hands closed into a fist as he moved the hair away from my face and pressed my head into the mattress.

I moaned loudly as I felt myself getting pushed into another orgasm. He pulled out, and instead rubbed his dick against my clit. I bit my lip and whimpered, he knew exactly what he was doing. He moaned out as I wiggled my hips, wanting to feel him inside of me again. He abruptly shoved himself back into me and I cried out in pleasure. I shuttered out a breath, feeling another orgasm shoot it’s way through my body.

I tensed up, pleasure overriding my mind once again. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and my breath hitched. I moaned out as I came back down to Earth and he pulled out of me. He let go of my arms, and lifted me up then shoved me onto the wall that the headboard of the bed touched. My body trembled, partly from cumming twice and partly from the pleasure that he was creating.

He roughly pressed he tightly against the wall, pinning my hands to the wall with his. He interlocked fingers with me as he roughly shoved himself inside of me. I cried out and his flesh hand released mine, and covered my mouth so my moans were muffled. I felt him tense up for a moment, and then it was gone. I brought my hand down to my clit, and rubbed it violently. I moaned rapidly as a new form of pleasure was sent through me.

He moaned deeply and rapidly, biting my shoulder. The sound of the headboard slamming against the wall I was on only fueled my pleasure. I felt him tense up, and he bit my shoulder again, this time rougher than before. He licked the spot he bit before biting down on it again. My voice raised an octave as I felt myself reach an orgasm harder than the other two that I had.

“Fuck, Y/n, I’m going to fucking cum.” He said, tensing up again.

I felt him shoot into me just as I reached my own orgasm. I shuttered as my eyes rolled into the back of my head, my walls clutching the dick that was inside of me. He moaned louder than before, his thrusts now slower but still hard. The headboard slammed one final time before he pulled out of me, and stepped back enough for me to collapse onto the bed. I felt him lay beside me, his arms wrapped around my waist and his head resting on my stomach.

“Was that as good as your dream, Babydoll?” He asked with a smile and I breathlessly chuckled.

“That, Bucky, was so much fucking better.” I said, still out of breath, “But now I’m tired.”

“You can’t go to bed without taking a shower.” He said lowly, kissing my stomach.


stressed namjoon for this nice anon.

i know i said i was gonna post in a few days but i actually figured out how i wanted to do it today so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so many things had happened to namjoon that day that he was just hanging by a thread. he accidentally messed up a huge part of a new song, which he had to spend hours fixing. he spilled coffee on the keyboard and had to move to yoongi’s studio for a bit, and on top of that had to deal with some smart ass intern who wouldn’t keep his mouth shut. he loved you and missed you, but it was all too much. so he snapped, and unfortunately, it was at you. you were totally taken aback and hurt, and decided to just let him cool down. namjoon immediately felt bad about letting his feelings get the best of him. as soon as he sent the text, he knew he fucked up. he kept calling you but you just kept declining, so as soon as he got off work, he came to your place with flowers. he mumbled his apology, hugging you tightly. after a while, you finally accepted it, kissing him sweetly, then proceeding to punch him in the arm as hard you could for payback.

hope you like this 💓

- admin e

Stealing The Bite Pt. 4

Word Count:

Genre: Angst, Smut

You swiped a finger through the mess and tasted it, “Hmm, delicious. I’ll have you cumming in my mouth next time.” He groaned and leaned down to kiss you but you pushed him off, standing up and heading for the adjoining room, “I expect you to be here tomorrow morning with the details of the person I will impersonate.” You call out, not sparing him a backward glance. He was left to collect his wits and adjust his clothes, thinking about what he has gotten himself into, as the sound of running water and your soft humming floated to his ears through the closed door.

You were perched on a seat in the far corner of the colossal celebration hall, observing everything around you with wide-eyed wonder. The guests hardly batted an eye at the extravagant decorations, but you on the other hand have never seen such splendor before in your life. You wanted to shake them out of their haughty stupor and make them acknowledge the splendidness around them, have them say that, yes, they too are astonished.

Everyone present was a mixture of every color and form, all wearing rich fabrics and lavish jewelry. Clothes of every shape and design, styles you’ve never even heard of. You yourself weren’t any less striking, clad in a dress soft as a lover’s caress, the satin showing not a hint of a crease. The color was that of the purest emerald, Taehyung’s favorite, and clasped around your neck was the magnificent spotted coat of a black panther that Taehyung had hunted down himself.

You were assuming the form of the Lady Tiye, a noblewoman whose roof Taehyung had stayed under during his six month visit to the Amarna lands. She was the perfect disguise. The king and queen knew of her enough not to question her presence, but not enough to know her face or much else about her. Taehyung had come to your room early this morning and stayed there, describing every detail of her and making sure you immolated her perfectly. He left before anyone could notice he was missing. Left alone in your room, you stood in front of the mirror, staring at your new form for a good while, awestruck by the woman’s beauty. She had silky flowing black hair, dark piercing eyes, and luscious full lips. Her body was a perfect hourglass figure, her breasts ample and her legs long and slender.

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Going Nowhere

Requests: “Could you maybe do a chill day with kol (and smut). Where you both are just at home watching TV and Messing eith eachother and then you Make love ??? That would be sooooo nice of you Love your imagines by the way.” 

“Get off of me.” You giggled and tried pushing Kol away. He wrapped his arms and legs around you, snuggling you into staying on the sofa with him. “Kol! You’re crushing me!” You squeaked, squirming from his hold and pushing him down on the pillows, pinning his hands above his head. 

He grinned up at you. “I’ve always liked a female on top.” He joked. You laughed and kissed him passionately, humming into his mouth with your hands still holding his above his head. 

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Imagine Finnick being your first kiss.

You couldn’t help the heat that creeped up your cheeks as Finnick approached you. You hated that he had such an effect on you. You hated that his charms worked on you just as well as anyone else. You hated that his smile made your insides melt, that he could reduce you to an awkward mess with just a look.

“Good morning, [f/n]. I trust you’re doing well?” Finnick stopped in front of you and popped a sugar cube into his mouth.

You averted your gaze and nodded shortly.

Finnick followed your eyes, ducking his head to your level, “Are we feeling quiet today?”

You let out a squeak of surprise as Finnick pressed his lips against yours in a quick but firm kiss. You could taste the sugar on his lips as you pulled away, wide-eyed. “What was that for?”

Finnick grinned, “So you do have a tongue,” he chuckled. “Just wanted to make sure it was still there.”

Gif Credit: Finnick

Auston Matthews - Part 17

Big decisions…. 

By the time we break away from each other, there’s several more stars behind Auston and his hair is a rumpled mess.

“Sorry, I might have gone a little overboard,” I say softly, doing my best to flatten his hair back out.

Auston laughs and grabs my hand from his hair and brings it to his mouth, kissing my knuckles and my belly clenches in response.

“Do we have to go back to the house?” He asks, his eyes trailing to my exposed neck again, although it’s a bit red in places. “I’ve waited to do that since I was sixteen years old,” he whispers, his fingers under my jaw, tilting my face up so he can peck me on the lips once more.

His words warm me even more and I smile against his lips.

“Really? Cause I’ve wanted to do that for the last four or five days,” I tease before pulling away.

Auston gives me that smile again and grabs my hand, pulling me into a sitting position. I look around and find the inner tube we rode just a few feet away.

“Least we still have a ride the rest of the way down,” I say, reaching over and pulling the tube over to us.

“You could have rode me,” Auston says, getting to his feet and grinning down at me.

“Oh my god, Auston!” I snap, my cheeks could melt the snow beneath me.

“You could have rode me while yelling that,” he adds, helping me to my feet and I smack his chest.

“Stop that!” I scold. “What if your mother heard you say that?”

Auston quirks an eyebrow at me, a devilish grin on his face. “She isn’t here now,” he says his eyes traveling down my body, although I’m not sure how desirable I look in snow pants and a winter jacket.

“As charming as that sounds, we need to go before someone comes looking for us,” I say, trying to keep a straight face.

Auston gives me an exaggerated, disappointed sigh and flops down on the tube, holding his arms to me and this time I climb much more willingly onto his lap.  

The rest of the ride down the hill goes much smoother and I begin to wonder if it was actually our combined weight earlier that made us crash or if Auston purposely made us. Once we get everything put away, we make our way to the snow mobile and we glance at each other.

“I enjoyed my ride earlier,” Auston says after a moment of measuring each other up.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” I mutter, putting my helmet on and straddling the sled. “Let’s go.” I rev the engine and he laughs, climbing on behind me, much closer than need be, and wraps his arms around my waist.  

We beat Alex and Breyana to the house and are quickly recruited by Mr. and Mrs. Matthews to help pack up the car to go back to Toronto. I help downstairs before going to my room and getting my things together and stripping the sheets off the bed. I can hear when Alex and Breyana arrive and quietly close my door before they come up the stairs.

I go to the window and sit on the bench in front of it, staring outside at the sunset just visible behind the trees. Thankfully I’ve been able to avoid being questioned by Auston about what I’m going to do and I feel a sense of relief that we have a two hour ride back to Toronto where he won’t be able to ask. I remain in the room until I hear Mrs. Matthews calling me from the stairs that it’s time to go.

I throw on my coziest sweater that my mom packed and grab my headphones from my purse before climbing into the middle seat with Auston. This time I don’t mind the distance between us, I put my headphones on and pull my legs up to my chest, curled into a ball against the door. Alex says something to me but I pretend not to hear her.

Guilt begins to gnaw at me once we are half an hour into the drive. I can feel every time that Auston looks at me and I know exactly what’s going through his head. I glance into the backseat to see Breyana into whatever show she’s watching on her phone and Alex is passed out. I twist in my seat, my body now facing Auston and I stretch a leg out, just barely grazing his leg with my calf, but it’s enough to get his attention and I nudge him once. He meets my gaze and I nudge him again, leaning my head against the headrest and giving him a soft smile.

Auston doesn’t smile back but I can see his expression soften and he grabs my ankle, pulling my leg onto his lap. I take that as a good sign and spend the next hour and a half staring out the sunroof, very aware of the small circles Auston is making on the bare skin of my ankle with his thumb. What am I going to do?

I start complying a list of pros and cons of each of my options and instead of making anything easier, it feels like I’m slowly ripping my heart into pieces. I let out a frustrated sigh which Mrs. Matthews hears me and looks back at me.

“Everything alright, dear?” She asks, motherly concern plain on her face.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I say quietly and Auston squeezes my ankle, but I ignore him.

A few minutes outside of Toronto my phone vibrates on my lap.

Talk tonight. No excuses.

Go figure, it’s from Auston. I want to argue and tell him I just want to go to bed but I know that won’t fly.


               Once we get back to Auston’s apartment, I am quick to avoid him, helping bring everything upstairs and then shut myself in the bathroom to shower. I ponder if I can just pretend to fall asleep, he wouldn’t dare come out into the living room and get me if his sisters are there. Right as I step out of the shower, my phone vibrates with another message from Auston.

               Don’t even bother pretending to fall asleep. Ill just wake u.

               How does he do that?

               I snap my phone back down on the counter and stare at myself in the mirror. A normal person would be exhausted from the lack of sleep I’ve gotten the last week, but as someone who spends most of her nights awake in her backyard, there’s not a dark circle to be seen. However, there’s a miserable look about my expression that even I can see. I’m ninety percent sure about what I’m going to choose, even if I don’t feel confident in said choice and it makes me miserable.

               After dressing and brushing out my hair, I peek out of the bathroom and see Mr. and Mrs. Matthews’ door is already shut, meaning they already went to bed. My stomach plummets and I desperately hope that Alex and Breyana don’t fall asleep right away. I make my way out into the living room and immediately feel Auston’s eyes on me from his seat in the chair next to Breyana. Avoiding his gaze I climb over Alex into my spot on the end and sit up with my back against the couch portion of the pullout.

               Grabbing my pillow, I pull my knees to my chest and push the pillow to the bottom half of my face and instantly my senses are overloaded by the smell of Auston. I find some comfort in that and relax a little, but still my head whirls around what I’m supposed to say to him later.

               The four of us watch T.V. in silence for a while until Auston announces he’s going to bed. I peek at him as he stands and he meets my gaze, unsmiling. I quickly look away and focus on the T.V. To my dismay, Breyana instantly falls asleep the second I hear Auston close his door. I quickly get Alex’s attention and engross her in a meaningless conversation, but it doesn’t last long and she too drifts off to sleep. I sit there for several minutes unsure about what I’m supposed to do, the T.V. switches off, it’s sleep timer ending.

               Almost instantly there’s a message on my phone screen and I make a face at it.

               I heard the tv turn off, are they asleep?


               I lie and I watch my screen anxiously, hoping and praying he just goes to bed.

               Liar. If ur not in here within 2 minutes im coming out there.

               I fidget in my spot, he wouldn’t really come out here, would he? Probably. I hesitate another minute before slowly standing up and watch Alex and Breyana to make sure their breathing doesn’t change. I slowly back down the hallway towards Auston’s room and keep my eyes on them, almost hoping they do wake up and ask me what the hell I’m doing.

               Unfortunately, I’m not that lucky and soon find myself outside Auston’s bedroom. I’m not sure whether to knock or not but I decide against it and slowly open the door and slip in. Almost instantly Auston’s hands are on my face, pulling me in for a rough kiss. Oh, okay.

               “I thought I did something wrong,” he finally mutters against my lips after breaking away from me.

               “What? Why?” I ask, trying to catch my breath.

               “You haven’t talked to me since the hill, I thought maybe you regretted kissing me earlier or something,” he responds and I can see embarrassment on his face which melts my heart.

               “Auston,” I whisper before closing the distance between us and meeting his lips with my own. I press against him and realize he isn’t wearing a shirt and I take the opportunity to do a little exploring with my hands. Auston presses me back against the door with a thud and we both freeze, listening for any sounds in the living room. After we hear nothing but silence, Auston pulls away from me.  

               “Are you trying to distract me?” Auston asks, his eyes wandering down to my stomach and I realize my shirt had ridden up, my hands quickly pull it back down and I turn scarlet again.

               “I didn’t do that! You did by pushing all up against me!” I snap, still pulling at my shirt even though it’s back in its proper place.

               “Hey, only fair. Shirt for a shirt,” he teases me and my eyes instantly travel down his torso.

               “Nope, not a chance,” I grumble and look past him into his room. It’s much like the living room, the feeling of Arizona is here as well. There’s pictures on his dresser and on the walls and I can’t help but smile at them, the majority have his family smiling around him. I brush my finger against the frame of the picture from his draft day.

               “Your mom called me that day. I could barely understand her, she was crying and switching between English and Spanish,” I smile at the memory. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard her more proud.”

               Auston stands just behind me, looking at the picture as well, a smile playing on his face.

               “Still, I meant what I said, I’m pretty sure she loves you more than me,” Auston says, teasing me.

               I laugh and shake my head, “Not a chance.”

               We talk a few more minutes about a couple other pictures and then we settle down on his bed, facing each other. At first he seems a bit distracted by me being on my bed and I can see the change in his eyes.

               “No,” I say, putting my finger in front of my face, trying to be stern. “No touching or kissing until later.” He pouts at me for a moment and his normal expression is back.

               “What do you really want to do?” He asks and I know this time it’s serious talk.

               “I honestly don’t know,” I start. “I wasn’t exaggerating the other day. I truly am terrified at the very thought of leaving home. I know it’s stupid but even being away for more than a few days I get homesick,” I pause a moment and realize with a pang that I haven’t been homesick all week. Before I can think much more about it, Auston cuts in.

               “It’s not stupid. I get it,” he says. “I never realized that I always had my mom with me no matter where I went, so I never had to miss home.”

               I smile at him since he isn’t looking at me, it’s beyond adorable how much he loves her.

               “In the car tonight, I was making a list of pros and cons for both staying in Ann Arbor and coming to Toronto,” I tell him quietly, criss-crossing my legs and pick at the blanket beneath me with my hands.  

               “And? How did that go?” He asks, also watching my fingers work against the blanket.

               “Horrible, I only have one con for one and about fifteen for the other, it’s an obvious decision but I just… don’t know,” I trail off with a sigh. Auston remains silent, waiting for me to go on.

               “I’m terrified, Auston. Never in my life have I ever thought I would fail at anything, I thought I was a person who could take chances and would know the outcome. There’s so much pressure on all sides, my parents think I’m this brilliant girl who can just absorb information and keep it. They don’t realize how hard I’ve had to work, the hours spent studying and missing out on typical college student things. Did you know I’ve never once been to a party?” I’m starting to ramble again, but he doesn’t stop me.

               “I’m worried that if I come here, within a few years I’m going to get burnt out. This is quite literally all I know, but I don’t want it to be work. I want to be able to go to either work or class and not counting the minutes until I get to leave. At home I get that freedom, I’m just going to classes and working on other things in my spare time. I don’t have the pressure of keeping a scholarship or the possibility of letting so many people down. I can’t have a job that requires me to stay all day and put everything I have into it because I don’t have much right now.” I can feel tears threatening to flow over and I angrily swipe at my eyes. Auston waits a moment to make sure I’m done to speak.

               “Y/N,” he starts, putting his hand on mine and pulling it away from his face. “I’ll be honest and tell you that I know the bare minimum of what you’re going through right now. But I’ll tell you what my mom has told me about you and what I’ve learned about you the past five days. You are everything that your parents think you are; brilliant, passionate, dedicated beyond belief… You self-taught yourself until you got to college and when you got there everyone was a hundred miles behind you.

               Mom said after your first day you called her and told her that your professors didn’t know what to do with you because there was nothing left for them to teach you. I don’t think many people can say that’s happened to them in their lifetime. Even now, when you’re supposed to be on vacation, every time you walk by a window you look at the sky, every time you step outside it’s all you see. Y/N, you even do it in the daytime and I can see your eyes going back and forth knowing exactly where, in a few hours, certain things are going to be. It’s amazing. I’m not going to tell you what to do by any means and I don’t have any advice on what to do, but I am going to tell you to remember that you are that brilliant girl that your parents think you are, that my parents think you are. Because you deserve to think of yourself that way, you’ve earned it. You have earned everything that has been offered to you.”

               I sit there staring at him in rapt silence, my fingers have stopped picking at the blanket and even the tears in my eyes seem frozen. I open my mouth to talk, but nothing comes out.

               Auston watches me, eyebrows raised. “What? Didn’t think I had that side to me?”

               “No, no!” I finally splutter out, coming to my senses. “I just… I didn’t expect that.”

               “I told you,” Auston chuckles. “Mom talks about you every time she calls me, I know a lot more about you as a person than you realize. I know you’re the type of person that holds everything in because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Venting is a good thing, makes you think about things before you say them and what not.”

               “So, you’re just being one of those therapists that pretends to write down what I’m saying and eventually I figure out the problem myself?” I ask, raising my eyebrows at him.

               “Yep, pretty much,” he says, giving me a grin and flipping through the channels on his T.V.

               “So… I can go to bed now?”

               “I would prefer you didn’t,” Auston says and I can’t help but smile.

               “Why not?”

               “Because this will most likely be the last time we can be alone together until you go home, either to pack your things or to stay for good,” Auston says, not even looking up from the T.V.

               I realize with a pang that he’s right and I move closer to him, leaning back like he is and we spend the next two hours talking, laughing and poking fun at each other in quiet voices. Auston eventually drifts off to sleep, and I can’t help but watch him. His bruises have already faded and his breathing is even and surprisingly calming.

               Once the clock turns to three in the morning, I slip off the bed as quietly as I can. I’m almost to the door when I hear him behind me.

               “Y/N?” He asks and I turn around, his eyes are still closed but his head is turned in my direction.

               “Yes?” I whisper back.

               “It’s later,” he mumbles and I can see the smirk on his face from here.

               Moving back to the bed, I lean down over him and kiss the hollow of his throat, trailing soft kisses up his throat and jaw, finally reaches his mouth where I give him another gentle kiss.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I whisper, but he’s already asleep again, the soft smile still in place.

               I make my way into the living room and consider getting back into bed with Alex and Breyana, but instead find myself sitting in a chair by the window, my eyes scanning the sky, thinking about everything that was said in the last three hours.

               My eyes stay trained on the North Star and I wish beyond belief that for once I wasn’t being pulled in two very opposite directions.  

Fools: a Mark fic

Chapter 1

AN: This one is for @annetle, @itchickadee, and all my Mark girls.

Only fools fall for you.

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NCT U reactiom to their crush’s popsicle breaking in her mouth


Anon: HELLO SUNSHINE! how would NCT U react to their crush casually eating a popsicle and it breaks in her mouth?

Hi! Here is your request! I didn’t know how to approach this - was it supposed to be sexual or…..? Anywho, I hope yo like it nevertheless x


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His eyes would widen slightly when he saw you struggling with an ice cold popsicle in your mouth, your hands flying over your mouth in attempt to hide what was going on. Taeil wouldn’t know what to do and what to say, only reacting when your started flapping your hands at him to grab a napkin to clean the mess up. Even afterwards, he wouldn’t know what to do so could be a little awkward.


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Taeyong seems like the guy to always be staring in admiration at his crush/gf/bf, so I think he would’ve predicted it to have happened. He’d wait patiently, smirking at you when it did happen and chuckling at your idiotness. “Only something like this could happen to you”, he’d reach forward, and pull a bold move by wiping your mouth and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.


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This boy would start laughing at you in your state, your eyes wide in panic. You weren’t expecting this to happen and very quickly blushing at your awkward position. This was a very weird situation for you, embarrassing on your behalf. Doyoung would quickly stop when he saw your eyebrows furrow, reaching for napkins and thrusting them into your open hands, apologising.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

To be honest, it would happen to him too. He’d have his own popsicle in hand, as he giggled at you and gasped as some sticky, colourful ice slid down your chin. However, when he wine in to carry on enjoying his popsicle, it’d also break in his mouth and he’d freeze, unable to function and would sit there laughing with you, both of you covered in stickiness.


Originally posted by zeusmayo

He’d already be laughing at you when you started eating the popsicle, pointing out that you were too “old” to be eating one. Of course, it’d just make him laugh harder when it broke in your mouth. He wouldn’t be able to stop his mind from wandering off and imagining something a little dirty, only making him fall to the floor to cry with laughter even more. You’d just sit there, confused, and innocent.


Originally posted by lovingnct

At first, he’d laugh but then he stop, remembering that this was his crush here and he had to be their knight in shining armour. Quickly shutting his mouth, he’d rush to grab something to wipe your mouth with and would be very mature and sweet about the situation. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t bring it up later to tease you about it again though.

Heath Ledger Joker X Reader

Hello guys as promised here is a fan fiction with Ledger’s joker! Enjoy 

“Well well look what you’ve gone and done” Joker walked round kicking the liquor bottles around our run down apartment. “You’ve gone and made quite the mess of yourself” I looked up at him my eyes heavy and blood shot from drinking my night away. His make-up was beginning to smear off of his face, he had his knife drawn and paced the room frantically. “What did this accomplish for you huh?” He waved his arms before bending down and gently slapping my face multiple times. “Come on walk up, wake up” I coughed the taste of blood stinging my mouth. My head had become so heavy causing my vision to fade in and out. I attempted to focus on the book shelf we kept next to the bed. All of our favorites where there, Hemingway, Orwell, Marx. The same books he would read to me with such excitement in his eyes then once I would fall asleep he would drag his icy finger-tips a crossed my forehead brushing the hair out of my face. He hated it when he couldn’t see my facial expression. He looked down on me now, his face blurry with an expression of worry? I couldn’t tell. My hand softly reached out for him but I lost consciousness just before I could reach his shoes. 


I woke up no our tattered futon, blankets laid over me and a glass of water on the night stand. I didn’t expect Joker to be there but when I turned my head to the left he was there staring out of the window watching the snow fall lightly onto the city we both hated so much. His shoulders were hunched over completely exposed by his lack of shirt. The only clothes on him were the purple dress pants from the night before. His tongue moved inside of his mouth as he traced the inside of his cheek mapping out the ragged scars that lined each corner of his face Whenever something began to trouble him he would chew at them attempting to break the cuts back open.“What are you thinking about?” I said weakly trying to save him from himself. He slightly turned his head my direction then focused back outside. 

He didn’t like alcohol or any drugs of any kind. ‘it makes you.. weak’ he would growl while wandering off onto one of his tangents. I would just sit there and listen cooking that night meals or sowing a new suit for his night-time activities nodding along politely. By getting shit faced he would view this as the ultimate act of betrayal  keeping me around was already difficult enough on him emotionally and physically. I was a liability and his only weakness. I something got to me it would tear the center out of him and vice versa. Now though he would worry about me transforming into them as he so kindly refereed to our fellow gothamites. He had got me mentally where he wanted me to be. I wasn’t allowed to go out with him during his life in the underworld but he knew I understood his beautiful logic and that must have been enough for him. I smiled reminiscing on how strange of a man he really was.

 I brushed back my long blonde hair and sat up struggling. He was to my side in an instant resting his hand in the small of my back. I smiled but he averted his green eyes away from my blue colored ones. I dropped the smile noticing his demeanor was coming off as hurt. “J I’m sorry” I said tenderly touching his shoulder. He rejected me getting up and pacing on the floors of our small studio.. again. “No you knew very well what you were doing.. Y/n… You just couldn’t resist it could you? Did the color of the liquid seduce you?” He was frantically moving his hands avoiding looking into my face. 

I was at a lost for words feeling so stupid. He had treated me extremely well, provided a roof over my head, food to eat and I went ahead and broke his heart. His rant went on for a good couple of minutes but I wasn’t listening until he calmed down and sat back down in his spot by the window. “How can I make it better?” I said hoping he wouldn’t go off again. He just grunted folding his arms humming a song to himself. “Come here baby” I grinned holding both of my arms out longing for his intelligent touch he had so thoughtfully given me many days and nights before. He wouldn’t budge I became angry springing up from the bed quickly I grabbed the clothes I left on the floor and began to put them on struggling. “Oh what now” He said stepping closer to me scratching his right foot with his left exposing the bottom of his feet which had become brownish in color from not wearing socks. I looked at him wildly. “I’m leaving, all I do is upset you I won’t do it anymore” He rolled his eyes smoothly he snaked around me hugging me from behind.  “Now when did I ever say that? hmm?” I shook my head breaking away from him. “you don’t have to say it J” 

I walked towards the door slipping on my shoes. At first I struggled with them because they had grown to small over the years I had worn them but I got them with patience. I looked at him he was picking at his scars wincing in pain as he tore them open slightly. “J!” I said diving on the bed to grab his hands. He laughed.. “It’s not a joke” I said holding his hand in mine looking down at them. They were soft yet scarred by years of violence. At that moment I realized I was the only one on the entire planet that gave a shit about those hands, about him. He laughed again as if hearing my thoughts. “As if there was some possibility you could actually leave” 

His grin mocked me but inside we both knew that he was glad I was still here. Smiling I  nervously I pressed my lips to his letting him push back on me. He let his hands roam free on my body finding their way to the usual spot on my hips. He smiled pulling away but stayed close enough to tease my lips.  “And everything is a joke if you think long enough about it” I smirked shutting him up with another kiss feeling him grin as I climbed on top of him.  

I will not be continuing this unless there is a request to do so :) 

The next part of circus will be out soon! Thanks for reading! To be Continued! Same Bat-tiime Same Bat-channel!

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The Boy I Love ~ Jughead Jones Imagine

Request: A Jughead x Reader where they’re just laying around listening to music and being all cuddly. I sat at my bedroom desk, my eyes scanning through the history textbook that sat in front of me, I had a huge test at the end of the week and I wanted to study just a little bit more to make sure I would be ready. I looked up slightly from my book at the sound of music flowing through the room and I turned my head to see my boyfriend of eight months, Jughead Jones messing around with my phone on my bed. Jughead looked up at me once he noticed my eyes were on him, one corner of his mouth turned up slightly in his usual smirk, “Can I help you?” I rolled my eyes at the antisocial writer, “I’m trying to study.” I said, turning back to my desk and looking down at my textbook once again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jughead rising from his spot in my bed, and the sound of footsteps before his chin appeared in my shoulder as he kissed my cheek, I tried my best to ignore as I continued reading about World War I. The music from my phone was still playing as Jughead wrapped my hair around his fingers, turning me around in my spinning chair so that I was now facing him. He kneeled down in front of me, his warm hands on my forearms, and I could smell his mint toothpaste as he spoke, ‘I love you,(Y/N).“ Jughead said before pushing his lips against mine, instantly bringing me to a place that was safe and warm. “I love you too, Jughead Jones.” I managed to speak out, before the boy I loved pulled me into a another kiss.

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Late Nights - Peter Parker x reader

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Peter is up too late and the reader just wants him to go to bed; this is straight fluff

Warnings: None

I sat on the counter of Peter’s kitchen as he messed around with his newest invention in his room. May had gone out for the night, Peter convinced her she was working far too hard and needed a break. So now here I was, sitting in my oversized pajama shorts adorned with knee high socks and Peter’s oh so clever, ‘Find X’ shirt. I held the hot cup of tea up to my mouth, smelling the sweet scent of green tea. I closed my eyes in complete bliss also somewhat due to exhaustion till I heard a line of curse words tumble out of Peter’s mouth. I snapped my eyes open and eased off of the counter, putting down the cup.

I leaned against the doorframe as I watched Peter’s mutter complaints lowly. His new invention dispensing fluid that solidified after being released from the gadget, but the fluid didn’t go nearly as far as Peter had projected it. “You need more pressure inside of this, more of a build up, along with a sleeker release.” Peter’s head snapped up to look at me, a ring of black underneath his eyes, his hair was moved into all different directions. “But you can do that in the morning, Pete, come on, it’s 2 in the morning.” I pleaded while beginning to walk into the room. Peter’s hands immediately went into his hair, “I want to get this done tonight though. It’s just so frustrating.” His fist left his hair to hit the desk in front of him causing it to shake. “I know, I know. How about you write out some of your ideas on how to better it, then we go to sleep, you can clear your mind some and then we’ll try again with it tomorrow.” I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, I placed a kiss onto the crown on his head. Peter sighed in defeat and melted back into me. He nodded as I let go of him to curl up in his bed since I could hardly hold my eyes open anymore.

Peter’s POV

I glanced over my shoulder to see Y/N going to lay on my bed, rubbing her eyes sleepily. “Wait, come here and sit in my lap till I’m done working.” I pushed myself away from the desk so she could make herself comfortable. Her side was leaned into me, her legs thrown over the arm of the chair and her arms placed around my neck. I continued scribbling into my notebook trying to figure out how to properly fix this web shooter. Y/N placed kisses along my jawline and cheek causing me to smile. Though after a few minutes, her grip on me started to ease as she slipped into unconsciousness. I was done in around 20 minutes or so and was feeling rather confident about the notes I had made. I had also felt relaxed due to Y/N being in my arms. She was so peaceful when she was asleep, in the most vulnerable state possible. Freckles littered her face that were typically covered by makeup at any other time, her lips pouted as they always were whenever she was sleeping. My shirt loosely clinging to her figure. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I pressed a kiss against her forehead as I glanced back to the web shooter then towards the clock blinking 2:34AM back at me. I leaned over and turned off my lamp before sliding my arms under Y/N to put her into bed.

I put her down first, covering her up with the blankets on the bed. I turned to my door and went to go turn off the light in the kitchen “Come to bed, please.” Y/N’s voice broke the silence. I switched off the light and walked back into my room pushing her hair out of her face. “Let me change, sweetheart. Okay?” I moved to my dresser to pull out a pair of pajama pants as she hummed out, “Mhm… Peter?” Her quiet voice spoke out again, “Yeah, baby?” I pulled up my pants and shuffled towards my bed suddenly feeling tired. “I love you.” Her voice sounded soft and tired, “I love you too.” I smiled as my whole body felt warm. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, ensuring that she would feel just as warm and safe before we both drifted off to sleep.  


♡ can we talk for a second about phil doing something to piss dan off so dan decides to ignore him all day. and when phil has dan pinned to the bed phil is BEGGING to make it up to dan.

♡ “let me make it up to you”

♡ “im sorry baby”

♡ “please stop ignoring me”

♡ “i can make you feel really good”

♡ “you wont regret forgiving me”

♡ his voice goes to a low mumble, almost inaudible.

♡ “want you in my mouth”

♡ “wanna taste you”

♡ at this point dan is a squirming mess but he still says no. that is until phil digs right into dans neck.

♡ hes kissing and nibbling at his collar bones, down to his chest when he looks up and sees dan smiling.

♡ “so?”

♡ dan pauses and wipes the smile right off of his face

♡ “no.”

♡ phil freezes. he then makes his way back up to dans face, and leans in real close to his ear.

♡ “dan, im sorry. i promise it wont happen again. please, PLEASE let me do this for you.”

♡ dan smirks and lifts his chin. at this point dan knows he has control, which doesnt happen very often, so he takes advantage of it. he knows phils ready to do absolutely anything for him.

♡ “blow me.”

♡ “dan, how many times to i have to apolog-”

♡ “no. i mean it. blow me. id like your mouth better around my cock instead of yapping in my ear.”

♡ and he does exactly that. in seconds phil is racing to yank dans jeans down and wrap his lips around dans tip. hes slow at first, licking small stripes over dans slit, and in one quick motion phils swallowing his cock whole. bobbing his head swiftly.

♡ dan cocks his head back lacing his fingers through phils hair, still moaning like the little bitch he is though.

♡ phils swirling his tongue and groaning around dan. after a few more swift movements dan is coming all over phils face, his breathing slightly hitched.

♡ “so… does this mean you forgive me?”

♡ “mhm… do you want me to-”

♡ “nonono thats fine, getting you off was privilege enough.”