i messed up on finn's face

mmmmnn martin & finn’s characters are just. really interesting to me tbh heres me rambling a bunch

martin always pushes his problems away and never looks back? found his long lost son? just escape the citadel. dooming a whole species in The Visitor? gotta build this rocket. nope. bye. see ya (x)

but then finn realizes this, gets mad at him about it and launches him into space, but it doesn’t really leave him unscathed because now when he messes up he thinks, shit, i’m selfish like my dad

but he’s really not like his dad, because finn was Literally offered the choice to escape all his troubles and burdens and finn accepted that he couldn’t run away from everything and decided to accept everything in his life, the good and the bad, while his dad just. chose to fling himself off their plane of existence

(and semi unrelated but finn Does know how to face his mistakes and apologize for them, Bun Bun was a great episode)

the really fun thing i like is that when he realizes this, finn tries to use it to help others (helper genes hell yeah!!) and tells the other humans in the islands that it’s okay to feel pain, it’s okay to have troubles in your life and face them with everything else. (like frieda believed in, i guess. there’s more to life than just pure happiness, and that’s okay, that’s what makes it great)

it’s something martin could never do, it’s something finn learned to embrace, and it’s really fun to watch and god i love adventure time good fucking BYE

edit: semi unrelated too but finn and minnie’s dynamic is also pretty cool bc while finn learns to balance the good and the bad minnie doesn’t take problems very well either

she throws herself away (literally) into her Helper work and insists finn stays at the islands so he’ll never be hurt again

so, anyway, finn is great, and i rly love AT’s take on the Life’s A Big Grey Mess moral

You’re Fine - Finn Bálor


Request: Can you do a one shot when Finn takes care of drunk y/n? Btw love your work:)

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“Alright, come on, love.” Finn breathed out, pulling you along with him. “Wooooow, that party was lit!” You insisted, still on your high. The feelings of excitement were still coursing through your body and you had no idea where you were headed. All you knew was that a familiar Irish accent was in your ear and a pair of strong arms were tightened around your body to ensure you didn’t spill out onto the sidewalk. A chuckle erupted from Finn’s chest, deep and rough. You had spent your night a little too recklessly. You intended to celebrate on a recent accomplishment at work and decided to ask Finn to attend. Thankfully you did or else you didn’t know exactly where you would be come the morning.

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Jitter Bug

This is a thing based off a lil blurby blurb I did a while back and honestly, I just fell in love with it and yeah so. Here is a fic about that. This is?? The first fic I’ve ever written about Sami (aside from occasional blurbs) and I’m really excited and I hope y’all like it. Short and sweet, the way I like it. 

Warnings: fluff, nerves, and awkward bread sticks. Hold onto your seats folks, this is gonna get mushy.

Anyways, this may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever written and I WAS BLUSHING THE ENTIRE TIME WRITING AND GIGGLING LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL okay it was bad.

Aight, tag list: @llowkeys @hardcorewwetrash @newjapan @imaginingwwesuperstars @helluvawriter @alexahood21 @alyneve @balorclubbabe @superrezzy00 @poisonarrow24 @imagineall-the-fandoms @laigy2213 @tryingtofindaplaceinthisworld @styles-clash1 @gypsophil-a @anna-ik-e @foreverwwefan @thebutterflygirl16 @pandoorii @lilaviolet and yeah I?? Think that’s it lmao 

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So who is she?

Finn Shelby x reader
Word count: 1710
Warnings: Swearing, mention of abuse, some fluff

You entered the doors of the pub “The Garrison” painted in the window, there were only three other people in the place. Two older men slumped over a table in the back, they looked like they had been there for days. The other person was a man behind the bar, who gave you a look when you came in indicating that he thought you were out of place.
“Can I help you miss?”
“Well, a boy I know recommended here when I said I didn’t have anywhere to study, I mean just for an hour or so during they day,” you say looking at the man with pleading eyes.
“I mean this isn’t really the place for pretty young girls by themselves, can I ask who the man was?” He asks turning round to continue cleaning whatever it was he was cleaning before.
You hesitated, you knew you and Finn were trying to keep the relationship quiet he didn’t want you getting messed up with his crowd and frankly you didn’t want people knowing you were running about with a Shelby. But something was telling you if you didn’t mention the Shelby name you weren’t going to be allowed to stay.
“His names Finn Shelby sir, we used to go to school together,” the man turned right around to face you know. “I told him i was having some troubles at home and that he said that here is quiet through the weekdays,” you carry on as the man is paying you full attention now, “he also told me not to mention him he doesn’t want anyone knowing we are acquainted, thinks it could get me in bother.”
“Well miss, call me Harry. Finn’s right you know the Shelbys are dangerous people at least he’s looking out for you shows that he cares.”
This made you blush a little but you put your head down so Harry couldn’t see your rosy cheeks. “Im (Y/N)” You put your hand out to shake his which stops him a little surprised as women round here don’t really make the best first impressions. “Finn is just an old friend from school, when i ran into him the other day he recommended here, nothing more to it.”
Harry looked at you and said believingly, “I’d stay out of his way, you seem like a sensible girl though you probably already know that.”

A couple days had past and everyday you had gone for an hour or so to the garrison and sat humming while writing your notes. You had met a couple of the locals but had always left before it got busy. Harry said people started rolling in at half 4 for there night of boozing, half 1 on the weekends. You liked harry he was kind and seemed to be interested in what you were studying asking you questions to help you out. But this afternoon 5 men walked through the door and went into a private room, you were too busy with your nose in a book to take any notice though. That was until Harry ran through from the back looking slightly worried.
“Maybe it’s best for you to leave now (Y/N)”
You nodded. He had warned you that if he ever asked you to leave it was probably in his best interest to do so.
“Why would she need to leave?”
Too late. A voice came from behind you as you sorted your skirt and turned around. The man was a couple steps behind you, tall with icy blue eyes that reminded you of Finns.
“And what is a young girl with an armful of books doing in a place like this?” He asked eying you up and down before staring at the pile of books in your hands.
“I’m just studying down here gets me away from the chaos at home. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) sir, it’s been lovely to meet you but I’d best be off.” You said harry relieved by you still following his orders. You then reached out a hand to shake his, again he stood in shock a moment before chuckling and accepting the handshake.
“Lovely to meet you Miss (Y/L/N), I’m Thomas Shelby.”
You froze. Shelby. The name this town feared and the name Finn told you to run from. Tommy noticed your reaction but you quickly straightened up and smiled politely.
“Thank you for having me Harry, good evening Mr Shelby.”
As you went to walk past him he quickly stepped in front of you.
“There will he no trouble tonight” he said to harry before turning to you again. “Please, don’t let us put you off your studying.” He nods at harry who nods back, you didn’t really understand what was going on but you climbed back on top of the bar stool and opening up your books.
“You know miss (Y/N), educated women are a dangerous thing, they will rule the world one day.” He said before disappearing into the side room, summoning Harry after him.
A few moments later a familiar figure emerged from the room the other men kept disappearing into. It was Finn, he was soon stood behind you looping his arms round your waist.
“(Y/N), I missed you,” he said spinning you round and gently kissing your forehead, “You haven’t said anything to Harry have you?”
This hurt. He wanted to keep you a secret, why was he so embarrassed of you. You’d missed him whilst he was away on business but you also liked not having to sneak around.
“I told him you were an old friend who recommended the place a long time ago,” you say flatly while spinning back around on your seat and staring down at the sheets you’d been reading.
“And he believed you?” Finn asked with doubt in his voice.
“Well why wouldn’t he?” you reply sharply.
“Well you never were a great liar,” Finn chuckled. You turned back around to face him hurt in your eyes.
“I wasn’t really lying though was I?” you caught him off guard with your fierce tone, “what are we Finn? I don’t hear from you for weeks and when I do it’s for your own pleasure and we have to sneak around whilst we do it. I feel like a whore!” You were close to shouting now but quickly remembered you had to keep your voice down.
“What are you talking about (Y/N)? I was away for business you know that and we both agreed we should keep this whatever this is quiet, it might put you in danger. And your dad, think about what your da..”
“I know,” you cut him off before he said anymore quickly wiping away a single fallen tear, “I know I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”
He moved behind the bar grabbing a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses.
“He hasn’t touched you again has he?” he asked his voice cracking as he spoke. You dried your eyes and tried to pull yourself together before Harry came back out.
“No, hes never home at night and i’m never home during the day, it’s a good combination.”
“Finn!” a voice from the room shouted making you both jump, “Come on son!”
He quickly kissed you on the cheek before returning to the room.
“So who is she Finn?” Tommy asked flatly staring at him as he sat back in his chair, he froze as he was now under the gaze of his older confused brothers and cousin.
“What are you talking about?”
“The girl at the bar, who is she?” Tommy was pressing for answers that Finn was not willing to tell him.
“What the bloody hell are you on about Tommy?” John asked looking around the room at his brothers.
“There’s a girl out there that Finn knows but I am not sure how,” He said whilst lighting up a cigarette in his hand.
“OI OI Finn boy, You got yourself a looker!” Arthur piped up shaking Finn by the shoulders as the other boys wolf whistled. Finn shook them off and started to become angry.
“Why would you think I know her?” Finn challenged he knew his brother was smart but how could he have figured out that they knew each other. Tommy chuckled and took a quick sip of whisky.
“Well for one she’s your age, she told Harry a man recommended this as a “safe” place and the only way in bloody hell is this a safe place is if you’re a shelby, so you’re trying to protect her, but i’m not sure what from. Plus you always have had a thing for a girl with brains.”
Finn sunk into his chair his cheeks were flushed as he looked up at his older brother who was looking at him with a questioning face. “So I will ask again. Who is she?”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Finn says reluctantly. “Her father is James (Y/L/N) who used to work down by the docks.”
“The drunk?” Arthur asked. Finn nodded back, he knew the rest of the boy knew who he was he had been a part of some business, a trust worthy man a few years ago. Until his wife died he turned into a different person.
“Why is she here Finn? What are you protecting her from?” The answer to this was who was he protecting her from and he got the feeling Tommy already knew the answer to this.
“He comes home drunk sometimes, he hits her or worse,” Finn looked at his hands and the boys go silent John stood up in rage.
“You’re fucking joking me!” John shouted, Tommy stood up and put a hand on his shoulder.
“We will sort this out, Go and speak to the girl now,” Finn watched his brothers walk out the garrison with red in their eyes, He looked over to you with wide sorry eyes.
“I can’t stop them, They know everything” He said wrapping his arms around you pulling you up and into his chest.
You started to sob. You were grateful for Finn protecting you but your dad was the only family you had left.

I’m all for cute&fluffy Finnrey, but to throw some angst in there: imagine double agent Rey. And imagine that Finn doesn’t know.

Master Skywalker and General Organa decide that if Kylo Ren wants Rey so badly, maybe the best move is to let him have her. And it’s risky, of course, because if she gets revealed as a double agent, Snoke will torture her within an inch of her life and then kill her, and the Resistance will have lost a valuable asset. But if she can pull it off, all the good she could do… Well, in the end, they decide the risk is worth it.

The rumor mill works fast. Finn’s at a table with Kare and Jess in the mess when a new recruit mentions that that girl from Jakku, you know the one who helped destroy Starkiller Base, has gone over to the dark side. He gets in their face- watch what you’re saying about Rey- and Jess and Kare, bless them, back him up. It almost escalates to a full-on brawl, but then Poe’s there, talking them down, breaking the gathering up, and then steering Finn out of the mess hall so that he can deliver the bad news in private.

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Serenade... Sorta - Finn Bálor

A/N: So I’ve been listening to Backstreet Boys a lot over the weekend (DON’T JUDGE THEY WERE SO GOOD) and I’ve always been obsessed with Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) and I Want It That Way, so I decided I’d write one based off of one of those songs… Disclaimer it’s the first one. ;) 

Warnings: None, actually! 

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“Yeah, I’m actually about to pull into the driveway.” You spoke into the phone. You were having a conversation with one of your friends who you grew up with. You had a break from tour for a little while, so you and her insisted on making plans, hence the discussion. “Tell Finn I said hi! I can’t wait to meet this guy who has you gushing every second of the day.” Your friend giggled. You rolled your eyes, wishing you could slap her, but then again you couldn’t fight the smile on your face as you knew it was true. “I’ll make sure to tell him you said hello. But I’m home, so I’ll call you later?” She agreed, the two of you ending the call.

As you got out of the car, you saw Finn was already here which caused you to smile widely. You approached the front door and already you could hear the sound of music blaring from inside the house. Your eyebrows arched in confusion, unsure of what was going on. You opened the door, the music louder. “Finn?” You called out over the loud tunes raging off the walls. The volume suddenly lowered and out came Finn with the remote to the system. “Hello, love.” He greeted you with a smile that screamed devious. “Hi?” You answered him in a questioning tone. “What’s up with the music?” You nodded your head towards the system. Finn’s eyes followed yours and landed on the source of the music, his smile brightening, eyes lighting up like fireworks popping on the Fourth of July. “I was messing around.” He answered sheepishly, but he was still acting rather different. At least to you.

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I’m Not Leaving

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Finn Shelby x Reader

Request: “I don’t want you to stop.

AN: AAAAND I’M BACK! It’s short, but Protective Finn is A-OK in my book!

“We can’t do this anymore,” Finn let himself into Y/N’s small two room flat and started pacing. Y/N set her book down and stood up.

“What are you going on about?” He stopped pacing and stood in front of Y/N.

“It’s safer if I just cut ties now, Y/N”

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Two Steps - Part 9

Hey everyone! Here’s part 9. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Planning on posting the next part pretty soon. Usually in this fic, the past part comes before the present, but I switched it this time. If you recall, the last part of the present ended with Rae and Finn hanging out with Finn’s dad, Gary, out of town. 

Part 9:

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Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: My responding gulp is likely audible, and I can’t tell if it’s because of the way Finn crowds close to me, or if it’s because of his request of me.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @wrestlingnoob @motleymoose @deseraysmiththings @ambrosegirlforever @kyoukohorimiya

“Come on, just come swimming with me, please.”

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Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You’ve just had a baby and Finn’s starting to doubt himself. A.n. from a request.

Tag: @ambrosegirlforever I hope this is what you wanted ?? I tried my best.

You’re exhausted. You shouldn’t be misunderstood you’re ecstatic of course you are but God you’ve never been so tired in your life. Twelve hours of labour will do that to a person you suppose. It was worth every hour because sleeping soundly beside you in her own little hospital cot is your baby girl. The sweetest, most perfect little girl that the world has or will ever see. You imagine most new mothers think that, you just happen to be the only one that’s right. With a man like Finn as a father she was always going to be wonderful from the get go.

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Jerome’s bread and butter...

Just to be clear, I have no problem with Jerome’s new face scars. I’d love Jerome no matter what his face looked like…heck! I was attracted to him even when he technically didn’t have a face and it was just all bandaged up haha! 😂 This is just for entertainment 😊

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Jerome be like:

I’m With You - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I know you wrote one kind off where the reader is comforting Finn, cause of the shoulder injury, maybe if you can write where the reader goes to the hospital with him and his mom, why not. And comforting him before surgery, and his mom and the reader talk about how much Finn love’s the reader. And the reader goes and see’s Finn after surgery. And also if you add the first night after getting out from the hospital, and the reader takes care of him.

A/N: I love this idea! Thought it was really cute and sweet. :-)

Originally posted by hiitsmekevin

“I’m tired and I want to go home.” Finn whined, holding onto your hand. You smirked, gently running your fingers through his hair as you stared into his eyes. “I know, sweetie. But you know what needs to be done. Everything’s going to go perfect.” You assured him, pressing your lips against his forehead. His mom sat in one of the chairs inside the room, giving you both a smile. “Y-You’re not leaving, right?” Finn asked, squeezing your hand tighter. You shook your head quickly. “No, Finn. As soon as you’re in recovery and I’m able to see you, I’ll be right back by your side. As soon as you’re out of it, everything’s going to go quickly.” You chuckled. He nodded his head, biting down on his bottom lip. 

“I’ve just never been through something like this. It’s scary.” He admitted. “Oh, don’t tell me the fearless Finn Bálor is getting scared?” You stroked his cheek, watching as he rolled his eyes. (Y/N),” He mumbled. You giggled, shaking your head. “I’m sorry, I had to try something. But no, it’s perfectly fine to be scared. Just know everything’s going to be fine.” You smiled. Finn gave you another small smile, knowing that if you said it would be alright, it would be.

Fifteen minutes later, the doctor and nurse walked in saying that it was time to begin. You reached down and pressed your lips against Finn’s, feeling as he immediately kissed back as if he would never see you again. He let your hand go slowly and you watched as he was taken out of the room. You and his mother went into the waiting room and took your seat, more than ready to play the waiting game.

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Breathe Me Pt.II

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Finn Shelby x Reader

Part I

The cramps that overcame Y/N were overwhelming. Her body curled in on itself as she writhed in her bed. Tears streamed down her face as she held her lower stomach. It had been two days since her mother took her to the woman who was known as a midwife to those who were wealthier than most. She was more than a midwife to those that paid the right price. 

Confidential. Secretive. Quiet. Nameless.

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Black Eyes and Soft Sighs

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader (female)

Prompt: none

Word Count: 1,799 words

Warnings: mentions of a little domestic abuse (sorry Seth, I still love you <3), fluffy smut

Authors Notes: OKAY, first time writing smut. *bathing myself in holy water* by the way, it’s set in a highschool AU. carry on.

Tag List: @hardcorewwetrash

“Are you even listening? Sami questioned his best friend, who was obviously not listening, looking straight past him, in a daze. 

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Happy Anniversary!

Anon asked: Eek! Could I request a Poe Dameron reader insert, with either Poe teaching the reader to cook or the other way around? I’m not opposed to making out in the kitchen!

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Ugh, I made this irredeemably fluffy anon, I hope you like it!)

Plot Summary: It’s you and Poe’s anniversary! Naturally, the pilot decides that it should be celebrated by baking you a nice cake for the special day, enlisting Finn and Rey to distract you. However, baking is clearly not Poe’s strong suit, as BB-8 and yourself figure out the hard way.

Originally posted by poesexual-finn

“Okay, add the eggs to the batter, then fold in… ‘fold in’? How the hell do you ‘fold in’ eggs?” Poe muttered to himself, staring at a cookbook while holding a mixing bowl and whisk.

He cracked the eggs into the bowl, attempting to ‘fold’ them by running the whisk back and forth across the bowl, creating a lumpy, sticky batter.

“Batter should have a creamy texture… Yeah, yup, I did this wrong.” He groaned, tossing out the fifth cake attempt of the day.

“You’re sure you can’t help, BB-8? No baking tips hidden somewhere in your programming?” Poe knelt down and looked at his droid in a somewhat futile expression of hope.

BB-8 shook it’s little head, letting out a small beep of disappointment. “It’s alright, buddy. I’ll… figure something out.”

“Come on, Dameron, you can do this. You’ve destroyed a superweapon, you should be able to make an anniversary cake.” He sighed, cleaning out the mixing bowls and starting again.

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Where It All Begins {Finn Balor} (Part Seven)

I watched his match in horror as he kept his right arm firmly against his torso. “Too bad you don’t have a real man, (Y/N). He’s probably faking this injury.” Summer Rae comments. “I’m sorry, Summer, but where’s your boyfriend? Oh wait. That’s right. You don’t have one. Shut up.” I snap, turning my attention back to the screen. Somehow, Finn had managed to pick up the win even with his shoulder messed up. I rushed to the curtain to wait for him as he was talking with his parents briefly. “That didn’t look good at all.” Hunter says to me. “I could tell by the look on his face as soon as it happened.” I say. Finn comes back into gorilla, immediately crouching down the moment he got behind the curtain. “Something is wrong.” He says, placing the Universal title at his feet. That night was spent with the two of us staying up for most of the night before he had his appearance on “GMA” in the morning. “You’re sure there’s nothing I can do?” I ask. “Nothing at all, babe. Just cuddle with me.” He says. “I am not ready for tomorrow.” “I’m not, either. Let’s hope for the best.” I say. I woke up the next morning to Finn on the balcony with a sad look on his face. He walks back into the room, setting his phone down quietly. “Is everything okay?"I ask, he jumps. "Jesus, (Y/N). I didn’t know you were up yet. I just got off the phone with Dr. Dugas. I’m getting surgery tomorrow.” He frowns. “I’ve to relinquish the title tonight on Raw.” “Honey, I’m sorry.” I say, curling into his good side. “I’ll take off as much time as I can to be with you.” “I’ve got me mom, and dad coming in. They should be here tonight. I hope it isn’t long.” He says, rubbing his eyes. “No matter how long your recover time is, I’ll be with you through it all. I promise.” I smile, kissing him softly. “What about the Women’s title?” He asked. “You’re the only title I need.” I smile. ———————————————————- I feel like this is getting really crummy. :/

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Finn Balor imagine:

Prompt 9 Finn Balor “So it’s my fault, again?“

“I can’t believe they won’t let me start working out yet! I’m ready to do it, if they just give me a chance then I’ll prove I can do it” Finn said frustrated with the fact that WWE told him that he wasn’t ready to start working out again. "Finn when your ready then you can work out again, WWE are only thinking of your best interests” I said trying to comfort him by putting my hand on his arm to get him to calm down.

"My best interests? Like fuck they are! I know my body better than any doctor does. And your not fucking helping me! Your supposed to be my girlfriend and back me up, not be stopping me doing what I love.” Finn shouted at you. "So it’s my fault, again?” You asked. It’s not the first time Finn had lost his temper over being frustrated at his injury. "No clearly it’s not your fucking fault! Just leave me alone for one fucking minute!” Finn practically screamed at you.

You had had enough of him right now, you weren’t going to stay in the same room as him while he was going to speak to you like that. You went into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed with your head in your hands, and the tears came flowing. All you wanted to do was to help Finn, to help him to recover. You knew he was frustrated by how long it was taking him to recover, but there was nothing you could do to make the doctors send him back to work quicker.

It took Finn a while to calm down before he realised that his words had clearly been to harsh when all you were trying to do was make him feel better. He knew you had gone into the bedroom and that he had to make it up to you. When he saw you sat at the end of the bed, he knew he’d clearly upset you. "Baby please look at me” He says kneeling in front of you and grabbing your hands and moving them away from your face, seeing that your crying.

“I don’t want to loose you” he says tears now falling down his face too. "I’ve really messed up this time” He said, his voice thick with tears. He felt so guilty that he had made you feel so upset, especially since you had been there for him for so long and helped him constantly through his injury.

"No baby, it’s okay. Please don’t cry” You say as you wiped away his tears and pulled him up to your level to plant a kiss on his lips. "We’ll get through this together, baby”