i messed up on finn's face

Actually your gaydar must be pretty good, how could you tell with Robert?
—  Well firstly Robert hired Aaron to rob his own house, then he got him coffee to be “mates” but then it came to Robs attention that Aaron was in fact a gay dirty little grease monkey so then he got Aaron’s number off his sister and faked a break down so he could give him lusty eyes and use the questionable pick up line” I’m not messing you around” but it worked and he leaped on Aaron’s lips and face after hesitating a bit but then left to go to his then fiancee and some bad stuff happened now Aaron’s his fiance. That might be how he could tell Finn… a slight give away there isn’t it. 
preference #54 missing the family

LUKE: Luke was a grainy skype picture on a laptop. Luke had his beanie on, his hair a mess. His eyes felt like weight on his face, as he just wanted a glimpse at his family. To feel a simulated feeling of being there. “I think someone woke up from his nap,” you say as walk over to Finn who was sleeping in his bassinet by the bed. “I want to see him!” Luke shouted, he beamed at the thought of seeing his baby. “Mommy elephant is tired,” you turn to see Grace standing in your doorway with her stuffed elephant in her hand. A gift that Liz got her before she was born. “Come say hi to Daddy.” At the sound of her father, she ran to the bed. “Daddy!” She exclaimed, Luke smiling. Grace sat in front of the camera while you sat next to her with Finn in your arms.” Luke was happy to see his family. Happy to hear about their days. 

CALUM: Michael sat on the couch playing with toddler Kaiden. “And you know the dog goes WOLF WOLF!” He exclaimed causing Kaiden to laugh. Calum watched the whole scene, how happy Michael was to see them. He wouldn’t shut up about them before the arrived. Of course this cause, jealousy to run through his veins. He wished his family was here. You had been texting him pictures of baby Nathan and his heart ached as he couldn’t see the chubby boy.  “Cal, you okay?” Michael asked as Kaiden leaned his head against his shoulder. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he gritted, shuffling in his seat. “Come on man, I know you, you aren’t okay. Whats wrong?” Michael pestered. “Nothing,” he replied. Michael brushed off, assuming it was best to leave alone. After a moment of silence, Calum broke. “I miss them,” he sobbed. “Kaiden why don’ t you go see Mummy,” he offered, Kaiden leaving. “Your family?” Michael asked. “Yeah I wish they were here, so badly.” He confessed. “Nathan got his first tooth and I wasn’t there.” Michael pulled him close. “I’m sure you can arrange something.” Michael said. “I’ll see.” 

ASHTON: Ashton wished he didn’t have to leave. That he could have stayed with you and take care of the newborn. However, there were shows that had to played and promotion that had to be done. “You have everything?” You asked. “Yeah I guess so,” he answered. “Okay, well I’m going to miss you, and I love you.” You took a step closer to him, and wrapped an arm around his neck. Ashton wrapping his arms around your waist. “I already miss you.” He admitted. “Well thats stupid, I’m right here,” you sass causing Ashton to laugh. “Theres that smile!” You say. “And I’m going to miss this one quite a bit!” He said as hovered over the stroller. He gently lifted the blanket and his heart melted when he saw Ellie sleeping. “Don’t forget to send me pictures of her, and please visit when you get the chance,” he beg. “Yes, Ashton I know, now go you’re going to miss you flight!” He quickly gave you and kiss and gave a kiss to Ellie. “I love you, two!” He yelled as he walked away. 

MICHAEL: Kaiden was at the age where he was full of energy. Full of happiness and energy. “Uncle Lwek!” He shouted as he ran straight to him, when he entered the tour bus. Michael entering soon after with you right after him. You two were visiting Michael on tour. “I still don’t understand that,” Michael said into your ear. “Oh he just likes him, don’t worry about it.” You assure him. “Hey little man,” Luke greeted as he picked up the four year old. Michael wrapped an arm around as he put a hand on your five month baby bump. “This one isn’t allowed around Luke.” He whispered to you. You chuckled. Michael leaned in and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Even though it was four months, I missed you.” You turned your head, “I missed you, too.” You gave him quick peck. Michael pulled away for a second, “Give me my kid back, Luke!” Michael as he took Kaiden so he could play with him. 

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“I honestly think NXT messed up Finn Balor a bit. In the indies, he wore face paint just because he could and did it to intimidate his opponents and it was different face paints. Now they put a label on it and calling him a demon. His entrance is the only thing that pretty much says “I’m a demon” his move set doesn’t change and he talks regular. He acts the same. All I am saying he needs a “Demon move set” and be more aggressive in the ring because he doesn’t. Just same ole’ Finn.“