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do you ever finish a really long book and you just kinda. sit there for a couple of days.

Romantic dinner with Clownboi as requested

Penny gently stroked your hair as you slept; you were so exhausted from working overtime, you knocked out as soon as you got home. Thankfully he was understanding and let you rest; he watched you sleep, humming to himself as he tried to think of ways to help you relax.


The next day.

You’re at your desk, sighing as you tried to keep your eyes open. No one knows how you were all able to fall so behind on work but the numbers kept growing which meant more overtime work. “Dammit, I can’t get this fucking folder cleared out. I finish ten documents and get twenty in return..” you grumble to yourself as your fingers fly all over the keyboard. “Ugh, I just wanna be home with Penny.”

“Who?” A coworker peeks over at you from their desk.

“Robert..my boyfriend. Sorry, I call him Penny because he’s so… penny wise.”

She snorts ad nods, looking back at her computer screen, “You kids today give each other weird nicknames.”


Text from: Penny♥️🎈

Darling, don’t freak out but I might’ve set the house on fire..


You choke and grab your things, running to your managers office to explain the situation before you make your way to the house.

You pull up to the house and slowly get out of the car. Where was the fire?

“Penny?” You call out as you walk inside and inspect everything, making sure he didn’t accidentally kill himself making a sandwich or something.

“You’re home! I was worried you weren’t going to take the text seriously.”

“Of course I would! This is my house in which I live! Listen, I don’t mind the sewers but I can’t live there forever.”

He crossed his arms and gave a small frown, “I’m trying to make it more livable for you! It’s not as bad as before I met you. Speaking of the sewers, I have something to show you so let’s go.”

“Penny, I can’t. I have to get back to work and clear out my folders.” You sighed and grabbed your keys. He took your hand in his and sighed, “You’re overworking yourself and it’s not healthy. Just take one night off and come with me,please? I want you to relax after a month of this nonsense.” You rubbed the back of your neck and nodded, “We haven’t had any quality time since I signed up for OT, huh? Okay, I give in.”


“Where are you taking me? Why am I blindfolded? I already know what the sewers look like.” You huffed and tried not to trip over your own feet as Penny lead you into the tunnel. “I wanted to make tonight’s dinner special for my love so I did everything I could to make sure everything was perfect.” He grinned and stopped you, taking off your blind fold. “Oh my–“ You gasped when you saw small white candles lighting up the way towards his place in the sewers.

“Surprise! I want you to have a nice romantic dinner tonight so I went out and stole – I mean bought -everything I needed to pull this off.” Penny smiles down at you and takes your hand, leading the way. A bright smile stuck to your face as you noticed rose petals scattered along the floor and even in the gray water. “Aww so gross yet romantic.” You laughed and leaned against him as he lead you towards a dinner table he set up not too far from your nesting area.

“Have a seat while I grab tonight’s dinner.”

He took off to the other “room” and returned with two plates, both covered with lids like in those romantic movies you make him watch.

“…Penny, if you’re trying to feed me rat for dinner, it’s not gonna happen.”

He scoffs and tries to hide his smirk, “I’m not! Rat is for dessert.”


“Darling, I don’t even like rats myself! I have my own meal and here’s your safe human food!” He uncovers your dish and you sigh in relief.


You’re finishing off the wine as Penny licks his plate clean. Literally.

“You..are so weird but you’re my weirdo.” You giggle as he grins.

“What do you think? Did I do well?”

Smiling, leaning across the table to smooch his nose, you hum in response and nod. “Everything was perfect. I didn’t think my clown boy could be so romantic but I guess I was wrong.”

“I did this all for you. Please try to take it easy on yourself and get some more rest, okay?”

“I promise I will.”

“Good. Now let’s lay down and sleep. I have a wonderful breakfast planned for you in the morning. I hope you like human with your eggs.”



The son of Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall’s best friend and the boyfriend of Lydia Martin. He was the first member of Scott’s Pack and continued to help Scott throughout high school as he faced the various complications of being a young werewolf. After high school, Stiles left Beacon Hills for an internship with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is currently attending a six-month program at Quantico, Virginia. Only to return to help Scott’s Pack win one last battle. Saving the town Beacon Hills along with the Pack. He remains a loyal member of the Mccall Pack to this day. 

He is portrayed by Dylan O'Brien

Farewell, Mieczysław “Stiles” Stilinski // Teen Wolf (2011 - 2017)


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"★ Todoroki Shouto | requested by @s-houto (✿´ ꒳ ` )★ 

I’m at the top of world and I feel it
But it’s not enough for me

GOT7 loses Jackson in a crowd

Other Got7 members: Guys, where did Jackson go?

Mark: I got this *grabs Eric*

Eric: *opens mouth*


Mark: Found him

this look like a cheap flash animation but whatever

animation redraw of one of my favorite moments of Wonder Woman! I went to see it yesterday and i loved it!

also, this is a gift for @marinette-buginette birthday!(i know im late, freaking timezones).

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