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Come Clean - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 3,262

Part 1 Part 2

“What the hell was that, Jensen? Tell me now.” Danneel demands angrily narrowing her eyes.

“Um…she…well…I’ll be right back, ok?”


“Just give me a minute! I have to talk to Jared.” Jensen bolts to his costar’s trailer without waiting for a reply.

“What’s up?” Jared asks when Jensen bursts through his door like a mad man.

“What did Y/N say?”

“About what?”

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Padalecki.” Jensen growls surprising them both.

“I really don’t wanna be in the middle of this, man.” Jared sighs running a hand through his long chestnut hair.

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mmmm heres my dnd chara, Eva!!! shes cute please look @ her

heres also.. multiple color palettes bc honestly??? i still cant decide??? i like them all,,,,,



As one can see i’m in a bit of an ACOTAR frenzy lol

Started different fanarts with different intentions and thought I could post some sneak peeks here, maybe give me a bit of feedback on the faces? Rhys is so haaaard to draw omg. He’s so perfect i don’t wanna mess him up. 

First preview is a full painting piece i’ve been working on for two weeks now and it’s killing meeeeee lol i dont wanna show more cause i keep changing their arms and i want it to be as perfect as possible. the other three are for fun and relaxing, and very much in progress (Feysand dancing at starlight, Lucien my bby, and Rhys being a sexy mofo (hint feyre is somewhere on the pic too wink wink) ) (i know lucien’s eye isnt depicted as damaged as this in general, but given amarantha’s tendencies, i doubt she’d had left him with just a scratch)

what do you guys think ?

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Can you write an imagine where you and Justin spend the day in bed doing lazy and cute stuff?

YESSS Omg I love Justin! This is my first imagine on an ask but I don’t think I like it very much


Originally posted by 13reasonssource

     You woke up tangled in bedsheets, your hair in your eyes and a warm body next to yours. You were partially naked, only in a pair of underwear, but one long arm was stretched out over your chest, covering your breasts. It was Justin, your boyfriend, and he was snoring lightly, his hair a mess of brunette curls on your sheets as he nuzzled his face in your shoulder. 

“Justin,” You whispered slightly after glancing at the clock and seeing the time. It was nearly lunchtime and you had never gone to sleep so late before in your life. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” 

You twisted your fingers through his curls and tugged slightly, causing Justin to groan and open his eyes a fraction. A lazy smile sprung up on his features as he saw you leaning over him, and he stretched his arms out before wrapping them around you tightly and dragging you into his chest before peppering kissed all along your face. 

“Justin!” You giggled, grabbing onto his face and finally giving him a proper kiss. After you pulled away and go onto your knees on the bed, crossing your arms and staring at him. “You told me you were going to take me to the beach today, but I’ll bet all the good spots are taken now because of your persistent late night activities!” 

Justin laughed and ran a hand through his hair while adjusting himself so he was laying on his back with the other hand behind his head. “Don’t act like you didn’t like those activities.” 

You rolled your eyes playfully before memories flashed in your head, causing you to shift. “Yes, but I’m sure the neighbors didn’t.” Justin just chuckled and closed his eyes again. 

“Seriously Justin! Come on, take a shower with me and then we’ll head somewhere.” You shed your undergarments but as soon as Justin neared the door you shut it and took a shower by yourself. 

“Y/N, come on!” Justin whined, opening the door while you washed your hair. He knew not to open the shower curtain without your consent so he stayed by the sink, grabbing his toothbrush and lathering it in toothpaste. “The beach is lame, I just want to stay here and be with you.” 

“You had me all last night, Justin.” You said while rinsing yourself off of strawberry scented bubbles. 

“That’s not enough, babe.” He said around his toothbrush. He walked over and tapped the curtain. You made a noise of consent and he pushed it open before climbing in. “I want to be with you not just sexually. I want to watch your favorite movies and feed you your favorite snacks, and I want to lay with you and breath in your delicious scent.” 

Justin had a mouthful of toothpaste but you understood him clearly. Your heart warmed at the thought of what Justin had just said, and when you had first met him at Monet’s you never would’ve guessed he would be this kind of cheesy. 

“Okay, Justin.” You smiled, but it quickly faded when he spit out the toothpaste that nearly hit your foot. “Oh, grosss, Justinn!” 

Justin let out a barking laugh as he washed his mouth out before you grabbed his toothbrush from his hand and stepped out of the shower. He started to wash himself as you dried yourself off. Who knew that having your own apartment to yourself was the best thing ever? No sisters to walk in on you and beg for the restroom, no parents walking in during intercourse with Justin. Just you and Justin. Because nothing else really mattered at the moment or at any moment. 

When Justin was done showering and you were both fully dressed in pajamas (you were actually in one of his shirts and a pair of socks) you ran to the kitchen and started up the microwave. 

“Kettle corn or buttered popcorn?” You asked Justin when you heard him enter, standing on the tip of your toes to look at the boxes you had. Justin walked over and picked you up from behind so you had a better view. 

“Are you kidding, Y/N? Is that even a question?” 

“Kettle it is then.” You grabbed the box before Justin set you down, going to grab some candies from a bowl you had. 

“You know all of this candy isn’t healthy, right babe?” Justin asked while stuffing skittles in his mouth.

You stuffed the bag of kettle corn in the microwave and pressed a button before turning to him. “It’s only unhealthy if you eat it. I haven’t touched that stash since last Monday.” 

Justin closed his mouth and then narrowed his eyes, nodding while pointing at you. “You right.” 


Three hours later you two were laying in bed while letting music play in the background, just laying in each others arms. Your head was on his chest while one leg was laying over his torso and he was running his fingers through your hair. 

“I love being like this with you, Y/N. I just can’t get en-” 

“OH MY GOD!” You gasped and then jumped up, causing Justin too as well. He looked frightened but when he saw you run to the radio and turn it up he rolled his eyes. 

“Really, Y/N?” 

“Shhh, it’s System of a Down.” You hissed as the intro to Toxicity played loudly. 

“You really surprise me with your music taste.” Justin sighed, watching you play air guitar. 

You jumped onto the bed as the chorus came on, flipping your hair and bouncing on the soft mattress.”DISORDER! DISORDER! DISORDEERR!” 

At first Justin was pushing at your ankles, trying to trip you, but then he joined you. He stood up and threw his head around, pretending as if he were playing the drums. Soon the mattress was creaking under the weight of the two of you jumping on it. 

“Y/N, you’re changing me!” Justin panted when you two were done, throwing himself on the bed. You followed and gave him a questioning look. “I used to hate rock, chick flicks, and kettle corn.” 

You returned to the position you two were in before, looking up at him with a smile. “Is that bad?” 

“No, I’ve never felt better in my life.” 

“Even when I was throwing skittles trying to get them in your mouth and you accidentally choked on one?” You laughed lightly. 

“Even then, baby.” 



Rant time | A letter for Antis.

Killing Stalking is a horror manhwa, for those of you who don’t know. Not a BL manhwa. It may be tagged as BL because of the high amount of homosexual content, but as someone who’s read it in it’s entirety, I can assure you that most who read it don’t get butterflies in their stomach because of it’s sweet and heartfelt moments.

I would like to take a moment to highlight some of the arguments Antis have:

• We don’t really like it for the psychological horror aspect.

• Everyone who reads it condones and supports abusive relationships.

• We are all terribly insensitive to rape/abuse victims.

• We all, especially heterosexual women, get some twisted high out of seeing Bum abused and then them having ‘make-up sex’.

I’m sure there are more, but this text post is going to be long enough, as is. Let’s start with the first argument.

Psycological horror. One of my favourite subjects. When I first heard of KS, I pictured it as some disgusting BL manhwa. Then I actually read it, because one of my close friends convinced me that I would like it, due to my high interest in psychology. After reading the first few chapters, I was completley intrigued. Was it because I was all, “OMG, Bum belongs with Sangwoo. Tru luv forever. Sangbum will prevail because Sangwoo is actually a good person who deserves all of his wrongs forgiven and forgotten!”? Hell no. I was amazed with Sangwoo from chapter one. Not because of his 10/10 undercut, but because of how interesting his mind was. I’m currently a student who’s planning on attending university to become a psychologist. I’m not some basement stalker who’s completely messed up. Koogi excellently depicts how a person with a really scary mind could have mood swings, unpredictable behaviours, or even go as far as to make murder a sexual thing in their mind. I am going to take a moment here to show you all an exert from the official Wiki page.

“Killing Stalking became a popular manhwa in early 2017 due to its dark themes, display of psychological manipulation, and depiction of physical abuse and violence. It gives an insightful look of how people with mental illness think, how they see the world and how abuse leaves impacts on their mental development.”

Point two; condoning abusive relationships. As a person who was apart of an abusive relationship, I can gaurentee wholeheartedly that I do not support them in any way, shape, or form. People, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, etc. should be in treated with tremendous amounts of respect and care, both physically and emotionally. In saying that, Sangbum is a fictional ship. I don’t ship the two together because I think their dynamic is healthy and normal. I think the two, due to Bum’s Stockholm syndrome, are an interesting pair to watch, especially when it comes to how their dynamic grows and changes. This isn’t the recipe for a healthy relationship in real life, but it creates an engaging dynamic between Sang and Bum that keeps the stakes perpetually high. Do I think they’ll ever be a healthy, loving ship? Fuck no. Would I ever wish their circumstance on any people in the real world? Fuck no.

Side Note: Why do you Antis never have a problem with any other shows/literature that depicts unhealthy relationships, like OITNB and Hannibal?

Point three. The insensitivity to rape and abuse victims. This argument is just bullshit. For starters, I would like to say that, for those of you non-victims who feel the need to baby these people, take a step back. Multiple victims have come forth and said that they’re not baby’s to coddled and protected; they’re human beings too who are quite capable of finding their voice, and are even stronger because of their experiences. I have so many friends who are survivors of rape and abuse, and I can gaurentee I’m not insensitive. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the Mom Friend™ and am a loving and caring person. I understand that some people find the content triggering and disgusting, and that’s okay. That’s more than okay. Just don’t read it. Block all of the tags.

Point four. The sexual high. Thank you, stranger, for telling me how I think and feel. As a bisexual woman who reads this for the psychological experience and beautiful art, thank you, kind fucker, for putting words into my mouth. There are going to be people who sexualize it. Just like in everything else. There are people who sexualize the cannibalism in Hannibal. Where’s your letter to them?

Listen, I’m just tired of going through the tag and feeling attacked. There’s even an anti KS tag. A tag completley dedicated to bullying others for something they love. As a bullying victim, I can say with certainty that it is not alright in any situation. Take something you love. Think about it. Think about it for a long time. And now imagine someone picked every little flaw out of it and bullied you for liking it. Tadaa, Antis. That’s you.

If you don’t like it, stay out of the tag. Stop bullying others and making excuses for it. There is NO EXCUSE for telling someone they’re a bad person because they like a piece of work. NO EXCUSE for bullying, in general.

I’m sure most of you stopped after the first paragraph, but for those of you who didn’t, thank you for your time.

— a message from Woozi.

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fam your threesomes are so lit 👌🏻👌🏻 they've made me in the mood to read some more, do you have any recommendations for any threesomes? specifically thing like ones because those kill me omg

okay, okay, I think i got you 👌🏻 cue to me scrolling through my following list so i don’t miss any out.

» business | Taehyung + Jungkook | by @btssmutgalore (there’s two parts right now, i don’t know if there will be a third, I mean, I haven’t even read part 2 yet because part 1 messed me up too much (but well i did skim the ending because my curiosity got the better of me and well…rip me)) 

» pour up | Taehyung + Jungkook | by @jungkxook (this was one of the first things i ever read on tumblr and there are no words to describe how good this is tbh) 

» unexpected | Yoongi + surprises | by @noona-la-la-la (I say surprises because the last part made me explode haha, it’s a series and not technically a threesome, but amazing nonetheless!!!) 

» the resolve | Jungkook + Wonho | by @wonhopes (KILL ME NOW. I’m still in denial about crushing on jungkook AND wonho probably, but when my sister showed me this I had heart palpitations… thanks sis)

» boastful drunks | Jungkook + Jimin | by @ellieljade (confession time, I haven’t read this yet, but I know it will be good OBVIOUSLY so it’s next on my list, I just need to make sure I’m well hydrated first…) 

Also, I just realised Jungkook is in all of these bar one lmao, so yeah… ooops, I need to reevaluate myself and read more!!! 

I watched Howls Moving Castle for the first time and omg i love all of them. Howl called upon the forces of darkness bc his hair got messed up, and Sophia had to drag him into the bathtub after he literally had a meltdown . One of my favorite scenes was when they were talking to the queen and then Howl and the guy he was impersonating both ended up next to each other, and he basically like “…..oops….”.Calcifer and his friendship with Sophia is adorable


dudeee we live!!!!!!!!

it’s been a while since i had a tumblr blog. i’m happy to be back. i’m having some issues loading video into ps so i’m making the gifs online and editing them later with ps. that might mess up the quality a bit but bear with me.

i’m gifing the crap out of the first episode of prettymuch explains everything (and the upcoming ones as well), but since i can’t load video into ps it’s gonna take me a while.

i hope that prettymuch explains everything (omg i’m so punny)

hope you guys like my stuff

On Lestallum: Agape

After a not so subtle Prince pays for two rooms so he can have Prompto alone, Gladio and Ignis spend some quality time in their more seasoned love. Mature content ahead!!

@thejovialkynnadyg-ray and I wrote sister fics. Same time frame, different couple. Read On Lestallum: Eros, about Prompto and Noctis!


A sigh of relief broke the tired silence as the Regalia pulled into Lestallum. The car had no sooner been put in park before Noctis stumbled out, briskly walking toward the hotel with Prompto on his heels. There was an urgency to their steps, one that Ignis had seen with increased regularity. The two younger men tried so hard to hide it from him and Galdiolus, but it was anything but subtle.

By the time they had caught up to the eager prince, he was already handing the man at the door 600 gil, enough for two room.

“Two rooms, Noct?” Ignis asked with mock surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m really tired and I don’t want Gladio’s snoring keeping me awake.” Noctis answered, trying to sound convincing. Ignis fought hard not to laugh. Gladio had never been one to snore. In fact, the only one of them that seemed to be inclined to snore was the prince himself. Still, he wanted to let the man keep thinking that he was oblivious to the truth.

“It will be harder to protect you if we are separated.” Gladiolus piped in, crossing his arms over his chest to make himself appear serious.

“It’ll be fine, I’ll have Prompto and I can take care of myself.”

“You really are quite stubborn, Prince Noctis. But if you insist…” Ignis sighed. Noctis simply nodded and the pairs went their separate ways. As the older two entered their room, Gladio barely got the door shut before breaking out into laughter. A smirk graced the strategist’s face as he set his things down on the table. “I’m not sure why he thinks I don’t know. Not only is it painfully obvious, it is my job to know things.”

“He definitely isn’t the prince of subtly.” The shield responded, breathless from laughing. He walked up behind his slender roommate and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him tenderly on the cheek. “Not that I’m complaining. It just means I get you all to myself tonight.”

“Indeed. I am definitely not against the alone time.” Ignis moved himself to face the larger man, resting his head on his chest and closing his eyes. His arms moved to return the gentle hug, earning a long, content sigh that reverberated sweetly through the shield’s chest. He loved this side of Gladiolus so much. Not that he didn’t love the man anyway, but this was a side of himself he doesn’t just show. This tender, careful Gladio was for Ignis and Ignis alone. “We should head to bed soon, however. It is rather late.”

“Damn you sound exhausted, Iggy…” Gladio spoke quietly, concern clear in his voice. He gently scooped the strategist up and started toward the bed, grabbing the smaller man’s pajamas on the way by. Ignis started to argue, probably something about how he could walk the five or six feet to the bed, but the shield wasn’t having it. He stole the other man’s lips in a long, loving kiss. One he did not break from until he sat his man down on the bed. A grin formed on his face at the slightly flustered, but grateful look in his gorgeous green eyes. “You go ahead and lay down. I’ll join you after I shower.”

“I… very well. Thank you.” Ignis replied, taking the sleep attire from his partner. Gladio gave him a small kiss on the forehead before setting off to the bathroom.

When the raven-haired man returned from his shower, he found Ignis fast asleep, glasses still on and a book on his chest. A soft chuckle snuck out of Gladio’s throat as he laid down beside him. The motion of bed caused Ignis to flinch awake, startled by the fact that he had fallen asleep unintentionally. “My apologies, darling. I was trying to wait for you…”

“It’s fine. I was hoping you’d go to sleep with how tired you sound.” The shield scooted closer to the still half asleep Ignis, moving the book aside as he moved his hand to brush the fly away hairs from his lover’s face.

“I’m fine, Gladio. I wanted to spend more time with you while… while it’s just us.” Ignis leaned his head into the hand resting on his face.

“I must be pretty important if you are this tired and still would rather stay up and wait for me.” The joking tone was negated by the slight blush and large smile on his face. Ignis just smiled back, happily getting lost in the beautiful amber eyes so lovingly fixed on him. He knew that tomorrow, when they re-joined the not so sly prince and his lover, it would all return to the usual. Gladio, though still affectionate to a degree, would return once again to the side of himself that everyone gets to see. The hunts, the imperials, trying to keep the prince safe while guiding him on this long and strange journey. Right now, though, none of that mattered. The rest of the world meant nothing.

“You are the most important.” Ignis said simply, tone soft but serious, leaning up to capture the lips of a slightly surprised Gladio. The two seemed to melt into each other as the kiss progressed, the need behind it growing the longer it went. The shield was the first to break away, but only enough to catch his breath before slowly planting brief kisses along his also breathless partner’s jawline. Each kiss sent a shockwave through the strategist’s body, enticing a soft moan from his throat. Ignis tilted his head back slightly to allow easier access. Gladio paused for a moment to admire the scene before him. Such a beautiful man underneath him, glasses out of place and soft pleading look in his eyes was enough to drive any one into a sex driven frenzy. Ignis was worth so much more to him than that. He was worth the passion and the patience. The smaller man shuddered as the shield started nibbling on his neck and collar bones, distracting him from the removal of the button up sleepwear coving his lightly muscled torso. Once it was removed, Gladio pulled Ignis up against his already bare chest and locked lips, passion coursed through their veins like fire. The teasing continued artfully as the two slowly worked their way of the remained of their clothes, Gladio careful to grab the bottle out of his pocket before he lost track of his pants. Soon, the two broke apart and the shield sat up, placing his back against the wall as he applied the lubricant. Then, pulling his strategist up into his lap and letting him get comfortable, he once more stole the soft lips before him as he slid his way in. Both men where hit at once with a shockwave of pleasure, causing them to break their kiss with a synchronized moan. The quiet but desperate moans and the fingernails digging into the shield’s back with each thrust, methodical and exact, caused him to speed up. The more erratic rhythm caused the strategist to arch his back, head falling back. Gladio leaned forward, placing fervent kisses on the exposed flesh in time with his hips, earning him a slightly strangled gasp that pushed them both over the edge. A strong hand grabbed pulled them together in to a decidedly forceful kiss as they hit their climax. He didn’t break away until the collapsed into a tangled mess to catch their breath.

As the high began to fade and they cleaned themselves up, the two slid down under the sheets, cuddled up close despite the heat.

“Hey, Ignis…”


“I love you. So so much.” The words caused Ignis to look up at the larger man quickly. Gladio had never been the one to say it first, even when they were alone. The soft, happy smile on his sleepy face said that he meant it, every word.

“I love you too, Gladio. Always.”

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((Sorry if I mess something up, I'm new to this site and this is my first ask ever.)) This is one of the first blogs I followed, and I am really glad I did. You're amazing, and you're texts are amazing, and I love it so much. I just wanted to give you some love. I'll probably request something in the future, but as of now, I forgot what I was going to request previously. Thank you for what you do, and for putting a smile on my and other people's faces!


(i’m like weirdly hype that this was your first ask and i’ll treasure it forever omg ily 💜)

(p.s. you didn’t mess up anything you did great 👌💜)
monsta x in chicago!

okokok so my legs are still completely numb from driving so much yesterday omg but i saw monsta x last night!!!! this is what my mushy brain can remember:

wonho - wonho is MUCH MUCH MUCH paler irl than i expected? that boy looks pure af lmao. his ass is also MAGNIFICENT guys i mean it’s out of this world. i could see the curve from where i was sitting! i couldn’t stop staring at him tho like he looks so good in person. pictures really do not do him justice! he’s also so goddamn sweet like he seemed a little nervous/shy but was overall super smiley n cute. jooheon kept yelling for us to cheer for his arms lmao (which were great btw)

jooheon - HOLY SHIT does jooheon have a lot of fans! like, a lot! he got the most screams for everything. it was really nice bc i never see enough people supporting my dude. he has ridiculous stage presence like w h o a it was unreal! he really belongs on stage. i felt like i was watching someone who has been performing for decades. he was that good! he’s also much paler than i expected and his hair was rly nice lmfao. he had a lot of energy and was all over the place and you could see how excited he was to be here. lots of talking in english! his pronunciation is really good too!

i.m - FIRST OFF, he introduced himself and went, “hi babies” so we all kind of died. since he’s an english speaker, he was the one speaking most of the time (along with minhyuk interrupting quite a lot lol what an excited puppy). he seemed to get flustered a lot and embarrassed when he would mess up. i’m over here like “baby omg no it’s okay!” there was one point where he was talking about hyungwon being gone and he just gave up and went “whatever” lol sweetie, you did good and we’re proud of you! he was also a popular one with fans - could probably rival jooheon if jooheon’s fans weren’t so loud lmao.

kihyun - THIS BOY IS SO SMOL GUYS I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU. especially when standing next to the members guys it was so cute and so noticeable? idk why i never noticed that before! tbh i can’t remember a lot of him bc he was so quiet. but he did seem super excited to be there like he was smiling nonstop. and let me tell you - his speaking voice is so nice to listen to! whenever he spoke, the audience shut up, unlike for the rest of the members most of the time lol.

minhyuk - WHAT A PUPPY. THIS BOY WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE. SUPER EXCITED. ALL THE TIME. HE WAS SPEAKING A MILE A MINUTE. also was interrupting i.m like 24/7 to put his two cents in. it was so cute guys. he was hella cheesy too like lots of flirty english lines, as expected lol. he was also pretty handsy with the members, even though the other members weren’t. like idk fanservice (in terms of bromance, they were super flirty overall with fans) was really low but minhyuk was still pushing to do it and i’m highkey not surprised.

shownu - THE MAN OF MY LIFE. guys. wow. what a man. wow. just. wow. he looks so good in person like they had his hair done all nice and he was so??? i don’t even have words. y'all you know that vine from no.mercy where his expression changes from evil to puppy in .02949 seconds? I GOT TO SEE THAT IN PERSON WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. this man is seriously so much more adorable than people give him credit for! he was pretty blankfaced but when he would smile, he SMILED like his whole face lit up and it was truly #beautiful. also his talking voice is so much deeper than i thought it would be? like he already sounds like an old man lol. he is also super tan like wow and i thought i was gonna die looking at so much perfection. and his dancing is so smooth? like monsta x as a whole are such good dancers but live it was so much easier to see his specific style and it was really cool! he seemed to be a little nervous but he did super well talking and i’m so proud of him c: ALSO i heard a lot of fans screaming for him and only him like his fans were very…specific and vocal like i feel so warm and happy inside knowing that he now knows that there’s a lot of shownu stans like myself here in america~

okay now for the actual songs. i can’t remember the whole set list but it was a pretty good mix of songs off of all their albums! like they even did blind/incomparable/calm down/be quiet/ex girl (all of which i never thought i would see live). they also covered 24k magic by bruno mars (minhyuk, jooheon, i.m). let me tell you - there is nothing cuter than minhyuk singing bruno mars and then saying later on, in english, how much he loves him lol. they didn’t do stuck, all i do, or amen which i’m kinda salty about but whatever lol. they did nearly all their title tracks. ALSO THEY HAD LIKE DUO/TRIO STAGES (jooheon/i.m/minhyuk, wonho *would have been with hyungwon*, and kihyun/jooheon) AND SHOWNU DIDN’T GET ONE I WAS LIKE WTF WHERE’S MY MAN? idk why they left him out and i was kinda mad tbh lol.

the sweetest part about this all is that they CONSTANTLY kept bringing up hyungwon! like they would say “oh hyungwon likes this song” or “hyungwon was really excited to dance this piece with wonho”. they even left spaces for him when they were talking or dancing and it was so sweet! the fans cheered loudest when he was brought up, i think. despite that, you could definitely feel that there was a member missing. monsta x felt so incomplete! they are not supposed to be six. i could feel it the entire time. something felt off. it just goes to show how great monsta x is as seven!

ANYWAY this is hella long but overall i had so much fun and the fandom was so sweet and respectful and y e s easily the best night of my life !

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Headcanon how Rarity and AJ have met each other: after shopping in a grocery, Rarity was on her way home when the bottom of the tote bag ripped and all her buyings fell on the sidewalk. While she picked up the food, one of her bought apples rolled away and stopped at AJs feet. She gave it back to Rarity, who was instantly fascinated of that natural beauty. together they brought Raritys buyings at her home, talked a lot, became friends first and than later lovers :)

omg I love this for how pure and cute it is. extra points if Rarity is a flustered mess because AJ is just that pretty!

BTS reaction: their s/o defends another member, but then the hater turns on them

So, I made a similar reaction here, only it’s about their s/o defending themselves (because I think I misunderstood the request). But I think they would still have very similar reactions in this situation as well. But I will make this one mostly about their reaction when the attacker turns on their s/o. I hope you don’t mind ^^

Thank you for requesting, sweetie! xx

Jin: He would be proud to watch you stand up for someone else. But when the attacker turned on you, he would become protective. But he still wouldn’t want to make the situation worse by start to argue with the person himself. So he would try to just get you and the other member away from that place. If that proved too hard to do, i.e. the person follow you guys or something, he will try to talk to them, and sort of make peace so they will let you be.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Suga: He will be so pissed omg. Like, he would get angry when they started attacking the other member, then he’d calm down a tiny bit when you started to defend them. And then, when the attacker turned on you, he would turn so mad. He would not try to find a peaceful solution. He would probably take over the arguing, which would lead to increased cursing. And he would probably end up pushing the attacker up against a wall and, pretty aggressively, tell them to fuck off and let you guys be.

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J-Hope: It’s hard to make Hobi angry, but now he would be. And I’m not sure how he would be when he’s angry. But I’m 60% sure he would be one of those people who just turn scary silent and calm. I’m pretty sure he would just step in between you and the person, and one look at his face would probably be enough to scare the person away. Seriously. I wouldn’t want to be near Hobi when he’s had enough of someone’s shit. But he’d not let the person away without getting one or two threats in.

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Rap Monster: He is definitely the type to be worryingly calm when he’s angry. But I also think that he might be the type to turn physical when he’s defending someone. But, I don’t think he would turn very physical in this situation, as the person hadn’t hurt you or the other member physically. Instead, he would probably try to look as angry and intimidating as possible and get right up in the attacker’s face. Because let’s be real, Namjoon is very tall, and I know for sure I would be scared if he would walk up to me after I pissed him off. And then he’d tell them to fuck off, but he would be very calm when he did, instead of aggressive like Yoongi. And it would probably be even more intimidating.

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Jimin: He is one of the more temperamental members, who will probably lose it if he’s angry enough. And he’s very protective of you, and the members. How angry he is will depend a bit on which member had been attacked. I feel like he’s the most protective of Kookie and Tae, since they’re younger than him. And especially Tae, because he’s such a kind soul, and he’d trust Jungkook to be better at defending himself since he’s more temperamental than Tae, and also the strongest member. So assuming it’s you and Tae that are being attacked, Jimin would turn furious. He would want to just get out of the situation as fast as possible, so he would probably punch the person. Because he doesn’t really have the height to be intimidating, like Namjoon, and his face also looks very sweet. So he would actually punch the person and then drag you and Tae with him away.

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V: He won’t quite know what to do. He’d be angry, of course, but he wouldn’t know how to get out of this situation. He is a very peaceful person, and the first time he ever hit someone was when they were filming the video for ‘I NEED U’. So I think he would try to nicely ask the person to just leave you guys be. If that didn’t work I think he would just watch you and the other member deal with it, and back you up if needed. But, if it got really bad, like you started crying or something (even if you’re an angry crier), he would probably turn physical and punch the person. The other guys said he’s a natural puncher, after all.

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Jungkook: He’s going to be so freaking pissed omg. No one messes with his members, and especially not with his partner. He would be fuming on the side at first, because he would be unsure on how he should act. He’s got a very deep sense of respect and manners. But I feel like he’s very hot-headed when he’s angry, so it wouldn’t be long until he would decide to just screw manners and knock the person out before leaving with you and the other member.

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consider with me for a moment... mike... but like... with different hair... A buzzcut? Undercut?? Burred? Crew cut? there are so many options honestly just... imagine it with me...

AH HOLY SHIT!!! I sent the ask about mike with diff hair and!! i come back not 5 mins later and?? There he is? with diff hair? a miracle,, thank you,,, you’re very good, i’m so happy

I didn’t even read your first message until after I’d posted those pictures, so it’s just a really crazy coincidence I guess! :D  I am ALWAYS up for messing around with characters’ hair tho omg yes

burnerswap mike already had an undercut I am weak

Some random OTP prompts

Just hit 22 followers and I just?? Thanks so much guys, I only started posting like a week ago so this is really cool. (Accept my love aah <3) I’ll try to keep the prompts coming, especially shipping prompts because I know how much everyone loves those. Here are a couple that I came up with today. Hope you like them~

  • (pre-relationship) ‘it’s windy so my lips are getting all chapped and you offer me some of your chapstick after you use it and i take it without thinking but right after i finish putting it on i realize iNDIRECT KISS NOPE I CANNOT HANDLE THIS’ 
  • ‘you play piano really well and holy crap i love this song don’t mind me just keep playing i’m gonna sing along’ 
    • Bonus: ‘i’m trying so hard not to mess up because you sing like an angel omg- hey do you know this other song?? i mean i need to practice it anyway and it’ll sound better if you’re singing along’
  • (first meeting) ‘you were trying to hand out flyers for something but nobody was really taking them and i wasn’t really planning on taking one either but then the wind blew one away from you and it smacked me right in the face. you ran over and grabbed it and started apologizing all awkwardly and now that i’m looking at you you’re actually really cute um i guess i’ll just take this one then ahaha’ 
  • ‘omg fine yes i’ll play the pocky game with you you’re such a nerd
  • ‘there’s a huge flock of pigeons/seagulls/other birds all over the ground here and omg are you seriously going to make me run at them and scream with you?? apparently you are DAMN IT (NAME)’
    • Bonus: ‘yeah okay i admit that was fun but i hope you realize we’re probably banned from that park/boardwalk/etc.
  • ‘everyone thinks we’re destined to break up because we argue all the time, but our relationship has survived three games of competitive monopoly lmao we’re pretty much married at this point’
  • (high school / university / theater au) ‘we’re dating and we’re also the romantic leads in this play so every time we have to rehearse this kissing scene we go WAAAAAY overboard with it and just full-on make out just to piss everyone off’
NCT Reaction:Their crush being really smart (Maknae Line)

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Will be very very impressed.He would sometimes ask you random questions just to see you talking with so much passion.He likes to see you talking like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes he’ll just stare at you and he’s not even listening he’s just looking at how you’re expressing yourself and he’s just like ‘wow’ and sometimes you can see a smol blush creeping up his face.


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Tbh,he wouldn’t care less if you weren’t smart.As long as you’re you,he’ll love you endlessly. Anywaaaays…If you’re really smart he would probably ask these really deep questions and then discuss to you about it and it’s really fun to do so because that’s how you guys get to know each other even more.One day,he would probably ask you a question that will lead him to asking you out.


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You know how he’s pretty busy with his schedule because he just debuted?Well,he would probably ask a lot about his homework because he’s just so tired and he still needs to finish his homework and like one time he fell asleep and you tried to copy his handwriting so you could make his homework and it worked and after that he got an even bigger crush on you and it’s amazing.


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He will absolutely love it.He’ll probably confess to you in riddles because he knows you can solve them in a minute and like when he finally asks you out and you go on a date,he would probably take you to a history museum because he just loves to see your face lighten up when you explain something to him and he’s listening very carefully but secretly he’s also staring at how you’re just so happy when you’re talking so much about the things that you love the most.


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He’s probably gonna be like really shy at first because omg jisung don’t say anything dumb you don’t wanna mess this up ok.And like when he approaches you to ask something school and you help him with no doubt he’s just like ‘omg wow she looks even prettier from here and omg she’s smart crap what do i do now she just explained and i didn’t listen crap’ and he just asks you to explain again and after explaining it a few times he finally gets it and he just sits down and he keeps on thinking about you for the rest of his life tbh

~Admin One

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We missed you!! (Your blog was one of the ones that helped me survive the boring parts of paramedic school lol so I'm very grateful.) Welcome back!!

Thank you!!! Ahhh I messed everyone here too!! OMG I’m glad my blog helped you through that. I’ll try to be more active and actually catch up on RvB (I let my first membership lapse so I kinda got behind)

imagine it comes up during conversation that Cullen is fond of Mabari and Dorian narrows his eyes suspiciously:

“We are not getting a war hound as a pet.”

“They’re smart, loyal, and make for great companions.”

“Sounds very much like me. But you’re forgetting the war hound part, Cullen.”

“Dorian…are you, by chance, afraid of dogs?”

“What? No! Don’t be absurd! They simply aren’t Tevinter style.” 

And then one day Cullen returns home to find Dorian cuddling with several Mabari puppies. 

“Did you know that Mabari can imprint on strangers walking down the street? The trainer just wouldn’t let me leave without them.”

And then Cullen laughs warmly, sitting down beside him to pet the puppies. 

Someone please write or draw this extra points if Dorian struggles with handling the puppies at first and the room is all messed up and it’s all a very happy accident <3 

…omg now I need this lol ahh