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I love you charms!! They are so cute!! As an artist trying to get started on selling my own products, i was wondering if i could ask how you make your packaging look so nice? I would love to learn how to make my stuff look so professional.

Oh me gosh, you have no idea how much that means to me… I’m emotional now! ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ ) Thank you very much lovely! ( ◜◒◝ )♡ I apologize in advanced for taking forever to answer your wonderful ask. You caught me right in the middle of prepping for a convention 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Anywhosies~ Here’s a small tutorial on how I do my packaging for charms:

First, make your design. I sometimes sketch out the design on paper before I move onto Photoshop. Depending on how big you want your packaging to be, is how big you want your design to be. I prefer to use 3x5in and always work under a 300dpi/resolution or bigger. Make sure you are able to find baggies with your dimensions before you design. I’ll talk about this further into this tutorial.

Tip: Make your width at least .25in smaller! Some baggies are a couple of millimeters smaller from the actual width. I keep forgetting to fix this little detail thus why you see the width as 3in instead of 2.75in.

The design is really up to you. You can have a theme going on per set, per charm, or you can even just use your logo as the design for every charm and make your life easier lol  There’s no rules to follow, just have fun and design away!

Tip: Don’t overdue your designs though, you want the charm to be the main focus. Something simple yet fun and or elegant will work. Don’t be afraid to google examples of other people’s designs. That will give you an idea and get you going.

Save your designs! Save them as both a JPG and PS file (or as the software you are using).

Be organized! If you plan on having multiple designs or even make lots more charms in the future, name them so they are easier to find. Your packaging designs can even have their own folder or sub folder if needed.

Setting up. Open any wordpad or word processor of your choice and add your design. Depending on how big your design is, you’ll be able to fit more or less. 

Print a test page. Print your design on your everyday normal paper just to check that everything looks okay! If your printer is like mine, it will be a troll and sometimes print a bit crooked, but don’t worry! Since they’ll be cut, it doesn’t affect your designs in any way.

Now let’s print…

Ta-daaaa! Here are my designs that I printed on the cardstock I fell in love with. The cardstock I use is called Astroparche Cover Stock and it’s from the brand, Neenah. I love the natural look it has–it’s not white, so ye be warned that the colors will have a small slight tint of yellow when printing. The cardstock is also thick enough for my printer to use and sturdy enough for my charms. You can find this cardstock on Amazon, but I was lucky enough to find it at my local Office Depot!

Tip: Photo paper can also be used if you so prefer. Again, whatever makes you happy and works best for you. 

Get your handy dandy paper cutter ready…

Cut, cut, cut! Cut out all your designs with your paper cutter. I don’t suggest using scissors unless you trust your hand enough that it won’t mess up and cut straight! If you don’t have a paper cutter, note that you most certainly do not need to buy the huge guillotine type. There’s small ones that can be used and can even be taken with you to conventions! The one I use is small and cute and has been with me for three years and the extra blade that came with it has not been used yet. Amazing~

Punch, punch, punch! Time to get your hole puncher and punch them little holes. I actually have a special hole puncher with a 3mm hole, but you can definitely use a regular 6mm hole puncher. How far down you want your hole to be is up to you.

Tip: If you want to get fancy, you can even buy hole punchers that have cute hole designs! Like stars or hearts ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆

Baggies!!! So, remember how I said to make sure to find baggies with the dimensions you plan to use before designing? This is only because of the rare chance you use certain dimensions that there’s no baggies for. Always double check!

Anyways, when buying baggies, make sure that you go half and inch (or more) above your height so you can create a tab to fold back and tape your baggie shut. You can also find baggies that already have adhesive! It’s just a matter of what you like and what works for you. Maybe you want to get creative and use a cute sticker or washi tape to close your baggie, who knows! Some people even buy baggies with hang tabs to hang them for display when they’re tabling in conventions.

“But Dee, where do I find baggies??”

*squishes your cheeks and whispers*

Ebay… Ebay is your best friend. Search for clear cello/poly bags ( ̄▽ ̄*)

Almost there…

Setting up! Once you have your charms built and ready to go, it’s time to package them and use your new super duper amazing designs! For this, we’ll be using washi tape since it doesn’t leave any residue and it’s easier to peel off. Any washi tape will do, it doesn’t matter! I tend to rip off about 10-20 pieces at a time to have them ready to go. It makes things easier on my end.

For cellphone straps: Loop the strap inside the hole and align your charm. Once you are happy, tape the strap with the washi tape.

For key chains: Yes, it works just as well! But we’ll be needing ribbon, 3mm wide ribbon to be exact. Cut about 2in and loop one end inside the split ring while bringing the other end above. Bring both ends of the ribbon into the hole and align your charm. Once you are happy, tape the ribbon. You should now have your charm cutely hanging from the ribbon~

All you gotta do now is bag ‘em, seal ‘em, and you are ready to go! Look at you–you did it! I’m so proud of you ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ )

I hope this helps you and anyone else looking to start making their own unique packaging for their cute charms~ ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)

My only excuse is that I was encouraged to design Pidge in a formal-looking dress, for you know, Intergalactic balls or galas or whatever the reason.
So, here’s what I thought would look good for her <3

And please don’t mind the hands and feet, I messed up a bit and just went with it for them…



Haha not sure what to say. Nina (the nb girl) is mine and Rene (trans boy) is Tiamat’s OC! They’re in love.

I think we said they met one day when Nina beat up Rene’s bullies. Because she loves to fight, saw an occasion, and took it! From then they become friends and started dating at some point.

I’m too tired to explain better! Here the post where I present Nina [x]

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If you designed vampires what do you think their anatomy would be like?

I do have vampires! 2 kinds
One is ur average people shaped vamp bc they used to be people, but their Guts are all wrong. Basically only have Heart Lungs and big ol..blood sac. Which is like, a repurposed stomach+intestines all into a nasty blood bag

Pretty much all the other organs are kinda..messed up..and don’t really matter Anyway

I don’t have it all nailed down, but basically everything from the Blood Bag gets spread throughout the bod by the heart like normal blood until it starts goin bad, at which point it’ll recollect in said sac to be barfed up as disgusting coagulated Sludge, n then they gotta feed, rinse, repeat

So, whatever that system looks like…there u go

Vampire type 2 is actually a living creature, but it does live off of blood and kill humans
Really big pest, not human, haven’t designed it yet so WHO KNOOOWS

The Fairest Possible Review I can Give the Fox Rocky Horror Remake

So I’m gonna start by saying I don’t resent Fox’s Rocky Horror for existing, as a lot of people criticizing it seem to. I didn’t go in expecting something that would stand toe-to-toe with the original, because I don’t think that’s possible in a modern context. I went in thinking of it like a tribute more than an attempt to capture that lightning in a bottle again.

Anyway this whole thing ended up being forever long, so it’s gonna live under a cut.

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Hello! I read a lot of your beginner pages, and I was wondering if you had any good advice for a newbie who is interested in witchcraft and isn't super sure about spellcasting yet? I'm just so nervous about messing up I haven't been able to bring myself to try it just in case it backfires on me. How do you push yourself to do that first spell if you're a chronic over-thinker like I am?

I was in this position myself back in the day (when I was in high school), and my main recommendation is to start with spells that are fairly simple and mostly designed to affect yourself. 

I recommend trying some personal cleansing spells or rituals to calm you or help you focus, or just whatever you personally need in your life. 

Basically, I think it’s good to start with spells that affect you and (mostly) only you. Rebounds are unlikely in general, but it does a lot to allay your fears if the spell only affects you. 

You can also practice doing simple exercises, like visualization and channeling power, without doing an actual spell. I didn’t do this (I jumped right in, eventually), but arguably witches who do practice like that prior to casting probably have better success when they do their first spell.


I really liked this request so have some sketchbook doodlins? :)

I super love Rosy Higgins’ Spidey redesign, and I think an iteration of it would fit nicely with CA:CW’s Spidey: a Peter who’s already established, already fighting crime, but maybe doesn’t have all the high-tech resources to make an MCU-worthy suit. So he bounces around in tons of layers and whatever the heck he thinks makes him look cool, like a typical high-schooler would do. And then once he gets picked up by Cap and the team he gets a proper suit. Said proper suit would be a bear to design though…the Spidey suit is so iconic, it’d be hard to change it without losing that authenticity. So I just added a little Avengers logo and some additional paneling, ‘cause you can’t mess with a Spidey suit :)

Great Falls, VA

Hello friends! Today is the day of my TEDxMidAtlantic rehearsal, and I am in a Starbucks writing this post dressed in full PoMo regalia. (I’m talking 1000% clothed in David Bowie’s Furniture just so I can make one joke about not being the gatekeeper of good taste.) 

Speaking of Postmodernism, it’s gonna be Postmodernism Week on McMansionHell! As you will see on Sunday, Postmodernism has a lot to do with McMansions and other tenants of our sprawl-based built environment. I don’t want to jump the gun on that yet, but let’s just say this wonderful estate is a teaser of things to come. Got questions? Don’t worry. All will be explained. 

This amazing testament to the fact that maybe architects actually had some impact on the design of our suburban houses after a, like, 50 year hiatus during which they were prancing around in glass-box-land was built in 2000, is on the market for over $2,000,000 and has no fewer than 7 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms

And all of them are amazing. Let’s begin. 

The Front Entry

Judging by the numerous attempts to cover up the seemingly endless white tile floor, the homeowners realized that it was probably a bad decision. Seriously nothing is colder on your feetsies than stone tile. 

The Sitting Room

I hesitate to call this a living room because it looks too much like my last dentist’s waiting room. (I wish I had dental insurance again, oh god) 

The OTHER Sitting Room

The Other OTHER Sitting Room

There better be butts in at least half of these chairs at any given time or the engineer in me is going to be peeved at the lack of efficiency.

The Dining Room!

Phew! At least it isn’t another…

…Sitting Room

One has to admire their dedication to total grandmotherliness. 

The Kitchen!

Something something joke about that song about that lighting fixture

The…oh for ****’s sake

RIP Best Western (1986-2000) it is maybe a Crackle Barrel or something now who knows. Also, the splayed geometry of this room is probs very good for it’s acoustics! Yay! 

The Master Bedroom

I am p peeved when real estate listings only have one or two bedrooms out of y’know 7. 

And, of course…

The Master Bathroom

I think that weird light thing is from whatever the 80s equivalent to Pinterest is. 

The Reject Bedroom

is v sad

I want that party bed please and thank

The Designated Alcohol Space™

Normalizing addiction since circa 1980.

That painting is really messing me up. Like, I know y’all trying to look like your lives were spent collecting priceless european replicas from the Frontgate catalog or whatever but of all the paintings to hang in your bar…

Finally, we conclude our tour with a marvelous rear photo. 

Thanks for sticking around for this post even though it was late n stuff. Stay tuned for Sunday’s bit about Postmodernism, and wish me luck for my TEDx talk tomorrow!  

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Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate Redfin.com and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.

Imagine that the character designs are all what they were wearing during their first chronological appearance.

And that makes Alix’s outfit especially funny because it would imply that she was woke up late on the first day of school and put on whatever clean stuff she had and ran out the door as she ate a croissant and put her hair into a pigtail. Alix being a disorganized mess and not doing the the other pigtail is what in getting at.

connie’s reading to him and gave him donuts desu desu

@stevenquartz made the corrupted steven design

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Is there any criteria for the gemsonas? Like stuff u need to know and stuff for it to be a gemsona?? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question but I don't want to be judged for not doing It right..

Not a stupid question at all!

The tldr version is: Not really! It just depends on how ‘canon’ you want your gemsona to be- do you want to make gemsona just for fun or do you want to make one that could easily fit into the Steven Universe world? Either way, there’s a few things you need to consider:

-Ian JQ confirmed a Gems’ skin colors need to relate to their gem color! Ex: If you have a Green Emerald gemsona, their skin color must be some shade of green! 

-As far as we know, Gems only have one stone! (Garnet’s a fusion which explains why she has two) but we’re pretty certain one gem is the norm.

Now if you want to make a gemsona that can fit into the Steven Universe canon, the biggest problem is backstory: 

-If you want a gemsona from Earth, be careful! The only gems on Earth we know about are the Crystal Gems, Malachite (the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli), Peridot, and the monster gems bubbled in the Temple basement (or the other corrupted ones still wandering around) so if you want them to be a gem on Earth, they might have to have a ‘pre-canon’ story (like maybe they were sent to Earth to help out with the Kindergarten when it was still active, check warp pads, do maintenance on the Lunar Sea Spire, etc). 

-If they’re from the Homeworld, you need to be willing to change your gemsonas’ history / story based on whatever new info we get from the show! You could make them a grunt who works under Yellow Diamond or some other big-name.

-Or, (and this is what I do), you can put your gem completely off-planet on a Gem-Controlled or Neutral planet and have them do…whatever it is they do (maybe they’re loyal to the Homeworld, maybe they’re just avoiding it). This way, it’s easy to keep your gemsona’s background relatively fluid so if we get some huge new information regarding gems / the Homeworld, it won’t mess up your gemsona’s backstory too much.

Sorry if this is getting a little bit too complicated, I ended up cutting some of what I wrote. I’m a HUGE character design nerd so I tend to geek out about coming up with backstories. I’m always happy to help off-anon if you need some clarification!

Everybody stop. We are going to appreciate some of the fantastic world-building from “ChalkZone” now.

* Magic chalk can only be used by a human who has a true desire to explore, to escape; to bring their imagination to life. Whether that person acts in innocence…

… or with a selfish desire. ChalkZone doesn’t discriminate, so long as you’re expressing your dream from your heart.

* Penny, who viewed the world through stubbornly scientific eyes, was completely unable to use its magic until “Power Play”, when she opened a portal to rescue Rudy from scientists who threatened to dissect his family.

Then, later, she used the chalk to build her twisted regime as Chalk Queen.

Which, again, never would have worked if she weren’t in tune with the desires of her heart.

Snap, you may have been her first kiss, but she never did like you.

* Everything will dissolve in liquid from the real world. Whether object or living creature. 

The perfect weakness! Every time we want Rudy to solve a problem completely on his own, just run him up against real-world liquid so Snap is forced to stay behind.

Even the water dissolves in water.

And the water - probably all the chalk things - was powered by imagination, and if brought to the real world, can trap humans in some sort of childish trance if they overload on it.

* This show is great with continuity. “Indecent Exposure” is definitely in my top favorites thus far. I spent the entire watch with my hand over my mouth just muttering, “Oh no, oh no, oh no”. No, this show was never one for just assuming that the real world would lampshade their encounters with escaped chalk drawings. So. Freaking. Busted. That episode was very well done.

(Letting the bald child be the only one to ever want a wiggie for a pet was a nice touch too.)

* There are some really fascinating plants in this world. My personal favorite?

These yellow things are seeds of eyeball bushes. In their germinating season, they squeeze themselves into the eye sockets of a host and guide their host to a place where they can be planted, distorting reality along the way (such as making a snake look like a rope of licorice) to ensure that their host doesn’t bail from fear on the way to their destination.

Isn’t that just awesome?

My other favorite critter’s gotta be the flying pencils that sharpen themselves in flowers for the hunt and violently maul the weakest notebook cows of the herd.

* There’s an entire village just for smiley faces.

* This show is really good about answering the little questions, such as:

What does chalk food taste like?

(We won’t be solving world hunger anytime soon, I see.)

What happens if you try to use a chalkboard while inside ChalkZone?

What happens if two parts of the same drawing are erased at different times?

That looks like a lame duck.

Aw, he’s such a sweethea-

Right. This is Snap.

Well. Disembodied legs need deep pep talks too.

Or, if a drawing is partly but never fully erased, you end up with the ChalkZone version of a ghost- A smudge:

What happens when a two-dimensional person enters a world of three dimensions?

What happens when you accidentally make that shrieking chalkboard sound?

It echoes aaaaalllll the way through ChalkZone. Next, are fanart drawings considered separate entities from the original?

Yup. Why isn’t ChalkZone flooded with aimless numbers and letters?

It would be, if the Zoners didn’t constantly take them all to the dump. Unless you draw a box around words or equations. Then they stay intact like words on paper, and I think that’s pretty clever.

I also like how there’s always a huge pile of numbers and junk under the blackboard in Penny’s room. It’s like the Zoners tried to bring it all to the dump, but she just kept doing so much math and science work that they were like, “Okay, screw it- Have it your way”.

* There’s a thing called the Rule of Artist’s Intent; basically, erased art will turn out the way the artist imagined it to be, even if a bystander has a different view of it. What appears to be a sea monster attacking a ship…

… may turn out to be a friendly sea guardian trying to rescue it.

(Cork Vampire was the best, though.)

If you doodle something absentmindedly then there is no real intent, but the creation will still end up with whatever you were thinking while drawing it:

Or, if you collaborate on a drawing and the negative emotions are flying, you can end up with a messed-up fellow like Skrawl.

Who, I just realized, is pretty neat: he has only three limbs, but he can easily shift one leg into being a second arm when he wants to.

That is some nice designing right there! Skrawl’s just an interesting villain all over; he lashes out because he’s upset that he was drawn into an ugly beast, but it seems he’s too terrified of Rudy to stick around him despite the promises of being drawn into a creature with a bit more aesthetic appeal.

He was so happy for about a minute and a half… But what was up with Rudy flipping out when Skrawl asked for the magic chalk back? Rudy, dude. You promised you’d give it to him when you were done. You lied to him? And you blame Skrawl for never trusting you again?

(Also, let’s not ignore the fact that it was Skrawl who comforted Penny when she had her feelings hurt because Rudy poked fun at her artistic abilities.)

This show is also excellent at slipping in the moral lesson with expert subtlety. The more obvious moral of “Asleep at the Chalk” seems to be that humans need their sleep and have bedtimes for a reason, and parents know best.

But you never realize until you’re older that this was also a story about a “sober” friend making the decision to leave a really enjoyable party early so he can help his “drunk” friend make it safely home. Although of course Snap, being Snap, did get a bit sidetracked along the way… Hey- technically speaking, he didn’t bring Rudy anywhere he thought would be unsafe.

Don’t draw sleep-deprived, kids.

And then… there’s Blocky. The six-year-old who’s typically enthusiastic and friendly, but occasionally suffers from little bouts of depression.

Shh, shh… No, little square child, you are perf. You’re the one who taught Rudy that he loved to draw. You’re the one who gave him a reason to keep on creating. None of your friends would be here if it weren’t for you.

“ChalkZone” was precious and needed a big, all-out shoutout on my blog. Yes. This adorable show was literally too smart for its own good; its cleverness tended to go over the heads of its young target audience, so in their eyes it just couldn’t compete with the other and more simple new cartoon on the block, SpongeBob. Among others I’m probably forgetting.

Ah, well. I grew up with and loved this show, and it’s possibly one of the reasons that I developed a love of storytelling and my dream to become an author. So much strong world-building, such well-rounded characters, such flawless continuity, and so many creative solutions to every problem.

As a bonus image, here’s a sad birthday boy who was left to turn two all alone on the day it hit him that when push comes to shove, Rudy’s real family is more important to Rudy than he himself could ever hope to be.


Another Oso-Marco dump. Au where the Diaz’s got sextuplets instead of just Marco? Just a bunch of cracky fun. It started with someone asking Marco to be drawn as Osomatsu(Know this was done before? Or were they just put side by side?)since they both wear red hoodies, and I had the idea of putting other au Marco’s in the rest of the hoodies. 

  1. Star’s face when she meets the sextuplets all in one place. From left to right: Marco, Marc, Blarco, Sol, Monco?, and Marquesa(but often called Marcia or Maria by mistake..she’s used to it/doesn’t mind) 
  2. The birth of BLARCO. 
  3. Sabrina tries, and is loved all the same. 
  4. And overprotective brothers. Poor Tom :(

Blue/”Marc” is based off of the @badboyandprincess au Badboy!Marco. “Blarco” originated from @don-chile ‘s stories and edits. Sol is based on my own st.O’s au but is kind of??? toned down. Monco, was originally meant to be based on sailorleo’s “Monstar” au design, but I kept messing it up so now he’s more of a broad representation of all Monster!Marco au’s.OTL Marquesa/Maria/Marcia also falls under a broad category; her’s being any genderswap story, and/or au that involves Marco being a girl. This “au” treats them all as siblings. Thanks for looking/reading/whatevers. 

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Any friendship headcanons for Asgore or Mettaton?

how about both? im always a loser for friendship headcannons! i hope you enjoy! ヽ(o♡o)/


  • Always watches over you, just in case you decide to do something thats risky or regretful. Basically, the mother hen
  • The type of friend who’ll design and stick flowers in your hair or make you a very elegant flower crown
  • Is also the type of friend who’ll wake up at 12 am to respond to your texts and will run to the moon and back to give you whatever you need/crave
  • He’s always by your front door when you feel down or when you need advice/support and never lets you solve your problems by yourself, unless you protest


  • Oh boy, i cant even tell you how much he spoils you because he believes that youre the most valuable person //besides blooky
  • Anyone who messes with you is literally asking for their death wish cause mettaton could ruin their life in a heartbeat
  • You’re literally the only person (again, besides blooky) who he’ll express both his negative and positive thoughts, feelings and experiences to
  • The type of friend who’ll take pictures of you randomly and tease you about how cute you look later

I have gotten quite a few messages asking about what techniques I use when designing homes, so I decided I would make a few tutorials on how you can speed up your designing and make homes you’re proud of! 

Technique #1 - The Mess Method! 

This technique is helpful for me because it really fills a room up fast. When I first started playing this game, I would spend so much time on each little section that it would take me 2 hours to finish one room. Don’t spend so much time thinking about what couches to put in front of the TV - just throw whatever you want in! 

For this tutorial I will be designing a home for Mr. Tom Nook himself. Let’s begin!

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Admit it. Of all the things you expected the peacock kwami to be, ‘crybaby’ was certainly not in those cards, am I right? Personally, I feel like everything that I imagined the peacock kwami to be was literally washed away in a tsunami of sparkling, glitter tears. When I heard there was going to be a peacock, I was expecting the ‘Lord Shen’ of the kwamis---the BADASS side of him; not the bad only side. Instead we got this teary-eyed, sparkling little blue nugget of a creature and you wanna know something?

I love him!

And here I thought Nooroo was going to be the dubbed precious cinnamon roll of the kwami squad who the fandom needed to protect. Nope! Zag and Hawkdaddy floored us with this new addition. Really was not expecting the peacock to be this sensitive. I was expecting a proud (maybe somewhat of an arrogant prick) pampered peacock. The kind who knew he was fabulous and carried himself with a sense of high dignity and grace, expected of his animal counterpart. The type of character who gave absolutely no fucks and yielded to no man; not even to his assigned miraculous wielder. I was expecting that kind of characterization for the peacock kwami. Instead we got this. This sad, little blue nugget. A cute, sad, little blue nugget who I now wanna give a pacifier and rock to sleep. What have you done Thomas?

The plus side is, at least he’s not an angry bird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  .

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I know...
  • An ISTP who: enjoys baking and cooking more than extreme sports and fighting
  • An ESTP who: works as an interior designer rather than a personal trainer
  • An INTP who: loves sports and can't stand a mess
  • An ENTP who: works as a counselor and mediates between people in a fight
  • An INFP who: hates reading and loves to watch fail compilations on YouTube
  • An ENFP who: takes his commitments extremely seriously and never misses a deadline
  • An ISFP who: writes symbolic poetry and sucks at drawing
  • An ESFP who: is shy and warms up slowly to new people
  • An ISFJ who: reeks of sass whatever she does
  • An ESFJ who: studies quantum physics
  • An ISTJ who: is very forgetful and messy
  • An ESTJ who: is very receptive to other opinions and new ideas
  • An INTJ who: has lost every single chess game she's ever played, and hoards cats
  • An ENTJ who: is a hopeless romantic and nervously asks other people for advice on where to take his girlfriend on their anniversary
  • An INFJ who: loves shopping and material pleasures
  • An ENFJ who: works as a truck driver and loves his job
  • No person who: fits the narrow-minded blanket statements made of their type
big/little problems: worrying about personalized crafting...

Q: Big/Little week is soon approaching. I have a little, my first little! I want to make her things/ decorate it to her liking so she’ll actually use it. We have to do a clipboard, badge box, tumbler, canvas, gift basket and the big/little reveal shirts. I’m trying to stalk her interests the best i can, but i just don’t want to mess up. What do you suggest? 

A: Don’t be afraid of pleasing your new little. She will LOVE whatever you craft for her! There’s no need to personalize your gifts completely to her favorite activities. I think you may be putting too much pressure on yourself. A badge box doesn’t need to depict her favorite TV show. A pretty sorority theme, or a classy monogram design, would be perfect. 

If you know her favorite color, or overall “style,” that’s more than enough to get crafting. Aim to make your items super sorority sweet and you can’t go wrong. By using your chapter colors, jewels, mascot, flowers and symbols you can create some real masterpieces. Add a popular graphic such as a chevron pattern, Lilly floral, tribal design, or paisley print. For example, if you create a lovely clipboard with a snappy design and pearl accents, she will adore it. Focus on making beautiful gifts and you will be successful. 

Ways to make crafts more personal ~ 

  • Include your little’s monogram on tumblers, bows, canvases, boxes, etc.
  • Use some of your little’s favorite colors or patterns.
  • Mod Podge a big/little photo into the design.
  • Include your big/little names and dates.
  • Paint a special quote that represents your relationship, or your little’s special personality. 
  • Represent your little’s home state in your design.

If the pieces represent your sorority and include a personal accent, they will touch the heart of your new little. Let your creativity flow and the love will show in your creations. xoxo ;)