i messed it up okay but i couldn't tell what they were saying at some points

Walking in the Wind is a bonus song on Made in the A.M. It doesn’t fit easily into the One Direction canon; it’s not swaggering or fit for a stadium. There are no rivals, no romantic interests, no ships. This is One Direction doing Paul Simon. This is One Direction sitting back, taking a breath, settling into a story.

From the opening, stepping guitar, Walking in the Wind is unhurried. A week ago you said to me, do you believe I’ll never be too far. The song is an exchange between one who’s lost someone, and the one who’s been lost. The fact that we can sit right here and say goodbye, means we’ve already won. The latter remembers their time together, and the former insists: it isn’t over, you’ll find me, there’s still more to come. We had some good times, didn’t we? We had some good tricks up our sleeve. The one who lost sings. And the other responds: But it’s not the end. I’ll see your face again.

Walking in the Wind isn’t a sharp song. It’s imprecise. But it points at a singer trying to interrogate the loss, trying to understand the promise and the inevitable breaking of that promise. The song examines, rather than argue. It doesn’t defend against the present or future absence. There is no armor, no mechanism. Simply truth. The song looks back on what once existed, and recognizes it as a faded medium: a Polaroid.

But that’s okay! The song insists. It’s catchy and chill. The melody picks up and sweeps forward. They sing, insistently: You will find me, in places that we’ve never been. For all that the song is about, the music is upbeat and optimistic. It’s okay, it will be okay. We’re sure of it.

Harry Styles, a co-writer on Walking in the Wind, said of another song he wrote, Olivia, that “it doesn’t have to be so literal.” Olivia doesn’t have to be a person, he insisted. It could be a place. “Sometimes I think it’s cool to take an emotion and personify it.”

I think the same thought applies to Walking in the Wind.

The song is about loss, yes, but not necessarily one loss, one absence. As adults, we become inured to small deaths. The numbers we lose, the friendships that fall away, the moments we forget. All small, nearly imperceptible endings in our daily lives. So many, that soon we stop counting. We’re taught that every door closing will open another, and we whisper this to ourselves, enough so that we forget to notice if another door does open, or if the first door simply stays closed.

We come to understand these endings by containing them within a story. We accept a break up because a best friend says, “Sometimes, relationships take so many parts of you, that by the end, you’re left with nothing,” and you decide to think about the break up as you would a survival story, rather than the more pedestrian “we stopped liking each other.” A move becomes a step forward, rather than a step away; a fight becomes a miscommunication.

Walking in the Wind is trying to decide which story to tell. The one of the absence, or the one of the future reconciliation. This song is about loss. But it’s also about the stories we tell about those losses, and the ways we claim them.

Yesterday I went out to celebrate the birthday of a friend. But as we raised our glasses up to make a toast, I realized you were missing.

Stories rename themselves as we go. Their edges shift. Their definitions change. The way we experience them in the moment is different from the way we experience them in retrospect, and this is what Walking in the Wind hinges on. It’s optimistic, still, in that moment of reckoning. The song insists: you will find me. What has happened, has happened. But more is to come.

This isn’t a song about mourning. It’s about the story that comes from the mess. It’s not an ending, or even a punctuation mark. It’s a semi-colon. Unresolved.  

We may not know if it’s okay. We may not know for awhile.

We had some good times, didn’t we? We wore our hearts out on our sleeve.

We don’t have to understand.

Goodbyes are bittersweet. But it’s not the end.

Not yet.

I’ll see your face again.

-Kelsey Ford is a writer living in Los Angeles.

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how about MC couldn't get a present for the twins (probably because they didn't tell her it was their birthday), so MC puts on a bow and tell them she will be their gift? it's up to you if this is smutty or not?

Countdown to the Cake: 2

MC as a bithday gift


“Oh MC~~ you missed a spot!” Saeyoung points and smiles teasingly.

“Saeyoung, I’m tired, I’m hungry, my clothes are wet and I look like a mess. Don’t you think it’s enough?”

“MC… I’m kind enough to help you clean my babies in my birthday and that’s how you pay me? Oh… I guess people like me aren’t meant to have a happy birthday after all…” he says dramatically, you roll your eyes.

“You’re just taking advantage of me! I told you I was gonna be your gift, not your maid or…” oh no, you should not have used that word, you look at him and his eyes gleam mischievously.

“Yes, you’re right… and your clothes are all wet, maybe you should change? I might have some spare clothes for you…”

How did you end up here? Oh yeah…  it was this morning, you dropped by to grab the HBC bags he promised you and smelled something burning in the kitchen.

“Shit! My birthday cake!”

“Why were you doing birthday cake?”

“For my birthday, obviously!”

“Your birthday? When is your birthday, Saeyoung?”

“June 11th

“Do you mean today?” he nodded, then sighed in frustration, looking at the amount of black burnt dough. “Now what will I have for my birthday?”

You felt bad for him… “Well, you…  you can have me!” you stated, smiling nervously and hoping he wouldn’t take this in the wrong way… “I’ll be… you birthday gift! We can do whatever you want!”

When you said that, you were expecting he would want to hang out in the amusement park or in an arcade, how could you imagine he would want you to help him wash his cars? And how could you imagine he would turn into this sadistic evil little monster throwing water in you on purpose?

So now, here you are changing to a freaking maid costume, of course those would be the only spare clothes he would have for you! You just hope he doesn’t ask for nothing weird like speaking in a French accent or something like this.

“Come out, MC! I wanna see you…~” he smiles teasingly, but his smile fades away as you timidly step out of his room. “MC… you look…”

“Pathetic, I know.” Not what he was thinking of at all… oh god… you looked adorable and… sexy… and the tiara with a little bow on it made you really resemble a birthday gift.

He looks away, blushing. You look down, feeling ridiculous. Why this silence right now? You two never have a problem finding interests in common and subjects to talk about, the deepest and meaningful conversations or the silliest and weirderst ones, you two can always feel a true connection.

“Can we finish polishing the cars?” you ask, finally gathering some courage to look at him.

“Y-yeah, le-let’s do it…” he doesn’t look back at you.

The polishing is torture, he is trying to focus, but it’s impossible as you bent down in one of the cars to polish its hood, your skirt is so short! His hands works in circles, but only then he realizes there is no car, he is polishing the air, looking at you, his mouth ajar.

“I finished this one, Saeyoung, do you want some help?” he is still staring and doesn’t answer. “Saeyoung?” you look at him, curious.

“It’s good, MC… you did a great job… you look… great, you… are… great…” he gulps when you start walking towards him.

“I… am?” you tilt your head and smile. “Saeyoung?”


“Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday before?”

“I… I don’t know. I’m just very used to spend this day alone. I… didn’t know if I could tell you, I still have these habits of not telling much about me to people I… like.” your heart flutter, is he trying to confess? Oh… You knew there was more behind this tease sadistic side of him.

“You could have told me. I would have known what to do for you.” You come really close, he can feel your breath against his face.

“I think you know exactly what you’re doing right now, MC.” He says, his eyes following your lips with lust.

“Only if you know what to do next.”

He smirks before attacking your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer. Your tongues dance together as you two trip in your own feet till the back of your knees meet the car’s hood, making you sit.

His tongue travels down you moth to your jaw, making you spread your legs to bring him closer as he kisses your neck, the hand which was holding you tight against him goes a little up, reaching for the zipper in the maid dress.

“H-Happy birthday, Saeyoung…”

“Oh, for the very fisrt time in a long time, it will be…” he says breathlessly, making you lie in the car’s hood as his body keeps pressed against yours.


Saeyoung was busy for the day and asked you to pick Saeran in the therapy. He usually would get back quieter than usual after the sessions. Although it concerned you and made you wonder if the therapy was really helping, you wouldn’t say anything in order to get him even more nervous.

“Hey, how was it?”

“Fine.” Yes, that’s what he usually says.

“Okay, wanna get some ice cream?”

“No, not today.” Oh… that was weird… he never turned down ice cream.

“Okay… so I’ll take you home.”

“I wanna go to your place.” He says, looking away, you can’t help feeling surprise. “What? Something wrong?”

“No, not at all. It’s just… you never want to go to my place without Saeyoung.”

“Today it’s different.” Then he looks at you, and even though you don’t know why, how can you say no?

You get home and tell him to make himself comfortable. He sits in the couch and starts messing with his phone.

“So, uhm… your therapist… how is she?”

“She’s okay, I guess. Why?”

“I don’t know, it’s just…  I don’t know much about her, that’s all.”

“She’s fine, she says some weird stuff sometimes, but I don’t hate her.” Wow, okay, so maybe he likes her, that’s good. “Do you have cupcakes? I want cupcakes.”

“I don’t, but… maybe I can try to make a few. Do you want to help me?”


You put on your apron and help him with his, he looks slightly embarrassed when you almost hug him as you tie a bow in the apron. You start working on making the cupcakes, and and now you are waiting to take it out of the oven.

“So… if you don’t mind me asking, why cupcakes? Why not ice cream?”

“She says I need to do different things in special days, so I can feel the difference and know what’s special and what’s not, some bullshit like that.” Some bullshit he’s listening to.

“Oh… so today is a special day, huh?” why could that be?

“Yeah, Saeyoung even got me a present. Though he’s always giving me presents, I don’t know what changes just because it’s our birthday. Can you put sprinkles in the frosting? Will you do some frosting?” you blink a couple of times, staring at him. “I guess not, then…”

“Saeran… today it’s your birthday?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, it’s just… I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t, I didn’t tell you.” Well, yeah… that’s the point. You look really embarrassed, clearing your throat and avoiding his gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“I… nothing. I… am sorry, I didn’t know, I… didn’t get you anything. I thought this was just a regular day. I mean, I’ve been wondering when your birthday would be and what could I get you, but… I could never imagine it was today…”

“It’s fine. So, uhm… what did you think about getting me for a gift?”

“I… here’s the thing, I… couldn’t think of anything, so I was… wondering about offering myself as your gift. You know… going to anywhere you want to go, do what you would like to do for the day, stupid cheesy things that, now that I come to think of it, are awf…” he grabs your chin and makes you look at him.

“I’ll take it.” You blush, so does he. Now you wonder how long it’s gonna take for him to let you go and get all flustered and weird, but… he doesn’t. He keeps looking at you, and his face is getting closer, and closer… you close your eyes in anticipation and… the timer dings, indicating the baked cupcakes are ready.

You two get away from each other, both really embarrassed and giving these quick glances to each other. Well, maybe this is a sign to not make bold moves like that, he’s not ready for this kind of relationship.

You two start working on the frosting, he’s so focused and dedicated, it’s absolutely adorable. He looks at you, mimicking everything you do. It’s been like this in almost everything, he’s always looking up for you in order to act as normal as possible. Your eyes lock to his, and you’ll think t’s going to be one of those moments, but he starts chuckling, you look at him confused.

“It’s just… you have something in your face.” Oh yeah… there’s some frosting in your cheek, you didn’t bother to clean because you were trying to finish this. “Let me get that for you.” You think he’ll wipe it off with his fingers, but your breath hitches when he leans closer and licks it off your face. “Yummy” he says, smiling softly. Today really is a different day, huh?

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It’s Valentines day and I’m forever alone so I’m writing super fluffy things and one heartbreak because I'm evil

Another owl lands in front of you holding a red envelope. You offer the bird a treat and take the envelope. This was the 5th one today, apparently, boys thought you were quite a catch and kept sending you Valentine’s day cards. You only had sights on one boy, who was head over heals for another girl. You could sense the cliche. 

“Oo! Another one huh y/n” your friend teases. 

You roll your eyes and tear open the envelope. A smoke unicorn hops out of the envelope and prances around. You stare in awe as it leaves a trail of pink smoke. It stops in front of you and bows before disappears in a puff of smoke and leaves a small card that smells of Cinnamon. You pick up the card and look at it. The border is a shimmery gold and the writing is messy but a cute messy 

Your heart is so golden that a Niffler would paw at your heart

Seeing you makes my stomach flutter like I have a million Billywigs inside

I get so nervous around you I wish I could turn invisible like a Demiguise 

You’re more magnificent than a Thunderbird 

I would be honored if you would meet me outside of Honeydukes this Valentines. 

“Who was that from?” you friend asks. You look all over the card but couldn't find a name. 

“I don’t know” you reply. 

Names crossed your mind as you were trying to figure out who sent the letter. A certain animal lover with floppy hair and shy demeanor crossed your mind but you shook it away, he probably liked someone else. 

“Are you going to go?” They ask. 

“Yeah, I think I will.” 

You spent the rest of the day wondering who sent the letter to you. You walked into potions and sit down. 

“Okay class, since its almost valentines day. I thought we could brew Amortentia” your professor says. 

“Does anyone know what Amortentia is?” your professor asks. 

A boy in the back raises his hand, “Amortentia is the world’s strongest love potion. It smells like what the person loves most”. 

“Fantastic, 10 points to Hufflepuff” they say. They write down the intricate steps on the board. 

“Once you successfully finish and I check it off, you will write down what you smell. It will be confidential, Please begin.” 

You turn to your partner and see they’re deep in conversation with a boy. You roll your eyes and get up to grab the ingredients.  You grabbed some rose thorns and powdered moonstone. You were searching for peppermint when someone tapped your shoulder. You turned and see Newt Scamander standing behind you holding out the last ingredient you needed. 

“Um, Thanks Newt” you say taking the leaves. 

“No problem, I saw you were looking for some and I had extra so” he explains.

You both awkwardly stand in silence before Newt breaks the silence. 

“I better get back to my potion. You know, before my partner blows up the cauldron. Again.” Newt says. 

You giggle at the memory of his partner blowing his eyebrows off. Newt turns and his eyes widen. 

“WAIT DARVIN THATS THE WRONG INGREDIENT!” Newt yells as he scrambles over to Darvin before he could ruin the potion. 

A small smile appears as you watch Newt focus on his potion. He looked up at you and you averted your eyes. You walked back to your desk and started the potion. 

“Well done Y/n, Now, write down what you smell and turn it in.” Your professor tells you. 

You nod and pull out some parchment. You leaned over your potion. Cinnamon, lavender, freshly cut wood and something else you couldn’t figure out. You wrote down what you smelled and stood up to turn in your potion and your paper. 

“Ah Y/n, I need your help. Can you please organize these papers by alphabetical order, please” Your professor orders. 

You pick up the papers and go through them. You tried only looking at the names but when you came across Newt’s, it was hard to resist. You looked down and saw what he wrote. 

“Rain, freshly baked cookies, and perfume” you murmur quietly. 

Perfume? Your heart sank a little, you didn’t really wear perfume. Only on special occasions so he must have smelled someone else’s perfume. You finished organizing the papers and left. 

You flopped down on your bed and pulled out the little card you got this morning. You smiled at the words. You decided to meet up with this mystery man tomorrow. You fell asleep with the card still clutched in your hand. You failed to notice that the handwriting on the card was similar to writing you saw earlier today. 

You stood outside honeydukes fidgeting with your hands. They didn’t give you a specific time, what if we miss each other? What if this was all a joke? Maybe one of your friends was messing with you. You felt the stares from couples walking past you. You felt awkward so you went into Honeydukes. 

You walked around and hid in a corner. You felt silly waiting for someone you weren’t even sure was coming. You bought some chocolate frogs so the lady wouldn’t think it was weird you were just standing in the store for so long. You walked out and started heading back to the castle. 

“Y/N! Wait!” You turned around and saw a very flustered Newt. 

“I’m sorry I was late, er well, I’m sorry I didn’t put a time on the card. You see i was so focused on actually getting myself to write a letter to you that I forgot to put important details” Newt explains in a rushed voice. 

“You sent the note? With the smoke unicorn?” you ask. 

You were skeptical, there is no way your crush could have sent that. Way to cliche. 

“Why yes I did. D-did you not like?” He asks, his face falling a bit. 

“No No, I adored it! It was so beautiful. How did you manage to conjure something like that?” you ask. 

Newt smiles and pulls out his wand. His face changes to his look of concentration and he drew a small unicorn. It pranced around and disappeared. 

“I asked Flintwood to teach me. I saw all those other guys ask you and I felt like I needed to do something special” Newt admits. 

“You didn’t have to do anything special Newt. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I mean your so smart and cute and a little awkward and you know so much about animals,” you say. You notice Newt staring at you. 

“Sorry, that must sound really creepy” you say looking at the ground. 

“Do you really think that about me?” Newt asks, almost afraid of your answer. 

You look back up and nod your head, “Of course I do. You are something extraordinary Mr. Scamander” you say. 

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Newt exclaims. 

He sticks his wand in his mouth and rummages through his bag. He tried speaking but it was muffled by the wand. He pulls out a little journal with a bow on it. 

“Mrf-hrfe bhm” Newt tries to say. 

“Newt, wand” you remind him. He takes his wand out of his mouth and sticks it behind his ear. 

“I was trying to say, I would have wrapped it but I learned I am quite horrible at wrapping” He explains. you open up the journal and notice there are moving creatures on every page. 

“Newt this is amazing. I didn’t get you anything. Oh I feel horrible now” you say.

“It’s okay, I wanted to get you it and you don’t have to get me anything” Newt says. 

“Well thank you so much Newt” you lean and kiss his cheek. His blush returns and he starts fidgeting again. 

“I have some chocolate frogs, here” you say handing him one. 

“Thank you y/n, I’ll cherish it forever” Newt jokes 

“Care to accompany me to the three broomsticks?” you ask. 

“I would love to” he replies. You grab his hand and intertwine your fingers. 

“Would you ever like to be on a chocolate frog?” you ask randomly. 

“It would certainly be an achievement, but what could i do that would deem me worthy of such a thing?” Newt asks. 

“Oh, i’m sure you’ll do something amazing Newt,” you say “Maybe it will have to do with Beasts” you suggest. 

“Ah yes, I see it now, Small boy on chocolate frog card for helping magical creatures” Newt says rather dramatically. You let out a laugh that makes Newt smile more. 

“That perfume, you’ve worn it before right?” Newt asks. 

“I wore it the first day of school, I think” you reply, “Why?” 

“No reason” Newt says. 

You shrug it off and put your head on Newts shoulder. You breathed in his coat smell and almost tripped when you recognized the smell. You smiled to yourself and held Newts hand a little tighter. 

FLUFFITY FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF OMFG. I am. *sings off key* Forever alone. Happy Valentines y’all Hope someone treats you like Newt Scamander would. 

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Not sure if you're still looking for writing prompts, but if you are, I'd love to see ♧; One character playing with the other's hair, because I headcanon that Jyn secretly (or not so secretly) has a massive thing for Cassian's hair, it being so floppy and silky-soft! No worries if you're done taking prompts though (or too swamped). ^^

Cassian, it would seem, is drunk. 

It does happen occasionally. He is human, no matter what other people might think of him. There are nights when he just needs to drown himself in a bottle like everyone else, though he usually reserves that for when he’s alone in his room and no one other than maybe K2 can see him fall apart. And he has friends, if not many, and celebrates with them, though he rarely has more than a drink or two then. He doesn’t particularly like being drunk. It feels too much like he’s out of control. 

But sometimes, it can’t be helped, because sometimes recruiting consists of complex drinking games to prove one’s trustworthiness, and Cassian is human and thus his tolerance simply cannot hold up to some other species’. 

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Umm, as far as I know Maki confesses in the Ch5 Post trial, but here's a thought i had: What if it was because of the heat of the moment that she said that? Her heart was confused with the feelings it felt, mistaking platonic feelings with romantical. It could be possible, couldn't it? Also, when you are lonely like Maki obviously is, you are scared of others leaving you. So it's a normal reaction of your heart to develop feelings for someone you not really love. What do you think about that?

It’s a possibility, but I’m still inclined to say that Maki knew very well what her own emotions were and that her feelings for Momota were definitely romantic.

There are a few reasons for why I think this, but most of it relates to Maki’s character arc overall. As someone who has not only never been allowed to choose her own course in life in her in-game backstory but also never been allowed to feel things or act on those feelings, Maki falling in love with Momota is a rather essential step of growth and development for her. As she says in the Chapter 5 post-trial herself, it’s the very first time she’s ever felt this way about anyone before.

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Three Times Remus Couldn’t Take A Compliment


A/N: Based on this.

Words: 1 421


Sirius was so bored that he was afraid he’d go crazy unless something interesting happened within five minutes.

James rolled his eyes when he told him this. “You know I need to revise, Padfoot. Go and bother Peter.”

“He told me off,” Sirius muttered. “Peter never tells anyone off. He must be really stressed.”

“Well, the exams are getting closer and closer, after all.”

“But can’t anyone spare one night? I cannot stand the sight of my books any longer.” Sirius pushed his Transfiguration book away forcefully to emphasize his point.

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Continued from [x]

As Zayn lay on his cell bed, he reflected upon everything that happened to lead him here. First, the human child had fallen, and come out of the Ruins to Snowdin, where Zayn and Bella had found them. Little did they know, this child was going down a genocide route. They had already killed Toriel and the monsters of the Ruins, along with many monsters that were in the Snowdin area.

That was when Seven arrived in their timeline to kill the child. At first, Zayn saw Seven as the enemy. He tried to fight them, but… Was too weak to actually stop them. Or rather, he was convinced that the kid was the one they were to go after. Bella had taken off with the kid, and the kid set up a trap to catch Zayn and Seven. Seven had taken a near mortal blow to save Bella while they were trying to stop the child. While Seven was down, Zayn stepped up and kept the kid busy long enough for Seven to recover and become The Fallen. When this happened… Well, the kid’s fate was sealed from that moment on. Seven won the fight, and went on their way.

Then Seven came back to visit Zayn and Bella. However, Zayn was under the control of a mask that forced him to lie, and each lie would become the truth. Thankfully for Zayn and Seven, the mask was able to be removed by Seven, freeing Zayn and all those affected by his lies. At which point, Zayn and Seven went to his and Bella’s house to try and relax. Seven allowed Bella and him to ask some questions, and eventually Bella discovered Seven’s crush on them. They’d decided to try going out on a date, but they never got to. This was because of Zayn. He’d… He’d been a little mopey and ended up sitting outside, and his skull filled up with snow, which irritated him. He had to resort to going to Hotland to get all of it to melt and dry out properly. The heat had messed with his mind, and he started wandering toward the CORE, where Seven and Bella caught him while they’d gone on a walk. That was when the monsters finally noticed Seven, and tried to attack them. Bella, willing to hold back the monsters, was left behind as Zayn and Seven fled.

The pair had returned to try and find Bella, only to discover that she’d been captured and restrained by the monsters, N1 and N2 attempting to keep the peace. In an attempt to rescue her, Seven had lured most of the monsters away for Zayn, so he could try to get to her. However, the plan failed, and Zayn was captured as well. The two siblings had learned that Seven had been hit by one of the monsters, and were enraged. Bella had tried to force her way out of the group of monsters restraining them, only to be attacked. That was what opened the gates for Zayn to attack them, and then a long fight ensued, only to be broken up by Seven and their threats. The Royal Guard had arrived not long afterward, and arrested the trio.

After being hauled away to the New Home Jail, Zayn was thrown in a cell separate from his sister’s and Seven, where he sat waiting for his trial. He’d tried to call out to Seven and Bella each several times, only for Bella to ignore him, and the guards to tell him to shut up when he tried talking to Seven. It wasn’t until the guards came around to take them to their respective trials that Zayn had a chance to see either one of the two.

“H-hey are you two okay?!” Of course the first thing he’d say would be that. He naturally cared about them a lot.

When Bella didn’t answer him, he became worried. Was she mad at him, or was she just trying to stay quiet as to avoid causing more trouble? He didn’t know… He just hoped that she wouldn’t be silent toward him for too long…

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73. I’m pregnant.

Your name: submit What is this?

When the two lines came up on your pregnancy test, you stood in your bathroom for twenty minutes.  You felt everything from shock to denial.  Because you couldn't be pregnant.  You and Shawn always used protection.

You didn’t need to ask how it happened because that part was easily understood.  You knew that there was always that slim chance that the protection wouldn’t work, but the idea seemed to far fetched the idea of getting pregnant never crossed your mind.

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Matty Healy [one shot 1]

He smelled like cigarettes and his favourite cologne. Although he hadn’t smoked for hours, the scent of smoke was still present. It always was, and I liked it like that. His smell reminded me of those evenings on my balcony, just the two of us smoking and staring at the stars. I’d love to do that again, but somehow it seems like he’s not into that anymore.

Of course he’s exhausted from being on tour for so long, but I feel like he’s not into doing things with me anymore apart from kissing and cuddling and making love. It’s weird to cook, clean and do the groceries while he’s out and about, fuck knows what he’s actually doing. I often think about the time when he wasn’t as busy as he now is, the time when we used to walk in the park and drink tasteless black coffee in crappy coffee shops for hours. It’d be us against the world, but now he sleeps until noon and leaves after only a bowl of cereals.

I sat up, letting go of his arm which had laid around my waist all night long. My body shivered as my feet touched the cold wooden floor. I got up and got out of my slip dress, searching for a pair of jeans and a sweater. I put on a black tee, which I guess was Matty’s, and slid into a pair of black jeans. I didn’t even bother to check my hair and make up, because my make up should be in the place it was last night and I simply didn’t care about my hair.

The sound of a moving Matty startled me a bit, I hope I didn’t wake him up. I turned around to look at him, just to make sure he was asleep. But he wasn’t, his sleepy stared at me and I stared back. He checked me out from head to toe which made me feel uncomfortable, it’s weird because it doesn’t necessarily makes me feel insecure, I just don’t like the way he looks at me when he checks me out.

‘Good morning babe,’ he said with his raspy voice.

'Morning,’ I sighed. 'I was just going for a smoke outside, if you don’t mind.’

'I’d love to accompany you, if you don’t mind.’ He’s such a babe.

'I don’t, but Matty, I can tell you’re hungover so maybe you should get some more sleep. It’s only eight AM.’ I don’t want to be rude but he needs his sleep, he got so pissed last night. I bet he doesn’t remember that he puked a couple of hours ago, it was disgusting to be honest.

'No, I’m alright, just having a slight headache. I’m sure some fresh air will do good, give me a minute.’ I watched him getting out of bed and searching for some clothes, he looked awfully wrecked.

I just stood there, awkwardly watching him, so I figured out I’d better go get him some Advils and a glass of water. The bedroom door led me straight to the living area of our small apartment. It was a complete mess : piles of clothes, coats and books were everywhere. Ashtrays full of cigarette butts were on the dining table as well as on the couch, and I could easily spot five empty bottles of wine in a quick glance. Fuck, when did this happen? The thought of cleaning this shit made me cringe already. But first, I really needed my smoke right now.

I quickly grabbed the last clean glass and filled it with water, Matty was now searching his boots in the living room.

'Babe, I got you some Advils.’

'Thanks love.’ I watched him get into his boots - they were under the couch - and walk over to me to take the pair of Advils and drink the water. He put his empty glass in the sink and leaned in to hug me.

'I’m so lucky to have you, Y/N,’ he whispered in my ear.

I leant back and looked him straight in the eyes.

'I love you, Matty. You should know that by now.’

We have been together for months now, and as strange as it may seem, I’ve never told him I loved him. Neither did he tell me, but I was okay with it because it has always been obvious to me that he cared. And that’s all I’d ever needed, but I really wanted a response from him now. Although I said to myself it didn’t bother because he cared anyways, it did bother. I wanted him to love me too, I was hoping that wasn’t too much to ask for.

But I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for, all he did was nod and give me a quick peck on my lips. I followed him while he got out of our hug and left the front door.

He didn’t bother to wait on me while I closed and locked the door and he simply got in the lift. I got really annoyed when I heard the lift doors close and I decided to take the stairs. Luckily, we only lived on the third floor so the few stairs wouldn’t exhaust me too much. When I made it to the hall I got even more upset because he’d already gone outside. I got my cigs out of my coat’s pocket and realised I’d lost my lighter. Whilst going outside I immediately spotted Matty, sitting on a bench at the park on the other side of the road. If it wasn’t for a light I wouldn’t even ran up to him, to be honest.

'Can you give me a light?’ I didn’t want to sit next to him so I just stood there.

He nodded an handed me his lighter, looking as uninterested in me as possible. Fucking jerk.

I quickly lit my cigarette and took a drag. I was one hundred percent done by now.

'You know what?’ I spat out while I threw his lighter on to his lap. 'Fuck you Matty, fuck you and all your fucking bullshit.’

I walked into the park, struggling to hold the tears back and violently taking long drags of my fag.

'Please, Y/N!’ I heard him calling my name but it only made things worse. Couldn’t he just leave me alone?

I felt his hand grab my shoulder while his other hand tried to get hold of my waist. At that point I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and I started to hysterically sob. He now forced me into a tight embrace and let me sob on his shoulder. He tried to comfort me by whispering calming words in my ear and lightly stroking my back. When I’d calmed down a bit I was able to take the last drags of my cig and breathe again.

'Matty?’ I asked, my voice cracked but I didn’t care.

'I just want to hold you,’ he said whilst getting an ever tighter grip on my waist.

'I love you, Matty.’ It wasn’t my intention to say it, but I just did. As simply as it is, I just love him. It was the right thing to do, because I know that he’ll be okay with it. Matty means a lot to me, the way he always knows how to comfort me, the way he likes to have deep conversations, it has always felt right with him. And even without conformation I just know he feels the same, if he didn’t he would’ve have got out of whatever we’re doing right now a long time ago. Right?

'Y/N, I care so much about you. I care, for fucks sake. I fucking care about you.’ His hands cupped my face and he leant in for a kiss.

I leant back to look in his eyes.

'That’s all I’ll ever need.’

People Change

Author: winchesterr67

Characters: Eventual Negan x Lucille (OFC)

Warnings: Some curse words here and there. But that’s about it… For now.

Word count: 1,517

A/N: This is my first time writing a full length fic! It’s also my first time writing Negan or anyone from the TWD universe! So it isn’t the best. But it’s something. And I’m kind of proud of it. So yeah. I hope you guys like it. :) 

And a HUGE thank you to @snarky-fangirl for beta-ing this for me! <3 

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

Lucille’s POV

Today started out like any other day. I woke up, entertained the idea of rolling over and going back to sleep. Decided against it. Got out of bed, walked over to the wardrobe at the other side of the room, picked a worn out maroon shirt and jeans. I slid on my boots and headed out to the mess hall.

When I finally reached the front doors of the mess hall, I collected myself, pulled the door open and walked into the room. I was greeted by the usual morning chatter and commotion, forks clanking against plates, people groggily walking in and trying to start their day. I had almost made it to the front of the room when I noticed Sam was right beside me. 

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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *running upstairs; furious* JOHN! JOHN!!! *tries to open the door but is stopped by the chain*
  • John & Euros: *stop snogging; hurriedly getting dressed*
  • Sherlock: I saw what you were doing through the window! I saw what you were doing to my sister, now get out here!
  • John: *panicking* Um, so, listen, we had a good run. What was it? Four? Five months? I mean, t-that's more than most people have in a lifetime! So, good-bye, take care, bye-bye then! *kisses her and tries to open the window*
  • Euros: *amused* What are you doing?
  • John: *still working on the window* Oh, I'm going on the lamb.
  • Euros: *rolls her eyes; pulls him to the door* Come on, John. I can handle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *trying to open the chain*
  • Euros: *bats his hand away; opens the door, casually* Hey, Sherl...what's up, bro?
  • Sherlock: *spots John; chases him around the living room*
  • John: *scurries to hide behind Euros*
  • Sherlock: *gesturing* What...the hell...are you doing?!!
  • Molly & Mrs. Hudson: *running upstairs* Hey, what's going on?
  • John: Well, I think, I think Sherlock knows about me and Euros.
  • Sherlock: *fuming* I thought you were my best friend, this is my sister! My best friend and my sister! I-I cannot believe this!
  • John: *defensive* Look, we're not just messing around! I love her. Okay, I'm in love with her.
  • Euros: I'm so sorry that you had to find out this way. I'm sorry, but it's true, I love him too.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *happily* My best friend and my sister! I cannot believe this *hugs them both*
  • Molly & Mrs. Hudson: *breathe a sigh of relief*
  • Sherlock: *gestures at them* You guys probably wanna get some hugs in too, huh? Big news!
  • Mrs. Hudson: *smiles* Awww, no, it's okay, dear. We've actually known for a while.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* What?! You knew? *to Molly* you knew and you- how could you not tell me?
  • Molly: *bites her lip* Well, w-we were worried about you. We didn't know how you were going to react.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *happy again* You were worried about me? You didn't know how I was going to react? *kisses her*
  • Mrs. Hudson: *ushering them out* Okay, all right, wnow that's all over, why don't we all clear out of here and let these two lovebirds get back down to business?
  • Sherlock: *stares at her*
  • Mrs. Hudson: *rolls her eyes* I'm just saying words, dear. He's *points at John* doing your sister.
Arroz Tapado

Summary: After the Librarians-in-training graduate, they take off for Lima, Peru to investigate instances of people disappearing and reappearing, days later, on the other side of town. In the middle of their investigation, Ezekiel invites Cassandra to his favorite cafe in Lima for lunch.

Casekiel one-shot

because I can

(feedback welcome)

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Claustrophobia (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1798

Story line: You and Luke hate each other, or that’s what you think. Ashton organize a pool party and while you’re having a good time with the boys, Luke finds a way to ruin it. But that’s not it, something else happens in that party.  

“I had been waiting for this day like… Forever!”, my best friend said while she was getting out of the car. I softly laughed. “Don’t laugh. Whenever Ashton invited us, some catastrophic event happens”. I looked at my friend with disbelief and she shrugged. “The first time, it rained. The second time, Ashton’s appendix brusted out, the third time you were sick–”.

“You didn’t need to tell Ashton that he couldn’t celebrate the pool party because I wasn’t going to be there”, I said. “Also, the entire world hates me because of that”.

“Don’t be silly, they don’t hate you. And I didn’t want to go to a party without you, so I did what I needed to do. He understood, tho. He’s nice”.

“You know what would be nice? If you tell him that you like him”. My best friend looked at me like if I was crazy but I know I wasn’t. Y/B/N was in love with Ashton since she met him. But, knowing that guy, it was impossible not to like him. He was the goodness personified. He always had good words for everyone and he was lovely. His laughter was contagious and he was always smiling. If it weren’t because he was my best friend too, I probably would be madly in love with him.

“I don’t like Ashton”, she said frowning her eyebrows and lips.

“Yeah, whatever Y/B/N. Let’s go, I’m dying to jump into the pool”.

Ashton greeted the both of us with a hug and when I looked at Y/B/N I saw her cheeks flushed. I chuckled and she hit my arm. I complained and when we both looked at Ashton, his eyebrows were raised and he had a confusion expression in his face. “Your best friend is an idiot”, Y/B/F said.

“I know”, he answered. This time, I was the one hitting Ashton arm but he started to laugh and soon enough I couldn’t even move because I was laughing my ass off. I hated/loved his laughter. “Let’s go, everyone is inside already”.

When we stepped on the garden where the pool was, my eyes widened. It wasn’t because I hadn’t seen Ashton’s house before, it was for the amount of people who was there. “Your mum is aware of all that?”, I asked, pointing to all the people.

“No and you aren’t going to say anything”, he said with a smile before kissing my temple. “Go and have fun. And maybe find a boyfriend and let me live alone”.

“Oh my God, Ashton?!”, I yelled but Ashton was going to the pool, laughing. Y/B/N was laughing too and in her way to the pool, she said to me: “You know, you’re right. I love him. I love when he picks on you”. I rolled my eyes and I sighed. I wasn’t sure why those two were my best friends. They were always messing with me but, thanks God, they knew when to stop.

I went to the table where the drinks and food were and I grabbed a beer and a vegetable sandwich. I knew I wasn’t supposed to eat before getting into the pool but I was very hungry. On the way there, I greeted some people I knew. Before grabbing the food, I heard my name. It was Y/B/N, she wanted me to go to the pool. I took my pants and flip flips off and I went there, not forgetting to grab the food. I sat on the poolside and while I ate, Y/B/N was telling me things. “Did you see Hemmings?”.

“Why on Earth would I want to see Hemmings?”, I asked.

“Maybe you hate him but girl, you can’t say he isn’t hot”. I followed her gaze and I saw Luke with a beer in his hand and talking to Calum. He was wearing swimsuit pants and a black tank top. His hair was messy and his sunglasses gave him an adult air. He turned slightly and saw me watching him. He moved his head, greeting me, and I did the same. Maybe we hated each other, but at least we were polite.

“Maybe you want to date him?”.

“Definitely, I want to date him”, she agreed. I rolled my eyes and I kept eating my sandwich. Everyone wanted to date Luke Hemmings. He was a kind of God to every girl and it was annoying. And he was… Truth be told, I didn’t know if he was nice. He seemed nice because everyone loved him but with me… He never said a single word to me. He was polite but that was it. So, I thought he hated me. And because of that, I hated him too. It was stupid but I didn’t know a different way to react.

“Hey, beauties”, someone said, sitting beside me. When I looked at him, I saw Michael and a big smile formed in my lips.

“What are you doing here? Are you sick or something? There’s sun and a pool. Are you sure you’re okay?”, I joked, making Y/B/N laugh.

“I didn’t want to miss the chance to see the most beautifuls girls in the world”.

“Cut it off, Clifford”, my best friend said to Michael Clifford.

“Ashton forced you, didn’t he?”.

“Yes, I hate him”, he admitted.

The three of us started a conversation and the time passed very fast. I wasn’t feeling like getting into the pool, I was okay talking to my friends on the poolside. Ashton and Calum joined us and we soon started a conversation involving almost all the people who was there. I leaned on Michael’s shoulder and I smiled. That was the most amazing day I ever had. I felt good and seeing my friends there, and talking to them and laughing was like the best thing ever.

Suddenly, a lot of water splashed me and when I saw Luke’s head emerging from the water, I sighed loudly. “There’s more pool, you know? You could have jumped on the other side”. I guess I said that in a very rude way because Ashton, Y/B/N and Michael looked at me, surprised.

“Really?”, he answered and by his tone, I noticed I told that in a rude way. “I’m sorry, princess. I’m sorry I splashed you. Sorry for having fun”.

“Fuck off, Hemmings”, I groaned. Normally I didn’t act like that, but something about that guy made me lose my temper. Also, he had called me princess and I hated it. And he freaking splashed me! He had done it on purpose, I was sure.

I got up and I went inside the house. I was getting very angry and I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s day, so I needed to calm myself. I went to the bathroom, I closed the door and I washed my face with cold water. Why did affect me so much? I didn’t understand why Luke had that effect in me. And nice my balls! He wasn’t nice, he was an asshole.

“Hey, do you mind getting out? Some people really need to go to the bathroom!”. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Luke was outside.

“I don’t think you heard me before… FUCK OFF HEMMINGS!”, I yelled this time, grabbing the knob and trying to open the door but it didn’t open. I tried a few more times but nothing.

“What? Are you really that dumb that you don’t know how to open a door?”. I didn’t listen to him because I was starting to feel really bad inside that bathroom. I had a bit of claustrophobia and knowing that I was locked inside a minuscule bathroom was starting to mess with my mind. I started to breathe really loudly and fast. I covered my mouth and I tried to calm myself but it wasn’t working. My eyes were filling up with tears and I was about to let myself fall into the ground when I heard Luke say: “Hey, Y/N. Are you okay?”. I didn’t answer. I couldn't’ answer. “Y/N? Please, I need you to make some kind of noise because I need to make sure you’re okay”. I knocked the door and I heard luke sighing, relieved. “Okay, I need you to step aside from the door. I’m going to open it and I don’t want you to get hurt. Come on Y/N, you’re going to be out soon”. I did what Luke told me and with a big and noise hit, the door opened and Luke appeared. He had a worried expression on his face and he sighed again when he saw me. “Are you okay?”. I was going to nod but instead of that, my body decided that it was a good moment to let out a sob. Luke approached me and hugged me. He rested his head on my crown and whispered again and again that everything was okay, that I wasn’t locked anymore. My face was pressed into his chest and suddenly, my arms disconnected from my brain and hugged him back. “I’m sorry”, he said.

“No”, I said, pushing him away a bit so I could look at his face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know why I reacted the way I reacted and–”.

“Hey Y/N, the bathroom door isn’t–”, Ashton words stopped when he saw Luke and me half hugged. “Oh”, he let out. “Oh, okay… I’m… I’m gonna leave, okay? I… I didn’t see anything”.

“That’s because you didn’t see anything”, Luke said, breaking the hug. “She was locked and I helped her. She started to cry and I comfort her. That’s it. Now please, I really need to go to the bathroom?”.

I looked at Luke, confused and I stepped aside, letting him go into the bathroom. When he closed the door, Ashton looked at me and in silence, he asked me what happened. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know what happened or why Luke acted so nice and then so stupid. “Are you okay?”, Ashton asked.

“Yeah, yeah”, I mumbled. “I was locked and… Well, what Luke explained. You know I’m claustrophobic”.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry about that, I told mum we have to get that door fixed”. Ashton passed one of his arms around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. “Don’t cry, you’re out. What about you swim a bit and relax? I think you’re very over the top today”.

“Fuck you, Ashton”, I muttered, making him laugh.

I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the evening because Luke’s attitude made me feel out of place. When he got out  from the bathroom, he acted like before. He didn’t talk to me and he also started to ignore me.

I didn’t understand him.

Wrong Number - Requested (Luke)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (Can you do a Luke imagine where he called you but it was the wrong number?) ENJOY!!!!

‘It’s just a stupid thing to do, why would he think that’s what you wanted’ you try not to laugh as your friend nods agreeing with you. 'I mean come in having a guy that does the dishes is like a girl’s worst nightmare’ you continue. She narrows her eyes.

'Don’t make fun of me; he is treating me like a child, like I can’t do anything’

'Your pregnancy, he is trying to help as much as he can, don’t be mad at him for it, he is doing his best’ she puts at your words.

'I guess, god I’m such a hormonal bitch’ she sighs. 'Come on I’ll drive you home’ you laugh, offering her a hand and she takes it, you pull her go her feet and both head for your car. Your phone starts to ring in your pocket so you slide it put, there is no caller ID.

'Hello?’ You friends waves at you as she sits in the car.

'Hey, okay so I know you said you don’t want to hear anything if it wasn’t from Michael but could you just hear me out for like a minute’ the person on the other end has a deep yet soft voice, the kinda voice you could fall in love with.

'Sorry I think you have the wrong number’ you smile to yourself a little. 'What? Shit really?’ The guy sighs.

'Yeah, so what’s Michael done?’ You tease a little and hear him chuckle. 'Been an idiot and I’m cleaning up his mess’ he tells you.

'So he’s got you calling his girlfriend?’ You ask, not quite sure why your continuing the conversation when you don’t even know the guy but something about his choice, you don’t want to hang up and never hear again.

'Yeah, well no, I mean I’m helping, but she’s not his girlfriend, well not officially at least, I mean it’s kinda complicated’ he sounds a little flustered but your intrigued now.

'Try me’ you try your luck and for some strange reason he does.

'Well this new girl started working with us, we could tell Michael liked her, and he was always saying how he could get a date if he wanted to but when he was with her he was a blubbering mess so we bet him he couldn’t get date with her by the end of the week.’ He explains.

'Okay, so he got the date and she found out it was a bet?’ You question.

'Yeah exactly the thing is though that after the date they started spending loads of time with each other and they were so close to getting together when she found out’ he finishes.

'So if you’re calling her then that means he actually fell for her?’ You ask again.

'Yeah exactly, wow it really wasn’t that complicated’ he chuckles as you smile at his soft laugh.

'No not really, anyway I have to go my friend looks like she’s is about to throw something at me’ you laugh, looking at Carlie in the car banging in the window for your attention. 'But you should text me, let me know how it goes for this Michael’ you tell him, knowing he probably won’t.

'I will, thanks for the chat’ he chuckles a a little more 'no worries, bye’ you go to hang up 'WAIT’ you hear from the phone and bring it back to your ear 'yeah?’

'What’s your name?’ He asks and you tell him. 'Nice to talk (Y/N), I’m Luke’ and with that the line goes dead and you feel creepy for having tingles from him saying your name.


'Is that the wrong number girl?’ You hear a voice call in the back ground and laugh, raising your eyebrows to Luke as he rolls his.

'Who’s that?’ You question, you guess its Michael, Calum or Ashton but you can’t tell the voices apart.

'Ashton’ Luke sighs and you laugh again. 'Yes Ash, just give me a minute’ Like calls, you see him looking away from the phone.

'Come on mate let us say hello’ you hear another voice; it doesn’t sound like Ashton this time.

'She can hear you’ Luke sighs looking frustrated. At that point you her two 'hello’ and you laugh a little. 'Hey! How you guys doing?’ You ask, still not able to see them.

'We’re doing well, is Lucas being nice to you?’

'If not we can hit him’ you laugh seeing Luke huff.

'No need it’s all good’ you call out.

'Fuck Luke just let us talk to her, what are we gonna do steal her?’ One of them says.

'I’m trying to talk’ Luke snaps and you hear one of them 'ohhhhh’ and you bite your lip trying not to laugh. Suddenly the camera starts the bounce around, you can’t see anything but her a lot of huffs and shuffling 'get the fuck off’ Luke screams.

'Hello wrong number girl!’ You see Michaels red hair and smile.

'Hey Michael, you know you could just call me (Y/N)’ you laugh and he scrunched his face up like he is thinking about it.

'Ner, think I will stick with wrong number girl’ he laughs and you roll your eyes.

'Ask her’ you hear someone shout, it’s not Luke so you assume its Ashton.

'Okay calm down, so we are in London next week and we were thinking it would be the perfect chance for you and Luke to finally meet’ Michael tells you, your lips part and you shrug not sure what to say.

'I was gonna ask you but I got attack before I had the chance’ you hear Luke shout, his relaxes you and you smile.

'She’s blushing guys’ Michael sings and you narrow your eyes.

'Fuck you Michael’ you hiss and hear Ashton and Luke laugh. 'Look I gotta go Carlie just came out’ you tell them.

'WAIT! You didn’t answer our question?’ You assume that’s was Ashton and you laugh.

'Sure, I’d love, talk later like, bye guys’ you calm before hanging up and standing to meet Carlie.

'Was that lover boy?’ She asks with a playful smile on her face.

'No it was Luke’ you tell her and she rolls her eyes.

'Yeah, yeah, Luke, lover boy, same damn thing.’ She laughs and you roll your eyes again.

'I’m meeting him next week’ the words feel funny and your belly explodes with a strange feeling. Your finally gonna meet him.

From Chelsea

anonymous asked:

"Just go with it," Sans said, "Freak out later." --Did Papyrus ever get around to his postponed freak out? Surely even someone with Sans' avoidance skills couldn't casually dismiss something like a secret teleporting ability...?

I don’t know, Sans’ avoidance skills are pretty god-tier. ;)

Lol, here you go!

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anonymous asked:

as much as I want an au where palpatine dies and all the pt Jedi get their shit together and live happily ever after I'm realising it's just not realistic :(. Like individual Jedi were ok but the order is a disaster, the high council is useless and the majority of them didnt even see clones as real ppl so theyd screw over the GAR too. The war exacerbated their existing issues and the senate and ppl and even some of their own wouldn't trust the Jedi anymore, the order couldn't come back from that

(god this has been sitting in my inbox for far too long im sorry)

I do see some points with this, esp the bit about the high council being a mess, but I also think you’re looking at this in a highly negative manner. Have some bullet points.

The Order is a Disaster

  • first of all: tru
  • however there are plenty of things that can and would be fixed
  • i think a large issue with the Jedi as a whole is that they got complacent, too comfortable in a galaxy where there was no obvious Sith presence 
  • but in an AU where Palpy gets rekt during TCW??
  • the Jedi rebuilding would involve also revitalizing the Order as a whole, realizing that they can’t keep going on as they have for centuries
  • (plus the whole we-completely-missed-the-most-powerful-child-EVER-just-because-he-was-out-on-some-backwater-planet thing)
  • i think first of all they would need to implement better Force-sensitive detecting methods to FIND those other kids (bc stars know if they missed ANAKIN SKYWALKER there must be a hundred thousand other children who were missed just because they were out of the way) as well as a better support system for families
  • (I’m making this an AU where Ani almost still falls/briefly does fall but is saved somehow and everyone realizes what a Mess this boy is mostly due to the trauma of being a slave, losing his mother twice bc the Jedi are rly thick, and never learning healthy emotional control)
  • basically those children who are old enough to develop clear emotional attachments to their families should be allowed visitation rights of some sort, and even kids who were given up as infants should be given the option to see their families at some point when they’re old enough to really appreciate the offer
  • in addition, i think the age at which Padawans have to be chosen should be bumped from 13 to at LEAST 15 or 16 - some kids are late bloomers okay full potential should not be judged based on one’s 13 year old self i mean good god Obi-Wan was considered “dangerously temperamental” or something at age 13 and he turned out to be the best goddamn Jedi to ever live just because Qui-Gon took a chance on the kid with no sense of self-preservation and too much sass for his own good 
  • in addition to that addition, minimum age for Knighting should be like 25. Anakin was Knighted when he was 19. NINETEEN. I’m nineteen and there is no way in hell you could pin me down with the kind responsibility of being a Parent/Master, let alone a General and secret spouse. good god. 
  • HOWEVER I do like the idea that Senior Padawans can sort of. pick up Initiates and take them under their wings. Possibly literally in some cases. 
  • so then you have the Master, guiding their Padawan and preparing them for the Trials, and the Padawan has an Initiate that they’re helping with like coursework and simple lightsaber maneuvers and telling stories about what it’s like to be a Padawan and the like. Basically it’s like a Big Brother/Big Sister program.
  • also minimum age for being a Master should definitely be at least 35 that’s a lot of fucking responsibility okay 

The High Council is Useless

  • i can most certainly see your point here
  • however i also don’t want the Order to turn into a dictatorship 
  • instead, i propose that the High Council acts more like the democratic body they claim to be
  • first of all, members are voted in by Masters and Knights, and maybe Senior Padawans over a certain age
  • second of all, term limits. One can only sit on the council for a certain amount of time before one has to step down - though in the case of especially long-lived beings, such as Yoda, perhaps they can be voted back on after some time has passed. Yoda being Yoda, he’d probably be considered an adviser to the Council even when he’s not a part of it.
  • Grand Master of the Order??? nononono lets not even go down that route. the High Council runs the Order collectively, and no one member is considered to be above the rest, though there might be a chair for each specialized sect (The Sentinels, The Archivists, The Spies, etc…)
  • so say an issue comes up concerning stolen information coughKaminocough from the Archives, the Archivist who holds a chair in the Council would be in charge of organizing an investigation on that issue and reporting back to the rest of the Council on the findings. Since it’s likely to be a cloak-and-dagger mission, they might enlist the help of Jedi from other areas of expertise, specifically those who do more spy stuff, but the Archivist would be the big cheese.
  • basically make everything more fair is what I’m saying

The Jedi Didn’t See the Clones as Real People

  • uh… we were watching the same show, right?
  • literally the only Jedi i can think of that treated the clones as anything less than valued members of an unfortunately necessary team, not even going into those considered friends, is @#&*$#*&@*&%*& Krell
  • Yoda tells the squad he’s traveling with in the pilot episode that they might look the same, but each clone is unique in the Force, each is their own person and as important to the galaxy as any other being
  • every single Jedi (Krell doesn’t count as a Jedi okay) risks their life repeatedly throughout the show to save clones
  • okay yes there are some times when the death of a clone is treated a bit lightly by the Jedi but you know what? it’s generally in the later seasons, when it can be assumed that the war has been dragging on and on and on and these poor people are fucking broken okay. They can feel life itself and they can feel every time its extinguished a thousandfold among the troops 
  • i love the clones so much okay they are collectively all my sons 
  • but looking at it from the stand point of the Jedi… my god there’s only so much you can take before you just become numb to it all

No One Trusts The Jedi

  • as before, you make a fair point
  • a galaxy-wide civil war is exactly what the Jedi are supposed to prevent after all, and that didn’t turn out so well
  • plus i have no doubt the Seppies were spreading anti-Jedi propaganda as quickly as they could type it up - “child stealers” “brainwashers” “power-hungry” - anything you can think of
  • (sidenote - one particular over-the-top poster becomes a meme and #YodaEatsBabies trends on both sides for a solid month)
  • (Mace is one of the top posters. Yoda never comments on it outright but his evenings are spent cackling over all the ridiculous posts he can find on the holonet.)
  • listen there is no quick fix to this
  • trust is something that just has to be built up over time
  • the better the Jedi are internally, the better they are externally, so they need to fix all the shit inside the temple first
  • then the public will feel better about them, in time

basically what im saying is that yes, the Jedi Order is overall A Fucking Mess, but it’s a fixable mess, and that’s the important part. It would take time, a lot of time, but they could come back better than before