i meeeeaaaannnnn

ladydracarysao3  asked:

5 things to summon you: I tempted to put "Cullen, Cullen, Cullen, Cullen, and Cullen." But I will be a little more inspired than that.... So how about: 1. Cullen. 2. Sera. 3. Super totally awesome nail polish that you don't have yet. 4. Unlimited delicious thin crust pepperoni pizza (with no added silly stinky cheeses) 5. Me!!! And we all have a slumber party and do our nails and talk through movies and make Cullen angry so that he gets all cute and grumpy and then we go awwwwwwwwww <3

I meeeeaaaannnnn, yeah. That sounds like literally the best night ever. I am sooooooooo in, dude!!!

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