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Skull-Kids! Preview

I meant to upload this yesterday, but I was tired. Let me tell you that animating slow motion is sooooooooo hard. I’m currently working on a comic page that is action pack because I need the practice. Skull-Kids! has a lot of action scenes, and I’m not that good with them. I’m even worse with Slow-motion stuff.

Skull-Kids! © Valeria M

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Let’s Keep Them Guessing

Summary: Dan is at a youtube convention by himself while Phil is stuck at home with a cold. Whilst at the youtube convention, Dan is constantly texting Phil and the youtubers try to figure out who he’s texting.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,006

Beta: thanks to the wonderful human that is @luminescentlester <3

A/N: Technically not exactly what you were asking for but I hope you still like it!

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that’s how you show you really believe in your side of the debate. smash it into your own face.



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some updates

Drowning in paperwork but still spending much time on Tumblr. Classy move. Since I won’t be able to upload art, updates is the way to go!

  • my wrist won’t stop hurting since yesterday so i have no choice but to avoid using my right hand ► won’t draw for quite some time and it stresses me out already
  • thinking about reviving my deviantart account and slowly start uploading my art there as well (the pieces I drew until now ofc) 
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Hey there!

This is for @starcoweek2, Day 2 “Last Goodbye”. I’m sorry for uploading late. I got a few troubles yesterday so I couldn’t upload, and I completely forgot I had an appointment today, so it took me this long to upload… Sorry ^^’

Anyways, here it is! I hope you guys enjoy! 

Song Inspiration: Halsey - Colors (stripped)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4  | Day 5 | Day 6  | Day 7

Goodbye is never an easy thing to do, even if it’s an easy word to write.

Last goodbyes are even harder, because they not only meant something is ending, it also declared a “no more” into it. After all, they meant that whatever was happening, it wouldn’t happen ever again.

And Marco remembers every single one.

The Last goodbye to his milk-tooth had come in a morning, the guy had fallen while he was sleeping and he mostly likely swallowed (since no one find the teeth anywhere in his room… he still got shivers from it).

The last goodbye to his golden fish come when he was seven, it died from it’s own age and they made a funeral for it on the garden. He doesn’t remember if he cried.

The last goodbye to his first red hoodie, it came from being over used and old. The fabric was worn out, there was no way to fix the hole on it, it was hard to Marco throw it away…That’s why afterwards, he got another 12 red hoodies.

The last goodbye to the school came on graduation, on the moment he got in his parent’s car after the ceremony, with a giddy Star by his side. It wouldn’t be the end, and even with Ferg and Alf going on different universities, they kept contact pretty well, just like the whole group.

But this… This was another level. Because there was no way, no possibility he could take this one. Marco couldn’t simply put into words, he couldn’t think about it.

He couldn’t say goodbye to his best friend.

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It’s Been the Best Six Years of Their Lives

Yay another mediocre 2009x2015 fic


A lot can happen in six years.

Six years can be a small childhood. Six years can be the entirety of training in Medical school to be a surgeon; saving the lives of millions of humans every day. Six years can fill up six page-to-a-day diaries with 2,190 pages documenting every thought, worry, feeling, event, memo, of every day in biro handwriting.

Everyone changes a little bit every day – but over the course of six years, seventy-two months, two thousand, one hundred and ninety days, six years can be the difference between Southampton University, and Manchester University. Six years can be the difference between a law degree and five million subscribers. Six years can see Reading, to Manchester, and back down to London, and six years can be the difference between two shy, giggly boys with matching haircuts drawing whiskers on their faces, and a worldwide tour and a book peaking the UK number one bestseller.

Six years ago, today, can mark the anniversary of something that not only changed the lives of two ordinary boys, but millions of others. They’ve inspired subscribers, kept people awake late at night giggling at a YouTube video when they have a test tomorrow morning at 8 a.m, are surrounded by millions of adoring fans, or just simply made someone, somewhere, smile today.

Six years means something different to everyone.

Six years, for two boys, can be an incredible journey.

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Anonymous: Can I request BigBrother!Bucky/LittleSister!Reader/Matt Murdock Where reader is agent of shield and the sister of Bucky.He comes to visit you at Hell’s Kitchen and he was shock and more overprotective when he see you kiss with Matt.

This fan fiction was meant to be for the fan fiction Friday (yesterday) but I couldn’t upload it in time.

Author: Admin GCV
Title: Dangerous
Chapter no/One Shot: One shot
Words number: 898
Original imagine: None
Notes/Warnings: //

“Of course! I would be the happiest sister on Earth!” you answered to Bucky that few minutes before phoned you to say that he was going to come to Hell’s Kitchen and visit you.
“See you tonight then!”
“Sure, tonight! Do you remember the address?”
“Yes, don’t worry. I love you Y/N.”
“I love you too.” You hung up the call noticeably happy. The last time you saw your brother was about six months before because between your and his missions you had not the chance to travel a lot, and since you moved to Hell’s Kitchen the situation was even more complicated.
For that night, though, you had already said yes to go out with your boyfriend and didn’t want to leave him alone since you didn’t spend a lot of time together in the last period. But that was a problem you could have faced later.

After a few hours your doorbell rang. You went to open.
“You’re beautiful tonight…”
You giggled at the compliment “Matt, you can’t even see me, not really.”
“I don’t need it, I know that.” Matt placed a soft kiss on your lips caressing your cheek “Are you ready?”
“Yes! Let me just take my bag.”
You locked the door behind the two of you and went out on the street.
“Matt, listen, there’s a thing I have to tell you… Tonight my brother is going to come here. It feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages, is that a problem if I come back home a bit earlier the usual?”
“Absolutely not, it’s your brother after all” he smiled.
“Thanks love.”
You walked slowly hand in hand to the restaurant, the one you two met few weeks after you moved there. It was nothing too pretentious, the food wasn’t expensive, just a really informal place.
You loved to stay with Matt, and even after you discovered who he really was you couldn’t help but feel protected.
You just finished to enjoy your meal when you noticed it was really late.
“It’s almost time! Bucky will arrive at any moment. I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be! But let me take you home at least.”
You blushed “You sure? If my brother sees you… he can be jealous.”
“I’m not scared” he laughed “and he has a beautiful sister so I understand him, I would be jealous too.”

By walking a bit faster you were again at home  in less than half an hour. You stood on in front of the doorsteps.
“Thank you very much for tonight, but we should do this more often” your boyfriend approached you and placed his hands on your waist.
“Yes, we should. And I’m really sorry we can’t continue this night…” you say playing a bit with his tie “But I promise we will have the chance very soon.”
He smirked and you closed your eyes and pressed your lips on his, kissing him passionately.
“I love you, Matt”
“I love you too, Y/N.”
Another fast kiss and he went away.
You watched him walking on the way home and then took the keys and put them in the lock.
“Y/N!” you heard behind you right in the moment you opened the doorway, and as soon as you turned around you saw Bucky with wide open arms ready to hug you. You run in his arms immediately.
“Bucky! You’re finally here. Come in!” You exclaimed waving towards the door.
But as soon as you were inside his expression changed.
“I saw you, with that guy… he’s the one they call Daredevil, isn’t he?”
You lowered your gaze “Yes, he is… what’s the problem?”
He shook his head “He’s not safe. You could get hurt at any moment at his side! Didn’t you think about this?”
“I’m a fully trained SHIELD agent, Bucky!” you said, unbelieving “I can take care of myself!”
“No! You can’t stay with him, it’s too dangerous!”
“I don’t understand you, Bucky. Danger is everywhere, you can’t think this of him. I’m not safer with the Avengers than with Matt.”
“You’re going to come home with me” he said firmly “When I’ll come back you’re going to follow me.”
“But I have my job here, my missions… and I love him! You’re my older brother but I’m not yours, I’m a grown up adult now!” you shouted and run to your room, locking the door from the inside, nearly with tears in your eyes.
You heard him knocking and calling your name but you didn’t answer. You didn’t want to argue with your brother for this kind of things, not the first time you saw each other again after a long time. You fell asleep still dressed.

The following morning Bucky gently knocked on your door to wake you up.
“Y/N… if you’re awake, I wanted to say sorry.”
Few moment later you opened the door and looked at him with a deadly stare.
“I just want the best for you and I don’t want to se you hurt, in any way.”
You couldn’t pretend to be mad at him so much. You hugged him immediately, almost not letting him finish the sentence.
“I promise I will be careful.”
“You can stay, then” he smiled caressing your hair.
“I didn’t need your permission to keep living in my house” you laughed and he jokingly pushed you away.

Wanna Hear A Secret?

NaLu Week Day Four: Secrets

Summary: Lucy’s drunk and has a secret to share. Natsu is all ears.

Notes: This was supposed to be a drabble, but then I started writing more. I was also supposed to do day 3 but I went out of town yesterday and was lazy didn’t have the time to write it. Maybe I can write it out and get it uploaded by the end of the week.


Read it here on FF.net

“Hey… Hey!” came the bubbly, giggly voice of a drunk Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu didn’t bother to hide the exasperated groan as he stared into her glazed brown eyes.

Ever since he found his partner chugging down bottles of beer with Cana, he knew it wouldn’t be a good night. Well, at least not a good night for him. Because if Lucy was drinking then that meant he’d have to babysit her. And it had to be him because the second a drunk Lucy sees Natsu in her peripheral vision, she runs to his side and latches onto him; not wanting to be near anyone else. Then she would proceed to do silly things that only a drunk Lucy could do.

And while Natsu wouldn’t mind seeing Lucy do silly things while piss drunk, the fact that she was so weird when she was around him put him off. She was supposed to be the sensible one who freaked out if he even so much as put his arm around her, not this…this…bouncy, blonde flirt who liked to pretend she was a cat and hang off his arm.

He’s not used to her being this way, and for reasons he never understood, it freaked him out.

Heeeeeeeeeeey,” came Lucy’s voice again, this time her tone taking on a whiny approach. Natsu decided to grit his teeth and prepare to either purr or give a piggyback ride.

“Yeah, Lucy?” he asked warily.

The drunk blonde giggled as she batted her eyes up at him, “Wanna hear a secret?”

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I meant to upload it yesterday, but internet slooooowwww ; n ;

So here it is, Kai in the traditional stripped sweater inaugurating the month and this year’s unofficial event. I’m opening my store on Halloween because I’m cheesy like that, so as a pre-opening special event you can buy witch Kai as a print here. He will only be available till October 31st so do grab a copy if you like his magical self.