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I'm not sure what to think when I see people being so serious in their posts and/or tags about this whole Azazel pity-fest, saying it's too bad that he "lost" and Charioce "won", when IT WAS NEVER A COMPETITION in the first place? Azazel has never, NOT EVEN ONCE, been shown or implied to have romantic feelings for Nina (or even physical attraction at that) and besides, NINA IS NOT A DAMN PRIZE TO BE WON WTF?! Can't people just accept that Azazel was never meant to feel that way about Nina?

I feel in the same way. I do not know what to think about those people anymore, they are reaching some levels that are actually questionable.

With regard to Azazel, it is like you say, he has not lost something like Nina’s heart, because it was not even something he wanted, NEVER, he just planned to use her for his own benefit and even mistreated her at a certain time, that is the absolute truth.

There were never romantic feelings or mutual attraction between them, NEVER, and that is an irrefutable fact.

Can you feel the love? Yeah, me neither.

To have Nina’s heart/love was never a competition, and she was never a prize to won and to think of her in that way is simply disconcerting, she is much more than your typical stereotype of shoujo protagonist that has no personality and is only characterized by being stupid. It is incredible to read that from people who openly claim to “”“love her”“”“, it is really very hypocritical of them.

*clutches heart*