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dott i meant to reply to one of ur ace posts earlier but i forgot & i don't wanna scroll to find it but: here's a fun story, when i was dating a dude for a while (big miss steak) and i didn't wanna have sex with him he kept researching asexuality and asking me if i was ace bc that was the *only* possible reason he could think of wrt me not wanting to do that with him.

YIKES @ HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EW

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I was thinking about how women are portrayed in Tolkien's work and I suddenly realised how poorly they were written. I also realised even ones like Eowyn and Galadriel fall into this trap too. Galadriel is incredicbly powerful but she is considered unfemine for desiring power. Eowyn is said to have been a wild shieldmaiden who was tamed, Luthien was "a mere maiden" & more an object of affection and Aredhel's tragic ending is considered a consequence of disobeying her male relative.Your thoughts?

Hmmm… I have to respectfully disagree with you (at least with these specific examples.) Here’s my reasoning:

Galadriel: Okay, I’m actually stumped on this one. While researching the misogyny post I published earlier today, I found several comments in other articles about Galadriel being portrayed as, or described as, unfeminine because of her desire for power. But I haven’t been able to find any source that shows Tolkien saying anything like that. The closest thing I could find was that her mother-name Nerwen meant “man-maiden.” Also, there’s a mention in The Unfinshed Tales that she was “a match for both the loremasters and the athletes of the Eldar in the days of their youth” - and, by the way, Tolkien already says in “Laws and Customs Among the Eldar” that elvish women were generally just as physically strong as elvish men anyway. But she’s also described dozens of times as incredibly beautiful, so the way I see it, the only people who view her physical strength and desire for power as unfeminine are the fans themselves. (But, seriously, if you’ve seen Tolkien say something about this that I’ve missed, please let me know!)

Eowyn: I think this is just a plain difference of interpretation. I’ve never read Eowyn’s story that way, and I’ve not found anything in Tolkien’s writings about Eowyn to support the idea that she needed to be “tamed.” What we see with Eowyn is a woman who knew what she wanted (even though it wasn’t what was expected of most women), and went for it. Then, after achieving her goals, she allowed herself to want other things. I’ve actually written a lot about Eowyn, so for a more detailed discussion check out these posts: x, x, x, x.

Luthien: I see this quote used all the time when it comes time to discuss gender issues. But, for some reason, it’s never presented in context. The letter it comes from (#131) is a summary of The Silmarillion. When he gets to Beren and Luthien’s tale, he says this:

Here we meet, among other things, the first example of the motive (to become dominant in Hobbits) that the great policies of world history, ‘the wheels of the world’, are often turned not by the Lords and Governors, even gods, but by the seemingly unknown and weak – owing to the secret life in creation, and the pan unknowable to all wisdom but One, that resides in the intrusions of the Children of God into the Drama. It is Beren the outlawed mortal who succeeds (with the help of Lúthien, a mere maiden even if an elf of royalty) where all the armies and warriors have failed: he penetrates the stronghold of the Enemy and wrests one of the Silmarilli from the Iron Crown. 

Yes, Tolkien describes Luthien as “a mere maiden”, but it’s because he’s emphasizing both her and Beren’s “underdog status” in their quest, as a complement to the hobbits in The Hobbit and LotR. (Though I still think the description that she helps Beren is a little off, since anyone who’s read the story knows that’s it’s really more the other way around, lol.) And, aside from this single comment, there’s nothing else to imply that Tolkien thought Luthien was anything other than completely awesome.

Aredhel: Aredhel’s story is a huge problem, I’ll give you that. But I don’t think this, the idea that she’s being punished for disobeying Turgon, is that problem. Not only is her story never framed in that light by Tolkien himself, but Aredhel doesn’t even really disobey Turgon - she has permission to leave Gondolin, but while he wants her to go to Fingon (his brother, whom he trusted to keep secret the location of Gondolin), she headed east towards Feanor’s sons (whom he didn’t trust nearly as much.) My problems with Aredhel come later, and are solely concerned with her seriously messed up relationship with Eol (which I talk about more in this post, and this one too.)

Anyway, these are my thoughts.  Keep the discussion going if you’ve got something to add, I’d love to hear it. :)

SOURCES: Basically everything.

Taste of Your Poison Paradise

On this holy day, exactly one year ago, I published my first fic and post as Hoodies and Computers. Today, I will continue the tradition by presenting you an Olicity prostitute/client AU. Rated M because I’m a dirty ho and I know y'all are too. ;D

This is a massive thank you gift to my wonderful 1,000+ followers – which I meant to say earlier but RL got in the way – and the awesome people I’ve met here. Thank you for sticking with me!

(Also, definitely check out this song. It’ll set the mood. Oh, and this has not been edited and such, so pardon me for any grammatical mistakes.)

It takes her a second to realize someone’s knocking on her door.

Oh no

Her brain kicks into overdrive and she finds herself shaking from an onslaught of adrenaline. Saliva pools inside her mouth and she swallows thickly, unable to calm her nerves. A chill washes over her; she shivers and sits on the bed, bouncing her leg from nervousness. 

There’s another knock, a bit louder, and all Felicity wants to hide in the closet and pretend none of this is happening. Except, of course, she already withdrew five thousand dollars in cash which took a lot of strings to pull, and there’s no going back. She needs to use her money’s worth, even if it may cost her a lifetime of embarrassment.

Felicity could make very irrational and stupid decisions sometimes.

Gathering whatever courage she has left, Felicity bravely stands up, smoothes out her shirt and inhales deeply. Felicity made a choice, and it’s a choice she’s going to go through. Clenching her muscles, Felicity robotically walks to the door and nervously grabs onto the door handle.She waits one, two heartbeats, and lets the cold air seep into her skin, desperately hoping it’ll help her calm down.

It doesn’t.

The door flies open, and she’s completely and utterly unprepared for the sight in front of her. Not only is her escort for the night carrying a very expensive bottle of red wine (which she mentioned on the form she liked, but she never expected him to bring it), but he is incredibly good looking, so much so Felicity doesn’t know what to say. That’s a first.

Her … whatever for the night is about six feet tall, ripped, and annoyingly cocky. His stance screams confidence and his eyes drink in her appearance, feasting Felicity with no restraint. There’s a small amount of stubble peppering his skin, and his jawline can slice anyone in a moment’s notice. In short, he’s a combination of every wet dream she’s ever had and then some.

But it seems fake. 

Felicity takes a step back and opens her mouth to say something – anything – but she’s speechless. She’s unable to process that yes, she hired a prostitute for an hour. Actually, she doesn’t know how she feels about hiring someone to take care of her sexual needs. It feels silly and not at all the kind of pampering she was hoping to expect.

She’s no stranger to having sex with random people; in fact it’s easier for her. Her job is demanding, her mind is too complicated, and being alone means having one less person to take care of. Felicity had hoped getting a professional to do the deed would sate her needs, but she hadn’t realized how desperate this would look. Sure, she can detach herself from love and sex, but she feels cheap all of a sudden, and she’s starting to regret her decision.

Taking another step inside the hotel room, Felicity quietly says, “Come in.”

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About Katie Cassidy...

I received a very nice message from elizajanelewisgirl who was curious about my thoughts on Laurel :

“Are you willing to tell me your thoughts on Laurel? From what I’ve seen you are generally positive about her publicly on your blog, so I was little surprised by the tag on your last post. And I have no underlying motive for asking! I am just genuinely curious. I have always fallen in the “miserably in-between” category on Laurel, so I have sympathy with lots of different points of view. Thanks for always being a positive influence in the fandom. “

First, thank you very much for your kind words darling! They meant the world to me!

I am a very positive person and I always try to see the best in people… and this includes TV characters as well.

As an exception that proves the rule, I indeed tagged “Please tell me she’s actually leaving” on this photo published earlier today by Katie Cassidy.

Surprisingly enough, this has nothing to do with Laurel. 

Laurel, as a character, does nothing to me: she doesn’t generate passion or anger, love or hate. I’m just really neutral about her character, I learned to ignore her flaws and wait patiently for her (sometimes terrible) scenes to be over.

On the other hand, when she has great scenes, like we had with Cisco…

(Remember this?

It was sensational!!)

… I’m the first one to applause and regret that this Laurel is not the Laurel we get to see on every episode of Arrow. I’d like more of this, I’d like to forget how disappointing her character has been to me since the first episode and how frustrated I am generally speaking about her character.

So that stands for Laurel Lance…

Katie Cassidy on the other hand…

Nah… I’m sorry but I just can’t. And I believe this has to do with the fact that I’m a positive and, let say it, pretty simple girl. I’m not interested in the bling, the branded merchandising, the overly promoted products, the bitching or… photos of feet or bad Titanic karaoke whatsoever.

These are only a sample of what I dislike the most about her - is this sample objective? I do not think so but this is my perception of her.

When I see the way Katie Cassidy manages her image, it just makes me cringe. More often than not her posts and tweets give the image of a bratty superficial woman. I have no idea if it is what she is in reality but I find really hard to connect with someone who is so far from the genuine, spontaneous, natural image that Stephen, Emily or David give to their fans.

I’m not even going to talk about her relationship with EBR (that looks fake to me…), her lack of chemistry with Stephen Amell that makes me want to runaway every time they are on screen, her behavior at cons (she looked drunk to me…) or the way she expressed her “feelings” towards the Olicity shippers last year…

The worst part with Katie Cassidy is certainly her stans and the Black Canary fanboys…. I have hope that if she leaves, all that drama will leave with her. Am I wrong to think this? I believe so, but this is why it’s called hope!

I wouldn’t miss Laurel Lance but I would certainly be glad for Katie Cassidy to leave and move on. I’d love to be proven wrong but right now, I would be happy to leave the uncomfortable feeling of awkwardness she triggers in me behind.

Mass Answering

Question 1: Royalty

Anonymous asked you:

Do you have any resources on how to write royalty? I checked your tags but I found none. Thanks so much for any help I’ll get! :)



Question 2: Religious Name

Anonymous asked you:

would it be weird/unrealistic for a very religious family to name their son/daughter after their holy book? like Bible or Koran or Torah? i know its a weird question but i’m curious character-wise.

It depends on the parents and how they approach their religion.


Question 3Sex Scene

Anonymous asked you:

Hey! So I’m a huge fan of your blog and you help me a lot :)! So for my book, I have two side characters that are dating and are both men. In once scene I’m planning on writing, they’re having sex while having a one-sided discussion about corporate secrets they learned earlier. The scene is meant to be comical/poking fun at how sex scenes are written unrealistically in erotica. Do you think this would alienate mainstream (or straight, male) readers or scare away agents/publishers?

It doesn’t matter if it alienates a straight or male audience. Focus on the audience that will read your story. For agents, editors, and publishers, whether it alienates them depends on how you write it and whoever is looking at your story. Everyone has different tastes.


Question 4Victorian + African

Anonymous asked you:

I want to write a fantasy story which is based in a land where the culture is a mix of old victorian and tribal african. Any advice? Things to avoid? Good references?

There is a Victorian tag on the tags page. For Africa, narrow it down. “Tribal African” is extremely vague in terms of time period, region, and culture. When using other cultures for inspiration, do as much research as you can. Go through the fantasy and cultural appropriation tags as well. All are on the tags page.


Question 5Historically Inaccurate

Anonymous asked you:

Is it ok to write a book that is historically inaccurate? For example, if I wrote a book in which the German monarchy was never abolished and had a female empress, neither of which actually occurred.

Yes, it’s okay. This is what we call an “alternate history”. 


Question 6: Company Names

Anonymous asked you:

Are we allowed to use the names of social networking in books? Such as Facebook, Google, iPhone, tumblr, etc. or is that copyrighted?

It’s okay as long as it is not slander or libel.


Question 7Deaf Character

Anonymous asked you:

I have a mostly deaf POV character who’s very good at lipreading/speechreading. Now, I know it’s only about 30% reliable, and I don’t want her to be unrealistically accurate, but I’m afraid it’ll get old fast if she frequently “mishears” what everyone else is saying. What do you think I should do?

You can use sign language and your character can pay attention to body language. go through the “hearing impaired” tag on the tags page.


Question 8Gay Character

Anonymous asked you:

I have a gay character who had been in love with his best friend when his best friend was killed. his friend was straight, happily married and had two children at the time of his death. since his death my character has let his life fall to ruin and drinks heavily to cope with the loss. this character is miserable, pathetic, but good hearted and fair. what I’m concerned about is that I’ve never written a gay character before and I don’t want to offend anyone. is there anything wrong with my idea?

There is an unfortunate trope called “bury your gays” where gay characters never get happy endings, but yours doesn’t really fall into that because the dead character was not gay and therefore did not die because of that (which is a trait of the trope), but it’s still good to be aware. You should also be aware of gayngst. There’s nothing inherently wrong with your idea, just make sure it’s not all constant heartbreak and angst.

I was thinking about books the other day.  When I was a child/young teenager in the 80’s and early 90’s, I read a lot of books published in the 50’s, 60’s, and earlier, a lot of them my mother’s childhood/teenagerhood books.  (This meant I read a LOT of horse-related books)

It strikes me now that the 50’s and 60’s era books never struck me as “weird” or “old-fashioned.”  Technologically-speaking, in day-to-day life, there wasn’t really a radical change in anything.  Home computers in the 80’s and even the early 90’s were rare; my family had computers, but my dad was very much a geek.  Kids in those books played outside, watched television, and talked on the phone–much like we did.  (side note: yes, NOW I hate having to call anyone and anything on the phone, but back then?  The only other options were writing a letter or going there in person.  You have no idea how much I rejoiced in the early 2000s when Papa John introduced online pizza ordering.  In the dorms, we used to argue over whose turn it was to call and order pizza)  There was some “strangeness” about the “identical subdivisions” settings, and “taking the train to work” aspects of, say, the “Betsy and Star” books, but I just chalked that up to “the books are set in the suburbs of a large city, and I live in a rural area." 

Nowadays, though, with the rise of computers, cell phones, and internet, those books would seem INCREDIBLY dated.  Diane Duane talks about this a little in some of her blogs, about how/why she updated her Young Wizards series (started in the 80’s) to the New Millennium Editions, tightening up the timelines and updating the tech.  Sometimes I wonder if I went back and re-read the books I read as a kid, if they would feel "dated” and old.