i meant to post this a week ago oops


09.16.17 // ahh i meant to post this over a week ago oops but that never got done. im starting a bullet journal but im honestly so much of a perfectionist, it’s more for fun than organization ahaha. hopefully i’ll be able to post pics of it soon!! + yep i just changed my url in honor of my precious child !! i luv him so much asldkfjsdk (prev. bionctes !!)

ig: bionctes

I meant to upload this a while ago… like… a week or two ago. I drew it a couple weeks ago bUT shit happened and I forgot, oops. 

Rules n Such

- Be nice to other artists, everyone has a different style

- Don’t worry if I don’t reblog your post, I’ll get to it eventually!

- Make sure to have ‘cola losers week’ in the first 5 tags, or just @ me!

- It’s okay if you’re late, lord knows I’m gonna be late too uwu;;

- You don’t have to follow that palette coloring if you don’t want to, entirely optional! Must be the same palette.

Day 23/100 of Productivity: 14 September 2017

oh gosh i’m so far behind on these posts lmao oops 

just spent the last week of term chilling … and studying for a test i had on the last day of term :( but now i’m on spring break!! 

expect a sort of spam of posts from me in the next couple of days as i frantically try to catch up on these posts that i was meant to post over a week ago