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Art Trade: chainosaur -Angel Killer Osomatsu

Art trade with the lovely chainosaur. She wanted Angel Killer/Akuma Rider Oso wearing devil Oso’s suit.~ I kinda went overboard painting it, was meant to be simpler ;;;

Check out her side of the trade! [Link]

It’s been a while since I’ve painted using my tablet, pretty refreshing to come and pick it up~

Now regarding icon making! I’ve been pretty busy lately but I can finally pick up where I left and continue my usual uploads. Look forward to the upcoming new sets~

How A Few Crafty Harlemites Are Fighting Back Against Gentrification

After Harlem resident Pipi Birdwater had her lawsuit against the borough of Manhattan thrown out, many New Yorkers began to wonder how many shared her ire towards lifelong Harlem residents for “intentional cruelty,” as her suit stated.

Birdwater claims that New York residents purposely gave her wrong directions, led her towards areas of Harlem that didn’t exist, and feigned ignorance when she referenced areas of Harlem by their hip new colloquialisms. Borough president Gale Arnot Brewer called her claims that they cost her her $100,000 job (due to frequent tardiness) “farcical.” But after walking through Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park and talking to Harlemites, they have merit.

38-year-old Dominique Sampson recalls, “this cracker asked me the other day where RuPa is. I knew he was talking about Rucker Park, but we don’t call it no damn RuPa. Who ‘bout to be sayin, 'remember when Kobe and AI came in RuPa?’,” he says as family and friends double over in laughter in their beach chairs.

“So I said 'probably down in the village getting life.’ He comes back to me that night all red ready to fight sayin’ he wasted his day, I said 'I thought you meant Rupaul!”

Sampson says his neighbor was not amused. In his anger, he joins a growing group of new Harlem residents who feel they’re being deceived out of resentment.

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54 Music Icons - Rik Lee

Recently I was commissioned to illustrate 54 portraits of musical icons. It was one huge task! As if the workload itself wasn’t daunting enough, I had a relatively tight deadline, which to fulfill, meant I had to complete at least 1 portrait every 2 days (including working weekends, Christmas day, New years etc)

Anyway, I did it. *wipes sweat from brow and downs tall glass of beer in single gulp. Here’s a sneak peek at who I drew.

I’m super excited to see what my collaborators, Laurence King Publishing make with these, but for now, I’m heading straight back to the drawing table, because I have to design product packaging for these!


Hey guys! Meant to post some art this weekend, so I apologize for just now getting to it! My family came into town for my birthday, so I was rather busy 😊 ya girl is officially in her 20s!!

Anyways, I gifted myself by drawing a goofy Nightwing and Starfire–I feel like they would definitely make each other laugh and smile while on patrol ❤ Also, a sketch for a new icon/meet the artist: coming soon?? (also thank you to everyone again for being so kind!)

There’s a void that dwells inside of me,
It’s getting so deep that’s it’s hard to breathe,
I’ve tried to fill it with countless things,
But none of them ever seem to succeed.
False icons professing their love, Claiming they’ll meet me in the skies above,
Can only numb the pain for so long,
When you realise that they’re always gone.
Their perfected code illicit response,
That’s meant to make me finally feel loved,
And yet I listen to the computers’ buzz,
Realising how false my comfort was.

Drunk Texting

AN: listen…you remember the Drunk Sasuke AU… He’s back.


Opal eyes jolted up by the tune of her cellphone going off. The young woman looked over her shoulder at the buzzing device. Annoyed beyond reason, she grabbed it to see Sasuke’s number pop up. She hadn’t actually saved it but she knew it by heart. Whenever Ino got too drunk that was the number telling her to come help peel her friend off the bar counter.

The call ended and her eyes narrowed at the number of missed calls from him. 15 missed calls from Uchiha Sasuke and 5 unread messages. She didn’t quite feel like talking, especially considering Ino was in a new relationship so that meant she was somewhere cuddled with her boyfriend. She tapped on the Message icon.

2:45AM: Heyo Hyuuga
2:51AM: I’m thinking of your hair.

Hinata rubbed her eye at the messages…just to make sure she was reading them properly.

3:06AM: Eye know we be friends but listen…if you’re down then I’d be down too.
3:14AM: Are we even fries?
3:23AM: i wanna be white you

Hinata sat up and read the drunk messages again and again. What in the world? It was almost four in the morning and Sasuke was legitimately texting her…this. She went to Snapchat upon seeing ‘MacDaddy Sauce sent you a snap!’ Naruto gave him the name there was no way to change it.

Her finger hovered over the red icon for a moment. Honestly…Uchiha Sasuke couldn’t be that drunk. She tapped it and damn near threw her phone off the bed.


“I don’t remember anything,” said Sasuke. He pulled the strings from his hoodie tighter, and slouched on the couch. “I woke up with vomit in my hair.”

Ino’s nose wrinkled. He had passed in the hallway at his apartment door. His phone in his left hand and an empty bottle of expensive vodka in the right. She literally had to drag him inside and wipe his face and shit, considering he’s done it for her.

“I don’t think it was my vomit,” he confessed.

Ino sat on the opposite side of the couch eating ice cream that she hid in his freezer. “Well, you drunk texted Hinata – a lot.”

He stared at her. “What?”

She nodded. “Yup, even sent a picture of your little katana,” she motioned towards his lower body. “I’m kind of jealous. You’ve never sent me a pic-”

“I did what?” He repeated, his head pounding from the hangover and the addition information.

“She called me, which is how I found you. You sent her your location and everything,” she pointed the spoon at him.

“…what?” He checked his phone. They were still there. There was an open snap that he sent to Hinata last night. He had no memory of anything pass taking those neon shots. “…the fuck?”

Ino shrugged. “So I told her to come over so you can apologize-”

“What?” He hissed. The Uchiha glared at his second, more evil blonde friend when knocking started at the door. She smiled and pranced to the door. Hinata greeted her and walked in.

“I’ll leave you two,” Ino called, enjoying the way Sasuke flinched in pain. “Oi, and Sasuke keep your pants up!” With that she shut the door.

Hinata stood there awkwardly. Her entire face was red. She couldn’t even look at him in the eyes. “Is there anyway you can forget last night?” He asked, slowly standing.

“Yes.” She nodded quickly, just as embarrassed as he was. Her eyes dropped to his sweatpants for a split second. She turned on her heel and headed out the door only for Ino to almost fall through.

Sasuke’s jaw clenched. “I hate you.” He said, before walking towards his room.

“I told you to talk to her,” she called. “You decided to send dick pics!” She waited until his door slammed to start laughing. “Let me see it, Sasuke! Hey! Sasuke!” She walked after him, clutching her stomach.

Poor Hinata, she’s been scarred and honestly it was Ino’s fault. She paid Naruto to get the stoic male drunk beyond coherence. She didn’t know he was going to go that wild.

“Come on!” She knocked on the door.

Punk Mituna Playlist

King For A Day -Pierce The Veil:

Please, won’t you push me for the last time / Let’s scream until there’s nothing left / So sick of playing, I don’t want this anymore

Na Na Na -My Chemical Romance:

Drop like a bullet shell / Dress like a sleeper cell / I’d rather go to hell / Than be in purgatory / Cut my hair / Gag and bore me / Pull this pin / Let this world explode

CrushCrushCrush -Paramore:

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone / Just the one-two of us, who’s counting on / That never happens / I guess I’m dreaming again / Let’s be more than this now

American Idiot -Green Day:

Welcome to a new kind of tension / All across the alien nation / Where everything isn’t meant to be okay

Damage -Fit For Rivals:

Once it starts, it never stops / Discipline, it’s all I’m not / Can’t help myself, you listening? / Why can’t I say just what I want?

Make A Move -Icon For Hire:

We got all our lives to lose / Screaming in the dark while we just play our part out / I play along / Like I don’t know what’s going on

Kill Or Be Killed -New Years Day:

Your imagination gets so twisted when you / Think you’ve seen my worst but  / I have an instinct that can never be reversed / My vengeance is a curse


brand new yandere simulator blog here. i’ll be posting art (sidebar image and icon will be updated with my own art soon) and thoughts on development but will likely primarily reblog from others and try to make friends. i am somewhat critical minded, but i tend to avoid engaging in conversations i find stressful (unless of course it’s necessary for addressing my own problematic behavior). be sure to read my byf; it is meant to ensure your own comfort. then, feel free to follow, and please say hello! xo

under the cut, i’m gonna @ a few yansim blogs i’m already following. reblog if you like, or go ahead and ignore this if you prefer!

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anonymous asked:

Gotham 👀

send me a fandom and i’ll say the top 5 things i’d change about it

anonymous said: g o t h a m


  • Improve Isabella’s character. I would make the arc where she and Ed are in a relationship last longer and I’d give the audience a chance to connect more with their dynamic. We know hardly anything about her and I would have loved to see her backstory explained. She could be an evil clone (aka what the fandom wants her to be) or a more relatable character that the fans can get attached to before she dies. Please, just let her be…more. I don’t hate her with a burning passion but her character makes me sad because she had a lot more potential.
  • Change the vibe of s1. The first season isn’t bad but it has a different feeling compared to the other seasons. Make less obvious easter eggs during s1, write more arcs that last over several episodes, develop fewer villains but develop those with more detail. Many people I know stopped watching Gotham stopped during s1 because it wasn’t their thing and that makes me sad because I’m sure that they would have enjoyed s2 or s3. Giving s1 a stronger narrative and connecting the separate stories more with each other could make s1 more addicting and would make it easier to get new people into Gotham.
  • Use more iconic songs for the soundtrack, preferably happy tunes with a rich sound. Some examples: this one at 1:35, this one at 2:08, and this one. It was lovely how Gotham managed to associate swing/big band tunes with Ed’s character and I deeply missed that in s3. A soundtrack choice like this would have worked during 3x15 or 3x17, where Ed was embracing his more gleeful Riddler persona.
  • Acknowledge how much Ed missed Oswald during 3x15 and how much Oswald meant to him. 3x19 and the rest of the season decided to go with a very one-dimensional war/revenge plot and I personally would have highlighted that these two still have remaining tension between them. I hope this isn’t too confusing but, generally, I would just embrace the romantic tension, have Ed stating that they could have been a couple if it wasn’t for Isabella…and show that there is still a chance for these two to become friends (or even more) again, once they’ve both gotten their time to heal from this experience. As of now, no one can predict their future for sure, which is why I would have liked to see their dynamic portrayed more like a “will they won’t they” plot than a flat downfall.
  • Maybe highlight that Oswald is a problematic person more often because his apologists/stans are really starting to annoy me.
  • Bonus points: Give Lucius more screentime (luckily, that’s been the case recently) and let Bridgit reunite with Selina after joining the Freakfam.

Feel free to disagree with me on these opinions - but please be kind/respectful if you intend to do so


So naturally I always go Icon hunting for myself cause I can never find the right one for me, and in the process I snatched up a few of these gems. It’s legit all of them with their eyes closed or they are squinting. I just, idk how I did it but it was easier than capturing the things I actually wanted like, wtf.

Besides that, I have way too many captures to keep track of and they are all meant to be Icons, so if you would love a new icon from any one of the MSA’s I will hook you up fam. I went through the whole entirety of Freaking out and captured a lot that I thought were funny, something someone really might want, or just something randomly captured. Here are some examples:

They’re meant to be icons and they are usaully small, so yess Tumblr has to make them big and make the quality go down.

^^^^Now this one, pissed me the fuck off. It took me 10 WHOLE MINUTES to capture this moment. And I’m so happy it turned out well. 

So again, if you would like a certain Icon from a certain moment in either of the MSA’s then just message me and I will hook you up! I’ve got anything from the back of people’s heads to hands, flowers, and Deadbeats. Oh and also the moon, cause who doesn’t like the moon.. 

the sororitas project: the redesign! :D

ah, i’m finally finished with it!  now, this is just the bare bones armor, without the robes, ornamentation, and external power plant.  i’ve done it this way so that it’s as easy as possible to see what’s going on, or draw if you want.  it’s also lacking the fan plates which would help protect the joints, although i’ve penciled in an example one.  (i figure different orders can have different fan plate designs.  that would be a good way to distinguish them while keeping any hypothetical sculpts fairly modular.)

i’m posting this now because i don’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer.  soon, i shall post one with the robes and gloves, and some example weapons i’ve been toying around with.  (sisters with polearms! :U)

design notes under the cut!

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Before they were on FOX’s Gotham, they were dead trees and ink.

Fig. 1: 1939's Detective Comics #27. It’s only fitting, perhaps, that Jim Gordon be the one other character who literally debuted alongside Batman, predating Alfred, the Joker, and even Robin. (Writer: Bill Finger; Artist: Bob Kane and (probably) Jerry Robinson.)

Fig. 2: 1987's Batman #404. Gordon’s post-Crisis debut, I felt, was something that merited an image of its own. No longer a kindly silver-haired old man behind a desk, but a man of action who was Batman’s first field ally. It may very well be Frank Miller’s greatest, and most untarnished, legacy in the world of Batman. (Writer: Frank Miller; Artist: David Mazzucchelli.)

Fig. 3: 1974's Detective Comics #441. Harvey Bullock, the second-most famous member of the GCPD, has always had an.interesting history. His dislike of Batman was set in stone from his very first appearance, but in demeanor he far more resembles Frank Miller’s psychotic Lt. Brandon. (Writer: Archie Goodwin; Artist: Howard Chaykin.)

Fig. 4: 1983's Batman #361. Bullock wouldn’t truly take off, however, until Doug Moench began his first run on the Batman books in the early 80s. Though Moench made references that hinted this was indeed the same Bullock that Goodwin had created, his Bullock might as well have been a new character, with a decidedly new role in the Bat-verse as a dirty cop sent to sabotage Gordon’s office. (Writer: Doug Moench; Artist: Don Newton.)

Fig. 5: 1987's Batman #405. Sarah Essen makes her debut, playing the second-in-command to YO!Gordon’s anti-Batman squad. Though at the end of her debut story, she transferred to New York, later writers saw fit to bring her back to Gotham and rekindle the romance between her and Gordon. (Writer: Frank Miller; Artist: David Mazzucchelli.)

Fig. 6: 1992’s BTAS Writer’s Bible. Renee Montoya was a new cop invented specifically for the animated series, and eventually grew to be Bullock’s foil. As you can see, the version that was planned here was very different from the one who eventually showed up on screen. Note also the reference to her late husband - a sharp contrast with the current Montoya’s iconic lesbianism. (Writer/Artist: Bruce Timm, I guess…?)

Fig. 7: 1992's Batman #475. Renee Montoya makes her debut in the funnybooks, apparently in a move meant to coincide with Batman: The Animated Series. Note the alternative spelling of her name. (Writer: Alan Grant; Artist: Norm Breyfogle.)

Fig. 8: 2000's Detective Comics #742. Crispus Allen, the “Metropolis Peacock”, makes his debut in the aftermath of NML, signifying that Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again. (Writer: Greg Rucka; Artist: Shawn Martinbrough.)

Once is Frozen (or how the plot they had been leading up to in Season 3 literally got put on ice)

Imagine this:

It’s the summer of 2013 and the staff is gathered in the OUAT writers’ room plotting out Season 3.  Adam and Eddy have a clear vision of what they want to happen that will lead into Season 4.  Everyone is happy and the characters are all getting their development …

Autumn arrives and the creative team is ecstatic to see how many people are dressing up as their favorite OUAT characters for Halloween.  Thanksgiving comes and everyone enjoys their break and goes to see the new hit Disney movie at the local theater.

And they love it.  It’s just like OUAT!  The act of True Love isn’t the princess being awoken by the prince this time … it’s about family!  And the main character has magic that she is both afraid of and doesn’t want.  She’s just like Emma!  So they did what we all do … they went to work and talked about the movie they just saw.

Then they started the what-ifs and wouldn’t it be cools.  They started to develop all these headcanons about how the Frozen story could parallel the journey that the OUAT characters are going through.  They got so excited that someone even dared to say that they should ask Disney if they could use the characters.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love the excitement and I love that the writers came out and said that at the end of the day this is very expensive fan fiction.  If you’re reading this to get on board with a rant about how awful the writing was in Season 4 then you should probably stop reading now.  What follows is just my take on how everything got a bit jumbled because of the Frozen storyline.

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Liam's Cartier love bracelet? I think it's a little too bold to just be throwing shade at the official narrative, but I'd love to hear your opinion. I like the idea that Z bought it for him tho. It would be very in line with what we've seen from them so far; the hublot watch & the other bracelet namely.

Not sure how it’s “too bold”. Only people who pay attention will have an opinion. Casual observers will just speculate–probably heteronormatively–if they notice at all. As of now, it’s just a post on a not terribly well known stylist’s Instagram.

I do think it makes sense that Zayn got that for Liam. It’s clearly meant to be a symbol of enduring romantic love and commitment.

This bracelet is a universal symbol of love and commitment. The LOVE bracelet, created in 1970s New York, has sealed the passionate romances of a host of iconic couples. The LOVE bracelet is a flat bangle studded with screws that locks to the wrist. Opened and fastened with a screwdriver, the piece serves to sanctify inseparable love. This undeniably elegant unisex piece forms the basis of this signature jewelry collection. Bracelet, ring or necklace: how far would you go for love? 

Passionate romance? Sanctify inseparable love? Unisex? How far would you go for love? Sounds very Ziam. For those of us who follow Liam closely, who else could it be?