i meant to make a new icon but

Hello Members! After a lot of deliberating I decided to add 30 members, it was so hard to pick and there will definitely be another chance to join! A number of you changed url’s which meant I couldn’t find you anymore, so if you re-apply please make sure you update me with any changed urls.

What’s next:

  • I will choose new members every month or so, keep your eye out for notifications if you didn’t get a chance this time!
  • I will message you and ask for an icon (80x80px) and description for the network page. Please keep your askbox open. (If you haven’t gotten a message please message me asap)
  • Track #theleofitznetwork and follow the network page
  • I will be posting general rules and housekeeping soon so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Also check out your fellow members, and maybe give them a friendly follow!

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!


anonymous asked:

any advice for starting a percy jackson blog?

hmmmm ok i actually started this blog on a whim so there was no planning but i’ll try. also this is according to my personal experience so take it with a grain of salt

  • have a nice theme
  • ^no but this is important and i’m being realistic and honest when i say that your blog gets judged by the theme/aesthetic especially if u’re a new blog
  • ^^also includes mobile theme and icon
  • try shooting for a good url
  • ^by good i mean try to relate it to pjo and don’t make it messy
  • post pjo!!! pjo content!!! like if it’s meant to be a pjo blog u should post pjo content u feel???
  • ^i fail at this
  • don’t be afraid to post ur stuff. by stuff i mean edits and headcanosn and fics, etc. etc.
  • ^u get followers and followers = potential mutuals or friends
  • follow a bunch of pjo blogs!!! like how else would you get content/an awesome dash in the first place
  • u should talk to ppl like seriously
  • idk if u want something more specific feel free to ask a specific question

tumblr’s new layout is meant to make it easier to access to your account from the dashboard, but of course i’m still scrolling all the way up and clicking on the icon even though i could do it without scrolling, fuck you tumblr