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Jeremy sings at Supergirl Panel
Jeremy Jordan

I did promise to upload this moment I recorded from the Supergirl panel in Telford, when someone asked Jeremy to sing. At the beginning everyone is shouting suggestions of what to sing. And i’m pretty sure the first loud cheer when he finishes was David Harewood.

Also he said he was embarrassed doing things like this, so picture evidence of his shy pose while he sang (and for a few questions following)

Petname Babygirl II pt.2

yoongi x reader

genre: smut, punishments, dom!yoongi, sugardaddy!yoongi, boss!yoongi

warning: dirty talk, choking, hitting

word count: 7.8k

You discussed the rules of your agreement before turning overtime into sexual favours in behalf of the man who pays you for your body.

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Real Estate Revenge

(TL;DR at bottom)

I’ve been a real estate broker in Chicago for nearly 20 years. I started at a very small independent brokerage. It was my first week there when the broker/owner gave me a lead. He was older and wasn’t in very good health, so he passed a lot of his leads to his agents.

One of the broker’s friends passed away and the friend’s son wanted to sell the house. I call the son who tells me he’s known the broker for 30-plus years and how close their families were. He seems like a really nice guy. I go over and check out the house. I work up a gorgeous comparative market analysis. I have other brokers check my numbers (I was new and wanted to do a perfect job for my new client). I rehearse my presentation, have my stuff professionally printed, prepare for any possible questions, have responses ready for objections, and I head out.

I dazzle this guy with my presentation. He likes the $135,000 list price I recommended. He’s fine with the commission. He has no objections, but he asks me to give him 2 months to clean out the house, give his siblings a chance to go through everything and then repaint.

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Little One

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Word count: 2114

Imagine: being Damon and Stefan’s little sister and having to tell them you are dating Kol Mikaelson.

Being a Salvatore had its perks and, mostly, it was great to have caring and loving siblings. Of course, as you were the younger one and a girl, Damon and Stefan felt like you were, somehow, weaker than them and needed their full protection on every decision you made. Those kind of thoughts annoyed you deeply and it was exactly what drove you to run away from them, disappearing for a few decades. It was for your own sake and you did not regret it for one minute.

“So, mind to tell us where the heck were you last night?” Damon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Out with a friend.”

“Y/N, you know it’s dangerous out there, especially with the Originals in town.” Stefan reasoned with you.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine and I’m surely not scared of them.”

Your brothers did not know, but you had met the Mikaelsons years ago and grew very close to them, especially to the younger one: Kol Mikaelson. You and him dated for a while, enjoying the pleasures of being wild vampires in the twist of the millennium. It was a brief relationship, though. He disappeared without any explanation and left you heartbroken.

“You should.”

“Don’t worry about me, sweethearts.” You laughed. “Now I’ll go upstairs and shower. Do not disturb me, okay?”

“When did you become so bossy?”

“My brother taught me so when I was little girl.” You yelled, in the way to your room, hearing Stefan laugh downstairs.

Soon enough, you arrived your destination, rushing to open the curtains and admire the gorgeous day outside. Bright sun, white clouds; the whole scene got you wishing to put on a bikini and go swimming. But, as you were at Mystic Falls, that would not be possible. A sigh came out of your lips as the realisation you missed your travels hit you. Shaking your head, you undressed quickly, leaving a small pile of clothes on the floor.

At the bathroom, you put together a great shower.

“Damn it, Damon.” You rolled your eyes, noticing one of your bath salts was gone.

Having no other choice, you shrugged and entered the tub. The water was so warm and cosy it made you close your eyes, smiling. After the long night you had, that was exactly what you needed to unwind.

The minute you closed your eyes, you could not help but think about Kol. It was funny how you thought you would never see him again and, somehow, he was undaggered by Niklaus the same time you got back to Mystic Falls. Sure it could not be a coincidence.

[Over 100 years ago]

“So, Mary, are you sure this party is safe?”

“Yes! I’ve told you that a million times. One of my friends, Elijah, invited me over, I asked if you could come and he said yes.”

“Why do I feel you’re not telling me everything?”

“Come on, Y/N! Let’s go! You get to meet handsome men and drink fresh blood, that ought be good.”

You bit your lower lip, analysing the situation and finally agreeing to go, nodding your head slightly. Mary smiled and let out a girlish shout, which made you giggle.

“By the way, you look stunning in that dress.”

“Don’t make me blush or I might regret going to this party thing.”

Mary only rolled her eyes, the smirk never leaving her lips, and grabbed your hand, pulling you inside the vehicle. For your best friend, life was an endless festivity, you just had to jump in it and enjoy. As for that evening, you decided to go along with her beliefs.

{later that night}

“This is such a bore, Mary. You never told me it was going to be ball.”

The family who owned that place was, surely, very rich. The room had a very unique decoration, featuring light coloured walls, expensive furniture and a bunch of stuff you did not care to pay attention to. Actually, the only thing that caught your eye was a very good-looking guy, who kept gazing at you all night long. However, he did not dare to come around and talk to you.

“Look, stay just a little bit longer and then you’re free to go, all right?”

“Okay.” You nodded. “I’ll go outside, to catch some air. It won’t take long.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll see you later.”

You went up, searching for some sort of balcony. Although it was a clear night with a bright moon shining, the wind kept howling. These moments reminded you so much of your brothers, how they would tuck you in bed and sing you a lullaby, so you would sleep peacefully. Especially Damon. You and him were immensely close siblings.

“Well, what are you doing all by yourself here, love?”

“I guess this is not my kind of party, so I snuck out.” You answered the stranger, without looking at him.

“I saw you with Mary. Are you friends with her?”

“Yeah, she has been my friend for a few years now.” You replied, staring firmly at the moon. “How do you know her?”

“She’s sort of a family friend.”

“Elijah is a relative of yours?”

“My brother.”

You glanced over your shoulder, curious of what that man would look like. For your surprise, you recognised the devilish smirk and the filled with mischief eyes. He walked towards you slowly, which lead you to assume he was huge teaser. His warm touch got your shoulders and you could not help but shudder under it.

“I believe I haven’t gotten your name.”

“Kol Mikaelson, at your service.” He kissed your hand, as a way to display courtesy. “Mind to tell me yours?”

“Y/N Salvatore.”

“Now, what do you say we ditch this party and go out to have some fun?”

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wakeup call | taehyung

Originally posted by bwipsul

Pairing: Taehyung + Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.1k

Request: hi <3 idk if i’ve already requested something on here, but i had this idea and i thought you could write it beautifully bc i love your work <3 the plot is: the reader is bffs with Taehyung and they’re at the mall one day & she sees her ex and just says to Tae “kiss me, I’ll explain later” :) ending is up to you <3너의 일이 너무 좋아!

Warning: Slight use of mature language

Reader’s POV

“Did I seriously have to come?” Taehyung groaned for the -nth time that day, as he trudged behind you carrying most of your shopping bags.

Turning around you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile,“ Who else would besides my best friend?”

Rolling his eyes, he retorted,“ If I knew you were going to use this on me, I never would’ve agreed to be your friend.”

Scoffing you teased,“ Well sir, you’re 12 years late.”

Shaking his head, he laughed and said, motioning to the bags in his hand, “Ok but seriously, who shops for their Christmas presents this late.”

You shot him a glare and said,“ Someone who was too busy with stupid work and projects to even leave her dorm for a week.”

Sighing, he ruffled your hair, cooing,“Was my baby working too hard now…”

Yah, Kim Taehyung.”

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Domestic Bliss (Lin/Reader)

This is for the 10 minute writing challenge that someone asked me to do 300 years ago! @the-real-tony-stank sent me a prompt for some bedtime routine fluff, and that’s what this is. I meant to post this for her on Galentine’s Day, but Valentine’s Day works too :)

Word Count: 591

Note: Full disclosure, I actually took about 12 minutes.

As the credits rolled on the episode of Parks and Rec you had just watched, you untangled your legs from Lin’s and stood up off the couch to stretch.

“We should probably get ready for bed,” you suggested as you quickly finished the cup of tea he had made you earlier. “I’m just going to put the mugs in the sink. I’ll take care of them in the morning.”

“It was your turn to do the laundry this week. Any chance I’ll actually find clean pajamas in the dresser?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

You gave him a guilty smile and he laughed. “Go take your shower. I’ll empty the dryer and leave clothes for you on the counter.”

As you walked past him on your way to the bathroom, Lin caught you by the waist and smacked a kiss on your cheek, making you squeal in surprise.

“Just so you know, I still like you even though you make me do your half of the housework.”

“Of course you do. You know you married up,” you said through a laugh.

You escaped his grasp and made a run for it as he started to tickle your sides, letting out a smug cheer when you made it to the safety of the bathroom. You were rinsing the conditioner out of your hair when you heard the door open followed by Lin rummaging through the medicine cabinet.

“Pajamas are on the counter, babe,” he called, clearly speaking with a mouth full of toothpaste.

You shut the water off and wrapped yourself in a towel, Lin wagging his eyebrows at you as you stepped out of the shower. You took the opportunity to shake your wet hair out in his direction and he laughed and jumped backwards. 

“See? If I did that, it would be grounds for divorce,” he accused.

“You do that literally every morning while I’m trying to get dressed, you jerk.”

“I washed the mugs so you don’t have to worry about them in the morning, and I made sure the front door is locked,” he said. You snorted at the obvious change of subject.

“Thanks,” you smiled. “Now get out of my way.”

He left and got into bed while you finished up in the bathroom.

After brushing your teeth, you slipped into the clothes Lin had set out for you, rolling your eyes when you realized he hadn’t actually given you your pajamas. You walked out of the bathroom and saw your husband reading in bed, his hair somehow already wild even before sleeping on it for the night.

“Nice choice,” you said to him, gesturing at the old t-shirt of his that you had on.

“Hey, if I have to fold the laundry, I get to make a few wardrobe decisions,” he responded, lowering his book and giving you a pleased grin. “You know I like you in my clothes.”

Lin folded down the covers on your side of the bed as you approached, raising his arm for you to cuddle up under.

“Ready for lights out?” he asked.

“You can read for awhile longer if you’d like. I don’t mind,” you answered, resting your head on his chest and closing your eyes.

He dimmed the bedside lamp and dropped a soft kiss on the top of your head. You fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat and the feeling of your husband gently scratching your back.

Rodimus: There are only so many times you can do a Prime before someone calls you out.

Rung: ‘Do a Prime’…?

Rodimus: When Optimus wanted to get out of doing something he’d say he’d had a Matrix-induced vision and he had to work out what it meant.

*however many years earlier from this event*

Optimus is staring at a datapad while Prowl goes over stats. His optics dim. 

Optimus: *closes optics* I must go.  I am receiving a message from the Matrix. 

Elita: *somewhere* Hun, thats the second time this week. 

Biblical-Scale Distractions // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, pastel/religious!danxnormal!phil, high school AU

Words: 1.2k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

Summary: Dan is trying to read for bible study, but his boyfriend has other ideas.

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Pairing: Wonwoo - You

Summary: Wonwoo is an art student that hates drama class until his homework gets a little bit exciting.

Originally posted by wonwoowho

As much as Wonwoo loved art he just couldn’t stand his drama class, most of it was because of his annoying teacher, her voice was always filled with pretentiousness, her comments were always filled with judgement, she could never say ‘good job’ or ‘I like what you did there’ instead she said stuff like ‘that was nice but you got this wrong’ there was always a but and he hated it; she was also always late since she was a teacher at another school. Everyone else was really into this class because she was a director and a very good one, or that’s what everyone said, he had never seen her work, he rarely went to the theatre, just a few times as a kid with his parents but never on his own.

“Today I’m excited” His teacher said, he almost rolled his eyes at her comment ‘Now what?’ He thought “My favorite actress is doing a different monologue for three weeks and I want you all to go” He stopped listening after that knowing that she would email them the details later, she always did, he wasn’t excited at all but at least that meant no real homework for three weeks.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write post Ons Son. Things are awkward , they are at Mulder's apartment. He's being an ass re "making it personal " remark /Diana , and Scully blows and walks out. He follows and they address the ftf hallway in the hallway , clear the air and awkward but hot first time make out/ kissing happens.

I have an announcement to make: it’s been SO long since I’ve seen this episode. So I apologize Anon, it was hard to write and it’s a little vague on the details!

It was just past 1am, and Mulder was showing no signs of falling asleep. He sat on the sofa, flicking through television channels mindlessly, but he couldn’t relax. He’d been on edge for a while now, following the events of the past few days, and even now his mind kept replaying his argument with Scully. She didn’t like or trust Diana, that much was obvious, but he just couldn’t understand why she would suggest that Diana was involved with abductions. He knew Diana, and he knew she was on his side. She had to be, because if she wasn’t…

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Better Without You || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 2)

Originally posted by baebsaes

Word Count: 1.1k

Genre: Angst

It was quiet in the hallway, save for the sound of laughter coming from your locker. Jimin had been telling you a story about his brother and him at the beach, resulting with both of them having sand shoved down their pants.

“Seriously. And neither of you told your parents?” You questioned, a grin spreading wide across your face.

“Nope. He shoved sand down my pants and I shoved it down his. There was no point in telling because than both of us would’ve been in trouble.” He said.

You laughed loudly at the thought and shut your locker, turning to face Jimin.

“You’re ridiculous.” You mumbled quietly.

“But you love it.” He replied, grabbing your hand to play with your fingers.

“Do I?” You questioned, pretending to think about it. Jimin mocked a look of hurt, only causing you to laugh louder. “Yes I do.”

A smile stretched across his face and you were about to say something else when a voice spoke up beside you. It sounded small and weak, but you knew who it was right away.

“Y/n, can I talk to you?” Your eyes flickered over to the boy who had interrupted your conversation with Jimin. Jungkook looked at you with sad eyes and you could see something was really bugging him. The urge to ask him what was wrong was stronger than you had hoped for, but you managed to hold it down.

“Sure. Give me two seconds okay.” You told Jimin. He nodded and leaned over to press a kiss to your cheek quickly, causing you to blush.

“Anything for my jagiya.” He said smiling. You couldn’t help the smile that came over your own face at his words. Jimin was a sweetheart and he made you happy, and that was all that mattered to you now.

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Geometry, Part 7

Rating: Teen-to-M

A/N: I meant to get all the way through into the funeral in this installment, but I didn’t.  Sorry.  Things do get a little ‘feral’ in this one though. ;)  No, seriously, I had a house guest end up coming to stay for the whole week this week, two weeks earlier than we had originally planned (though it was a good visit!), and so I really only had snatches of time at night and this morning to work on it, so it isn’t edited. (Well, really, when is any of my fan fic actually edited?)

Part 1 here / Part 2 here / Part 3 here / Part 4 here / Part 5  / Part 6

on A03


Apparently, just because my dad had a good time shopping for ‘the girls,’ as he referred to them several more times before I finally left and followed my feet again to the Everdeen house in a fog, it didn’t mean Katniss had had a good time.  I don’t know what I’m expecting when I enter— I do knock first, but this time only as an announcement to the fact I’m coming in— but Katniss red-eyed and red-nosed and looking exhausted isn’t it.  

She’s sitting at the table with Prim, going over paperwork of some kind. She looks back down as quickly as she looks up, and pretends she’s engrossed with it, checking something off with a pencil.  

Prim gives me a grim smile before getting up.

“Dinner should be ready,” she says, walking over to the stove and pulling out a shallow roasting pan with three little, roasted game hens.  She pierces one of the birds with a knife and seems satisfied with the juices that run.   “Is that bread,” she asks me, noticing the paper sack in my hand.  

I curse silently.  In the strangeness that was my last ten minutes at the bakery, I’d forgotten to swap the bread out for a type that is less… meaningful.  The sack makes a loud crinkle as my grip fists tightly around the top of it.  

Prim takes the few steps over and moves to take the bag from me, but I shift slightly.

“I’ve got it,” I say casually, moving to the counter. I pull out one of the loaves, grab a bread knife from the block on the counter and slice off six thick slices.  I’m hoping to present the bread in a way that doesn’t immediately look like something Katniss might recognize.

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Inktober + Gift Print - City Boy

This one was another one for Francesca, and I’ve always shared the stuff I give her so she can keep it on her blog too, so here we go! 

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Sunday Shift

Started off as a memory of when I worked in retail, and grew into this klance fic. Hope you all enjoy :)

Words: 3928

Chapters: 1/1

Characters: Keith, Lance, Allura, mention of Shiro and Pidge 

Pairing: Keith and Lance

Summary: Keith works a lazy Sunday shift at the local drug store, and finds it to be more boring than usual. It isn’t until a stranger makes his way through the front doors that the day takes a sudden, if not more pleasant, turn. 

The lines he had been rehearsing in his head were standard for retail workers. There was the “How can I help you?” line, and the more polite “What can I do for you?” one.  

They were almost second nature by this point, and Keith should have been able to ask them without batting an eye. Unfortunately the lines got muddled somewhere on the road from his brain to his mouth, and ended up coming out as a strangled “How can I do you?”  

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Important Lessons (Ch 4)

Your dose of my Saizo x MC college au has come ‘round again. I am so so sorry for the delay, I meant to have this done earlier in the week but I have had a combination of educational obligations and a really bad cold (springtime treats me so badly) But lo! it has come, it is here. 

Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4

“Oichi. I have a problem” Your voice was muffled from the pillow you were laying face down on, as you were doing your best to avoid having to look in her direction. Rarely did you ever go to her for advice, usually she readily gave it to you before you realized you needed it…but this time was different.

Everything about this situation was different.

You heard her snort, as she reached over to pat your head, and you were sure she was giving you the ‘look’. 

The Oda family’s famous stare, equal parts withering and amused. The look had the ability to lead to smile and ice-cold stare at the drop of a pin.

It was deadly.

“And what can the great lady Oichi help you with today?” you heard her fall onto the mattress beside you and you were reminded how you ended up in this predicament.

You had just been laying on her bed really and truly minding your own business, watching her do school work, when the thought had hit you. The thought you did not want to have.

Of course, what had actually gotten you into this predicament was one old and fancy desk, at your university and a certain silver-haired fox of a man.

“I think I’m in love.” There it was. “With a guy…I…uh, I.just met?” Not all the way true, but it got your point across. Your great dilemma. The idea that had kept you up for the last two nights was finally out in the open. “The guy, well, you know who I am talking about.”

“Do I?” Her voice was calm, even, like she was sizing you up.

“Of course, the one that I have been seeing” a beat passed “Sort of”

“Oh, your secret lover.” Her tone was laced with sarcasm, and you had a feeling her stare was more mocking than kind. “Right, the one you refuse to tell me anything about.”

“Yes, him.”

A moment, complete silence.Were either of you breathing?

“Have you been taking your birth control?” she finally responded, making you shoot up, glaring at her.

“Of course!”

“Are you pregnant?” She reached out, pressing the flat of her palm against your stomach.

“What? No, of course not.” you wiggled away from her, moving to the end of the bed. “What the hell? That has nothing to do with what we were talking about.”

“Of course it does.”

“I could love someone and not be pregnant.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Then what is the point?”

“Well if you aren’t pregnant, and you aren’t planning on getting pregnant. Then I can tell you how I really feel about this situation.” Oichi idly moved her fingers through her hair, weaving a braid as she talked.


“Say it.”

“I’m not pregnant, I’m not planning on getting pregnant.” 


“How do you feel, Oichi?” You didn’t even let her word rest, jumping into the heart of the matter.

“You’re not in love” She waved a hand in front of your face. “Don’t be an idiot. “ Her voice was firm. “Whatever this guy has said to make you act this way, it’s not true.” There it was, no holding back on her part. You stared at her, shock flickering on your face.


“Oh come on, seriously? I thought we were smart enough to understand that most guys don’t mean anything they say or do. So whatever he said, don’t go rushing into a situation where you’re going to get hurt.”

“Wait- No Oichi.” You shook your head. “He hasn’t been…leading me on or anything. I’m the problem here. He pretty accurately defined the terms of our relationship.” Oichi groaned.

“Oh jeez.” She looked at you for a long moment. “Why did you allow yourself to become a permanent booty call to a boy that isn’t even good enough to bring home to me.”

“Because…because he is super hot.” You let the words tumble through your mouth, trying your best to cover any hint of what was actually going on.

“Are you serious?”

“And smart, and…and…I don’t know okay! There is just something about him.” You rolled over, resting your head in her waiting lap, finding comfort in her hands playing with your hair. “I can’t help myself.” It was true. There were many more reasons you felt that pull to him, from his acerbic humor to the way he looked at you. You were addicted.

“You know this is only going to hurt you in the end, if what you are saying…if that is really how he feels, and he doesn’t want a relationship, you’re going to get hurt.”

“I..I know that, Oichi.”

“You’re very sad.” She nodded to herself as she said it and you found that you couldn’t disagree.

“I know”

“So what do I owe the honor of this less than clandestine meeting?” You sat across from Saizo, ah wait no you meant Professor Kirigakure, resplendent in his environment, and looking at you with a mixture of interest and expectation.

You pulled out your phone, sliding it over the desk and to him.

“Professor Kirigakure, I just want a moment of your time to ask you a few questions about this.” You shot him a pointed look, watching him glance at your phone.

“Ah.” He raised an eyebrow. “These are your grades?”

“My grades for your class, to be more specific.” You clarified, gesturing at the phone. “More specifically my mid-term grade.”

“Yes?” He looked up, and for a moment your breath caught as the light of midday hit his eyes, turning them a blazing crimson.

“Y-You um, “ You had completely spaced out. Damn him and his eyes “You gave me an 89.4”

“This is true.”

“Which means it can’t be rounded up to an A”

“That is unfortunate, little lady, but I’m not sure what you expect me to do about it.” His statement made you frown and you placed your hands on your hips in response. He really couldn’t be serious.

“Professor, I think I showed enough improvement to at least get a 90.”

“What I am hearing is that we want an A, hm?” He was smirking, that trademark look on his face making you flush. “I thought I told you that I wasn’t going to give you any special favors.”

“It’s not a favor, I think I did well enough to deserve an A!” You huffed, crossing your legs and leaning forward in the chair. “ I know I improved.” You rested your hands on his desk, just inches from his own, trying your best to appear intimidating.

“You did.” He nodded. “Which is why you have a high B instead of a low C, little lady.” A blush began to climb up your neck. He….he did have a point, but still, still you had to get an A in that class.

You had gone an entirety of a collegiate career without making less than an A. It was a matter of honor. He wasn’t going to dishonor you academically, that was for sure. “You can still make an A, if you keep up your streak of good work.” He continued as if he had heard your thoughts.

You hated how he could do that.

Still you could only look at him, a pout emblazoned on your face.  He sighed, pressing a hand to his temple.

“You still have room for improvement, and you can be there for the final.” You nodded at his words, your eyes narrowed.

“Fine, professor.”

“Come now.” He sighed. “Where exactly do you plan to get with me, acting like that.” He grabbed your wrist, tugging your body over the desk.“I’ll help you, like I have been, if that is what you are concerned about.” His lips brushed against your cheek, and you felt his teeth graze your skin. It made you shiver.

“Saizo.” You sighed, the desk digging into your thighs uncomfortably. “It’s just my GPA.” You would have pulled away from him, really you would have, but he was looking at you with those eyes, and as he leaned back he pulled you with him, making you perch yourself on his desk.

Okay, maybe you wouldn’t have actually pulled away from him.

“Hush.” he leaned up, pressing his lips against yours,continuing to push you into a kneeling position as he stood, his hands tangling in your hair. You allowed him to snake his tongue into your mouth as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His hands dropped from your hair down to the desk, effectively trapping you against him.

Jeez he was just so good at distracting you.

When he broke the kiss and went to pull away from you, you couldn’t help but grab the front of his dress shirt, holding him in place.

“Insatiable, are we?”

“Maybe.” You drawled your lips hovering over his. “But do you blame me?” His lips met yours again, this time slower, this time deeper.

“You’re really just a little bit dumb, aren’t you?” He gazed at you with a softness that make your heart ache.

Maybe you were just a little bit dumb.

A comfortable pattern emerged, and weeks seemed to fly by, filled with clandestine kisses and secluded meetings. Graduation was well within your grasp, and finals, although not quite yet looming, were just around the corner.

Perhaps the added danger only made the thrill in your heart grow stronger.

Still there was a barrier, you got no closer to the secrets of his soul, and he still wouldn’t let you into his room. Something, that oddly enough, was beginning to bother you.

After all, what could he be keeping in his bedroom? A wife? A dead body, perhaps? The last girl who chose to go snooping where she wasn’t allowed?

More importantly, he wouldn’t let you touch…him. Well at least, a certain part of him, It was strange, and more than a little unsettling.

You had met exactly zero guys in your life that didn’t want you to touch their dick.

Make that one, since you now had Saizo on your hands.

You were beginning to wonder about just how deep seeded his control issues were.

Still you found yourself on his couch on a friday night, lying comfortably against his chest, his hand in your hair.

Comfortable and safe.

Before you could think to express that thought aloud, the phone rang. Saizo answered, still holding you to him with his free hand, his tone obviously bored.

“To what do I owe the honor, little Lord Yukimura?”

It was quiet enough for you to hear the flustered voice of said boy, currently explaining his situation to Saizo.

“How- How do I talk to girls?” He asked, your eyes widened as you tried to stifle a giggle, glancing up to see Saizo rolling his eyes.

How cute.

“Is he serious?” You mouthed to Saizo, who only nodded, looking every inch like this was a conversation they had often.

“Yukimura,I believe the easiest way to do that is to open your mouth and hope sound comes out.”

Silence over the phone.

“That…That isn’t what I meant.” You almost couldn’t believe it. That very beautiful guy from the bar was so…so adorably shy.

“Well that did you mean? We have to use our words, don’t we?”

“I want- I want to ask this girl out!”

“Oh you have a crush?” Yukimura groaned on the other end of the phone and you let out a laugh you couldn’t stifle. Saizo’s hand was pressed against your mouth almost instantaneously, even as he set the phone on the couch’s armrest. You looked at him in confusion, but he said nothing to you, only replying to Yukimura. “Is that a yes? Or are you trying to take notes for the future?”

“Y-yes! I wouldn’t just ask a girl out for no reason.” Oh, he had put the phone on speaker. You felt his body shift, and before you recognized it you were under him, your body pushed against the cushions. You stared up at him, your eyes widening as his free hand traced your skin and he leaned over you murmur in your ear.

“Loud little ladies like you must be punished.” Your gasp was muffled, but noted, even as his hand dipped under your shorts. You wriggled against him. What was he doing?

“Ah” He licked the shell of your ear, making you shiver. “If you’re loud, he’ll hear you, won’t he? Is that what you want?” His voice was quiet, but then he spoke up.

“Of course you do, Yukimura. Now you need to tell her.” As Saizo talked his free hand stroked your clit, making you writhe against him. He was…so cruel! You bucked your hips against his hand, your fingers digging into the couch.

It was brutal to try and be quiet. He had to know, the way he was teasing you.

“Your question is how do you tell her?”

“Yes, what do I need to do? Do I need to buy her flowers? How do I do this?”

What an interesting picture, Yukimura had never asked a girl out, ever? Your thoughts were clouded, as you bit down on your lip. How odd to have Saizo as such a close friend, Saizo who literally was getting you off while on the phone with him. You reached down, unbuttoning your shorts, wriggling them off of your hips, allowing him more freedom of movement.

“Not always, just do what comes natural. The actions between a man and a woman should be organic.” Saizo punctuated his movements by moving two fingers into you, crooking his fingers. An involuntary judder of movement took you over as your body twitched in anxious pleasure.

He just needed to…to hurry up.

As though hearing your thoughts, he did the opposite, setting a languid pace with his fingers, making you want to grown in frustration, not unlike yukimura.

“E-Eh, natural, organic? I mean,  I guess we could go to a restaurant?”

“Not that kind of organic, not orgasmic either.” Saizo’s teasing tone made Yukimura stutter on the other end of the line.

You arched your body, trying to speed up his movements by quickening your own. Still he wouldn’t give you the relief you needed.

You moved one of your hands down. If Saizo wasn’t going to take care of you, you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Just as you reached your underwear, the hand on your mouth was gone, clutching at your wrist instead. He looked at you, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Hey, Saizo. I need you to be serious. This girl, I mean, she is really something.”

“Just ask her on a date, that is the only advice I can give.” Saizo turned his voice to you next. “I would have thought you’d have better manners. If you make a sound. I’ll stop, how’s that sound little lady? You’ll get off so long as you’re quiet.”

You nodded, biting back a whimper at the look he was giving you.

“What was that Saizo? Did you say something?”

“Oh nothing, nothing. Just ask the girl out. Surely she can’t be that terrifying.” His pace picked up, adjusting his hand so that his palm brushed your clit every time he moved.

“She’s out of my league.”  the weight of his body was making your legs tingle, at least that is what you thought, your own hand was clamped over your mouth as your eyes fluttered shut. You. had. To. be. Quiet.

“How so little Lord?” How did he sound so bored?

“I…That isn’t important.”

“Just one of you remember to use protection. That is the only advice that counts”

“We aren’t going to!- I’m just going to take her to the movies, okay?”

“Great, tell her that.”  Your body jerked at the movement he made, and you tasted the iron of blood on your tongue.

Still if you could just make it a little further, a little more.

“Is that seriously all the advice you have to give?” Saizo sighs, as though he almost can’t believe he has to have this conversation.

“Yukimura, really. You are fully capable of what you are trying to do. I don’t see how you expect me to help.”

“You wrote a book about this…this stuff!”

“Oh is that what my book was about?” Saizo chuckled, “You might want to read it again, dear.”

They were still talking.

But really what they were saying slipped away from you, soundless moans threatening to break, to make you fail.

How much time had slipped through your fingers? You were wound up so tight, all you needed, you needed-

“Saizo, please!” Finally, you gasped his name, breaking the rules, but it worked, releasing the tension of your body and hurtling you over the precipice.

“W-Was that a woman?” Yukimura’s voice cut through your panting, Saizo leaned over you grabbing the phone with his free hand.

“Oh dear, little Lord, it seems I have to go.” And he hung up. All the while he slowed the pace of his hand, removing himself from you, leaving you panting and watching him.  “What should I do with you?” That was addressed at you. “I wanted to punish you, but the expressions you made were worth it.” His hand brushed at the gathered water at the corners of your eyes.

“I-…I think you punished me enough.”

“You can’t be serious.” You stared wide-eyed at Oichi. “You’re not going on a date with Sanada Yukimura.

“I am.” Oichi stood at the door, and she looked absolutely stunning,  as usual.

“Are you trying to give him a heart attack, looking like that?” You snorted.

“What are you saying I look bad?” She crossed her arms, glaring at you.

“No, no, the opposite, you look almost perfect, Oichi. He’s going to have a breakdown, this is your first date!”

“Right, so I am dressed to impress. I’d like a second date, too, you know?”

“Er, well. Okay. I mean, you’re very pretty, he’s just-” You trailed off, realizing you wouldn’t be able to explain to her what you knew or how you knew it.

“What, do you have some sort of inside information on him?”

“Uh, no, of course not.” You froze, blinking at her. “But really, you are stunning.”

“Duh.” she turned on her heels. “Don’t wait up on me, okay?”

Poor Yukimura was in for it wasn’t he.

“Calling my phone is an odd move, little lady.” Saizo’s amused voice cut through the speaker. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

“I was just calling because I found out who your little lord Yukimura is going on his date with.” You continued unabashedly, wanting to be the first to tell him the development.

“Oh, you were able to pay that much attention to the conversation, I obviously should have been working harder.” You couldn’t help the blush on your cheeks. Why was he so cheeky?

“M-Maybe you should have.” You settled on a bitten back reply. He laughed then, a sort of sound that made butterflies bloom like flowers in your stomach.

“You say that now, but I seem to remember you weren’t saying much then. “ His voice was like a purr in your ear.

“Because I wasn’t allowed to speak.”

“Oh so if we did it again, would you have something to say?” He got you there and you frowned in unconscious response. “Don’t make that face.”

“W-What, how’d you know I was making a face?”

“The same way I know that he’s on a date with your flighty roommate.”

“Did Yukimura tell you?” Their previous phone call had ended without it, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t called him back, although you felt like Yukimura was trying to keep this date a secret.

“No, he didn’t, in fact I didn’t really know either of those things, until just now, when you confirmed both, little lady.” You let out a sigh.

He was such a capricious man. 

“Saizo, you need a hobby, so you don’t tease me so much.”

“Teasing you is my hobby.”

“Your date was good?” You looked  Oichi over, not a hair out of place, and back by 10 pm. You smiled, your impression of Yukimura had not been wrong.

“Ah, um, yeah.” She smiled at you, a genuine grin. “We have another date scheduled for Friday actually.”

“Oh that is great!” You hugged her. “He seems nice.”

“Yeah, he wants us to eat dinner with one of his friends, actually.” She pulled away, holding you at arm’s length. “I was wondering if you’d like to come.”

“What?” You cocked your head to the side. “Like a double date?” You were not going to say yes, no way.

“No, not like a double date, he’s just got a friend coming, and I don’t want to be left out.”

“What kind of person brings a 3rd to a date when he isn’t planning on getting freaky?” 

“Please just say yes.” Oichi grabbed your hands, looking you in your eyes. No, not her puppy-dog eyes. You couldn’t say no.She really was dangerous.

“F-Fine, Oichi. I’ll go.” She smirked in victory.

“Thank goodness, I wasn’t about to sit with Yukimura and professor Kirigakure all night long by myself!”

“W-What did you just say Oichi!? Who??”

She had already walked off.

Oh shit.

What had you gotten yourself into?

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Bittersweet III

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Reader x Min Yoongi // College!AU //  1.8k words

Genre: Angst, Future Fluff?

Warnings: Language, Alcohol & Drug Abuse

01 02  03  04

“You then feel a chill spread throughout your body as you’re faced with the last person you wanted to meet, your best friend..”

“What the fuck..” 

“Y-yoongi..it’s not what it looks like..” 

“So you didn’t just throw a bottle of vodka at the wall?”

“N-no, I did but what I mean is I didn’t drink it!” He walks towards you and smells you. 

“Bullshit, you reek of vodka!”

“No! what had happened was I had a moment of weakness! I was feeling like shit so I thought a shot wouldn’t hurt but I couldn’t bring myself to do it!” 

Your neighbors then start gathering outside your door cause this has never happened before. Yoongi and you have always been chill so for you guys to be arguing, it’s surreal. 

“You’ve been clean these past few years!! what happened!? How could you do this to your mom, to me, to yourself?!” 

“You’re not listening!! I didn’t I swear!” 

“I should’ve known, once an addict always an addict..” He says with the same face he gave you back when you overdosed.  

“Y/N, Are you okay? I told you not to drink so much” Vanessa says as she rushes to your side and checks your bleeding hand. 

“You knew she was drinking?” Yoongi questions

“Yeah when I came earlier in the day she was distressing but I didn’t know she was a former addict, if you would’ve told me then I would’ve stopped her, I’m so sorry sugabear..” She leans in and whispers to you “I told you that I didn’t plan on ruining your bond, cause you’d do it all on your own..” You yank your hand away from her, your blood boiling with anger.

“I thought our bond meant more to you y/n, we’ve always been there for each other. If you were struggling then you should’ve come to me! Instead of ignoring me these past couple weeks!”

“It does! so are you really gonna believe her over me!?” At this point instead of feeling sad or guilty, you feel furious that he doesn’t believe you, your world is falling apart before your eyes once more and you can’t hold back the tears. 

“Crying won’t fix this y/n!” Your legs give out, you see his eyes flicker with hesitance and pain for a sec before returning to his cold stare. 

“Y/n!” You look up and see Taehyung run to your side, you guys aren’t really close but you’d consider him a friend since he’s in some of your classes plus you’ve done projects together. 

“Taehyung, why?”

“Are you okay? What happened?!” He tries to help you up, but you feel no strength in your legs. You usually kept to yourself during class, he thought you were too serious at first until he saw how you lit up when in Yoongi’s presence.  He fell for your smile at an instant, the sound of your laugh, he wished he was the one bringing you such happiness so for him to see you like this, all broken and Yoongi causing it, he can’t believe it. 

“Let me guess, you’ve been her drinking buddy these past weeks?” Taehyung clenches his fist, he can’t believe what he’s hearing. 

“You get her to do drugs too?!” 

“The fuck is your problem” He grabs Yoongi by his collar “Don’t you see that she’s injured?! Shouldn’t the first thing you do as her so-called best friend is to check if she’s okay before lecturing her!” 

“Tae, just let it be” He turns to you and begins to help you up

“Tae? you guys on nickname bases? Don’t tell me you traded pills for se-” Before Yoongi could finish Taehyung had already punched him. If not for the wall behind him you’re sure he’d be on the floor. Vanessa goes to help him but he just shoves her hand away and spits out blood. 

“I can’t do this anymore y/n..”

“Look, I-I’m sorry that you don’t believe me but I don’t know what else to do..I’d say that I’ll do anything to prove to you that I’m not lying but as my best friend, I shouldn’t have to.” 

“You don’t need to prove yourself to him, or anyone y/n” Taehyung says as he picks you up bridal style and starts carrying you out.

“We’re done” Are the last words Yoongi says, he doesn’t even bother to look your way as you leave before disappearing from your sight. 

That night Taehyung applied first aid to your hand and his roommate Jimin brought home a cake to cheer you up which you appreciated. You put a strong face in front of them to not cause them any trouble and if they knew you were in pain they let you be, thankfully. Taehyung showed you to the spare bedroom cause he said you shouldn’t be alone tonight. You go to lie down on the bed, you were finally alone and let your mask come off. The pain you felt today is ten times worse than when your parents divorced, Yoongi had always been there to ease the pain but now you were all alone. That night you spent, you cried all the tears you could before falling asleep, you made a promise to yourself, that you’d never cry over Yoongi or anyone ever again. 

The following day you checked with your friend Namjoon aka RM who is a well-known rapper and producer if Yoongi was at the studio to which he confirmed. You then went to your apartment and started packing all your shit, luckily you weren’t a hoarder and only kept necessities so all your clothes fit into your suitcases. Your cousin Sara, who just got back that same day from studying abroad rushed over to help you. She offered you to stay with her since her place was still near campus and she had a spare room to which you accepted. Once you finished settling in your new room, you went to check on Sara so you two can catch up since she’s been in France training as a contemporary dancer these past four years but now she’s officially back.

“You going to tell me what happened between you two?” She asks as soon as you walk into her room.

“Do I really have to?” You groan as you sit on her bed while she continues unpacking her suitcases.

“Look, we may be cousins but you know you have always been like a little sister to me so the fact that you moved out means this is serious and you’re hurting. Let me help, talk to me..” 

“I appreciate it, really but I’m honestly over it..”

“W-what? Over it? You’ve been in love with him since you were kids!”

“Excuse me? I’ve just realized my feelings for him but you’re telling me I loved him since I was a little girl?” You scoff.

“That’s cute and all but I swear you two have been in love with each other since the beginning. He’s been with you through it all and honestly, I was jealous of you two”

“With each other? He definitely doesn’t love me and Jealous? Why would you have any reason to be jealous? You’re the one who distant yourself from me..”

“I only did so cause I was upset, he stole you from me but to be honest I don’t know if I could’ve been there for you the way he was. Y/n, the bond you guys have won’t be broken so easily.” 

“I’m sorry you felt that way and I wouldn’t be so sure about our bond. He’s the one who said we’re done, what’s worse was he didn’t even bother looking at me as he said it, he didn’t care enough to do so.” She walks over to you and holds your hand.

“Sorry for being gone these past few years but I’m here now” 

“Sara, I never told anyone this not even Yoongi but I’ve been carrying this guilt these past couple years. My parents as you know said they divorced because of irreconcilable differences but I heard them that night on my birthday before they divorced. That they only got married cause my mom was pregnant with me and that I’m old enough to understand. Explain to me how a fourteen-year-old is supposed to deal with knowing they were the reason their parents were together and broke up. Since that day I hated celebrating my birthday, so I went about distracting myself. I know I fucked up in high school, I went about it the wrong way. The night I overdosed, the pain couldn’t be numbed anymore so I took a few extra pills even if it wasn’t intentional, I could’ve died. After rehab, when I went back to school everyone tip-toed around me acting like if I was some fragile being, all because of Yoongi. I know he had good intentions but I hated it, to be treated differently from everyone else! So even though I had promised myself to not let them down again I went further. I decided to be the perfect daughter, best friend, and student but I’m done trying to be this perfect person for my mom and Yoongi. It’s exhausting to please everyone and when I’m having a bad day they think I’ll return to the old me as if I didn’t know any better. I’m not as fragile as they think!” Before you realized it you were already crying even though you said you weren’t going to anymore. Sara embraces you tightly while you compose yourself, once you stopped crying she lets you go.

“Y/n, now that you’ve told me this, you need to let go of the guilt and be free. I want you to love yourself and put yourself first starting today. It’s not too late to take off the mask and stop being this perfect girl. I know you love your mom and even though you had this falling out with Yoongi, I know you still love him also but fuck them. You shouldn’t live for anyone else but you.” You look at her bewildered, to be honest, you weren’t expecting her to respond this way so you don’t know how to react but she’s right. You’ve lived this way too long, it’s time for you to be your true self. 

“My art professor recommended me to an elite program abroad in the U.K. recently she said she was gonna call me if I was accepted..”

“That’s great, so if you’re accepted would you go?” Just when you’re about to reply your phone rings, it’s your professor, you hesitate to answer. Sara grabs your phone, answers for you and then passes it to you. A minute later you hang up and look at Sara, who is staring at you anxiously waiting for a reply.

“I got in..”

A/N: Ahh I hope you enjoy this chapter, I’m curious as to what y/n will do? Also what Yoongi will do once he finds out she is no longer living with him o: Are these two really over? I guess we will find out next week~ ♥

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Prisoner (Baekhyun Scenario) Part 3/3

Part One | Part Two

I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around what happened with Baekhyun last night. After being terrified of a man that never showed any emotion, spoke in a cold tone each day, throwing his gun on the table as if it was a toy… it’s quite hard to believe that last night, that same man actually had a soft side.

Why is it, that when he put his arms around me and held me close, did I feel safe? Safe in the arms of a dangerous man that has killed many people without hesitance? Call me crazy, but even I do not understand why I felt so.

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the fault is in her departure | one

genre  ― angst, fluff

pairing  ― jungkook x reader

words  ― 1.8k
synopsis   ―  you never taught that your departure would have such an impact on him, and not once have you ever taught of how your return in his life would mess up everything. how come no one ever warned you about the devastating storm that small bunny brought along with him?
chapters  ― 00 | 01 | 02 

You are abruptly woken up by the deafening sound of the never-ending thunder and the abundant rain droplets splattering into your face. Startled by the scenario, you arose to your feet only to find out that you were nowhere near Mrs. Shin’s class nor the campus but in a destroyed forest that resembled the one you were drawing a few hours ago. Scanning the area, you found an unfamiliar lighthouse near your current location and decided to approach it, in hope to find an answer to all the questions that were flooding through your mind. You slowly walked towards the lighthouse, your pace still doubtful because you weren’t sure of where exactly you were. The more you seemed to draw near to the lighthouse, the more you noticed how various trees were uprooted. Probably because of the storm, you thought.

The path to the lighthouse seemed to grow more and more narrow the more you got closer, making it harder for you to reach it without bumping into an uprooted tree or worse, slip because of the roots and the water. When you arrived at the lighthouse, you were surprised to see a bunny in the midst of the storm, its skin as white as the snow you loved to form into little balls that would help you battle your friends when you were children, sitting on a bench a few meters away from the lighthouse. It seemed to look in your direction. Intrigued by the bunny’s dry skin, you tried to approach it, making sure not to scare it away but just as you touched its fur, the lighthouse’s cupola fell off.

You quickly closed your eyes, waiting for the cupola to hit you. However, you woke up in the middle of Mr. Shin’s class, surrounded by all your classmates and everything seemed normal.

What on earth just happened?

“I’m telling you, y/n! They didn’t leave me alone! It’s not what you think it is, please believe me!” your roommate, Jimin, exclaims.

You sigh for what seems to be the millionth time ever since you left the club yesterday night with him running after you like a lost puppy.

“I don’t care about it anymore, it already happened. Plus, I wasn’t expecting you to come help me and be my knight in shining armor. It was just some creepy guy hitting on me. I’m a grown woman, Jimin. It’s not that big of a deal,” you explain as you look up to the panel to see when your train will arrive.

“But it is a big deal, y/n! I wasn’t able to be there for you when that fucker tried to grab you, not to mention that he spilled his fucking drink on your dress. Yoongi will kill me once he hears about it.”

You shake your head at the mention of your older brother. Of course, Jimin will tell him about what happened, they aren’t best friends for nothing. Despite Jimin sometimes being afraid of Yoongi regarding these situations with you, Jimin could and would never want to lie to Yoongi, even if it meant for him to die. You love your brother, really, but he was way too protective towards you.

“I know you’ll do it anyway but, can you please not tell him about yesterday? I don’t want him to be more upset than he already is,” you tell Jimin as you remember when Yoongi barged into your apartment earlier this week, in tears and completely distraught, telling you how he got rejected again and that it didn’t make any sense for him to continue making music when all he got in the end was just a cold and simple no.

You’ve always hated seeing your brother like that, because you knew that no one could help him during moments like these. You sigh once again and glance towards Jimin, only to see him staring intently in a certain direction. You follow his gaze and frown at the scene playing in front of you on the other platform. Two young men, probably around your age, were having a very loud and heated conversation and probably had the whole station’s attention directed towards them. You shrug it off, thinking that it’s just an unnecessary quarrel between two friends but immediately forget that thought when one punches the other. 

Horrified by the scene in front of you, you look for anyone who could separate those two but see everyone either filming or staring at the two men, not at all caring about one of them possibly falling on the rails.

The two continue to throw punches and insults at each other, not at all caring about the consequences of this fight. And just like you predicted it, after getting punched in the face, one of the two men, the raven haired one, stumbles back and falls on the rails, unconscious. Unfortunately for him, the train that was supposed to arrive a few minutes later, comes in at that exact moment, running the guy over.

A loud gasp escapes your throat, not believing that you just witnessed someone die in such an atrocious manner. You take a glance on your right to see if Jimin is alright but all you see is black figures moving in a grayish background in an extremely fast pace. The silhouettes start moving faster and faster until you can’t distinguish them at all. Suddenly, a sharp pain starts spreading in your head, welcoming an unbearable headache.

Everything is happening so fast, the silhouettes you saw a few minutes ago reappear but start moving backwards, as if someone was rewinding time. The black figures no longer are faceless, and you start to recognize a few faces you saw when you were having a conversation with Jimin a few moments earlier.  

The moment you open your eyes again, you’re met with an excruciating pain near your temples but are too distracted by  everything that is playing in front of you; the same old lady you saw when you first arrived at the tube platform, the obnoxious kids that were still playing the exact same song you couldn’t stand and the man who was selling today’s newspaper near the exit. 

“I’m telling you, y/n! They didn’t leave me alone! It’s not what you think it is, please believe me!” you hear Jimin say. What on earth was going on?

“Uhm, Jimin?” you croak, unable to find your voice as you’re still confused by this whole conversation.


“Didn’t you already tell me that?”

“Yes, I did at that fucking party but you still won’t believe me! Please Y/N, it wasn’t on purpose! I’ll never leave you alone on purpose and you know that,” he sighs at the end as he runs his fingers through his auburn locks.

“No, I don’t mean that party, you did say that to me just a few minutes ago,” you insist, completely lost.

“No I didn’t, that’s the first time I’m saying this today. Are you okay?” Jimin frowns at that.

That’s when it hit you, the two boys you saw fighting were about to pop again  and one of them would die, again. You were more than perplexed now. Time travel has never been possible, yet here you were ten minutes earlier than that boy’s atrocious and unfortunate death.

Without a warning, you started running towards the exit, trying your hardest to reach the other platform as fast as you could, leaving an extremely bewildered Jimin yelling after you. You hoped he didn’t decide to run after you because you clearly weren’t able to explain anything to him when you weren’t quite understanding the current events yourself. You just wanted to save that guy, you needed to.

Flying down the stairs that led to the other platform, you felt your rapid heartbeat as you started looking for the two boys, your eyes as wide as possible. You needed to save him. Sadly, the only things you were able to see were a bunch of people who were seemingly waiting for their train. You continued to run around the train station, desperately looking for the boy you wanted to save.

You feel relieved once you hear loud screams and run towards the noise, that’s when you find the two boys verbally assaulting each other, contemplated by the same passengers you saw earlier. Sad that you were one of them. You start running towards the two as the initiator of the altercation swings his fist completely blinded by what you deem to be anger.

Startled by your action, you and the onyx haired boy fall backwards on the platform. You sigh as you see that none of you were severely hurt by that fall. You hear him groan in pain and look up to see if he’s okay but your eyes widen as yours meet with his. No, it couldn’t be.

Jeon Jungkook, your Jeon Jungkook, the boy you watched die on a hospital bed eleven years ago, was well and alive and all thanks to you.