i meant testing


“That would take time, Lady Montilyet, time during which the House of Repose will be obliged to hunt you.”

This is one of my absolute favorite Josie moments in Inquisition. The way you can see the pieces clicking into place in her head, and the entire mood of the scene changes in an instand, and now she’s in control. She has him figured out, and she knows it.

Josephine is such a badass I love her. <3


3.15 Happy Birthday Umi-chan~

Last year I made a collage of various Umis… this year I went full EliUmi (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ because OTP dammit I don’t drawn them enough

[The Last Heist] [Trials of Kaguya] [Exitus] [canonverse]

shiro, probably, during stressful days at the academy: at this rate my hair’s gonna go grey real soon

shiro, one year later, looking at his hair: did i really have to jinx it.

“Shawn, why did you really move out of the city?”

“You were preoccupied with your wife.”

“I was not preoccupied.”

“How long have I been away?”

“Three weeks.”

“Thirteen years.”


Someone finally did it. They broke down the Patronus Test to its full 38 questions. I won’t lie… I really like this.

sending everyone good vibes today! hope you all have a kick ass day :)