i meant shoes

Emil and Mickey at a buffet dinner

Emil: *Puts a fuck ton of pasta on plate*

Mickey: *sarcastically* are you sure that’ll be enough?

Emil: Well, I love Italian food.

Mickey: Oh really?

Emil: Yeah. You know. Italian food, Italian wine, Italian boys– err..shoes, I meant Italian shoes..

I’ve been wanting to draw @papabay ‘s NejiTen girl Keiko soo uh, i drew some Next Gen peeps.

Chan Ji has a habit of just…picking people up like they weigh nothing when she gets excited. it, uh, takes a while to get used to (and Metal’s very excited for the day he gets that confident strong)

Anakin Solo & Tahiri Veila

Don’t flatter yourself. You’re not so terrific that I’d have a dream about you for no reason.

the first time I read Ptolemy’s gate, I half thought Makepeace was going to pull out an evening dress for Kitty when she got unwillingly got +1’d to his opera. I still wish that happened because 1) it would have hinted Makepeace knew a little too much earlier on 2) nothing brings me greater joy than action scenes in fancy dresses

hire me on the movie, jstroud

Daddy Issues  (Tony Stark/Peter Quill x reader)

Request:  Avengers and GOTG Crossover can you do a Tony Stark/Peter Quill fic where you’re Tony’s daughter who ran away when you were 15 because he barely paid any attention to you and you were picked up by Ravagers after discovering you have the power of energy manipulation there you met Peter Quill who fell in love with you. When you’re like 25 and part of GOTG and engaged to Peter the Milano crashes on Earth and Tony is the only one who can help fix it you have to face him with Peter being protective

He probably didn’t even know you were gone.  That selfish jerk was up in his lab working on some stupid project that was bound to fail, and likely had no clue that you were now standing on the sidewalk outside, ready to run.  To you, it was just one more disappointment in a long line of parental failures; before Iron Man, and before the Avengers, he was at least a descent parent.  Was he a model father?  No, of course not, this was Tony Stark.  Before he decided to save the world, he at least took the time to do things with you, to teach you about the life around you, and he gave you the attention that you wanted from him as a father.  

Once he joined the Avengers, it began to change, and once they all moved into the tower, it became worse than ever.  He was too wrapped up in the business, and too focused on making the world safe rather than being a part of yours.  He didn’t completely ignore you, and he would be there when it was asked of him, but his lack of initiative to be there for you because it was right was enough to finally drive you away at the young age of only 15 years.

Your mother was an Inhuman; something that wasn’t known when you were born, and something that even your father didn’t know until you showed signs only recently.  You had the ability of energy manipulation, with the power to absorb, amplify, scatter and negate kinetic, radiant, and gravitational energies. You were meant to join the Avengers one day, but now you would never join a team that had so completely taken your father from you.

One thing that Tony had given you was a flair for the dramatic, and to be the center of attention in any room.  If you were walking away, you wanted him to give him a parting gift.  Looking up at the tower, you focused your mind on the reactor that illuminated it so brightly in the night sky.  Your eyes were fixated on the large A that hung above you; a symbol of all that you had come to despise.  You waited several minutes for the sidewalk around you to clear before you began to walk away, smiling to yourself as the tower went dark and the massive symbol dropped from its perch and crashed to the ground behind you.

~~~(Ten Years Later)~~~

“Hey, babe, have you seen my right shoe?”

“Which one?”

“The one that goes with the left one!”

You stuck your head out around the corner from the back of the ship, looking at your fiancé with confusion and exasperation, “I meant which shoes, dumbass.  Which pair of shoes are you wearing?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” he mumbled, “these!”  Peter stuck his foot in the air so that you could see what he was looking for, then waited in that position, expecting you to find it right away.

“You can put your foot down.”

With a huff, he lowered his foot and stood to join you.  He waited in the door of your shared quarters, watching you get dressed.  “I just want to look good, so I thought these would be the best.”

You turned around slowly, knowing that he never cared about what he was wearing enough to spend even a minute looking for anything.  “Look good for what, exactly?”  Stepping towards him, you gave him a skeptical look and poked him in the chest. “What are you up to, Quill?”

He opened his mouth and gasped as if he were completely shocked at your insinuation, “why would you think I’m up to something?  That’s just rude, (Y/N).  I’m very offended.”  

“Okay, now I’m sure you’re up to something.  You’re a terrible liar.”  You pushed him aside and hurried towards the front of the ship, stopping short when the view from the windows had changed drastically from when you last looked. The solar system had become all too familiar, and the planet directly ahead gave you an unnerving sense of dread. “No.  Pete, no.”

“Why not?”  You felt his hands on your shoulders but you shrugged him off.  “(Y/N), come on.  He’s your dad.  Don’t you think that he should know that your getting married?  Don’t you think that it’s time to put everything behind you and move on?”

“I thought you understood,” you whispered to yourself as much as to him.  “This isn’t something that’s up for discussion.”  Reaching down to reset the coordinates, you found the controls locked and Peter making no moves to help you.  “Unlock them.”


“It’s not up for discussion!”  Your anger began to boil over, and you could feel energy coursing through your body. If he wasn’t going to turn the ship around, then you would have to do it on your own.  Slamming your hand down on the control panel, you pushed as much power as you could into redirecting the craft and taking over its navigation system. It was draining you quickly, but you had to hurry anyway before he tried to interfere.

The ship began to shake as it turned, but not in the way you had expected.  You released your hand but it was too late; your surge of energy had destroyed the system and you were headed towards the Earth without a way to steer from your course.  Peter pushed you aside and threw himself into the pilot seat, trying to take control. After a few minutes of banging the panel and frantically pushing buttons, he finally sat back in defeat.

“Okay, well it looks like we’ll be making quite an entrance, (Y/N).  You’ve just guaranteed that we’re gonna visit daddy.”


It was all you could do to stay upright as the ship shuddered and slid into your landing.  Peter had originally plotted a landing near the tower, but your interference brought the ship to a halt in the hangar bay; it was the only way he could land without risking hurting you or someone inside. It was anything but a smooth arrival, skidding into the hanger, taking out a part of the front wall and sliding through to the back.  There was no way for you to make a subtle arrival now.

“Pete, this isn’t going to go well, okay?  Just let me handle it.”  You reached down to take his hand to not only lead him from the ship and into the tower, but to calm the shaking in your own.  “I haven’t seen him for ten years, and I have no idea what kind of reception we’re going to get.  Especially considering the entrance we’ve made.”

“Yourfault” he coughed.

“Thanks,” you sneered, rolling your eyes.  You glanced out the window and saw him running towards you, with Steve in tow.  “Let me go first.  It’s just the two of them.”  You pulled your hand from his and stepped out into their view, unsure if they would actually recognize you after all this time.

“(Y/N)?” Tony whispered, his face immediately growing pale.  He took a few steps closer to get a better look, glancing over to Steve with wide eyes.  “(Y/N), where did you go?”  He stopped just a few feet from you, acting like he was unsure that you were real and even a bit scared to approach.

“Hey, dad.”

At the confirmation that it was you, he rushed forward and grabbed your shoulders, holding you at arms length and speaking with a much louder voice filled with more confidence, “where did you go?”

“Tony, calm down,” Steve said as he stepped in and put his hand on Tony’s shoulder.

“Back off, Cap!”

“Hey, hey, let go of her,” Peter barked out, joining you and quickly pulling you back and away from Tony’s grasp.  “I think we all need to take it down a bit, alright?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Peter Quill, your future son-in-law, that’s the hell who.”

You closed your eyes and groaned, awaiting the tirade that you were sure your father was about to start. “Oh my god…”

“This is some kind of joke right?” Tony laughed, thought his face was still angry, “it is, it’s some sick joke that I’m just supposed to laugh off and act like nothing happened.”

You turned to face Peter and began to push him back into the ship.  “I told you.”

“(Y/N), wait,” Steve called out to you, “just wait a minute.”  He grabbed Tony by the arm and pulled him away, despite his resistance to stay.  You watched the conversation between the two men; it was very animated, with Tony gesturing towards you and throwing his hands in the air several times.  After a few minutes, and with Steve appearing to take the upper hand, they both rejoined you and Peter at the ship.

“(Y/N),” Tony said quietly, not making eye contact with you, and looking like he had just been scolded by Steve.  “I’m sorry. Would you please come with me so that we can talk?”  His gaze moved from the floor to Peter, though only for a second, “Alone?”


“If you were feeling that way, then why didn’t you just talk to me?”

“I did talk to you, dad. You never listened.  You were too wrapped up in saving the world to hear me anyway.”

Tony leaned back in his chair, swiveling it slightly side to side as he looked at you.  You were so much older and so different than the last time he saw you, but he could still see a lot of himself.  It scared him how much of your mother that he saw as well; you had the same fight in you, and you took about as much of his crap as she had.

“I’m sorry that I was such a terrible father.  I can’t do anything about the past, and I can only apologize so many times.  So,” he sighed and leaned forward on the table, “how about you tell me about this Peter Quill guy.”

You weren’t sure if he was being genuine or not, or if he had motives in asking you, but you took the chance in trusting him for the first time in a very, very long time.  “I met him right after I was taken, he protected me, taught me, and now here we are.”

“And now here we are,” he agreed with a small smile crossing his lips.

“I didn’t mean to make that kind of entrance.  Is there a way that you might be able to get us back in the sky?  When we…are ready to?”

“Yeah, I can give her a kick.  But can you do something for me?”

You took a deep breath, a little nervous about what he was going to ask, “Sure, let’s have it.”

“When you get married, I’d like you do it here.  Let me do that for you?  I’m great at parties, if you remember,” he said with a quiet but nervous laugh.  “And maybe you both stay for a while after? Maybe stay for a while now?”

You visibly relaxed and realized that the fight was over.  “Well, we have this…team…that’s waiting for us to join up again, but we can stay for a couple of days.  And I’ll talk to Pete about the rest.”

He nodded and put his hand over yours, doing his best to be fatherly, “It’s a start.”

“It certainly is.”

things tie together

As she walked to school, Marinette was keenly aware of several things. The first was that she had actually made it in good time for once, instead of dashing over in a crazed mess of halfway-done hair and halfway-eaten breakfast on the go. The second, of all things, was the way her feet felt in sneakers. She had been forced, last night, to de-transform in a back alley, the nearest sanctuary from prying eyes, and in the darkness had splashed into a dirty puddle of rainwater. Her flats were still recovering in her room now, hence: sneakers.

They weren’t even particularly nice sneakers. They were an old pair that she had to scrounge up from the depths of the spare cabinet. At one point, writing them off as something she would never wear again, she had apparently let Manon go at them with pink rhinestones and some quick-dry glue. Even this morning, as she got ready, she hadn’t the heart to try to prise any of them off.

Marinette wriggled her toes nervously as she crossed the street and began ascending the steps to the school’s main door, all the while keeping her eyes angled steadfastly downwards. All she needed to do was get to her classroom, get to her seat, and hope her other notable fashion choice for the day would be distracting enough that no one would look at her feet much…

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” came Chloé’s silken voice, and she stopped on the spot, caught halfway to the staircase leading up to their classrooms. Her classmate gave her a sickeningly sweet smile and cooed, “I see you’ve finally gotten a wardrobe upgrade.”

She was about to respond, but she was interrupted by Sabrina, who piped up from beside Chloé, “Ooh, yes Marinette, I love that dress! Did you make… it…?” 

Sabrina trailed off as Chloé turned to glare at her. “I meant her shoes,” she hissed.

But it was enough of a break in the confrontation for Marinette to gather her wits. “Thanks, Sabrina!” she called out, stepping past her two classmates to continue on her way.

As she did, she felt it: the slight resistance that told her Chloé had actually had the insolence to stick out a daintily pointed foot and step on her shoelaces, causing them to come undone as she pulled away.

“Knock it off, Chloé,” Marinette groaned, turning back to glare at her smug tormentor. She began to crouch, but then realised: the dress. It would make retying her shoelaces awkward, if not impossible, and her klutziness would never allow her to make it up the stairs to her classroom unscathed.

She practically growled at her.

“Oh! I’m surprised they didn’t unravel altogether,” Chloé trilled belatedly, her hand flying to her mouth in pretend sympathy and dismay. “You’d better watch yourself, Marinette. You don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions.”

She beckoned brusquely at Sabrina, who meekly began to follow her and walk away, although just before turning aside she sent an apologetic look in Marinette’s direction.

Marinette was seeing red — but as she seethed and looked off into the distance, at a loss for the moment what to do, she also saw Adrien, standing in the main entrance to the school. From his furrowed brow, she guessed that he had seen everything.

She bit her lip as he walked up to her, thinking that anything he said or did right then would only make her more embarrassed, no matter his good intentions. From somewhere off to the right and up, she heard Chloé call out to her Adrikins.

Although he was usually congenial enough, this time Adrien didn’t respond to his childhood friend. He moved somewhat vaguely as he walked up to Marinette, a tentative smile replacing his frown. “Hey Marinette,” he greeted her, and oh, her gut instinct had been right: this was mortifying, to see him in all his perfect clothing coordination and photoshoot-worthy windswept hair, next to her apparent fashion disaster today. Even as she squeaked out a “Hi!” she could feel her cheeks colouring.

“Adrikins?” Chloé called out again from halfway up the staircase, her voice faltering slightly with the diminishing possibility that he continued not to have heard her, and the increasing likelihood that he was actively ignoring her.

“Sorry, would you hold this for a moment?” Adrien asked, passing her his messenger bag. Numbly, she accepted it — and the moment the strap changed hands, Adrien crouched smoothly and began to re-tie her shoelaces. Only, because they were standing quite close together and she was holding his bag, it looked like she was helping him while he redid his own shoelaces.

Marinette’s eyes widened. Dimly, she registered feeling selfishly satisfied, that he had chosen to stand up for her — uh, figuratively — so publicly. More crucially, she felt a warmth spread through her, starting from somewhere deep in her chest: it was both a relief that he had found such a subtle and un-condescending way to help her, and an internal thrill that this was actually happening.

As he stood up again, Adrien flashed her a smile and said, “Thanks!” while accepting back his bag.

“Right back at you,” Marinette countered, meeting his eyes and trying to communicate her gratitude.

He held her gaze for a second too long, and then ducked his head — shyly? but Adrien Agreste didn’t get shy around Marinette. He didn’t get flustered at all, really, except… except…

She was over-thinking it, probably.

But then, in an undertone, Adrien murmured, “No problem. Wouldn’t want you — heh — falling for anybody else.”


She blinked at him in confusion, her heart rate subtly picking up as she did, and her expression shifting from gratitude to the beginnings of wonder.

She only knew one person who made such corny jokes. She only knew one person who reacted that way around her, or at least, the superheroic side of her.

It was almost laughter that bubbled out of him at that point, but instead Adrien just smiled again, seeming to have to fight to keep his face straight.

He touched her on the shoulder, as was his habit, as was Chat Noir’s habit, and she felt the familiar angular ring on his finger, pressing lightly against her skin. His eyes were shining as he said, “Nice outfit, by the way. The spots really, uh, suit you.”

“Adrikins?” Chloé tried one last time, but she sounded faint and far away.

“Chat Noir,” Marinette whispered.

He twirled his hand in the kind of flourish that tended to precede one of his more ostentatious bows. Looking up at her with those impossibly green eyes that she should have recognised before now, surely, he replied, “The one and only, My Lady.”

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bts reaction to their crush accidentally confessing to them?

I aw this would be so cute tbh <3

Thank you for the request!!

oml i read this wrong and thought it said ‘them confessing to their crush’




“So, will you go out with me?”


“You act like you didn’t know sooner.”

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“Shall I pick you up at seven for our date, jagiya?”

Rap Monster:

“I-I meant I love your shoes!”


“You do feel the same, right?”


“Oh! I didn’t mean that! I mean, unless you feel the same about me…”


“Please tell me I didn’t just say that out loud.”

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featuring matt murdock, a.k.a. daredevil, as toph bei fong. one gets the feeling that this outfit was not designed for someone his size

bonus toph as daredevil? 

i don’t actually know how the whippy thing works. 

sketches for eternalgirlscout

Should’ve Been Us (L.H.)

A/N: this is so bad. I’m sorry.

Masterlist || Ask


“Hey, babe.” Ashton greeted me in his typical way as he placed a kiss to my cheek upon entering my apartment.
“Hi, babe.” Calum’s greeting soon followed in the same manner as Ashton’s as he walked in right behind him.
I smiled at the two of them and shut the door. “Hey. No Mikey today?”
The two toed off their shoes and shrugged off their jackets as they shook their heads.
“No. His parents are in town so they all went out for some family bonding,” Calum informed me.
I nodded and followed them to the couch. “That’s good. What about you two?”
“Mum’s coming with Harry and Lauren in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited to take them around,” Ashton said excitedly.
“And you?” I raised an eyebrow at Calum.
“Mali’s coming in a few days so I’ll most likely be doing some sibling bonding with her.”
My eyes lit up at the information. “Can I-”
Calum rolled his eyes. “Yes, you can hang out with her. She’s already made plans for you two when she gets here.”
I smiled widely. “Fuck yeah. I always knew she was my favorite Hood sibling.”
Calum gaped at me. “Excuse me?”
I shrugged. “You’re excused.”
“Bitch,” Calum muttered.
I gave him a look. “Do you wanna repeat what you just said.”
He quickly shook his head. “No.”
“Mmhm. Though so.”
“So…Now that we’ve established who’s the better Hood sibling, what’s our plan for today?” Ashton asked as he plopped down onto my couch and propped his feet up onto my coffee table.
I pushed his feet off of my table just as Calum socked him in the arm.
“Ow! Dude! What the fuck?” Ashton told him as he rubbed his sore arm.
“Sorry, my hand slipped.” Calum told him unapologetically as he took a seat beside him.
“Well,” I started off as I sat on the single recliner. “We can just stay in and order take out or we can go into the city and find stuff to do… Oh! I know! Let’s go bowling or something.”
Ashton shrugged and nodded. “Yeah, I’m in the mood for some bowling.” Then he looked at Calum for confirmation.
Calum shrugged as well. “Yeah, that’s cool.”
I shook my head. “I swear, you two are totally a couple.”
“Cashton for life, man,” Calum nodded.
Ashton turned his head to face me. “I didn’t sign up for this.”
Calum rolled his eyes. “You’re stuck with me so deal with it.” Then he turned to me. “So, bowling?”
I nodded in affirmation. “But I’m driving us there.”
The two of them both whined at me.
“Aw, come on.” Calum said.
“Why can’t I drive us?” Ashton asked.
I raised an eyebrow at them. “If you drive, I’m in control of the aux cord.” I tell them.
The two of them exchanged a look for a moment, holding a silent conversation with their eyes, before turning back to me.
“You can drive,” they both said in unison.
I smirked as I got up to grab my keys. “Thought so.”

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Imagine if Owens navy buddies came to visit him and Owen- shocked but glad- showed them his baby Girl’s. I can see the baby raptors all responding differently to them.

Blue of course would just stare them down for a good thirty seconds, judging them.

Delta would run around in circles while making loud Calls at them.

Charlie would be hissing and trying to stay away from them.

And Echo would attack their show laces before accidentally getting stuck in them.

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Hi again, I meant the clothes and shoes they are wearing

Hi! Again, every single piece of CC I used on them is listed in their respective posts. If it’s not on there, it’s from either the Base Game or one of the packs. I can’t check in game right now what clothing is exactly from what pack, but I checked my tray importer to see which packs are ‘required’ for certain characters.

Cam has clothing/hair from Outdoor Retreat, Romantic Garden, Luxury Party, City Living, Spa Day and Get Together.

Yi has clothing/hair from Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Vampires, Perfect Patio, Movie Night, Spa Day, Romantic Garden, Cool Kitchen and City Living.

Brutus has clothing/hair from Get to Work, Movie Night, Luxury Party, Romantic Garden, Perfect Patio, Backyard Stuff and Spa Day.

Lapis has clothing/hair from Get to Work, City Living, Luxury Party, Vampires, Spa Day and Movie Night.

Joji has clothing/hair from Outdoor Retreat, City Living, Cool Kitchen, Get Together and Movie Night.

Brie has clothing/hair from Get to Work, Backyard Stuff, Spa Day, City Living, Get Together, Vampires and Movie Night.

Shasti has clothing/hair from Get to Work, Get Together, Luxury Party, Movie Night, Perfect Patio, Backyard Stuff, Spa Day and City Living.

Asher has clothing/hair from Luxury Party, Spa Day, Movie Night and City Living.

Hope that helps!

Sam X Reader

Request: Can you do a song based on the song ‘All of You’ by John Legend? I’m obsessed with it and can’t stop dreaming about something fluffy in the Supernatural universe with me in it o: ^-^

Request: Can you do a oneshot where the reader and Sam have a thing, and they do subtle little things around dean and cas like brushing knuckles, leaning toward each other and stuff like that, but dean is completely oblivious and cas knows? Thanks! <3

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EXO react to their sister wearing clothes that are too revealing



XIUMIN: “Nuh uh uh, young lady! Where do you think you’re going with that dress?”

LUHAN: “No! You can’t wear that! It’s too revealing! Little princesses should be wearing long sleeves and tights!”

KRIS: “Seriously? You’re going to wear that?”

Y/N: “I’m not three years old anymore!!”

SUHO: “If you’re thinking of meeting that boy again wearing that, then I advise you to think again.”

LAY: “Urm…isn’t that dress a little low-cut? I mean, you look nice in anything! Just please don’t wear this…”

Y/N: “I like it! I can wear what I want! I’m not a kid, okay??”
LAY: “Ah really? I meant that your zipper broke”

BAEKHYUN: “Oh my god, what are you wearing?”

Y/N: “A dress, idiot, what does it look like to you?”
B: “Are you stupid? I meant your shoes! And you done a HORRIBLE job at your make-up! Let oppa fix it for you!”

CHEN: “Nuh uh, you ain’t wearing that out. Mum’s gonna kill me. Take it off and wear something else!”

CHANYEOL: “Why are you wearing that…?”

DO: “I did not train you to become like this!!”

TAO: “You just HAVE to wear that Chanel dress that gets on my nerve!”

KAI: “Looking good lil’ sis!”

SEHUN: “If you wake up in someone else’s house in the middle of the night, don’t come crying to me!”

Hurricane - Luke

Summary: Something is keeping them apart 

A/N: so this is something new I started it was going to be a one shot but I’m tired and keep thinking if different things that could happen so it’s going to be a mini series instead 

The last time she had seen him things didn’t go so well. Letting him kiss her when he was all kinds of liquored up was a mistake. As it happened she got scared, because it wasn’t what she wanted, to be one of his drunken hookups, so she ran.

She’d loved him since she was a little girl, but he was her brothers best friend and he would never look at her that way. Even if he ever did, Michael would never be okay with it. Things were different now, she was all grown up and so were they. She hardly ever saw them, they were off chasing their dreams. She never could have imagined she would be seeing her brothers band that started in their garage and would keep her up at night really make it, but they did, they were huge now traveling the world and meeting their idols.

She missed Mikey she hardly even got a chance to speak with him anymore, time zones made it rough. It was like she went from having four brothers’ watchful eyes constantly over her to barely knowing them at all. Growing up with Michael as her brother was hard sometimes. He was very protective of her and it didn’t leave much opportunity for guys to approach her let alone date her. She didn’t really mind though, her mind had always been occupied by Luke.

She was nervous to see him. The last thing she wanted was for things to be weird, actually, the last thing she wanted was for Mikey to find out. She never should have let him kiss her, it made it even harder to stop thinking about him.

There was this constant question in the back of her mind, that despite the alcohol in his blood stream, it didn’t make sense. Why her? There were tons of beautiful girls at the party that night, why would he take the risk of kissing his best friends sister? He knew Mike would kill him.

Her plan was to just act natural, pretend like nothing had ever happened; it was probably best for both of them. 

She texted Mike four times and called him twice to let him know her flight had landed and she would be at his house in LA shortly. No surprise he hadn’t answered, he was kind of flakey in that.

She knocked on the massive front door a few times and there was no answer. She pushed the door open and walked in pulling he bag behind. To her right she noticed Calum standing in the open kitchen shirtless spreading some vegemite on toast. He looked good, better then she remembered, it was annoying her brother had such attractive friends.

“You don’t answer the door?” She called over to him and he looked up from what he was doing.

“Y/n HEY! Sorry I’m really hungry I just figured if it was someone important they’d find their way in .. And you did!” He chuckled walking over to give her a big hug. “The other guys are still asleep, you’re brother had a rough night bet he’ll be hurting today.”

She rolled her eyes, “Shocking.. What did you guys do last night?”

Calum shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing crazy hit up The Nice Guy .. Usual shit.. How you been though? I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.”

She followed him back into the kitchen and hopped up onto the island counter where he was eating. “I’ve been good, same shit you know, its weird not having you guys around all the time. The house is quiet.”

Calum laughed a bit, “You used to complain quite a bit when practice was at your house.”

“No, I complained when you fuckers had your amps on full blast at 2am and I was trying to sleep.”

She heard a voice from behind her laugh and she knew it was him, “You loved it,” he chuckled, “Even when you were yelling at us there was a smile on your face.”

She looked over her shoulder to see a shirtless Luke with messed up hair chugging back some of an orange Gatorade. She laughed, “Uhhhh if you two remember correctly you guys sounded pretty rough in the beginning and only knew like three songs that you played over and over.. they weren’t exactly lullabies.”

Just then a blond girl in skin tight blue dress carrying a pair of heals walked into the opening to the kitchen near where Luke was standing. Y/n’s heart fell a bit at the sight. The girl must have been wearing the same close from the night before. Luke looked at her as if he was surprised to see her, “I called you a taxi.. it should be here any minute,” he told the girl.

 “Thanks,” she said looking at him and then into the kitchen to where y/n and Calum were, clearly waiting for an introduction.

“This is uhhh..” Luke stared at her with a blank face and the girl glared at him.

“My name is Casey,” she raised an eyebrow sounding a bit pissed. 

“Uhh yea, Casey you remember Calum from last night .. and this is Y/N, Michael’s sister.”

“Hey,” Calum nodded his head at her.

Y/N flashed her a smile, “Hi .. I like your shoes,” she told her gesturing to towards the pair in the girl’s hands. “They look pretty painful.”

“They are,” Casey growned, “I can’t put them back on sober it hurts too much.” 

A horn blew, the taxi had pulled out front and the girl gave a pathetic wave, walking barefoot towards the door, Luke not moving to walk her out.

 “Hey,” y/n called behind her, “you can take my flip flops if you want, they’re cheap old ones but its better then nothing .. I have like 20 pairs.”

 The girl stopped thanking her a bunch of times and continued to stare at Luke, as though she was waiting for him to come over and say goodbye but he only gave her a wave.

 “You didn’t have to do that,” Luke groaned once the girl was gone.

 She shrugged her shoulders, “I felt bad for her, “I know what that’s like.”

 “What? Doing a walk of shame?” Calum laughed, “I doubt that.” Luke laughed too, and she reached her leg over to kick Calum in the shin.

 “No, idiot, I meant wearing shoes that suck,” she jumped down from the counter, “Fuck you guys, I’m going to wake my brothers ass up.”

 There wasn’t any weird vibes seeing Luke, which was good, but that wasn’t exactly the best-case scenario. It was annoying that just the sound of his voice melted her heart. It was annoying that she was hooked on him like a drug and he had no idea what he was did to her. After all these years, he still put butterflies in her stomach when he looked at her through those bright blue eyes. 

She stood pounding on the door to her brother’s room for probably five minutes before she finally got a response from him.

 “GO AWAY!” she heard a muffled voice.

 “GET THE FUCK UP MIKEY!” she yelled back, “I didn’t get on a plane to talk to you through a door asshole!”

 “Shit,” she heard him groan followed by a series of noises like he was knocking things over.

 The door swung open and Michael stood there with open arms, “Y/N, BABY SISTER!”

 She gave him a big hug before jabbing her elbow into his ribs, “I’m not your baby sister stop calling me that your only three fucking minutes older then me.”

 “Still a firecracker, I see nothing’s changed.”

 “Shut up,” she told him, “You smell like shit, take a shower jesus, I’m going out to the pool.”

 “Missed you too sis,” he mumbled under his breath.


He had fucked up big time; the last thing he wanted was for y/n to see that girl from last night. Yea, he knew she was coming today but wasn’t thinking straight last night when he was drunk as hell, not to mention Kayley or whatever he name is was a lingerer.

He didn’t usually pull that kind of shit, bring girls home and forget their names. Really he was a good guy, he was just going though a phase. It was crazy for all of the guys, suddenly there were just girls everywhere always, who all wanted a piece of them. Sometimes, usually after some alcohol, every once in a while, he would take the bait.

It wasn’t easy, doing what they do. It was fucking with him mentally in a lot of ways. Sometimes, a lot of times, it just felt like people didn’t care so much for who he is or what he was feeling as much as they were concerned with what he is.

That was making it harder and harder for him to hide the way he felt about y/n. Last time he saw her he had slipped up big time, he had a few drinks and made the move he had been waiting to make for years, but it was a mistake, because she obviously didn’t feel that way, in fact, she ran away from him. Literally, mid make-out pulled away from him, looked into his eyes, and ran. Maybe it was for the best though, because Michael would probably have flipped the fuck out.

There was something about y/n that he didn’t see in other girls. Maybe it was because he had known her for so long or maybe it was just because she knew them all before any off the madness had happened to them, he couldn’t put his finger on it but there was something about being around her that made him feel normal. Not to mention she was selfless and beautiful, in a room full of people he was always able to find her eyes, eyes that were always attached to a smile. She was exactly what he wanted, what he longed for, but she would never go for one of her brothers best friends.

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