i meant shoes

Emil and Mickey at a buffet dinner

Emil: *Puts a fuck ton of pasta on plate*

Mickey: *sarcastically* are you sure that’ll be enough?

Emil: Well, I love Italian food.

Mickey: Oh really?

Emil: Yeah. You know. Italian food, Italian wine, Italian boys– err..shoes, I meant Italian shoes..

featuring matt murdock, a.k.a. daredevil, as toph bei fong. one gets the feeling that this outfit was not designed for someone his size

bonus toph as daredevil? 

i don’t actually know how the whippy thing works. 

sketches for eternalgirlscout

Imagine if Owens navy buddies came to visit him and Owen- shocked but glad- showed them his baby Girl’s. I can see the baby raptors all responding differently to them.

Blue of course would just stare them down for a good thirty seconds, judging them.

Delta would run around in circles while making loud Calls at them.

Charlie would be hissing and trying to stay away from them.

And Echo would attack their show laces before accidentally getting stuck in them.