i meant my face


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”


Imagine for a moment.

Young adult Hinata. Being recognized as such. Still as emotional as ever, but she has one hell of a poker face. She hates how nervous and jittery she gets but honestly it’s hard for people to tell and they think she’s really well put together.

Sasuke’s used to people showing emotions around him whether or not it’s positive, so he’s wondering just what he did to make Hinata dislike him so much. He doesn’t ask questions. He just goes around her more and more seeing if he can come up with the answer himself.

Hinata is freaked out. Sasuke didn’t scare her until she noticed him more and more in her daily life. They don’t always talk. Sometimes he’s just in the area. Still, she’s unnerved.

Not that Sasuke understands that.

min yoongi probably.....
  • Namjoon, over text at three am: hey yoongi i just thought of this what if we change some of the lyrics we were working on earlier
  • Yoongi: yeah sure what were you thinking
  • Namjoon: well there's that one part where the rhyme scheme was kind of weird so i want to try to come up with something better
  • Yoongi: 2kkkk9
  • Namjoon: what
  • Yoongi: O9ow9w999
  • Namjoon: um
  • Yoongi: oh sorry i fell asleep
  • Yoongi: i can't feel my face is that bad
  • Namjoon: yoongi go to bed
  • Yoongi: fukk off floodbucket
  • Yoongi: cy 8;;
  • Yoongi: wait fuck that's not what i meant to do my face kinda hit buttons
  • Yoongi: i'm going to shell goodbye

Its hard to take a half decent selfie when you have a weird smile and are so white, natural light makes you impossible to see.

Election day was frightening for a lot of people but we’re going to be okay. We won’t let these terrible people crush us. We will fight them tooth and nail, we won’t let them win. We will protest peacefully, we will support each other, we will continue on loving each other too. 

When the storm passes, we will keep making progress and we will keep moving forward. Keep going. Keep fighting.

Vote locally. Petition the electoral collage. Volunteer with organizations that are helping people in need now.

Inspired by @kuttleboneart who was inspired by @earthprincewu

It’s a little different from their versions (and the art work MANY others were inspired to do so far) but inspired just the same I suppose. Thank all of you dear artists for making support art a thing, Thank you.

I’d like to apologize if this is so bright that it hurts your eyes. My laptop screen is really dim and everything looks desaturated to me. Also just nervous to post this in general because I never meant for my face to look so angry. I mean… I am angry… but…

INTP–ISTJ The Quiet Little Dino

ISTJ: I really missed giving people toys, so I also got you this.

ISTJ: *Hands a stuffed dinosaur to INTP*

INTP: Oh cute. Thanks, I love it.

ISTJ: You’re welcome.

ISTJ: Are you… going to play with it?

INTP: Well, no, probably not. But I can let it sit on my bed with me and all of my other stuffed animals.

ISTJ: And you guys are going to hang out?

INTP: Yeah, something like that. It can socialise with all my other stuffed friends.

INTP: AH– but only if all of them want to!

INTP: I’m not going to force any of them to interact with each other if they don’t want to, you know?

ISTJ: You don’t want any forced socialisation?

INTP: No, I’ve been there, it’s not that fun.

ISTJ: You don’t think any of them are going to have a problem with that?

INTP: Oh, no, all of my stuffed animals are introverts.

ISTJ: Hahaha.

ISTJ: You say that with such confidence.