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zoobus  asked:

Hey just an fyi, fucking black dudes does not mean you can't be racist, and it's intellectually disingenuous to pretend you think that makes sense. I'm sure you're smarter than the "I have black (boy)friends" fallacy.

Okay, first off… I only said his boyfriend is black. I didn’t simply state that banging a black guy makes you not racist. You can have sex with people that represent completely different values than you. It doesn’t mean you agree with those values or who they are. Don’t twist my words.

I’m pretty sure Milo isn’t calling for more racial violence against any minority. I most likely meant to say that having a black boyfriend doesn’t really make him out to be a white supremacist, racist, nazi, etc. Because actual racists tend to not hang around a race they don’t like. Why the hell would a racist have a boyfriend as the race they hate? If you’re in a relationship with somebody, naturally you are okay with who they are, what they look like, etc.

It doesn’t make much sense to claim he’s racist. Unless you think that the fringe amount of people in this country are racist regardless of what race their friends are. In which case, it seems like you’re implying people (or more specifically, Milo) is inherently and/or unconditionally racist. And that weakens whatever meaning “racist” has left. If not that, you must think it’s a political stunt to make him seem “not racist”.

People are blowing his shit out of proportion, and it’s annoying as fuck. If he has a black boyfriend, but you think that he’s still racist, I think there’s something off about the logic being presented against him. But I welcome you to explain to me why he is, though. Maybe you’ll change my mind.