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Hairstyle swap!
Which one wore it better?

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celaena/chaol <3

who’s the cuddler: celaena (CHAOL IS A HUGE TEDDY BEAR OKAY)

who makes the bed: chaol (celaena is lazy as hell she’s not going to make the bed)

who wakes up first: chaol (he’d probably have to drag celaena out of bed so that he could make the bed tbh)

who has the weird taste in music: celaena (i feel like chaol wouldn’t listen to much music and celaena would have some weird shit that chaol automatically turns off when he hears it or gives her judgy looks for listening to it)

who is more protective: chaol (and even though celaena can protect herself hE LOVES HER)

who sings in the shower: celaena (really badly i might add but chaol loves hearing her sing and so he never says anything because if he does she might stop and he loves her voice too much for her to stop singing)

who cries during movies: chaol (HE’S A BIG SOFTY IN MY EYES and celaena would cry too but then she’d end up cracking up because chaol would try to hide it and then defend his tears and it’d be perfect)

who spends the most while out shopping: celaena (chaol gets dragged along everywhere and has to carry all of the bags and receives pity glances from other males out and about because there’s 20 bags on his arms and oh my god is celaena going into another store crap)

who kisses more roughly: chaol (he loves her so much that he feels like he’s never going to get enough of her and his fierceness just comes out anD DAMN)

who is more dominate: celaena (because she’s so used to doing what she wants so if she wants chaol now, then she gets chaol now and she always wants to spend as much time with him as possible and basically takes up all his time because there is no such thing as wasted time when she’s with him)

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9 (bc i really just ship fricken everything and this is so cute and goDS uosghnlsgnls)