i meant 2 and a half

1) I grew up having to fish for love inbetween couch cussions and the laundry waste basket. I’ve never had enough to spare.

2) I was taught that the cup is half empty, not half full.

3) I never learned to let the scabs heal or to take my hands off the handle when it’s hot.

4) I always knew forever had an expiration date, and that lonliness is the only lover that would stay, like a bad toothache.

5) I grew up inviting bad habits to step on me and grow like ivy until i was more disaster than heartbeat.

6) It’s not my fault i was taught the hurt meant I was alive.

7) I’ve always liked the way bruises look on me.

8) I was taught to bleed long and hard until everything is covered in red and ink stains.

9) I never learned to want the good things.

10) You are soft, and I don’t know how to love gently.

-R.J // Reasons Not to Love Me // (via @boypoetic )

do me a favor?

Pairing: Steve Rogers (Captain America) x Reader (Avenger)

Summary: The Reader is a new Avenger, living with the Avengers, everything’s going fine. Except they tease her for being only 21 and the youngest of them all, by calling her baby.

Warnings: daddy kink, unprotected sex (don’t do this), big age difference

Note: Excuse my bad english, if you find any mistakes, please tell me so I can correct them. Thank you.

Enjoy reading!

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I Can’t Lose Her

Part 1 (It’s really not that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on); Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, angst

Word count: 4,334 I went all out with this one 😂

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Jongdae’s POV

8 years ago

“Jongdae take a look at this,” my father said handing me a file with a bunch of papers in it.

“Darling, I don’t think you should show him this yet, he’s too young,” my mother interrupted.

“He’s has to take over the family business sooner or later, besides he already knows a lot of stuff, might as well learn how to deal with the ones indebted to us.”

My mother didn’t say anything just looked at me and went out of the room. I picked up the file and opened it. It wasn’t a big case, just some husband and wife who owns my father money because of gambling in one of his casinos. I have no idea why he would give me this, it seemed boring. My father noticed that.

“They don’t owe me that much compared to some other big shots but what I really dislike about them is the fact that they tried to run away…”

I wondered what he meant before I turned the page and saw that they’re now in completely different city. What fools. Do they really think they can escape my father this easily, he has eyes everywhere and they’re just amateurs. I understood that my father probably wants to go pay them a visit and I would gladly accompany him. I turned another page to see what they look like and to my surprise they had daughters. The older one in particular caught my attention, even though her face was expressionless, her features were delicate. I took the photo out.

“What about them?” I asked him, he picked up the picture and looked at it closely.

“We can use them to our advantage. Threatening is always easier when they have family members to worry of,” my father started laughing creepily, something that even made me feel unsettling. He stood up and called one of the drivers before gesturing for me to follow him.

“Are we actually going there now?” I questioned and he nodded. I got into the back seat of the car and checked my clock. We will probably arrive there in about 4 hours. I didn’t speak to my father anything else because honestly I preferred not to know what he’s planning. The car ride there felt like it will never end but once we were there I somehow started getting nervous. It was already dark outside and as soon as my father’s men began sprinting up the stairs the nervousness was soon replace by a pure sense of adrenaline. They kicked the door to one of the apartments open and went inside, searching for inhabitants, I wanted to go help them but my father told me to stay in the back. I saw how they ushered one man and three women to the tiny living room. I wondered how could somebody live in a place like this. My father steeped out from the shadows and I could already hear the two parents whimpering.

“Please, you have got it all wrong,” the man said.

“We were planning on paying you back,” the woman continued.

“Shut up,” my father said, pushing the two girls so they were on their knees, facing their parents. Even though their backs were to me, I immediately recognized the older one. I watched her hair go down her back and as she straighten herself I had to control my urge to come up to her.

“Please enlighten me how I’m wrong,” my father continued to mock them. “Because you clearly thought you can get away with all of the money I gave you. That’s not how this works.”

They all stayed silent for a moment and I heard another sob. It wasn’t from her though. She took the younger ones hand and whispered something to her.

“So what should I do with you all?” he asked expecting me to answer.

“Scare them a little?” I replied not sure if that’s the answer he wanted.

“Great idea!” he said, setting the gun against the back of her head. And then the quiet cries started again but by the way she was still kneeling I knew none of it is from her. She just squeezed the younger ones hand more tightly and I heard her mother say that everything is going to be okay but all of us knew it won’t and I don’t know what was going on in my head at that moment, I never dared defy my father like that.

“Wait!” I shouted and he turned to me, I had to say what I wanted quickly to avoid annoying him further. “Not this one,” I finally spoke. “The other,” I said, pointing to the younger one.

“As you wish,” my father said. I saw her turn to her sister in an attempt to stop him but the shot was already fired and only the echoes of the sound resonated along the room. Everyone was dead silent as they watched the body fall to the ground.

“Let’s go,” my father said, already going to the door. My eyes met hers seemingly for a split second but I could already see how they turned from frightened to pure hatred as she went to her sister’s lifeless body. I heard her cry for the first time as she held it. I quickly turned around. I have no idea why but extreme guilt washed over me.

“Shit,” I thought to myself going out. I couldn’t get the powerful look she gave me out of my head.  I realized that at that moment I fell in love with her.

6 year, 4 months

For the next almost two years there wasn’t a day I didn’t think about her. I wanted to meet her so badly but I knew it would never be possible after what happened. I spent my days gathering all the information I could possibly get on her. Her name especially stuck with me. I remember attending her sister’s funeral and watching her from one of the trees from a distance. Even being so far away from here I could see she had no emotion on her face. I knew that this is partly my fault but I never felt more grateful that my father listened to me on that day. After a few months, I found out that she started working to help repay her parents debts. Whenever I went to the café she worked at I was always too scared to go inside, thinking she will recognize me. At this point I knew I’m becoming quite obsessed with her but I just had to see her. Get closer somehow. My father’s health got significantly worse and I had to take care of a lot of more things nowadays but I had inside eyes even in her school. I felt like trashing the office I already had when I found out that someone is actually bullying her. I had to go there myself. Luckily on that day she wasn’t even at school. I chuckled when I saw how everyone stared at me as I pulled up in an expensive car in front of the building. I went straight to the principal and him knowing my father, well promised not to interfere. I slammed the door to her classroom open and called the bullies out. They of course didn’t want to go anywhere with me but just with a snap of my fingers, my father’s men were already at them.  Their squirms of pain and asks for forgiveness were music to my ear, as I tortured them myself in one the warehouses owned by us. Every day I was getting more and more like my father. I wondered if she ever found out where they suddenly disappeared to. I couldn’t let her be in that school anymore, so after a long argument I finally won and she was supposed to get transferred by getting a scholarship to the private school I attended. I could barely contain my excitement at the thought of seeing her more often.

4 years ago

It made me quite happy to know that she’s the introverted type. Less guys approached her, less trouble for them and for me. I have heard that she needed some really persuasive convincing so she would actually go this school. Knowing her, it didn’t surprise me she found this suspicious. I stared at her from the third floor window, reading a book by one of the trees. She looked as beautiful as ever. Our uniform fit her well.

“Are you watching her again?” Baekhyun approached me. “Man, you’re so creepy.”

“Shut up, it’s none of your business.”

He raised his hands in defence.

“Relax, I’m not taking her, even though she’s a great catch but seeing how everything is going, you’re not going to get her anytime soon either,” he laughed but I quickly silenced him with a punch to his stomach. He fell down on the floor and I lifted him up by the collar.

“You dare say something like that about her again.”

“No need to get violent. Anyone would be stupid to try to do that. Do you think I want to die? You’re scary when you’re jealous,” he said swatting my hand away and standing up. “Speaking about that. I heard that some guy from her class confessed to her the other day, she rejected him though-“

But I wasn’t listening anymore. How dare someone do that. I knew who it was. I saw him trying to get all friendly with her. Luckily it was still lunch break, I went to his table and dragged him away. I saw how frightened he got by the second. I was known as quite the scary one in the school, I just hoped that rumour never reached her.

“What, what is it?” he asked me when I slammed him to the wall in one of the corners. I didn’t say anything just took his arm and began twisting. He screamed in pain.

“Did you talk to Y/N the other day?”

“Y/N? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I twisted his arm to the opposite direction a bit more.

“Okay yes. Yes I was.”

“She’s mine,” I told him as I finally heard the bone snap. He cried out in pain and fell to the floor. “You won’t tell anyone about this unless, you have a death wish,” I said, showing him my gun.

I went to the next lesson like nothing happened. I saw Baekhyun glance at me from his table. He asked if I took care of him and I nodded. I had another worry now, my graduation is soon and she still has two years of studying left.

2 years ago

My father’s sudden passing half a year ago left me with complete control of the gang but also all the worry and trouble it came with. Before this I never knew he was associated with the other families and how closely they worked together. I needed to learn again how to cooperate and work for a common goal. The many deals and jobs my father left me with meant that I couldn’t see her as often. I sometimes wondered why she’s still not here by my side. I had so much power in this city yet, I couldn’t just go and kidnap her. At least I knew that she also graduated. I literally thought about staying an extra year in school just to be near her but my mother convinced me otherwise. It made me quite sad when I found out, she never went to pursue a higher education, when she was one of the top graduates. After all these years, her parents never learned and still gambled. Even more so, after what happened. Her heart was too kind, they didn’t deserve her. She worked two jobs just to take care of them and also pay up the debt. I wonder how she felt knowing that she’s sending the money to her sister’s killer. One day thinking about this I came up with a perfect plan to finally make her mine.

9 months ago

“You know it will never work,” Minseok said as soon as I explained to him what I was planning. “She will find out sooner or later.”

Every single one of them told me that. Why did I even bother explaining. I’m going to go through with it anyway. I have been waiting for so long as it is.

“Then I better make sure she doesn’t,” I said, putting my jacket on and going to the door.

“Jongdae don’t be stupid, she’s just a girl…”

“She’s special. You haven’t seen her on that day.”

I knew why they didn’t like this idea from the start, it was mostly because they didn’t want me to get hurt by her or get hurt while protecting her. Stupid reasons. I called my family’s lawyer and he promised to get the documents ready by the end of the month. I went back to my apartment and fell down on the bed. The room next to mine was still empty but I could already imagine her being there.

5 months ago

I picked up the papers and the photos I gathered of her throughout all these years. I wanted to burn them, get rid of them but I somehow couldn’t bring myself to do it. She looked so pretty and cute in all of them. I opened the secret drawer and put all of them in there. Today was the day. Her parents agreed to meet me as soon as I told them what I want. They welcomed me warmly and they nodded eagerly when I told them I’m willing to pay off their debt. It disgusted me how easily they accepted my offer to exchange money for their daughter, I tried not to show them this because I was also extremely happy everything is going so well. They didn’t question why I’m even doing this and that was enough for me. As I shook their hands and they signed the papers, I heard the front door of their apartment open. And there she was, almost in the same place I first met her, looking as stunning as ever in her work dress. I stood up immediately and took a few steps to her. She glanced at me then at her parents.

“Who’s this?” she asked, her voice sweet and soothing.

“Y/N this is Jongdae, you will have to come with him,” her mother explained.

“Jongdae?” she questioned and for a second, I thought she will recognize me. “Why should I go with him?”

“We just made a perfect deal and got a lot of money from him,” she was shocked by the answer.

“And you’re selling me off just like that?!” she shouted. “He could be a human trafficker for all I know, how dare you!”

I couldn’t stay here any longer, I needed to get away from her parents before I punched them in the face. I grabbed her by the arm and went to the door.

“Mother,” she cried out.

“Don’t worry Y/N! He promised to take care of you,” she shouted after her.

“Let go of me,” she said, as I took her to the car. She seemed quiet on the outside but I absolutely loved how feisty she actually is. I had no idea how to take her to the headquarters without her escaping, so I handcuffed her to one of the handles inside of the car.

“What the hell are you doing? Is this a kidnapping?” she began trashing around but abruptly stopped when she noticed my gun. I saw that she was at least a bit scared but she tried her best not to show it.

I took her to one of the rooms in the headquarters and sat her on the bed.

“Y/N I want to marry you,” I finally told her. She looked at me in disbelief.

“Are stupid or something? There was no way I’m getting married.”

And so it began. I tried to convince her multiple times and I didn’t know it was even possible but she started to annoy me to no end. Maybe this won’t be as easy as I thought it would be. I came back to the room again after a while and panicked when I couldn’t see her in it. I ran to the bathroom and saw that she’s climbing into the ventilation shaft. That was it. I dragged her out roughly and flung her over my shoulder. I left her downstairs and went to my room to calm down. I shoved everything off my table, it was easier taking it out on something. I knew I can’t show her my temper and how I actually am if I ever want to gain her trust and I needed that but most of all I needed her. I stayed away for a few hours before coming back to her. I signalled my men to leave us alone. I came up to her and saw that she’s sleeping. She looked so adorable I just wanted to pick her up and hold her close. And so I did but she woke up soon after. She stared at me with those beautiful eyes of her and her cheeks turned a cute shade of pink when I complimented her. I felt bad threatening her but she really had no more than two options. Even though I could never kill her. I watched the tears stream down her face. And here I thought I will never see that happening again. I wiped them off and after all these years of waiting, kissed her.

3 months ago

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I told her I stopped locking the door to her room days ago. I couldn’t bring myself to do it anymore. But she was even more shocked when I told her I’m taking her to party. She was gorgeous in the dress I got her that I froze to my spot. She came up to me and fixed my tie and when she looked up, she seemed so innocent, I couldn’t believe I’m lying to her. I was about to tell her everything right there on the spot, thank God one of my men saved me. I know how much she would hate me if she ever found out the truth and by now, I would probably die if she left me. I still hated the plan they come up with even though it was perfect. She was beautiful, who wouldn’t get distracted by her. I gave her a necklace with a tracker in it and prayed that she won’t get in any trouble so I wouldn’t need to use it. Unfortunately that was not going to happen. When Junmyeon came in and told me that Jimin took her to the roof I completely ignored the deal we were making and everyone in the room and ran out as fast as I can. If he as much as touched her. I don’t care if I get this war started. I kicked the door open and saw that he had her cornered. I would have killed him but somehow I was afraid to shoot someone if front of her, thinking it will trigger something. And I was right when all of it was over and she came to me that night I knew what she dreamt of.

1 month ago

I was trying to convince her to work with me for the past two months. I wanted to keep her nearby but I knew she would never accept it. She hated violence. One day she even asked me about her parents. It surprised me how much she still cared about them. As each day went by after I gave her the key to go out whenever she wanted and I saw her smile more often, it was harder to control myself. I didn’t want to push her but I loved her so much and I wanted her to know that.

Yesterday;  7 am

I woke up early because only now did I remembered that I never got her that wedding ring. What kind of a husband am I. I sat up in my bed and picked up my phone. I already had 3 missed calls. Two from Chanyeol, one from Minseok. What do they want so early in the morning? I had to go find that ring. I peeked inside her room before I went out. She looked so peaceful and cute while she slept. I could never get enough of seeing her this way.

Yesterday; 12 am

I came back after four hours and she still was asleep. I went to my office and checked my phone. 10 more missed calls. I had no plans of talking to them today, no matter how important it was. I took my cheque book and couldn’t help but take a peek at the photos I still had underneath. I still couldn’t believe I got so lucky to finally have her.

Yesterday; 10 pm

I came back as soon as I got the ring and went to the balcony with her. I knew she enjoyed the view. I didn’t know where to start, so I kept quiet for a moment, enjoying her presence.

“Jongdae, did something happen?” she asked me and I saw that she was actually worried. I turned around and practically begged her to let me put the ring on. Now she really was mine and everyone will be able to see that. I couldn’t believe she was just as happy as I am. I took her hands in mine.

 “You may have already noticed it but I’m utterly and extremely in love with you,” I told her and she began blushing. I didn’t know what to expect after that but I certainly didn’t think she would pull me in and kiss me. She kissed me. Herself. I slid my hands down her back to her waist when freaking Minseok came in and ruined the moment. As much as I didn’t want to leave her, I knew one against eleven is not a good fight. I told her not to wait up and kissed her on the forehead before going after Minseok.

Present Day; 6 am

I was so sick of this meeting and all this bullshit. I just wanted to go back home to her and hug her so tight and kiss her all over.

“Jongdae are you listening? I’m not going to repeat it for the third time,” Junmyeon said, pointing at the white board near him.

“Yeah yeah,” I told him. “So what if BTS started to move, do you seriously think we can’t beat them?”

“That’s not the point, they have allies,” he sighed before standing up. “I think we have been discussing this for too long now. The meeting is over. We will meet up later today. Don’t be late, especially you,” he said pointing at me.

I was the first one to get out of the room and was almost running to the elevator when Sehun caught up with me. I really didn’t want to speak with him right now.

“Did you hear?” he asked, stopping me.


“Strange. I thought you will be going out for blood by now.”

“Just tell me what it is. I’m in a hurry.”

“There are some rumours going on around in the black market that Jimin issued a reward for someone who will bring Y/N to him,” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Are you serious? I have to get back home. Fast.”

Present Day; 8 am

I kept thinking why would he want her so badly the whole drive from the headquarters. But the want to finish what we started was stronger. I unlocked the door and went inside. I didn’t see here anywhere down stairs, so maybe she was still sleeping. As I was going up I saw that my office door is slightly open.

“Y/N are you in there?” I asked, pushing them. I saw her kneeling behind the table. She looked up at me with those same eyes I saw 8 years ago that turned from frightened to pure anger and hatred.

“Fuck,” was the only thing I could think of. “I fucked up.”

“Care to explain what’s the meaning of this?” she said, coming up and throwing all the papers at me. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. If she found this, she already knew everything. Why the hell I never got rid of them. She took hold of my shirt and tugged at me roughly.

“I only have one thing to ask you,” she said. “Were you really there when my sister was shot to death?”

She stared at me and I kept silent.

“I can’t believe this,” tears already formed in the corner of her eyes. “I can’t believe I was about to fall for a man who is responsible for my sister’s death.”

She let go of me and ran downstairs but I caught up to her.

“Y/N listen, if it wasn’t her it would have been you! I could never let that happen.”

She turned around and slapped me hard across the face. It hurt but I deserved that.

“And who gave you the right to decide?” she shouted and ripped the silver necklace off her neck before running out through the door. Shit if she doesn’t have that on, I won’t be able to find her.

“Y/N!! Baby wait!!”

I chased after her but she was unbelievably fast. I wondered how is that even possible since she was wearing heels. I ran after her for good fifteen minutes when I lost sight of her in the crowds of people. I punched the nearby wall with all my might, making my knuckles bleed.  I set my head against it’s coldness.  It can’t end this way. I can’t lose her now.

~ Part 7 ~

A/N: Dun dun duuuun, turns out Jongdae is an obsessive stalker

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I've seen 3 way of interpreting the color cover: Death (obviously with how the chapter ended), Loss of Virginity (her offer to Kaneki when he's ready and /or considering sex as a way to get him to stay, and flowers used in poems and literature as a symbol of a young woman's virginity, lastly (and least likely to me) pregnancy (flowers also meaning new life, the red either meaning loss virginity or childbirth going along with Touka offer of sex resulting in a One Eyed Prince/Princess)

do u think this chapter is a death flag for touka?

do you think the blood splatter on the colour page might be hinting that mutsuki might stab touka with one of her knives or something?

Idk if anyone asked this before, but there’s been death flags already marked on touka from the latest chapter and I just want to know you’re opinion and what you think. Considering how the chapter ended, I’m really worried and concerned for her.

Hi! So according to the colored page of latest chapter. I guess you’ve seen the 3 possibilities of what might happen to Touka. I would like to hear what you think about it. I highly doubt that she would die, Ishida sensei doesn’t kill characters lightly especially if it doesn’t serve the story (which I think is applied on Touka right now). Also her expression in the picture doesn’t imply bad thing happening, but more like she’s happy? I mean even if she were to die I don’t think it will be now..

Or pregnancy.

Dude the stain on toukas stomach kinda looks like a ukaku kagune. What if the color page is implying pregnancy?

rebeccastarlight: The blood splatter on the cover page it also looks like she’s going to die from childbirth

I wasn’t really a believer of the cover page implying that Touka became pregnant, but I recently saw a reddit post about it. [You can probably find it on the front page.] So anyways, it talked about the poem Ishida made a year ago, “Her womb smelled like it was burnt”. Bad sign already, but if you go through the translated lyrics its even worse. It also straightforwardly says the children meant to be born, had died. Do you think that relates to whats happening now? ItAlsoWouldLeadToParallelling 

Wow, this is a really popular question, huh? Well, really it’s two and a half questions: 1) Will Touka die next chapter? 2) Will Touka get pregnant? 2.5) Will it end tragically? But since they’re all related to the cover picture, I’ll answer them all here before saying what I think is going to happen.

Q: Will Touka die next chapter?

A: No way Jose. If I’ve learnt anything from all that I’ve ever read, watched or played, it’s that female deuteragonists are IMMORTAL. Even more so than protagonists on some occasions. Don’t worry about the death flags, because this arc will be a parallel of the original Anteiku Raid arc, and you know who had a ton of death flags back then and who Touka has been paralleling since the start of :re? Old man Yoshimura! Who, despite it all, is still alive (if not kickin’). Touka won’t die - it’s far more likely that she’s going to get captured like her predecessor, probably as bait for Kaneki. 

Q: Will Touka get pregnant, and will it end in tragedy?

A: Unlikely. That would require a 9-month timeskip to pay off, and things are way too hectic in the story right now to allow for something like that. The alternative would be that it’s foreshadowing for the epilogue, but it seems a bit strange to do that so early on and before Kaneki and Touka have even done the deed. It’s also not something that really needs to be foreshadowed because it would be part of the denouement rather than the actual plot. I don’t think it’s ukaku kagune since Ishida always draws blood with artistic flair in his colour art, and the drops over her breasts are unmistakably blood. As for the flowers, those are Kaneki’s signature flower, sweet olives, and they represent him.

Where the stillbirth/death in childbirth theories are concerned, I really doubt Ishida would kill off Touka so needlessly in the story’s epilogue of all places, and killing the baby would be equally pointless as we’ve seen Kuzen and Ukina (moar parallels) manage it. As one of these anons has already said, Ishida always has a point to his tragedy; he wouldn’t just throw either of those things in at the story’s conclusion for the sake of squeezing our tear ducts, especially since it would have nothing to do with the plotline of Tokyo Ghoul and, again, an epilogue is supposed to unwind tension rather than wrack it up.

What I think is going to happen

I think the blood on her stomach is indicative of a wound inflicted by Mutsuki. But it’s not just going to be any wound that’ll regenerate in a week - I think that out of jealousy, Mutsuki is going to damage Touka’s womb beyond repair. Since Ghouls have high-speed regenerative abilities, the only way to ensure that the womb won’t grow back would be to tear it out of her body, or maybe even eat it (we’ve already seen Mutsuki feed from bodies, and it could serve to parallel Ayato eating her kakuhou in the original series). Sexual mutilation would fit Mutsuki’s parallels with Torso and Nutcracker, and Kaneki and Touka talking about sex foreshadows that specific calamity more than a general death - especially since we’ve seen how good Touka is with kids in Ch 120. It also allows the aforementioned poem to fit in -  “The children who were meant to be born, died” - referring to Touka’s ability to reproduce being robbed from her. 

So I think sad times are ahead for Touka, but she will live on. And isn’t Hinami kind of her and Kaneki’s kid already?

MAJOR Prediction for ACOTAR

This prediction deals with that “certain something” about Feyre that is mentioned but is never focused on in the first book. It is also based on great personal fascination with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, with which I am very familiar. However, if you are not familiar with the tale type or the original de Villeneuve version, this predication could be super-spoilery for you, so I am going to put most of it beneath the cut. 

That “certain something” to which I am referring is mentioned at least twice that I have noticed, but it’s probably slipped in other places, too, because it is meant to be subtle. The first occurrence is on page 143 in my copy, and it takes place the day after the Suriel incident when Tamlin is offering to help Feyre write for the second time.

Passage 1 (P1)

“I’m not insulting you.” His quiet voice made it all the worse.

“I don’t need your help.”

“Clearly not,” he said with a half smile. But the smile faded. “A human who can take down a faerie in a wolf’s skin, who ensnared the Suriel and killed two naga on her own …” He choked on a laugh, and shook his head. The firelight danced along his mask. “They’re fools. Fools for not seeing it.” He winced. But his eyes held no mischief.

The second passage is at the very end of the book, during the final exchange between Feyre and Rhysand on page 415. Indeed, I felt the whole bargain between them was a bit strange, especially if the only reason Rhysand was interested in her had to do with making Tamlin angry. He would not go through so much trouble for someone he only lusted for, would he? There’s a particular moment during their final conversation that points again to this “certain something.”

Passage 2 (P2)

“Well, good-bye for now,” he said, rolling his neck as if we hadn’t been talking about anything important at all. He bowed at the waist, those wings vanishing entirely, and had begun to fade into the nearest shadow when he went rigid. 

His eyes locked on mine, wide and wild, and his nostrils flared. Shock–pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he stumbled back a step. Actually stumbled.

“What is–” I began.

He disappeared–simply disappeared, not a shadow in sight–into the crisp air.

I have two very good ideas about what this “certain something” is. In fact, the what is less of a question for me. It’s more to do with the who. If you’re interested in finding out what and who I think Feyre is based on close familiarity with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, read below the jump!

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lmao let me explain where this apology went wrong

1) first half….not bad. could do without the tone that “listen guys,” sets. could do without the “anyone who may have been offended by it” because that’s classic soft way of saying “im sorry you found offense” rather than “im sorry i offended” but WHATEVER. it could’ve lived on its own and been okay.

2) second half….boy, who are you trying to kid? you’re either dumb and white as hell, or shady and white as hell, and neither are a good look. the pun literally does not work unless you take into account the current, american, political context behind taking a knee. “back when taking a knee actually meant taking a knee” means the meme is commenting on present day in comparison to the past. and what other context does taking a knee have right now than the protests? that’s where the comedy is, for people who find this kind of thing humorous—the cognitive dissonance between what taking a knee has come to mean and the literal act of taking a knee violently in the kerrigan case. 

the fans who were protesting the meme were not doing it because they’re stupid or because they don’t “get” the joke. they just saw, rightly, that it was a bad, ill-timed, and reductive one.

i’m sad, man. i knew in my heart none of these marvel bros hands’ were clean but i let his silence fool me into complacence. and now i’m just…this is not the kind of defensive, will-do-anything-for-laughs kind of attitude i want to support, and certainly not someone who i want to contribute more money to directly through cons or whatnot. that really, super disappoints me, but i’m just really completely like “wtf????” at how shitty that meme was and how ineffective/disinterested in learning his apology was after. 

smh. and for all fans who say “be nice to him,” and “he did nothing wrong,” i’d say please eat my entire ass but there’s already too much shit coming out your mouth.


This will not teach you how to do backgrounds. This will (likely) teach you how to do a background with minimal effort and make it look cool - or, at least, acceptable. Because everything looks more cool if you put a background behind. 

NOTE: This won’t work if the background is an important part of the drawing, but works wonders for things like fake screenshots, or in drawings where the character is meant to stand out (for example, I always use it for screenshot redraws).

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With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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Imagine moving to La Push and becoming good friends with the pack.

I feel like I’ve said aisle soo many times sorry about that I couldn’t figure out another way to word it lol. This was meant to be a small imagine but i got a bit carried away, and I’m half asleep so i apologise if it gets a bit muddled in places. :)

(Y/N- Your name)

Part 2 (Reader x Paul lahote)

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My Timeline of Top Surgery & Recovery with Dr. Raphael in Plano, Texas.

This is just a master post of my top surgery experience & recovery. I had double incision mastectomy with nipple grafts in Feb of 2016. I also had lipo. The total was $6,750 ($6,000 for the masc and $750 for the lipo on the sides.)
Pictures will be made available at request.


  • Because I do not live in the Plano area I drove 5 hours to Plano the day before my surgery and had my pre-op apt that same day.
  • At pre-op I met with one of the nurses and with Dr. Raphael. This is your opportunity to talk to him about your chest, incisions, to bring up concerns and so on. In my case, my mom asked all the questions because she wasn’t as versed as I was on what was going on. 
  • At pre-op they give you a lot of things to sign, they take before photos, and just go over the basic run down of everything you need to do before surgery.
  • Try to plan your pre-op apt as early as possible that day. You will have to go get your prescriptions the day before your surgery and you don’t want to run into the pharmacy closing on you or any issues with the pharmacy not accepting the scripts. I went to Walgreens to get mine filled and they gave me a hard time which led to an hour run around between Walgreens and the doctors office.
  • I was prescribed extra medicines because I had issues with nausea in previous surgeries. If you have concerns about nausea tell the nurse at your pre op and they will get you what you need to prevent you from getting sick. They will walk you through possible medicines you may need based on your medical history and/or allergies you have.
  • The anesthesiologist will call you the night before your surgery. They will tell you not to eat anything too heavy for dinner and to make sure it is pretty bland. I couldn’t eat any dairy either. Also, clear liquids for the most part. Of course they advised me not to eat after 10pm for safety. 
  • Make sure you have a support system with you. First of, you can not have surgery without someone to be with you but I took my mom, my best friend and his brother with me. The surgery center also will not let you have surgery without people to care for you afterwards.
  • Pack or get yourself some button up shirts. You will not be able to get into t-shirt well if at all that first week or so. If you are trying to get into t-shirts that first week you will more than likely pull something as you are not supposed to be lifting your arms at all. (Think about the arm range of a T-Rex. That will be you.)
  • I am a pretty hairy individual so I shaved my chest a couple days prior to surgery. About a week before surgery you should start prepping your body for surgery. You will wash your chest with Betadine Skin Cleanser. You should get this information when you set your surgery date. If you don’t get it, email the office.
  • You will take 500mg of Vitamin C daily in addition to any multi vitamin you may be taking. DO NOT take any extra Vitamin E because it may cause some bleeding.
  • Do NOT take any aspirin or ibuprofen one week prior to surgery and up to two weeks after surgery. (i.e. Bufferin, Anacin, Advil, Motrin, Datril, Excedrin, Anacin-free, etc.)
  • NO SMOKING. Especially 1 week prior and two weeks after surgery.
  • Also, you will have to stop testosterone 2 weeks prior to surgery.


  • My surgery was at 7am and lasted about 3 hours according to my best friend.
  • When you get there you will check in at surgery check in desk on your right after you go through the doors.
  • When they call you back you will change out of your clothes into the hospital gown and socks. (I took this opportunity to take my last selfie in my binder.)
  • You then will be escorted to your surgery bed. The nurses will get you all cozy and warm (I personally overheat easily so I had to have them cool me down a little bit) and start your IV. The anesthesiologist will make an appearance to just walk you through some things. Dr. Raphael will also come in and draw the incision marks and other surgery related things on you.
  • After everything they will use your IV to put you to sleep and start wheeling you to the surgery room. I remember being wheeled to the back and everyone being all smiles. I knocked out right when then they put me on the surgery table.


  • I woke up and I only remember them asking me if I wanted something to drink (sprite? ginger ale?). I also remember being wheeled out to the car and my best friend and his brother getting me in the car. I remember being placed in the bed in the room. I remember taking a post op selfie and being able to use the restroom by myself.
  • Wearing sweat pants and/or athletic shorts are a must after surgery.
  • My first meal after surgery was mashed potatoes and gravy. Something pretty light is always best.
  • You can only sleep on your back and you have to sleep elevated.
  • I personally had a problem staying awake the first 3 days after surgery or so. I would fall asleep in the middle of doing things. 
  • You will have a post op the day after surgery. Here they will teach you and whoever taking care of you how to care for your dressings for the next week.
  • Your chest is dressed with pads to soak any blood from your incisions. If you had lipo you will have a half pad on those entry points below incisions. Over that is 2 ace bandages that are wrapped tight to deal with swelling. (They are meant to be tight but if you have trouble breathing then loosen them. They are there for support.) The ace bandages will be wrapped over your chest and your lipo points. The ace bandages stay on majority of the time unless you are changing the pads. DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR TAPES OR ANY OTHER BANDAGES! Only change the pads once a day.
  • Dr. Raphael does not use drains.
  • I developed a minor rash around my lipo points because I had to much moisture there from the neosporin. If that happens to you stop putting the neosporin there.
  • At your one week appointment they will remove the dressings and you will see your chest for the first time.
  • Reveal day is very emotional for most people and I knew that I would forget everything that the nurses told me in terms of my continued aftercare. My tip is to have someone record the entire exchange so you can re-listen to the aftercare instructions later.
  • At one week I was told I could drive again, I could sleep on my sides, I could shower again, and that I could wear t-shirts again. (I personally waited to drive longer than that though because I did not feel comfortable at all.)
  • You will continue to wear the ace bandages for a month. It’s hard to think about binding after surgery but its to contain swelling, so don’t cheat your recovery.
  • For your nipple care, you will be given Adaptic (non-adhering dressing) that is meant to keep your nips moist. you will apply some vasoline to the Adaptic. Then you cover that with a gauze pad and medical tape or fabric tape. (All things you can find in the first aid aisle at the store. The nurses will give you some to get started.) You will do this until you run out of the Adaptic they give you. Which should be about a month to 6 weeks.
  • The tapes on your incisions will fall off on their own. Don’t pull them off. They should all fall off on their own around 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • After they fall off you will place provided silicone strips for your scars for a while.
  • At the time of surgery, I was delivering pizzas for a living. I will admit that I jumped the gun on returning to work too early. I ended up going back after 3 or 4 weeks. When you can go back is determined by what kind of work you can do.
  • At 6 weeks, my left nipple looked to have healed wonderfully. I pulled the last of my visible sutures, as instructed, that day. My right nipple still had a little spot to heal but seemed to be healing just fine.

Random Tips:

  • If you have a hard time taking pills like I do. You can try taking them with apple sauce.
  • Make sure you have Miralax and Fiber. Pooping after surgery is really important because the pain meds will stop you up.
  • Don’t over do it. Sit down and rest. I am the type of person that will do everything but I can not stress how important it is to sit down and rest and not try to be Superman. Watch your range of motion, even if it feels, “just fine”. It will have effects on your healing.
  • Netflix. Netflix. Netflix.
  • I don’t hear this referenced too much but for those of you who play instruments, I play violin among others, I would suggest waiting the entire 6 weeks before playing again. 

The nurses will honestly give you everything that you need for recovery. There is no need to worry about recovery supplies. They really give you everything. Make sure you read all of the paperwork they give you in terms of pre op and post op. I did have surgery in Feb of 2016 so things make have slightly changed. This is also MY experience and MY experience alone. My health is different than yours so please listen to the nurses and doctors. I shared my experience to help others have an idea on what to roughly expect.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me asks!

Kara doesn’t have to do anything to keep herself in shape because the solar radiation keeps her strong, but she still likes to work out to tone her body (Kara secretly loves it when people admire her physique). One day she and Lena are scheduled to have lunch, but she’ll feel so much more confident if she works out first! So she works out and finishes her routine with hanging sit-ups in the main area of her apartment when the door suddenly opens

And then there’s Lena, speechless at the sight of a sweaty, ponytailed, upside down Kara clad only in a sports bra and athletic shorts; Kara is equally speechless as she’s mid-sit up and wide-eyed, not expecting Lena for another hour. And as they are both frozen in place, Kara realizes she told Lena 1:00pm instead of 2:00pm like she meant to and of course she would walk in without knocking, Kara’s apartment is a second comforting home to Lena, except oh my god it is so not comfortable now, in fact Lena has a very particular feeling of discomfort in a very particular part of her body because Kara’s toned body half naked and sweaty in front of her is her own personal fantasy

Is That My Shirt? (E.D) Part 2

Summary: You’re the twins assistant, and while they were in Jersey visiting their family and friends, you were back in LA handling all the business stuff. What you didn’t know was they were coming home earlier than planned, so maybe dancing around half naked in their apartment wasn’t such a great idea. Or was it?

Word Count: 1,738

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Fingering. Thigh riding. Cursing.

A/N: Here’s part 2 guys! It was only meant to be 2 parts, so this is it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, I started classes today. Yaay -_- …. So along with working everyday, I’ll be in classes 4 days out the week, so my schedule is a little bit hectic. I won’t be as active during the week, but I promise I’ll try to keep updating as much as I can. But as promised part 3 of Tattoo Girl should be finish by the end of this week, soooo look out for that! I love you guys <3 

* * The twins are 19 in this. * *

Ethan’s POV

“Turn around.” I whispered into her ear. 

She turned around, and slowly unfolded her arms, to placing them down by her side. She had no bra on so her breast were exposed for my eyes to see. My eyes scanned up and down her body, and it took everything in me to not push her up against that wall and do her right then and there. I’ve always been attracted to Y/N. When Kyle told Gray and I about getting a new assistant, I figured it was going to be someone way older like around their 30s or something. But when we finally met her, I was kind of glad Kyle didn’t pick some 30 year old. Y/N was beautiful. It was hard to not be attracted to her. To be honest, I think she’s attracted to me too. I mean I see the way she looks at me. She might think I don’t notice, but I do. Because I look at her the same way.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and pushed her body against mine. I crashed my lips onto her soft pink ones, stealing the breath from her lungs, and smothering her with my body and my mouth. After about a minute or two of making out, I pulled away, giving us both some breathing room, before I attacked her bare neck again. 

“Ethan… W-We shouldn’t be doing this.” she said.

She’s right we shouldn’t. She’s my assistant, and this isn’t professional, but who gives a fuck. No one has to know about this but the two of us.

“Tell me to stop.” I said, still kissing at her neck, while my hand found it’s way to her breast, and gave it a squeeze, causing a small moan to escape her lips. A light chuckled escape my mouth when I realize she still hasn’t told me to stop. 

I kissed her again, with more force then the last time. I ran my tongue across her bottom lip asking for entry, and she allowed it, snaking her arms around my neck immediately. Without breaking the kiss, and with my hands still on her waist, I guided us back over towards her bed.

I sat down on the bed, and she got on top straddling my left thigh. Her hands found the back of my head, gripping onto my hair as we were in a deep, and heated make out session. With our bodies nestled up against each other, I noticed my thigh was still between her legs, and it was getting quite warm. I felt her body shifting around on my thigh, and I realized she was wet, and she was grinding her wetness onto my thigh. I’ve never seen a girl do that before, so it was pretty hot. I felt my boxer getting a little bit tighter, and I was wearing Nike shorts, so my boner was pretty much visible. 

I squeezed her waist slightly, as she continued to gently roll her hips on my thigh. I ran my hands down her waist, and curvy hips, and rested them on her ass. Giving them a rough squeeze. She pulled away from the kiss, and nuzzled her head into my neck, letting out light moans, and leaving gently kisses on my neck occasionally. Her juices were starting to coat my thigh, and my dick strained against the fabric of my boxers. I started to caress her legs, and thighs as she was rubbing herself on me. I slowly moved my hand up her thigh, until my hand met her warm clit. I pulled the thing fabric of her lace underwear to the side, and she gasped when my thumb gazed her clit. She started to speed up her pace, and I pushed a finger in between her and my thigh, and stroked it gently up and down a few times, along her clit. She let out small moans, as her eyes were closed, and her mouth opened. I eased one finger inside of her, and she moaned out loud. 


“Grayson might hear us.” I said, causing her to nuzzle her head deeper into my neck, and nibbling at the skin. 

I felt her legs clamped around my finger, and I drew my fingers in and out. Pumping my fingers slowly but deeply into her, I savored the feeling of her slick, and silky walls around my finger. I could feel her loosening up a bit, so I decided to slip in a second finger. She bit down on my shoulder, to try to restrain another loud moan. Her hips bucked against my fingers, and I could feel her juice start to trickle down between my knuckles. You were able to hear a squishy like sound every time my fingers went in and out of her pussy. She kept letting out little whimpers and moans, that drove me absolutely wild. Taking my other free hand, I started stroking at her clit, while I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her with my other hand. She started grinding her hips harder, and faster against my thigh, wrapping her arms tight around my neck, and burying her face into my shoulder. I felt her warm breath on my skin as she tried to speak. 

“Ohh…Fuck Ethan… I’m.. I’m gonna cum…” she mumbled into my shoulder. 

“Yes Y/N. Cum. Cum on my thigh, and all over my fingers baby girl.” I said, not to loud, but loud enough so she could hear me. 

“Cum for me baby girl.”

She began humping furiously against my fingers, as an orgasm was starting to take over her body. I felt her walls clenching around my fingers as I pumped them deeper into her, curling them a bit and hitting her g spot. 

“Fu-fuck!” she moaned, as some more of her warm juices gushed down my hand, and down her clit. 

I began to slow down my pace, as I felt her stop grinding against me, and slowly slipped my wet fingers out of her. 

Reader’s POV

I was still on a high from that orgasm I just had. Holy shit, did he know who to work his fingers. Now lets see what he can do with that boner poking from under his shorts. 

This was wrong, this was so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this, and we both know it. But we both didn’t care. It’s obvious that the both of us had always had some sexual tension towards each other, and today just so happens to be the day that we act on it.

I stood up from the bed, and grabbed his hand pulling him up with me. I slipped my hands, under his shorts, and boxer and started tugging them down. It sprang free, and poked against the skin of my bare thigh. 

God sure blessed him.

We both looked down. Ethan with a satisfied smirk on his face, when he noticed my facial expression. My eyes went wide at how long, and thick he was. 

Fuck he was huge.

He must have been almost a solid 8 inches. His dick was glistening with precum. I looked up to see Ethan’s eyes on me. His eyes were so dark, and so full of lust. I my eyes on him as I bit down on my bottom lip, and wrapped my small hand around his hard shaft, and I felt him jerk a little bit. Keeping eye contact with him, I began to slowly tug on his throbbing dick, up and down. He bit his lip, and threw his head back, revealing his veiny neck, that I accidently covered in bite marks, and small hickeys. Oops. Gripping it a little tighter, and going a little faster. The faster I went, the harder he got in my hand. 

“Ah shit.” he groaned, running both his hands in his hair, gripping at it. I can see his body start to jerk a little, letting me know he was close. I started pumping my hand around his length faster, but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me. 

“Get on the bed.” Ethan said, licking his lips.

I did as he said, and sat down on the bed. Ethan looked down at me while he was still standing in between my legs. He looked straight into my eyes, and a malicious grin plastered on his face. Just by that look I can only begin to imagine what I was in for. He lowered himself on top of me, so that his length was pressed against my most sensitive spot. He began to attack my neck with kisses, feeling bites occasionally but I didn’t mind. 

He can do whatever he wants to me at this point.

He pressed his body down against mine, and I moaned at the satisfying feeling of his hard dick pressed up against my pussy. I could feel him laughing against my neck, obviously satisfied with what he was doing to me. He pulled himself up, so he was now kneeling in between my legs. He started to take his hard length into his hand, and slapped it down on my wet slit a couple times. 

“You ready for me baby girl?” he asked, and I nodded bitting my lip.

He grabbed my legs, wrapped it around his waist and lowered himself onto me. He slowly slid his hard dick into me, and I felt myself stretch as he completely filled me. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”  he groaned, as he started moving into me slowly, and gently, letting me adjust to his size.

Ethan wasn’t my first, but I have to admit he is pretty big. And he’s only 19 for fuck sakes. 

“Oh my…” I tried to talk, but I couldn’t get anything out, as I felt him starting to pick up the pace a little bit, going a little deeper each time he thrust.

His thrust became harder, and faster and I couldn’t hold back the moans anymore. My dug my fingernails into Ethan’s board shoulders, and slid one hand on the back of his head pulling him down to me. His body was on mine, and you can just feel the heat radiating between us. He nibbled at my ear, as he began to thrust harder into into me. The harder and faster he thrusted the louder my moans were getting. But I knew I couldn’t be that loud because Grayson was here. 

“What’s my name?” he whispered in my ear. 

“E-Ethan…” I muttered. 

“Wrong answer!” he said, as he thrust deeper, and harder into me, causing me to whimper in both pain and pleasure. 

How was that the wrong answer? Oh I get it. Ha. He’s a kinky mother fucker. 

“What’s my name, Y/N?” he asked again. Still going harder and harder, making me feel every inch of him as he pushed himself inside of me. 

“Da…Daddy!” I said, trying not to sound so loud, but I couldn’t help it. He knew what he was doing, and every thrust felt so good. I felt myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. 

“Fuck Y/N…you feel so good.” Ethan moaning was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Being the reason why he was moaning makes it even hotter. 

My nails were crawling at his back, and my lip was starting to bleed from biting down on it so hard trying to keep in my moans, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I was so close. Ethan’s lips crashed down onto mine, kissing me as he pumped his length in and out of me harder and faster.

“Don’t…Stop…Please…” I moaned.

“Cum on daddy’s dick baby.” he said, thrusting harder and harder. I could feel my legs starting to grow shaky and weak, and my stomach was starting to tighten up. I guess Ethan knew I was close because with one more deep thrust I reached my climax. Ethan quickly pulled himself out of me, and shoot his load onto my bare stomach. He clasped on the side of me, and reached down on the floor grabbing my college t-shirt and wiped his cum off my stomach. 

* * * *

“Can I be honest?” Ethan asked, as we were laying in my bed, and he had his arm draped over my naked body.

“Yeah. What is it?” I asked.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the first day I met you.” he said, as a smirk crept up upon his lips. 

Not saying anything, I propped myself onto my elbow, and I connected my lips onto his, cuffing my free hand on one side of his face. He licked my bottom lip asking for entry, and I allowed him. Our tongues wrestled with each other, as I felt his arms on the small of my back, pulling me closer into him. Things were starting to heat back up pretty quickly, until a knock on my bedroom door, cause us to pull apart from our heated make out session.

“Yo Y/N! Were you still going to make those pancakes?” Grayson shouted from the other side of the door. 

Seriously Grayson?

“Yeah!” I shouted back, looking over at Ethan who was trying to hold back his laugh.

“Also do you know where Ethan is? He kind of disappeared.” Grayson said, but I didn’t reply I just looked at Ethan who was trying to keep himself from laughing.

I chuckled slightly, and hit his chest playfully. We both got out of bed, and as Ethan was putting on his clothes, I walked over to my dresser to find some new underwear, and a shirt. I felt someone standing behind me. Knowing he could only be Ethan I turned around. He was standing behind me shirtless with his shirt in his hand.

“I like when you wear my clothes.” he winked, and gave me a kiss on my temple before heading out the room. 


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So this is going to be half translation/half liveblog, sorry~

The background where Karlheinz and Socrates (FRIGGIN’ SOCRATES) are talking is so pretty, I wish the sprites weren’t in the way.

So I chose Kino first, because why not just jump right in to his storyline which is probably meant to be done last, but whatever. Things I’ve forgotten between the first game and now (because I never finished the others):
 1) Can these jerks fly??? Cause Kino randomly floating in the sky to monologue is annoying af
 2) As I’ve now found out, the screenshot feature within the game DOES NOT SAVE THE TEXT JFC. I’d taken some screenshots to go back and translate those specific lines later, but nooooope, no text. Whoops. And fuck going back to copy it out lol

Anyway, some liveblogging/thoughts/summaries/etc and some translations are under the cut!

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (1/15)

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AU: New series. yay. This one takes place after Ultron BUT Pietro is alive. Yes. Sue me. I like Pietro and I think he had potential to develop further as a character. Also, Fury is still Director of SHIELD because he’s probably the only one who can control the avengers so yea. Anyway, I’m not sure if this would be a StevexReader or a BuckyxReader or maybe someone else. You guys tell me. Enjoy!

Part 1 | Part 2 


The bomb blew up. The place was getting destroyed.

“Go! Run away from here! Find your family!”

Their faces almost a blur in her mind. Another explosion. This time more powerful. The equipment in the laboratory crashing to the ground one by one.

“You’ll live. Don’t worry. You’ll live long, Y/N. You’ll be okay. You’re strong.”

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Here’s a little lecture from Undyne about this here advertisement, I’ll be typing up what she says as I’m afraid she will break my keyboard if I let her type this.

Hello humans! Today you are gonna get a lesson on fish, get ready to learn! First of all, the strong amazing warrior of a fish you see in the above image is a frilled shark. And no, Greeningz, it’s not a dangerous sea creature. They spend most of their lives below 50 meters (160 feet), and have been caught as deep as 1570 meters. If you don’t have gills like me, you’d never be able to swim down deep enough to see where they normally live. They only come to the surface when sick, dying, or caught by fishing nets. It’s maximum length is 2 m (6.6 feet), around the height of Papyrus. Even if you did encounter a frilled shark, it’s not dangerous. It only eats boney fish and mainly cephalopods, mostly squids. It has tiny needle like teeth meant for snagging soft squids, and a very weak bite for its size. If it tried to bite a human, it could very well lose a lot of its teeth and risk it’s jaws being broken. It’s not like me with my chompers (editors note: Undyne is gnashing her teeth and almost bit my webcam in half. I don’t have the guts to explain this isn’t being a recorded video).

Anyway, this shark is not dangerous at all, unlike humans. I love anime and know Alphys wants to take me there, but I’ve heard bad things about “Japan”. Did you know that in the oceans bordering it, the humans capture frilled sharks, and turn it into fish meal? It’s a better fate than some of the other sharks, in Ass-eye-ah (editors note: I think she is trying to say Asia, all those years underground have done a number on the geography education of monsters) fishermen grab sharks and cut off the fins, and throw the still living sharks back into the water to bleed out. They don’t take the rest of the shark, because their fins are worth more, because they are sold to make a special soup supposed to have magic powers. I get it, you humans want to have food that gives magical power buffs like some monster food gives, but it doesn’t work that way, and being cruel to sharks won’t help. Let’s not even get into what they do to the whales and dolphins.

sharks kill less than 10 humans a year. Most are cases of mistaken identity, but humans kill over 100 million sharks a year. Entire species driven to extinction. Typical humans, as a monster, I know how it feels when humans don’t understand and are scared of something, so they let bullies and people with uncaring destructive souls massacre an entire species and wipe it out, and justify it by claiming it’s just the way it’s been for a long time and that it’s to make places safer for humans. You want to know the most dangerous sea creature on the planet? The one that kills countless others, and is responsible for killing more humans at sea than all the other sea creatures put together?

Its humans. You have been killing each other at sea ever since you could make boats. I have been told that the flag I found was not about skeletons and humans, the skull and crossbones apparently means death, which doesn’t make sense because Papyrus and Sans wouldn’t kill a fly, right? Human pirates would use this flag to warn other ships to stay away, and they would kill people and steal from other ships. Today, people at sea still kill each other because of greed and hatred.

I’m listening to Alphys and trying to use science and education to change you humans and make you more empathetic, but if you keep fearmongering about sharks and killing them, and keep destroying the ocean, I’m going to handle this my way. I’m going to become a pirate. I already have an eyepatch and I can get that bird that carries you over a little gap in Waterfall to sit on my shoulder like a parrot. I’ll take the royal guard and Papyrus as my crew, and I’ll go hunt down these humans that kill sharks and whales and dolphins, and these people that encourage such genocide of wildlife, and I’ll give you HUMANS a REAL DANGEROUS SEA CREATURE to FEAR! NGAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

(Editors note: please stop finning sharks, she is scaring me)