i mean; even the title songs

How to Snag Potter

By Draco Malfoy

1. Midnight Rendezvous: Invite him to a duel and then bond over shared rule-breaking. Didn’t work because Weasley insisted on coming along. Reported them to Filch instead. 

2. Midnight Rendezvous, second attempt: Inspire gratitude by helping him deal with illegal dragon. Possible small talk about my name? Caught by McGonagall

3. Show off amazing Quidditch skills and really cool new broom. Nope. Granger said I bought my way onto the team (NOT TRUE) and I’m pretty sure Potter believed it. 

4. Send carefully composed and endearing Valentine (the only good thing Lockhart has ever done). I don’t think he liked it very much, despite the brilliant lyrics I composed. Ended up shifting blame onto the Girl Weasel. Fairly certain he doesn’t suspect.

5. Become gravely injured in order to appeal to his Savior Complex and inspire feelings of protectiveness. DO NOT ATTEMPT AGAIN. Was nearly murdered when I insulted that giant filthy chicken, and yet Potter decided that IT was the victim?! Unacceptable. I will not rest until that beast is put down.

6. A fun prank! He seems to enjoy stuff like this when the Weasley Twins do it, so I’m sure he will laugh. Learn to sew. It turns out that Potter has no sense of humor as well as very poor vision, because he nearly killed me with that damn Patronus Charm. Although I must admit, it is kind of hot that he can already do a Patronus.

7. Support him with Triwizard Tournament badges! Okay, this one was probably my fault. Pansy saw me experimenting with them and I changed the messages at the last minute. Why can’t he just realize that I don’t mean it?

8. Report Potter’s tragic story to the Prophet to increase sympathy and support. Exaggerate if it will get him more attention. I realize now that Potter does not like attention. Also Skeeter made out like Potter is in some sort of love triangle involving Granger, which is not even remotely acceptable. This was a mistake.

9. Show respect for his friends by composing an encouraging song in Weasley’s honor. Apparently making the title sound complimentary isn’t enough to negate other more insulting lyrics. Honestly this was doomed from the start because there is literally nothing good about the Weasel except his best friend.

10. Impress him with your status and power by leading the Inquisitorial Squad. Umbridge is an absolute menace and I am an idiot.

11. Make him jealous: Flirt excessively with Pansy. I don’t think he even noticed.

12. Show him your sensitive side by crying in the girls’ loo. Fuck.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. 

13. Realize you’ve been a complete arse for your entire life. Regret everything. Do your best to become someone who does the right thing. Don’t identify Potter when asked. Stop cronies from killing him. Apologize sincerely after he gets you off at your trial. Invite him for dinner. 

14. Invite him for drinks. 

15. Buy him a birthday present. 

16. Kiss him. 

17. Go back to his flat. 

18. Refuse to leave his bed. This only works for so long.

19. Attempt to make him breakfast.

20. Come out to the Prophet together.

21. Date for three years.

22. Say “yes.”

I feel like we’re entering a whole new era, like seventeen is reinventing themselves. It’s seventeen project 2.0 and they’re making this “chapter 1” meaning there will be more chapters (?) and the group said it’s like they’re debuting again so maybe they are going for a whole new concept
Like all the title songs up until now have been phases of a boy in love and I feel like theyre going past that now, I’m so excited for this comeback because this is probably the most growth we’ve seen from the boys since 17 project and you can really see how dedicated and passionate they are about showing us an even better seventeen

on phichit and his role in yoi

now that i’m on a roll here i think we do need to emphasize how important phichit is. i think that–and no offense to the other skaters–after yuuri and victor and yuri, phichit is the most accomplished character and honestly deserves to be the main character.

i mean, think about the themes of yuri on ice. it’s about finding yourself, knowing yourself, making history. i mean title of the opening song is “history maker(s)”. phichit embodies so much of this. right off the start, even before the events of yuri on ice, he’s already doing so much by being the first southeast asian skater to advance onto the grand prix finals. his thai identity and his skating are tied really closely together. it’s what motivates him and moves him. 

“Until recently, I bet no one thought that a Thai skater would land a quad at a Grand Prix Series event! I’ve always believed in myself though!”

like. this is really big, considering that winter sports aren’t really a huge thing in southeast asia obviously because of the weather. but phichit is paving a way for future generations of southeast asian skaters to shine through in a sport that he loves, not only by making it through to the grand prix finals, but also implementing his “phichit on ice” dream. like, phichit wants to make ice skating accessible for his people and that’s so inspirational. he could have been like “yes, i am an accomplished thai skater, the first one!!” but he really went above and beyond to reach out to his people because he loves skating and he loves thailand. he is truly making history. a few years from now in the yoi universe soemone will be writing a history of figure skating and you bet your ass phichit chulanont will be there as the “first ever southeast asian skater to break through to the grand prix finals/win gold/etc etc AND helped bridge the gap between winter sports and southeast asia”

aside from that, it’s also worth mentioning that phichit is one of, if not the only best friend yuuri has. yuuri, the main character of the show who tends to be closed off and anxious to other people. aside from yuuko and nishigori, i can’t think of anyone else he’s as close as he is to phichit. and even yuri still seems closed off towards yuuko and nishigori at times. we see selfies of phichit and yuuri where yuuri looks completely comfortable with him and it seems like they tend to skype each other regularly (as seen in episode 4). and i think that says a lot about phichit’s character and his importance to yuuri’s life. and i wish we saw more of that because i think, especially after yamamoto’s quote about phichit and yuuri, it’s one the best relationship dynamics on the show.

and i guess that brings me to my criticisms about how phichit is treated. like, phichit has accomplished so much yet sometimes all i see from fandom is the characterization of phichit as the “social media obsessed skater who ships his best friend” which is first of all really weird and second it’s just plain disrespectful to phichit’s character and all that he accomplished. i know you’re saying “but we’re just having fun, celine! stop being such a soilsport” well i’ve seen too many of this characterization and i’m tired. it’s hard enough going through the tag and ao3 and only seeing phichit as the sidelined character when he could be so much more. 

and to the creators, i know that there wasnt enough time for every other character’s story to be fleshed out, but where’s all the bonus content for phichit? where’s a snippet of “phichit on ice”? where are all the interview tidbits about phichit that gives us an insight to his life? what does he do offseason while in thailand? what’s his backstory? how did he rise to the occasion to be a se asian skater? (this may be a stretch but it’s good to consider: there may not be homophobia in the yoi universe but is there racism se asians that could have potentially be the reason that he placed last?) we can get stuff about guang-hong and yuri’s cat, why not insights into phichit’s life?

phichit is such an important character to me and even important in the yoi universe if we look at the themes of the show and his association with yuuri and i just think that he deserves so much than how the creators and fandom treat him (or ignore him)

one more thing? stop whitewashing him hes a brown dark-skinned asian he has melanin let! him! be! dark!


SO back in during the revolutionary war the British soliders sang a song called Yanke Doodle (which is now a famous American song and even the state anthem of Connecticut).


1. Okay so American Idiot is quite simple what the title means. But you don’t really know what Yankee Doodle means right.

Okay so Yankee is basically an American person. But what the fuck is a doodle?

Wait wait. So Doodle means “fool” right. Technically this means that the song is literally called American Idiot. But that’s not everything.

2. The meaning in American Idiot is according to Wikipedia that Green Day and Billy Armstrong makes fun of the American people.

Examples:  “American Idiot” contends that mass media has orchestrated paranoia and idiocy among the public. Citing cable news coverage of the Iraq War, Billie Joe Armstrong recalled, “They had all these Geraldo-like journalists in the tanks with the soldiers, getting the play-by-play.“ He felt with that, American news crossed the line from journalism to reality television, showcasing violent footage intercut with advertisements.[2]  and Armstrong went on to write the song after hearing the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "That’s How I Like It” on his car radio.[3] “It was like, ‘I’m proud to be a redneck’ and I was like, 'oh my God, why would you be proud of something like that?’ This is exactly what I’m against.” )

But what is the meaning of Yankee Doodle? According to Wikipedia:

Traditions place its origin in a pre-Revolutionary War song originally sung by British military officers to mock the disheveled, disorganized colonial “Yankees” with whom they served in the French and Indian War, apparently written c. 1755 by British Army surgeon Dr. Richard Shuckburgh while campaigning in upper New York.[13] The British troops sang it to make fun of their stereotype of the American soldier as a Yankee simpleton who thought that he was stylish if he simply stuck a feather in his cap.[1]

You see a pattern here? Yankee Doodle IS LITERALLY A 18TH CENTURY VERSION OF AMERICAN IDIOT.

For the first time in a billion years I L O V E the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest without any kind of doubt but I’m scared shitless that tumblr will just label it as racist and appropriative (lyrics are all in Italian and people on this god forsaken website tend to Never Do Their Reaserch Before They Open Their Piehole) when it’s THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT

The title literally means “The Westerner’s Karma” and it parodizes westerners thinking themselves knowledgeable, masters even, of Asian cultures/philosophies/traditions because they once took a yoga class or the googled “buddhism” and became overnight experts. While when you actually look at them up close they just look like “naked dancing monkeys” making fool out of themselves.

⚜Admin Sam’s EXO Comeback Theory 2017 Compilation⚜

To start, here is the old compilation of my Phantom of the Opera/Mask choreography comeback theory that I’ve had for a couple of years - this concept still hasn’t manifested. I don’t know if it will never happen or if it is going to be combined with this comeback theory concept to be doubley-amazing, OR if it could possibly be the repackaged concept.

^^from MAMA 2016.

Many of you may know about the Royalty/Kings concept, and here I am going to compile what I have seen so far about it!

♛^This picture is from the old comeback theory post. People were confused by the “THTONES” but since earlier this year, similar posts started flying around saying that the title track would be called “THRONE,” which… makes more sense. cr. mydeeryo

♛There are rumors that both “Full Moon” (performed on tour) and “Phoenix” (from teaser era) will be on this album. There are also rumors that it will be a full-length album and that the repackaged has been in the works (these are looser rumors/he-said-she-said kind of stuff so take it with a grain of salt). 

♛During EXO’s fifth anniversary vlive broadcast, Jongin referenced a Korean idiom and said he’s “sharpening his sword,” which has a meaning of working hard/preparing. This led fans to believe that this is related to the royalty concept and that it could be a knightly theme or even that the choreography could be related to sword-fighting. It was an idiom but Jongin is quite book-smart and clever with his words, even though he doesn’t show it as much as Baekhyun.

@jonginssoo (view post)

♛Speaking of Baekhyun, his “it’s hot” hint - he said it again here at the Exordium dot press conference. Fans speculate that the hint was simply to say that it would be a summer concept but I’m sure it’s more than that. Some people believe that it’s wordplay, that he means “The War” in english. So sneaky~ I don’t know if it has to do with the title of the song or the song’s theme.

♛He also said SOMEWHERE something about them coming back as powerful warriors but I can’t for the life of me find that???!?! I wish I had saved it somewhere because I automatically thought of the royalty/knights concept. Please let me know if you know where this is from.

♛And then obviously, the royalty outfits:


♛Bringing back MAMA powers and/or having a song that is about the state of the world, similar to MAMA

♛A song that is not a love/relationship song.

♛I still think it could have the same vibe as my mask concept. Historical outfits, baroque architecture LOL. Knights/warriors/game of thrones/that sort of thing you know

♛That old joke Baek made about Kyungsoo doing pilates to prepare for the comeback LMFAO maybe some difficult choreography/b-boying/acrobatic formations like in Overdose

♛I think there will be a rapper-line song, kind of like Twenty Four, whether it’s Full Moon, Do it Together, or another song.

So I believe that’s all I have for now, send a message if you have any detective work that I’ve missed and I will tag everything with “comeback2017″ so you can visit /tagged/comeback2017 to see all of the posts/asks I answer about this!

Get to work, EXO-Ls 🔍🗒🖋

[INTERVIEW] B.A.P “Bang Yongguk comeback →performance as a whole touching, full feeling like confidence”

Youngjae met with Newsen and expressed satisfaction on the news, “This album is a single which includes 3 songs and (I) like the songs itself. I’m really happy. (I) prepared for this comeback stage with a very fluttering heart.” And also stated “If the last album’s title ‘SKYDIVE’ was a heavy feeling, this new song is a song with a feeling in which we solved that in a more supple way. We tried our best to convey the meanings we wanted to deliver more precisely than ‘SKYDIVE’. The rose color has a more sexy feeling. I think we’ll be able to show you a more sexier feeling on stages.”

Himchan stated, “It’s a song that matches well with this period (of time/age), is very refined, has a feeling and strongly addicting. Even the choreography is a style we haven’t tried until now. We attempted for a different choreography.” And added on with a joke, “Since Jongup and Zelo are in charge of dancing, it’ll be good to only look at (these) two members in terms of choreography.” Prior to (Himchan), Youngjae said “I am cool too. Daehyun-ie, Himchan hyung is cool too and Yongguk hyung is also cool too.”

Also hinted about the point choreo. Daehyun explained, “When you are watching the chorus there is a point where it says to wake up, get up. There is a dance we do during the chorus part, I think you (guys) will know exactly that that’ll be the point (choreo). There is a dance part with a feeling as if saying ‘wake up’, I think it’ll be good to watch that part.” Himchan also explained, “When you watch the choreography there’s a part where Jongup, Youngjae and Daehyun dances first during the chorus part. And then every members dances (together), it’s a sexy feeling.”

Himchan, who came back with an unrecognizable lean image joked with, “For me, the most priority focus on this album was diet. Since too much people told me to lose weight.” And continued, “With the comeback ahead, I think I lost about 7kg. Before that I had gained a lot. But since it is something that I had to do I did it (diet).”

When asked how it feels to comeback as a whole after a long time, Youngjae answered, “Today when Yongguk hyung came out the fans kept shouting out loud. It was touching.” Daehyun revealed, “Even on the stage itself, (we) firstly did not feel any emptiness and rather felt more full for sure and because of that I will be able to perform more confidently.  I felt more cheered up. The fans are sending us very positive reactions. After the release of the album and the music video, they are using a lot of very thankful expression, ‘the greatest’.

They also hinted about the NEXT ALBUM and the solo concert that will take place at the end of the month. Daehyun stated, “The information on the next album is a secret.” Youngjae explained with, “(We) already prepared for the album. Since (we) decided on the concept, we won’t be able to tell (you guys) beforehand. But since (we) already have been having album concept relating meetings ever since last year, (we) have them prepared.”

About the concert, Daehyun added, “We are preparing a lot for our solo stages too. We are trying to show variety images (of us) we are preparing for a long time. Since the concert starts soon, I think we’ll start proper practices. Since this concert will proceed with the title ‘PARTY BABY,’ the concept itself is completely different. (We) will prepare for an exciting, more party feeling like and able to enjoy with the fans (concert).

trans cr; bydaehyuns ; source: Newsen

t-omlinstar  asked:

I really like your input about H's songwriting. It usually calms me down cause I tend to overreact, but you help me see the reason. So thank you!!!!!

no problem! like the thing is that there is so much imagery in harry’s lyrics and he’s soooo clever and talented. he’s a storyteller. and i feel like sometimes people want to take every single lyric as literal when he’s said numerous times that his songs really aren’t literal and even though he is /honest/ in his writing, it doesn’t mean that the songs are always about his life or his pov either. i just wish people would actually /listen/ to him when he talks about songwriting because i find him fascinating and his brain is fucking genius.

like for example, yeah i do think a lot of the very personal, intimate love songs (especially ones that reference things that i can see being about louis) are about his relationship. because i’m someone who believes he has been with louis for however many years now. but that doesn’t mean that i think every lyric in the song is literal either. he uses tons of metaphors and personification of feelings and emotions.

but even if i thought from the dining table was about his own relationship, i believe that he and louis are fine so i would take the lyrics as a story created out of a particular moment in time or emotion he may have been feeling. i also think it could easily be a song about his parents with a title like that. 

people are going to interpret songs the way they want. if they want to believe that he is singing about an actual woman he banged in “Woman” and not look deeper into it, then that’s good for them. personally, i think harry is way more talented and clever than people give him credit for. and i think he can tell a story about a nameless woman without he himself being the actually voice of the song.

something about

[bucky barnes x reader]

author’s note: was going through my likes the other day and saw this. started cracking up and decided to write a fic for it. also here’s the song i was imagining for that one part in the fic. you’ll see what i mean. hope y’all enjoy <3 also titles are the worst. i think they’re the hardest part about the writing process lol

word count: 1,900

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me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me

Rivals Series Playlists

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts

hey fam, ‘tis I, your favorite Yuri!!! on Ice trashbag and pro fic reader, back at it again with the fanfic posts!

I’m coming at you today with playlists for both of @kazliin‘s Rivals fics! If you haven’t read them, you should come out from whatever rock you’re living under and surrender to this angsty one-sided-hate-sex AU. Here I have two lists of song recommendations to pair with these stories, handpicked from my own Spotify playlists - so brace yourself for a lot of chill indie electropop/rock, I suppose. I tend to think in songs so a lot of these came to mind as I was reading them, while others I picked later. There’s one for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and one for Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts! Please enjoy and pray for my poor sons, who just can’t seem to communicate with each other.

Rivals // UMFB&MHA - YouTube | Spotify

Rivals // OBS&BH - YouTube | Spotify

Fuck yeah I made these graphics. Or at least, I put them together. The Yuuri image and both snowy backgrounds came from Google; the Victor image, I painstakingly rendered myself. When I say I spent way too much time on this I mean it, y’all.

Song notes under the cut!! (Warning: notes contain spoilers for UMFB&MHA and OBS&BH up to chapter 3)

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anonymous asked:

Yo this was the anon who asked about your titles. I didn't mean any harm and I am honestly hurt by the fact that you took my question offensively. How was my question rude?

Gah no I didn’t take offense or find you rude!!! I’m not sure why some people took my response that way, I guess that’s just the way tone gets lost online. I was just being silly, in the offhand way I would respond to a friend. You can always assume that my intent is to be kind and genuine (unless someone is being super shitty about something that’s actually important), I’m sorry it came off otherwise this time.

I feel sometimes like I’m sincere to a fault and I know some people find my posts to be pretentious and I get REALLY self conscious about it, which is why I don’t actually respond to asks very often, and why I responded to yours in the briefest possible way haha. But I meant what I said, even if I didn’t expand on it! Here is the super-earnest and pedantic version:

“I do what I want” sounds kind of flippant but it’s also a difficult and empowering mantra to live by in a society that pressures you to follow arbitrary conventions for no other reason than that they’re easy and expected. If I didn’t do what I want in life I wouldn’t be an artist, and if I didn’t do what I want in art my art would be boring, so I try to protect independence and originality above everything else I do, and I think it’s important for other people to do the same, and maybe not worry too much about whether the title of something they make fits within the character limit on twitter because maybe that’s not as important as choosing the title that feels right for your piece.

Are the titles of my 4 most recent gallery pieces obnoxiously long? Yep! Do about 50% of people absolutely hate them, just because they’re long? Yep! Have at least a dozen people compared them to titles of Fall Out Boy songs? Yep (and that’s the best)!. 

There are also lots of people who really loved the titles and said that they made them think more about the meaning of the pieces, and that’s cool, because I think the titles complete the pieces perfectly. But I also think it’s so silly that anyone is even talking about the titles because all I did was break an arbitrary norm by letting my titles be a little long, when no one ever really pays attention to artwork titles anyway, so it’s just so… not revolutionary or even important or worth talking about? 

So if you want to talk about it, I’d rather center the conversation around why we shove ourselves into the boxes of convention in the first place and how liberating it is to allow yourself outside that box from time to time. There are so many decisions I’ve made with my career that go against what other people thought I should do, but I know that trusting myself and doing what I want will always pave a better path forward than following the ones that everyone else laid out for me. And questioning small things is great practice for questioning big things. One of the most important questions I ever asked in art school was a small one – basically, “why does it have to be a rectangle?” – and my art style formed around my answer to that question (“it doesn’t”), and I make art that fits in circles and squares and diamonds and lots of other shapes because rectangles are arbitrary and stupid! Just like the length of titles is arbitrary and stupid, and lots of things they teach you in school are arbitrary and stupid, and living in a house with these weird geometric walls instead of on a houseboat or in a tree fort or in a cave is arbitrary and stupid, everything is dumb and made up, just go do what you want!

This is why I tried to reply in one sentence!

Title: Boys Break Hearts (Part 6 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker))

Summary: The reader gets a surprise visit and a shocking confession from Peter, who hasn’t been around in a while.

Word Count: 2212

Warnings: Angst 

A/N: I’ve been working on this all week during my vacation and I hope it’s perfect and you all enjoy it! This series is def my favorite!


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Sebastian’s song?

Okay, so I’m gonna be absolutely honest and say I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to the most recent Kuro chapters but in this month’s one, there was something that caught my attention…

We know how both Ciel and Sebastian are producing the Phantom 5, right?

Well, I was reading

and ok, Edward introduces the song they’ll be performing (nothing new or relevant honestly), and even tho in the title says Knight, I thought it could mean anything really… So, I kept reading

until I got to this part

“No, you’re the prey for me” 

and that’s precisely where I thought: 

wait, that sounds like something a certain demon butler would say .. and well, from there on

it started to become

more and more evident

who was the one in charge of this lyrics 

and who they are about

This is just a conjecture I made from the official translation, but wouldn’t it be interesting?

A song written by a demon about this fragile but proud human?

And also, could the first verses count as a summary of Sebastian’s life before Ciel from his own point of view?

Anyway, just wanted to share what I thought with you guys x)

(English) After the Rain interview from Utattemita no Hon Magazine (May 2017 edition)

Buy the magazine overseas here (Includes large poster of the Soramafu cover art, as well as lots of other utaite pics and posters!)

After the Rain was interviewed in the utaite magazine “Utattemita no Hon” for their May 2017 edition, which was published at the start of April. They discussed each track on their 2 new single CDs, the process that went into making them, and they also answered some random April-themed questions at the end :P Italicized questions here are what the interviewer was asking them to respond to. Enjoy, and let me know if you spot any typos or anything weird~!

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anonymous asked:

Oh...I didn't know you aren't a singer! Reading your posts, I thought that you are. May I ask what your background is in then? I really enjoy your vocal posts. I am a die hard Louie and love his voice. That's what drew me into the fandom. Looking up stuff about his voice on youtube that eventually led me here. It's so unique, if not always on pitch. He seemed more loose and free earlier, even though he had no/less solos. I'm so angry that they shot his confidence down but am thrilled he has +

+ regained (some of) it back with project no control and now his solo effort. I feel his voice conveys so much emotion (sorry niall and liam. I did say I’m a louie!). Maybe because I am always listening more closely because his parts are small. IWTWYAS is so dreamy. LYG draws me in with that yearning and tension. I like watching videos after Z left and he sings almost all of LBD. I like how you can tell when he isn’t singing in the chorus because he really does carry many of them. In DFWYB
++ he doesn’t sing all the words in the chorus and you know. Same with RTR. “Cuz I wanna be” but he doesn’t sing free and I can tell. Of course all the studio versions are produced in a way that it’s harry or a lot of oohs and aahs instead of harmonies (I’m looking at you night changes!). Anyhow, sorry for the long post. It was meant to be about you and what you studied or do and I made it all about louis. Can you tell my love for him? Feel free to add on or tell me to bugger off.

Hi anon,

What a sweet and heartfelt fan message. I can tell your love for Louis, and I completely sympathize with the status he has in your heart.

You’re right, Louis’s voice is unique in its ability to convey so many genuine emotions simultaneously. Take “Just Hold On,” our only Louis solo song so far. The opening always, always takes me by surprise, no matter how many times I hear it, by its raw and honest yearning, its wistfulness. And by the time he sings, “What do you do when a chapter ends/ Do you close your book, and never read it again?”, I’m a mess. Yet he managed to convey a sense of hope and reassurance, too. The song is a musical embodiment of his courage when he sang at the X Factor performance.

The fact that fans can show him some love with Project No Control and Project Home (kudos to those who organized these projects), and give him any amount of confidence, makes me proud to be in this fandom. It’s the only fandom I know where fans consistently and persistently put in enormous effort to raise money for charitable causes, mirroring the enormous generosity of the band members. Even at their young ages, they have shown such genuine love toward charities. Louis, in particular, could be millions of dollars more wealthy if he wants to, but he has given so much, not only money but personal time and effort.

All the songs you mentioned have uniquely Louis contributions. The scratchy solos in “I Want to Write You a Song” reminds me of those nights on OTRA when the boys would perform even if they had a cold, shouting themselves hoarse. He does carry a lot of 1D choruses. His voice provides a unique contrast and “thickness” (as Harry said) to the 1D sound. He sings a lot of second verses because it’s the position in a pop song that needs special attention and interest. And of course, the iconic Louis solo at the end of “Something Great” gives meaning to the song title. The way his voice contrasts with Harry’s voice is a duo made in heaven– it has the beautiful contrast of two distinct textures, like “Leather and Lace” (the Stevie Nicks/ Don Henley song), but his harmonized chorus with Liam in “If I Could Fly” is also something incredibly beautiful.

And that’s not to mention his songwriting ability. We don’t talk much about “Love You Goodbye,” but Louis loves this song, and I really like it, too. It’s just a great pop song in the tradition of 1970’s pop ballads. And I like Louis’s solo, not just for the acrobatics of the octave leap, but also because he sings with the clipped vowels that reflect his Yorkshire accent. It adds personality to the song.

I’ve been involved in music most of my life, in performance and theory. I was a student in conservatory. I actually didn’t like One Direction’s music until Four, because of my bias against their boy band image, and because it was “too young” for me. I would hear “What Makes You Beautiful” on the radio and sneer at the transparent pandering to their demographic. The music video confirmed that bias.

Then I heard “Night Changes,” and I thought, no way is this One Direction. It sounded like an actual acoustic, folk-influenced ballad. The harmonies were a little bit bluesy and I loved that. And I really loved their voices, especially Harry’s and Zayn’s (though I couldn’t identify them at the time– I didn’t even know how many people were in the band). Then I heard “Fool’s Gold,” and I watched a “One Direction Funny Moments” video. The boys were different from what I expected. They weren’t “acting” cute. They were genuine and snarky and mischievous and uninhibited, and their voices were untrained but naturally beautiful. After I watched @freddieismyqueen’s videos on Larry Stylinson for two nights straight, until 2 AM each night, I thought, come on. There’s no way this is true. This is crazy. When I heard the song “Once in a Lifetime,” and the way Louis and Harry sang their verses, I thought, if Larry is true, it’s the most unbelievable, but also the most pure and beautiful love.

So I started evaluating evidence for myself, reading posts everywhere online. I followed the Occam’s Razor test of trying to fit evidence into the least convoluted explanation. I actually wasn’t convinced about Larry for ages. Then I sat at a One Direction concert and heard Harry sing, with my own ears, “And all his little things.” And RBB/SBB. What possible reason was there for all of the education about the history of closeted entertainers, and Stonewall, and the direct, unsubtle tie-ins with band members, particularly Harry and Louis?

But putting Larry aside, there’s no question in my mind that the Louis we see today has been through serious psychological trauma in the process of surviving One Direction’s contracts. Entertainment has notoriously open-ended legal arrangements that can take years to unwind– sometimes up to a decade. The fact is, we as fans can be impatient, but we don’t really know what’s going on, and the pace of resolution can be very, very slow. Just like the sale of majority shares of Syco to Sony– it took almost a year after the fact for the story to come out.

I love the passion of Louies. He really deserves the best fans. I don’t know about other people, but I will be here for as long as it takes, through all the smears, through all the falsehoods tabloids “report” about him. I know who he is. He has shown again and again who he is under duress. In the most challenging circumstances, he stands for those being bullied, he defends those who need to be defended, he is strong and kind, he puts himself in vulnerable positions to protect those he loves, and even those he doesn’t love– because of his ethics and courage.

Thank you for supporting him, anon. You picked a good person to love.

EXCLUSIVE || One Direction Star Harry Styles’ Recipes for Success

Styles’ first single “Sign of the Times” to premiere on BBC Radio 1′s Breakfast Show on April 7th

This One Direction star has a sit-down with we of the AAS and spills the deets on the surprising inspiration behind his new solo career!

Harry Styles (23) of the wildly popular One Direction has at long last abandoned his reclusive ways and returned to the folds of society from his top-secret celebrity abode to release a single this coming Friday the 7th of April.

But even a mere 48 hours before the release of his debut single, fans are still confused about what the song might even be about. One anonymous fan commented,

“The cover art for the single honestly scares me a bit. It’s so red! Is it supposed to look like the world is on fire? I mean that’s what mine FEELS like whenever Harry does anything but like, is that what he’s going for? And the title is so apocalyptic. Is he trying to tell us his single is going to bring about the apocalypse? Because like, I believe him, but I also don’t want to die before I’ve heard the rest of his album, you feel?”

Another fan was adamant, and said, “Oh it’s just Harry trying to let us know about his home planet. None of us know exactly where it is or what it looks like, but all that red is supposed to bring up Mars and Martians. He’s been away from his alien family for a long time now, you know? I’m sure he’s feeling homesick.”

Styles recently reaching out and attempting to make contact with his alien relatives in space

We reached out to the star to get his side of things, and Styles explained:

“The title is actually a reference to an experience I had one morning. I had just come back from my morning run, back in the LA home, right? I remember the weather was just lovely. The afternoon heat hadn’t set in yet because it was still pretty early in the morning, but the sky was this beautiful shade of blue that reminded me of Lou’s eyes…And uh, usually I have a smoothie after my run, see, but when I got home and opened the drawer in the fridge to find the kale…because like, everything in the fridge is really carefully organized…there was nothing there! I swear I’d gone to the store and picked up some more, but I couldn’t find anything, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Like, how could I have a smoothie without kale blended into it, you know? And then I was like, uh, struck by inspiration and right there in our open-concept kitchen I jotted down the beginnings of the single.”

Styles on set recently filming his introspective music video  

Styles intends to go in a different direction for the single’s music video, however.

Some rather curious pics came out recently, showcasing the young star flying high in the sky with the help of cables and a harness hooked up to a helicopter. Styles explained,

“I eat a lot of free-range grain-fed organic chicken, because it’s good for building muscle, and with this album generally I really wanted to focus on exploring my relationship with the food I consume, and like, figuring out where my sources of nutrition come from you know? So I decided to focus on that in the music video, instead.

I really wanted to like, understand the bird’s perspective, you know? I needed that connection. But to do that I had to become the bird, so they hooked me up to a helicopter and I really get them, now. I feel a lot closer to the birds. They’re like a part of me, and I’ve become one of them. It’s a really beautiful feeling.”

Styles maintaining his natural diet with an order of salad with salad on the side

“To be honest,” the singer confessed, “I try to eat as little meat as possible. I prefer to get my protein from plants or powder blended into my smoothies. I feel bad about eating the poor animals. They didn’t like, ask to be eaten, you know? Especially now that I understand my main source of animal protein so intimately.

That day with the helicopters on set changed me. I’m a changed man. I just hope the fans will be able to experience that same kind of change when they watch the music video. I’m so excited about it. It’s definitely one of my greatest accomplishments so far as an artist.”

The namesake of Styles’ album, “Bullet”

The star continued, “You know, the name of the album is actually inspired by the name of my smoothie blender. It’s a Magic Bullet. It was originally a gift, because I don’t have a lot of time in the morning and it’s convenient, but it’s more than just a smoothie maker now. It’s changed my life and my art. I just wanted to convey that in my album.

In fact, the second single we have planned is one about juice cleansing with smoothies from my Magic Bullet. Smoothies from Booster Juice just aren’t the same, you know? The company just doesn’t understand the artistry. It isn’t just a food. It’s an experience. A way of life. Art in its truest form.

There’s a lot of raw emotion in this album, I think. Just like the raw vegetables I try to sneak onto Lou’s plate. It’s a work in progress. Getting Lou to eat raw vegetables, I mean. Not the album. The album is done, I promise!” 

Tomlinson eating a hamburger in the middle of a concert that a fan threw on stage

The star has received a huge outpouring of support for his solo efforts from fans, industry names, and his loved ones alike, but Styles reveals it doesn’t extend to all corners of his life. 

“I’m in the process of trying to transition Lou and I into an all-raw vegan diet, but he isn’t interested, even when I’ve explained to him the benefits. He just says ‘Sure, love,’ and meets up with the boys to go get some MacDonald’s”.

Tomlinson and his recent collaboration partner Aoki playing a game of collab goals

Louis Tomlinson (25), Styles’ long-term partner of seven years is well known for his disdain of new-age healthy eating trends. Even his love and respect for his friend Steve Aoki (39) didn’t stop Tomlinson from expressing his distaste towards Aoki’s answer of “cold pressed green juices” as his favourite snack.

Styles added, “I’m really grateful for Steve. I think he could be a good influence on Louis’ eating habits. I just wish Lou would let him. I’m beginning to think Lou might be a lost cause. Every time I tell him he needs more green in his life, he just says I’m all the green he needs.

It’s really romantic, but I see him eat his Spaghetti-Os on toast while I’m eating my garden salad and I worry about his cholesterol, or that he might develop diabetes.”

Styles on the Breakfast Show on BBC’s Radio 1

So what can fans look forward to in the future from soloist Harry Styles?

“I can’t say much, but fans should keep an eye out for a companion book for the album. It’s just being finalized now. Let’s just say the book involves step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures, all of which I took. And food. Lots of food. I’ve been getting Lou to test out the instructions in the book to see if they’re easy enough to follow. I’m excited. I really wish I could tell you more but…

Okay. It’s a recipe book. It’s a recipe book with recipes I was thinking about when I was writing and recording the album. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and I hope everybody loves the recipes. I’ll be keeping an eye on social media to see how people make out with the dishes! So I hope the fans watch out for that in the near future!”

Needless to say the star’s solo debut will be massive, so stick around with the AAS for the next big story!

(Massive thanks to everybody in the AAS gc because, as usual, I couldn’t do this without y’all and this goes out to all of you lovely wonderful people. Credits to @organicstunts for nabbing me the pictures and to any of you guys whose quotes I put into the article. Enjoy! 😘❤️)


Honestly speaking,since that first trailer I can’t wait for the song “dystopia” cuz man I am a huge rock fan !
And that instrumental sound DOPE
And I know that wake me up is the title song but still I mean DYSTOPIA sounds AWESOME
And for this comeback,I decided to just enjoy the boys and the music and support them and stop being pressed about how kpop fans sleep on the huge talent that it is B.A.P
Cuz i’ve had enough seriously,its so fucking tiring so Babys just enjoy and have fun cuz u never know when will be the last comeback OT6
Lets support them with everything we can,from streaming the MV,talking about them here on facebook;twitter even youtube,buy their songs and album and vote for them !

haim ‘something to tell you’

want you back  - this song is a passion of mine, i literally just can’t get enough. the power of danielle’s voice backed by her sisters strikes a chord in me. and I am in such awe at their musical ability, the way they can create great, classic songs ahead of their time. they create such authenticity rarely seen nowadays. plus, alana’s part is probably the most fun to sing and dance to in the car. (the music video is everything btw, at least half of its views are mine).

nothings wrong - this one sounds a lot more country, danielle reminds me of shania twain a lot so it fits. okay but holy FUCK this is a slow banger. the cut into the bridge makes me feel like im in interstellar. for some reason the whole song feels like a space themed movie to me, i love space. 

little of your love - i watch interviews where haim always say they want their songs to sound like the beginning of jurassic park, and although ive never truly seen that movie past like the age of 5, this one sounds like it. I love the part of the song where all that you can hear is a twangy guitar and danielle. also, when she shouts ‘ha!’ towards the end !!! I have such a straight crush on all three of the haim sisters but Danielle especially. where has this gone. 

ready for you - this one is so weird, it doesn’t even sound like danielle? is it not? anyways haim has a way of making me feel something. whenever I listen to them I feel like I have the same connection as lorde does to her own music, as she shows through her dancing. i am lorde dancing. there’s is such a weird group of people vocoded talking in your ear at one point in the song and it caught me so off guard but i kinda love it? and the song gets even better after that. 

something to tell you - this song belongs in anthony quintal’s ‘scream to the music bruh’ playlist, ive never actually listened to that playlist but i would put this song on it. CAUSE I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU. oohhhh fuck y’all, 3:03 is all i gotta say.

you never knew - a 70s summer love song, the twilight zone, the jetsons. a good song to lay in the sun with. 

kept me crying -  with the amount of effects on this song, you would think it would be distracting, all over the place, a mess. but i think its like ‘my song 5′ in that all the sounds work together to create something beautiful, which could be said about a lot of haim songs. woo, this guitar solo, i could bust!

found it in silence - this song goes from 90s broken computer noise (?) to ‘making my way downtown’ in the span of a few seconds. but I like the epic-ness, giving me lord of the rings realness. i wonder if their intention was to pair the meaning and title with this big, heavy production. there’s even a star-wars-light-saber-esque noise, how are these girls SO on brand with this space shit?

walking away - this song is so pink, so vulnerable, so britney without the rasp, mariah without the diva. not gonna lie i signed up for big brother live feeds during this song, but thats no reflection of how i feel about it, good song. 

right now - i live for the huge guitar part and the drums on the live version, which I can only hope they do at the denver show, oh the things i would do to see that live. 

night so long - haim are the queens of guitar effects. i just read the title of an article that said this album gives hope that rock has a future, and i love that, i love the idea of these three absolutely authentic, smart, funny, talented, sexy women being the forefront of some musical moment in history. this last song is slower, but i think it fits, its a peaceful ending.

i just want to say thank you, haim, your music is so fucking incredible and meaningful, ive said this a million times, but authentic. you’re talent is so impressive that i can only admire. haim has been an inspiration for me playing guitar, but also i get sad that ill never be as good as them. im all over the place but this record will stand alongside melodrama as a symbol of me as a person right now. this music could speak a thousand words for me. after all, i am a cancer and need an emotional outlet, and i guess music is it.

favorites: want you back, nothings wrong, kept me crying (i would list more but id pick all of them)

least favorites: none

anonymous asked:

hey spoilers says season 13 premiere has a title 'lost and found' and i had to think of the beautiful song that i always listen to on your blog hehe ;-) do you have lyrics?


Aww, that’s a nice coincidence, I love that song, it’s been on my blog for ages, lol. :D It’s not exactly a mainstream song though, so even though SPN likes to use song references, I doubt that’s where the title came from. :p 

Anyway, here are some lyrics, as requested: 

I know you left me standing there
Out of the calm of the coldest air
I don’t believe the words you said
But I can’t find the words I want
Oh, I can’t find the words I want

If you were gone in another life
I don’t believe I would just survive
I could feel you next to me
An escape from the world I’m in
Oh, I’m afraid of the world I’m in

One day I will see Heaven’s reach
I’ll find the one who left me sleeping
Every war was another seed
That could feed every soul in need
Oh, I’m worn by the war in me

Somebody found me here
Somebody held my breath
Somebody saved me from the world you left
If you’re gonna cry my tears
If you’re gonna hold my breath
If you’re gonna let me see the sun you set
Oh, I am lost and found
Oh, I am lost and found